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Message from the editor.

After the drought come the floods and the high winds. Unfortunately the weather will still not be good for arable crops and root vegetables which will mean shortages of certain vegetables later in the year and higher prices for the food industry and the consumer. At least food factories will no longer have their water rationed this year.


Following the earthquakes in Italy one of the main casualties appears to have been Parmesan cheese with several of the cheese banks in Parma having a large part of their cheese stocks destroyed. Parmesan matures over four years and during the early months the cheeses are soft and have to be turned every few days to allow them to harden correctly, as well as having the rind scraped to rid it of cheese mites and exuding dairy fats. Sadly the prices will have to rise as the stock cannot be replaced by increasing production.

The continuing problems of food production in the US appears to be down to a lack of control by the authorities and the cursory nature of audits carried out in some factories; several have been shut down whilst others have had to carry out product recalls. Fortunately Congress is now investigating to see whether budget cuts at the FDA are to blame.

The rigorous nature of audits in the UK ensures that food safety is of a standard that has become the envy of the world. The BRC accreditation is now accepted in 100 countries around the world and food safety and food standards continue to rise throughout our own industry. A burden on factories yes but one which is worth while to maintain our reputation.

Adrian Binsted

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Author:Binsted, Adrian
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Date:May 1, 2012
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