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Articles from Mena Report (March 5, 2019)

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"domaine Des Crauses" St Baldoph - Development Of A Subdivision Of 10 Lots. 207
"project Of Reconfiguration Of The Municipal Fiber Optic Network". 108
%u2022procurement Of Gun Metal Bush For 9chr Pump Capacity 500 Gpm M&m Make Installed At Damodar River. 157
(tentative Name) Soseki Junior High School New Construction Waste Treatment Service. 105
(urgent) Estimation Of The Price (unit Price). 106
0040 - Klinikum Heidenheim, Neubau 2.bauabschnitt - Pharmacies/Laboratory Installations. 126
0040 - Klinikum Heidenheim, New Building 2nd Construction Phase - Painter Ii. 243
03/keb/p&w/t-38/2019/opn-iii For Work Contract For Assistance In Operation Of H2 Plant And Shifting Of H2 Cylinder, Ph-iii, Ktps, Cspgcl,. 101
1 Special Repair S.h. 272 Dawezari Lohara Road 2mandeshwar Rampur Road 3mdr-4 Salebardi Road. 140
1) 40 Nb Gasket To Drg. No.32630301002 Item No 03. Rev-08 Qty: 500 No. 116
1)"signal Converter,input : 0-100mv , Output : 4-20ma, Aux Supply Voltage : 24v Dc, Shall Have Shipping Approvals Like Gl Or Lr Or Dnv Or Dnv-gl Or Rmrs Make : Phoenix Contact, Part No. 2811446 Or. 211
1)16 Mm Tk X 2500 Mm W X 8000 Mm - 12000 Mm Lg Is2062 E350 Gr-a/br/sk/k (normalising Rolling Impact Test Ust A578-b) Qty: 53000 Kg 2)25 Mm Tk X 2500 Mm W X 8000 Mm - 12000 Mm Lg. Is2062 E350 Gr-a/br/s. 218
1)3 Signle Core 95 Sqmm 11kv Aerial Bunch Cables As Per Purchase Specification Hpe/tpv/ps/01. (qty. Tolerance - 0 Percent/2 Percent Is Acceptable). Qty: 6000 Mr. 133
1)400 Nb Sch-20 Sr 90 Degree Carbon Steel Seamless Galvanised Elbow As Per Astm A234 Gr.wpb And Purchase Specification Ht00205 Rev-06. Qty: 20 No 2)300 Nb Sch-20 Sr 90 Degree Carbon Steel Seamless Gal. 360
1)72.5/52kv Oil End Terminal To Drg 35380401071 # 01 Rev02, As Per Spec.aa19801 Rev04. Pvc Ratio Of This Item Is (1 : 3.6). Qty: 200 No. 127
1)assy Of Inter Lock For Plug Socket (vm36) To 35222001620-v00 Rev.00 Qty: 700 No. 119
1)bottom Tank Assy - 1 Set To Drg 04631750011 Var - 00 W/a Of Items 1 To 7, 9 To 31, 34 To 36, 40 To 41. Outside Fittings To Drg 04631950014 Var 00 Item No. 14, 52, 58, 65, 89. Addl Pad Weld Informati. 542
1)caca Cooler Assy. (with Blower) To Drg. 14023140078 Var.00 Rev.02. Qty: 1 No. 118
1)carbon Steel Plates - 120 Mm Tk X 2100 Mm W X 4000 Mm Lg - Normalised Carbon Steel Plate As Per Latest Version Of Is 2062, Grade E250 - Br (with Impact Test) Ultrasonically Tested In Accordance With. 319
1)hardwood Packing To, It-1 (size=w=280,b=7, T=27, L=2720, N=18, P=138) Qty: 12 No 2)hardwood Packing To Drg. No.-34647000322, It-3 (size= 26 X 45 X 1890) Qty: 24 No 3)hardwood Pac. 161
1)insulating Coupler Assy. To Drg. No. 35211001679-v13 Rev.04. Qty: 2100 No. 114
1)inter Panel Barrier (vm36) To 35225002515-v00 Rev00 Qty: 480 No 2)inter Panel Barrier (vm36) To Drg. No 35225002515- V01, Rev00 Qty: 40 No. 128
1)inter Panel Busbar Sealing To Drg. No. 35225002012-006 Rev.04 Qty: 1000 No. 115
1)m-13 Mcd Machine Washer Steel Product Grade-a As Per Spec. Aa7161001 Rev.04. Finish-unplated. To Be Packed In 5 Kg Packing And Care To Be Taken To Avoid Handling Damage. Qty: 2950 Kg 2)m-17 Mcd Mach. 238
1)milled Pbd Strip 3 X 60 W As Per Annex. Encl. Qty: 7000 No 2)milled Pbd Strip 3 X 38 W As Per Annex. Encl. Qty: 1610 No 3)milled Pbd Strip 2 X 51 W As Per Annex. Encl. Qty: 10990 No. 145
1)molykates Paste Equivalent To Mouly Paul Genral Purpose Gp 100 Product Make Selco Sg650 Equivalent To Lf.oks 200 Mos2. (assembly Paste) ( 1kg Of Each Pack). Qty: 25 Kg 2)parafin Wax (refined) To Spe. 142
1)set Of Insulator Bush M24 (male/female) To Drg. No. 22998801026 Item No.03 Var.-05. Rev-00. Qty: 1000 No. 122
1)sleeve For 33kv Bus Bar 12mm Thick X 100 Mm Wide Copper Flat To Sg10711 Rev-04. Qty: 6000 Mr. 121
1)smc Barrier To Drg. No. 35225002502 -001 ,rev 02 Qty: 2600 No. 114
1)supply Of Level Indicators As Per Technical Specification No. Rmsg 05 748 Rev.00 As Per Annexure-i Of Technical Specification. Qty: 1 Lo. 122
1)support Insulator ( 100 Dia ) With Brass Insert To Drg. No. 15211001515-016, Rev.26. Qty: 6000 No. 118
1)travel Transducer To Product Standard Sg12510,rev.00 And Part No Sls 190/125/l/50/01/n Qty: 10 No. 120
1,158 Affordable Houses For Puducherry. 103
1,397 Affordable Houses For Meghalaya. 103
1. Operator Cabin Denting By Gas Heating. 2. Operator Cabin Straightening And Resetting. 3. Damage Angle And Channel Cutting And Welding. 4.fitment Of New Safety Glasses (32 Sqft) With New Rubber Bit. 181
1.formation Of Germination House. 137
1112-1 Gyorin-myeon Hyeonri-yard Water Drainage Maintenance Construction. 115
12 Channels Of Universal Analog Inputs Data Recorder. 181
1233 Design And Development Of A Needle Biopsy Device. 206
1234n184-set Of Two (02) Items Consisting Of (1) Quick Release Coupling Male Type Size: 3/8" Ss304- 50 Nos (2) Quick Release Coupling - Female Type Size: 3/8" Ss304- 10 Nos. Make : Magna/orion/Hydac. 104
132 Kv Sf6 Circuit Breaker Package. 174
17214 Po0 Property Management Project Bykota Senior Center Additions & Renovations. 126
18map40 - Renewal Of Equipment And Toll Systems And Management Of The Tour Fondue Car Park In Hyres. 197
18n0605 - Surveys And Surveys Of Inhabitants Of Nice Cte D~azur Metropolis. 126
18v144ao - Pr/Fp - Preventive And Curative Maintenance Of The Equipment Of The Central Kitchen Of The City Of Toulouse - Years 2019 - 2023. 144
1912 - Remediation Work Eu And Aep/Networks - Residence Of The Stadium - Service Of The Future Gendarmerie. 202
19s0012 Maintenance Services For Green Spaces At The Carene Sites. 145
1special Repair S.h. 27mokhara Road 2special Repair S.h. 271 Segaon Road. 136
1special Repair Taikhurd Mdr 21 Bothli Road 2special Repair Mdr34 Salai Taluka Road 3 Nilagondi Kharashi Road. 140
2018/0709 Framework Agreement With Only Company For The Supply Of Test Strips And Cession Of Equipment Necessary For The Realization Of Blood Glucose Determination For Health Centers Of The Platform Of Sanitary Logistics Of Granada. 114
2019 Cheonbuksan Provincial Park Visitor Facility Maintenance Project. 119
2019 Chunju Central Women~s High School Feeding Milk Quantity Of Small Quantity (unit Price) Submit Notice. 121
2019 Conservation Federal Highways, Repair Of Engineering Structures, Cleaning. 177
2019 Contract For Physical Maintenance Facility Maintenance. 117
2019 Dongjin Middle School School Trips And Training Activities Estimation Of Small Number Of Vehicle Leasing Service Announcement. 105
2019 Grade Credit Elementary School 1st Quarter Learning Materials Purchase Small Amount Quotation Guidance Notice. 120
2019 Grade Daegu Day Meister High School Milk Price Contracts Small Amount Quote Submission. 123
2019 Grade Daegu Haksan Elementary School Food Milk Purchase Small Quantity Estimate Announcement Announcement. 122
2019 Grade Hyoja Elementary School Milk Meal Purchase Small Amount Quote Submission Announcement. 115
2019 Grade Rimaru Elementary School Subject Matter Experience Learning Charter Bus Vehicle Rental Service Small Amount Estimate Bid Announcement. 123
2019 Greenland Trees Tranquility Corporation. 109
2019 Luxury Street Forest Creation Project (4th). 113
2019 Moklin Elementary School School Meals Purchase Of Milk Quantity Contract Notice. 118
2019 Nippo New City Aegean Park Maintenance And Management Project (1). 123
2019 Nippo New City Children~s Park And Small-sized Park Maintenance And Management Business. 124
2019 Nippo New City Hongye Park Maintenance Project (1). 120
2019 Pathology Test Reagent And Consumable Purchase Price Agreement. 112
2019 Pavement Block Maintenance Work (annual Unit Price). 122
2019 Pavement Maintenance And Repair Work (annual Unit Price). 114
2019 Pavement Maintenance Work (annual Unit Price). 121
2019 Pavement Road Excavation Repair Work (annual Unit Price). 119
2019 Reservoir Cleaning Service For Reservoir (annual Contract). 115
2019 River Facilities Management And Maintenance (annual Unit Price). 120
2019 Road Facilities Maintenance Work (annual Unit Price). 120
2019 Road Maintenance Construction In The City Construction Waste Collection Transportation And Treatment Service Execution (urgent). 121
2019 Road Signs Maintenance Work (unit Price Contract). 119
2019 Roads And Greenery Zone Booster Unit Construction (southern Region). 121
2019 Roadside & Green Zone Frontier Construction (southern Region). 120
2019 Roadside & Green Zone Pruning Unit Construction (dongbu Area Taehanbang District). 125
2019 Roadside & Green Zone Pruning Unit Construction (dongtan 1 District Demonstration Complex, Etc.). 128
2019 Roadside And Green Zone Pruning Unit Construction (dongtan District 2, Dongtan General Industrial Complex). 129
2019 Roadside And Greenery Zone Booster Unit Construction (dongtan 2 District). 124
2019 Sadang Drainage Division Sewer General Maintenance Work - Emergency. 130
2019 School Meals Milk Purchase Small Number Of Quotation Submissions Notice. 119
2019 School Year High School Girls~ School Trip Commission Service. 132
2019 School-grade Edible Milk Purchase Small Quantity Electronic Quotation Guide Notice. 117
2019 Seonam Water System Drainage Trencher Dredging Construction (annual Unit Price Contract). 121
2019 Sewerage Construction Work (annual Unit Price). 117
2019 Sewerage Construction Work (annual Unit Price). 119
2019 Sol-bark Pod Worm Wood Injection Business. 114
2019 Traffic Safety Facilities (lane Painting) Maintenance Work (unit Price Contract) Re-announcement. 114
2019 Wonju Street Tree Water Management Project (1st). 117
20192026 Landing Gear Spare Parts For Casa C-101 (e25), C-235 (t.19), C-295 (t.21), Superpuma (h.21) And Other Sag%s. 132
2172/lm - Window Cleaning Services - Main Campus & Accommodation And Commercial Services Buildings. 189
250-megawatt (MW) solar power plant in Rajasthan. 185
25kv Vacuum Circuit Breaker Package. 159
2702 C. O. On M. I. Project M. I. Scheme Tal Mandangad Dist Ranagiri Iind Main Canal And Branches F.r.h.t. F.r.h.t. Works Repairs To Acquiduct Ch. 187.50 On R.b.c. Year 2018 2019. 185
2998n332-earth Shunt Assembly As Per & 3 Of S.c.rly.drg. No:c/els/lgd/b-f/4/29 ( Crimping Sockets To Be Crimped To On Both Sides). Note:awardee Tenderer Should Strictly Adher. 113
34.64-MW Primoral wind farm. 138
3d Scanning Equipment Framework. 143
4- Way Ball Valve For Sucell/2 And Sucell/m ( As Per Specification). 194
4. Ba A And E Measures, Area Bzk, Lot 1 To 3 Road Construction, Metal Construction, Galabau. 141
40 Nos. Roof Bolting At Tg And Bg D-15 Xvi Top Seam-500 Mh At Moonidih Colliery, W. J. Area. 151
5 Type Of Microscopes And 1 Spin Coting System. 134
5000-bed Student Hostel. 138
5th Gyoung-dong Nuclear Power Plant Replacement Construction. 113
6-tong Village Village Road Maintenance Construction. 116
7.5 Mw Photovoltaic Solar Plant For Self-consumption - Adolfo Surez Madrid-barajas Airport. 139
7/16 Car Washing Pump. 154
79-12 Dangsu-dong Member Road Construction Improvement Work. 119
853, Kirin-myeon, Seori-ku. 112
94329 Stirchley Library External Refurbishment And Replacement Boiler Works. 192
A Complete Set Of Software Tools To Solve Complex Tasks Using The Finite Element Method. 156
A Mockery Of Corporate Learning Environments. 108
A novel approach to improve the repair of injured peripheral nerves. 499
A Set Of Plastic Micro-perforation Molds (multiforms) For Pressing Cheese Used On An Automated Vps Cheese Production Line. Work On The Adaptation Of Mechanical And Automated Processes Of Molding And Pressing Cheese On The Automated Vps Cheese Production L. 160
A.m. Of The Works Of Reform, Repair And Conservation Of The Set Of Buildings And Public Spaces Whose Competence Corresponds To The Linear City District Of The City Of Madrid. (4 Lots). 137
A/r And M/o C.r. Building Non-residential At Jalpaiguri During Year 2018-19. Sh: Day To Day Maintenance Work For Repair Of Plaster, Door, Windows, Painting Works, Tile Work, Plumbing Works And Periodi. 136
A/r And M/o C.r.building And Income Tax Building Residential At Jalpaiguri During Year 2018-19. S.h. :-annual Maintenance Work For Repair Of Plaster, Doors, Windows, Painting Works, Tiles Work, Plumbi. 139
A/r And M/o Gpra Residential Building Under Rp Niwas Section Shimla. Sh: Provision Of Cupboard For T-ii Qtrs. Ricksha Shed And Provision Of Plum Concrete Retaining Wall, Chequerred Tiles And Other Mis. 134
A/r And M/o To Cgh At S.m Plot, Phase-i, Sector-vii, Antop Hill, Mumbai-37, During 2018-19. Sh: Making G. I. Pipe Line Connection To Wc Where Not Provided From Building No. 104 To 149. 117
A/r And M/o To Cpwd Non-residential Building At Punaichak, Patna During 2018-19. Sh- Providing Security Services For Cpwd Campus At Punaichak, Patna. 115
A/r And M/o To Dtrti Building I/c Hostel And Transit Accommodation For Income Tax Department At Em By Pass , Kolkata During The Year 2018-19. S.h:-day To Day Maintenance Of Painting Of Dtrti Office Bu. 129
A/r To N/r/b Anganwari And Crech In Sector-24, 25 Chandigarh (under Mtc. Booth Sector-24). 145
A/r To R/b Judge Houses In Sector-16, Chandigarh. 138
A/r To R/b Type-v And Iv In Sector-16, Chandigarh. 139
A16 Development Work Pa Amblainville And Fueling Station Mru. 122
A3, Bf As Offenbach, Replacement Building. 107
A49, Ordnance Clearance And Sounding. 151
A49, Technical Equipment Tu Frankenhain. 133
Accommodation And Nutrition Services For Attendants And Course Instructors And Rental Of Courses For The Maintenance Of Courses (croatia-zagreb: Accommodation Services). 110
Accompaniment And Receivables Management At The University Hospital Magdeburg A..r. 144
Accompaniment Services And Social Education In The Municipality Of Parla. 112
Accord Framework Confection Home Meal For Cias Common Community Of Sugars. 101
According To The Letter Of Invitation For Negotiations (see Attached File) 1 Srv. 106
Acquisition And Delivery Of Administrative Stamps And Consumables For The Departments Of The Department Of Seine-maritime. 214
Acquisition And Distribution Of Uniform Clothing For The New Entry Of Officers Of The Police Intervention Units (uip) Of The National Police Corps. Formed By Three Independent Lots. 152
Acquisition And Installation Of Equipment For The Consolidation Of The Cpd Of The Deputation Of Granada. 121
Acquisition Of 570 Closet Lockers For The S.e. Post And Telegraph, S.a., S.m.e. 122
Acquisition Of A New Van With An Articulated Lifting Platform For Personnel. 118
Acquisition Of A Queue Management And Appointment Scheduling Software. 296
Acquisition Of A Server Report Designed To Run A Mail And Database Server On A High-availability Microsoft Platform. 260
Acquisition Of A Server Report Designed To Run A Mail And Database Server On A High-availability Microsoft Platform. 364
Acquisition Of A Used Coach. 149
Acquisition Of An Appointment System. 166
Acquisition Of Analytical Materials. 105
Acquisition Of Audit Services. 155
Acquisition Of Educational Supplies For The Ville De Grand-quevilly. 189
Acquisition Of Fixed Furniture By The Housing Companies Of Sivakka Group. 121
Acquisition Of Four (4) Second-hand Vehicles For The Local Police. 106
Acquisition Of Garbage Collection Vehicles - 2 Lots. 174
Acquisition Of Hyperconverged Equipment For Airports. 140
Acquisition Of Insecticide Products For The Management Of Mosquito Control And Sanitary Actions. 115
Acquisition Of Intraocular Ophthalmological Lenses And Other Ocular Implants For The Ophthalmology Service Of The Osi Donostialdea. 135
Acquisition Of Service And Intervention Clothing (tsi) And Associated Services. 215
Acquisition Of Service Stations For Cyclists. 259
Acquisition Of Spare Parts For Motorcycles Of The Ministry Of The Interior And The Ministry Of The Action And Public Accounts. 133
Acquisition Of Spatialized Data On Marine Megafauna. 115
Acquisition Of Supplies Of Oral Materials. 238
Acquisition Of Tpcsds-t Exercise Shots Of 120 X 570 Mm For Leopard Cart Gun. 102
Acquisition Of Vehicles. 125
Acs Pumps Variator. 109
Action Learning Set Facilitator Training. 147
Activ~projet Professional Integration Services For Jobseekers In Brittany. 199
Activating and directing post-translational modification by the design and synthesis of heterobifunctional small molecules. 102
Active Thermography System. 204
ADA compliant concrete sidewalk. 227
Adani Power special economic zone (SEZ) project in Jharkhand. 215
Adaptation Of Old Classrooms Schools To Headquarters. 103
Addition/alteration Of H. No.24 In Sector-4, Chandigarh (judge House). 139
Addition/alteration Of House No.3511 (judge House) Sector-24, Chandigarh. 140
Adequacy Works Thermal Power Stations Information Production Center. 120
Adjustment Of Projects Of Water Protection Zones And Coastal Strips Of Water Bodies In The Volkovysk District Of The Grodno Region Taking Into Account The Requirements Of The Water Code Of The Republic Of Belarus. 139
Administrative Concession Of The Canteen Of The Football Field Of The Sports City Of Laurels. 107
Administrative Contract Of Services That Has As Its Object The Maintenance With Total Guarantee Of The Lifting Devices Installed In The Municipal Buildings And In The Ceip Ravine Of The Towers. 126
Adult~s Health And Care New Social Care Solution. 191
Advisory Services And Labor, Accounting And Fiscal Management. 107
Advisory Services For Upgradingstreet Lighting System Of The Municipality Of Lagada With The Aim Of Saving Energy. 125
Advisory Services In The Field Of Is Architecture Development, System Integration, Building Protection And Security Of Information Systems And Coordination Of Implementation Processes In The Implementation Of Apv Within Iis Cssa. 152
Advisory Services In The Field Of Is Architecture Development, System Integration, Building Protection And Security Of Information Systems And Coordination Of Implementation Processes In The Implementation Of Apv Within Iis Cssa. 151
AGILE - Aggregators as diGital Intermediaries in Local Electricity markets: EPSRC/ESC Follow on Funding. 424
Agreement On Purchase Of School Lunch Milk For Elementary School In 2019. 122
Agriculture Company Incorporated Well-being Gallery Work Jing And Experience Site New Construction (electric Works). 118
Ahn, Gil-myeon, Majeon-ri Village, Asukon Overlay Construction. 113
Air Traffic Control Training - Eurocontrol Common Core Content Phase 1. 112
Aji Annex Building, Fire Extension & Fire Protection Corporation. 128
Aji Annex Construction Co., Ltd. 122
Akaa Point, Quarter No. 32 Leveling As A Building Site. 122
Albania : The Foreign Policy Committee and the National Security Committee adopted two draft laws. 870
Albania : The President of the Assembly, Gramoz Ruci, hosted the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor. 457
Algeria : If Afif receives a member of the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba. 224
Algeria : MEPs to debate Monday the draft law on nuclear activities. 316
Algeria,France : DMC Constellation Strengthens Wide Area Monitoring Capabilities. 365
Alienation Of Materials Recovered From The Eco-park By An Open Procedure And Urgent Processing, Second Quarter 2.019. Several Lots. 103
Alienation Of Municipal Property, Plot No. 5 Of The Reparcelling Project Of Execution Unit 2 In The Field Of Soil Sectors Pp_1.1 And Pp-1.3. 128
All That Part And Parcel Of The Land Ad Measuring Area 4 Kattha 2 Dhur, Situated At Mauja Paigumbarpur, Pargana Gyaspur, Thana Barh, Patna, Thana No. 60, Tauzi No. 1872old 9564new, Khewat No. 21, Jama. 275
All That Part And Parcel Of The Land And Building In The Name Of Smt. Kiran Devi Kiran Kushwaha Wo Shri Rakesh Kumar A. Sale Deed No.1241 Dated 02032000, Area 896 Sq.ft, Mauja Sabalpur Bas Tal, Thana. 278
Allotment Of Space/open Land For Installation & Operation Of Mobile/telecom Tower At Cwc Warehouses In Gujarat Region. 105
Alternation Construction Of Nanseong-myeon Rock Carbonate Hot Spring. 119
Amc And Calibration Of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer At Coal Research Centre Bhel Trichy For Two Years. 200
Amc Computers And Printers For Madurai Ssa. 167
Amua Bridge in Moyo district. 123
An Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope (atem) Is To Be Acquired For The Institute For Materials Research Located At The Cologne Porz Location Of The Dlr. 478
An Electronic, Open Tender For The Supply Of Cars By Leasing. 134
An International, Electronic Iterative Contest For The Spss (section 4 Of The International E-contest No 418/2018, Which Was Declared Unnecessary). 126
An International, Open Electronic Contest For The Supply Of Motor Fuel - Heating And Lubricants, Municipality Of Mantoudi - Lake - Agia Anna And Its Legal Entities For 2 Years. 119
Analysis Of Administrative Accounts And Conduct Of A Management Dialogue On The Disability Sector With Modeling Tools And Appropriation By All Ptes Underwriters Of This Approach. 130
Ankoli C.b. No. 1,2, Chata C.b. No. 1,2 And Takali Shiradhon C.b. No. 1,2 Tq. Latur Dist. Latur. 171
Announcement No. 711/Food Supply Of The Ludwig Weber School. 118
Announcement Of A Small Number Of Milk Purchase Price (unit Price) For Lunch At Moonhyun Elementary School In 2019. 121
Announcement Of A Small Number Of Quotations For Purchasing Milk For School Lunch In 2019. 128
Announcement Of A Small Number Of Small-sized Car Rental Vehicle For The Second Grade Of 2019. 140
Announcement Of Estimation Of 2019 School Trip And 1st Semester Field Trip Vehicle Rental Number. 142
Announcement Of Quota For Small Number Of Vehicles Rented For Training Activities In Year 3 Of 2019. 142
Announcement Of Quotation For Small Amount Of Milk Purchase At Kyushu Elementary School In 2019. 107
Announcement Of Quotation For Small Amount Of Rental Service For On-site Experiential Learning Vehicle In 2019. 138
Announcement Of Quotation Of Small Quantity Of Food Item (milk) Purchase Of 2019 Grade Anshan-chocho. 131
Announcement Of Small-scale Quotation Submission Of 2019 School-grade Edible Milk Purchase Notice. 129
Announcement Of Small-scale Quotation Submission Of 2019 School-grade Edible Milk Purchase Notice. 119
Announcement Of Small-scale Quotation Submission Of 2019 School-grade Edible Milk Purchase Notice. 123
Announcement Of Small-scale Quotation Submission Of 2019 School-grade Edible Milk Purchase Notice. 125
Announcement Of Submission Of A Small Number Of Quotations - Northeast Small House Development Project. 125
Announcement Of The Quotation Of The Purchase Of The First Periodical Book Of The 2019 Municipal Library Announcement Notice. 117
Annual Contract Contracting For Small Construction Work. 199
Annual Contract Contracting For Small Construction Work. 102
Annual Greenhouse Pest Insect Control Annual Unit Construction (2 Areas) In 2019. 130
Annual Maintenance Contract (amc) For Computer Hardware/Software, Accessories And Networking With Rate Contract Of Spare Parts At Shimla Airport 2019-20. 141
Annual Maintenance Contract (amc) Of Computer Hardware And Peripherals At Various Branches & Offices Under Jurisdiction Of Guwahati Region Working In The State Of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura,manipur And Mizoram. 103
Annual Maintenance Creative Make Digital Epabx And E- Office (networkings Installed At Ee(south)iv Office. 161
Annual Rate Contract For Gardening Work For 8 Hrs. Shift In South West Zone. 196
Annual Rate Contract For Gardening Work Of 8 Hrs. Shift In Kotarpur Nursery. 192
Annual Rate Contract For Gardening Work Of 8 Hrs. Shift In Rasala Nursery & 126 Mld Gyaspur Nursery. 196
Annual Rate Contract For Lawn & Carpet Lawn Supplying And Planting Work In West Zone. 185
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Iron Made Round Tree-guard In Central Zone. 188
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Iron Made Round Tree-guard In East Zone. 192
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Loading Tempo Including Three Labours In Naranpura, Nava Vadaj & Stadium Ward Of West Zone. 197
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Loading Tempo Including Three Labours In Paldi, Vasna & Navrangpura Ward Of West Zone. 196
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Loading Tempo Including Three Labours In Sabarmati, Ranip & Chandkheda Ward Of West Zone. 196
Annual Rate Contract For Transportation Of Water Through Gprs/gsm Fitted Tanker Tracking System For Ajmer City Under Jurisdiction Of City Division I&;ii Ajmer. 105
Annual Rental Of Micropipettes With Cofrac Calibration Certificate And Purchase Of Associated Consumables For The Laboratories Of The Reunion University Hospital Center. 186
Annual Repair Of Residential Building Type-v And Vi Houses Sector-16, Chandigarh. 139
Aoh Of Air Heaters And Id/fd/pa Fans Of Unit No. 2of2x250mw,dspm Tps, Keb. 101
Appointment Of An Auditor And His Deputy For A Period Of 6 Years. 128
Appointment Of Panel Of Valuers (valuation Service Providers) Is For Valuation Of Long Standing/Un-cleared/unclaimed Cargo Lying At Cfss/Icds/Public Bonded Warehouses Or At Any Other Location Within Jurisdiction Of Central Warehousing Corporation, Regi. 103
Appointment Of Regular H&t Contractor For Foodgrains At Central Warehoue, Gondia-i, Sawra Toli, Murry Road, gondia-i- 441 601. 103
Approach Road Of Weighbridge Under Kocp In Hazaribagh Area. 142
Approved List For Plumbing And Heating Round 2. 208
Ar Of Pilibhit Bahraich Marg Ke Km 406 Se 415 Ka Bc Se Navinikaran Ka Karya. 154
Aramachi Gymnasium Extension Firefighting Corporation. 120
Arbitration Service, Direction And Technical Secretariat Of The Concentrations Of The Program Of The Province In Game For The Current Exercise And 2019-2020, Of Basketball And Volleyball Of The South Zone, According To The Indicated In The List Of Technic. 147
Archway No. 8 (kisan North Road) Line Improvement Construction Construction Waste Treatment. 126
Argentina : CenturyLink Expands its CDN Service Capability to Support Rising Demand in Latin America. 211
Armenia,Austria : OFID supports power generation in Armenia via US$25m loan. 247
Armenia,Philippines : ADB, ArmPower Sign Loan to Expand Private Sector-Developed Power Generation in Armenia. 475
Armenia,United States : IFC and MIGA Arrange $202 Million Financing Package to Strengthen Armenias Power Sector. 426
Armo Internal Ei And Fans In Gpra Under Enquiry No 1216 At Sector 4 Timarpur Delhi 110054 Sub Head Replacement Of All Existing Damage Conventional Light Fittings Of L Shape Park With Energy Efficient. 130
Armo Of Electrical And Mechanical Installations And Services In Residential And Non-residential Buildings Under Surat Central Elect. Subdivision, Surat Gujarat During 201920. Sh Outsourcing Of Manpowe. 119
Arrangement Of Deep Boring At Kendiya Tolla, Mishrain Moda Panchayat Gidi C Project Under Csr Scheme. 148
Arrangement Of Drinking Water Through Well At Mines Jhopari At Bundu Village Under Gm Unit, Argada (csr Scheme-2017-18). 150
Asbestos Concentration Measurement Service In Kindergarten. 129
Asbestos Removal - Demolition - Deconstruction - City Entrance Multimodal Parking In Guebwiller. 207
Asbestos Removal - Demolition Of Two Prefabricated Buildings. 101
Asbestos Removal And Replacement Work On The Asbestos Roof Of The Peyrehorade Fire And Rescue Center. 120
Asbestos Services And Works Framework. 103
Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation. 160
Assignment Of Public Transport Of Passengers On Bus Lines Sevlievo - Bogatovo, Sevlievo - Bura And Sevlievo - Lovnidol, Which Are Part Of The Municipal Transport Scheme From The Quota Of Municipality Of Sevlievo. 301
Assistance For The Control Of Electrical Substation Works Of The Raf Of Valladolid; Variant This. 101
Assistance For The Control Of Electrification And Branch Works Via The Southern Link Of The Raf Of Valladolid. 113
Assistance For The Control Of Improvement Works Of Singular Points In The Provinces Of Barcelona And Gerona, Motivated By The Works Of The Madrid-zaragoza-barcelona-french Border Lav. 121
Assistance For The Control Of Works For The Modifications, Adaptation And Integration Of The Security Installations And Dcos Of The Bif Sections. Galicia-la Robla-pola De Pena. 124
Assistance For The Control Of Works Of New Emergency Exits In The Tunnels Of The Vitoria-bilbao-san Sebastin Lav. Section: Vitoria-bilbao. 116
Assistance For The Control Of Works Of Security And Communications Facilities Raf Valladolid; Variant This. 101
Assistance Services For Conducting Audits And Quality Monitoring, Normalization Of Built Projects And Inventory In Works Included In Various High-speed Lines. 104
Assistance Services For The Performance Of Audits And Quality Monitoring, Standardization Of Built Projects And Inventory In The Works Included Between The Knot Of La Encina And Car. 128
Assistance Services For The Recruitment Of Departmental Managers (4 Lots). 120
Assistance To The County Council Within The Framework Of The System Of Family Care For Elderly People And Adults With Disabilities. 114
Assistance To The Project Owner Regarding The Accidentology And The Traffic Of The Faubourg Bannier And The Saint Mesmin Avenue. 147
Asukon Overlay Construction Such As Bonsan, Oksan Myeon. 119
Asukon Overlay Construction Work. 115
ATG Tyres Capacity Expansion in India. 396
Audio-guide Rental Service For The Auction And Generation Of An Application With Multimedia Content For Mobile Devices Of The Dependent Monuments Of The Department Of Heritage And Cultural Resources. 130
Audit Of The Annual Statement. 229
Auditing Compliance With Section 54 Of The Modern Slavery Act 2015. 136
Auditing Of Annual Accounts Of Kfw. 296
Augmentation Of T/wells By Replacement Of Damaged Item At Various T/well In Ac-44 R.k Puram. 154
Ausar Simariya Road To Rapra Road Per Samany Marramat Ke Sath Navinekaran. 155
Australia : Australian stars of screen and stage to perform during World Science Festival Brisbane. 494
Australia : Better view of the water very costly for Bundaberg man. 266
Australia : BitTitan Expands Presence in Australia to Meet Growing Demand. 390
Australia : Colorado ski co. doubles down on $2bn-per year industry. 348
Australia : Disused South Australia zinc mine to pilot clean-energy storage for grids. 380
Australia : Flood-affected communities to receive telehealth care with their GP. 346
Australia : Indonesia deal a boost for Queensland agriculture. 228

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