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Mental stress and depression.

Byline: MUHAMMAD TALHA - Karachi

In a developing society like ours, where there are so many economic, social problems and a lot of competition mental stress, depression and anxiety are becoming common. On top of that mental health issues are a taboo in Pakistan. Some sort of stigmatisation is related to mental health illnesses. People doesn't encourage consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist and a patient with a mental health suffers in silence just because he/she doesn't want fingers pointing at them, labelling them 'lunatic' or 'insane' while that person is in a desperate need of help.

Stress and depression affect students a lot these days. Studying that should be a way of learning and growth, as an individual becomes a stressful experience for students. Worrying is of no use. There are countless challenges that we have to face at every step of life. And the issue of mental health being a taboo needs to go away. They should be discussed and treatment provided.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 18, 2019
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