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Merchandise Management Systems uses CST's GUISys to develop Windows graphical front end for its retail applications; First use of CST Technology to develop graphical front-end to applications on Unix platforms.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 14, 1996--Client/Server Technology Inc. (CST) announced today that Merchandise Management Systems Inc. (MMS) has licensed CST's GUISys to create a graphical environment for the MMS retail planning and inventory control decision support systems -- the Merchandise Allocation System and the Merchandise Planning System -- for its Mainframe and UNIX platforms.

CST's GUISys is a suite of software development tools that automatically migrates mainframe and AS/400 applications to a client/server graphical Windows environment.

This is the first time that CST technology has been used to develop a graphical Windows client for an application running on a UNIX platform. This was achieved using CST's GUISys in combination with UniKix, a suite of middleware tools that allow CICS applications to run essentially unchanged on UNIX servers. UniKix is rated by industry analysts as the fastest growing OLTP system on Unix and is available from Billerica, Mass.-based UniKix Technologies.

In a related announcement, MMS announced the immediate availability of graphical versions of its advanced decision support systems for retail planning and inventory control -- the Merchandise Allocation System and the Merchandise Planning System -- for its Mainframe and UNIX platforms. Prices range from $125,000 to $400,000, based on platform, number of users and number of modules. The MMS product lines are installed at the world's best known department stores, specialty chains and mass merchants.

"The use of CST's GUISys product permits us to support a client/server graphical front-end across all our platforms cost-effectively," said Mike Ruhana, senior vice president, Merchandise Management Systems Inc. "Because of the GUISys KnowledgeBase, changes are minimal to support each additional platform." The GUISys KnowledgeBase is an expert system that contains the patterns of a character-based application to automatically generate the graphical version. "Lower development and maintenance costs for MMS translates into improved product reliability, faster release of each platform and savings that can be used to further enhance our products," he said.

"With MMS delivering their applications on multiple platforms, it's a great validation of CST's ability to help lower development and maintenance costs for software vendors who deliver applications in both character-based and graphical versions," said David Holmes, vice president, marketing, for Client/Server Technology Inc. "We are also particularly pleased that -- for the first time -- one of our customers is supporting a graphical front-end to character-based applications running on UNIX platforms."

Aidan Harney, VP technology at UniKix Technologies, confirmed "Many of our customers are now looking for both cost savings and GUI interfaces when they move applications off the mainframe. We are pleased with our cooperation with CST and believe that GUISys is an excellent solution for our customers' GUI needs."

Merchandise Management Systems Inc., founded in 1983, develops advanced decision support systems for retail planning and inventory control. The company has two major product offerings, the Merchandise Planning System and the Merchandise Allocation System, that run on multiple platforms including mainframe, AS/400 and UNIX. Customers include the world's best know department stores, specialty chains and mass merchants such as Ann Taylor, Bradlees, Caldor, Federated Department Stores, Home Depot, Montgomery Ward, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sports Authority, Talbot, Woolworths and many others. Readers who want additional information should contact Chuck Miller, MMS at 908-766-6333.

UniKix Technologies supplies a family of middleware products for enterprises that need to build or enhance mission-critical production applications in the areas of legacy and client/server architecture, vertical packages and electronic-commerce applications. UniKix Technologies provides enterprise transaction management solutions to over 250 customers worldwide, on 16 different vendors' UNIX platforms. UniKix Technologies is headquartered in Billerica, Mass., with product development centers in Phoenix, Ariz. and Southhampton, England.

Founded in 1990, Client/Server Technology Inc. is a leader in providing quality products and services for migrating midrange and mainframe legacy applications to Windows-based, client/server environments. Its customers include leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Value Added Resellers and large multinational corporate accounts. CST's products include GUISys/400, which automatically migrates AS/400 or S/3X applications to a client/server environment under Windows or OS/2, and GUISys/3270, which automatically migrates IBM mainframe legacy applications to a client/server environment under Windows or OS/2. In addition, the company has developed VBSys which works in concert with either GUISys/400 or GUISys/3270 to automatically generate the new graphical interface as fully functional Visual Basic applications. CST can be reached visiting its homepage on the worldwide web (

Suggested list prices for CST's software development kits for GUISys/400 and GUISys/3270 start at $13,500 and $17,000, respectively. Prices vary based on quantity and number of users. Readers who want additional information should call CST at 1-770-352-1300. -0-

All referenced product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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Date:Aug 14, 1996
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