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Merus says MCLA-128 shows 'encouraging' early clinical activity.

Merus N.V. announced initial clinical data for three patients with cancers harboring NRG1 fusions treated with MCLA-128 through an Early Access Program, or EAP, and provided an overall update on the MCLA-128 clinical programs. Investigators from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center provided a summary and initial data concerning the treatment of three cancer patients harboring NRG1 fusions with MCLA-128 at 750 mg administered intravenously every other week. These patients' NRG1 gene fusions were identified using RNA-based sequencing. Assessments from this EAP program were conducted locally at MSKCC. All three patients exhibited tumor shrinkage, symptomatic improvement and durability up to their most recent assessment. All three patients currently remain on treatment. "These initial data are an important proof-of-concept demonstrating the promise of targeting NRG1 fusions with MCLA-128," said Alison Schram, MD, a medical oncologist in the Early Drug Development Service at MSKCC. "It is notable that two of the patients described have pancreatic cancer, a disease with a poor prognosis and limited therapeutic options. MCLA-128's mechanism of action addresses the specific molecular abnormality in cancers harboring NRG1 fusions by binding to HER2 and blocking the interaction of the NRG1 fusion oncoprotein with HER3, and may make MCLA-128 uniquely suited to target this distinct oncogenic driver." MCLA-128 continues to be well tolerated in the Phase 1/2 clinical trial, which is consistent with prior reports. To date, the safety results for MCLA-128 in patients with cancers harboring NRG1 fusions has been consistent with what has been previously reported in the overall patient population treated with MCLA-128.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Oct 27, 2019
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