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Merit: Special Recognition: Corporate Social Responsibility, Merit Jiangxi IDL Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. for JDL FMBR.

JDL facultative membrane bio-reactor (FMBR) is an innovative organic sewage treatment facility. Currently, the market of organic wastewater treatment is still dominated by the traditional activated sludge process and its derived technology. The treatment of wastewater usually requires anaerobic, anoxic, aerobic, phosphorus chemical removal, sedimentation and separation, and other control processes. The traditional technology occupies large land area and is highly dependent on the professional technicians to operate. Moreover, the large amount of sludge discharge and bad odor leads to severely environmental problems. The FMBR equipment provides a high efficiency low-cost solution, and it completely solves the problems of large amount of sludge discharge, large land occupation and complex operation. FMBR also has no bad odor because almost all nutrients are consumed by the facultative bacteria, and the system will discharges very small amount of sludge every six months to a year. The product is mainly used for the treatment of domestic sewage, rural domestic sewage, and sewage from the places where is hard to access municipal pipe networks, such as the scenic tourist areas and highway service areas. It can also be used for the prevention and control of water pollution in open water area, including lakes, rivers and ditches.

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Publication:R & D
Date:Dec 1, 2018
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