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Merchandise updates for the discerning customer.

Generally speaking, when a manufacturer has a new product, he prominently identifies it as such in the catalog and tries to call as much attention to it as possible. Ruger, on the other hand, almost sneaks new goodies into its lineup on occasion -- sometimes one has to compare it to the previous model to find out what's new in the way of variations and chamberings.

Take the new KM77 Mark II Target Rifle: For some reason this newest permutation of the 77 did not make it onto page one of Ruger's catalog where the other new-for-'93 items are shown -- the Vaquero, the Bearcat, the 77/22 Varmint, the spurless SP-101 and the P-93 Compact. Maybe it's because they figure it's not really a new model per se -- but then the same can be said of some of those other page-one items.

Anyway, what we've got here basically is the laminated stocked Mark II varmint rifle that was introduced last year, with a few changes and some new calibers added for '93. If you'll recall, this rifle was first seen with a blued receiver, stainless barrel, and a prone/benchrest-style laminated stock. This year they've changed the designation to "Target Rifle," gone to the all-stainless Mark II action to match the barrel, and added a much-needed two-stage adjustable trigger. Two new calibers have also been added -- the .22 PPC and 6mm PPC, two benchmark cartridges whose recognition by a major American arms manufacturer is long overdue.

As much as this rifle looks like its short-lived forebear, the new two-stage adjustable trigger and the fact that this rifle now has the same Mauser-type controlled round feeding of other Mark IIs make it substantially different. Anyone familiar with the Mark II trigger -- the Herculean effort required for let-off and the excessive creep resulting from an overly-generous sear engagement -- will applaud this new trigger which is adjustable down to a minimum pull of 24 ounces.

As for the Mark II having the Mauser-type controlled round feeding, that's of no real advantage to a varmint hunter or target shooter, but it doesn't hurt either.

And if while looking through the '93 catalog you happen to have last year's handy to compare (the only way you'll know) you'll find that six new chamberings have been added to the No. 1 single-shot rifle. Added to the 20-calibers already listed among six different model variations are the .218 Bee, .22 Hornet, .22 PPC, 6mm PPC, .404 Jeffery, and .416 Rigby. The .404 Jeffery has also been added to the Model 77 Magnum, joining the .416 Rigby, .458 Winchester, and .375 H&H Magnums.
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Author:Sundra, Jon R.
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Apr 1, 1993
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