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Articles from Mena Report (June 3, 2019)

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"labour Work For Laying New Di Water Pipe Line At Ambedkarnagar Chawl, Chamunda Chawl And Upgradation Of Water Pipe Line In Naroda Ward In North Zone. ( Arc )". 201
"reparing Work Of Community Hall,ews Quarters,school,aanganwadi,public Toilet And Diff.muni.buildings At Naroda Ward In North - Zone.". 198
"surveillance Service In The Medical Disability Assessment Unit Of Logroo And In The Care And Information Centers Of The Social Security Of Arnedo And Haro, Dependents Of The Provincial Office Of The National Institute Of Social Security Of La Rioja, For. 132
(19114) 341 Services In The Field Of Nutrition. 144
(19114) 341 Services In The Field Of Nutrition: Instrument Management "5 A Day". 155
(2018-eso-1242) Purchase Of Lightweight Car Towers And Car Trailers (lithuania-vilnius: Vehicle Hoists). 125
(b19016) Cleaning And Cleaning Of Sanitary Facilities-stauffacherstrasse 65, Bern. 250
- Construction Of Chewta Garhkausik Road To Surjipur Road Chuti Kadi. 156
: Manufacturing & Supplying Of Furniture For Implementation Of Nursing Education And Services Program Under The Department Of Nursing And Midwifery. (sub-head: Furniture For Barishal Nursing College). 116
01 Ward 16 And 20 25 Chaneel Cc Slab Nirman. 143
02 Mohalla Fakir Ansari Home To Narish Qureash Home Cc Nali Nirman. 141
03 Madani Colony Me Pervaze Tractor Workshop Cc Nali Nirman. 139
04 Mohalla Sikshak Nagar Vivea Vihar Ashwani Home Tak Nirman Work. 144
06 Mohalla Kayast Wara Me Kathera Me Nali Marammat Nirman Work. 144
06no.22hp Irri Tw 25kva Nawagaon Under Nwg D/c,6no.22hp Irrtw 11line Khamhi(d) Nwg Under Nwg D/c, 3no. 22hp Irr Tw Lt Line Sarangpu Nwg Under Nwg D/c , 06no. 22hp Irr Tw Lt Line Ghatoli Under Nwg D/c. 115
07 Mohalla Kholla Basti Me Mahmood K Home To Cc Nali Nirman. 145
08 Mohalla Khankha Me Nadeemulwazid Home To Molvi Faieem Home Tak Nirman Road Nali. 147
080401 N13, Uplans Hague-oberriet, Drafting Conservation Concept. 145
09 Mohalla Nature Ghar Me Devi Wali Basti Transfer Road To Railway Road Humay Pipe Work. 145
09-18-5191, Bab 45, Replacement New Tb Sheets, Erection Of The Building Design (germany-meschede: Engineering Services). 141
1 Construction Of Interlocking Road And Drain Side Wall Azad Khan House To Banne Kha House. 153
1 Pipe Line Work Natho Talab Pump House To Jaswantgarh Tall Ward 25 And 26 Sujangarh. 140
1 Rmo Pump Set At G And H Block Mod New Delhi 2 Rmo Pump Set At Dsc Line E And Q Block Mod New Delhi 3 Moei And Fans At Ins India Dara Shukoh Road New Delhi 4 Moei And Fans At Army Wireless Ridge Road. 159
1 Uniaxialicp Accelerometer, Range Plus Or Minus 500 G Pk 2 Cable For Uniaxial Accelerometer (20 Feet). 165
1)56 Mm Diameter As Per Corporate Standard Aa10723 Rev.08 In Random Length Of 3 To 6 Meters. Straightness Within 3 Mm/Meter. Ut To Be Carried Out As Per Bhel Standard Aa0850118 (acceptance L. 407
1)a/cap Pe Compl M/cd, Oil Filling Unit And Support Welded And Oil Leakage Testing To 04391441001 R.09 Var.01 Note:- (1) A/cap Cast To 04391441002 R.10,oil Filling Unit 24391441001 R.05 And Support To. 235
1)ag 3101 Ax Brush Holder Arm (modified ) To 34332022006 Var.00 Rev.10. To Be Supplied In Proper Packing. Rc Can Be Short Closed At Any Point Depending Upon The Order Position . Identification. 215
1)aluminum Aloxide Sanding Disc As Per Given Below Specifications (pqr/cim-abrasive Disc And Belt-2019-20),rev.00. 1.size-:( Dia.178mm X 23mm Bore X 80 Grit).(2).is:715-2002.(3).bond Type-: Resin Over. 216
1)bottom Tank Assy- 1 Set To Drg 14541700031 Var 00, W/a Of Items 4, 5, 6, 8 To 38, 43, 44, 48 And 49 And Var 01, Of Item 59. Var 02, Of Item 55 To 58. Additionl Pad Welding Information Will Be Given. 101
1)cable Glands As Per Sl. No. A Of Annexure C (scope Of Supply) Of Purchase Specification No. Hpe/Rmm/Ps/14. Qty: 1 St 2)cable Termination Lugs As Per Sl. No. B Of Annexure C (scope Of Supply) Of P. 327
1)ceramic Media Chemical Qty: 1420 Kg 8) Qty:. 107
1)forging For Ring Qty: 6 No 8) Qty:. 108
1)high Pressure Hose St22004.00 Qty: 8 No 2)high Pressure Hose St22004.00 Qty: 6 No 3)h.p Hose Qty: 3 No 4)high Pressure Hose St22004.00 Qty: 1 No 5)high Pressure Hose St22004.00 Qty: 1 No 8) Qty:. 143
1)nose Suspension Assy. As Per Bhel Drg No.24451509001 Rev.05, Var.00. Qty: 300 No. 118
1)nut,slkg, M12 Uni7473, Ss Qty: 1600 No 2)hx Hd Slflkg Screw M12x1.5x28 Qty: 100 No 3)stud, M8x20, Uni 5917 Qty: 700 No 4)stud Uni 5917-m6x35-8.8 Qty: 500 No 5)thk Hx Nut, M8, Uni 5587 Qty: 250 No 6). 183
1)oil-kerosene Qty: 12000 Lt 8) Qty:. 107
1)set Of Steel Washers (each Set Consists Of 2 Nos. Of Item.01 And One No. Each Of Item.02 And 03 ) As Per Drawing No. 32530207704,rev-00. Qty: 105 St. 135
10 Construction Of Baramda In Shamshan Ghat. 144
10 Mohalla Khankha Me Murad Ali Sha Chok Nirman. 142
10600051746 Om Project Leader Integrity Port (netherlands-the Hague: Supply Services Of Personnel Including Temporary Staff). 105
1090 Vienna, Whringerstrae 25, Medical University Of Vienna - Renovation Josephinum - Hvac, Msr, Thermal Insulation And Fire Protection Work. 133
1090 Vienna, Whringerstrae 25, Medical University Of Vienna, Rehabilitation Josephinum - Partial General Contractor Services. 186
11 Construction Of Burning Plat In Shamshan Ghat. 145
11 Mardana Kabristan Me Nirman Work. 139
119 Citizen Water Rescue Operation Purchase. 108
12 Construction Of Interlocking Road And Drain And Side Wall Ram Naresh House To Damar Road. 153
12 Mohalla Foladpur Ghosiya Wal Gali Ikbal Hotal Se Cc Nali Nirman. 145
124 Amenities At The Place De L~aviation, Zac Plateau De La Mayenne At Angers Avrill (france-angers: Earthmoving Work). 156
13 Construciton Of Interlocking Road And Drain Side Wall Shiv Narayan Plot To Devendra Yadav House. 153
13 Mohalla Kayast Wal Me Sunna Wali Gali To Hazi Hasmat Wal Gali Nirma Work. 148
14 Badi Khankha Me Badi Haddi Wali Gali Godwan Nirman Nali Cc. 145
14 Sky Lift 7.50 M Long. 140
15 Mohalla Hadi Wali Godwan Me Shameem Wali Gali Nirman Cc Road. 145
16 Bhiyala Adda Me Nadha K Home To Mahoob Ke Home Tal Nirman. 146
16 Supply Of Hath Kudha Gari. 143
16s Rna Sequencing Of Bacterial Samples. 180
17 Construction Of Cc Road Mugal Road To Bankhandeshwar Mandir. 147
17g003-1 (france-lille: Graphic Design Services). 113
18 E 10087 - Local Courts And Prosecutors - Maintenance And Glass Cleaning (germany-brunswick: Cleaning Services). 126
18 Supply Of Aishasar Tractor 241 Xtrac 1 Clinder 25 Hp Prsher Trolly. 150
19 Supply Of Water Coolar Steel Badi 80x 40. 146
19e0222 - Police Headquarters Trier, 2nd Construction Phase, Moltkestr. 21-23/Krenzer Str. 23, 54292 Trier. 144
19e0257 (lbb Nl Mainz) Landtag Rhineland-palatinate Mainz - Sustainable Renovation/Wooden Doors. 135
19e0271 (lbb Nl Mainz) Landtag Rhineland-palatinate Mainz - Sustainable Renovation/Wooden Doors. 133
19e0273 (lbb Nl Mainz) Landtag Rhineland-palatinate Mainz - Sustainable Renovation/Wall Coverings. 192
19fea39861 Development And Implementation Of Social Media Personnel Marketing Measures. 240
19gpt05 - Mount Faron Security Works Against The Risk Of Landslides Ct5, Ct6, Ct7, Mt17 And Mt18 Sectors. 249
19o40232 Dresdner Castle, West Wing, Historical Restoration (germany-dresden: Painting Work). 102
19o70145 University Of Leipzig, Faculty Of Medicine, Institute Building. 103
19v0412 Acropolis Multitechnical Maintenance - Palais Des Expositions. 214
1st Year Monitoring Of Plantations. 137
2 Construction Of Nala Yadunath House To Petrol Pamp. 142
2 Tin Shed Work Gandhi Chowk Ward 27 Sujangarh. 133
200,000 Pr Impulse Ears (isgs) Q/E2dt/Ig068/8a730 (germany-coblenz: Safety Equipment). 101
2019 Acquisition Of Seongsan Highland Boarding Ship Training Experience And Touring Services In Kyushu, Japan. 134
2019 Aquaculture Fishery Purification Project. 115
2019 Boeun Army Set Up And Operate Free Water Playground For Children In Summer. 101
2019 Boulevard Undergrowth Construction. 108
2019 Oak Wilt Of Sticky Roll Trap Installation Quote. 117
2019 Oak Wilt Room Provider (roll Trap). 114
2019 Policy Forestry (large Tree, Young Tree Growing) Business (1 Region). 103
2019 Sancheong-gun Public Sewage Treatment Facility Integrated Management System Maintenance Service. 121
2019 Slate Roof Dismantling Treatment Construction In Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do 1. 128
2019-0-76: Supply Of Reagents For Viral Load Cytomegalovirus (cmv), Epstein-baar Virus (ebv) And Bk Virus By Real-time Pcr. Microbiology Service Of The University Hospital 12 De Octubre. 145
2019-0223 Framework Agreement On The Supply And Installation Of Kitchen Units And Teaching Kitchens. 141
2019. Iri Dongshancho 6th Grade Theme-based On-site Experiential Learning Vehicle Rental Service Small Amount Quotation Submission Guide Notice. 127
20196201 Repair Modernization Of Refrigeration Units Ae.9. 121
2019ape133 - Creation Of A Double Turn On The Left Rd 675/Rd 287 And Rd 675 Multi-function Bands Angerville. 160
2019efs-gest168 Reference Number: 2019efs-gest168. 127
2019g12081610 - 1900013 - Master Agreements With Purchase Orders In 2 Lots, For Supply And Installation Work, And Maintenance Work, Blinds And Shutters. 163
2019soa100 - Diving Inspections Of Underwater Supports Of Engineering Structures. 140
24-hour Ambulance And Vsl Ambulance Transport Services For Inpatients And The Provision Of Road Transport Of Blood, Biological And Health Products. 130
24/7 Preventive And Curative Maintenance Of Network And Security It Equipment. 126
250 MW Wind Power Project in Aydin Province. 136
250 MW Wind Power Project in Balikesir Province. 141
250 MW Wind Power Project in Canakkale Province. 136
250 MW Wind Power Project in Mugla Province. 141
3 Construction Of Nala Mulayam Singh House To Gangaram House. 143
3 Reparing And Boundary Wall Work Fire Station Ward 27 Sujangarh. 135
30. Material For Percutaneous Biopsies. 114
360 - Deconstruction And Asbestos Removal Work At The Former Tartifume College On The Capucins Plateau (france-angers: Building Demolition And Wrecking Work And Earthmoving Work). 148
3hp Centrifugal Monoblock Water Pump Set,5 Hp Centrifugal Monoblock Water Pump Set. 311
3rd Year Monitoring Of Plantations. 137
4 Reconsctruction Of Interlocking Brick Road And Drain Towar To Bharmadeen House. 149
5 Mohalla Barziyaulhuck Me Baba Furniture Muzaffar Home Tak Cc Nirman Work. 145
5 Reconsctruction Of Interlocking Brick And Drain Jasgish House To Arvind House. 149
5th Year Monitoring Of Plantations. 137
6 Construction Of Talabe Man Singh House To Dayasankar House. 147
6/151 Rajnagar Sy 8/10 Rajnagar Tak (puliya Sahet) Tak Naly Ke Safai Ka Karya. 158
602441 Renovation U. Standard Increase Et1 - Weight 72.04 Ventilation System, Cooling. 122
65.148.19 City Hall South Wing Electrical Engineering. 277
7 Construction Of Interlocking Road And Drain Side Wall Lakhan Singh House To Shiv Balak House. 153
7/195 Rajnagar Sy 8/10 Rajnagar Tak (puliya Sahet) Tak Naly Ke Safai Ka Karya. 158
73 General Rehabilitation Vocational School Pirmasens, Building A - Lot 00.3 Construction Site. 121
7709 - Graviner Mark V Oil Fog Detector Replacement. 162
8 Construcition Of Interlocking Brick And Drain Arvind Kumar House To Man Singh House. 151
80146-47 Supply Of Telecommunications Equipment And Office Equipment. 153
8429/gwl/e8 Repair And Maintenance Of Centrifugal And Submersible Pump Motors, Column Pipe, Electrical Services To Water Supply Installations At Morar Cantt Under Ge Gwalior. Column 171
8674/bor/e8 Term Contract For Artificers Works For The Tech Area Of 19 Wing, Af Under Ge(af) Borjhar. 182
8675/bor/e8 Term Contract For Artificers Works Of Building Of Mountain Shadow Area Under Ge(af) Borjhar. 180
8676/bor/e8 Term Contract For Artificers Works Of Building Of Nkp 8lu 11 Asc 3afsr Site C And Mes Complex Under Ge(af) Borjhar. 187
88214_019_461 Elevator Installation. 160
9 Construction Of Interlocking Work Shamshan Ghat Boundary Wall. 142
9/1 Rajnagar Sy 9/30 Rajnagar Tak (puliya Sahet) Tak Naly Ke Safai Ka Karya. 158
90 Service Centers Day Center For Dependent Elderly People In The Town Of Logroo (3 Lots) (spain-logroo: Daycare Services). 106
A Mtc Of Sewerage Scheme At Gurdaspur Deposit Work Prov And Fixing Penstock Gate Valve In Complete All Other Work Contingent Thereto At Site Of Main Pumping Station Gurdaspur. 169
A Public Contract For The Provision Of Full-day Care With The Food Of Foreigners Resident In The Aliens Center, Which Is Carried Out In An Environmentally Sound Manner (slovenia-ljubljana: Catering Se. 151
A Stream Of Klassieke Sector-dvd19l005. 149
A-66 Motorway. Extension To Third Lane And Remodeling Of Links. Section: Link Lugones - Link Matalablima. Province Of Asturias. 121
A. Rmo 160 Kva Dg Set And Pump Set Installed At Faridkot House, New Delhi. Sh: Annual Maintenance Of 160 Kva Dg Set I/c B-check Material. B. Rmo 2x80 Tr And 1x40 Tr Central Ac Plant And 1x160 Kva Dg S. 198
A/a To Dr. Rml Hospital, New Delhi Dg. And Fixing Steel Scrub Stations In Emergency O.t. At 1st Floor Old Emergency Building. 117
A/r And M/o Gpoa Domlur, Bangalore During 2019-20 3rd Call. 103
A/r And M/o To Income Tax Officers Colony Type-iv,v,vi Quarters At Road No.10 And Type-i,ii,iii,iv,v And Vi Quarters At Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad During The Year 2019-2020. Sh: Internal And. 152
A/r And M/o To Kendriya Sadan, Nirman Bhavan, Sib Office Building, Sib Quarters At Koti, Sultan Bazar, Cpwd Quarters At Sultan Bazar And Badichowdi, Aayakar Bhavan, Central Excise Buildings At Basheer. 165
A14 Rheintal Walgau Motorway Insb Wolfurt-dornbirn Km 11,89-14,60 - Construction Work. 102
Aaipr19-216 Preparation For The Dismantling Of The Ets - Chooz A Site. 268
Aapada Food Supply At Mau Up. 143
Aapc - Multicultural Room Rehabilitation. 120
Aapc Amenagement Flowing Pieton Rue Collonge. 124
Aapc Constr Project 15 Logs Illkirch Graffenstaden. 144
Aapc Rehabilitation 80 Houses Abcd Chaillouet Troyes Lot 8. 105
Accelerated Stability Study For Bio Polymeric Skin Scaffold As Per Astm F-1980 And Ich Q1a-r2 Guideline. 184
Access Management, Connected Waste Collection And Data Platform (3 Lots). 104
Accompaniment For The Phd Program (ddae). 117
Accurate Safety Inspection And Performance Evaluation Service At 6 Stations Including National Highway No. 37 Voice Voice, Shincheon Slope. 142
Acquisition And Installation Of Sound Equipment, Audiovisual Equipment, Stage Lighting, Event Electric Distribution And Associated Accessories. 112
Acquisition And Maintenance Of The Software Allowing The Management And The Billing Of The Incentive Fee And Accesses In Waste Disposal Of The Smd3 And Its Members (coulounieix-chamiers: Database And. 212
Acquisition And Maintenance Of Weather Suits And Military Police Weather Suits. 122
Acquisition And Update Of Licenses For Unlimited Deployment Of Oracle Database (ula Oracle) (spain-murcia: Database-management System). 106
Acquisition Of 6 Mixed Vans Of 9 Seats And 1 Mixed Van Of 6 Seats For The Transfusion Center Of The Valencian Community. 124
Acquisition Of A Big Data Analytics Solution For The Extremadura Health Service (spain-mrida: Software Package And Information Systems). 118
Acquisition Of A Ctd, Equipped With Hydrological Bottles And A Ctd Probe For The Ird Imago Service Unit. 114
Acquisition Of A Duplex Vibrating Roller And A Front-mounted Sweeper. 112
Acquisition Of A Grooming Machine For The Management Of Autrans-maudre En Vercors Ski Lifts Reference Number: 2019irm07. 130
Acquisition Of A Slow Crusher For Bulky. 116
Acquisition Of A Triple Quadrupole Icp-ms Spectrometer. 135
Acquisition Of A Truck Equipped With A Recycling Crane, A Lifting Arm And A Box Acquisition Of 02 Additional Boxes Reference No .: 2019-05-01. 145
Acquisition Of An Advanced Manufacturing Cell And Cyber-physical Systems In The Framework Of The Project intelligent Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory. 133
Acquisition Of Audiophones And Audioguides For The Tourist Office Of Amiens Mtropole (france-amiens: Apparatus For Sound, Video Recording And Reproduction). 104
Acquisition Of Baking Flour For The Traditional Bakery Workshops Of The Penitentiary Centers (spain-madrid: Breadmaking Flour). 139
Acquisition Of Cleaning Vehicles For Sewerage Networks In The Territory Of The Urban Community Of Dunkirk - 8 Lots (france-dunkirk: Chassis Cabs). 122
Acquisition Of Collection - Treatment - Transport - Elimination Of The Concentrate Resulting From The Reverse Osmosis Treatment Of Leachate Resulting From (...) Details On (romania-. 159
Acquisition Of Digital Radiology Rooms For Chuv. 129
Acquisition Of Diplomas And Qualifications In Apprenticeship Training. 205
Acquisition Of Electrical Cables (romania-bucharest: Power Distribution Cables). 153
Acquisition Of Ercp Hardware (). 139
Acquisition Of Information Systems Consulting Services (technical Specification And Maintenance) (lithuania-vilnius: Software Programming And Consultancy Services). 123
Acquisition Of Milk, Dairy And Cheese At The Units Under The Dgaspc Alba (romania-alba Iulia: Pasteurised Milk). 167
Acquisition Of Printing, Printing And Copying Services. 163
Acquisition Of Services For Carrying Out Surveys On Measuring The Satisfaction Of Poca Beneficiaries With Regard To The Support Provided By The Am, As Well As (...) Details On (roma. 545
Acquisition Of Traffic Lights And Signs And Other Related Metallic Assemblies (romania-bucharest: Assembly Of Metal Structures). 168
Acquisition Of Vaccinal Doses Of Blue Tongue 2019 (spain-mrida: Vaccines For Veterinary Medicine). 115
Acquisition Of Vehicle Assigned To The Public Security And Public Order Service By Open Procedure. 119
Acquisition Of Ventilated Racks, Ventilation Units And Their Accessories For Rodent Accommodation For The Animal And Plant Biology Center Coordination Center. 172
Acquisition Of Wind Jackets And Monkeys For Pilots, Az Weather Suits, Pixelated Monkeys, Polar Sweaters And Overalls For Armored Vehicles. 122
Acquisition, Delivery And Installation Of Sports Equipment For High Schools In The Bourgogne-franche-comt Region Reference Number:. 171
Acquisition, Delivery And Installation Of Sports Equipment For High Schools In The Bourgogne-franche-comt Region. 184
Acquisition, Delivery And Maintenance Of Public Transport Vehicles For The Carsud Network. 167
Acquisition, Deployment And Maintenance Of An Hr Portal For Ght Lorraine Nord. 106
Acquisition, Installation And Start-up Of New Security And Video Surveillance Elements And Systems, And New Elements And Security Systems For Access Control And Anti-intrusion (spain-madrid: Surveilla. 145
Acquisition, Installation, Maintenance And Related Services Of A Software Solution For Financial Management And Human Resources Management (france-viry-chtillon: Administration Software Package). 244
Acquisition, Update And Technical Support Of Oracle Licenses And Technical Support Services For The Comprehensive Information Infrastructure For Defense (i3d) (spain-madrid: Software Package And Infor. 142
Acs & Oftec Training & Assessment Services (pin). 126
Active Travel Promotion In Schools. 291
Active Vibration Isolation For An Fei Titan Chemistem G2 80-200 Transmission Electron Microscope. 101
Activity Management Service At The Environmental Center Of San Nicols. 111
Adaptation And Implementation Omnitracker. 160
Adaptation Of The Electromechanical Elements In The Pumping Station Of The Modernization Project In Sectors V, Vi And Vii Of Monegros 2 For The Community Of Irrigators Collarada, 2nd Section (huesca). 153
Addiction Counseling In The District Of Dahme-spreewald. 420
Addition Alteration And Special Repairs At Mewr (e) Building And Provision Of Ceiling For Stores And Workers Changing Room At Yas Department At Nsry (kar) Naval Base Karwar. 174
Addn Altn To Building No P-71 At Af Station Maharajpur. 150
Addn/altn And Addn Altn To Drainage System Ins Dronacharya Fortkochi 2. 157
Addressing And Positioning Of Burners On The Omnicut 4600g. 128
Adjudication Contract Security And Surveillance Services With A Gender Perspective Of The Marisma De Los Toruos And Pinar De La Algaida Metropolitan Park, Puerto De Santa Mara And Puerto Real (cdiz. 151
Adjudication Of The Condition Of Developer Of The Program Of Integrated Performance Of The Execution Unit A-14/16 Of The Urban Land Of The General Plan Of Burriana. 111
Adoption Services: Recruitment And Placement. 166
Adult And Other Education Services; Conception And Implementation Of Individual Measures For Activation And Occupational Integration. 106
Adv-cum-creation Of Misc Plantation At Ecl Under Durgapur Division(2nd Call). 147
Advanced Comprehensive Service Of Information And Communications Technologies Of The City Of Alcal De Henares. 131
Advanced Support And Early Warning Service For Oracle Databases And Weblogic Server Of The University Of Mlaga. 125
Advertising Services (romania-cluj-napoca: Advertising Services). 552
Afghanistan,Belgium : The EU and the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan hold High-level Political and Security Dialogue. 373
Afghanistan,Pakistan : Prime Minister Imran Khan held a bilateral meeting with President of Afghanistan Dr. Ashraf Ghani. 109
Aging Buk-sa Special Classroom Extension Communication Corporation. 124
Agreement Concerning The Provider~s Connection To The Aptr With Regard To The Collection Of Parking, Relocation. 435
Agricultural Actions 2019-2021 On The Catchment Area Of arguenon - Hatte 22130 Plven. 114
Air/gas Chromatography System Coupled With Thermal Desorption System And Accessories As Specified. 144
Aircraft Chartering During The Forestry Campaign For The General Directorate Of Prevention, Fire And Rescue Extinction, Distributed In 4 Lots (spain-barcelona: Aerial Forest-firefighting Services). 130
Airplane Interior Parts Production Plant in Jakovlje. 114
Albania : Committee on Labor, Social Affairs and Health held its next hearing on amendments to the Criminal Code. 179
Albania : Committee on Labor, Social Affairs and Health paid an informative visit to the regional hospital of the city of Fier. 659
Albania : Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights joint meeting with the National Security Commission. 249
Albania : Secretary General praises Albanias commitment to NATO, calls for political dialogue. 154
Albania : Special Parliamentary Commission on Electoral Reform adopts working calendar May - November 2019. 147
Albania : The Albanian delegation, chaired by Ms. Kodheli participates in the proceedings of the Spring Session in AP NATO. 356
Albania : The Ambassador of the EU, Luigi Soreca, delivered to the Speaker of Parliament, Gramoz Rui, the EC report with the positive recommendation for opening negotiations with Albania unconditionally. 694
Albania : The Assembly convened in plenary session three independent institutions and the National Council of European Integration reported on the annual activity. 643
Albania : The Committee on Economy and Finance held a hearing session on the annual activity report of the Financial Supervisory Authority for 2018. 386
Albania : The Committee on European Integration held a meeting, with the object of reviewing the annual report of the National Council of European Integration for 2018. 242
Albania : The Committee on Foreign Policy adopted in principle, article by article and two draft laws in its entirety. 371
Albania : The Committee on Labor, Social Affairs and Health reviewed in principle and held a hearing on the proposed amendments to the Criminal Code. 632
Albania : The Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights held a hearing session. 197
Albania : The Committee on National Security, reviewed article by article, a draft law. 146
Albania : The Committee on Production, Trade and Environment discussed a draft law and held a hearing on amendments to the Criminal Code on Food Safety. 213
Albania : The Committee on Production, Trade and Environment held a hearing with representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, ERE, KESH, OST, OSHEE, AKBN on the issues encountered during the review of the ERE 2018 Annual Report. 317
Albania : The Committee on Productive Activities, Trade and Environment adopted in principle the draft law "On some amendments to Law no. 7895, dated 27.1.1995, "Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania", amended "(Initiative of 37 thousand voters). 215
Albania : The Council of Legislation is convened his new composition is constituted. 223
Albania : The EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca, presents the European Commission Report on Albania, the Parliamentary Commission on European Integration. Report 339
Albania : The President of the Assembly, Gramoz Ruci welcomes the delegation of the US Congress and the Atlantic Council: the Euro-Atlantic course, the only alternative of Albania and the Western Balkans. 236
Albania : The President of the Assembly, Gramoz Rui, hosted the OSCE Special Representative, Ambassador Andreas Nothelle. 279
Albania : The President of the CPC, Kodheli, meeting with the Slovak counterpart, Mrs. Csefalvayova. 381
Albury to Illabo (A2I) project. 239
Alcoholic And Non-alcoholic Drinks. 108
All Cleaning And Allied Works Of Trimbak City Under Solid Waste Management. 147
Allocation Of Public Passenger Services In The Districts Miltenberg And Elsavatal. 522
Alstom Mrp236 Repair Service For Toilet Floor And Electric Train Bodywork (italy-rome: Reconditioning Services Of Rolling Stock). 124
Altertion Work Ground Floor And Construction Of First Floor Meeting Hall At Tmc Bommasandra. 105
Altitude Simulation System With Atmospheric Conditions Control For Manned And Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (spain-ciudad Real: Flight Simulators). 124
Alum 1st Grade, Isi Marked, Required Ferric Alumina 16 Pracent (aprx. Qty Upto 300 Mt). 148
Aluminium Alloy Melting Furnaces With Vertical D.c. Casting Machine. 198
Ambulatory And Domiciliary Peritoneal Dialysis Service For Patients Benefiting From Health Care Belonging To The Lion University Care Complex. 108
Amc For Boiler Three Element Control System. 140
Amc For Operation Of Colony. 120
Amc For Tej Jem 21000plus Eds For The Period From 01.04.2019 To 31.03.2021. 191
Amc For The Cathodic Protection For 3 No. 600 Mt Msv~s At Chennai Lpg Plant. 139
Amc Of Kent Ro Water Purifier. 164
Amendment No. 3 To The Contract Relating To Project Management Relating To The Project For The Development Of Rue De Meudon And Place Jules Guesde In Boulogne-billancourt (france-meudon: Architectural. 153
Amendment Of The Integrated Urban Reconstruction And Development Plan - Varna 2014-2020 And Update Of The Municipal Development Plan Of Varna Municipality 2014-2020. (bulgaria-varna: Documentation Ser. 143
Amk, Kh Gardelegen, Structural-funkt.umstruktg., Heating Plumbing. 210
Amk, Kh Gardelegen, Structurally Functional Umstruktg., Ventilation .ba. 211
Ammonium Perchlorate (ap) As Per Specification. 181
Amo Aiming At Modeling Watercourses And Defining Management Scenarios - Relaunching Of Lot 1 (stream Modeling Study And Definition Of Development Scenario) (france-orlans: Environmental Engineering C. 159
Amo For The Implementation Of The Charter To Promote Employment And Territorial Development. 138
Amo For The Realization Of An Organizational Audit, A Review Of The Processes And The Elaboration Of The Contract Of Objective And Performance (france-paris: Auditing Services). 133
An Electronic, Open Public Procurement Procedure For The Following: Supply Of Food And Supply Of Basic Material Assistance (bss) (tiba). 210
An Electronic, Open Public Tender For The Provision Of Project Maintenance Services: Elenxis: Regional Information Infrastructure For Auditing Services - Opisy And Other Similar Equipment ~. (greece-a. 255
An Gil Ascon. 113
An International, Electronic Contest For The Supply Of Bibliographic Databases And Foreign And Greek Journals For The Needs Of The Central Library Of The Aristotle University For The Year 2019. (greec. 239
An Open, Competitive, Competitive Dialogue To Award A Public-private Partnership Agreement, Entitled Ultrafast Broadband Infrastructure. 515
Analysis Of Future Health And Social Care Spending. 209
Anchoring And Retrofitting Anchor Force Measuring Devices At The L216 Dientener Landesstrae, B164 Hochknig Strae And B311 Pinzgauer Strae. 124
Anesthesia Iva (sweden-linkping: Anaesthesia Devices). 170
Angola : "There Is No False Public Debt". 655
Angola : Executive Will Monitor Price of Basic Products. 726
Angola : Members of the 6th Committee Work on the Ugly. 253
Angola : OGE Review Is Appreciated in Specialty. 289
Angola : UN Recognizes Advances in Angola. 280
Announcement Of The Hospital Clnic De Barcelona About The Formalization Of A Contract For The Preventive, Corrective And Normative Maintenance Service Of The Drger Electromedical Equipment Of The Ho. 132
Annual And Special Repair To R.b. In International Hostel Sector 15 Chandigarh. 151
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Fire Alarm System Alongwith Associated Arrangement At Belagavi Airport. 152
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Fire Alarm System Alongwith Associated Arrangement At Belagavi Airport. 121
Annual Contract For Operation And Maintenance And Breakdown Maintenance Of 220/11 Kv Main Receiving Substation At Barc-smfc, Challakere, Chitradurga, Karnataka. 150
Annual Maintenance Contract For Fume Hood And Allied Laboratory Furniture, Equipment, Duct Etc. At Different Laboratories Of Indian Association For The Cultivation Of Science, Jadavpur, Kolkata. 239
Annual Maintenance Contract For Reapir. 141
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Computers, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Scanners, Ups Etc., Installed In Both The Departments Of The Ministry Of Hrd. 170
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Mail Messaging And Network Management Solutions At Ivri, Izatnagar. 190
Annual Maintenance Job Contract For Ess Upkeeping For Cisf Barrack Accommodation Aai Guest House Kalyanmayee Hall Aai Residential Colony Allotted To Lady Cisf Personnel At Madurai Airport. 164
Annual Maintenance Of Park At Crs, Rest House House Hospital At Crs Barkakana For One Year. 158
Annual Maintenance Of Water Supply And Sewerage Lines And Water Works Site At Urban Estate Phase-4 And 5, Bathinda For The Period From 01-07-2019 To 31-03-2020. 160
Annual Non Cmc Of Genie Make Scissor Lift And Aerial Platform Lift At Goa Airport. 156
Annual Non Comprehensive Maintenance Contract Of Genie Make Scissor Lift And Aerial Platform Lift At Goa Airport. 125
Annual Operation Contract For Main Sub Station At Bel Ghaziabad. 116
Annual Rate Contract (arc) For M/s Thermo Make S-analyzer Installed At Nht Unit Of Mathura Refinery. 142
Annual Rate Contract For Construction And Commissioning Of Bore Holes For Tube Wells Of 200 Mm Dia In Various Water Supply Schemes Of District Bhilwara By Dth Rigs On Single Responsibility Turn Key. 113
Annual Rate Contract For Hiring Of Close Body Bolero For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Kadodara-1 Sub-division Under Kadodara Division, Hiring Of Close Body Bolero For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Kadodara-2 Sub-divisi. 115
Annual Rate Contract For Hiring Of Utility/pick Up Van For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Kadodara-1 Sub-division Under Kadodara Division. 104
Annual Rate Contract For Hiring Of Utility/pick Up Van For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Kamrej Sub-division Under Kadodara Division. 104
Annual Rate Contract For Hiring Of Utility/pick Up Van For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Kim Sub-division Under Kadodara Division. 104
Annual Rate Contract For Hiring Of Utility/pick Up Van For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Palsana Sub-division Under Kadodara Division. 104
Annual Rate Contract For Hiring Of Utility/pick Up Van For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Pipodara Sub-division Under Kadodara Division. 104
Annual Rate Contract For Hiring Of Utility/pick Up Van For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Sevani Sub-division Under Kadodara Division. 104
Annual Rate Contract For Mechanical Maintenance Of Ash Handling Plant Including Round The Clock Operation Assistance Of Ash Handling System Of Unit #1 & 2(2x500 Mw) Of Dstps, Dvc, Andal. 131
Annual Rate Contract For The Loading/unloading Of Key Material In Divisional Stores And Loading/unloading Of Damaged/repaired Transformer In Divisional Workshop And Chadoora Workshop Under The Jurisd. 172
Annual Rate Contract Hiring Of Close Body Bolero For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Pipodara Sub-division Under Kadodara Division., Hiring Close Body Bolero For Day To Day Maintenances And Complaints Gang For Mota Borasara Sub-division Un. 150
Annual Rate Of Battery Upto 31st March 2020. 161
Annual Repair Special Repair To Nrb State Library Sector 34 Chandigarh. 149
Annual Running Maintenance Of Swimming Pool For Six Months In Conection. 110
Annual Stage Contract For Carrying Out Preventive Routine Breakdown Maintenance Of Various 132 33kv Grid Sub-stations And Allied 132kv Transmission Lines Falling Under The Jurisdiction Of Tlmd Iii Ama. 161
Anti-virus Provision Quarry Hill. 148
Anwani Kendra Latter 180. 136

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