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Articles from Mena Report (June 27, 2019)

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"carrying Out A Specialized Transport Of Students From Viii - Xii Grade From Targovishte Municipality During The School Year 2019-2020 In Two Separate Positions". 200
"cleaning Services For Zoological Garden st Nad Labem, Po". 158
"delivery Of Stationery Included In The List Of Goods And Services Under Art. 12, Para. 1,. 311
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For Object:" 37 "flameche" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sports In Kindergarten 37 "plameche", Kindergarten I "for Kindergarten" (id 10135.4502.120 Of The Cc ), Square 16. 122
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For The Site:" Sg 47 "lyulyache" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sport, Located In "lyulyac" 47, Reg. I "for Kindergarten", 2a Id 10135.5510.333), According To The Plan Of "g. 111
"implementation Of The Construction And Assembly Works Of The Project 38" Margaritka "- Major Repair And Reconstruction Of Outdoor Playgrounds And Sports Facilities, Located In" Margaritka " 38, Reg. Xx 290,291" For United Kindergarten ", 12 (id 10135.45. 118
$ Completion Of Construction Works For Site: Sg No 9 "alen Mak" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sports In Sg 9 "alen Mak", Pi 10135.2562.165 According To The Plan Of The Project At 20 M . Of The City Of Varna, . Chaika,. 119
(1) Gents Safety Shoes As Per Specification No. Hemrl/mmd/gss/2015/9 (2) Ladies Safety Shoes As Per Specification No. Hemrl/mmd/lss/2016/17. 188
(according To The Pavement Construction Of The Local Road Between Byeonggyo And Nakan). 118
(bidding Agency) Mararie Fishing Village Eco-friendly Seaweed Extension And Remodeling Construction Work. 130
(bidding Agency) New New Design For New Service. 119
(bidding Agent) Purchase Material For Installation Of Nutrient Solution Cultivation Facility For Strawberry Good Seedling Supply. 119
(urgent) Korea Poultry Agricultural Cooperatives Yeongcheon Distribution Center Low Temperature Warehouse Extension Construction (architecture). 133
0. 4 Kv Auxiliary Panels. 106
093 - Partial Demolition And Construction Of Vocational School Ii Mhldorf A. Inn - Trade 1202.a360.2 Carpentry Interior Doors Ba 2. 183
1 Moei And Fans, R/m Of P/set, Dg Set, Lift Of C 10 To C 13 I. Tax Office Bldg. Bkc, Mumbai. 2 Moei And Fan, R/m Of P/set, S/l, Lift Of 56 Nos. Type Iv Income Tax And Custom Qtrs Kalanagar, Bandra E,. 155
1 No. Ip Conn Work (ip Conn To Pooja Industried ) At Vill. Birkona U/n Sendri D/c U/n Ae (d) Bilaspur . P.r. No. 108
1 Package Mobisit Vibration Training Instrument 1 Set, Children S Station Stand 1 Set, Discharge Machine 4 Sets, Electrocardiogram Monitor 4 Sets; 2 Packages 1 Set Of Early Diagnosis System For Non-in. 115
1) Proveding Metalling & Asphalting Road From Yaddegowdanahalli To Beeralingeshwara Temple Road Via Channanakatte Coming Under Of Hrbhlc (length 3.00km ). 2) Proveding Metalling & Asphalting. 141
1) Proveding Metalling & Asphalting Road From Yaddegowdanahalli To Join Hangaramuddanahalli Coming Under Of Hrbhlc (length 4.00km. 2) Proveding Metalling & Asphalting Road From Nagaranahalli. 138
1)(1) Dia 18x915 1.5, -0 Mm Lg. Phos. Bronze Bar To Spcn. Aa12144 Rev.00 (72 Nos.) (2) Phos. Bronze Bar Is To Be Supplied In Bundle Of 36 Nos. (3) Qap No.- Qa/mt/boi/008 Rev.05 Will Be Applicable. Qty. 152
1)150/1 A Current Transformer To Drg No.34022240034 Rev.20, Item.25 Qty: 9 No. 121
1)250 Nb Flexible Hose # 5 To Drg. Tr20083 H. Rev 11. Qty: 65 No. 116
1)52/72.5 Kv (2000/3150a) Fluoro Carbon Rubber " O" Rings And Gaskets As Per Annexure-4 Rev02, And As Per Spec.aa59808 Rev01. Qty: 150 No. 125
1)cathode Movement Motor, 3ph Ind Motor, Frame-80v, De/nde Brg-6204/6204, Mounting : Flange Mounted, 415v, 50hz, Conn-delta, 1.86a, 1.0hp, 0.75kw, 1400rpm, H Percent , Duty-s1, Encl-tefc, Ip-44 Qty: 5. 171
1)commutator Bar Blank As Per Bhel 34394280001 Rev. 06. Var. 00. Qa Plan No. Qtm/tam/vendor/qap/2016-17/tm 4303/commutator Bar Blank Rev. 01 Dated 17-10-2016 To Be Followed. Qty: 5400 No. 140
1)demu Rectifier Cubicle Frame To Bhel Drg No. 16670600112 V00 R05 Along With Air Inlet Duct To Bhel Drg No. 36670600258 R07 V01 (1 Litre Of Finish Paint Is Also To Be Supplied With Each Cubicle For T. 173
1)double Pole Dc Mcb, 6 Amp, 24v Dc, C Curve, Breaking Capacity : 10ka, Operating Temperature Range -10 Deg C To 70 Deg C, Shall Have Shipping Approvals Like Gl Or Lr Or Dnv Or Rmrs Or Abs Make : Eato. 576
1)insulation Tube Qty: 2 No 2)gls-insul-tube Qty: 2 Mr 3)conduit Qty: 1 No 4)conduit Qty: 1 No 5)insulation Tube Qty: 8 No 6)insulating Tube Qty: 1 No 8) Qty:. 136
1)mech. Shaft Assy 820w (plated) To Drg. No. 25211001662-v00 Rev.00. Except Support Roller To Drg. No. 45211001621-001, Rev04. Qty: 200 No. 122
1)moulded Component For Winding And Coil Assy. As Per Enclosed Annexure. Qty: 2 St. 115
1)nitrogen Injection Type Fire Prevention And Extinguishing System As Per Annexure Enclosed. Qty: 2 No. 120
1)pinewood Loose (large) To Size 150x25x6100 Mm Long As Per Specn. No. Aa 51401 Rev. 03. Qty: 190 Qm 2)pinewood Loose (large) To Size 150x100x4570 Mm Long As Per Specn. No. Aa 51401 Rev. 03. Qty: 45 Q. 301
1)poly Urethane Finishing Paint Light Grey With Accelerator To Aa56142 Rev.06 Shade 631 Of Is 5:2007. Packing Size Of The Accelarator Must Be 5 Ltr Or Less And Paint Base Packing Must Be In The Ratio. 171
1)resin Combination Si 622 Or Equivalent As Per Spec.tm11520 Qty: 3000 Kg. 115
1)s.s. Casting For Top Sealing Ring In Rough Machined Condition To Drg. No. F 3610695 (r-03), Mat. Specn. No. Aa 19542 (r-08), Prod. Std. Ht 00252 (r-04) And Qa Plan No. Qax/Ht/845 (r-00). Qty: 1. 141
1)self Lubricating Bush As Per Drg. No. 32120118804 Rev.02 And Product Standard Ht 00220 Rev.02. Qty: 2 No. 122
1)spare For Graco Airless Sprayer- Pump Repair Kit, Part Number - 24f965, New Part Code-25d237 Qty: 5 No 2)spare For Graco Airless Sprayer, Q Strainer, 1" Female : Inlet Strainer, Part Code-181072 Qty. 230
1)special Seal For Trunnion (i/d 800) As Per Drg. No. 32120118808 Rev. 00 And Technical Requirements Mentioned Therein. Qty: 2 No. 124
1)vaccum Interrupter D2-m2 (bel Make) For Pvti To Drg No. 35191000568-001, Rev-00. Qty: 108 No. 114
1. Back Cover Inner Plate, Outer Plate Stamping Die 2. Back Cover Inner Plate, Outer Plate Pre-batch Parts Each 300 Sets. 105
1. For Day To Day Maintenance 9.0. River Side Filter Plant And Colony Maintenance At Kathara Collie. 186
1. Led Based Load Ammeter For (350 Hp And 700 Tpp ) 2. Led Based Load Ammeter For 1400 Hp). 143
1. Left And Right Front Door, Left And Right Back Door Frame Stamping Die 2. Left And Right Front Door, Left And Right Rear Door Frame Pre-batch 300 Sets Each. 108
1. Renovation At Lp Section, Doa Stores, A Block Hutments, New Delhi. 2 Renovation In Room No. 6, Doa Civ, A Block Hutments, New Delhi. Sh- S.i.t.c Of 1.50tr Stac Units. 127
1. Rmo Wet Riser System, Sprinkler Pump I/c Fire Alarm System In Paying Ward Block New Building At Lhmc And Ah, New Delhi. 2. Rmo Fire Fighting System And Fire Alarm System In U.g Hostel And Hsb Docto. 159
1. Sh-160 To Makhani Sirsam Badawani Raod 2. Sh-160 To Khadgaon Road 3. Msh-2 To Pethshivani Selu To Dist Border Road Tq4. Sh-219 To Pangra Wai Hiwara Road Km.0/5.mdr-43 To Sunegaon Sayala Sh-217 To. 170
1. The Bidders Must Fulfills The Pre-qualification Criteria For Being Eligible To Bid. 2. The Specifications Of The Tender Shall Be Entitled To Bidders Fulfilling The Pre-qualification Criteria And Af. 218
1.pressing Dies For Engine Cover Inner/outer Panels 2. Pre-batch Parts Of Engine Cover Inner/outer Panels, Per 300 Sets. 108
1.pressing Dies For Pgd Roof Top Dies, Psd Roof Top Dies And Psd Roof Top Reinforcement Frame 2.300 Pieces Vff And Pvs Parts For Each Die. 113 To Nirwadi Bk. -nirwadi 2. Sh-217 Sakhartala Road Tq. Jintur 3. Mdr 68 To Karawali Road 4. Mdr-68 To Kausadi Marwadi Road Tq. Jintur Km 0/00 To 5/920 5. Mdr-64 To Ladnandra Ro. 166
1.three-dimensional Electrophysiological Navigation System1 Set;2.radiofrequency Ablation System1 Set;3.intravascular Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument1 Set;4.intracardiac Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrum. 110
10 Mbps Internet Leased Line Connectivity 1to1 Uncompressed And Unshared With Last Mile Over Fiber Or Rf At Khanna And Amloh Apmcs Of Psamb. 157
10150080-bushing, Cam Shaft Bearing - Cyl. Block To Dlw Drg No.16c 74212, And To Part No.10150080. Manufacturer Should Indicate Their Identification Mark, Month & Year Of Manufacture At A S. 108
10xxn029-set Of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Spring Pads For Secondary Spring Of 3- Phase Locos As Per & 2 Of S.c Rly Drng No. C/els/lgd/bogie/3/140.alt-1 Consisting Of 02 Items As Follows : 1). 110
10xxn1-box Arrangement With Hinges Having Space Capacity 04 Nos. Fire Extinguisher As Per Drawing Attached Required In Driver Cab Of Kurla Based Alco Type Locos.for Wds6 Locos (drg.copy Enclosed.). 101
11 Kv And Lt Line Shifting Work From Sitapur To Pilikothi Via Chitragokulpur Under Edd Chitrakoot. 147
11270019-sand Witch Mounting Assembly Dlw Part No 11270019 And 0397 Alt~e~. Note : The Packing Of Shelf Item Must Indicate Date Of Manufacturing And Date Of Expiry. Delvery Should Be. 105
11724213-j-1 Safety Valve Set At 10.5 + 0.1 Kg/Sq. Cm , Rdso Drg No:sk.dp - 3580, Spec No:mp. rev - 00, Feb~04 Or Wabco Cat No:558296.. 112
11853542-m48 Sch Repair Kit For Knorr Bremse Air Dryers. Consisting Of 56 Items In One Kit As Annexure Enclosed As Per Rdso. 127
14700 Nos. Khadi Duster Check Size 90cm X 90cm. 173
15 Hudson Yards. 199
16150181-bearing Connecting Rod- Lower Sleeve To Emd Part No. 8136114 And To Dlw Part No. 16150181 For Wdp4/wdg4 Locos Firms Offer: Same As Above, Brand Pbw. 105
17021157-tender Description:grease Seal Efficiency Plus, Thin Gap To Brenco Part No.1207ga For Cartridge Tapered Roller Bearing 6-1/2x12, Class "f" To, Rev.b Make:nei. Accepted Descri. 106
17050625-pressure Cap Assembly To Dlw Emd 9323490 Rev. Let .aa. Make/brand:bec. 104
17390035-valve Pressure Regulator To Cummins Part No.3879052 Or Equivalent For 1400 Hp Demu/dpc. Accepted Description:-valve Pressure Regulator In Firm~s Own Brand Engine Guard Equivalent To Part No.3. 102
1767901 Removal, Recycling And/or Safe Disposal Of Weee And Chemical Waste. 127
1898-stainless Steel Water Tank Assembly ( 2 X 685 Ltrs ) As Per Rcf Drg. Cc 63135 Alt. F With Complete Accessories & Connection To Be Supplied Loose. Rcf Spec.mdts 093 Rev.7.note: Icf/Rcf/mcf Appro. 148
18xxns-carbon Brush For Dynamic Brake Grid Blower Motor To Size 20 X 25 X 40mm Grade:- Eg - 8067, Rdso Accepted - Carbon Brush For Dynamic Brake Grid Blower Motor To Size 20 X 25 X 40mm As. 105
19-0283 Establishment Of A 3-tesla Magnetic Resonance Tomograph Klinikum Wolfsburg. 105
1981n1-set Of Bolt And Washer For Berth Consisting Of 4 Items (1) Galvd. Hex Nut M12 To Is: 1363 (part-3): 2002,table-1, Qty/set-333 Kgs. (2) G.i.flat Washer Size Id-25mm, Od-45mm Thickness 2.5mm Is:1. 109
19o40396 Dresden Castle, Groer Schlosshof. 131
1st + 2nd + 3rd Ba - Ludlstrae, Natural Stone Works. 176
1st Year Maintenance Of 20 Ha Economic Plantations Kushmandi Range Under Dfo Raiganj Division. 153
1st Year Monitoring Of Plantations. 139
1x660 Mw Panki Tps Elevator Package. 159
2 No. Ip Conn Work (ip Conn To (goyal Agrotech & Ip Conn To Daulat Patle) At Vill. Khaira Jairam Nagar & Mohtara La Masturi D/c U/n Ae(d) Masturi P.r. No.-. 109
2 No. Ip Conn. Work (i. I No. Ip C Onn Ro Shankar Rice Mil L. & Oil. Mil L. & Ip Conn To Baldey Prasad/shankar Rice Mill) Ntvill. Kesla& Biliia U/n Biliia D/c U/n Ae(d) Bilha . P.r, No. 119
2 Sets Of Comprehensive Optometry Instrument To Be Purchased For Use Of Equipment In Operating Room Of Eye Hospital In Hainan Province. 109
2019 Campaign For Curative Conservation And Restoration Of Works - Museum Of Fine Arts - Museum Of Modern Art - Museum Of Natural History. 254
2019 Chungju Fire Station Uniform Fire Brigade Cover Price Contract. 107
2019 Culture Nuri Card Merchant~s Guide To Public Relations Publishing And Distribution Service Small Number Of Quotations Submission. 127
2019 Grade Changshin Elementary School Free Milk Purchase Small Quantity Estimate Announcement Announcement. 126
2019 Han River Citizen~s Park Three-plate District Green Tract Maintenance Business. 125
2019 Industry-university Experience Program Vehicle Rental. 132
2019 Koo Bongsan Young Infant Field Experience Project. 119
2019 Korea Red Cross Corporation Gangwon-do Branch Office Cleaning Service Quotation Notice. 121
2019 Ninpo New Town Connected Green Area Maintenance Project (2). 119
2019 Old Town Village Maintenance Maintenance Business. 120
2019 Walk-friendly Area Development Project (dongdaemyeon Gadu Housing Complex ~ Chuncheon Circulation Route 94). 123
2019 Walking Friendly Area Creation Business (ungyo Intersection - Palho Plaza And One Place). 123
2019 Walking-friendly Area Creation Project (distance From Education Office Intersection ~ Soyang 1 Teacher Distance). 124
2019 Walking-friendly Area Development Project (central Rotary - Ungyo Intersection And One Place). 124
2019 Yuliha Elementary School 6th Grade School Trip Consignment Service Contract Contract Notice Notice. 134
2019. July, August School Meal Purchase Meat Emergency Electronic Bid Announcement. 112
201920: Painting Work, For The Compliance And Accessibility Of The Croix De Pierre Site Of The Espe In Toulouse Reference Number: 201920. 157
2019v12081390 - Lighting And Illumination Of The Ratp Viaduct Between Barbs And Colonel Fabien Metro Stations In Paris 10th, 18th And 19th Rounds Reference Number: 1900090. 143
2019v12081390 - Lighting And Lighting Of The Ratp Viaduct Between Barbs And Colonel Fabien Metro Stations In Paris 10 Th , 18 Th And 19 Th Arrondissement. 151
22 Sets Of Manual Set Including Line Set. 104
2297/sw Supply And Install Closed Circuit Cooling Tower. 192
23884782-steady Link To M/s Sil Pt. No. S0221112001 Or M/s. Gesc Drg. No. Gsec/panto/024 Or M/s Contransys Pt. No.c015310 Or M/s. Concept Order Ref. No.0101097 Conforming To Rdso Specn. No. Rdso/2008/. 113
24 Inch Hsd Line Modification Works In New Manifold Area At Irimpanam Installation. 134
25 Kva Three Phase Distribution Transformers. 147
25180289-o/h Kit For 3/4 Inch Duplex Check Valve To Cees Loco/3/gk/114 For Electric Locos. This Is Shelf Life Item.therefore Delivery Schedule In Two Phase Is To Be Stipulated In The Po. Make/. 119
25888055-set Of Rubber Kit For Oil Bath Air Filter Of Elgi Compressor Trc 1000mn Consist Of 02 Items. 1) Rubber Packing Elgi Part No. 000472050 2) Rubber Bush Elgi Part No. 000432180. 102
25968592-set Of Bottom Valve & Valve Stem For 23 Mv Assly.type 23 Mv 8 E-4 Of Ep Contactor Type 22 Pc 13 A-1 & 14 A-1 Items 2 Nos.)(1)rubberised Valve Qty=01 (2)valve Stem Qty=01. 103
2598ns-u-bolt M16 For Sand Pipe Assembly To With 02 Nos Of Suitable Nut And 02 Nos Of Lock Nut For Securing The Sanding Pipe In Sander Bracket. Hsn Code:7318 Firm~s Offer: Same As. 101
27eu/19 Igs Trier General Restoration Geb. C - Painting And Varnishing. 125
28 Kinds Of Automatic Mail Separator Parts (plc And Control). 131
2nd Year Maintenance Of 30 Ha Economic Plantations Kushmandirange Under Dfo Raiganj Division. 152
30051022-pin For Bolster Spring Suspension To Drg. No.- T-0-5-637, Alt.-12/p, Is:5517-93 Gr 45c8, C.rly~a~. Hardening, Tempering & Magnaflux Testing To Be Done As Note 1 & 2 Of Drg. No. T-0-5-637, Alt. 103
30051046-hanger Block For Bolster Suspension To Drg 05106 Alt.e . To Str No.c-k 202, Rev.0. With Amendment No.1 Of Aug.02. 122
30051046-hanger Block For Bolster Suspension To Drg 05106 Alt.e . To Str No.c-k 202, Rev.0. With Amendment No.1 Of Aug.02. 116
30076134-silent Block For Anchor Link Type-b (bolted Design) To Rdso/drg. No: Sk-94101, Alt-2, Conforming To Rdso Spec No: C-9406, Rev-2 With Amendment No.1 Of Nov~2005 Or Latest.make/Brand : Balaji. 105
30076134-silent Block For Anchor Link Type-b (bolted Design) To Rdso/drg. No: Sk-94101, Alt-2, Conforming To Rdso Spec No: C-9406, Rev-2 With Amendment No.1 Of Nov~2005 Or Latest.make/brand:si. 101
30107155-guide Bush For Axle Box Guide Arrangement To Rdso Drg Alt 5 Item No.1 Table No. 1 Step Size `a`.(material Confirming To Rdso,rev.ii Amnd. Slip No.1 Of April 1992. 102
3059n01-flex Ball Frmote Control (g- 233 Mm) 10 Kb Part No. U. P. 1606 Or Flex Ball Cable Short 01 No. Set. Faiveley Part No. 0267.06.00.00a. Hsn Code- 84879000 Firm~s Offer - Make/brand - Ferrovia. 103
30612391-densified Thermal Bonded Polyester Blocks For Single Seat Back Rest . Material And Specification To Rdso Specification No. Str C-k607 rev. 2 Of Dec. 2015 & Amdt. 1 Of Aug 2016. Size 552 X 49. 149
3095n559-supply And Fitment Ir- Drdo Bio Digester Tank In Ra Non Ac Type Of Coaches To (1) Rcf Drg No Mi006935, Alt.nil. (2) For G.m~s & Guest~s Lavatory, Tank Complete To Icf Drg No. Raac2 -6-3-211,c. 112
31351785-6" Single Air Pressure Gauge (self Illuminated Led Type) As Per Drg. No. Sr.dee/trs/sk/144 (range 0.10 Kg/sq Cm.) Along With Latest Amendment/alteration If Any. 102
31352911-piston Packing For 203mm Air Brake Cylinder To Rdso Specn No C-k013 & Rdso Sketch 81200 Alt-5 Item-3 And Part Drg No. Rdso Sketch 81204 Alt 4 Item 10. Alongwith Latest Amendment/alteration If. 112
31880228-pantograph Complete Conforming To Rdso Specn. Rdso/2008/el/spec/0066, Rev.~0~ Dated 20/06/2008 And Amend 1 Dated 31/12/2008 With Modified Horn And Support Rod As Per Rdso 4682,alt. 107
33xxns-progressive Ring 28 Mm Dpr28lx Of M/s Parker Or 0010352000 Of M/s Voss Or St Pdr28l Of M/s Volz Or P-r28l/s Of M/s Eaton Walterscheid Or Zdl 28 Of M/s Blange Armaturen Gmbh-blago. 112
3513/03/e3 Job Order. 161
38136340-tender Description :- Lock Bolt Of Dia 22.2mm (7/8 Inch) With Collar Having Grip Range (57-64mm) For Boxn Wagon As Per Rdso~s Drg. No. Wd-92058-s-6, Item No. 15, Avdel Part No. Bl01-2836 Or H. 106
38300151-lock Bolt 7/8 Inch 22.2mm With Coller, Zinc Plated Grip Range Confirming To Astm-a-325-7a As Per Para 5.1 Firm~s Offer- Part No Is Lbrs 2820g And Coller Part No Lcss 28g And All Other Require. 110
3d-seismik Mnchen-sdost (muc-se) - Execution Of Seismic Investigations (3d Seismic, 2d Seismic, Vsp Measurements), Data Processing And Interpretation. 206
3rd Monitoring Of Plantations Wbfbcp. 137
3rd Monitoring Of Plantations. 138
40 Items For Wrench Set Socket. 101
40xxn01-four Core Circular Armoured Aluminium Cable Ugac With Heat Resistance Insulation Armoured Type Strip Type Of Sheathed Fr Grade Size 4x50 Sq. Mm. As Per Is No. 1554 (part 1) 1988 And Isi Mark.. 108
40xxn1-evaporated Honey Comb Cooling Pad (paper Air Filter) Of 8 Inch Thickness Size(4ft X2ft)suitable For Air Cooling System, Sample To Be Approved By Consignee Before Bulk Supply.accepted Firm Offer. 101
40xxn79-a Set Of Super Enamelled Round Copper Winding Wire Duel Coated Medium Covering, Confirming To Is 13730,part13, Grade-2 Or Latest, Sizes Are Given Below- 1) 22 Swg, Qty- 50 Kgs/set (2) 25 Swg,. 104
4155ns-mu Jumper Cable Safety Cleat To Dlw Part No. 12462032 & Dlw Drg No. El/pt/0593 Alt No.r1 To Rdso Instruction Bulletin No. Mpib Ec-1680.09 Rev 0.00 Dt. 25/11/2009 For Securing The Jumper Cable O. 107
4210n1-electronic Ceiling Fan Capacitor Type Sweep Size:1400 Mm Speed 400 Rpm Air Delivery Cmm -260 Three Blades Aluminium With Electronic Regulator Capacitor Type,isi Mark ,as Per Is :374 (latest)dou. 101
4211ns-battery Storage Lead Acid 12 V 180 Ah Factory Charged Repairable For Diesel Generating Set Similar To ( Mhd 1800 (12v 180ah) Exide Express Heavy Duty Battery Make - Model Sf - Sonic Jumbo Type. 101
4229ns-insulated Copper Lug, Fork Type, 6 Sqmm. As Per Enclosed Drg No. Raj/lhb/18/16. Make:- Ascon/kamlesh/dowells/chetna/jainson/swastik/jaico/multi Only. Note:- Material Should Be Supplied With Pur. 108
42310090-"pvc Casing Caping For Cable Trunking And Ductingsystem In Grey Colour 20mm X 12 Mm In Standardlenght Of 2 Metres. With Is Mark And Conforming To Is Specification No.14927 (part-2)2001. 102
42500400-electric Celling Fan Sweep Size 1200 Mm, Bee Star Rating 5 With Electronic Regulator Capacitor Type, Length Of Down Rod 300 Mm, Standard Colour- White, Availability Of Test Report From Nabl/n. 105
4290ns-electric Fly Catcher Machine (insect Killer) Size 13 - 15 Inch Long With 02 Nos Ultra Violet Tubes Of 8 Watts Each, Suitable To Work On 230v Ac, 50 Hz Power Supply, For Lhb Ac Pantry Cars. (mat. 109
42xxn01-decorative Led Bollard/garden Light Fitting Of 5 Watt With Power Consumption Of 5 Watts +/- 5%, Input Voltage 100 To 265 Volts, 50 Hz Ac, With Integrated Constant Current Led Driver With Power. 102
42xxn01-led Ultra Slim Flat Panel Light Fittings Size 2 Feet X 2 Feet Of 36 Watts, Cool White Light, Input Voltage 140v To 270v Ac, Constant Current Led Driver Of Reputed Brands, Crt 5700k +/- 300k, P. 104
42xxn01-power Socket 6/16 Amps 3 Pin Combined 2 Module Confirming To Is 1293: 1988 Similar To Legrand Make: Mylinc Cat No. 67555. Accepted Makes: Legrand, Crabtree. Note: Accepted Make: Legrand. 101
4310ns-over Heat Protector (ohp) With Fixed Setting At 65 Degree Centigrade Suitable For Rmpu Of Conventional Ac Coaches As Per Alert Cat No. D1/qc/m/1362 Or Having Similar Specification With Their Pa. 102
4315n01-hp 3635 Or Similar All In One A4 Size Colour Printer With Print, Scan And Copy Function Firm~s Accepted Offer - Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2675 All In One Print Scan Copy Wireless. 102
43xxn01-rechargeable Special Single Led Torch Light Long Range Multiple Clip Led Power Zoom With Dual Function. As Per Attached Specification. Note: Sample May Be Seen In C&w Deptt. Bhopal. Sample App. 107
45139106-flush Type Ammeter 0-300 A Dc Suitable With 75 Mv External Shunt Mounting Arrangement With 3 Screw At 110 Mm Hol To Hol Distance, Circular Shape, Depth Approx 30 Mm + 5 Mm Mounting Collar Is:. 105
45xxn082-led Based Night Light Cum Berth Indication Light Conforming To Icf Spec No. Icf/elec/934, Rev-0, Cs.05, Type-10 Annexure-k For Ac 2 Tier Sleeper Coaches (wgscwac) (01 Set Consisting Of 08 Lig. 101
5011n519-pvc Insulated Cable, Pvc Sheathed Annealed, Armoured, Unscreened Underground Railway Signaling Cable Copper Conductor Size 12 Core X 1.5 Sq. Mm As Per Rdso Spec. No. Irs-s-63-2014 Rev. 4.0.wi. 226
5014n522-pvc Insulated Cable, Pvc Sheathed Annealed, Armoured, Unscreened Underground Railway Signaling Cable Copper Conductor Size 12 Core X 1.5 Sq. Mm As Per Rdso Spec. No. Irs-s-63-2014 Rev. 4.0.wi. 146
5014n522-pvc Insulated Cable, Pvc Sheathed Annealed, Armoured, Unscreened Underground Railway Signaling Cable Copper Conductor Size 12 Core X 1.5 Sq. Mm As Per Rdso Spec. No. Irs-s-63-2014 Rev. 4.0.wi. 270
5215n01-supply Of 4 Port Router (-48dv Operated/02 Lan/4x02 Mbps Wan(g703) Per Rdso Specification No.rdso/spn/tc/84/2008 Or Latest As Per Tecnical Specification Attached As Annexure~d~ Model-ci. 102
5490n043-tyre Defect Gauge For Bg Coaches (condemning Gauge) Flange Thickness 16 Mm/22mm As Per Plate No. 38 Rule 2.8.4 Of Irca Of 4mm Thick Hard Alloy Steel Plate (tempered) Flat Place 50mm Laser Or. 103
56ns-cable Route Location/tracer Set Suitable For Detecting Under Ground Armoured Optic Fiber Cable (ofc) And Signaling Cable With Lcd Graphic. Display Active/Passive Modes And Depth Range 4m-10 M T. 101
56xxn01-~armature~ For Sge Double Line Block Instt. As Per Drg No- (sge-21). Firm Should Submit C&m Testing Report Obtained From Govt. Approved Lab Along With Supply Of Material. (sample To Be Approve. 102
56xxn01-industrial Single Sided Polyster Adhesive Tape In Colour Red, Black Or Blue, Size 25 Mm Width X 0.05 (2 Mil) Thick, In A Roll Of 65 Mtr. Make: Permacel Pvt Ltd., Nitto Denko, Or Johnson & John. 108
5701n001-sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb Sd Uhs-i Card Or Similar Having:- Type Of Drive - Flash Capacity Of Drive - 64gb Media Diameter - 2.4 Cm Rotational Speed - 7200 Rpm Interface Type - Other Synchronou. 103
58 MW Korlat wind farm. 164
59/20 bridge. 101
5mp Ip Dome Camera. 167
62131709-elbow Reducing M.s. Galvanised Heavy Grade Having Nominal Size Of Outlet 20 Mm X 15 Mm To Is:1239 (pt.2) 2011 Table -9, Clause 9.1 (suitable For One End 20 Mm Nominal Bore Pipe And Other End. 103
62311566-steel Tube Galvanised Isi Marked In Random Length Of 4 To 7 Mtrs, Screwed At Both Ends, Socketed At One End And Other End Protected With Plastic Protector Nominal Bore 20 Mm Dia Medium Class. 112
62311608-galvanised Steel Pipes & Tubes Isi Marked To Is: 1239 (part-i)/2004 With Amdt. No.1 To 3, In Random Lengths Of 4 To 7 Metres, Screwed At Both Ends As Per Is: 554/1999(reaffirmed 2004) And Isi. 102
62311761-galvanised Steel Pipes & Tubes Isi Marked To Is: 1239 (part-i)/2004 With Amdt. No.1 To 3, In Random Lengths Of 4 To 7 Metres, Screwed At Both Ends As Per Is: 554/1999(reaffirmed 2004) And Isi. 102
6534ns-constant Voltage Constant Current Battery Charger For Sg Ac Coaches Type Ii Of Rdso Specification No. Rdso/pe/spec/ac/0008 Rev.i August 2004 . As Per Attached. Accepted Make/brand :- Samaritan. 102
6540n01-supply ,erection ,testing & Commissioning Of Hydraulic Lifting Tables (i) Sl Trolly - 01 No. (ii) Draft Gear Trolly - 01 No. (one Set Consisting Of Two Nos. As Per Specification Attached. Warr. 103
6542n02-manual Hydraulic Drum Stacker & Tilter To Hunter Equipment Model No: Hmds -035t As Per The Technical Specification Or Equivalent Make Of Make Of Cumilift/godrej/nil Kamal. Accepted Make: Hunte. 110
70404963-organic Bonded Grinding Wheel For Cutting Off And Slitting, Non Iso Size 300 Mm X 3 Mm X 25.4 Mm As Per Specification No. Is: 2324 (pt-ii) 1985, (incorporating Amendment -1), Edition 3.1 (199. 108
72xxns01-single Phase Electric Double Wheeled Bench Grinders With Eye Shield Detail Of Grinder As Under: Power Input 365 To 500 Watts No Load Speed 2500 To 3600 Rpm Grit 24 And 60 Wheel (dia. X Bore S. 103
73030478-hexagonal Head Bolt With Nut M10 X 75-4.8 And Spring Washer Confirming To Is: Specification Is:1363/2002(parts 1 And 3)and Is: 3063/1994 To Rdso Alt.-13 Item No.59. 108
73032293-hex. Head Bolt & Nuts M 22 X 90 Mm Of Product Grade ~c~ M.s. Black To Is: 1363 (part-i) 2002 (4th Rev.) And Is:1363 (part - 3) 2002 (4th Rev.) Property Class 4.6 For Bolt And Property Class 4. 117
7304nns-hex Head Screw Size- M30 X 90 Mm, 4.6 Property Clause (full Thread) To Is 1363 (pt-ii) 2002 With Check Nut Size M-30 Mm To Is 1363 ( Pt-iii) 2002. ( Material Should Be Supplied Along With Nabl. 103
73850354-s.s. Hex. Head Screw Complete For Mounting Of Drde Bio-digester System On Outer Head Stock (for Conventional Sg Coaches). Consisting Of 3 Items. 1) Ss Hex. Head Screw M16x75 (a2-70 To Is: 136. 106
75018305-v-belt Size C - 109 Confirming To I. S. 2494 pt - 1 1994. For Aux - Gen/Exciter Gen 100 For 1400 Hhp Demu. Make :- Dunlop/eco Drive/Fenner & Pix Transmission Or Equivalent , From The Sam. 104
75909807-nylon Bogie Bracket Bushing For 25 Kw Alternator Suspension. Size:- Outer Dia 45mm X Inner Dia 35mm X Length 32mm. As Per Rdso Spec No. Rdso/pe/ac/0006-2009 (rev-1) And Drg No. Rdso/pe/sk/ac/. 105
7830n01-executive Table Size: 6x3x2 1/2 Made Out Of Malaysian Wood With 3 Drawers And Rh Side And Drawers On Rh Side And And One Draw And Cupboard On The Lh Side With Side Table With Lock And Key Ood. 104
7831ns-executive Chair For Office Of Adee/chg/bct And Aee/raj/bct. Make And Model - Godrej Pch 5001 T/Durian Craze/H R Sales - H.r.05 Only. Accepted Make/model:- Godrej Make 5001t Chair. 104
79337065-handloom Cotton Bed Sheet White Conf. To I.s. Revision) Variety No 12 Or Latest Size 250x154cms With I.r Totem To Be Marked On Each Corner With Indelible Ink To Rdso. S. 108
80030701-silicon Based Grease For Lubrication Of Rubber Component In Distributor Valve (pneumatic Valve) Of M/s Dow Corning India Ltd Brand Molykote 55 O Ring Grease Or M/s Asv Multichemie Pvt Ltd 655. 103
8103n001-chalk White In Lumps Free Grit And To Contain Not Less Than 90% Calcium Carbonate To Is: 2694/63 Duly Packed In 10/25 Kg. Packing. Note : Mfg. & Expiry Date Must Be Indicated On Material/pack. 102
81xxn11-steel Weld A Plus Non Shrinking 1 : 1 Mixing Non Conductive High Mechanical Strength Epoxy Coating Cum Putty In 284 Gms Tube, Make M/s. Stanvac Z730 Steel Weld Or M/s. Corium 4040 Or M/s. Loct. 105
82018170-(ph No.:25051) Anastrozole 1 Mg Tab Brand - Aritoz Mfg. By - M/s Bdr Pharmaceuticals International Pvt. Ltd., 578, Near Effluent Channel Road, Vill. Luna, Tal. Padra, Vadodara. 132
8201n561-thyroxin Sod 25 Mcg Tab Brand Name :- Thyrox 25 Mcg Firm :- Macleods Pharma Unit Rate Incl Gst@12% : Rs. 0.4256 Per Tab. 121
8205n001-tab. Gliclazide Mr 60 Mg.: packing In Strips .accepted Firms Offer: Brand Name- Diabend Mr 60, Mrp-rs.65.00p Per Strip Of 10 Tablets. Manufactured And Marketed By - M/s. Bal Pharma Limited,. 127
8205n001-tab. Nebivolol 5 Mg.: packing-strips Of 10 Tablets .accepted Firms Offer: Brand Name-nebimac 5 Mg.,packing :- Strip Of 10 Tablets,mrp-rs.85.50 Per 10 Tablets, Composition:- Each Uncoatedtable. 126
8205n001-tab.olmesartan Medoxomil 40 Mg + Chlorthalidone 12.5 Mg. packing-strips Of 10 Tablets .accepted Firms Offer: Brand Name- Olmat40 C60t Tablets, Composition-each Tab Contains Olmesartan Medoxom. 122
8205n001-tab.saxagliptin 5 Mg.: packing:-strips Of 10 Tablets . Accepted Firms Offer: Brand Name-onglyza 5 Mg., Composition: Saxagliptin 5 Mg., Pack Size:-strip Of 14s X 2, One Box Contains 28 Tablets. 121
8225n01-replacement Of Spare Parts: - Pressure Plate Rear Bb, 22 Degree, Part No. 14050229553 Of Lieca Manual Rotary Microtome, Model No: Rm2125rt, Sr No 5810/12/1999. Leica Make. 127
8225n01-replacement Of Spare Parts: Pressure Plate Rear Bb, 22 Degree, Part No. 14050229553 Of Lieca Manual Rotary Microtome (model: Rm2125rt) Sr No 11525/12,2009. Leica Make. 126
83-toner Cartridges Hp88a, Cc388a Black Toner Cartridge For Hp Lj P-1007 Printer Or Similar,. 115
83050401-t28b(h/e) Complaint Bopok Size 8.5 X 6 Inches, Books Of 100 Leaves. Print In Black Ink On Single Side As Per Sample. Paper To Be Used Is White Maplitho 60 Gsm. Kraft Paper 130 Gsm. Binding: L. Bibliography 101
83055575-book Ruled 2 Quires 20.5 X 33.5 Cm tolerance Plus Or Minus 5mm 60 Gsm To Is 1848:2007 Or Latest. (inside Paper) Dakshina Paschima Railway (hindi) With South Western Railway Printed On The S. 116
83055587-book Ruled 1qr, Specification: Size-21 Cms X 29.7 Cms. Trimmed . No. Of Leaves:-50 Leaves Each excluding Pasted Leaves . Paper: Map Litho Of 60 Gsm As Per Is No. 1848/1991. Ruling :- 1(one. 108
83056208-draft Continuation Sheet. Specification:- Size:- 21cms X 29.7 Cms. Margin With One Vertical Rule In Blue Ink, Keeping Space Of 5.5 Cms From The Left On Both Sides. Each Pad Is Containing Of 1. 109
83142680-inked Metal Tipped Ball Point Pen (use & Throw Type). Brand-agni Icy Gel,linc Sky Gel, Sulekha. Length-13 Cm And Inked Length Not Less Than 11 Cm Excluding Metal Tip/point "s.e.railway" Will. 112
84134306-cork Composition Sheet (medium Granular Cork) Type-c Grade Rc 50c, Size:610 Mm X 910 Mm X 6 Mm To Ts:4253 Pt. Ii/1980 For Fixing Of Transformer Bushing And Top Cover Etc. 111
85292229-set Of Inner Races Of Fag Make Consisting Of 01 Nos Each (1) Fag Lwj 150x 270 M1.c4 Lipped Inner Race (2) Fag Lwjp-150 X 270 P.m1.c4 Plain Inner Race (3) Journal Distance Ring Fag Drg No 901-. 112
886401-ac Static Watt Hour Meter Isi- Marked With Lcd Display No. Of Phases -sp, I(b) In Amp: 10.1, I(max) As % Of I(b):600,v (ref):240, Ct: No. Single Phases 10-60a, Make- Ece Instruments Hpl India,. 105
9341ns-wooden Frame For Three Seater Seat 54 Inch X 18 Inch X 10 Mm, Wooden Frame For Three Seater 54inch X 17inch X 10 Mm, With Round Corner~s One Set Consist Of Two Items. 103
94-MW Overgaard 1 Wind Project - First Phase. 185
96-well Plates For Hts. 143
A R And M O 300 Type Ii Qtrs At Aliganj New Delhi During 2019 20 Sh Running Of Ivrs System And Attending Day To Day Complaints. 115
A R And M O 400 Nos Multistorey Residential Quarters Under Sd Vi Cd Iv At Dev Nagar New Delhi During 2019 20 Sh Providing Services Computer Operator Cum Enquiry Clerk For Attending Day To Day Complain. 136
A R And M O Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range Tughlakabad New Delhi During 2019 20 Sh Redevelopment Of Existing 2 Nos Tube Wells. 117
A R And M O To 164 Mp S Flats At North Avenue Under Sub Div Iii Of Pawd Iii New Delhi Dg 2019 20 Sh Installation Of Digital Photocopier Machine On Rental Cum Per Copy Basis With Printer. 131
A.r. And M.o. Residential And Nonresidential Building Of A.g. At Beltola, Guwahati During The Year 2019-2020. Sh:- Running Maintenance Of Existing Water Filtration Plants. 117
A.r. And M.o. Residential Colony Of A.g. At Beharbari, Guwahati During The Year 2019-2020. Sh:- Running Maintenance Of Existing Water Filtration Plants. 115
A.r. And M.o. Residential Colony Of A.g. At Beharbari, Guwahti During The Year 2019-2020. Sh :- Repairing And Development Of Existing Deep Tube Well No. 1 And 2. 120
A/a In Udyog Bhawan During 2019-20. Sh Ei Works At Reception Area, Cim Corridor And Chamber Of Cim In Udyog Bhawan. 114
A/a To South Block During 2019-20 Sh: Replacement Of Wooden Flooring In The Office Of Minister Of State Mos, External Affairs Room No. 141, South Block, New Delhi. 115
A/r And M/o And S/r To 848 T-c Residential Qtrs. At Sector-v, Pushp Vihar, M.b. Road, New Delhi Dg 2019-20 .sh:- Internal Finishing, Day To Day Labour Maintenance Work, Supply Of Material And Other Mi. 130
A/r And M/o Dr. Rml Hospital, New Delhi Dg. Trauma Renovation Of Old Ecg Room, Pa Room Of Dr. Nutan Mehta In-charge Of Ecs, Trauma And Old Emergency Building. 123
A/r And M/o Nddtc Ghaziabad Sh: P/f M.s. Gate For Safety Of Patients In The Recreation Area Behind The Day Care Area At Nddtc Ghaziabad Of Aiims. 113
A/r And M/o Nnh, Onh, Surgical Ward And Canteen At Dr. Rml Hospital, New Delhi Dg. 2019-20 Under Services Of Sewerman,carpenter, Plumber Etc. Under Sub-division-iv. 119
A/r And M/o Of Pao Office At 18th Floor At Cgo Annexe, M. K. Road, Mumbai. Sh: Repairing And Repainting Of Existing Compactor. 114
A/r And M/o To Cfsl Office Building At Sector- 36, Chandigarh During 2019-20 Sh: Repairs To False Ceiling And Other Misc. Works. 110
A/r And M/o To Cpwd Residential Colony At Sec-6d, Gandhinagar During 2019-20. Sh: Door/window Repairing, Distempering, Finishing And Other Misc. Work. 112
A/r And M/o To Customs And Central Excise Colony At Sector-37c, Chandigarh During 2019-20. Sh: Providing And Fixing M.s. Sheet Doors, Wooden Window Shutters And Other Misc. Repair Works In The Colony. 121
A/r And M/o To Gpra At Bemloe, Park Area And Chotta Shimla. Sh:- Repair/replacement To Damaged C.i. Lines, Manholes, Chequerred Tiles And Other Miscellaneous Work At Oatland Bemloe. 123
A/r And M/o To Gsi, Cbi, And Soi Residential Colony At Sec-12 And Sec-13, Gandhinagar During 2019-20. 107
A/r And M/o To L An M Block Dg 2019-20 Sh: Providing Of Nirman Bharti Book For Director General Office Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi. 114
A19dcetfl05: Mission Of Mastery Of Work For The Security Of The Site Of Comboire. 243
Aa To Sena Bhawan New Delhi Dg 2019 20 Sh Renovation Of Room No 231 231a And C Wing Sena Bhawan Dop. 111
Aa To Sena Bhawan New Delhi During 2019 20 Sh Renovation Of Comnetcen Dli At Basement Of C Wing. 108
Aadhaar Enrolment. 149
Abbreviated Simplified Open Procedure (article 159.6 Of Law 9/2017 Of November 8 Of Contracts Of The Public Sector) For Contracting The Physiotherapy Service In Malagn (real City). 137
Absolute Prima Lux 4,550 Kg2. 101
Access And Information Control Service During Visits To The Lucia Building Of The University Of Valladolid. 118
Access Control Services To The Mercalen Facilities, S.a. 113
Access Routes to to Al Khail Avenue. 214
Accessibility Provision For Disabled Persons For Mahalanobis Bhawan, Nsso At Dunlop, Kolkata 700108 During 2019-20. 104
Accessing And Enhancing The Medieval Castle. 298
Accommodation Service In Madrid (p.pio) For Operating Personnel. 113
Accommodation Site Accommodation Insolites Combe Rossignol. 180
Accompanying Benefits "to Meet My Skills" For Beneficiaries Of The Rsa And People In Insertion As Defined By The Pdi Of The Pyrenees-atlantiques Department (2 Lots). 102
Accredited Technical Inspection Body As Part Of The Project "connection Line B" Reference Number: Clb 2019 13917 M. 253
Acquisition And Commissioning Of A Quantum Cascade Laser Diode Spectrometer. 142
Acquisition And Guarantee Of Fixed Pcs And Portable Pcs For The Territorial Community Of Martinique. 124
Acquisition And Implementation Of Modular Rooms For Casud. 114
Acquisition And Installation Of A Complete Gymnastic Passable. 117
Acquisition Is The Sub-area Of the Senate Properties Building Services Framework: Rap 1 Security Projects (st Iii). 111
Acquisition Of 18 Seamless Scooters Destined For The Urban Guard Of Barcelona, In Accordance With The Provisions Of The Specifications And With Sustainable Public Procurement Measures. 118
Acquisition Of 3 Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation Equipment, Intended For The Uci Service Of The General University Hospital Jos Mara Morales Meseguer, Area Vi Vega Media Del Segura. 117
Acquisition Of 5000 Doses Of The Vaccine Against Adult Hepatitis B For The Vaccination Program Of The Autonomous Community Of Extremadura. 127
Acquisition Of A Library Car Platform For The City Of Kouvola. 274
Acquisition Of A Vehicle For The Protection Of The Environment And The Natural Space And The Prevention Of Fires In Two Lots: - Lot 1: Vehicle 9 Seats With Trailer Hook - Lot 2: Trailer. 131
Acquisition Of An Infrastructure For Simulation In Quantum Computing For The Project Called (isaac), Which Is Developed Within The Framework Of The Asturias Program For Technological Centers 2018-2020 That Finances The Principality Of Asturias. 147
Acquisition Of Archidona Public Parks Material, As An Action Included In Ppac 2019, With Code 116
Acquisition Of Computer Equipment In Batches. Lot 1: Fifty (50) Laptops For Work In Office And Classroom Training; Lot 2: Ten (10) Laptops For Technical And Professional Use. 134
Acquisition Of Medical Devices For Consultations. 133
Acquisition Of Science Laboratory Equipment For The 36 Target Schools Of Peqpesu. Lot 2: Chemistry. 110
Acquisition Of Semi-automatic Defibrillators, Consumables, Accessories And Associated Services. 195
Acquisition Of The Institution (kela) For Private Customers Organized In A Terminally Ill Elderly Rehabilitation Courses (ikku-rates) The Interpreter Sami. 165
Acquisition Of Two Closed Isothermal Enclosures For Research In Cyanobacteria, Algae And Aquatic Plants, With An Approximate Volume Of 25,000 Liters Each, Co-financed With Funds Feder, Call 2018, Within The Framework Of The State Plan For Scientific And T. 147
Acquisition Of Uniforms And Work Clothes For The Official And Labor Personnel Of The Provincial Directorate Of The General Treasury Of The Social Security Of Barcelona. 108
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Time Management Solution This Open Adapted Procedure Is Subject To The Provisions Of Articles. 179
Active Ear Defender As Per Annexure Ii. 180
Adaptation Of New Plc Software For Temperature Extension For Weiss Make Mast Climatic Chamber And Four Poster Di4p Chamber. 182
Adaptation Of Technological And Functional Information Systems, Procedures Relating To Waste And Soil Quality In Andalusia And Office Of Support To The Service Of Waste And Soil Quality. 163
Adaptation Of The Logistics Center~~s Backyard. 104
Adaptation Of The Square Carmen Cabrera. 103
Adaptation Of Urban Spaces In Nucleus Of The Ejido. 112
Adelphi Police Station Expansion and Rehabilitation. 108
Adequacy And Soundproofing Of Azuaga Music School. 102
Adjudication Of The Administrative Concession For The Use, Management And Exploitation Of The Premises Of The Commercial Gallery Located In The Old Municipal Market Of Malagn. 120
Advisory And Monitoring Missions For Insurance Contracts To Be Concluded And Concluded As Of 1 July 2019. 203
Advisory Service And Coordination Of The Mediation Service Of The Government Of La Rioja. 107
Advocacy and legal Assistance Program (ALAP). 241
Affordable homes in Britain. 245
Afghanistan : Project News: Comprehensive Migration Policy for Afghanistan presented in Kabul, Afghanistan. 575
Afghanistan,Belgium,Russian Federation : NATO Defence Ministers to address key security challenges. 426
After-plant Management (pulling) Project (districts 2-5). 115
Air Freighting Of Cargo From Mumbai Airport To M/s Rue Grodnoenergo Republic Of Belarus On Dap Basis. 177
Airport Entry Ticket Contract For Terminal Building At Calicut International Airport. 144
Alampur Se Baniyan Ka Purwa Devkali Hote Hue Basantpur Sampark Marg (under Ridf-24). 158
Alexandria sewage tunnels. 243
Alliance of youth advocates for participation, peace and development. 149
Aluminum Window Blocks With A Fire Resistance Rating Of At Least E30 For The Construction Object reconstruction Of The Building Of Branch No. 200 Of The Vitebsk Regional Department Of Belasrubank Ojsc In Vitebsk, Ul. Lenin, 10 B. 153
Amc (non Comp) For Vacuum Cold-heat Chamber - Make Acs, Model - Td 500c. 184
Amc Of Ac And Other Items As Per Tender. 182
Amc Of Biosafety Cabinets. 134
Amc Of Leica Instruments (18 Instruments). 178
Amc Of Telephone Line. 177
American Village Maintenance Corporation. 118
Amgros Is A Partnership With The Five Regions As Stakeholders. In Order To Provide The Stakeholders' Hospital Pharmacies With Medicines And The Resale Of Individual Stakeholders To The Faroe Islands And Greenland. 434
Amgros Is A Partnership With The Five Regions As Stakeholders. In Order To Provide The Stakeholders' Hospital Pharmacies With Medicines And The Resale Of Individual Stakeholders To The Faroe Islands And Greenland. 343
Amino Acid Substances. 104
Amplifying the Voices of Girls and Boys in Early Child and Forced Marriage (ECFM). 319
Analysis Software Development Sist Inf Mat Emissions Atmosphere. 102
Analytical Service For The Service Of Prevention Of Occupational Risks - Unit Of Medicine Of The Work Of The Bank Of Spain. 114
Analyzer Spares And Transmitter. 120
Ancillary Work Of 756 Type Iv And 24 T Iii Qtrs At Laxmi Bai Nagar New Delhi During 2019 20 Sh Misc Work Of Qtrs And Making Them Habitable. 118
Ancillary Work Of D Ii 210 Flats At West Kidwai Nagar New Delhi During 2019 20 Sh Misc Work Of Qtrs And Making Them Habitable. 114
Ancillary Works For Pipelines And Cables. 184
Angola : Angola and China strengthen cooperation in defense. 171
Angola : Angola defends new alliance between Africa and Europe. 446
Angola : Children leave plate school in Lubango. 309
Angola : Executive approves draft tariff offer for SADC market. 252
Angola : Executive launches Luanda Biennial. 252
Angola : Executive validates money transfer program. 476

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