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Meritt Auctions Rights to 'Pollution Free Motor'.

Inventor and product development specialist Ronald Meritt of Meritt International, Inc. is selling all rights and patents to a new technology that converts conventional engines into "pollution-free motors" on a live eBay auction being held through May 20.

According to Meritt, when installed on a gas combustion motor, the conversion kit allows the motor to run on a variety of alternative fuels or gases. Meritt noted that the prototype, which was recently evaluated at a licensed motor vehicle smog inspection station in California, "emits a measured exhaust that is 99-percent pollution free."

"It will require more development to take this technology to the next level," said Meritt when asked why he is selling the rights and not developing the technology himself. "I have already managed a very successful company, and frankly, I need to keep my focus there rather than starting another new company from scratch. I really want to see this technology developed into a mainstream product that will help the environment, and I feel this is the best way."

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Date:May 14, 2004
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