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Merry Berries; Gardening with Adrienne Wild; MARVEL AT NATURE'S BAUBLES.

Byline: Adrienne Wild

THERE'S no shortage of trees and shrubs that produce bright red berries.

But if you want something the birds will be rather less eager to scoff, here are some "statement" plants which make a good choice.

The beautyberry, Callicarpa profusion, lives up to its common name and produces large clusters of violet bead-like berries on bare branches that last well into winter.

It grows well in sun and dappled shade and in fertile well-drained soil.

For the best effect in your garden, plant this shrubby tree against a backdrop of yellow-leaved conifers or evergreen shrubs.

Commonly known as porcelainberry, Ampelopsis elegans is a sturdy climber with vine-like leaves, curly pink tendrils and attractive plump, round berries in lilac, purple and cream.

Like clematis, it likes its head in sun and roots in shade - and needs a warm wall to berry-up and look its best. Alternatively, if you have a taste for the unusual, you'll be bowled over by the curious sausage-like blue stained bean pods of Decaisnea fargesii.

Its tall, lanky and arching habit can create an informal backdrop to late summer borders.

The strawberry-like red fruit of Arbutus unedo is not the only reason to grow this lovely shrubby tree.

Huggable As it ages it also develops a peeling mahogany-coloured bark, which makes it almost huggable.

The flowers, which appear from September to November at the same time as the berries ripen, are popular with insects - especially butterflies.

It might be a bit on the scruffy side but the harlequin glorybower, Clerodendrum fargesii, comes up trumps with its fragrant flowers, which are encased with green leafy petals that turn crimson in autumn and surround a brilliant turquoise berry.

It's a good choice for a warm border but be aware, the leaves give off an unpleasant smell if crushed.

Finely cut foliage, pearly-white spring blossom, good autumn colour and pale lemon-yellow berries - what more could you ask of a garden tree? Sorbus Joseph Rock has it all, including a small stature and distinctive silhouette, which can make it perfect for a suburban garden.

Make a feature of it by planting a well-shaped specimen in the lawn or among leafy ground cover.

Another all-rounder, with beautiful flowers in late spring and great autumn colour, is the yellow-fruited guelder rose, Viburnum opulus Xanthocarpum.

Its abundant deep yellow translucent berries last well into winter.

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 22, 2017
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