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Fayemi Signs Bill For Protection Of People With Mental Disorder Into Law. Oct 11, 2021 383
World Day Against the Death Penalty commemorated. Oct 11, 2021 304
Ekiti: Fayemi signs mental health service bill into law. Oct 11, 2021 471
Public has right to get best mental healthcare available in hospitals health exerts. Oct 9, 2021 377
No convict executed in country in 'past 22 months'. Oct 8, 2021 452
There are not enough psychiatrists to help people with a mental illness, say experts; Royal College of Psychiatrists warns a tenth of consultant posts are vacant with highest rates in fields of addiction, eating disorders and child and adolescent care. By, By Ella Pickover, PA Health Correspondent & Steve Houghton Oct 7, 2021 499
There are not enough psychiatrists to help people with a mental illness, say experts; Royal College of Psychiatrists warns a tenth of consultant posts are vacant with highest rates in fields of addiction, eating disorders and child and adolescent care. By, By Ella Pickover, PA Health Correspondent & Steve Houghton Oct 7, 2021 499
UNICEF warns of $390 billion impact of COVID-19 on mental health of children/young people in Cambodia and globally. Oct 7, 2021 694
Reading terror attacker launches appeal against life sentence. Arab News Oct 5, 2021 421
Most health centres can't handle mental health - survey. Oct 3, 2021 268
NOT GUILTY; Mentally ill woman who was 'possessed by Princess Diana' is acquitted of murder. PAUL NEILAN Oct 1, 2021 336
A new dawn. Rooke, Bri Oct 1, 2021 463
DOST aims to protect rights of persons affected by mental illnesses with help from experts. Sep 25, 2021 363
Upgraded facilities for mentally ill promised. Evie Andreou Sep 20, 2021 226
Bayelsa govt evacuates mental health disorder patients from roads. Sep 20, 2021 304
Psychiatrists Seek Passage Of Mental Health Bill Into Law. Sep 15, 2021 510
At-risk women in prison due to lack of special support. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter Sep 9, 2021 680
Hospital redevelopment approved. Sep 9, 2021 269
At-risk women in prison due to lack of special support; inspectors find prison used as 'place of safety'. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter Sep 9, 2021 708
Various aspects reviewed for setting up of telemedicine centers for Balochistan prisoners: Dr.Rubaba. Sep 6, 2021 398
When the system fails your mentally ill loved one. Sep 6, 2021 485
When the system fails your mentally ill or addicted loved one. Teri Dreher Sep 6, 2021 488
Schoolboy might hold clue to savage alleyway murder; fresh appeal over woman's death on 21st anniversary. TOM DUFFY ECHO reporter @tabduffy39 Sep 6, 2021 497
Psychiatric medicine centres to be set up in Balochistan jails. Sep 6, 2021 185
Child psychology and disorders. Ishaq Baloch Sep 5, 2021 524
BBNAIJA: Mixed Reactions Trail Boma, Angel's Clash. Sep 3, 2021 414
The day Conjestina fell mentally ill. Sep 2, 2021 195
All societies suffer violence, perpetrators are not mentally ill: American expert. Nehal Samir Aug 28, 2021 814
Show compassion to curb stigmatisation of mental illness - Neuro-Psychiatrist counsels. Aug 28, 2021 535
Black people 'more likely to be Tasered for longer' police warned they could 'lose trust' of communities. RYAN HOOPER News Reporter Aug 27, 2021 405
Dad wrongly jailed over son's murder free to sue State; Appeal court rules man 'mentally ill'. EOIN REYNOLDS Aug 24, 2021 351
A Cross-Sectional Study on Patient Satisfaction Regarding Teleconsultation Practice During the Covid-19 Pandemic in a Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in South India. Rathan, Anjana; P., Bijulakshmi; S., Mathumathi; Ramasubramanian, Vikram; Kannan, M. Report Aug 23, 2021 2797
The Effectiveness of a Multi-Pronged Psycho-Social Intervention Among People With Mental Health and Epilepsy Problems-A Pre-Post Prospective Cohort Study Set in North India. Mathias, Kaaren; Corcoran, Dale; Pillai, Pooja; Deshpande, Smita; Sebastian, Miguel San Clinical report Aug 18, 2021 6274
He was poorly, he was ill and he was just left in that cell to die; MUM HITS OUT AT POLICE AFTER SON'S DEATH WHILE IN CUSTODY. Sophie Finnegan Reporter Aug 15, 2021 1093
MPD nabs barangay tanod over slay of mentally ill scavenger in Tondo. Aug 9, 2021 325
SA looting reminiscent of 1982 coup and aftermath. Aug 1, 2021 614
Family of mentally ill rape victim protests as suspect roams free. Jul 26, 2021 438
Mental health a major public health priority -- CS Kagwe. Jul 19, 2021 291
Oyo State Evacuates Mentally Ill Persons, Beggars To Rescue Homes. Jul 10, 2021 240
Patient threatens to slit guard's throat. Jul 8, 2021 161
Chachoengsao patient goes berserk, threatens to slit guard's throat. Jul 8, 2021 190
Son cuts father's throat. Jul 5, 2021 166
Thoughts of self-harm in early and late pregnancy in urban South Africa: Investigating prevalence, predictors and screening options. Redinger, S.; Pearson, R.M.; Houle, B.; Norris, S.A.; Rochat, T.J. Report Jul 1, 2021 6056
REFRAMING SMI: Clubhouse's pivot during pandemic could shift model. Lubell, Jennifer Jul 1, 2021 2239
APA, AMA, and other medical groups move to stop insurer from overturning mental health claims ruling. Ault, Alicia Jul 1, 2021 714
Venture House is dismantling stigma. Douglas, Juliet Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2021 406
GNA Bill Making the Home Addresses of Georgia's Nurses Private from the Public Signed by Governor Kemp. Caseman, Matt Jul 1, 2021 367
Homeless man suspected of mental illness detained for torching vehicles in Kepong. Jun 30, 2021 203
Ekiti to enact law for robust health services for mentally ill patients. Jun 26, 2021 407
We don't blame killer for Joanne's death.. but we do blame NHS; VICTIM'S MUM AND DAUGHTER SPEAK OUT Duty of care campaign attracts 1000 supporters. Sally Hind Jun 20, 2021 701
City Hands Over 3,000 Sq. Meters Land for Association Supporting People with Mental Disorder. Jun 12, 2021 200
Brewdog co-founder apologises after being accused of fostering a culture of fear among staff; Brewdog co-found James Watt has apologised after an open-letter from former employees emerged accusing the company environment of being 'toxic' and detrimental to their mental health. Beth Murray Jun 10, 2021 443
Maids of Maryam become mentally ill after successive failures: Dr Firdous. Jun 10, 2021 242
Buzdar a symbol of trust and transparency SACM. Jun 10, 2021 513
Persons with 'mental disorder' allowed to open bank accounts. Jun 9, 2021 320
SBP allows opening of account by mentally disordered persons. Jun 9, 2021 333
Persons with 'mental disorder' allowed to open account. Jun 9, 2021 160
Mentally disordered persons can open bank accounts. Jun 9, 2021 172
Pubescent boys in Nyamira struggle to feed their mentally ill single mother. Jun 8, 2021 575
U.S. takes two steps toward limiting gun violence. Jun 7, 2021 208
Mentally ill man stabbed his mum in attack. Jun 2, 2021 258
Patients with agoraphobia showing strength, resilience. Cohen, Richard W.; Cohen, Nancy S. Jun 1, 2021 962
Depression, Anxiety and State Guilt in Individuals under Quarantine in an Institution due to COVID-19 and the Related Factors. Koç, Aysegül; Tok, Hümeyra Hancer; Uzun, Lütfiye Nur; Ensari, Hülya Television program review Jun 1, 2021 7029
Effects of Astaxanthin in patients with memory impairment. Butunoi, Alexandra Cristina; Gavrilescu, Cristina-Maria; Lascarache, Paloma; Cojocaru, Elena; Barbu, Jun 1, 2021 2443
Nursing support for people with mild mental health needs. Duyvestyn, Helen Jun 1, 2021 3458
Senate passes bill to create housing program for mentally ill, substance abusers. TIM KIRSININKAS Capitol News Illinois May 27, 2021 574
Hospital director dismissed due to patient's drug trafficking ring. May 27, 2021 458
Woman who killed friend to remain in hospital. COURT REPORTER May 26, 2021 345
Mental hospital. May 23, 2021 480
Five-year-old girl stabbed in Johor, stepfather arrested. May 20, 2021 181
World & nation in 60 seconds. May 19, 2021 304
'Nurse mistreated 76-year-old with disorder' - court. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter May 18, 2021 527
In pics: Initiative sheds light on mental disorders through photography. Egypt Today staff May 17, 2021 372
Elderly man, who was kicked out of SGR train, found after four days in the cold. May 15, 2021 696
New service at hospital in Morpeth; A partnership between Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW) and national charity Action on Postpartum Psychosis (APP) is creating an important peer support service for women experiencing severe mental illness following the birth of their child. May 14, 2021 325
Nyeri clerics raise concerns over drugs shortage in county hospitals. May 14, 2021 415
Puzzle of missing person aboard SGR. May 14, 2021 514
Mentally ill woman who killed only child jailed. May 14, 2021 333
Hammer thug's fury at drinkers. STEPHANIE FINNEGAN @StephanieFinneg May 13, 2021 316
Lancaster man rang police to tell them he was going to 'blow up people who had robbed him' A mentally ill man who threatened to 'blow up' a house full of people in Lancaster has avoided a jail term. Stef Hall May 13, 2021 391
Mom doesn't want transgender sister to attend family event. May 4, 2021 562
Bedlam. Ebiri, Bilge May 1, 2021 428
Are antipsychotics protective against COVID-19? Brooks, Megan May 1, 2021 632
Full court reference on the eve of retirement of SC Judge Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik. May 1, 2021 422
Can Persons With Mental Illness Recover And Be Productive? Apr 30, 2021 1409
Former minister charged. Apr 30, 2021 151
James Sebastiano: From Struggling With Mental Health Issues To Helping Others Overcome Their Struggles. Apr 27, 2021 380
Series review: The Alienist. Apr 25, 2021 353
Killer waves at police in 161mph motorbike chase after shooting dead kids author; Alex Sartain, 34, shot and killed neighbour James Nash, 42, on his own front lawn before fleeing from police on his motorbike through the Hampshire countryside. By, Ryan Merrifield Apr 22, 2021 458
Four held for torture of mentally ill man. Apr 21, 2021 192
Four held for torturing mentally ill man. Apr 21, 2021 169
Kids' author, 42, shot dead by mentally ill neighbour. Apr 19, 2021 623
Mum acquitted of murdering friend due to mental illness. COURT REPORTER Apr 14, 2021 408
Mercy Sunday. Editorial Apr 11, 2021 611
Legal proceedings launched in mental hospital drugs case in Ha Nei. Apr 3, 2021 446
Drug trafficking ring busted at hospital in Ha Nei. Apr 1, 2021 400
Canada's new euthanasia law is a matter of life and death for people with disabilities. Schadenberg, Alex Apr 1, 2021 526
Employment and Service System Challenges Affecting Persons with Cognitive Disabilities: A Qualitative Inquiry into Rehabilitation Counselor Perspectives. Grenawalt, Teresa Ann; Kesselmayer, Rachel Friefeld; Degeneffe, Charles Edmund Report Apr 1, 2021 8743
Five Strategies to Reduce the Stigma Among High School Students Towards People with Persistent Mental Disorders in Three Cities of Spain. Saiz, Jesus; Escudero, Miguel A.; Ugidos, Carolina; Vaquero, Carlos; Cebollero, Montserrat; Goldsby, Report Apr 1, 2021 8270
Mentally ill man attacked wife with axe; IN BRIEF. Mar 31, 2021 381
Mentally ill elements be not allowed to mislead the entire society of GB, said Chief Minister GB. Mar 30, 2021 162
Slain dad's sister demands clarity. DAVID MCPHEE Mar 29, 2021 803
Boulder supermarket massacre suspect was "paranoid, scary" and known to the FBI; Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, suspected of having murdered 10 people at a grocery store in Colorado, US, was described as having a history of mental illness by people close to him. By, William Walker Mar 24, 2021 844
Mental health needs to stop being the 'Cinderella service' THEPROFESSIONALS. Mar 22, 2021 544
Mental illness risk in heart attacks. Mar 22, 2021 405
The madness of sanity. Mar 21, 2021 2623
Mentally ill man held for stealing vehicle in Nueva Vizcaya. Mar 19, 2021 241
Efficiency and Outcome of Healing Practices Performed by Spirit Dancers in Healing Mental Illness--A Patient's Perspective. Amin, Prakasha; A.K, Mohan Mar 15, 2021 4105
Fur farms in China are 'virus factories' Sick and distressed animals 'causing risk to humans'. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Mar 15, 2021 438
Fur farms in China are 'virus factories' Sick and distressed animals 'causing risk to humans'. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Mar 15, 2021 452
IWD: NGO Calls For Action On Mental Illness Among Women. Mar 8, 2021 442
Warning over block on female inmates at Carstairs hospital; OFFENDERS TRANSFERRED TO UNIT IN ENGLAND Report says excluding women prisoners could be breach of human rights. Gordon Blackstock Mar 7, 2021 614
Schizophrenia disorder. Mar 4, 2021 501
Schizophrenia disorder. Mar 4, 2021 471
GOSSIP GIRL: Controversial movie 'Tililing' inspired by director's aunt in mental institution. Mar 1, 2021 536
Delusions led to killing, jury heard; Psychiatrist tells of defendant's spiral into severe paranoia. ROB SMITH Mar 1, 2021 265
Delusions led to killing, jury heard; Accused allegedly wanted to kill a number of his teachers. ROB SMITH Mar 1, 2021 268
WHO HAS THE RIGHT? ANALYSIS OF SECOND AMENDMENT CHALLENGES TO 18 U.S.C. s. 922(g)(4). Cline, Alexandra T. Mar 1, 2021 11488
Perceived Devaluation and Discrimination toward mental illness Scale (PDDs): Its association with sociodemographic variables and interpersonal contact in a Mexican sample. Mora-Ríos, Jazmín; Ortega-Ortega, Miriam Mar 1, 2021 5653
PREFACE/ONSOZ. Darendeliler, Feyza; Uzum, Ayse Kubat; Ertekin, Erhan Mar 1, 2021 679
Woman beheads son who refused to breastfeed. Feb 28, 2021 157
A New Beginning. Kiran Alam, Feb 24, 2021 269
SNP's failure on mental health is callous betrayal of our young in a time of crisis. Alex Bell Feb 18, 2021 815
CHR urges medical attention on mental health problems. Feb 16, 2021 267
Experts cite media's role in 'destigmatization' of mental illness. Feb 15, 2021 224
SC commutes death sentence of mentally ill prisoners, sets guidelines for reforms. Feb 13, 2021 980
SC order regarding mentally ill inmates welcomed. Feb 12, 2021 215
A historic ruling. Feb 12, 2021 515
A Landmark Judgement. Feb 12, 2021 392
SC ends death penalty for 'mentally ill prisoners'. Feb 11, 2021 268
SC converts death sentence of two mentally ill prisoners into life term. Feb 11, 2021 719
SC bars carrying out death penalty for inmates with mental disorders. Feb 11, 2021 810
A new chapter. Sarah Belal Feb 11, 2021 928
Top Pakistani court bars execution of inmates with mental disorder. Feb 10, 2021 277
In landmark ruling, SC commutes death penalty of two mentally ill prisoners. Feb 10, 2021 879
SC verdict on mentally ill inmates' execution today. Feb 10, 2021 296
Liza Soberano calls out 'Tililing' movie poster over mental illness stereotypes; director responds. Feb 8, 2021 572
Mentally ill man pummels father to death with serving bowl in Pangasinan. Feb 7, 2021 163
Mental disorders may increase death risk in older Covid patients. Feb 5, 2021 365
I'll take my husband back even if he cheats with a mad woman. Feb 4, 2021 253
Long-acting injectable antipsychotics during COVID-19: How to determine if your patient should continue an LAI, and how to do so safely. Schnitzer, Kristina; MacLaurin, Sarah; Freudenreich, Oliver Feb 1, 2021 2558
Proposed HIPAA overhaul expected to ease access to patient health information. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2021 778
Murderer faces life in jail for savage killing; he stabbed his 'friend', tried to cut his head off... then left him to rot. ANDREW BARDSLEY @ABARDSLEYMEN Jan 29, 2021 552
Mum's fatal overdose... with letter from DWP by her side; Coroner hits out at string of mistakes. MARTIN FRICKER Jan 29, 2021 436
Three Russians attacked by knifeman in Istanbul. Arab News Jan 25, 2021 223
Support service now 'on phone'. Jan 21, 2021 176
lives at risk over mental health crisis; Hospitals ignore urgent beds rule. EXCLUSIVE BY GERALDINE MCKELVIE Investigations Editor and KEITH COOPER Jan 17, 2021 426
LIVES AT RISK OVER MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS; Hospitals ignore urgent beds rule EXCLUSIVE. GERALDINE MCKELVIE Investigations Editor and KEITH COOPER Jan 17, 2021 424
Scottish business networking club appeals for new charity partner; A Scottish networking club has launched an appeal for a new charity partner, following a year of supporting Support in Mind Scotland, which helps people affected by mental illness. Scott Reid Jan 16, 2021 437
Anti-suicide team to help people in despair launched in Thailand. Jan 14, 2021 198
News We still struggle to understand why our beautiful Ryan lost his life so unnecessarily; family reeling over mental health trust's treatment of axe killer who took his carer cousin's life in horror attack. REBECCA DAY @REBECCADAYMEN Jan 13, 2021 555
US executes only woman on federal death row. Jan 13, 2021 538
Qatar Charity conducts surgeries for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Jan 13, 2021 258
Man who stabbed a dog walker in chest jailed for life. ROB KENNEDY Reporter Jan 9, 2021 659
Dog walker stabbed by mentally unwell man; victim has flashbacks of horrific attack in alnwick. ROB KENNEDY Court reporter Jan 9, 2021 644
'Mentally ill death row convicts should not be executed'. Jan 9, 2021 1127
SC reserves ruling on review pleas by Punjab, mentally ill death row convicts. Jan 8, 2021 808
Mentally ill inmates. Jan 8, 2021 366
Execution of mentally ill inmates opposed in Supreme Court. Jan 7, 2021 637
Perseverance brings justice for Jason after 26 years; GMP'S COLD CASE OFFICERS PRAISED BY VICTIM'S BROTHER. Neal Keeling; ANDREW BARDSLEY Jan 6, 2021 944
Centerstone clinician receives Ellen T. Quinn Memorial Award. Submitted by Centerstone Jan 6, 2021 169
Govt should focus on performance instead of criticising PDM. Jan 1, 2021 654
Validation and psychometric evaluation of the Arabic version of the prejudice towards people with mental illness (PPMI) scale. Alharthi, Sami S.; Altalhi, Hadeel H.; Alzahrani, Ahmed S. Report Jan 1, 2021 3878
HIPAA rule would ease access to patients' records. Ault, Alicia Jan 1, 2021 680
Give psych patients the COVID vaccination now, experts say. Brooks, Megan Jan 1, 2021 535
Peer Support Specialists and People with Mental Illness: Navigating COVID-19 Experiences. Nieweglowski, Katherine; Sheehan, Lindsay Report Jan 1, 2021 7119
Red Flag Laws: Proceed with Caution. Kopel, David B. Jan 1, 2021 16172
Red Flag Laws Raise Red Flags of Their Own. Larosiere, Matthew; Greenlee, Joseph G.S. Jan 1, 2021 5399
Forget Me Not: Exploring American Death Penalty Jurisprudence and Dementia in Light of Madison v. Alabama. MacCune, Marie A. Jan 1, 2021 14832
Seven killed in knife attack in China's Liaoning province. Dec 29, 2020 213
Seven killed during knife attack in China; WORLD BULLETINS. Dec 28, 2020 151
Schizophrenic prisoners. Dec 28, 2020 407
Rod: I'd be proud to call Reece my son.. he is an inspiration; ROCK LEGEND'S TRIBUTE AS HE PRESENTS AWARD Rod: I'd be proud to call Reece my son.. he is an inspiration Singer and wife Penny are humbled to meet Reece Hayes, who turned around a life of struggle and run-ins with the law with the help of the Prince's Trust. HEATHER GREENAWAY Dec 28, 2020 1032
Seven killed in knife attack in China's Liaoning province. Dec 27, 2020 244
Prioritising Mental Health. Dec 25, 2020 365
Status updates on Mom devolve into nasty gossip. Dec 23, 2020 579
Mental-Health Courts: Expanding the Model in an Era of Criminal Justice Reform. Black, Courtney Dec 22, 2020 8818
Mum dies after brutal attack by mentally ill son. ROB KENNEDY Reporter Dec 21, 2020 988
SC debates fate of prisoners suffering from mental disorders. Dec 16, 2020 779
OCD and COVID-19. SYEDA AMMARA BUKHARI - Islamabad Dec 12, 2020 358
Prisoner wins jail appeal due to mental ill health; evidence of harrowing childhood heard. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO senior reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Dec 7, 2020 802
Social assistance for people with mental illness, autism to be promoted. Dec 4, 2020 401
Baby among five killed as car runs down shoppers in Germany. Dec 2, 2020 612
Activity Participation and Perceived Health Status in Patients with Severe Mental Illness: a Prospective Study. Ng, S.S.W.; Leung, T.K.S.; Ng, P.P.K.; Ng, R.K.H.; Wong, A.T.Y. Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 3693
Perceived Stigma in Remitted Psychiatric Patients and their Caregivers and its Association with Self-Esteem, Quality of Life, and Caregiver Depression. Bipeta, R.; Yerramilli, S.S.R.R.; Pillutla, S.V. Dec 1, 2020 4906
Combination of Antipsychotic Medication and Crisis Intervention on Outcomes of Acute Mental Illness Patient Scale. Pratiwi, Arum; Kartiko, Juli Muhammad; Risnawati, Pupus; Suwito; Muhlisin, A.; Widodo, Arif Report Dec 1, 2020 4726
Are New Zealand psychology students more susceptible to essentialist explanations for mental illness? Neuroessentialism and mental illness stigma in psychology and non-psychology students. Zimmerman, Hannah; Riordan, Benjamin C.; Winter, Taylor; Bartonicek, Adam; Scarf, Damian Dec 1, 2020 5002
Record 1,130 people are sectioned in Birmingham and Solihull. Nov 23, 2020 311
Doha Healthcare Week highlights health benefits of music therapy. Nov 20, 2020 454
Indefinite order for man who killed woman. TED DAVENPORT @DEVONLIVENEWS Nov 19, 2020 1045
David Fincher slams 'Joker,' plans new series on cancel culture. Nov 16, 2020 400
Marathon training for Kilifi youth and elderly. Nov 15, 2020 585
Marathon training for Kilifi youth and elderly. Nov 14, 2020 523
Go urges gov't to continue providing psychosocial aid to those with mental health issues. Nov 13, 2020 549
Carstairs worker probe after 'racist attack on patient' Former stabbing victim makes abuse allegation. JANE HAMILTON Crime Reporter Nov 12, 2020 357
Pushy retailers 'increase debt risk' of mentally ill. Nov 10, 2020 155
Armenian cleric: Pashinyan is mentally ill, and he's leading Armenia to death. Nov 6, 2020 179
EMERGING TREATMENT OPTIONS: Can cardiovascular drugs work for SMI? Jancin, Bruce Nov 1, 2020 1365
DON'T LOOK FOR ASYLUM GHOSTS AT HALLOWEEN; Police get dispersal order over real danger... from collapsing buildings at former hospital. OWEN EVANS Daily Post Reporter Oct 30, 2020 271
Walter Wallace Jr: A Black Life That Mattered. Oct 29, 2020 699
Mental health and depression. Oct 25, 2020 1188
Indian atrocities: Over 45pc IIOJK people suffering from mental illness. Oct 23, 2020 509
Hero pensioner died in bid to stop mum's store knife rampage. ROD MINCHIN Oct 22, 2020 1160
Let's talk about mental health. Oct 20, 2020 837
Physical, mental health go hand in hand for healthy life: Health Minister. Oct 18, 2020 223
Scotland's 'witches' were not usually mentally ill, but were tortured into delusions and false confessions - Dr John J Marshall; It is hard to imagine when wandering the gentile art town of Kirkcudbright that the old Tolbooth contained a dark dungeon holding women accused of witchcraft in "a most miserable conditione being alwayes at the point of starving". John J Marshall Oct 18, 2020 739
Mentally ill Dinajpur woman going to start a new life with a new home. Oct 15, 2020 359
Self-harm fears for young with mental health issues. VIVIENNE AITKEN Oct 15, 2020 172
Kenyan mother says son assaulted by UK police is mentally ill. Oct 13, 2020 743
The Plight of Mentally Ill People. Oct 11, 2020 686
Restraints 'contributed to mentally ill man's death'. LUKE POWELL Oct 10, 2020 376
Police restraints 'were a factor in death of man'. LUKE POWELL Reporter Oct 10, 2020 717
Care of mentally ill people among priorities of govt. Oct 10, 2020 340
Govt's priority to take care of mentally ill people: Dr Rubaba. Oct 10, 2020 346
Treatment of mental illness among govt's priorities: CM. Oct 10, 2020 207
Plan being made to prevent mental diseases in Balochistan: Liaqat Shahwani. Oct 10, 2020 187
'Police restraint contributed to death'. Oct 10, 2020 156
User and Carer charity gets a PS103,000 boost from Lottery. SHARON LIPTROTT Oct 9, 2020 196
Govt takes important steps for rehabilitation of metal ill patients: Yasmin Rashid. Oct 7, 2020 282
Steps being taken for rehabilitation of mentally-ill people, says Yasmin. Oct 7, 2020 318
DOH-Calabarzon opens acute psychiatric unit in Batangas. Oct 7, 2020 1067
Chonburi man reportedly beat to death with a baseball bat by mentally ill nephew. Oct 6, 2020 254
Nurse who flogged mentally-ill mum's home to fund lavish lifestyle struck off. AMY ORTON Oct 4, 2020 365
A Mediation Model: Fighting Internalized Stigma to Create Hope for People Living with Serious Mental Illness. Waynor, William R.; Karyczak, Sean; Taylor, Ellen; Eissenstat, Sunhee J.; Reinhardt-Wood, Dawn Report Oct 1, 2020 4499
WCM-Q research reveals need for better data on perinatal mental illness. Sep 29, 2020 917
WCM-Q study reveals need for better data on perinatal mental illness in MENA. Sep 29, 2020 901
Disgraced nurse struck off for selling mentally ill mum's [pounds sterling]85,000 house and possessions; Joanne Chiswell splashed out on "luxury items" after she was granted power of attorney in June 2019 to safeguard her mum's assets while she languished in psychiatric care. By, Amy Orton & Lorraine King Sep 29, 2020 590
Mum and daughter jailed for life after killing five relatives -including three children; A mum and her daughter have been jailed for life for the killing of five members of their family, including three children, outside the US city of Philadelphia last year. By, Thomas McArthur Sep 29, 2020 434
HEALTH NEWS; time to LIVE WELL. Sep 27, 2020 222
Mental illness patients wait over 600 days; HEALTH. Sep 24, 2020 252
Care worker jailed after raping 'extremely vulnerable' patient. MARCUS HUGHES Reporter Sep 23, 2020 732
Care worker jailed after raping 'extremely vulnerable' patient. MARCUS HUGHES Reporter Sep 23, 2020 731
Mentally ill prisoners. Sep 23, 2020 354
Father took own life hours after being rated low risk. ANDY RICHARDSON News Reporter Sep 23, 2020 917
SC orders medical examination of two prisoners on death row. Nasir Iqbal Sep 22, 2020 911
SC forms board to examine mental condition of two death-row prisoners. Sep 22, 2020 463
Mental Health Policy for Justice-Involved Persons: Exploring History, Perspectives, and Models in the United States. Lee, Lewis H.; Cain, Daphne S. Sep 22, 2020 5579
'Give councils more power to regulate HMOs'. JONATHAN WALKER Political editor Sep 21, 2020 588
SC accepts review petitions of mentally ill prisoners. SHAHID RAO Sep 18, 2020 783
Mental illness is missed by staff. Sep 18, 2020 263
Mental illness goes undetected in hospitals as ethnic minorities suffer. Sep 18, 2020 178
Baguio street dwellers also need virus testing. Sep 18, 2020 309
Pope honours priest slain by immigrant; politician urges vendetta. Reuters News Service Sep 16, 2020 271
Police ram car into mentally ill dad before officer stomps on head leaving him in coma; Disturbing footage shows the man, 32, being hit by the vehicle before an officer appears to stomp on his head -he now lies in an induced coma in a Melbourne hospital. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Sep 14, 2020 455
'Mentally ill' man kills three of his family in Bisham. Sep 11, 2020 210
Mental Disorder: Former Patient Demands Custody Of Her 4-Year Old Son. Sep 6, 2020 658
Why I'm giving back to society through mental care -Ezeh. Sep 6, 2020 1278
The following dispositions were reported by Jackson County State's Attorney Mike. Sep 1, 2020 363
COVID-19 and patients with serious mental illness: This primer summarizes the clinical management of this easily forgotten group during a pandemic. Freudenreich, Oliver; Kontos, Nicholas; Querques, John Cover story Sep 1, 2020 5678
Why are many of my patients thriving during the pandemic? Tofler, Ian R. Sep 1, 2020 1055
The psychiatric impact of coronavirus infection in the population. Leon-Constantin, Maria Magdalena; Mastaleru, Alexandra; Abdulan, Irina Mihaela; Mitu, Ovidiu; Oancea Sep 1, 2020 3171
People with a mental illness miss out on palliative care. Manchester, Anne Sep 1, 2020 1450
Development and Psychometric Testing of the Stigma Assessment Tool for Family Caregivers of People with Mental Illness. Shamsaei, F.; Holtforth, M.G. Sep 1, 2020 4757
A 10-Year Risk of Cardiovascular Disease among Patients with Severe Mental Illness at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, Southwestern Uganda. Agaba, David Collins; Migisha, Richard; Lugobe, Henry Mark; Katamba, Godfrey; Ashaba, Scholastic Report Aug 31, 2020 3746
The following dispositions were reported by Jackson County State's Attorney Mike. Aug 28, 2020 363
Evil County Lines dealers target sick and disabled to sell drugs; EXCLUSIVE GANGS COMMANDEER HOMES. STEPHEN STEWART Aug 24, 2020 520
Attack horror OAP's family in probe plea; F.A.I. DEMAND OVER BLUNDER BY POLICE Sister Lessons have got to be learned. / Jennifer Hyland Aug 23, 2020 366
Tributes for former soldier found dead. Aug 21, 2020 157
'Mentally ill' man, three sons held for stabbing to death 11 family members in Pannu Aqil bloodbath. Waseem Shamsi Aug 20, 2020 509
Ebonyi Community Youths Dispossess Madwoman Of Dead Baby After One Week. Aug 19, 2020 536
'Mentally ill' man knifes seven women, three children to death in Sukkur. Aug 19, 2020 246
Man kills brother in Lakki Marwat. Aug 17, 2020 280
Taiwanese social worker shares success story in extreme case. Aug 16, 2020 564
Dad of James Nash murderer 'begged for son to be sectioned' days before shooting; EXCLUSIVE: Mentally ill Alex Sartain gunned down children's author James Nash before he too died after a police chase -despite desperate plea from his dad. By, Dan Warburton Aug 8, 2020 244
Husband slashed his wife's throat during row. ANDREW BARDSLEY Aug 7, 2020 508
Text messaging shows potential as mental health therapy: Researchers. Aug 7, 2020 558
Text messaging shows potential as mental health therapy: Researchers. Aug 7, 2020 558
Evaluation of Depression and Anxiety and Its Association with CD4 Count among HIV Patients Taking Antiretroviral Therapy. Khare, Rajeev Lochan; Rajpoot, Vishal; Dubey, Surbhi Clinical report Aug 3, 2020 3710
Inspection report must be released; LETTERS. Aug 3, 2020 171
The Madwoman and the Roomba. Audiobook review Aug 1, 2020 330
Increased risk of new persistent opioid use in pediatric and young adult patients with kidney stones. Hosier, Gregory W.; McGregor, Thomas; Beiko, Darren; Tasian, Gregory E.; Booth, Christopher; Whitehe Aug 1, 2020 5695
Post-operative functional neurological symptom disorder after anesthesia. D'Souza, Ryan S.; Vogt, Matthew N.P.; Rho, Edwin H. Report Aug 1, 2020 5564
Internet Crime Regulation Method for Patients with Severe Mental Illness. Feng Zhao Jul 31, 2020 275
Modeling Research on the Effect of Folk Music on the Alleviation of Paranoid Mental Disorder. Aiqin Wang Jul 31, 2020 276
Former popular Thai actress, mentally ill after accident, found dead and other entertainment news this week. Obituary Jul 31, 2020 176
Ministry to form mental health board. Jul 30, 2020 326
Mentally ill man who died in police cell hanged himself - autopsy. Jul 28, 2020 366
Speaking out for good of others; OUR VOICE. Jul 27, 2020 159
Father kills his 3 children by putting them in front of speeding train in Egypt. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Jul 25, 2020 356
Halsey stands up for others with bipolar disorder. Christi Carras, Los Angeles Times Jul 22, 2020 344
Youth storm Shanzu mentally ill holding centre, demand its closure. Jul 21, 2020 921
'Pressure cooker': Workforce faces 'daily anxiety' over cuts to jobs. JAMES WYLLIE Jul 20, 2020 253
Soon after my brother's death, I was promised that we'd have answers in six weeks. It's been two years now. We need closure; FAMILY'S AGONISING WAIT AFTER TRAGIC PENSIONER WAS LEFT TO DIE IN BUNGLED POLICE INVESTIGATION Sister's plea for truth over street attack OAP. Jennifer Hyland Jul 19, 2020 1144
Walks take lead on mental health. DAVID WALKER Jul 10, 2020 414
First victim of Glasgow stabbings tells of knifeman horror -and forgives his attacker; Mex Abin, 20, a devout Christian was stabbed twice by fellow asylum seeker Badreddin Abdalla Adamduring his bloody rampage at the Park Inn Hotel in Glasgow on June 26. By, Annie Brown & Lorraine King Jul 9, 2020 931
Patients with mental illness less satisfied with their doctors. Rans, Caleb Jul 1, 2020 323
Man held for allegedly raping girl. Jul 1, 2020 279
Promoting Recovery in Mental Illness: The Perspectives of Patients, Caregivers, and Community Members in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Iseselo, Masunga K.; Ambikile, Joel Seme Jun 30, 2020 8740
Stigma Resistance and Its Associated Factors among Patients with Mood Disorder at St. Paul's Hospital and Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2019. Tesfaye, Elias; Kassaw, Chalachew; Agenagnew, Liyew Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 6667
Teen 'may never be released' after throwing boy. Jun 27, 2020 206

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