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Message from the national president.

The Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) recently accepted the initial draft of a new financial management architecture for the Department of Defense. This is a gigantic step forward. The document will be the basis for changing the way we do business: not simply changing the way we do financial transactions, but reaching across all support systems of the Department--logistics, personnel, etc.--and demanding that the best business case be the guide. The architecture is available on the DFAS Web site ( and will soon be available via the OSD Comptroller and the ASMC Web sites. This product is open to comment and critique from all quarters.

Financial management modernization is a top priority of the Secretary of Defense and central to transforming the Department's support activities. It is an ambitious project.

You should know the game plan. Plan to attend at least one of the briefings and discussions focused on this topic. The Department of Defense, Team IBM, AMS, and other contractors are sponsoring these sessions, and a full exposition will be available at the ASMC PDI.

To understand the plans for the future, you must understand the game plan.

Mr. Lawrence J. Lazillotta

National President
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Publication:Armed Forces Comptroller
Date:Sep 22, 2002
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