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Mendocino Software First to Offer Dual-Mode Continuous Data Protection.

Mendocino's InfiniView resolves true CDP/near CDP industry controversy

FREMONT, Calif. -- Mendocino Software today announced "dual-mode" continuous data protection support built into its InfiniView[TM] optimized enterprise application recovery, administration and maintenance product, offering end users a flexible solution that can be configured to provide them with optimal recovery granularity when it is most important ("true CDP") while saving on storage capacity when less recovery granularity is acceptable ("near CDP"). Either mode supports the immediate creation of disk-based data "views". Mendocino's dual-mode support also allows users to easily switch between modes in an online manner.

True CDP refers to the real-time capture of each block- or file-level write operation, allowing users to roll back to any point in time to recover information. Near CDP offers less granular recovery of data, supporting potentially many recovery points per hour but not allowing the retroactive creation of any previous point in time. The two technologies have tended to be implemented very differently, and as a result only true CDP technology could be configured to offer dual-mode support. Near CDP vendors are unable to support this capability without wholesale changes to their products' architectures and the way they capture data.

InfiniView users can configure the product to support true CDP for optimal recovery granularity, near CDP to save on storage use while still providing significantly more recovery points than conventional technologies or both modes simultaneously - such as true CDP for the first several days after data is initially created, but as data ages allowing it to move to near CDP to take advantage of storage capacity savings. Particularly when CDP is used for recovery purposes, maximum recovery granularity is very important for the first several days after data is created, but as data ages the level of granularity required to support most restore requirements lessens.

"InfiniView's ability to support mixed mode operation allows customers to effectively extend the length of the "historical view window" by more effectively using a given amount of storage capacity and yet still meet their most stringent near term recovery requirements," said Steve Colman, President and CEO of Mendocino. "This allows us to offer our customers a more cost-effective solution for providing unlimited access to copies of their production data for whatever reason."

"Debate in the industry between those that insist on the superiority of true CDP's better recovery granularity vs. those who say that near CDP offers enough protection more cost-effectively has now been rendered moot with the introduction of Mendocino's dual-mode CDP support," said Arun Taneja, founder and senior analyst of The Taneja Group. "No longer do users have to decide on whether to purchase a CDP solution that offers maximum data recoverability or one that helps save on storage capacity and costs. With InfiniView they get the best of both worlds, offering significant value propositions in data protection and recovery as well as administration and maintenance for enterprise applications."

About InfiniView

InfiniView is the industry's first comprehensive enterprise secondary data management solution, providing both continuous data protection and optimized application management. InfiniView's architecture is designed to scale to meet data capture and view presentation loads independently. InfiniView's dual-engine architecture can potentially place the front-end data capture function and the back-end view presentation function onto two different engines. Users have the option to either maintain both engines on a single appliance or to seamlessly scale up, as needed, on either the number of front-end or backend appliances necessary to meet more frequent needs for either data capture or data viewing and presentation.

InfiniView technology includes transparent, continuous data capture and the ability to present one or more "views" as readable, writable, recoverable snapshots to any selected previous point in time. Views can be used to optimize recovery or to decouple a variety of secondary data management tasks in the areas of test, development, data analytics, reporting, audit and compliance, data migration, data staging or others from production environments. This allows administrators to perform data protection operations without impacting production applications and optimize recovery while minimizing data loss and shrinking recovery time to just minutes for even large applications. It also provides administrators with significantly more flexibility in handling administrative and maintenance operations for any open systems application environment, allowing view creation of any selected previous point in time to occur whenever desired so that these types of tasks can be scheduled whenever it is most convenient as opposed to whenever business operations allow.

About Mendocino Software

Mendocino Software develops and markets optimized enterprise application recovery, administration and maintenance solutions. The privately held company is funded by Mayfield, Accel Partners, Advent International, Foundation Capital and a strategic corporate investor. HP is re-branding Mendocino's InfiniView as HP StorageWorks CIC, and is selling, servicing and supporting CIC on a worldwide basis. An overview of HP StorageWorks CIC is available on HP's web site at Mendocino is headquartered in Fremont, Calif. For more information on the company, please visit
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Date:Feb 20, 2007
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