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Mephisto predicts.

* Bobby Puleo hosts art show consisting of "found photos"

* Polaroid sequences become all the rage

* Kalis has his 360 flip insured with Lloyd's of London for $20 million

* Entire Black Label team retires, Social Security drained soon after

* Colt Cannon joins Backstreet Boys

* J Strickland starts a third company, Bakeleg Skateboards, that's both punk and prone to hijinx

* Dyrdek buys Love Park, ices out the sign and moves the whole place to San Diego

* Benihanas still suck

* Steve Olson masters levitation; no longer needs wheels

* Vert ramps remain empty

* Herbie Fletcher is quoted every other month in Trash. Even Phelps doesn't know why anymore

* Skaters across the world stop skating for a month straight just to watch all the new videos that come out

* Following the Chomp trend, sportscasters including Mary Albert and Greg Gumble take to the fields and courts. Their funerals are televised

* Motley Crue's Mick Mars retires; replaced by Tony Trujillo
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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Mephisto predicts.
Mephisto predicts.
Mephisto predicts.

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