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Message from the President: crucial dialogue and pivotal decisions.

Greetings Colleagues!

By the time you read this volume of RNFormation, June 2012 will have marked the Biennial gathering of the ANA House of Delegates (HOD)--a key point in history for the ANA as well as the NNA. Crucial conversations central to the work of the 2012 HOD will impact the future of the ANA governance model. Resolutions for change are the consensus--but how swift and to what degree is oftentimes the hurdle to overcome.

The HOD is the governing and official voting body of the ANA. The ANA and the HOD, to include its scope, role, and consequence have all been the focus of discussion and debate since the November 2011 Constituent Member Assembly. Early months of 2012 were filled with dialogue between ANA and its constituent member assembly (CMA) catalyzed by external events, the seminal work entitled "Race for Relevance," and timely introspection. NNA, other state nursing associations, and the ANA are now challenged to look at today's realities and how they operate and the fundamentals needed to remain relevant into the future. Work of the HOD during June 15 -16 will render pivotal decisions.

At the time of this writing, your NNA elected delegates prepare to travel to Washington D.C. for the HOD. This is a critical juncture for our largest nursing organization. The delegates were charged with a weighty responsibility to represent the self-determining will and the best interest of your state nursing association. In general, any organization or association must endeavor to remain significant, effective and efficient. In particular, any association with an influential bearing on vital issues that affect nurses and nursing must consider ways to maintain and sustain its future capacity and insure its relevancy in the 21st century. The reality is, change is inevitable. As change advocates, the NNA Board of Directors is committed to strive to increase Member's expectation for value in return for their membership. NNA is up for the challenge and are resolved to continue work on your behalf. Thank you for your membership and support! The Delegate reports are forthcoming. Stay in touch with RNFormation.


If you would like to contact NNA or President Muhammad, please call 775-747-2333 or email

Janice Muhammad, RN, CNM, MS President, Nevada Nurses Association

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Author:Muhammad, Janice
Publication:Nevada RNformation
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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