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Possible Case of Glanders in a Late-Nineteenth- or Early-Twentieth-Century Mennonite Woman in Manitoba, Canada. Merrett, Deborah C.; Sawatzky, Roland M.; Meiklejohn, Christopher Sep 22, 2019 15260
Liberte de religion et education : les proces des mennonites canadiens au 20e siecle. Legault-Laberge, Raphael Mathieu Sep 22, 2019 9005
In my memory. Bleem, Jerry Oct 1, 2018 222
Big Brother is Watching: FBI Surveillance of Antiwar Activities at Mennonite Colleges in the 1960s. Sprunger, Keith; Sprunger, Mary Jan 1, 2018 12036
Expanding Low German Childhood: The "Children's Corner" in Die Mennonitische Post. Janzen, Rebecca Essay Jan 1, 2018 5115
A Mennonite Witness to Revolution: Johann G. Rempel's Memoir of Moscow, March-June 1917. Urry, James Essay Oct 1, 2017 14016
"The Knife of Daily Repentance": Toward a Religious History of Calligraphy and Manuscript Illumination in German-Speaking Pennsylvania, ca. 1750-1850. Ames, Alexander L. Essay Oct 1, 2017 17646
Pieter Jansz Twisck on David Joris: A conservative Mennonite and an unconventional spiritualist. Waite, Gary K. Critical essay Jul 1, 2017 14922
"Working Like Men": Newspaper Examinations of Gender, Respectability, and Mennonite Immigration to Manitoba in the Late Nineteenth Century. Klassen, Shelisa Essay Jun 22, 2017 5448
From Goshen to Delano: Toward a relational approach to Mennonite studies. Hinojosa, Felipe Essay Apr 1, 2017 5282
Michael Horsch and the Rhon Bruderhof, 1936-1937: From friend to hostile witness to historical eyewitness. Nauerth, Thomas Apr 1, 2017 17776
Research note: The 1938 edition of Martyrs Mirror: Why only fifty-five Luyken images? Weaver-Zercher, David Report Apr 1, 2017 5060
In search of the Swiss Brethren. Snyder, C. Arnold Essay Oct 1, 2016 21392
Manitoba Mennonites and the state: wartime measures and the influenza pandemic in Hanover. Quiring, Vanessa Sep 22, 2016 6127
The Mennonite refugee effort in Lager Lechfeld, 1921-1926: Beating swords into plowshares? Letkemann, Peter Essay Jul 1, 2016 12921
"The facts about nonresistance among the Mennonites of America": Challenges of quantifying U.S. Mennonite responses to military conscription during World War II. Nolt, Steven M.; Schlabach, Theron F. Report Jul 1, 2016 6507
From Aryanism to Anabaptism: Nazi race science and the language of Mennonite ethnicity. Goossen, Benjamin W. Essay Apr 1, 2016 12556
How Mennonites became white: Religious activism, cultural power, and the city. Gollner, Philipp Essay Apr 1, 2016 13261
Crossing the line: Women of Anabaptist Traditions encounter borders and boundaries. Conference news Apr 1, 2016 260
Beyond "What We by Habit or Custom Already Know," or What Do We Mean When We Talk About Mennonite/s Writing? Tiessen, Hildi Froese Essay Jan 1, 2016 7631
The exclusivity of adult baptism and the inclusivity of infant baptism--dialoguing with mennonites: consensus, convergences and divergences, differences, and desiderata. Enns, Fernando Report Oct 1, 2015 5991
Bendicht Brechtbuhl (1666-1720) of the Emmental: Anabaptist teacher, bridge builder, and border crosser. Jecker, Hanspeter Essay Jul 1, 2015 12783
"Better Right Than Mennonite": From "Egly Amish" to the Defenseless Mennonite Church to the Evangelical Mennonite Church to the Fellowship Of Evangelical Churches (1). Erdel, Timothy Paul Essay Jul 1, 2015 9444
In this issue. Roth, John D. Column Apr 1, 2015 796
The Mennonite experience in South Africa: an alternative imagination. Suderman, Andrew G. Essay Apr 1, 2015 9074
Mennonite transgressive literature. Beck, Ervin Essay Apr 1, 2015 7624
In this issue. Roth, John D. Column Jan 1, 2015 1723
"Defanging the Beast": mennonite responses to John Howard Yoder's sexual abuse. Jan 1, 2015 20195
"Defanging the beast": mennonite responses to John Howard Yoder's sexual abuse. Goossen, Rachel Waltner Essay Jan 1, 2015 12774
Naming the pain, seeking the light: the Mennonite Church's response to sexual abuse. Peachey, Linda Gehman Essay Jan 1, 2015 7261
German nationalism and the first world war: hermann g. mannhardt's heroic deeds and heroes. Klaassen, Walter; Loewen, Harry; Urry, James Essay Oct 1, 2014 4955
Research note: small-scale farmers in springfield colony, belize. Roessingh, Carel Essay Oct 1, 2013 3970
Dutch mennonites and german jewish refugee children, 1938-1945. Hoekema, Alle G. Essay Apr 1, 2013 8627
A matter of diplomacy: the british government and the mennonite immigration from russia to manitoba, 1872-1875. Urry, James Essay Apr 1, 2013 11601
Homelands, identity politics, and the trace: what remains for the Mennonite reader? Tiessen, Hildi Froese Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 4789
The self in Mennonite garb: where does the writing come from? Hostetler, Ann Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 7664
"It was like watching my own life": moviegoers in John Rempel's Arena (1967-1970) and Miriam Toews's Irma Voth (2011). Tiessen, Paul Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 9957
Ervin Beck: a tribute. Davis, Todd Biography Jan 1, 2013 744
Omar Eby: a tribute. Yoder, Carroll Biography Jan 1, 2013 578
Al Reimer a tribute. Hinz-Penner, Raylene Biography Jan 1, 2013 1026
Elaine Sommers Rich: a tribute. Hostetler, Ann Biography Jan 1, 2013 1259
Katie Funk Wiebe: a tribute. Janzen, Jean Biography Jan 1, 2013 1183
Mennonite ethics and the ways of the world: rethinking culture for renewed witness. Kreider, Luke Beck Essay Oct 1, 2012 12165
The Woman Who Refused to Be Shunned. Hostetler, Ann Poem Sep 22, 2012 181
A tale of two newspapers: Die Mennonitische Rundschau (1880-2007) and Der Bote (1924-2008). Loewen, Harry; Urry, James Essay Apr 1, 2012 13632
Toward post-peace poetry: or, what to do with the drunken soldiers? Gundy, Jeff Essay Jan 1, 2012 9374
Retracing the blurred boundaries of twentieth-century "Amish mennonite" identity part1. Anderson, Cory Jul 1, 2011 6981
Retracing the blurred boundaries of twentieth-century "Amish mennonite" identity part11. Anderson, Cory Essay Jul 1, 2011 12934
The Southern Cheyenne in the poetry of Anna Ruth Ediger Baehr. Hostetler, Ann; Roth-Mullet, Sarah Essay Jul 1, 2011 10847
Jan Luyken, the martyrs mirror, and the iconography of suffering. Covington, Sarah Essay Jul 1, 2011 10050
Incident at the Oxley Ranch, 1933. Yeo, Bill Jun 22, 2011 1749
The Mennonites of Northern Mexico (PHOTOS). Brief article May 20, 2011 189
In this issue. Roth, John D. Column Oct 1, 2010 821
Globalizing a separate people: world Christianity and North American Mennonites, 1940-1990. Nolt, Steven M. Essay Oct 1, 2010 8557
Mennonites and the Holocaust: from collaboration to perpetuation. Rempel, Gerhard Essay Oct 1, 2010 20287
Resistance, acquiescence and accommodation: the establishment of public schools in an old colony Mennonite community in Canada. Bowen, Dawn S. Essay Oct 1, 2010 13483
Kansas Mennonites and the political order on the eve of World War II. Juhnke, James C. Essay Oct 1, 2010 6490
Conference: "conversations on attachment: integrating the science of love & spirituality. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 168
The accuracy of referral for portable lipid analyzers in an old order mennonite population. Main, Maria Eve; Jones, Susan; Abell, Cathy Clinical report Sep 22, 2010 4080
Make us your laughter: Stanley Hauerwas's joke on Mennonites. Huebner, Chris K. Essay Jul 1, 2010 7574
For and against Hauerwas against Mennonites. Dula, Peter Essay Jul 1, 2010 10000
The Mennonite commonwealth in Imperial Russia revisited. Urry, James Essay Apr 1, 2010 8600
Research note: religion and work in post-war North America: Mennonite responses to labor activism, 1945-1995. Thiessen, Janis Jan 1, 2010 1410
Creating identity in opposition: relations between the Meserete Kristos Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, 1960-1980. Assefa, Lydette S. Report Oct 1, 2009 12938
Short-term work for long-term change: an early history of SWAP, DOOR and Group Venture. Harms, Matt Essay Oct 1, 2009 14115
Measuring the Mennonite spiritual journey: a review essay. Redekop, Calvin W. Essay Oct 1, 2009 9146
Sending mixed messages to Congress: Mennonite involvement in proposed national health care reform, 1992-1994. Meyer, Jonny Gerig Essay Apr 1, 2009 17810
Separating the sheep from the goats: the role of Mennonites and non-Mennonites in the dekulakization of Khortitsa, Ukraine (1928-1930). Neufeldt, Colin P. Report Apr 1, 2009 18892
"Liquidating" Mennonite Kulaks (1929-1930). Neufeldt, Colin P. Report Apr 1, 2009 19068
Growing organic: Mennonite farmers are well suited for organic farming. Burtt, Bob Aug 1, 2008 543
'Through the desert goes our journey': in the 1880s, a band of Russian Mennonites began a long trek to Uzbekistan, seeking the second coming of Jesus. What they found instead testifies to a different kind of faithfulness. Nathan, Jesse Jul 1, 2008 2534
Baptists, Mennonites approved. Brief article Nov 2, 2007 98
Forgiveness and the healing of memories: an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective *. Roth, John D. Sep 22, 2007 8108
Bridgefolk models grass-roots ecumenism. Gary, Heather Grennan Aug 17, 2007 954
What Catholics could learn from the Mennonites: the historic peace church offers an inspiring example of community. Riga, Peter J. Dec 22, 2006 794
Pilgrimage, place, and people: a history of the locations of mennonite world conference assemblies, 1925-2003 (1). Heisey, Nancy R. Dec 1, 2006 12147
Mennonite, priest get reprieves. Brief Article May 13, 2005 160
The Mennonite church has made an official application to join the Canadian Council of Churches. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 95
Pacifist school rapped as unpatriotic. Preheim, Rich Sep 17, 2004 570
Problem or promise? Confessional martyrs and Mennonite-Roman Catholic relations. Bergen, Jeremy M. Report Jun 22, 2004 11331
A meeting of Mennonites and Orthodox. Glick, Kenton Mar 22, 2004 944
Churches meet despite safety concerns. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 177
Cultivating faith on the Chaco: enduring decades of hardship, Mennonite immigrants built communities that today prosper in this desolate region of Paraguay. Goodman, Joshua May 1, 2003 3235
Die Auswanderung: religion, culture, and migration among Old Colony Mennonites. Bowen, Dawn S. Dec 22, 2001 9879
Mennonite/s writing: an international conference. (News And Announcements). Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 116
Plunging into Presbyterianism. Rempel, Al Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 770
Peace Talks at SOA. Hunter, Susannah Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 146
"Sacred Farming" or "Working Out": The Negotiated Lives of Conservative Mennonite Farm Women. Schmidt, Kimberly D. Jan 1, 2001 10564
Finding creative identities: Mennonite writers in Winnipeg. Driedger, Leo; Driedger, Diane Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2000 9311
How Mennonites Repositioned a Traditional Mission. Green, Stanley W. Oct 1, 1999 2920
"I chose some cups and saucers": gender, tradition, and subversive elements in my grandmother's life stories. Buhler, Sarah Jan 1, 1999 6761
Going by the moon and the stars: stories of two Mennonite women. Book Review Jan 1, 1999 702
Protective retreat: Mexico's Mennonites consider a new migration. Bensen, Joe Aug 1, 1998 2905
In her own voice: childbirth stories from Mennonite women. Book Review Mar 22, 1998 398
Subjects or citizens? The Mennonite experience in Canada, 1870-1925. Book Review Sep 22, 1997 970
Mennonites in Canada, 1939-1970. Book Review Mar 22, 1997 1170
Mennonite rots. Arthur Kroeger Jun 22, 1996 3425
A little land ... and a lot of living! Lockwood, Emory; Lockwood, Patricia Cover Story May 1, 1996 940
Farm production systems of Mennonite and non-Mennonite land owner-operators in Ohio. Napier, Ted L.; Sommers, David G. Jan 1, 1996 4821
Sources of Amish Mennonite information. Adams, Beverly Directory Mar 1, 1995 476
Mennonite. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 108

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