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Message from the President.

It amazes me that my first full year as President and CEO has passed so quickly. Although I've been with SIECUS for more than 14 years, it is only since October 2004 that I assumed leadership of the organization.

While 2005 certainly brought with it many financial and political challenges, I want to focus on the amazing work and accomplishments SIECUS helped to achieve.

We trained thousands of educators worldwide, who are reaching thousands more young people with critical, science-based information about sexual and reproductive health. We also educated and trained advocates, including many young people, in countries throughout the world on advocacy strategies to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. We mobilized our colleague organizations, grassroots, advocates, and educators to change the federal government's website for the better.

In 2005, we advocated for proactive federal policy to secure access to sexuality and reproductive health education and information, as well as the rights to make informed decisions. We fended off the attacks and roadblocks built by our Administration, Congress, and far right organizations. And we partnered with advocates in states and communities to secure comprehensive sexuality education programs and prevent and lessen the damage of abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

SIECUS remained ahead of the curve. We were the first organization to track the funds, programs, and policies associated with the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. We increased traffic to our website by nearly 50 percent, reaching more educators, advocates, parents, policymakers, media representatives, colleagues, and other key audiences than ever before with critical sexuality and reproductive health information. And, we spoke out on sexuality and reproductive health issues in highly influential news media outlets, reaching millions of people throughout the United States and the world.

This is just a sampling of our achievements over the past year. I could not be more proud of the entire staff of SIECUS, who accomplished so much, particularly given the extreme financial and political challenges we faced.

I look forward to SIECUS making even greater strides in 2006, with your continued encouragement and support.
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Title Annotation:Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
Publication:SIECUS Developments
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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