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Merkel-Nimetz meeting - a serious matter.

It is apparent that the course of negotiations regarding the name between Skopje and Athens is changing and the unexpected meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and UN mediator Matthew Nimetz showed that Germany is directly getting involved in solving the dispute. On the other hand, with this turn of events, it is pointed out to Macedonia that the name issue is not only bilateral but it is also a problem of the entire European Union. Experts assess that Merkel's and German diplomacy's involvement in the mediation should be seen as EU assuming concrete responsibility. They say that the compromise is entering a final phase and the negotiations will not only be carried out in the hallways of both countries as in the past twenty years.

"The German support is received very difficultly because the German diplomacy is traditionally acting cautiously when the bilateral disputes are at issue," said Professor Denko Maleski.

His counterpart Stevo Pendarovski assesses that Germany activated the diplomatic machinery for a swifter name solution.

"This shows that Germany has decided to undertake the steering wheel for reaching a name compromise, similarly as in the Serbian-Kosovar dispute. Such a swift and unexpected stance of Chancellor Merkel shows that the problem is being discussed in the highest centers of the EU and it is something unseen in the history of this long-standing dispute," Pendarovski stated. R.K.
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Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
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Date:Nov 7, 2013
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