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Mendocino Builds on Application Recovery Base with InfiniView.

Architecture Scales to Support Simultaneous Creation and Use of Multiple Views in Heterogeneous Environments

FREMONT, Calif. -- Mendocino Software today announced the release of InfiniView(TM), a new product architecture, based on its core continuous data protection (CDP) technology, that enables end-users to create and use multiple "virtual views" of production data for a variety of functions, including rapid application recovery, testing and development, data analytics, reporting, disk staging, or any off-host processing task that has been done previously using conventional backup or snapshot technologies.

"InfiniView is a natural evolution of our companyeIUs continuous data protection technology," said Steve Colman, MendocinoeIUs president and CEO. "InfiniVieweIUs scalable architecture and modular application-specific filters allow users to quickly and easily manipulate and leverage MendocinoeIUs virtual view functionality to optimize many administrative tasks for which conventional copy technologies performed poorly."

The power of InfiniView lies with its efficiency and flexibility. Unlike conventional snapshot or point-in-time technologies, InfiniVieweIUs virtual views do not require additional storage space; are not tied to particular file systems, volume managers, operating systems, storage arrays, or applications; and can be instantly and simultaneously created and accessed by multiple servers or applications.

InfiniView builds on the companyeIUs prior success with its RecoveryONE solutioneI|including its ability to continuously and transparently capture all changes to enterprise application environments and instantly make available copies of production data from any previous point in time. InfiniView is the industryeIUs first comprehensive secondary data management solution, providing both continuous data protection and optimized application management.

"While most CDP vendors are still focusing just on 'recovery,' Mendocino has found an additional use for its technology eI one that should increase its value proposition in enterprise environments," said Arun Taneja, senior analyst and founder of The Taneja Group. "With InfiniView, Mendocino is introducing a new product architecture that has been specifically designed to accommodate the separate scaling of data capture and data view presentation. Such an approach can enable many applications that the industry is just beginning to fathom."

In addition to rapid, reliable application recovery, uses for InfiniVieweIUs virtual views include:

* Test Environments eI Current virtual views of production data, including application binaries and data, are used to perform patch validation prior to release into production.

* Development Environments eI Development teams can develop and test their own code in progress against actual views of current production data.

* Data Analytics and Reporting eI InfiniVieweIUs zero impact view creation enables an increased frequency of data warehouse refreshes, improving the quality of query results, while multiple views of the same or different points can be used to optimize the productivity of reporting operations.

* Audit Operations and Compliance eI Multiple views of the same time period, such as month-end financial data taken at a certain time, can be created, recreated and retained for audit or compliance reporting activities, where needed.

* Data Staging eI Off-host backup activities are able to run in the background without disrupting production applications and can be managed automatically via InfiniView policies, which first create the latest view of production data and then initiate third-party software to run specific backup jobs or routines against that view.

"HP's broad set of ILM offerings, including HP StorageWorks Continuous Information Capture, based on technology from Mendocino, enables customers to capture, manage, retain and deliver information according to its business value," said Frank Harbist, vice president and general manager, Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Software, StorageWorks Division, HP. "Working with partners like Mendocino is a key part of our overall ILM strategy."

Unlike other continuous data capture or CDP-based solutions, InfiniVieweIUs architecture is designed to scale to meet data capture and view presentation loads independently. InfiniVieweIUs dual-engine architecture can potentially place the front-end data capture function and the back-end view presentation function onto two different engines. Users have the option to either maintain both engines on a single appliance or to seamlessly scale up, as needed, on either the number of front-end or back-end appliances necessary to meet more frequent needs for either data capture or data viewing and presentation.

Major InfiniView features and benefits include:

* Simultaneous view usage across multiple, heterogeneous servers. Multiple views of the same data point in time, or multiple views of different data points, can be used concurrently to access recent copies of production data on servers running across heterogeneous operating systems, while there is no limit to the number of views that can be created and stored.

* Scalable, continuous and transparent data capture across multiple heterogeneous servers. InfiniVieweIUs out-of-band architecture offers a high data capture rate, zero data loss and no impact on production applications.

* Dual-mode view usage for application data recovery. InfiniView supports application-level data recovery in one of two ways: 1) running the production application directly from a selected disk-based view of the production data or 2) using the Production Volume Restore (PVR) option to alter initial production storage data, block-for-block, to reflect a selected image.

* Block-based data capture for comprehensive application coverage. Unlike file-level, or file system-level data capture solutions, InfiniView captures rapid data views from any application at the block-level. Application-specific filters, available as optional modules, can enable the viewing and recovery of application objects (e.g., mailbox and message level recovery in MS Exchange environments, etc.).

Pricing and Availability

InfiniView solutions are available from Mendocino immediately, with entry-level pricing starting around $50,000. InfiniView-based solutions will also be available to customers via MendocinoeIUs OEM and distribution partners in HP, IBM and Sun channels.

About Mendocino Software

Mendocino Software develops and markets optimized application recovery, administration and maintenance solutions. The basic capabilities of our technology include transparent, continuous data capture and an ability to present one or more "virtual views" as readable, writable, recoverable disk-based snapshots of any selected previous points in time. Views can be used to optimize recovery or to decouple a variety of secondary data management tasks in the areas of test, development, data analytics, reporting, audit and compliance, data migration, data staging or others from production environments. Value propositions to the enterprise for InfiniView solutions include rapid, reliable application recovery and optimized administration and maintenance for mission-critical applications.

The privately held company is funded by Mayfield, Accel Partners, Advent International, Foundation Capital and a strategic corporate investor. Mendocino is headquartered in Fremont, Calif. For more information on the company, please visit
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Date:Nov 13, 2006
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