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Menstrual disorders 1: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding & amenorrhea.


Menstrual disorders 1: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding & amenorrhea.

Yi, Si-tu & Wang Xiao-yun.

People's Medical Publishing House


401 pages



The clinical practice of Chinese medicine


Heavy menstrual periods may not be based entirely upon dysfunction of the uterus. In fact, the yin and yang of the kidneys may be closely involved, along with a disequilibrium of the uterus-kidney-heart axis. Therapies can therefore range from precise dosages of traditional medicines to lifestyle changes that will reduce stress on all the organs concerned rather than on one or two. Yi and Wang (both medicine, Guangzhou U. of Chinese Medicine) consolidate the wisdom of traditional medicine with the latest in research and also provide perspectives on integrative medicine with Western approaches in this comprehensive guide. They provide a range of Chinese medical etiologies and pathomechanisms, treatment, prognosis, preventative healthcare, clinical advice from renowned physicians, selected quotes from classic Chinese texts, clinical research and experimental studies for both dysfunctional uterine bleeding and amenorrhea, and also provide very helpful indices based on disease names, symptoms, and Chinese medicinal substances and formulas.

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