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Meridian Data Introduces First Software Solution Enabling Both CD Recording and Sharing Over Novell Networks; New Universal Windows-Based Client Applications Enable Cross-Platform CD Access for NetWare and Windows NT Networks.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 29, 1996--Meridian Data, Inc. (NASDAQ/NMS:MDCD) today introduced CD Net v1.0 for NetWare and CD NetRecord v1.0 for NetWare, the first software products that together enable both transparent CD sharing and recording over Novell NetWare networks.

The software enables multiuser simultaneous access to CD ROMs and provides advanced compact disc services such as recording for network administrators. The new functionality addresses the information technology needs of corporations, institutions and government agencies that rely on CD ROM-based networks.

"Since the company was founded in 1986, Meridian Data has helped shape the CD ROM industry through its breakthrough technology, including the introduction of the first networked CD-Recordable system," said Gianluca Rattazzi, president and chief executive officer of Meridian Data. "CD Net's read/write functionality is the culmination of Meridian's expertise in CD ROM technology and addresses today's need for CD management tools for networks."

"We're pleased that Meridian Data is delivering this increased CD ROM functionality for NetWare, which is the backbone of the corporate network," said Richard King, senior vice president and general manager of SOHO network services at Novell. "The ability to easily store, manage and share CD-based information -- integrated with NetWare Directory Services -- adds significant application value for system administrators and network users. We look forward to working with Meridian on solutions which benefit the large installed base of NetWare users."

CD Net for NetWare

Implemented as a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM), CD Net for NetWare installs on an existing Novell 3.12 or 4.1 file server with attached CD ROM drives. It supports an unlimited number of CD ROM drives per server. Through its flexible volume grouping feature, CD Net allows administrators to map numerous CDs under one or more Windows drive letters, eliminating the current one-CD-per-drive-letter limitation. Its powerful CD Manager CD ROM administrative tools provide a single management control point -- across multiple servers -- for user security, application launching and automatic disc tracking, as CDs are moved among drives and servers.

With Meridian's CD User universal client interface, network users can simultaneously access CDs through a familiar Windows-native interface. Sharing titles eliminates the requirement to retrofit every PC with CD ROM drives and optimizes CD asset control.

The administrator can easily associate CD content (files) with its application (program). A typical association might be a specialized database (i.e., legal, education, healthcare, etc.) and its specific search engine. Once set up, each title is represented as a desktop icon on the network user's desktop. Viewed as a subdirectory under a designated drive letter, the CD is launched by simply double-clicking on the icon. This unique feature increases user productivity by eliminating non-trivial application set up, operational errors and lost time.

Standard network operating system vendors do not include features such as Meridian's automated CD ROM application launcher. The new CD Manager and CD User client applications provide common resource management tools for mixed Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT environments -- an industry first.

CD NetRecord for NetWare

Implemented as an NLM, CD NetRecord installs on an existing Novell 3.12 or 4.1 file server with an attached CD-Recordable (CD-R) drive. CD NetRecord -- the first NLM to provide automatic, reliable compact disc creation -- enables a network administrator to easily store information on CD. The networked CD-R peripheral device is viewed like any other drive letter, to which selected directories and files are dragged-and-dropped to create a disc.

CD NetRecord transparently creates a single-session CD-R disc in ISO9660 format. No special recording application or training are required to make industry-standard CDs. Using a hard disk drive as cache, a full 650MB CD ROM can be recorded in a few minutes. Designed to work with Hewlett-Packard's SureStore CD-Writer 4020i drive and compatibles, CD NetRecord also supports the Kodak disc transporter, facilitating short-run unattended CD ROM production. This unprecedented NetWare-based capability allows an administrator to store up to 50 gigabytes of CD information, which can then be shared over the network or distributed to remote sites.

"About ten percent of CD ROM titles are published in-house for backup and distribution of proprietary information, such as financial records," said Rattazzi. "With easier-to-use, lower-cost CD-R solutions like CD NetRecord, we expect that percentage to double within the next year."

Pricing and Availability

CD Net for NetWare is available immediately from leading distributors and value-added resellers. The CD NetRecord product begins shipping in approximately 30 days. The products are Novell-certified and compatible with NetWare 3.12 and 4.1 (or higher) file servers.

CD Net for NetWare is licensed on a per-server basis and has a starting suggested list price (U.S.) of $795 for a 25 concurrent-user license, with initial-purchase options available for 50-user and unlimited-user licenses at $995 and $1495, respectively.

CD NetRecord requires the installation of the base CD Net for NetWare and is priced at $995 per server for an unlimited-user license.

To facilitate easy integration into Novell file servers, Meridian also offers CD NetROM SCSI CD ROM subsystems. The storage modules include 4, 7 or 14 high-performance CD ROM drives per subsystem, complete with ISA or EISA host adapter card, power supply, cabling and cabinetry.

About Meridian Data

Founded in 1986, Meridian Data is a leading provider of CD networking software and servers. Its high-productivity CD solutions are widely employed throughout Fortune 500 and government businesses. Meridian is headquartered in Scotts Valley, Calif., and maintains offices in Lawrenceville, N.J., Herndon, Va., Atlanta, Ga., Naperville, Ill., and London, England. The company's products are available through leading distributors and value-added resellers.

For more information, visit on the World Wide Web. -0-

Note to Editors: CD Net is a registered trademark and CD NetRecord and CD NetROM are trademarks of Meridian Data, Inc.

CONTACT: Meridian Data, Inc.

Rich Krueger, 408/438-3100


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Date:Jan 29, 1996
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