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Policing Under Disability Law. Morgan, Jamelia N. Jun 1, 2021 31679
Accommodating Mental Disabilities During and After the Pandemic. Koepke, Alicia H. May 1, 2021 4649
Peer Support Specialists and People with Mental Illness: Navigating COVID-19 Experiences. Nieweglowski, Katherine; Sheehan, Lindsay Report Jan 1, 2021 7119
The Inclusive Higher Education Imperative: Promoting Long-Term Postsecondary Success for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in the COVID-19 Era. Sheppard-Jones, Kathy; Moseley, Emily; Kleinert, Harold; Collett, Johnny; Rumrill, Phillip Report Jan 1, 2021 5610
Postschool outcomes for Korean American young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and parental perceptions of transition planning. Kim, Kyeong-Hwa; Morningstar, Mary E. Dec 1, 2020 6248
UK forced abortion ruling: 22-week-old unborn baby 'not a physical presence'. McLean, Dorothy Cummings Jul 1, 2019 1095
CONVICTIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY. Johnson, Sheri Lynn; Blume, John H.; Hritz, Amelia Courtney Mar 22, 2019 12949
A simple story of a life well-lived. Burns, Mary Elizabeth Feb 8, 2019 1198
Be Autism-Friendly. Jan 1, 2019 210
Corporate America must invest in neurodiversity: Workers who learn differently can excel at problem-solving and be creative. Eden, Peter Jan 1, 2019 553
AADMD Policy Paper on Physician Decision Making in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: The operative question should always be, "If this patient did not have an intellectual/ developmental disability, which treatment would be in the patient's best interests?". Rader, Rick Editorial Dec 1, 2018 865
Electoral Rights and Intellectual Disability: Considerations de lege lata. Babula, Malgorzata Report Dec 1, 2018 4576
CREATING LEADERS FDR HEALTH JUSTICE. Srour, Kristin Hughes Nov 1, 2018 1096
How Higher Performing Employment Specialists Support Job-seekers with Psychiatric Disabilities Retain Employment. King, Joanne; Waghorn, Geoffrey Oct 1, 2018 5746
Where Were You (Or Your Parents) 50 Years Ago? Waldman, H. Barry; Rader, Rick; Perlman, Steven P. Sep 1, 2018 2074
At the Dump. Bizzini, Chantal Sonnet Jul 1, 2018 227
Examining the Variability in General Education Placements for Students With Intellectual Disability. Cosier, Meghan; White, Julia M.; Wang, Qiu Report Jul 1, 2018 8734
DA3/4umhur: No adequate classification of mentally disabled persons in institutions. May 21, 2018 398
Disability claims against VBBE dismissed. Lightle, Rebecca M. May 8, 2018 1697
4th Cir.: With pedophilia diagnosis rejected, commitment ends. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 16, 2018 2070
The Association Between Dental Anxiety and Oral Health Related Quality of Life Among Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disability/Hafif Seviyede Zihinsel Engeli Bulunan Bireylerde Dental Anksiyete ve Agiz Dis Sagligina Bagli Yasam Kalitesi Arasindaki Iliski. Keles, Sultan; Abacigil, Filiz; Adana, Filiz; Yesilfidan, Duygu; Okyay, Pinar Apr 1, 2018 6296
On Early Warning Systems. Rader, Rick Editorial Feb 1, 2018 1215
JOINING the FIGHT for HUMAN RIGHTS: Special Olympics has found that people with intellectual disabilities are being excluded from national laws and policies in countries around the world. Vasquez, Javier Dec 1, 2017 1041
JOEY JENNINGS' STORY: What appeared to be one of the least restrictive settings for Joey--a one-person group home in the community--became the most restrictive for him, because it was most inappropriate for his complex behavioral needs. Jennings, Sue Dec 1, 2017 1497
New Caregiver Initiative For Individuals With Down Syndrome: NDSS has partnered with the Alzheimer's Association and National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices to author a guidebook specifically for those caring for an individual with Down syndrome diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Weir, Sara Hart Nov 1, 2017 564
Special Olympics Arkansas. Oct 16, 2017 479
"What kind of society do you want to live in"? Oct 1, 2017 793
National Down Syndrome Society Launches National Campaign Spotlighting Laws that Prevent Individuals with Down Syndrome from Seeking Careers. Oct 1, 2017 454
Transitioning to adult neurologic care: where do we go from here? Ervin, David; Hahn, Joan Earle; Asato, Miya Aug 1, 2017 1111
Is a Parrot a service animal? Waldman, H. Barry; Munter, Beverly L.; Perlman, Steven P.; Cooke, Matthew Jul 1, 2017 2133
Vanquishing the vexation of housing for loved ones with psychiatric disabilities. Pyle, Tom Jul 1, 2017 1516
Can you hear me now? Since 2007, Special Olympics Healthy Hearing has performed close to 85,000 hearing screenings in 65 countries around the world. Valis, Jamie Jul 1, 2017 1120
Let them Frye: Frye hearings for determination of "mental disorders" in the Sexually Violent Persons Act. Henkel, Hannah Jun 22, 2017 14440
Intersecting challenges: mothers and child protection law in BC. Mosoff, Judith; Grant, Isabel; Boyd, Susan B.; Lindy, Ruben Jun 1, 2017 27919
Unfitness to stand trial and the indefinite detention of persons with cognitive disabilities in Australia: human rights challenges and proposals for change. Gooding, Piers; Arstein-Kerslake, Anna; Andrews, Louis; McSherry, Bernadette Apr 1, 2017 21295
Vocational functioning among people with psychiatric disabilities five to seven years after receiving supported employment services. Waghorn, Geoffrey; Logan, Jacquie; Dias, Shannon; Hielscher, Emily Report Apr 1, 2017 5722
From here to there but not back again. Rader, Rick Editorial Feb 1, 2017 475
Odds and evens playing nicely together: Unified Sports provides people with and without ID (intellectual disabilities) the opportunity to play on the same sports team, creating a space for friendships, physical activity and fun. Rader, Rick Oct 1, 2016 1182
Video of pro-life speech by brave young woman with down's syndrome goes viral. May 1, 2016 383
Let's make respect the new R-word: reprinted with permission from the Huffington post. Rader, Rick Reprint Apr 1, 2016 985
Govt to provide all basic facilities to mentally disabled persons. Mar 18, 2016 187
REMEMBER THOSE WHO FORGET: Becoming a dementia-friendly congregation. Ray, Cynthia Jan 4, 2016 1910
Eliminating mental disability as a legal criterion in deprivation of liberty cases: the impact of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on the insanity defense, civil commitment, and competency law. Slobogin, Christopher Jan 1, 2016 10684
Supported decision-making for older persons in Israel: the 2015 precedent and the following 2016 regulation. Schindler, Michael; Segal-Reich, Meytal Jan 1, 2016 6185
The illusive "reasonable person": can neuroscience help the mentally disabled? Cosgrove, Ian J. Nov 1, 2015 12639
Using peer education to promote balance, fitness, and physical activity among individuals with intellectual disabilities. Yan, Zi; Finn, Kevin; Corcoran, Michael Report Sep 22, 2015 4301
Competency of the mentally ill and intellectually disabled in the courts. Reisman, Haleigh Sep 22, 2015 19509
Low IQ defers death sentence. Brief article Jul 3, 2015 153
Nurses on the beat. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 121
Aspects of coordination in mentally retarded adults. Antoanela, Oltean Report Jun 15, 2015 3233
A reassessment of common law protections for "idiots". Clemente, Michael Jun 1, 2015 7485
A reassessment of common law protections for "idiots". Clemente, Michael Jun 1, 2015 18764
Andy Gardiner. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 106
Community living is possible: for adults with developmental disabilities say rutgers experts. Verbanas, Patti May 1, 2015 766
Consent not required: Missouri's adoption laws for incapacitated adults. Collins, Kelly Jan 1, 2015 10489
The conundrum of family reunification: a theoretical, legal, and practical approach to reunification services for parents with mental disabilities. Smith, Charisa Jan 1, 2015 19577
Developments in case law on human rights and the older person. De Mestre, Mary-Ann Jan 1, 2015 1408
The Laurel run. Parr, Andrea Oct 1, 2014 1077
People as pendulums. Hopp, Tamie Oct 1, 2014 2530
Electronics recycling + refurbishing: an opportunity for a living wage for individuals on the autism spectrum? Vanbergeijk, Ernst Sep 1, 2014 2004
Daughter of Mentally Challenged Reno Woman who was almost forced to abort adopted by Grandparents. Clement, Melissa Aug 1, 2014 469
Factors associated with the use of restraints in the public schools. Barnard-Brak, Lucy; Xiao, Feiya; Liu, Xiaoya Report Aug 1, 2014 5734
Offenders with special needs: Indiana's approach to preparing staff to meet the challenge. Andrick, Matthew Jul 1, 2014 897
A structural equation model of vocational rehabilitation services: predictors of employment outcomes for clients with intellectual and co-occurring psychiatric disabilities. Austin, Bryan S.; Lee, Chun-Lung Report Jul 1, 2014 6750
Special needs: caring for the older adult with down syndrome. Herron-Foster, Bobbi J.; Bustos, Jacquelyn J. Report Jul 1, 2014 5089
Investigation of the relationship between agility and balance in trainable mentally disabled athletes whose ages ranging from 8 to 14. Mustafa, Kaya; Mustafa, Karakus; Oktay, Sahin; Irfan, Marangoz Report Jun 1, 2014 2188
Empowering youth: face forward empowers youth with genetic disorders to develop life skills, find community and become self-advocates so they can move beyond their challenges to become strong, independent, productive adults. Cyr, Mallory Jun 1, 2014 1145
Med students embrace: the Best Buddies program. Winslow, Victoria May 1, 2014 1142
Boys black jeans (dip downs). Brief article Apr 1, 2014 117
Antiepileptic drugs (AED'S) used in those with intellectual and developmental disabilities: for better or worse? Keller, Seth M. Apr 1, 2014 2541
Home is where the heart is. Kameka, Desiree; Hopp, Tamie Apr 1, 2014 1301
Balancing fairness to victims, society and defendants in the cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses: an impossible triangulation? Bowden, Phoebe; Henning, Terese; Plater, David Apr 1, 2014 19754
Is scientifically based reading instruction effective for students with below-average IQs? Allor, Jill H.; Mathes, Patricia G.; Roberts, J. Kyle; Cheatham, Jennifer P.; Otaiba, Stephanie Al Report Mar 22, 2014 10636
Your child as an adult: are you ready: Information of interest to people with disabilities and other special needs and their families. Mar 1, 2014 1750
Inclusion, family style. Deyer, Kathleen Reprint Feb 1, 2014 918
Children and adults with intellectual disability in antiquity and modernity: toward a biblical and sociological model. Kellenberger, Edgar Report Dec 1, 2013 9664
More than 54,000 in 1977--less than 1,900 in 2008: the department of justice regulations implementing title II of the ADA require public entities to administer their services, programs, and activities in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of qualified individuals with disabilities. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P.; Koenig, Lauren M. Nov 1, 2013 2011
How customized employment can improve outcomes for adults with intellectual disabilities. Silverman, Rachel Oct 1, 2013 2636
Survey influence music therapy in improve dimwitted students mind centralization. Abedi, Hosein; Babaei, Bijan; Ghorbanian, Hosein; Azargon, Hassan Report Sep 1, 2013 1753
Because health matters: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made the health of people with intellectual disabilities a priority. It has funded The Arc to be part of the solution in promoting and improving the health of people with ID. Williams, Ann Cameron Aug 1, 2013 1393
Health conditions and support needs of persons living in residential facilities for adults with intellectual disability in Western Cape Province. Mckenzie, J.; McConkey, R.; Adnams, C. Report Jul 1, 2013 3151
Navigating the restoration of capacity and civil commitment of a mentally incompetent accused. O'Dea, David M. Jun 1, 2013 9253
Safeguards for mentally disabled respondents in removal proceedings. Greer, Christina P. Mar 22, 2013 16137
Lessons learned: working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and behavioral disturbances. Shively, Randy Essay Jun 1, 2012 3377
Outpatient commitment: the role of counsel in preserving client autonomy. Bernfeld, R.A. Jun 1, 2012 11414
Can section 1983 help to prevent the execution of mentally retarded prisoners? Lieb, Doug Apr 1, 2012 5624
Developmental medicine and dentistry reviews & reports: "only" 33,000 Residents with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities in Large State Institutions. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P. Apr 1, 2012 1540
A situational approach to incapacity and mental disability in sexual assault law. Benedet, Janine; Grant, Isabel Mar 22, 2012 13349
Racial disparities in mental health outcomes after psychiatric hospital discharge among individuals with severe mental illness. Eack, Shaun M.; Newhill, Christina E. Report Mar 1, 2012 7799
The folded napkin. Anderson, Dan Reprint Mar 1, 2012 1606
The Arc announces major initiatives for siblings of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Feb 1, 2012 459
Implementing evidence-based practices in supported employment for people with psychiatric disabilities. Waghorn, Geoffrey Jan 1, 2012 1037
Mind matters: mental disability and the history and future of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Concannon, James Jan 1, 2012 11321
'Problematising' Australian policy representations in responses to the physical health of people with mental health disorders. Henderson, Julie; Fuller, Jeffrey Report Dec 22, 2011 8562
The early notification program. Crutcher, Kent D. Jul 1, 2011 1610
Railways extend concession to blind, mentally retarded persons. Jun 25, 2011 216
2011 Buddy Cruise: prepares to set sail for down syndrome. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 301
Are women with mental illness & the mentally challenged adequately protected in India? Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy May 1, 2011 1602
Crossing the midline: Luigi's pioneering approach to jazz helps dancers with Down syndrome. Blank, Christopher Apr 1, 2011 582
Living meaningfully while earning a living: you could call Joe Steffy, 25, a classic entrepreneur--and a class act. Murphy, Patti Apr 1, 2011 1603
Sister finds kids' 'strengths of the soul'. Gomes, Janina Interview Feb 18, 2011 990
Discrimination and prejudice still prevail. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 248
Millions untreated for mental illness. Feb 1, 2011 357
"Abandoned Love": the impact of Wyatt v. Stickney on the intersection between international human rights and domestic mental disability law. Perlin, Michael L. Jan 1, 2011 11456
The 1995 Wyatt litigation: beginnings, trial strategies, and results. Slaten, Clifton Jan 1, 2011 5425
Crisis intervention teams adapted to correctional populations. Hodges, Jay Oct 1, 2010 846
How peer writing can shape identity for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Kindzierski, Corinne M.; Leavitt-Noble, Kimberly Report Sep 22, 2010 5019
Web assessment of depression gets thumbs up. McNAMARA, Damian Survey Sep 1, 2010 549
Doing our share. Aug 16, 2010 473
Services for mental illness. Jun 1, 2010 422
Improving treatment outcomes through drug interventions: many people with mental health conditions receive care in general medical settings. EAPs can help improve their treatment and decrease symptoms. Newman, Fred Apr 1, 2010 2003
Swim for Richard. Kiell, Paul J.; Caretto, Martino Mar 22, 2010 1590
Mental retardation as a bar to the death penalty: who bears the burden of proof? Eftink, James Gerard Mar 22, 2010 16798
Equal protection from execution: expanding Atkins to include mentally impaired offenders. Larimer, Corena G. Mar 22, 2010 10679
The young men of Marram Place. Johnston, Diana Armatage Mar 1, 2010 1144
Necessity is the mother of invention. Johnson, Diana Armatage Mar 1, 2010 1695
Thick chart syndrome treatment resistance is our greatest challenge. Nasrallah, Henry A. Editorial Feb 1, 2010 610
Bill Sackter Returns. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 203
Chinese lay theory and mental illness stigma: implications for research and practices. Lam, Chow S.; Tsang, Hector W.H.; Corrigan, Patrick W.; Lee, Yueh-Ting; Angell, Beth; Shi, Kan; Jin, Jan 1, 2010 5186
Future children as property. Dillard, Carter Jan 1, 2010 19400
Depressed and dangerous. Krey, Patrick Brief article Dec 21, 2009 306
Silvio Berlusconi to spend another day in hospital. Brief article Dec 14, 2009 94
Life of a Scrabble Player. Morice, Dave Brief article Nov 1, 2009 230
Help your bipolar disorder patients remain employed: integrate work-related issues as you address symptoms, medication, and function. Bowden, Charles L. Case study Sep 1, 2009 2725
Cruel and unequal punishments. Farahany, Nita A. Jul 1, 2009 24747
Comparing Japanese international college students' and U.S. college students' mental-health-related stigmatizing attitudes. Masuda, Akihiko; Hayes, Steven C.; Twohig, Michael P.; Lillis, Jason; Fletcher, Lindsay B.; Gloster, Report Jul 1, 2009 5037
April poll results. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 133
Health status issues in persons with intellectual disabilities--the special Olympics health promotion program (I). Bota, Aura; Buzescu, Alexandru; Katharina, Kiss Report Jun 1, 2009 1805
What is your patient's predicament? Knowing can inform clinical care: persistent suffering may not be treatment resistance but a sign of inner turmoil. Cowell, Daniel D. May 1, 2009 2079
Smoking allowed: is hospital policy a liability risk? Mossman, Douglas May 1, 2009 2134
Compulsory HIV testing and sterilisation of disabled violate rights, Rwanda. Brief article May 1, 2009 195
Joy in full color. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 175
Clinical guide to countertransference: help medical colleagues deal with 'difficult' patients. Muskin, Philip R.; Epstein, Lucy A. Apr 1, 2009 3247
Attitudes of undergraduate students toward people with intellectual disabilities: considerations for future policy makers. Rice, Craig J. Report Mar 1, 2009 3826
Mother Hens: a partnership project in Northamptonshire has developed a well evaluated model of care for mothers with long-term mental health problems. Adams, Helen; Berry, Alex Report Mar 1, 2009 1912
Diabetes screening: which patients, what tests, and how often? McCarron, Robert M. Mar 1, 2009 1503
Developing evidence-based supported employment services for young adults receiving public mental health services. Porteous, Nikki; Waghorn, Geoffrey Report Mar 1, 2009 4400
Controversies in bipolar disorder trust evidence or experience? Confused by conflicting studies and opinions? 2 clinicians offer their perspective on how to manage real-life patients. Miller, Gary E.; Noel, Richard L. Feb 1, 2009 3335
'Good housing is just good housing': design guidelines for housing for people with mental illness. Vernon, Paul A. Report Feb 1, 2009 1411
Downright impressive artwork. Feb 1, 2009 531
Immunization update: how to protect your at-risk patients. McCarron, Robert M. Report Jan 1, 2009 961
Lead kindly Light. Ulrich, Mariette Column Dec 1, 2008 746
Caring at the end of life. Olson, Sandy Nov 1, 2008 1887
Adults on the autism spectrum can benefit the work force: how one New Jersey advocacy agency is paving the path to employment. Arvanitis, Hope Oct 1, 2008 1632
A multisensory aquatic environment for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities: in this 12-part series, EP explores the benefits of aquatics therapy and recreation for people with special needs. Potter, Cindy; Erzen, Carol Oct 1, 2008 1656
8 lifestyle fixes to help patients lose weight. Khawaja, Imran S.; Dieperink, Michael E.; Ebrahim, Ayesha Sep 1, 2008 509
Know your patient's mental health benefits: inquiring about mental health benefits facilitates thoughtful use of the patient's resources. Campbell, William H. Sep 1, 2008 434
Students with significant cognitive disabilities and standards-based curriculum: why now? Why not? Cortiella, Candace; Wickham, Donna Sep 1, 2008 2670
Addressing the sexuality and sex education of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Sullivan, Amanda; Caterino, Linda C. Report Aug 1, 2008 4986
Generalizability of a measure of work-related subjective experiences for people with psychiatric disabilities. Waghorn, Geoff; Lloyd, Chris; Mackenzie-Ross, Anita; Schembri, Stephanie Report Jul 1, 2008 4770
Follow the money: how shortsighted funding and reimbursement warps mental-health care in America. Levine, Art Jul 1, 2008 2518
Pushing parity: Congress is poised to end insurance discrimination against people with mental illnesses. Kennedy, Patrick Jul 1, 2008 921
What's needed next: a new federal Office of Mental Health Policy. Frank, Richard G.; Glied, Sherry A. Jul 1, 2008 819
Aetna Inc. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 82
Putting a broken doll back together again. Shapiro, Johanna Jun 1, 2008 524
Intellectual disabilities surveyed. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 298
House moves to reform the way the courts treat the mentally ill. Killian, Mark D. May 1, 2008 1124
Looking for work agencies. Ballantine, Allison Brief article May 1, 2008 137
Inclusive Livable Communities for People with Psychiatric Disabilities. Report Mar 17, 2008 252
Examining a Proposed Job Retention Model for Adult Workers with Mental Retardation. Fornes, Sandra L. Author abstract Feb 1, 2008 148
Multiplayer online games can be helpful, hurtful. Boschert, Sherry Oct 1, 2007 721
Hearing the sexual assault complaints of women with mental disabilities: evidentiary and procedural issues. Benedet, Janine; Grant, Isabel Sep 22, 2007 19066
A 'good' gun-control law? Lawrence, Keith Aug 1, 2007 588
Introduction to the special issue: U.S. public policy: assessment of services for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health needs. Beasley, Joan B. Jul 1, 2007 438
Adults with dual diagnoses of intellectual and psychiatric disability receiving Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) and ICF/MR recipients in six states. Lakin, K. Charlie; Doljanic, Robert; Taub, Sarah; Chiri, Giuseppina; Byun, Soo-Yong Report Jul 1, 2007 7543
Hearing the sexual assault complaints of women with mental disabilities: consent, capacity, and mistaken belief. Benedet, Janine; Grant, Isabel Jun 22, 2007 24049
Left out of the economy: much more must be done to help consumers enter the workforce. Marrone, Joe Jun 1, 2007 1346
Effective transition planning for learners with ASD. Gerhardt, Peter F. Apr 1, 2007 1653
With help & hope ... dreams do come true: a look at Easter Seals Therapeutic Day School of Chicago. Leone, Kristen B. Apr 1, 2007 694
The role of the gynecologic exam in the care of women with intellectual disabilities. Shobin, David Apr 1, 2007 1635
Changes in the rate of problem behavior associated with the discontinuation of the antipsychotic medication quetiapine. Valdovinos, Maria G.; Ellringer, Nicholas P.; Alexander, Michelle L. Apr 1, 2007 2037
Awareness campaign seeks to encourage support for those with mental illness. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 223
No place like home. Riddiford, Bob Feb 1, 2007 1255
Communicating about and with Learners Diagnosed with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. Aitken, Joan E. Author abstract Feb 1, 2007 171
Atkins' wake: how the states have shunned responsibility for the mentally retarded. Libell, Mark Jan 1, 2007 5103
Body dysmorphic disorder in people with intellectual disability: a bio-psycho-social approach. Barnhill, Jarrett Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2007 7869
Intellectual disability etiologies and associated psychiatric disorders. Goldfarb, Donald L.; Frankel, Anna E. Clinical report Jan 1, 2007 2471
A case of panic disorder treated with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Hurley, Anne DesNoyers Case study Jan 1, 2007 3870
Trial verdict assigning death penalty to Daryl Atkins because jury found he was not mentally retarded reversed because of improper expert testimony and inappropriate jury instructions. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2007 1000
Mentally disabled persons in the criminal justice system. McKay-Panos, Linda Nov 1, 2006 2329
Psychosocial outcomes for adult children of parents with severe mental illnesses: demographic and clinical history predictors. Mowbray, Carol T.; Bybee, Deborah; Oyserman, Daphna; MacFarlane, Peter; Bowersox, Nicholas May 1, 2006 6328
Mood meds' second wind: depression drugs aided by extra treatment step. Bower, B. Mar 25, 2006 533
Work Opportunities for Rewarding Careers (WORC): insights from implementation of a best practice approach toward vocational services for Mental Health Consumers. Oran-Sabia, Virginia Jan 1, 2006 5543
The capacity of a mentally challenged person to consent to abortion and sterilization. Pollack, Daniel Aug 1, 2005 2964
Models build resilience in children of parents with depression. Apr 15, 2005 429
Teacher beliefs, professional preparation, and practices regarding exceptional students and sexuality education. Howard-Barr, Elissa M.; Rienzo, Barbara A.; Pigg, R. Morgan, Jr.; James, Delores Mar 1, 2005 4606
Promoting participation in organizational decision making by clients with severe mental illness. Linhorst, Donald M.; Eckert, Anne; Hamilton, Gary Jan 1, 2005 6236
Career development for adolescents and young adults with mental retardation. Cocco, Karen Dec 1, 2004 5261
Bridging the gap. Buell, Maureen Oct 1, 2004 1582
Hospital program provides outreach for homeless mentally ill patients. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article Jul 15, 2004 594
The montgomery county CIT model: interacting with people with mental illness. Ellis, Kathryn Jul 1, 2004 3621
International human rights law and mental disability. Gostin, Lawrence O. Mar 1, 2004 1794
Attitudes regarding interpersonal relationships with persons with mental illness and mental retardation. Perrone, Kristin Jan 1, 2004 5248
Community-based cooperative ventures for adults with intellectual disabilities. Lemon, Carolyn; Lemon, James Dec 22, 2003 9712
The demise of the death penalty for the mentally retarded. Fougerousse, Philip Dec 1, 2003 3234
Psychiatric disabilities: challenges and training issues for rehabilitation professionals. Garske, Gregory G. Oct 1, 2003 4545
People with cognitive disabilities: the Argument from Marginal Cases and Social Work ethics. O'Brien, Gerald V. Jul 1, 2003 4595
A `menace to the community': mental defectives in Queensland mental health legislation, 1938 *. Wilson, Emily Jun 1, 2003 6881
Third Circuit upholds ADA claim for mentally disabled man killed by police. Tischler, Eric May 1, 2003 447
Universal access to healthcare: making a difference. Fenton, Sanford J. Apr 1, 2003 2125
The lower incisor periodontal (LIP) score: a dental screening tool for primary care physicians: physicians should offer more than "lip service" to the oral health needs of adults with mental retardation. Maggio, Joseph; May, Philip B.; Perlman, Steven P. Mar 1, 2003 1259
Hali Project. (what's happening). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 82
Inspirational web site. (what's happening). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 81
A goodness-of-fit ethic for informed consent. Fisher, Celia B. Nov 1, 2002 4856
Putting Alaskans with disabilities to work: agencies around the state work to help people with special needs and help employers at the job site. Campbell, Melissa Oct 1, 2002 1956
Systemic abuse found at former B.C. school for developmentally disabled. Brief Article Aug 19, 2002 410
Tinkering With the Death Machine. Hitchens, Christopher Brief Article Jul 22, 2002 1015
U.S. high court upsets earlier decisions on executions of mentally handicapped. (Ageing And Disability). Brief Article Jul 15, 2002 187
Death penalty opponents enjoy rare victory. (Column). Drinan, Robert F. Brief Article Jul 5, 2002 629
Court spares mentally retarded. (Policy & Practice). Peters, Sally Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 141
Higher education and cognitive disability: adaptive strategies. Macdonald, Karen Crane Jun 22, 2002 3213
Conceptions of idiocy in colonial Massachusetts. Wickham, Parnel Jun 22, 2002 9722
The Washington monthly's Monthly Journalism Award. Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 157
Addenda. Brief Article May 17, 2002 512
Buttons build new elevator: soon Kay was making a button necklace for her mother's Christmas gift. Wehrman, Cecile Brief Article May 12, 2002 541
Archbishop supports bill banning some executions. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article May 3, 2002 215
Something special. (Here Below). Masin, Herman L. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 259
The use of sedation for the dental patient with special needs. (Part X). Dougherty, Nancy; Romer, Maureen; Perlman, Steven P. Apr 1, 2002 2127
SSI and employment opportunities for young adults with retardation: safety net or bungee cord? (research reflections). Blacher, Jan Apr 1, 2002 1593
Special Olympics spearheads leadership movement. (Membership Retention). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 253
Health of mentally retarded. (Policy & Practice). Imperio, Winnie Anne Mar 1, 2002 96
Poor access to care for mentally retarded patients. (Surgeon General Calls for Better Training). Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 540
Executing the Feebleminded. Slade, David C. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 991
Individuals with intellectual disability and mental illness: a literature review. Hudson, Colin; Chan, Jeffrey Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 6230
Lessons from the sky. Bodnar, Alan Jan 1, 2002 718
Opting in to Mental Health Courts. Hasselbrack, Anne M. Oct 1, 2001 2068
Eugenics Past and Present. BERSON, MICHAEL J.; CRUZ, BARBARA Sep 1, 2001 5153
Four Steps Forward. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 760
EXECUTION OF MENTALLY RETARDED. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 109
President Bush signs Olmstead Order. (Legislative Update). Landry, Keith Aug 1, 2001 379
U.S. appeals court identification psychological screening. (Intake and Admissions). Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 127
U.S. appeals court failure to train. (Training). Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 130
Florida Bans Executions Of Retarded Offenders. Harry, Jennifer L. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 236
Is Waking Involuntary Mental Health Pt. Treatment? Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 948
2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games: showcases a "can do" attitude on the global stage. (Sports, Recreation, & Play). May 1, 2001 1814
NATION. Donovan, Gill Apr 6, 2001 1149
Involvement with and Role Perception Toward an Adult Sibling With and Without Mental Retardation. Raif, Ruth Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 4853
Deinstitutionalization of Persons with Severe Mental Illness: Context and Consequences. Morse, Torrey Apr 1, 2001 4319
Adult Day Services in a Frontier State. Travis, Shirley S.; Steele, Linda L.; Long, Ann B. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 4105
`Challenged to become good news': Jean Vanier embraces his audience. Careless, Sue Dec 1, 2000 850
Confronting Stigma within the Services System. Dudley, James R. Oct 1, 2000 3798
Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes of Adults with Co-Morbid Borderline IQ and Specific Learning Disabilities. Dunham, Karen S. Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 3812
Emerging Issues in Mental Retardation: Self-Determination versus Self-Interest. Keigher, Sharon M. Aug 1, 2000 3586
A Validation of a Brief Instrument to Measure Independence of Persons with Head Injury. Mathews, R. Mark Jul 1, 2000 3324
Another Look at the NIMBY Phenomenon. Kim, Dong Soo May 1, 2000 1527
The Facts about Tube Feeding: What Benefit? GEK Jan 1, 2000 355
Stigmatic and Mythical Thinking: Barriers to Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Severe Mental Illness. Stewart, Jay R. Oct 1, 1999 4246
An Individualized Job Engagement Approach for Persons with Severe Mental Illness. Burke, Suzanne C. Senn Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 1999 5648
Higher Education and Rehabilitation for People with Psychiatric Disabilities. Megivern, Deborah Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 1999 5952
The Financial Costs of Severe Mental Illness. Williams, Brent T. Oct 1, 1999 4956
Psychiatric Rehabilitation: A Survey of Rehabilitation Counseling Education Programs. Turpin, Joseph O. Oct 1, 1999 3164
Providers' Hope-Inspiring Competence as a Factor Optimizing Psychiatric Rehabilitation Outcomes. Russinova, Zlatka Oct 1, 1999 6083
Nonprofit Organizations Awarded Grants to Promote Employment of People with Cognitive Disabilities. Sep 22, 1999 145
He rode his bike through town, delivering a gift of happiness. BEHRENS, JAMES STEPHEN Brief Article Sep 10, 1999 711
Thumbs up. MACK, DEBORAH E. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 403
VOICE OF THE RETARDED (VOR). Chamalian, David Aug 1, 1999 1155
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