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Message from the editor.

About Delight

This is my first letter to the membership of the American Medical Athletic Association and the readership of our Journal, as your newly-appointed "Editor-in-Chief." I am delighted that I was chosen for the position and was delighted to accept the offer. I am an active multi-sport athlete (20 years, 85 triathlons, 49 duathlons) myself, have had the pleasure of contributing to our old Newsletter and the Quarterly on a regular basis, and have been writing and editing works about fitness, health, and wellness in both the academic and lay arenas for close to 20 years. So it is really nice to be here, with you, at this time of my career and my life.

I am also delighted to be part of the "re-inauguration," one might say, of our Journal, after a couple of years of dormancy. But now we are back. I want to use this first of what will be periodic Editor's Letters to tell you something about how we will be running the Journal and how you can help/participate in the process, should you be interested.

Further, I am delighted to tell you that making this whole assignment possible and doable for me is our new Managing Editor, someone well-known to all of us for her intelligence, her spirit, her energy, and her devotion to the AMAA, Barbara Baldwin, with whom I will be working very closely.

The Mission of the Journal: a Work in Progress

First, let me say a word about our Mission, here at the Journal. The Mission of the American Medical Athletic Association is: "to motivate physicians and other health care professionals to become active, and provide credible information on training, diet, injury prevention, and sports medicine to assist these professionals in motivating their patients to become active and lead healthy lifestyles."

We will be developing a specific Mission and Goals Statement for the Journal, based, obviously, on our organization's stated Mission. They will reflect the publication's role as a forum for intellectual discussion and review of sports medicine research, as well as our very important function of communicating noteworthy association-related items to our members and acknowledging their several accomplishments. Your thoughts on the topic of Mission and Goals statement will be most welcome.

The Editorial Advisory Board

Next, we have renamed and reorganized the former Editorial Board of the Journal. It will now indeed be known as the "Editorial Advisory Board" and will have an active role to play in producing the Journal. We welcome back the members of the former Board who are remaining with us and are very pleased to welcome distinguished new members. The following Editorial Board members will become active in the publication process beginning with the Spring 2003 issue: Brian Adams, M.D.; Donald Ardell, Ph.D.; C. Robert Bice, Jr., M.D.; Paul Casinelli, M.D.; George Dallam, Ph.D.; Edward Feller, M.D.; John Levey, M.D.; Steven Karageanes, D.O.; Paul Kiell, M.D.; Edward Sauter, M.D., Ph.D.; and Walter Thompson, Ph.D., FACSM, FAACVPR. In the next Journal, we will provide you with a brief biographical sketch for each Board member and detail their responsibilities. If you are interested in also serving on the Editorial Advisory Board, please be sure to let me know.

Article Submissions

For anyone planning to prepare an article for submission to our Journal, whether you are an Editorial Advisory Board member, an AMAA member, or an interested non-member, please be sure to consult the new "Author's Guidelines." We have made a few changes to the former version and would not want to have to return a submission to you because of some minor matter. These Guidelines are listed on the association's Web site (located under the AMAA Journal heading) or can be obtained from the AMAA office by calling 800-776-2732 or sending your request to

Letters to the Editor

We will be reviving our Letters to the Editor feature and you are invited to write on any relevant topic. We guarantee publication to no letter writer, but short, sweet, and relevant to the interests of our readership will vastly improve your chances of publication.


And finally, on advertising, yes, we do accept it, and indeed would be delighted to have it. (In the way of full disclosure, I would like to tell you that ads for publications of mine will be published from time-to-time as, I have been told, a perk of office.) Please contact Barbara B. for details on advertising rates and copy requirements.

Contacting Us

We look forward to hearing from you on any of the above matters or any other concerns you may have. You can reach Barbara through and also, on Journal business, please e-mail me through, rather than directly to my office. The AMAA office will then have a record of your communication, before it is forwarded on to me.

I look forward very much to working with and serving you all, for some time to come.

With every good wish, Steve Jonas
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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