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Message from the ACA CDID.

We Want You!

This may be a slogan you have seen over the years in various venues, and now it appears again in a letter from the President of the Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders. Let me elaborate on this slogan. We want you to join us in Park City, Utah, for an educational weekend that is truly unmatched anywhere. We are coming quickly upon summer, and with summer comes the Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders annual symposium. We are meeting in the beautiful mountains of Park City in order to educate and share information that can help physicians or students further their abilities to take care of themselves and their patients.

If you have joined us in previous years, you already know the value of this weekend. As always we strive to make it better each year, and 2006 will be no different. If you have never experienced a symposium sponsored by the CDID and AACP, then this is the year to commit. Let me give you some great reasons to join us. We are providing 18 hours of continuing education credits. Most weekends give you less. The location is a great place to take a few extra days to enjoy the environment and the beautiful scenery. Most importantly is the information you will gather that you will not receive anywhere else. The schedule is loaded, and the information you will receive from other doctors in the field who treat such a large variety of conditions using an amazing array of protocols provides a forum to learn from each other. Monday morning in the office will never be the same. You will have more knowledge and tools to help the very first person you see on Monday morning and the last patient you help the day before you leave to come to the symposium in 2007. That is not a typo: I firmly believe that if you attend in 2006, you will make every effort to join those of us that continue to attend year after year.

The Symposium 2006 program includes:

* Advanced Immunology & Endocrinology -- Datis Kharrazian, DC

* Immune Activation of Coagulation -- David Berg, MS

* Nutrigenomic Testing: Bypassing Mythelation Pathway Mutations -- Garry Gordon, MD

* Candidiasis -- Frank Strehl, DC DABCI

* Osteoporosis -- Kris Peterson, DC DABCI

* Autoimmunity & Thyroid Disease -- Robert Ducca, DC DABCI

* RNA Medical Foods Cell Communication -- Garry Gordon, MD

* Herbal Medicine & Common Colds--Treatment of Dysbiosis -- Tim McCullough, DC DABCI

* Parkinson Disease--Osteopetrosis -- Van Merkle, DC DABCI

* The New Treatment Resistant Patient -- Russell Jaffe, MD

* Getting Marketing to Pay Off Daily, Weekly, Quick Checks -- Kate Wilhitte, MS

* Epidemiology of Animals and Vectors and the Relationship to Human Health -- Ralph Knowles, DVM

* NVD -- N. Rowan Richards, DC DABCI

Join us for a few days, learn as much as you can, and help heal just a little bit better than you did yesterday.

Check out our website for more info at, or call me at 708-429-5800. I will answer your questions about the weekend. Thank you in advance for joining us. It is going to be a fabulous weekend.

by Cindy M. Howard, DC, DABCI, FIAMA

President, ACA Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders

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Title Annotation:Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders
Author:Howard, Cindy M.
Publication:Original Internist
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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