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Menzel, LP:

Menzel Polyband Expander rolls are used to spread and smooth out wrinkles in film, nonwovens, textiles, rubber and paper. The Menzel Polyband Expander consists of an extruded aluminum alloy core with 30 equally-spaced elastic bands. The bands are attached to a tilting end cap at both ends of the expander roll. The 1.5-inch OD center shaft is non-rotating and is attached to the machine frame with pillow block brackets, flange brackets or special brackets that attach to the machine frame. Adjusting handles are located on each end of the roll outside the mounting brackets.

The Polyband Expander is to be installed perpendicular to the web path. Both shafts are to be clamped in pillow block brackets, flange mounted brackets or other special brackets. Before securing the mounting brackets, the center shaft must be rotated to allow for the current web path. During operation, the most relaxed elastic band is opposite the cam. The most extended elastic band is 180[degrees] around the circumference of the roll from the most relaxed band.

The total wrap angle cannot exceed 180[degrees]. The minimum recommended web lead-in distance to point is 12 to 18 inches depending on web width. The lead-out distance from point should be as short as possible.

For low tension applications, the Polyband Expander roll should be driven. Drive sheaves are available for A-section belts or timing belts. The Polyband Expander roll drive must be synchronized to turn the roll at exactly web speed.


By turning the handwheels in a clockwise direction, the adjustable discs are tilted, which results in stretching of the elastic cords. To increase the amount of spreading, turn the handwheels in a clockwise direction. To decrease the amount of spreading, turn the handwheels in a counterclockwise direction. For equal spreading from the center, both adjustable discs must be adjusted equally from each side.

When the Polyband Expander is not in use, it is recommended that the adjustable drive is tilted in the zero or vertical position to prevent the elastic Polybands from overstretching.

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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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