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Articles from Mena Report (October 3, 2019)

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"conducting Building Supervision During The Construction And Installation Works Of The Site: Reconstruction Of A Street Network On The Territory Of The Municipality Of Glovitsa.". 125
"construction Adjustment Of Circular Interrupts, Vsethin - Permanent (vertical) Traffic Signs". 342
"delivery And Installation Of Air Conditioners - 2 Pcs.". 109
"delivery, Installation And Testing Of School Equipment And Equipment For Training Cabinets In 81 Su" Victor South ". The Subject-matter Of This Contract Involves The Performance Of The Following Activities: (a) The Supply Of Components And Modules With T. 183
"selection Of Contractor For Rendering Insurance Services For The Needs Of The Center For Emergency Medical Assistance - Sofia" In Two Separate Positions: 1. Insurance "fire And Natural Disasters" And 2. Insurance "liability Of Persons Who Exercise The Me. 121
"selection Of Contractor For The Implementation Of Information, Communication And Visualization Activities Of Project No. Bg05m9op001-2.040-0004-c01" Help Elderly And Disabled People Through Patronage Care In Karlovo Municipality ". 102
(car) It Support In Employee Hiring In The Vehicle-iuk Project (mpolice-car-1). 104
004-2019 - Kpg5 - Drywall Works. 181
006200 - Nepo - Children S Complaints Advocacy And Representations - Opening 2. 120
01 No. Ac Ambulance Tata Winger 3488 Mm, Bs-4 Compliance. 194
01 No. Airless Tumbler Type Shot Blasting Machine. 186
01 No. Vepocure Plant Consists Of Spray Painting Booth Andpainting Drying Oven. 200
02 Demolition Measures/Pollutant Remediation. 258
06 Nos. Buff Polish Machine With Individual Dust Collecting System. 192
1 Construction And Repairs To Toilet Block Swbh At Nakkapalli 2 Consturciton Of New Toilet In Swgh At Daralapudi V M 3 Construction Of New Toilet Block Ub Swgh At Kotauratla Vm. 172
1 Construction Of Bath Room In Swbh At Narsipatnam 2 Repairs Toilet Bath Room And Consturciton Of New Toilet In Swan At Narsipatnam. 163
1 Construction Of New Toilet Block In Swbh At Golugonda In Visakhapatnam District. 153
1 Construction Of New Toilet In Swbh At Chammachintha V 2 Construction Of New Bath Rooms To Swbh At Chammachintha V 3 Repairs Of Toilet Block, Bath Rooms 4 Construction Of Septic Tank At Chammachintha In Nathavaram M. 178
1 Construction Of New Toilet In Swbh At Nathavaram Special Repairs To Toilet Blocks To Swgh At Nathavaram 2 Construction Of New Toilet Block To Swbh At Nathavaram. 168
1 Construction Of New Toilet In Swbh At Odachipurupalli 2 Construction Of New Toilet Block To Swgh At Parawada. 160
1 Construction Of New Toilet In Swcgh At Paradesipalem 2 Construction Of New Toilet In Swcgh At Paradesipalem 3 Repairs To Toilet Block To Swcgh Paradesipalem. 167
1 Construction Of New Toilet In Swgh General At Payakaraopeta 2 Construction Of 4 Bath Rooms To Swgh At Payakaraopeta General 3 Reairs To Toilet Block To Social Welfare Girls General Hostel At Payakaraopeta. 175
1 Construction Of New Toilet In Swiwhc Girls Hostel At Kasimkota 2 Repairs To Toilet And Bath Room To Swcbh At Anakapalli In Visakhapatnam District. 165
1 Construction Of Toilet Block To Swbh And Reparis To Toilet Block Boys Hostel At Payakaropeta Vm 2 Construction Of Toilet Block To Swcgh At Payakaraopeta Vm. 168
1 Construction Of Toilet Block To Swgh - Gajuwaka V M 2 Repairs Toilet Block To Swgh Gajuwaka V M In Visakhapatnam District. 162
1 Estt For Replacement Of 05 No.broken 11kv Poles At Various Location Under Khamhariya D/c 2.estt For Replacement Of 09 No.broken Lt Poles At Various Location Under Khamhariya D/c. 106
1 Repairs Toilets And Bath Rooms To Sw Iwhc Boys Hostel At Madhurawada 2 Repairs Toilets And Bath Rooms To Swcbh At Marripalem Sifted To Madhurawada. 166
1 Roller Compactor Supply. 105
1)1.5 Sq Mm E Beam Cable Irradiation Cross Linked Cable Suitable For Operating Temp 120 Deg C 1800v Equivalent To Radox Gkw-ax Size 1.5 (30/0.260.).drum Tolerance Shall Be Plus Or Minus 5 Percent . Qty: 100000 Mr. 147
1)3-finger Contact Assembly To Drg No 25176300001-v00, Rev-00. Qty: 75 No 2)4-finger Contact Assembly To Drg No 35176300011-v00, Rev-00. Qty: 50 No. 125
1)800kv,2500a Oip Bushing As Per Bhel Spec. No. Bce/ps/800/23, Rev01 Qty: 3 No. 120
1)barrier For Breaker As Per Drawing No: 25170300519-003 Rev.01 Qty: 45 No. 115
1)bus Plate For 2 No Of Size-4 Bushing To Drawing 35176600031 Rev00. Qty: 12 No 2)z-connection To Drg 45176600018 Rev00 Qty: 12 No. 126
1)carriage Qty: 30 2)carriage Qty: 30 3)earthwork Qty: 60 4)earthwork Qty: 15 5)concrete Work Qty: 10 6)concrete Work Qty: 20 7)reinforced Cement Concrete Qty: 5 8)reinforced Cement Concrete Qty: 3 9)reinforced Cement Concrete Qty: 2 10)reinforced Cement. 149
1)current Transformer As Per Drg. No.34022240030,rev.15, note:-every Ct Should Be Properly Packed By Wooden Box For Avoiding Damage During Transit And Storage At Bhel Store. Each Box Should Have Identification By P.o. No., Drawing And Item No.(t. 377
1)dc Contactor, Current Carrying Capacity 1250a (min), Nominal Voltage 750vdc With 74vdc Coil And 3 No1 Nc Or 4 C/o Contacts As Per Item No-1 Of Bhel Spec- Or12550 Rev. 00. (m/s Hubbel Part No-hc14193100563) Qty: 1 No. 145
1)dismantling Of Steel Scrap Qty: 3000 Qt 8) Qty:. 109
1)f.c. Cover To Drg No 34023040114 Var.01,rev.02(qty - 2 Nos). Note:1)supplier"s Identification (po,drg., Mandatory And To Be Punched On Each Job. Qty: 2 No. 135
1)gear Box (motorised And Manual Driven) To Sg24309 And Drg No: 35170300560-v00 Qty: 40 No. 117
1)imported Beech Wood Cleat To Grade P2r Of Iec:61061 Of Size 60 X 60 X 4000 Qty: 150 No 2)imported Beech Wood Cleat To Grade P2r Of Iec:61061 Of Size 70 X70 X 4000 Qty: 100 No 3)imported Beech Wood Cleat To Grade P2r Of Iec:61061 Of Size 70 X 80 X 4000 Q. 162
1)isolator Position Indicator To Drawing No:35170300003-v01, Rev-00 Qty: 60 No 2)nylon Terminal End Insulator To Drg 45176300041 Rev 00 And Sg15208 Qty: 15 No. 128
1)lever Assy To Drawing No: 35171000512, Rev-03 And Material Specification-aa10108 And Aa10112. Qty: 75 No 2)view Window Assembly To Drawing No: 25176300509-v00, Rev-01 Qty: 100 No 3)end Flange As Per Drawing No 25171001003-001,rev.01 Qty: 90 No 4)flange. 155
1)maintenance Free Dehydrating Breather For Main Conservator As Per It 01 Of Annexure Enclosed . Qty: 3 No 2)maintenance Free Dehydrating Breather For Oltc As Per It 02 Of Annexure Enclosed Qty: 3 No. 135
1)package-77 Providing Electrification To Borewell In 53/3 Of Kupparavalli Village Under D-32. (2)providing Electrification To Borewell In Survey No 341/1 Of Vatalu Village In T. Narasipura Taluk. 121
1)pbd Strip Tk=4 X W= 38 X L= 2000 Lg As Per Drawing Tr20069b (it-22 ) Qty: 10000 No 2)pbd Strip Tk=4 X W= 51 X L= 2000 Lg As Per Drawing Tr20069b (it-23 ) Qty: 10000 No 3)pbd Strip Tk=4 X W=60 X L= 2000 Lg As Per Drawing Tr20069b (it-24 ) Qty: 10000 No 4. 183
1)rft Shaft Assy. To Drg No. 35171000515 - Var. 00, Rev-04 Qty: 50 No. 115
1. Judges Court Road In Km 1 (225) 2. L.r.p. Rest House Road In Km 1 (100) 3. L.r.p. Colony Road In Km 1 (500). 165
1. Roof Line Insulator To Spec./drg. No. Clw/es/ac/i-1/j, Clw/es/sk-2/ac/i-1/j 2. Pantograph Mounting Insulator To Spec./Drg No. Clw/es/ac/i-1/j, Clw/es/sk-4/ac/i-1/j. 101
10~000 Unit - Extension And Transformation Of The University Library Into Dorigny. 123
10656 Update Of Ablutions Letham Hall (sections 1&6) Hmp Barlinnie. 128
10706 Upgrade Of House Block Toilet Cubicles At Hmp Barlinnie. 112
12 " Air Spring Assembly. 106
19 22 T86 008: Framework Contract For Nationwide Delivery And Installation Of Sound Attenuator Fans. 321
19 E 079 - Framework Contract For The Supply Of Tissue Paper. 114
19 E 10467 - Prison Wolfenbttel, Redevelopment Gray House - Ventilation Systems. 161
19-d-t-tec-02 Biomimicry For Space Debris Mitigation - Expro+. 260
19065 Ergonomics Benefits For Aia Bx-cf-cp-br-ab. 182
19c200ao - Je-eo - Purchase And Repair Of Indoor Floor Cleaning Machines - 2019-2023. 161
19n0214 - Construction Of Rockfill Works On The Waterfront Of The Nice Cte D~azur Metropolis. 152
1repairs To Toilet , Bath Rooms To Swbh At Vaddadi V 2 Construction Of Toilet Block To Swgh , Repairs To Toilet Block To Swgh At Ravikamatham Vm 3 Construction Of New Toilet Block In Swcgh At Chodavaram 4 Repairs Toilet Block And Bath Rooms To S. 187
2 Rescue-fire-fighting Vehicles Hlf 20 En 1846-m-2 Based On Din 14 530-27: 2011-11 And 1 Fire Fighting Vehicle Lf 20 En 1846-m-2 Based On Din 14 530-11: 2011-11. 161
2 X Flow Cytometer + 1x Facsorter. 120 Ekh Sewage And Water Systems 4. + 5. Tba + Section 6: Hkm 3rd Floor. 143
2019 Annual Online Voter Register Of Electors Awareness Campaign. 271
2019 Dt Mulroy College Asa - Appointment Of Design Team Service, Civil Structural Engineer:-provision Of Additional Accommodation 2019. 111
2019-0466-gs, Vp 700.b.420.004 Technical Planning Technical Building Equipment, School Location Gesamtschule Walsum, Duisburg. 351
2019-0469-gs, Vp 700.b.420.025 Technical Planning Technical Building Equipment, School Location Gymnasium Rheinhard And Max Mannesmann And Realschule/Sekundarschule Sd, Duisburg. 312
2019.58 Verification And Measurement Of Flow Rate And Pressure Of Fire Water Points. 158
2020 - 2022 Heritage Maintenance Campaign Sports The Cantonal Road Network Of Geneva, Felling, Pruning, Roadway Maintenance And Maintenance Of Hedgerows. 112
2020 - 2022 Maintenance Campaign Sports The Geneva Cantonal Road Network Plantations And Maintenance Of Trees And Green Spaces. 111
2020-2022 Maintenance Campaign Sports The Cantonal Winter Road Network Of Geneva, Health Monitoring, Root Care And Fight Against Invasive Alien Species. 133
2348-20 Merchant Stores Dps. 168
2348-20 Merchant Stores Dps. 213
24 Hours Watch And Ward, Housekeeping And Catering Of Bsnl Iq At Lichubagan. Supply Of Purified, Filtered And Clean Drinking Water At Lichubagan Bsnl Complex And Kunjaban Quarter Complex Through Irp. 106
28v Battery Ramp Cart With Charger And Adaptor Enclosed And 1line Item. 177
3 - Axis Load Cell (100n). 166
3 Years Comp. S & M Contract For Personal Computer. 135
3 Yrs Comp. S & M Contract For Lto Backup Media,3 Yrs. Comp. S&m Contract- 4 Tb Portable Hard Disk. 181
30 Kva Ups System. 127
300.04 Shell Construction Work. 238
31 Sewage, Water And Gas Plants. 256
32 Heat Supply Systems. 264
33 Air Conditioning Systems. 342
34 Power Plants. 139
35 High And Medium Voltage Systems. 132
39 Vpo Apartments For Rent In Between. 140
42 - Dismantling/Remediation Hls. 525
44 Vpo Apartments For Rent Sub-plot Bf1.1 Of The Psis Of Ripagaina In Pamplona. 135
5 Yrs. Comp. S & M Contract For Lexmark Printer. 134
58 Vpo Homes For Rent Baraain (navarra). 116
60596/23324 New Construction Rb Jungfernheide, Ve04-be And Shell. 123
621-17a-18 New Building Elementary School With Triple Gymnasium Order Number 1.2110.9401/16. Steel And Metalwork. 144
771087 - Kjk New Building + Extension Psychiatry For 160 Beds. 277
8-seater Service In A Socio-labor Insertion Home, Located In Badajoz, For Children/Young People Who Are Complying With Judicial Measures. 114
A 1 Bw 101 Replacement Construction Km 19.450. 107
A Range Of Services For Cleaning Office, Domestic, Industrial Premises And The Surrounding Area. 103
A Set Of Tatprof Aluminum Profiles And Accessories For The Manufacture Of Loggias And Facades Or Its Analogues (ral7012). 112
A13970 Separate Purchase Of Obduction Facilities. 147
A13970 Separate Purchase Of Obduction Modes. 112
A16 - Wailly Beaucamp Center - Repair Of The Windscreen Of The A16 Pi 242.7 chinghen Viaduct. 156
A35 - Pfd St-louis/Basel - Redevelopment Of The Transit And Empty Lane. 131
Aapc Relance Renovation School Mat. Extension Construction. 108
Aapc Travaxu Rehabilitation Depot Rue Bapaume. 112
Ab Hws Ol Schraplau - Planning Services Lph 5-8. 124
Abdominal Drain/Flat Drain/Thoracic Drain With Trocar/Drainage Container/Gelatin Sponge/Skin Grafting Blade/Marker Pen. 150
Abrasive Wheels Gost R52588-2011, Gost52781-2007, Gost 2424-83. 133
Accessories For Nikon Microscope Model Ts-100f C-lhg Mercury Lamp Hg-50w. 123
Accompaniment Change Organizational Structure. 238
Accompanying Job Search - Working On Your Job Search. 122
Accompanying Services To The Security Of The Personal Data And Conformity Rgpd. 158
Acquisition - Maintenance And/Or Rental - Maintenance Of New Photocopiers And Multifunction Printers Of Software And Associated Services. 136
Acquisition And Delivery Of Personal Protective Equipment. 147
Acquisition And Implementation Of A Tax Analysis Solution Within The Framework Of The Mutual Tax Observatory Of The Tco And Its Member Municipalities. 163
Acquisition And Installation Of Machines For The Municipal Gymnasium And The Covered Pavilion. 105
Acquisition And Maintenance Of Autoclaves For The Health Centers Of The City Of Paris. 140
Acquisition And Maintenance Of Monochrome Presses. 120
Acquisition And Management Of Data From Inshore Fishing Vessels. 177
Acquisition And Medicines And Other Pharmaceutical Products For Ships Supported By The Arsenal Of Cdiz. 119
Acquisition Of 2 Anesthesia Station Tables, Destined To The Anesthesia Service Of The Jos Mara Morales Meseguer University General Hospital, Area Vi Vega Media Del Segura. 116
Acquisition Of 2 New Van And Pickup Truck And Sweeper Vehicles. 150
Acquisition Of 3 Vehicles (two 9 Seater Vehicles And One 7 Seater Vehicle). 161
Acquisition Of 8 Clinical Simulators For Seminars And Practices For The Clinical Simulation Classroom Of The Medical School Located In The University Hospital Are Spasms, Distributed In Two Lots. 138
Acquisition Of A 32 T Loader Truck Equipped With A Gravity Spreader (2 Lots). 123
Acquisition Of A Cloud Radar For The Physical Meteorology Laboratory - Fr3467 Cnrs. 165
Acquisition Of A Laboratory Management Software Package. 101
Acquisition Of A Medium Volume Harvesting Technology For The Algosolis Platform Of The University Of Nantes. 151
Acquisition Of A Multi-channel Volumetric Sorption Analysis Device. 142
Acquisition Of A Multichannel Volumetric Sorption Analyzer. 133
Acquisition Of A Public Domain Occupancy Management Platform For The City Of Clermont-ferrand. 150
Acquisition Of A Rapid Prototyping Machine For Printed Circuit. 112
Acquisition Of An Off-road Type Heavy-duty Vehicle, A Snow Thrower And A Snow Plow For The City Of Besanon. 131
Acquisition Of An Ultrahigh Preparation Chamber And A Reverse Photoelectron Spectroscopy System. 120
Acquisition Of Armored Moons. 106
Acquisition Of Audio Supplies: Wireless Microphones. 119
Acquisition Of Bibliographic And Audiovisual Funds. 115
Acquisition Of Catering Equipment For High Schools In The Bourgogne-franche-comt Region: Horizontal Cooking Gas And/Or Electric. 269
Acquisition Of Catering Equipment. 143
Acquisition Of Combined Hexavalent Vaccine Against Diphtheria-tetanus-acellular Pertussis, Injectable Polio, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B And Hepatitis B ((dtpa-vpi-hbi_vhb), Bound To The Pr. 120
Acquisition Of Dimensional Analysis Material In 2 Dimensions For The Manufacturing Area Of the Smart City Innovation Center Platform (imredd). 205
Acquisition Of Dimensional Analysis Material In Two Dimensions For The Manufacturing Area Of The "smart City Innovation Center" Platform (imredd). 190
Acquisition Of Direct Digital Mammography Equipment (2 + 1) For Hus Imaging. 131
Acquisition Of Direct Digital Mammography Equipment (2 1) For Imaging Of Hus. 244
Acquisition Of Enhanced Sheltered Housing For The Elderly. 230
Acquisition Of Enhanced Sheltered Housing Services For The Elderly. 231
Acquisition Of Firefighting Robots. 180
Acquisition Of Fish Pre-processing Equipment For Huslab Genetics Laboratory. 299
Acquisition Of Glass Products. 144
Acquisition Of Mtva Tv Studio Audio Console 2019. 488
Acquisition Of Neurosurgical Implants. 274
Acquisition Of Portable Three-axis Stabilizer For Mirrorless Camera. 116
Acquisition Of Production Machinery For The Manufacture Of Gliding Equipment. 109
Acquisition Of Production Of A Staff Magazine. 205
Acquisition Of Rv Media Mirror. 475
Acquisition Of Seedlings. 132
Acquisition Of Several Batches Of Didactic Equipment (room, Rooms, Accessories And Measuring App) In The Technique Of Cold For The Cta-29 "energy Equipment Maintenance. 190
Acquisition Of Spare Parts For Primary Radars. 102
Acquisition Of Three Anti-vibration Tables With Aspiration And A Mobile Table For The Department Of The National Institute Of Toxicology And Forensic Sciences In Madrid. 122
Acquisition Of Training Shoes. 245
Acquisition Of Transport Equipment. 107
Acquisition Of Vehicles For The Collection Of Household Waste From The Sisteronais-buch Community Of Communes. 184
Acquisition Of Vehicles With Low Levels Of Emissions And Consumption. 113
Acquisition, Maintenance, Support And Evolution Of Storage Solutions. 137
Acquisition, Vibration Measurements And Reviews, Construction Service Company, Construction. 120
Acrylic Paint Vd-ak For Internal And External Works Of The Class Extra Or Luxury; Acrylic Paint Vd-ak For Interior And Exterior Use Color; Washable Latex Colored Paint Not Lower Than Grade 3 Abrasion In A Container Of Not More Than 25 Kg; Washable White L. 245
Action Models For Accelerating Municipal Climate Action. 179
Actions For The Application Of The National Security Scheme And The General Data Protection Regulation In The Town Hall Of Corvera. 112
Adap - Jean Rostand In Strasbourg L12 - Electricity. 102
Adaptation Of E2 And E3 Stop Bars To Aesa Requirements. 105
Additional Accommodation 2 X Classroom Sen Base(total Area 439 M2). 112
Additional Accommodation-sen Classrooms. 188
Adjustment Works And Improvement Of The Energy Efficiency Of The Municipal Soccer Field, In Accordance With The Technical Project Drafted By Municipal Technical Services. 104
Administrative Contract For The Supply Of Perishable Food (lot 1) And Non-perishable Food (lot 2) To Meet The Basic Needs Of Certain Sectors Of The Population Of Benaguasil. 140
Administrative Office Supplies And Paper For The Needs Of The Group Of Orders Coordinated By The Agglomeration Community Of Saint-dizier, Der And Blaise-. 157
Adult And Other Education Services. 165
Adult And Other Education Services; Measure Basic Competence. 112
Adult And Other Education Services; Tailwind Conception And Implementation Of A Measure For The Introduction To The Training And Employment Market "tailwind". 111
Adult School (2019). 108
Advance Information, Kl017 Landesmuseum Krnten, 0121 General Refurbishment Rudolfinum. 179
Advanced Application New. 406
Advanced Operation Service Of The Computer-assisted Maintenance Management System At The Mct Drinking Water Treatment Facilities, 2020 To 2022 (several). 138
Advertising Campaign Of The Neighborhoods For Employment Project: Stronger Together. 114
Advice And Support Service For Companies In The Valencian Community For Their Internationalization In India. 115
Advising Private Owners On The Farm And Faade Program. 181
Aerial Photography, Taking And Delivery Of Rgbi Aerial Photographs And Digital Orthophotos. 183
Affinity Housing Services (reading) Grounds Maintenance Services. 105
Ag Vespa Financial Platform. 146
Agronomic Monitoring Of Sludge Spreading Of Wastewater Treatment Plants Managed In The Agglopolys Territory. 139
Air Conditioning Maintenance Services Of The Different Facilities And Equipment Of The Care Centers Of The Province Of Barcelona And The Egarsat Headquarters, Mcss, Number 276. 116
Air Conditioning Systems. 293
Air Quality Controls In Zones With Controlled Environment (zem) Of The Regional Hospital Group Rhne Center. 121
Airport Operator Liability Policy. 122
Alexander Von Humboldt School, Galabau Works. 156
Alienation As Scrap Of Vehicles From The Municipal Warehouse Or Other Facilities And Other Scrap, Materials And Equipment Generated By The Various Municipal Agencies. 117
Alienation Of Multicapilla Greenhouse Structure For The Production Of Ornamental And Horticultural Plant In The Mount N 19 Of The C.u.p. From Alcazarn. 117
Alienation Of The Property No. 74884 Of The Property Registry No. 1 Of Estepona, Of The Suro-r6 Sector "juan Bentez" Of Estepona. 114
Allocation Of Free Space Planning Services In Preparation For The Horticultural Showleinefelde-worbis 2024. 391
Alternative Provider Of Medical Services (apms) At Randolph And Soho Square Gp Surgeries. 273
Ambulance With Medical Equipments. 115
Ambulatory Health Care And Physiotherapy Service In lvega (soria). 119
Ambulatory Health Care Service In The Jungle Region (girona). 120
Ambulatory Health Care Service, Specialties And Physiotherapy In Arteixo (a Corua). 122
Amc For Kts Systems Makes Of Matrix And Panasonic Systems At Office. 162
Amc For Payroll Software As Per Rfp. 154
Amc Of Computers And Peripherals. 144
Amc Of Housekeeping Jobs At Bpcl Muzaffarpur Depot. 136
Amc Repair/Replacement Of Components Of Ctgc Facility. 137
Ame Of 24.00 To 39.00 Km Of Nbc For The Year 2019-20. 103
Ame Of D-4,d-5 Of Tbc And D-2,d-3, D-4 & D-5 Of Nbc ,main Canal 17th To 23rd Km Of Tbc And 5th To 24th Km Of Nbc For The Year 2019-20. 121
Ame Of Main Canal From 41.00 To 62.00 Km Of Tbc & D-9a Of Tbc For The Year 2019-20. 109
Amenagement Of The Wharf Of The Dreiveurs, Of The Belvedere Paysager And Creation Of A Capitainerie. 217
Analyses - Abundance And Distribution Of Selected Marine Mobile Species In Scottish Waters. 127
Analysis, Development And Implementation In The Data Processing Center. 145
Animation Market And Coordination Safety And Health Protection (csps). 120
Animation Of A Training On The Introduction To Nuclear Engineering For Agents Of The Nuclear Safety Authority (asn). 125
Animations For Alternative Mobility In The Hrault Region. 177
Annual Contract For Digital Photo Copier Machine. 121
Annual Indent Of Crms. 160
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Conventional Machines For 01 Year. 136
Annual Maintenance Estimate Of Distributories D-1, D -2 , D-2a, D-3, D-3a Of Tbc , D-1 Of Nbc And Regulator & Escape At Ch. 21175m Of Y Alingment For The Year 2019-20. 118
Annual Maintenance Estimate Of Keregodi Rangapura Drinking Water Supply Pump House Off Taking Ch.9975m Of Tbc For The Year 2019-20. 110
Annual Rate Contract For Lifting, Loading, Transportation Of Coal On Road-cum-rail (rcr) Mode From Magadh - Amrapali Colliery Of Ccl To The Nearby Railway Siding For Ktps For A Period Of One Year. 162
Annual Rate Contract Of Bush/Grass Cutting In Operational Area At C.c.s.i. Airport, Lucknow. 142
Annual Regulatory Audit And Maintenance Market - Troubleshooting Fire Safety Equipment. 110
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Bop Buildings (mamabhagina Mysimpur Madhupur Jeetpur Ranghat Singamora Chauhatia Pustighata Ichhamati) Of 99 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Krishnanagar. 157
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Bop Buildings Rangiyapot Madhupur Mahakola Gongra Bhatghachi Bramhanagar Hridaypur Jinda Pathhargata Of 81 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Krishnanagar. 157
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Bop Buildings Sundar Jhorpara Dattapulia Sylberia Ramnaga Pakhuria Chhotipur Mahendra Noonaganj Puttikhali Of 09 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Krishnanagar. 159
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Bop Buildings Sutia Bansghata Mustafapur Bazidpur Mehrani Boyra Uttarpara Panchberia Of 107 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Krishnanagar. 155
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Bop Buildings Tungi Khanjibagan Banpur Matiyari Ambagan Gede Vijaypur Govindpara Bisnupur Kadipuyr Maluapara Of 54 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Knr. 161
Aoo Relating To Multi-technical Operation And Maintenance Services For The Premises Of The Cnfpt~s First Coronation Delegation - Sites In Pantin (93) And Issy-les-moulineaux (92). 165
Application Maintenance And Improvement Of The Catenary Geometric And Dynamic Auscultation Systems. 117
Application, A Coordination Mission In The Field Of Safety And Health Protection Of Workers. 198
Appointment Of Administrator For The De Pathway Fund. 115
Appointment Of C&f Operator Cum Secondary Transportation. 158
Appointment Of Design Team Architectural Service:-provision Of Additional Accommodation 2019. 101
Appointment Of Design Team For Construction. 122
Appointment Of Design Team Service Quantity Surveyor:-provision Of Additional Accommodation 2019. 110
Appointment Of Design Team Service, Mechanical Electrical Engineer:-provision Of Additional Accommodation 2019. 111
Appointment Of Handling And Transportation Contractor At Damoh Rake Point. 177
Appointment Of Handling And Transportation Contractor At Dewas Rake Point. 178
Appointment Of Handling And Transportation Contractor At Kachhpura Rake Point. 173
Appointment Of Handling And Transportation Contractor At Sagar Rake Point. 178
Arc For Commisioning Assistance And Miscellaneous Work For Htpl At Jetty And Refinery Of Bpcl-kr. 119
Arc For Pa System Chp 4 5 6. 107
Architect-led Design Team For The Design Of An Apartment Of C.145 Units In Tallaght, Dublin 24. 120
Architectural Service Consisting Of The Drafting Of The Reform Project Of The Fire Station Of Santa Cruz Del Consorcio. 128
Argon Gas Cylinder Of Capacity 47 Lt Aproximate With Argon Gas 99.999 Percent Purity Or Ilriar Boc With Gas Pressure 140 Kg Per To 150 Kg Per Volume Aproximate 7 Cubic Meter Above Gas Will Be Delivered By The Firm In Ofc. 204
Arm Bop Building Including Service But Excluding Electrical Work At Bops Digalkandi. 170
Arm Bop Building Including Service But Excluding Electrical Work. 169
Armo Operation And Maintenance Of Glf Installation, External Eandm Installation And Operation Of Conveyor Belts At Jammu Airport For The Year 2019-20. 143
Arranging Vehicles For Transporting Detainees. 121
Artistic Services Clown Zapitto - Celebration Of El Mayor~~s Day 2019. 108
Asbestos Management Services And Legionella Risk Assessments. 154
Asg/91/209 Sampling And Analysis Richelsdorfer Kupferhtte 2020-2022. 122
Assembly Election Uran Furniture Re-tender. 137
Assembly Of Aluminium Bus Enclosure (with Rft Body And With Flanges) To Drg No 05176300005-v00. Qty: 4 No 2)assembly Of Aluminium Bus Enclosure (with-out Rft Body And With Flanges) To Drg No . 05176300006-v00 Qty: 3 No 3)assembly Of Aluminium Bus Enclosur. 273
Assessment Of The Conformity Of Investment Projects And The Implementation Of Construction Supervision In The Execution Of Construction Works On A Project By Project - Continues In Section Vi.3). 195
Assignment Of Building Cleaning Services (maintenance And Glass Cleaning Services) For The Federal Police Aachen, Thws In Aachen, Dren, Euskirchen Etc .; Voek 042-19. 134
Assignment Of Green Maintenance And Gray Area Cleaning Services On The Grounds Of 2 Federal Properties In Heidelberg; Voek 265-19. 321
Assistance Services For The Organization Of Training Courses. 105
Assurance For Abs Berlin - Dresden, Reconstruction Pa 3 Station Wnsdorf And Pa 8.1 Wnsdorf (a) - Neuhof. 224
Assurances "all Risks Building" For The Needs Of Two Operations Of Construction Under Control Of Work Of S.d.i.s. 73. 159
Auditing Of The Individual And Consolidated Financial Statements Of Hgv Hamburger Gesellschaft Fr Vermgens. 247
Austria-vienna: Special-purpose Road Passenger-transport Services. 120
Automobile Fleet Insurance Contracts. 105
Av19/046 Supply And Installation Of Bicycle Supports And Safe Bicycle Shelters With Storage Lockers. 153
Aviation Security Checks According To 5 Luftsig Fh Leipzig/Halle. 138
Award Of Engineering Planning Services For A Foot And Cycle Bridge In Preparation For The Landesgartenschau Leinefelde-worbis 2024. 293
Award Procedure - Report On Transparent Soundproof Walls With High Acoustic Effectiveness. 118
Awarding Laboratory Carding Machine. 112
B58n, South Bypass Wesel, Quality Control Sealing Wall. 211
Backup And Recovery System For Cecon And C24hs. 108
Bag (pocket) For Documentation With A Zip Lock And A Comb For Sewing. 165
Balance Work Of Providing, Installing, Testing, Commissioning And Handing Over Of Fire Fighting System In Govt. Rehabilitation Institute For Intellectual Disabilities (griid) Sector-31, Chandigarh. 151
Balance Works In Pumping Stations And Supplying And Laying Of 150mm To 500mm Dia Di Pumping Mains For The Balance Lengths With Pre-commissioning Works Under Sriperumbudur Ugs. 140
Ball Screw. Make - Skf Details As Per Nit. 252
Balmerol Branded Printed Material. 101
Balrampur Tulsipur Marg Per Kathora Se Ratoha Marg Length 0.800 Km( Strengthening). 147
Banking Services For The Municipal Sports Council Of Fuenlabrada. 112
Bar-cafeteria Service Of The Faculty Of Philosophy And Letters And Outside The Aulario Of The Campus Of Rabanales Of The University Of Crdoba. 137
Batch Supply Of Different Uniformity Garments For The New Customs Surveillance Officers Assigned To The Customs Department And Iiee. 130
Bdd Angers - Modernization Work, Adaptation, Upgrading And Partial Renovation And Small New Works On Roads And Various Networks. 117
Benchtop High Speed Micro Centrifuge. 127
Benefits Of Rat Extermination And Disinsection. 163
Benefits Of Setting Up A Telephone Platform For Orientation Of Health Professionals. 137
Bernhard-lichtenberg-haus, Object Planning Building Lph 1-9. 383
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Supply Of Mobile And Data Services. 211
Bhanpur Sadullanagar Marg Se Dakshin Rautapur Length 1.10 Km (earthwork,bricksoling To Pc Work). 142
Bhavniapur Kala Se Yugrajpur Marg Tak ( Soling To Pc Work) Length 0.700 Km. 148
Biharsharif Nagar Nigam Areas Purani Aspatal Campus Me Ak Adad Sawasth Kendra Ka Nirman. 117
Binding Price Request Including Discount Agreement For The Procurement Of Vehicles By The Individual Members Of Erfa-eink. Gbr. 239
Bioeconomy Cluster Builder. 128
Blagnac Construction 7 Accommodation. 168
Blb Do/New Building Pp Bochum (1616)/Structural Engineering/010-19-01002. 110
Blb Nrw Dortmund (confederation) - Glckauf Barracks Unna (wb7716), Kamener Str. 91-93, 59425 Unna; New Housing, Building 43-47/Carpentry Building 46 + 47, 1st Ba/010-19-01093. 290
Blb Nrw Mnster/Ov/Mnster Administrative Court/Drywall Work. 171
Block Module Of Seven Pieces For The Production Of Gas Control Points (gcp) Forces Branch Of The Gomel Industrial Management Rpup. 122
Boilerhouse Lv Board Replacements - Clatterbridge Hospital. 128
Bonded Rubber Mulch Northamptonshire Parks. 117
Book Printing Serices September 2019/Seirbhsi Cldireachta Leabhair Mf 2019. 105
Booster Compressor. 196

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