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Mendocino sets new production record.

The Mendocino Brewing Co. set a new production record in 1991, brewing 10,950 barrels of beer - an increase of 1,950 barrels over the previous record set in 1990.

According to a brewery spokesperson, the increase was achieved through a combination of a more intensive brewing schedule as well as the acquisition of several new pieces of brewing equipment, including a 110-bbl. bottling tank. The new tank will allow an eventual expansion to 12,000-bbls. per year.

"We are committed to our goal, which is to produce the best product possible," noted Mendocino brewer Don Barkley. "We truly believe that our customers deserve a great ale, and buying the best equipment helps us to maintain and even improve the quality of our ales as growth occurs."
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Title Annotation:Mendocino Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 8, 1992
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