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Message from marketing.

The National Marketing Committee has been actively promoting the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) through initiatives that reach out to existing and prospective members. Two of the many ways that the committee has chosen to get our name out there have been with Quality Service Awards and through direct advertising in regional and national publications. These are two very different methods of promoting CIM.

What is a Quality Service Award? In accordance with CIM procedures bulletin AW-104, members of the Canadian Institute of Management can bestow a quality service award on anyone in the business community that gives them "quality service" in the performance of these duties. A Quality Service Award includes:

* a certificate of quality service for the recipient

* a pro-forma letter to the employer of the recipient

* information on the Canadian Institute of Management.

This package is sent to the employer so that he may deliver the recognition to the employee/recipient.

Who can give a Quality Service Award? All members of the Institute, upon request, may receive a supply of Quality Service Award "business cards". These cards can be obtained from the national office. It is the policy of the institute to recognize the value of service provided by individuals in the business community to members of the Institute.

How does the Quality Service Award "business card" work? It is a two-part perforated card. The top part of the card has the recipient's name written in the appropriate space.

The bottom part of the card has the recipient's name, company, address, supervisor or employer's name and title, as well as the CIM member presenting the card filled in the appropriate spaces. The recipient keeps the top part; the bottom part is sent to national office for follow-up.

Why give out Quality Service Awards? First, it is to give recognition for those in the business community for a job well done. Second, it is to represent the Canadian Institute of Management as an association that appreciates quality services and encourages the development of quality services through our programs.

Direct advertising that has been used by CIM during the past year can be seen in regional and national publications such as:

* Canadian Business

* Small Business

* Hamilton 2003 World Cycling Festival Guide

* Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

* Business in Vancouver

* Progress Magazine--Atlantic Region

* Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists--ASET (joint project with Alberta branches)

* CMA Canada (English and French editions)

It is through initiatives such as these that CIM is promoting itself on a local, regional and national level.

Deb Johnstone, C.I.M.

Director of Marketing
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Date:Jun 22, 2004
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