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Mergers and acquisitions; the industrial organization perspective.


Mergers and acquisitions; the industrial organization perspective.

Brito, Duarte & Margarida Catalao-Lopes

Kluwer Law International


235 pages




This volume reviews the contributions of the game theoretical literature in the field of industrial organization to the analysis of the issue of mergers and acquisitions since the emergence of the approach in the 1980s. Primarily focusing on horizontal mergers--although discussing vertical and conglomerate mergers in cases when the producers of complementary goods are involved--the text discusses the economic modeling of mergers in a variety of contexts, ranging from simple cases where symmetric firms selling a homogeneous product have to decide how much to produce to more complicated cases, such as environments in which strategic decisions such as cost reducing investments or advertising are taken by the competing firms or mergers involving sellers of complements. Also discussed is policy evaluation of proposed acquisitions through simulation.

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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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