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Articles from Mena Report (June 25, 2019)

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"building Sports Sites In The Schools Of Municipality Of Panagyurishte" - Design And Construction. 101
"delivery Of Building Materials For The Needs Of Samuil Municipality". 106
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For Object:" 37 "flameche" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sports In Kindergarten 37 "plameche", Kindergarten I "for Kindergarten" (id 10135.4502.120 Of The Cc ), Square 16. 185
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For Site:" Sg 42 "bulgarche" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sport, Located In Sg 42 "bulgarche", Upi Xx 290, 291 "for Kindergarten" (id. 10135.4504.735), Square 12, Accordin. 129
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For The Object:" Sg No 12 "jan Bibian" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sports In "yan Bibianant" 12, Upi Viii "children%s Playground" (id 10135.2556.323 Kc), District 995, Ac. 183
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For The Site: Sg No 39" Fairy Tale "- Overhaul, Reconstruction And Improvement Of Open-air Playgrounds, Located In Sg 39" Tale ", Upi Xi Kindergarten. 124
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For The Site:" Sg 21 "kalina Malina" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Outdoor Playgrounds Located In "kalina Malina" Sq., "kindergarten" (id 10135.2562.56 By Cc ) On The 19-meter Plan. Of The City Of Varna ". 157
"execution Of Construction And Assembly Works For The Site:" Sg 44 "valentina Tereshkova" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sports In Sg No 44 ". Tereshkova "- Subsidiary, Upi" For Residential Complex And Public Needs "(id. 139
"implementation Of The Construction And Assembly Works Of The Project 38" Margaritka "- Major Repair And Reconstruction Of Outdoor Playgrounds And Sports Facilities, Located In" Margaritka " 38, Reg. Xx 290,291" For United Kindergarten ", 12 (id 10135.45. 124
"implementation Of The Construction And Assembly Works On The Site Of" Druzhba "14" Detoja "- Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Open-air Playgrounds, Located In Sg 14" Druzhba ", Up Vi-53" For Kindergarten "(id 10135.2554.605 Kk), Area 35 On Plan At 24 M. Of. 162
"open Framework Agreement On Pharmaceutical Discounts Pursuant To Section 130a (8) Sentence 1 Sgb V With The Option Of Becoming A Member At All Times, So-called Admission Model 2019-5". 101
"preparation Of Conformity Assessment With The Basic Requirements, According To Art. 142, Para. 5 Of The Territorial Planning Act And Implementation Of Construction Supervision In Connection With The Implementation Of Construction Works In The Ncipd Build. 447
"providing Internet Connectivity For The Municipality Of Stara Zagora, For Municipal Sites On The Territory Of The City Of Stara Zagora, Provision Of Vlan Connectivity, Provision Of Internet Connectivity Outside The City Of Stara Zagora, Provision Of" Dar. 166
"provision Of Electronic Communications Services For The Needs Of The Ministry Of Justice In Two Lots" - Lot Number 1 "through A Gsm/Umts Gsm Mobile National Cellular Network With National Coverage" And Lot Number 2 "through A Fixed Telephone Network". 205
"reconstruction Of The Sewerage System In Cesk Kubice". 127
"supply Of Building Materials According To Separate Lots" Item No. 1 "supply Of Building Materials For The Needs Of Op" Business Zone "perister" Razgrad "item No.2" Supply Of Building Materials For The Needs Of Op 3 "supply Of Building Materials For The N. 320
"supply Of Washing, Disinfection And Sterilization Consumables And Detergents". 118
$ Completion Of Construction Works For Site: Sg No 9 "alen Mak" - Overhaul And Reconstruction Of Playgrounds For Outdoor Play And Sports In Sg 9 "alen Mak", Pi 10135.2562.165 According To The Plan Of The Project At 20 M . Of The City Of Varna, . Chaika,. 179
(a)diversion/extension Of 440 Volt 3 Wire Over Head Line Pole Near New Check Post And(b)preventive Maintenance Of 440 Volt Over Head Line For Gaslitand Colony Of Akwmc Under Katras Area.. 141
(em/19/0018) Supply, Delivery And Installation Of Projector Switching System In The Attic (blk 53 Level 8). 220
(private Agency Bidding) Dongkwang Welfare Hall Extension Business (architecture, Machine). 127
(tentative Name) Gyeongsangbuk-do Student Safety Experience Education Facility Establishment Information And Communication Corporation. 127
01 Mandi Road Par Mani Patel Ke Makan Se Puri Sab Ki Boundry Tak Paver Bricks. 151
016c_drockenbauarbeiten - Sports Hall Ceiling (germany-munich: Plasterboard Works). 184
01xxn01-cylinder Head Dia 197mm As Per Elgi Pt. No 000216100 Make- Elgi,cec,moto Compressor Firm~s Offer - Cylinder Head Dia 197 Mm As Per Elgi Pt. No. 000216100 And As Per Cec Pt. No. 1-06-03-20, Mak. 102
02 Kanchan Pura Me Ramdeen Ke Makan Se Firoj Ke Makan Tak And Chaude Mate Ke Makan Se Ramesh Kuchaudiya Ke Makan Tak Paver Bricks Work. 161
0201n01-hp Ink Cartridge Black 934 (k). 110
02rv Gobansh Shed Ka Nirman. 139
03/niet/mgnrega/gta/2019-20. 150
080247 N01/40, Lot Ees 3b "signaling Means". 183
1 C O Permanent Infra Structure At Reserve Bn Hq Ssb Barasat Wb Under Ftr Hq Siliguri C O Resi Qtrs Ty Ii 80 Nos Ty Iii 36 Nos Ty Vi 06 Nos And Ty V- 02 Nos 2 C O Non Residential Bldgs For Serve Bn Ss. 174
1 Nbss And Lup Head Quarter Building At Amravati Road, Nagpur. Sh Amc Of 250 Kva Dg Set. 2. Central Board Of Workers Education, Nagpur . Sh Amc Of 160 Kva Dg Set. 3. Cicr, Panjari Nagpur. Sh Amc Of 32. 171
1. Moei And Fans Compound Light I/c Rmo Water Supply Pump Set And Dg Set And Fire Pump Installation In The Office Building And Residential Building Of Cpwd At Garchuk Guwahati. Dg. 2019-20 2. Moei And. 189
1. Profile Vibration-proof Pp 60 * 27, Length 3 Meters Vibronet Or Equivalent - 96 Pcs; 2. Profile Vibration-proof Pn 27 * 28, Length 3 Meters Vibronet Or Equivalent - 29 Pieces; 3. Suspension Vibrati. 142
1020 Vienna, Lessinggasse 14/Vereinsgasse 21-23, Bg/Brg/Borg, Floor Laying Works (austria-vienna: Parquet Flooring). 110
10xxn148-set Of Plates For Single Duct Leather Bellow As Per Rdso Modification Sheet No. Rdso/2009/el/ms/0476 (rev. ~o~ ) Consisting Of 03 Items As Follows. (i) Modified Bellow Bottom Plate ( Tm Side). 105
11275820-pu Shim For Inner Spring To Dlw Drg. No.- Tpl-9320, Alt.-k And Rdso Spec.-mp- (rev.03). Make/brand-ep. 119
11325768-gasket Armored 3/4" To Drg No-wdm2/gk-270/h Alt-1 1) Note: Test Slabe Button Provision Is To Be Provided By The Firm. 2) Note:the Packing Of Shelf Life Item Must Indicate Date Of Manufacturin. 116
12853094-set Of Burndy Connector To Ftil Part No.790029326. Consissting Of One Burndy Connector Male Ftil Part No. 029813000 &one Burndy Connector Female Ftil Part No. 029813200. 101
1291 Gateway House -4th Floor Classrooms To Computer Labs At De Montfort University. 132
132 - Microcomputer Tomograph. 125
150 Hp Haulage Complete Dismentaling And Removing With Electricals And Mechanicals Andbase Plate Andtaking Out To Surface From4 Seam Incline U/g 9th Dip/22 No.level To Surface Of Ramkanali Colliery Un. 149
150hp Haulage Lowering From Surface To 2 Seam Incline U/g 18l, 24th Dip And Installation On Foundation Complete Set With Electricals And Mechanicals Job At Keshalpur Colliery And Transported From Rama. 150
16 Channel Process Scanner. 151
1611-14 Yeongnam-ri, Osan-myeon, And 1 Other Place. 123
1619n068-masking Tape Of Size Minimum 48 Mm Width X Minimum 50 Meters Length Roll Of Make 3m/tessa/sumax Only. 114
1619n075-fly Catcher (electric Fly Killer)equivalent To Pest-o-flesh Electric Fly Killer.1.tubes = 2nos2.operating Voltage: 220 V3.min Effective Room Area(open Area) : 500sq.ft4.volume Of The Mosquito. 139
1649n001-joint Less Grooved Copper Contact Wire 107 Made Out Of Continuous And Cast Copper Wire Rods Confirming To Rdso Specification No.eti/ohe/76 ( 6/97 ) With A & C Slip No. 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9. 108
17453756-window Wiper Motor Emd Pt No.10637791 Dlw Pt No.17453756,accepted:window Wiper Assly Wind Shield For Ls And Rs Sweep 40 Degree Sweep As Per Drg To Emd Part No.10637791. 103
1870-71, Daejang 2-dong Yongdu Town Sewer Maintenance Construction. 120
18891 National Framework Agreement For Plastic Coatings On Concrete Paving On Flight Bases (netherlands-the Hague: Construction Work). 160
18trav10 - Creation Of A Technical Platform, Pam De Saint-mandrier (france-toulon: Construction Work For Engineering Works Except Bridges, Tunnels, Shafts And Subways). 234
19 E 049 Din 18 315 Ff. Road Construction Works. 101
190040 Purchase Of Training Services For Asbestos Risk Prevention. 126
1nsns-digital Micro Ohm Meter With Features (1) Micro Ohm Resolution Of 10a Test Current (2) Terminal Kelvin Measurement With 4 Wire Loads. (3) 3000 Measurement Data Memory (4) Battery Operated With R. 103
2 ~ 3 Year (1st) Planting Project In 2019 (1 District). 106
2 ~ 5 Small Block Block System Construction Construction Work. 118
200 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes. 204
200-MW Arrow Canyon solar project. 161
200sqm Compost Shed Platform Bhujbal Vasti. 138
200sqm Dry Waste Shed At Biogas Plant. 139
200sqm Windrow Shed Bhujbal Vasti. 136
2012/01-10 4th Ba - West Extension, Lv 355.1 Joinery (germany-augsburg: Joinery And Carpentry Installation Work). 138
2018ddr248 - Supply And Transport Of Quarry Materials For The Department Of Calvados (6 Lots). 148
2019 ~ 2021 Eastern Branch Office Heat Transfer Pipe Repair Work. 128
2019 Buan Latitude Station C Water Artificial Artificial Fish Production And Installation Business Materials (lightweight H-beam). 113
2019 City Park Water Drop Playground Management Service. 117
2019 Disaster Prevention Regional Stream Maintenance Project (483-5 Balsanri Street). 122
2019 Fire Prevention Space Separation Project (dongyang District). 114
2019 Fire Prevention Space Separation Project (hyundai District). 114
2019 Food Material And Semi-processing Industry Upbringing Business (construction, Machinery). 112
2019 Gwangju Civil Boundary Party Member Tree Maintenance Construction. 114
2019 Iksan Bucheon Junior High School Theme Type Field Experience Learning Consignment Service Bid Re-announcement. 101
2019 Lava Seawater Reservoir Development Corporation. 121
2019 Major Sightseeing Spot Maintenance Business (moonbye Village Trekking Road Maintenance And One Place). 117
2019 Nanshan Pine Forest Expansion Project. 118
2019 Rajin-kyo Other Green Ssamji Forest Creation Business. 119
2019 Sangwol-gu Driveway Annual Maintenance Work Waste Treatment Service. 118
2019 School Year 7th And 8th Schools Education Corrosion Purchase Small Amount Quotation Notice. 123
2019 Social Contribution Activities Donation Bank Care Volunteers. 110
2019 Street Light Security Maintenance Work (2nd) (unit Price Contract). 119
2019 Traffic Accidents Frequent Improvement Traffic Signal Land Purchase. 115
2019 Trail Maintenance Business. 113
2019 Vulnerable Group Energy Welfare Project (low-income Led Replacement). 126
2019 Walk-friendly Area Development Project (sekyeong-dong Sekyeong Apartment Intersection And Two Places) (electricity). 116
2019 Walk-friendly Area Development Project (sumuoko Intersection ~ Sungrim Elementary School Intersection) (electricity). 119
2019 Walking-friendly Area Development Project (segyeong-dong Sekyeong Apartment Intersection And Two Places). 124
2019 Walking-friendly Area Project (central Rotary - Ungyo Intersection And 1 Other Place) (electricity). 121
2019, Jeonpo-dong Old Security, Etc. Replacement Construction. 115
2019-044 - Rouen District Heating Network - Earthworks, Laying And Supply Of Pre-insulated Pipes - Phases 1.1 - Bois-guillaume Bihorel. 174
2019/272694 Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Sanitary Material Of Special Dressings And Material Of Cures To The Centers Linked To The Pls Of Malaga And Apes Costa Del Sol. 111
2019/292849 Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Uniform Clothing And Footwear, For The Centers That Integrate The Sanitary Logistics Platform Of Crdoba. 102
2019/Hfb/Mpmo/52629 - Delivery, Installation And Rental Of Intelligent Parcel Machines With Related Cloud Applications For Intuitive Reception. 127
2019v12081560 - Cleaning And Diagnosis Of Canalized Structures Of The Paris Sewerage Network In 2 Lots. 153
2059 Ar In Bapu Bhawan Sachivalaya Verious Civil Work As Change Of Damage Floor And Wall Tiles, Flush Doors, W.c.pan, Hydrolic Floor Spring Etc At Different Floors. 188
2202-19 Street Lighting Materials. 127
23158918-3/8" Safety Valve For Air Cooler To M/s Elgi~s A020002 Trc-2000. Accepted Offer: Part No. A020002, Elgi Make Safety Valve Assembly 3/8 Inch Inc. 294
23166101-strainer Portion Complete For 1/2"and 3/8" Strainer Type "t" As Per Clw Drg. No 0/2/65/440 Alt 0, Ref.2 To 8 Or Latest And Confirming To Rdso M.s No Rdso/2008/el/ms/0359 Rev "0" Dtd 07/04/200. 133
23337734-hex Head Screw M8 X50mm. To Is:1364/2002 (part-2) P.c.-8.8 Zinc Plated.make Vif. 102
23659040-resistor R P Q O P For Relay Q O P 150 Ohms, 75 Volts To Wr-ccg-el/4-r-026.alt 3, Ref 8,sht 1/2 And Wr-ccg-el/3-r-027 Alt 1 Conforming To Cee~s Spcn Cee/spcn/rs-76 Sht 1to 10. 134
24-month Framework Agreement Providing Various Medicines (romania-motru: Various Medicinal Products). 154
25102060-brake Equalizer Body (top) To Clw 01/4/19/20 Alt.3 Ref.1 To 4 Firms Offer: Brake Equaliser Body top To Clw Drg. No. 01/4/19/20 Alt. 12 Ref. 1 To 4. 115
25168290-rubber Kit For Air Flow Measuring Valve As Per Rdso Skdp 2705 Consisting Of 07 Items. 1. Gasket, To Part No. B81950/001 To 2 Of Skdp 2705-1no/set. 2.diaphragm, Part No. B8195. 129
25188781-spares For Ftil Make Air Make Dryer (one Set Consists 7 Items, 10 Nos) As Per Annexure. Accepted Firms Offer: Ioh Kit For Air Dryer Consists Of 7 Items As Per Annexure Attatched. Hsn Code: 40. 283
25308051-set Of Hex. Head Bolt M 24x130/60 To Is:1364/02 P 8.8 & Nylock Nut M24 To Is:1367/02, Gr-a, Pt-ii, Material - Steel Zinc Plated (passivated) Consisting Of 01 No. Each Per Set For Loco Side Bu. 102
25308099-set Of Bolts And Nuts For Adopter And Pedestal Cap Of Wap4 Locos. Consisting Of 04 Items - One Set Consists Of The Following :- (1) Hex Head Bolt M24 X 130 Mm Long To Clw~s Drg. No. 03/4/12/2. 104
25308221-bolt For Hitachi Gear Case M 30 X 190mm As Per Dee/rs/ed/mech/8.99 With Suitable Castle Nut As Per Is: 2232/67 Grade 8 Split Pin To Size 6x60mm As Per Is: 549 And Spring Washer As Per Is: 30. 129
25378685-gear Case Mounting Lug Bush For Traction Motor Type Hs 15250a.a-coller Thickness=9.00+0.20mm-0.00mm,b-length=42.00+0.5mm-0.00mm. Elw/bsl/wag-5/4/150.054 . Make/brand : Self. 105
25810753-flexible Connection On Roof For Surge Arrestor And Hom Insulator As Per Alt-2 Ref-3. Ki Brand. 108
29010070-set Of Cover For Axle Box Of Wap7/wag9 Locos Consisting Of 3 Items As Follows: (1) Cover As Per Abb Drg No- Ib011-00177 Or Latest And Clw Drg No- 1209-01-011-011 , Alt-2 Or Latest. Qty.02 Nos. 107
2901n00-set Of Rubber Items For Panto Isolating Cock For 3 Phase Locos As Per Clw Drg. No. Clw/es/3/sk-3/0049 Alt-d Or Latest, Consists Of (1) Keyway Ring, Ref. No. 18, Qty.- 01 No., (2) O Ring, Ref. 109
29160091-kit For Emergency Exhaust Valve 1-1/4%u2019%u2019 As Per Ftrtil Part No.790002105 And D&m Part No.rk V23-t14 Consist Of Following 5 Items:- 1 Valve Stem Assy. As Per Ftrtil Part No.00212050. 104
29160571-special Maintenance Kit Double Check Valve For E-70 Brake System As Per Ftrtil Part No.79000209 Consisting Of Following 04 Items:- (1) Valve As Per Ftrtil Part No.002421000 , Qty/set--01 No. 103
2923n26b-sap A Signal Conditioning Card, Id No. 3ehl409288r0002, Card Type Uab 630 A36. 169
29250031-set Of Gasket For Sanding Arrangement Of Wag-9 Loco As Per Rev-0. One Set Consisting 04 Items 05 Nos.( This Is Shelf Life Items And Should Be Procured With Staggered D. 116
29250080-set Of "o" Ring For Motor Suspension Unit (msu),material As Per Nbr 70-din3771(iso3601) Or Latest As Per Following . 1 "o" Ring Of Size -dia 480mm ,thickness 8 Mm As Per Abb Drg No Ib012-007. 109
29250080-set Of "o" Ring For Motor Suspension Unit (msu),material As Per Nbr 70-din3771(iso3601) Or Latest As Per Following . 1 "o" Ring Of Size -dia 480mm ,thickness 8 Mm As Per Abb Drg No Ib012-007. 108
29258376-set Of Gaskets For Axle Box Covers Of 3 Phase Locos. Set Consists Of 2 Type Of Gaskets. 1) Gasket For Earth Return Carbon Brush Unit Cover As Per Clw Drg. No. 1209-01.411-050 (material: Kling. 108
29358000-set Of Safety Washers (vs Type) As Per Clw Drg. No. 1209.01.411.046, Ref. No. 004, 006 & 008. Set Consists Of 03 Items. 1) Vs 12 Type Washer :safety Washer As Per Clw Drg. No. 1209.1.411.046. 115
29500023-temperature Sensor Assembly Complete For 3 Phase Traction Motor As Per Abb Product No. 3 Ehm 311882 Alt Or Latest. Note:tm Temperature Sensor Probe Pt100 Should Be Almetra Ag Swizeriand Or Us. 106
29628039-set Of Items For Axle Box Brush Holder Primary Return Current. Each Set Consisting Of 3 Items. 1) Spring Clip (pressure Device) For Axle Box Carbon Brush Of 3 Phase Locos As Per Ref.2 Of Shee. 107
29650057-discharging Resistor To Capacitor Harmonic Filter (pos No.8.42), 28 Ohm +/- 5% - 2800 Volt As Per Clw Specn. No. Clw/es/3/0089 Or Latest And Abb Doc. No. 3ehp590470r0004 Or Latest. Accepted T. 105
2998n015-female Pin Blocking Diode (diblo-5 Ordiblo-8) Used In 3 Phase Locomotives As Per Abb Id No, Hbt415176p0001 & Clw Specification No. Clw/es/3/0055/c. Make : B+z Electronik, Elesta Electronik, P. 102
30 Mbps Point To Point Dedicated Leased Line For Internet And Connectivity Services Between Jadavpur Campus And Salt Lake Campus Of Csir-iicb Kolkata For 2 Years. 159
30130141-cross Bearer To Icf Drg. No. T-1-3-600 Alt. Q/40 Item No.1 Material And Spec. Is Irs M-41/97. Alternative Material Will Not Accepted. 104
3017n23-heavy Duty Polyester Webbing Sling (2 Leg) Of Capacity 4 Ton, Each Leg 2 Ton, Both Legs Are Of 2.5 Metres Length,connected To The Master Ring At Top, Each Sling Is Connected With Safety Eye Ho. 155
3017n24-four Leg Chain Sling Of Chain Size 13 Mm X 2.5 Mete Length Of Each Leg With Sling Hooks Of Material Grade 80 Lifting Capacity Of 13t With Manufacturers Test Certificate Accepted Offer:make/bra. 101
30351078-gasket Air Brake Hose Pipe Coupling For Brake Pipe Bg As Per Drg. No Sk-73547 Alt 13 Item No.4, Material & Per Drg. 110
30352800-poh Kit For Peav To Rdso Sk-97029, Alt3, Consisting Of Item No. 2,4,5,6,7,8,9 And 23 And Confirming To Rdso Spec. No.02-abr-02 With Amndt.3 Appendix-j. 103
30544415-"porcelain Commode To Icf 160, Alt.-s/8, Item No 4 To 8 Of Col-ii. And Item No. 2 & 3 Plastic Seat And Cover In White Colour For Porcelain European Commode. 104
30580900-~l~ Moulding To Size 1.6 X 1200 X 25mm X 25mm To Drawing No. Cws/myss Sk No. 1623/myss, Alt 4, Fig.-5, Is:513/2016. 116
30xxn01-shim M.s. For Cbc Knuckle 5mm Thick Suitable For Lhb Coaches Material With Test Certificates. As Per Drg. No. Sse/c&w/hbj/28 As Per Is : 2062 Make- Own.accepted Firm Offer: Make- Own Brand ,pc. 102
30xxn103-side Channel For Battery Box To Drg. No. Icf/sk-7-1-481, Item No.2 Material To Is:2062-99 Fe410 Wc Note: One Coat Of Ready Mixed Air Drying Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate Primer To Is:12744/89 Or L. 102
31020082-finish Machined Rear Cover For Axle Box Roller Bearing For Motor Coach Bogie To Icf Drg No.emu/M-0-2-004.alt.v/4 Item No.1. Accepted Make/Brand:-r.m.e. 101
31057123-kit Set No. Tv-2 For Icf Shock Absorber Consisting Of 7 Items: 1) Tab Washer 4.354.21.3 2 2) Hex Nut 4.354.21.4 2 3) Coil Pressure Spring 4.352.06.35 1 4) Conical Spring 4.352.06-22. 115
31300030-4 Pin Connector Male As Per Sidwal Part No.3020238 Or M/s.allied Electronics Corporation Part No. Ms3102r18-10p. Accepted Make/Brand:-allied Make. 103
31400474-hex Head.screw M16x180 With Hex Nut M16 For Schaku Coupler Of Emu Coaches Spec. Drg. No (i) M/s Escorts Drg No. 40-586-06 (2) Pt.15 & Pt 12.(ii) M/s.wsf~s Drg. No. 40-586-06 (2) Pt.11 & Pt.12. 103
31717019-set Of Plug Socket Pin Housing, Cover And Bush Complete For Inter Vehicle Coupler Icf Drg No Icf/sk-7-5-053 Alt ~l/2~ .col -1 Item 15 = 1 No,. Icf/sk-7-5-054 Alt ~k/2~ Col -1 Item 2 = 1 No An. 109
31901888-6 Inch Duplex Pressure Gauge (mr-bp) With Self Illuminates Led Suitable To 110v Dc Supply. As Per Wsf Part No. Ib 78773-8 Or M/s Escorts Drg. No. Kb195 Or Equivalent. Accepted Make/Brand:-g. 114
31930633-hose Flexible To Cil Pt No. 3632336 Used For Oil Supply With Turbo Supper Charger Of Cil Engine Model No. Kta-50-l Equipped With 1400 Hp Bg Demu Dpc. Accepted Make/Brand:-hose-"poly" Tefflo. 101
31970412-miniature Circuit Breaker For Lighting And Ventilation Circuit 130v Dc Single Pole, 5 Amps To Rdso Specification Spec/e-12/1/04 Of. March 92.with Amendment-1 Of June~93 And Rdso Drg. No.skel. 106
3357n001-supply And Fitment Of Automatic Safe Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, Overall Dimension Of Dispenser Appx. 415 Mm Length X 500 Mm Width X 150 Mm Height, Dispenser Is Made Up Of Strong And Durable. 101
33xxns-equal/Union Elbow W10lcf Of M/s Parker Or 0120102007 Of M/s Voss Or St Wv10l Of M/s Volz Or P-wv 10l Of M/s Eaton Walterscheid Or El 10 Of M/s Blange Armaturen Gmbh Blago. 112
33xxns-male Stud Connector ( Elastometric Seal) Ge18lredcf Of M/s Parker Or 0184242007 Of M/s Voss Or St Gev18lr1/2 Wd (std) Of M/s Volz Or P-gev 18lr Wd Of M/s Eaton Walterscheid Or Al 18 R1/2 Wd Of. 118
33xxns-union Nut M18lcfx Of M/s Parker Or 0004252100 Of M/s Voss Or St Um18l Of M/s Volz Or M18l Of M/s Eaton Walterscheid Or Ml 18 Of M/s Blange Armaturen Gmbh Blago. 110
37130912-buffer Plunger In Riveted Condition With Face Plate, Spindle, M-39x3 Hex Nut And Split Cotter To Rdso Drg. No. Sk-98145 Alt.-12 Item No. 3,5,6,7,8 &17. 116
3801n00-supply And Installation Of All In One Computers With The Following Specifications Processor : Intel Core15-8500 8 Th Generation (3.0 Ghz, 4 Core, 6 Mb Cache Memory) Hard Disk : 1 Tb Sata Ram:. 105
38100666-bogie Centre Pivot Bottom With Horizantal And Vertical Wear Liner For 22 Hs Casnub Bogies To Rdso Drg. No. Wd-97049-s-3, Alt-8 Or Latest. Item No. 1, Qty- 01 No, Item No. 3 Qty-02 Nos And Ite. 115
38106425-wide Jaw Adapter Fitted With Ctrb Class ~e~ 6 Inch X 11 Inch In Casnub 22w & Blc Type Container Wagon To R.d.s.o~s Sk.-78527, Alt. No.5 And Rdso~s Str No.ab/rb-39-2002 (rev-4) Of February 201. 103
38137719-articulated Lock Lift Lever Assembly For Centre Buffer Coupler To Rdso Drg., Alt-28 Or Latest, Item No.5,6,7,16 And 17, To Specification No. Aar M201 Gr.b Or Is:1875 Cl 2 & Is: 20. 110
38140081-bell Crank Lever Rh To Rdso Drg. No. Wd-08093-s-02, Alt. -3, Item No. 5, Other Technical Requirement Confirming To Rdso Specification Wd-23-bmbs-2008 (rev.1) Of Sept.- 2015, Read With Latest. 104
38140100-bell Crank Lever Lh To Rdso Drg. No. Wd-08093-s-02, Alt. -3, Item No. 4, Other Technical Requirement Confirming To Rdso Specification No. Wd-23-bmbs-2008 (rev.1) Of Sept.- 2015, Read With Lat. 105
38163421-brake Cylinder 355 Mm For Air Brake System On Freight Stock To Rdso Drg No.wd-92051/s-06 Alt.5 & Confirming To Str No 02-abr-02,appendix-b, Read With All Amds.,latest Amendment No.3 Of April. 104
3898ns00-kit For Lsd (escort) Of Bobrn Wagon Consisting Of 03 Items: (i) K- Ring To Drg. No. 4kb 4861/1 - 02 Nos.; (ii) K- Ring To Drg. No. 4kb 4861/2 - 01 No.; (iii) O Ring To Drg. No. 4a 43411 - 01. 107
40, Bsa Lot 3 "wiring Signaling. 193
4005n001-cross Linked Polyethylene (xlpe) Insulated Lt Ug Cable Of Size 4 X 25 , Pvc Outer Sheathed As Per Is 5831/1984 With Amendment No. 1 & 2 ( Reaffirmed-2006), Armoured With Galvanised Roun. 229
4005nns-cable Circular Xlpe Insulated And Pvc Sheathed Armoured Xlpe 1.1 Kv Grade Aluminium Cable Conforming To Is: 7098 (pt. I) Or Latest Size 04x70sqmm, Make- Havells, Polycab, Cristal, M. Cab, Anch. 103
40072370-pvc Insulated Unsheathed Single Core Multi Stranded Aluminum Conductor Cable For Voltage Upto And Inculding 1100v To Be Used For Wiring Of Non-ac Coaches Size 4 Sq Mm Conf. To Rdso Specn. No. 124
40305491-dual Coat Round Copper Winding Wire Size 20swg 0.914mm Confirming To Is: 13730-13/iec 60317 Grade 2 Or 2b.enamel For Making Class-200 Wire Shall Be Of Dr. Beck India Ltd. As Follows 1 Bas. 103
40970449-pvc Insulated Single Core Multi Stranded Flexible Copper Cable Size 4 Sqmm, Conf To Rdso Rdso/pe/spec/tl/0027-2002 rev-0 , Amendment.- 1. Make/brand: Ajanta. Insulation Colour: Blu. 103
40xxn194-retrofitment Type 9 W Led Lamp For Use In Existing Holders Of 18w Ft, T8 Tube Light In Tl And Ac Coaches As Per Icf Spec. No. Icf/elec/960/rev.0. 101
4211-axial Fan 115v Ac ,single Phase For Ac Coaches Confirming To Rcf~s Document No. Ac/lav/decs.1(rev-0)& Rcf~s Drg . No.sked-534.make Rexonard Model No.21725ai Or Similar. Firm Offer And Accepted Ma. 101
4211ns-mirror Light Fitting As Per Drg. No. Icf/std-7-6-006 Without Electronic Lamp Ballast And 4 Pin 13 W Cfl Tube But Instead 5 Watt Led With Driver Working On 110 V Dc/ac (90 V - 140 V Range) (leds. 103
42ns-isi Marked Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans 300 Mm Sweep With 4 Sturdy Metal Blades/body, Speed:1350-1400 Rpm, Power Consumption : 70-92 Watts, Min. Air Delivery : 1600-1750 Cmh, Noise In Db : 40-50, Copp. 101
42xxn01-mcb Single Pole Rated Current 20 Amp & 10 Ka Rating With Instantenious Tripping Range C Series Rated Voltage 240 V Cm/I No 9770397 As Per Is/iec:60947 Part -2-2003 Latest Industrial Type Mak. 104
4329n001-hog Modification-supply,instllation And Commissioning Of Rc Filters To Be Provided In Hv Panel Of Non Ac Lhb Coaches As Per Rate Contract And Hq Letter El/234/2/p.u. Dated 04.01.2019. 104
4515n019-contactor 4 Pole 200 Amps Capacity Suitable For 750 Volts 50hz Ac Coil Voltage 415 V Ac With Surge Suppressor And Auxilary Contact 1no+ 1nc To Abb Cat No:ek-110-40-11,cal-16-11b. Acceptable M. 103
45211188-low Pressur Gauge Wall Mounting (burden) Type 100 Mm (4") Dial Size Suitable For R-134 Refrigerant System With A Pressure Range Of 762 Mm (30") Of Hc Vacuum To 150 Lb/inch (10.545kgs/cm Sq.&. 113
45218742-condenser Fan Motor With Blower Complete Capacity 1 Kw 110 V, Dc 10.25 A 2000 Rpm Type Compound Elgi Elec. Part. No. Fdm 112 Nc 5, For Demu/dpc To Icf Specn, No. Icf/elect/825/Rev - 01 Cs-4. 113
45nsn00-modular Electric Plate + Frame Assembly-01 No Modular Socket 5 Pin-01 No Modular Switch 6a,230 V Ac-01 No. For 110 V Dc Mobile Phone Charger, As Per Icf Drg. No, Icf/sk3-7-6-003 Alt. H. Make:-. 103
45xxn01-3 Phase Measuring And Monitoring Relay Rated Voltage 750 Volts Ac +/- 15% ,50 Hz, 25va @ 750 V Ac As Per Rcf Specification No. Edts 73 Amdt.5 Or Latest . Make. Carlo/Dold/Bhasin Packard/pan. 102
45xxn01-mcb Also Known As Manual Motor Startor Rated Current 2.5 Amps. Thermal Relrase Range 1.6 2.5a Voltage Rating 415 Vac 5/60 Hz 3 Pole Tnp Unit Technology Thormal & Magnotic Brcaking Capacity 100. 105
45xxn01-mcb Current Rating 10 Amp. Voltage Rating 110 + -30% 400 Vac 50/60 Hz Two Pole Tripping Characteristic/curve : C Backing Capacity 10ka With Thermal Tripping Mechanism For Over Load Protaction. 101
46190107- goods,18 Mm Bus Terminal Clamp Compression Type With Id - 6311 - 2, Complete As Per Rdso~s Drg. No - Ti/drg/ohe/ftgnf/rdso/00006/03/0 And As Per Rdso~s Specn. No. - Ti/spc/ohe/fittings/0130(. 106
4642n567-large Bracket (galvanised Erw Steel) Tube, Is:1239, With 49mm Od And Conforming To Rdso Spec. No. Eti/Ohe/11 (5/89) And Eti/ohe/13 (4/84) With A&c Slip Number 1, 2 & 3 Or Latest.(3 Mtr Eac. 106
46810031-power Contactor 4 Pole 200amp,750 Vac,coil Voltage 415 Vac,2no +2nc Aux.contacts,with Surge Suppressor,as Per Serial No 57,and Item No K-01,of Bill Of Material Of Rdso Spec No Rdso/pe/spec/ac. 106
5006ns15-adsl Wi-fi Modem Router With Modem 4 Port With Multi Mode With Adsl 2 With Dual 2x2 Built In Mimo Antennas 2 Dbi Model No D-link 2750v And Make/brand D-link,netgear,zyxcel. Accepted = Make -. 104
5298n01-desk Top Computer With All Accessories.a)cpu-inter Core I3 7100 (3.9 Ghz,3mb, Cache, 2 Cores) B) Memory- 4gb Ddr4 Ram. C) Hard Disk Drive - 1tb Sata Hdd. D) Monitor -19.5". E) Keyboard- Biling. 103
5298ns-all In One Computer And Printer As Under:- A) Lenovo All In One Desktop Core I5 8th Gen/8 Gb Ram/2 Tb Hard Disk Wireless Keyboard And Mouse/Slim Dvd Rw/21.5 %u201cscreen/Windows 10 Hom. 110
5490n001-supply Of Coller For Ufs Block Instrument To Size Approximately Outer Dia 50 Mm, Inner Dia 44 Mm Thickness 3 Mm Height 40 Mm. Power Block Collers - 100 Nos. Line Block Collers - 100 Nos. Staf. 104
5606n001-relay Fail Safe Electronic Time Delay Device Mounted On Q Series Relay Base & Covered With Fixed Timing Of 60 Second Confirming To Irs:s:61/2000,(ver-1.0) ( Amndt -3) Or Latest , Irs:s:34 & I. 114
56468040-green Aspect Main Led Signal Lighting Unit,110 Volt Ac,retrofittable In Existing Cls Housing And Compatible With Ac Led Ecr,as Per Rdso Specification No-rdso/spn/199/2010(rev.1.0) Upto Date I. 125
5698ns1-o/e/n Bell Relay Assembly For Double Line Block Instrument To With Necessary Bushes And Fasteners In Set. One Set Consists Of :- 1. O/e/n Bell Relay Assembly To 0301. 101
5698ns1-screw Brass Ch.hd With Nut To Is: 1366 & Washer To Is:2016 In Set With Nickel Plating. One Set Consists Of :- 1.screw Brass Ch.hd.m4x 10mm : 1 No. 2.nut Brass Hex M4 :1no. 3.washer Brass M4:1. 104
57/53/1/18/042 Maintenance Of Special Techniques Schuman-josaphat Tunnel. 119
5M housing project. 197
6.2m Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat. 120
6079n01-chamfering Kit As Per Rdso Drg. No. Tm-0512 And Specification No. Tm-53 (rev.01 Of 2014). Specification As: (1).high Tensile Fish Bolt 130 X 20mm With Nut As Per Drg. No. Tm/0512. (latest)=01s. 108
6559n06-petrol Driven Abrasive Cutter, Model No.ts 420 With Five Nos. Compposite Wheel Size 350mm/14" Power 3.2 Kw, Displacement 66.7 Cc, Dry Weight 9.6 Kgs. ( Complete Set To Be Supplied With One No. 103
6579n01-compactor (storack) Almirah, 04 Shelves/05 Compartments & Carrying Capacity Each Shelf 70 Kg., 02mm Thick Clear Transparent Acrylic Sheet And Having Other Dimension Of 155mm/106mm. Firm~s Offe. 106
65xxns-blower Stacking Table For Stacking Blower Units Of Ac Coaches As Per Dy. Cee (w)/pl%u2019s Drg. No. Ac-1976. Make Laxmi/heatex/stomax Make Accepted Only. Material To Be Procured From Oem/Auth. 111
6735n953-hand Trolley. Model No: 500cp 351. Load Capacity: 500 Kg. Wheel: 8 Inch Solid. Body Size: 960 X 310 X 1562 X 761 Mm. Own Weight: 52 Kg. (1. Tc & Gc Of Original Equipment Manufacturer Are Must. 104
7227n001-trussel No 1. Size: A=8~ B=5~ C=1 1/2 D=2~ E=8". Qty=4nos. 147
72xxn094-set Of Tools: 1) Long Nose Pliers Sizes : 6~~, 8~~ Each ,qty= 5 Nos 2) Bend Nose Pliers Sizes :6~~,8~~ Each ,qty= 5 Nos 3) 1/2~~ Speed Handle/speeder Brace 400 Mm, Qty=3 Nos 4) 1/2~~ Sliding. 103
72xxns-angle Grinder Model Nu Stgs 7100, 710 W Power Input 710 W No Load Speed 11000 Rpm Max Disc Diameter 100 Mm Spindle Thread M10 , Weight Approx. 1.8 Kg Make Stanely , Bosch Or Makita Only. 107
73030016-hex Head Bolt M 20 X 80-8.8 To Is:1364 ( Part -1) Zinc Passivated - A3l To Is:1367 (part-11)to Icf Drg No:t-3-2-801 Alt-h/5,item No:22. Firms Offer :- Make/brand - " Wrkk ". 108
73030417-hexagonal Head Bolt With Nut Of Product Grade C, Size M 10 X 40, To Drawing/Specification Bolt To Is: 1363 (part-i)/2002, Property Class 4.6 And Nut To Is: 1363 (part Iii)/2002 Property. 101
7305n81-set Of Csk Screws Consists Two Items In One Set As Per The Following 1 Csk Screw 10 Mm X 25 Mm. Qty: 01 No 2 Csk Screw 12 Mm X 25 Mm. Qty: 01 No. Make: Tvs/lps/unbrako/pfl Or Similar. Firm. 104
73571600-screws Self Tapping Ms Nettle Fold Parkar Kalan Slotted Round To Specn.npk-"a" Type Approved Brand Of Size No.8 X 20 Mm Length.material Specn Npk A Type. Firm~s Offer :- Same As Above.make/br. 104
750 - 1100 Ghz Vector Measurement Extension Heads - 2 Lots. 131
7505n01-diaphragm- Rubber Braided Suitable For First Stage Of Oxygen And Acetylene Regulators. Size:43 Mm Od X 7.5 Mm Id X 3.5 Mm Thickness. Make:weld Tech/Hmp/Leonex/Esab. Firm~s Offer : Make/br. 128
75xxn1-"diesel Loco Shed" Kurla Monogram Drg Size 22" (inch) X 18" (inch) Of Retro Reflective High Stockers 3m Quality & High Stocking Quality. (firm~s Offer Accepted Make/brand 3m). 103
7630ns01-primary Terminal With Insulating Bush , Nuts & Washer Suitable For 600 A Berco Welding Machine , As Per Berco Part. No. Bdcr6-1a. Make:- Berco Or Equivalent. 136
77034685-pu Paint Two Pack Colour Apricoat Yellow Ral Shade Card Colour -070 80 40 To Rdso Spec. M&c/pcn/100/2018 In 4 Litres Packing. As Per Rdso Specification No. M&c/pcn/100/2018 & Amendment No. 1. 108
7831n001-office Table With One Side Drawer, Size Of The Table :- (4 Ft. X 2.1/2) Feet., Make :- Setha Or Equal. 110
7898ns-a) All In One Pc - 01 No. Make - Hp (model- Hp 24f0043in) Or Lenovo (model - Lenovo 520s) Or Dell (model- Dell Inspiron 24-3464); B) All In One Printer-02 Nos, Make- Hp (model - Hpgt5821) Or Hp. 106
79010805-dungry Cloth Cotton Khadi Dyed Blue 91.4 Cms Wide Piece Length 10 To 20 Mtrs To Is:specification No.3778/1993 With Of March-2002.marking And Packing As Per Above Specification. Acce. 107
7901n1-new Office Table Cum Counter Table With Good Quality Wood And Hardware And Drawers With Smooth Running Size 150 Cms X 60 Cms X 150 Cms X 45 Cms Height 70 Cms . "l" Shape Counters . Make :godrej. 102
8-MW biomass plant in Puerto Tirol, Chaco province. 173
8001n001-k Smart Premium Compressor Fluid Kpc Part No 270.02.480.50 Or Equivalent For Kirloskar Compressor. In Case Any Make Other Than "k Smart Premium Compressor Fluid Kpc Part No 270.02.480" Is Off. 103
80030166-servoplex Shc-120 (iocl) Grease For Traction Motor Bearing Of Wag-9/wap-7 Locos. 101
802-19 Provision Of Disinsection, Disinfection, Deratization Of Dwellings And Common Areas (and Other Services). 149
81040428-liquid Oxygen For Industrial Use. Specification: Shall Confirm To Minimum Purity Of 99% When Tested In Gaseous Form As Per Clause 4.1 And 4.2 Of Is:309/2005 (fourth Revision). 105
81050823-toilet Soap, Conforming To Grade:i Of Is:2888:2004 (third Revision) With Amendment No.1 Of Oct.2007 And 2 Of Sept.2008 And 3 Of May 2013. To Be Supplied In The Form Of Smooth Cakes Of Minimum. 107
81243532 - Supporting The Implementation Of The Energy Transition In Mexico. 158
82017232-tender Description : Telmisartan 20 Mg Tab/cap. Accepted Description : Telmisartan 20 Mg Tab. (brand : Telmicept-20, Mfg. By : Concept Pharmaceuticals, Pack Size : 10 X 10 Tabs). 134
82022215-tender Description : Latanoprost 0.005% - 2.5 Ml Eye Drops. Accepted Description : Latanoprost 50mcg. (brand : 9pm Eye Drops, Mfg. By : Cipla Ltd., Pack Size : Pack Of 2.5ml Eac. 131
82060090-amoxycilline 1g And Clavulanic Acid 200mg Inj. 105
8221 Outsourcing Of Services For Operation And Maintenance Of Central Chilled Water, Dx Type Ac Plants In Various Technical Buildings Under Age I Rnd Nstl, Visakhapatnam. 193
82310050-bandage Cotton Or Handloom Cotton Bandages For Dressing And Related Products Of 7.5cm X 4mtr As Per F - Ii Schedule Confirming To Is-863 - 1988 Latest . Hsn Code:30049040. Brand: Modern Make:. 140
82310450-disposable Syringe Without Needle 5 Ml Indian Make Accepted Brand; B.braun,dispovan,becton Dickinson. Hsn Code : 90183100. Brand: Dispovan. Mfg: Hindustan Medical & Disposable. 106
83031273-tendered/Accepted Description: Paper Printing Light Pink 60 Gsm With Minimum Brightness 80 Percent And Above, Confirming To Is 1848/2007 As Amended Up To December 2016. The Paper Manufactur. 108
83060157-t114f (h/e) Wagon Seal Lable. Size :- 3 X 4.5 Inches. Print In Black Ink On Both Side.paper To Be Used Is White Pulp Board 225 Gsm. To Be Strapped And Pack In Bundle Of 1000 Forms (loose).sam. 102
8340n01-black And Colour Cartridge For Canon790. 01 No. Black And 01 No. Of Each Cyan. Yellow & Magenta Are Considered As Set. Make: Canon 790. 132
83411148-charge Sheet For Imposition Of Major Penalties. Loose Forms, Size 8.5 X 12 Print In Black Ink On Both Sides. Paper To Be Used Is White Maplitho 60 Gsm. D.note No. G 321 F. 101
8390nn1-plastic Pallets, Flat ,injection Moulded Of Size : Length 1200 To 1050 Mm X Width 1050 To 1000 Mm X Height 130 To 120 Mm With Static Load Carrying Capacity 3000 Kgs For Material Stacking Of Ni. 106
8601n1-diesel Pump Set 5.5 Hp , Size -3 Inch X 2. 5 Inch ,weight 56 Kg ,app.along With Sunction Pipe 25 Feet X 60 Feet Delivery Pipe With All Accessories Complete. Model-5530, Make- Greaves Or Equival. 141
8700ns-hp Computer (srs) (hp) (hp Slimline290-p0057il (srs) Processor Generation 8th Windows 10 Ram Size (gb) - 4 Hard Disk 1000 Monitor Size (inches) 19.5 Or Dell (specification Will Be Same As Above. 104
890133003/19e0259 Delivery Of Natural Gas To Districts And Cities In Rhineland-palatinate, Approx. 105,142 Mwh/A, Approx. 313 Points Of Sale. 129
890133003/19e0261 Supply Of Natural Gas To State-owned Property Rhineland-palatinate, Approx. 193 000 Mwh/A, 419 Points Of Sale. 126
900-MW Greater Changhua offshore Wind Project. 125
9011n1-ms Square Size: 32mm X 32mm As Per Is: 2062 : 2011 , (7nt Rev.), Grade Designation E250, Quality-a, Bright Quality ,in The Length Of 5 Meter To 7 Meter. Accepted Description : As Per Tender Onl. 103
969/ws-/2019-20 Provn Of Security Light Along With Allied Services For Echo. 166
A R And M O I G Stadium Complex New Delhi Dg 2019 20 Sh Cleaning Of Water Storage Tank Sewer Line Manhole And Storm Drain. 122
A R And M O Income Tax Office Building At Sector 2 Panchkula During 2019 20 Sh Providing Ms Grill And U V Stabilized Agro Net At Income Tax Office Terrace. 118
A/r And M/o Custom And Central Excise Colony, Ajnala Road, Amritsar During 2019-20. Sh : White Washing, Distemper And Exterior Painting Including Services For Day To Day Maintenance. 115
A/r And M/o To Miscelleanous Bandr Works At No.1fbsu. Airforce, Rajasansi ,amritsar During 2019-20. Sh: Repair And Maintenance Of Stages. 111
A/r And M/o To Miscelleanous Bandr Works At No.1fbsu. Airforce, Rajasansi ,amritsar During 2019-20. Sh: Repair And Replacement Of Interlocking Tiles At Various Locations. 115
A/r And M/o To Miscelleanous Bandr Works At No.1fbsu. Airforce, Rajasansi ,amritsar During 2019-20. Sh: Repair Of Rcc Ducts For Launcher At B-flight. 114
A/r And M/o To Miscelleanous Bandr Works At No.1fbsu. Airforce, Rajasansi ,amritsar During 2019-20. Sh:- Repair Of Paths Of Bldgs At Various Locations. 114
A/r And M/o To Residential And Technical Buildings At No. 1fbsu, Airforce Rajasansi, Amritsar During 2019-20. Sh:- Repair And Replacement Of Aluminium Doors And Windows. 115
A12 Ins + Gsa Ast Vls/Kranebitten - Ast Zirl Ost_km 82.50 - Km 87.20 - Local Building Supervision. 157
Aalen, University Of Applied Sciences, New Construction Of Research Buildings For Zimate And Ztn, Drywall Works (germany-schwbisch Gmnd: Plasterboard Works). 104
Aamoda,taskheda Tal Amalner Dist. Jalgaon Compartment Bunding. 157
Ab-con3-19-004. Supply Of Rapid Tests Of Hiv In Oral Fluid For The Prevention Of Hiv Infection According To Guidelines Of The Galician Anti-hiv/Aids And Other Its Plan. 101
Ac0728 Specialist Commissioning Provider Alliance. 163
Academic-grade School For The Period From July To August School-level Edible Corrosion Purchase Small Amount Quotation Submission Notice. 118
Accessibility Of The Eco Farm Site Of The Barre In Toulon. 118
Accident And Liability Insurance Services For Programs Organized By The Culture Service. 2020 And 2021, Extendable For Two More Years. 104
Accommodation Of Unaccompanied Minors (france-bourges: Hotel Accommodation Services). 206
Accompanying Support For Environmental Impact Topics And The Paris 2024 Biodiversity Strategy. 109
Accounting Review Of Telephone, Mobile Telephone, Vodafone, Orange And Cellnex Telecom 2018 Costs And Certain Specific Aspects Of The Calculation Of The Net Cost Of Universal Service. 122
Acquisition 40,000 Trays Model C And 10,000 Flips For Trays Model C For Se Correos Y Telgrafos, Sa, Sme. 124
Acquisition And Delivery Of New Vehicles With Thermal And Electrical Energies. 119
Acquisition And Delivery Of Storage Acquisition Capacity And Flash Upgrades To The Eurocontrol Maastricht Uac. 240
Acquisition Of 2019 Electric Vehicles. 120
Acquisition Of 3d Scanner And 3d Printer (czechia-prague: Laboratory, Optical And Precision Equipments (excl. Glasses)). 159
Acquisition Of A Class 30 Combined Swing Scale. 131
Acquisition Of A Geochemical Analysis Platform Consisting Of A Plasma Source And Multi-collection Mass Spectrometer (mc-icp-ms) Coupled To A Laser Ablation Device (la). 131
Acquisition Of A Specific Design Press For The Development And Research Of Structural Glued Laminated Wood Products For The Platform Of Enxeara Da Madeira Estrutural-pemade. 214
Acquisition Of A Vehicle For The Collection Of Household Waste. 124
Acquisition Of Administrative Supplies On Behalf Of The Agglomeration Community Of Haguenau. 108
Acquisition Of Computer Consumables Related To The Printing Systems And Necessary To The Various Services And Provincial Establishments - Stock Market 2 Years. 170
Acquisition Of Consumer Products For Integrated Police Laboratories, Structured On 2 Levels, Written On The Basis Of The Law Of 17.6.2016 (traditional Sectors). 131
Acquisition Of Documents For Libraries. 141
Acquisition Of Fdm-mim 3d Printer. 112
Acquisition Of Finavia Corporation's Display Monitors. 197
Acquisition Of Furniture As Part Of The Reconstruction Of The M Gevrey School In Sarcelles. 118
Acquisition Of Garbage Collection Vehicles. 114
Acquisition Of Interactive Digital Table Solutions And Related Implementation And Maintenance Services For Schools In The City. 152
Acquisition Of Maintenance And Cleaning Materials (france-nanterre: Floor-maintenance Machines). 215
Acquisition Of Materials For Conservation And Maintenance Of The Road Network Of The Autonomous Community Of La Rioja. Year 2019. 109
Acquisition Of Multi-brand Universal Gift Cards. 103
Acquisition Of Relay, Contactor, Contactor. 427
Acquisition Of Rental Work For Apotti Implementation (finland-vantaa: Health And Social Work Services). 245
Acquisition Of Scientific Consumables And Laboratory Preparation, Subdivided Into 70 Lots, For The Needs Of The Education And Training Departments. 128
Acquisition Of Services For The Maintenance And Technological Updating Of The Hydrometeorological Monitoring Network (portugal-amadora: Repair And Maintenance Services Of Measuring Apparatus). 141
Acquisition Of Signal Amplifiers. 117
Acquisition Of Small Commercial Vehicles. 101
Acquisition Of Small Specific Horticultural Supplies For Green Spaces Managed By Bordeaux Mtropole. 203
Acquisition Of X-ray Equipment And Ct. 117
Acquisition Ucfas Combat Equipment. 114
Acquisition Velos Electrical Assistance Management Maintenance. 190
Acquisition, Delivery, Installation And Commissioning Of Digital Milling Machines. 193
Acquisition, Delivery, Installation And Commissioning Of Solid Lasers. 152
Acquisition, Installation And Maintenance Of Mobility Cabinets Associated With Software For Providing Means Of Transport. 120
Acquisition, Installation And Start-up Of A Digital Radiology Equipment For The Diagnostic Imaging Service Of The General University Hospital "reina Sofa". 101
Actions For The Integration Of People Of Foreign Origin In Rural Areas. 107
Adaptation Of Rooms After Mops For The Needs Of Przedszkola Miejskiego No. 45, Ul. Kisielewskiego 4a (poland-sosnowiec: Construction Work). 128
Adaptation Of The Building At Ul. Sucha 23 In Sosnowiec For The Needs Of A Nursery (poland-sosnowiec: Architectural, Construction, Engineering And Inspection Services). 191
Adaptation, Modification, Creation And Repair Work Of Medical Fluid Distribution Networkslieux: Sites Of Poitiers, Lusignan, Montmorillon, Chtellerault, Loudun, Efs. 313
Addition Alteration And Upgardation Of Officers Jcos Ors Md Accn At Ambala. 165
Addition Alteration Of Main Gate Admin Building Main Entrance Gate Including Ground Area At Cg Rhq(e) Chennai And Provision Of New Standby Water Pump At Clive Battery Building Under Ge (i) (cg) Chenna. 191
Addition/alteration Of Internal And External Signage At Kolhapur Airport. 106
Additional Electrical Works In The Existing Building Shantiniketan Inter College Bankat Of Mahatma Gandhi Central University Motihari At Nh-28a. 105
Additional Work -2 For Construction Of Court Room, Chamber,office,mediation Center And Record Room In Combined Court Building Semi Basment And G Plus 7 At Patna Civil Court, Patna, Bihar. 135
Addn Altn To Bldg No 227 Old Scientist Hostel At B And C Colony Under Ge I R And D Pashan Pune. 177
Addn/altn And Addn Altn To Drainage System Ins Dronacharya Fortkochi 2. 163
Addn/altn To Toilet At Amingaon And Fixing Of Ceiling Fans At Sadilapur Under Ge Guwahati. 169
Adhesive Label. 166

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