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Mendocino reaches another milestone.

Mendocino reaches another milestone

Mendocino Brewing Co. reached a milestone in its history this past April with the addition of three 2,400-gallon fermentation tanks.

Currently working at 70-percent capacity, the addition of these tanks will enable the brewery to reach the 100-percent capacity mark by the Fall of 1990, according to brewery reports.

In 1989, Mendocino produced 5,300 barrels, while barrelage estimates for 1990 approach 8,000, 85-percent of which will be Red Tail Ale.

The installation of the new tanks was accomplished by removing the brewery's fermentation cellar roof and dropping the tanks in by crane. The operation was completed in less than five hours.

"Using these high-quality tanks helps ensure that Mendocino Brewing Company is continuing to produce the highest quality beer," said Masterbrewer Don Barkley.
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Title Annotation:Mendocino Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 28, 1990
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