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Meridian to Attend the California Pharmacists Association-Outlook 2006.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Palm Springs, California-February 16-19, 2006

Meridian Co., Ltd. ("Meridian" or the "Company") (OTCBB:MRDAF), is very pleased to announce that it will attend the Outlook 2006 Conference in Palm Springs, California February 16 to 19, 2006.

Outlook is the premier California pharmacy convention hosted annually by the California Pharmacists Association and the Pharmacy Foundation of California. Every year, Outlook draws pharmacy professionals from throughout California to meet, network and participate in one of the largest state pharmacy exhibit programs in the nation. During Outlook 2005 more than 900 registrants visited Outlook's exhibit hall. Meridian is looking forward for the opportunity to present its Digital Pulse Analyzer to this professional medical audience.

Meridian is very excited to again team up with Thorne Research Inc. ("Thorne") to provide testing with the Digital Pulse Analyzer. Thorne's Perfusia-SR is an exciting supplement that represents a revolutionary advancement in nutritional support for the heart and blood vessels. Perfusia-SR is a proprietary sustained-release arginine, which provides the body with a constant source of nitric oxide, crucial to healthy endothelium which protects the lining of the arteries.

Meridian and Thorne have both witnessed improvement in arterial compliance during many conferences from participants tested using the DPA prior to and then after a 2 to 3 day supplementation of Perfusia-SR.

Meridian's FDA approved, non-invasive DPA is a proven method of detecting whether a particular treatment option, such as natural supplementation, is effective. Americans spend more than $10 billion annually on herbal and dietary supplements. But in today's highly competitive marketplace a comprehensive supplement is not enough. You need the technology to prove it!

The Company feels that use of the information provided by the DPA can help caregivers develop treatment plans to reduce cardiovascular disease in their patient populations through early detection and prevention, and ultimately assist to decrease the associated financial costs placed on the health care industry. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the United States with an estimated economic cost of approximately $298 billion.

More About: California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) - Outlook 2006

The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA), founded in 1869, is the largest state association representing pharmacists in the nation.

Outlook provides a forum for one-on-one communication, allowing companies to interact with quality prospects during the exhibit hall sessions. Outlook 2006 also features an aggressive marketing program that is designed to ensure attendance, not only at the conference, but in the exhibit hall as well.

Outlook 2006 is an incredible once-a-year opportunity to be a part of one of California's largest and most powerful gathering of pharmacy professionals. Outlook offers something for pharmacy professionals at any stage in their career, from student to retiree. It may be four of the most valuable days of the year. Outlook 2006 is the event to attend!

More About: Thorne

Since 1984 Thorne has earned the trust of thousands of health-care practitioners worldwide. Confidence in Thorne is the single most important reason practitioners turn to their products for their critical nutritional supplement needs.

In this competitive industry the amount of dollars spent on advertising is tremendous, with all companies claiming they have the best products. Thorne Research's reputation wasn't shaped through clever marketing, but rather, through the unbiased scrutiny and approval of health-care practitioners throughout the world who discovered one important detail - their products consistently produced positive results in their patients.

More About: Meridian

Meridian is an established leader in the research/development, manufacturing, and sales of integrative medical diagnostic equipment. The company sells its products and equipment to a wide array of customers in the global health care industry. The company presently holds a total of 18 worldwide patents on its technology, and has received FDA, as well as other international regulatory approvals for many of its products.

Meridian is committed to the ongoing global research and advancement of integrative medical products that contribute to the better health of humanity.

Meridian Co., Ltd. (OTC Bulletin Board:MRDAF)
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Date:Feb 14, 2006
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