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Mersino pump & power.

The Global TAP series of pumps are centrifugal trash pumps driven by diesel or electric engines. The TAP series of pumps are automatic priming because they utilize an engine-driven compressor that forces air through a venturi system that creates a vacuum on the suction side of the pump end. This suction allows for continuous priming and re-priming at suction lifts up to 30 vertical feet. The pumps have the ability to be used in conditions that cause intermittent flow due to a unique oil bath system that provides constant lubrication to the mechanical seal. The pump chassis is available in skid or highway legal trailer formats. A sound absorbent acoustic enclosure is also available for pumps used in noise sensitive areas. The pumps have integrated fuel/chassis tanks that allow for continuous running for more than 24 hours. Circle no. 177

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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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