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Articles from Mena Report (July 25, 2019)

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(19112) 311 Camera Network Life Cycle, Camneu Project. 232
(bok) Christian Sacred Heart Independent Living Room And Laundry Room Extension Construction (communication). 123
(bok) Christian Sacred Heart Independent Living Room And Laundry Room Extension Work (electricity). 120
(deo/19/0001) Supply Of Tables And Chairs To Pilot Run Smart Classroom Project. 272
(emergency) Donghae Gwanghui High School Walkway Installation Work. 124
(ewtcoi/19/0005) Modification Of Existing Hollow Fiber Spinning System. 143
(nu/1518) The Provision Of A Clincal Trials Database And A Randomization System. 125
(tentative Name) Marine First New Construction Supervision Service. 117
- Aurora Hedgeway School To Tetbury. 101
- For The Provision Of Burial/cremation And Ancillary Services For Funerals Carried Out Under The Provisions Of The Public Health (control Of Disease) Act 1984. 142
- Timber Not Cut Coniferous (pine) 2-3 Grade 25 Mm. In Number Of 234 Cubic Meters; - Wooden Cut Timber Of Coniferous Species (pine) 2-3 Grade 50 * 100 * 6000 In A Quantity Of 270 Cubic Meters. 147
-subscribe To Gov Licenses Of Online Exchange Mail Doffice 365 Of Microsoft, Kiosk Modality Online Exchange Gov-subscription To Gov Licenses Of Mail Exchange Online Doffice 365 Of Microsoft, Modality Exchange Online Plan 1 Gov. 112
. E-1364/hbpcl/pc/Radiolucent Orthopaedic Table With All Accessories/2019-20. 158
0038 - Psychosomatic Clinic Simbach A. Inn - Partial New Construction And Partial Renovation - Earthworks. 121
009/3/2019 Supplies Of Spare Parts For Cloos Welding Technology. 101
01 Ward No 18 Drainage Work From Ramdev Medical To Public Toilets. 144
02 No Load Enhancement, 01 No 35 Hp Irrigation Allied Conn At Various Villages Purur D/c & 01 No 3 Hp W/w Connection At Vill Dhanora Gurur D/c Under Gurur Sub Dn. 103
04980 Lighting Ul. Dziwnowska Along The Park In Wroclaw, Wbo 2018 Project (# 580). 240
1 Domestic Refuse Truck With Mono Cargo Bin 21m3 Equipped With Hydraulic Crane With Weighing System. 106
1) Annual Rate Contract For Year 2019-2020 - For Providing At Site Bleaching Powder And Alum ( Turti) Etc. 163
1)bottom Tank Assy - 1 Set To Drg 24641700213 Var 00 W/a Of Items 4 To 10, 12 To 18, 20 To 36, 38 To 47 Var 01 W/a Of Items 37, 57 Var 02 W/a Of Items 53 To 56. Addl Pad Welding Info Will Be Given Later On. Qty: 15732 Kg 2)top Tank Assy - 1 Set To Drg 246. 397
1)copper Winding Wire - 9.90 X 3.60 Mm (bare) Mica Taped Covered Copper Wire To Bp28184 Rev.- 00 And Annexure - A. (eds - 50951). Material To Be Strictly Supplied In 4 Drums Each Containing Length Of 181 Mr2 Mr/- 0 Mr. And 12 Drums Each Containing Length. 177
1)epoxy Plate 1 To Drg No-46711130002. (note: Vendor Code And Supply Date Only To Be Punched/sticker To Be Put On Each Component In Addition To Technical Information If Any) Qty: 4 No 2)epoxy Plate 2 To Drg No-46711130003. (note: Vendor Code And Supply Da. 271
1)eps Thermocol Lould Sob Qty: 500 No 2)thermocol Mould 101 Drg. Sob Qty: 250 No 8) Qty:. 118
1)flameproof 120 W Led Integral Flood Light Fitting As Per Spec No.or12649, Rev00. # Cl No. 2.1. Qty: 4 No 2)flame Proof 30 W Led Integral Well Glass Light Fitting As Per Spec No.or12649, Rev00. # Cl No. 2.2. Qty: 55 No 3)spare 30w Led Engine/Driver And. 354
1)high Alumina Machine Mould Roof Bricks For The Lining Of 3 Mt Arc Furnance To Drg No 33221000015 Rev 0. Bricks To Drg Item No-1 As Per Corp Spec Aa53303 Rev 01 Qty: 1000 No 2)high Alumina Machine Mould Roof Bricks For The Lining Of 3 Mt Arc Furnance To. 424
1)pressure Transmitter 0-200 Kg/cm2 As Per Spec. Variant St48010.002, Specification No. St48010,rev 03, Bhel Hwr Material Code W97372651026. Qty: 6 No 2)pressure Transmitter 0-60kg/cm2 As Per Spec. Variant St48010.003, Specification No. St48010 Rev 03, Bh. 356
1)shrink Ring Rough Machined As Per Bhel Drg. No. 44454566054 Rev.01 Var 00. Qty: 180 No. 121
1)thread Insert Kit As Per Clw Spec. No. 4tms.096.076. Or Tm10478 Qty: 90 St. 118
1+1+1 Year Term Contract For Rectification Works To Existing Roads For Handing Over To Lta. 202
1. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali Main Budh Vihar Gali To H/o Jagan Nath To H/o Soni Ram To H/o Pandit To H/o Jaswant To H/o Tirath Singh To H/o Kashmir Kaur In W No 4. 186
1. Construction Of Drain With Two Slab Culvert At Premkumar House To Nagaraj House In Seepalkottai Panchayat. 2. 2. Construction Of Rain Water Drains At Premkumar House To East Odai In Seepalakottai P. 167
1. Rmo Lift At Old Campus At S.j. Hospital New Delhi. 2. Rmo Lift At New Campus At S.j. Hospital New Delhi. 3. Rmo Lift At Residential Complex At S.j. Hospital New Delhi. Sh Comprehensive Maintenance. 131
1.4GW Viking Link interconnector with the UK. 281
1.providing Additional Transformers At Various Locations In Devanahalli, Vidyanagara, Avalahalli, Hosakote & Nandagudi Sub Divisions Of Hosakote Division, Bengaluru Rural Circle, Bescom Respectively On Rate Contract Basis Under Partial Turn Key Basis. 139
10 Kw Ndlf Connection To Zila Sainik Kalyan Office Near Circuit House Durg Under Durg Town Zone Under City Dn., Durg, Providing Straight Through Joint For Burst 11 Kv Ab Cable At Khndelwal Colony Before Sita Agro, Durg Under Durg Town Zone Under City Dn.,. 122
10. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Sharma Book Depot To H/o Satpal Ward No 2. 162
1002 Bkp-ekjd - Parsberg District Hospital - Replacement Clinic For Young Drug Addicts. Trade: 1311-001 Security Fence. 169
11 Kv Disc Insulator With Hardware For Dog Conductor And 11kv Pin Insulatoe And Lightening Arrestors. 146
11. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Pritam To H/o Abhey Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar To Girdhari Lal In W No 2. 167
12) Annual Rate Contract For Year 2019-2020 - Supplying Video Shooting , Photographs. 157
12) Annual Rate Contract For Year 2019-2020 -supplying Video Shooting , Photographs. 157
12. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Raj Kumar Kalia To H/o Jarnail Singh Faugi In Ward No 2. 165
12.improvements To Gulunche Odr 113 To Pandharichiwasti Ziripwasti To Vr 195 To Sh 117 Vr 202 Balanced Length Km Tal-purandar Dist-pune. 157
13 Electronic Items Of Siemens Make. Details As Per Nit. 260
13. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Anant Ram Saini To Jain Station In W No 13. 162
14) Annual Rate Contract For Year 2019-20 - For Office Documents Xerox , Print And Colour Xerox Of Map Etc. 164
14. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Karam Singh Saini To H/o Jaggu Saini In Ward No 10. 164
14. Stbt Shiroli Kd Sheriwasti To Boudhwasti Road Tal . Junnar. 153
15) Rate Contract For Financial Year 2019-20 For Electrical Equipments And Items Etc Complete. 160
15. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali Shop Of Dr Manjit Singh To Ranbir To H/o Lakhpat Saini To H/o Gian Singh Main Gali Bittu Sound To Amar Chand Saini And Main Galli To Bagga Saini In Wno 10. 184
1551n2-hydraulic Elevating Table Specification As Per Annex-a Capacity-5000 Kgs, Power Operated Upto 3 Ton Or As Per Man Power With Side Cross Travel Of Platform 100 Mm Left And Right Side Make:-habbi. 105
16) Annual Rate Contract For Year 2019-20 - For Repairs Of Official Electric Equipments Etc. 160
16. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali Amrit Niwas Dr Kewal Saini To Varinder Saini To H/o Mohinder Saini To Baba Jawahar Singh Ji To H/o Kehar Singh To H/o Mohinder Singh W No 11. 181
17380110-valve Assembly Low Pressure Suction Unloading Emd Pt No: 9319947 Gd Pt No : 203veh306a (item 1 To 7). 200
18) Annual Rate Contract For Year 2019-20 For Providing Tent , Shatranji, Chairs , Mic Set , Flower Boggy Etc. 163
19-06 Compression Moulding Press (for Calmeric Project). 182
19049ded - Topographic Survey For The Development Of Eurovelo 6. 107
192032 - Cleaning, Testing And Control Of Sewerage And Stormwater Systems - Ac To Bdc. 123
19ems0147 Partial Redevelopment Works On The Vienne Road. 114
19map44 - Reserve Market For The Needs Of Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranean. 240
19o30247; Tu Baf, Center For High Temperature Conversion (zehs). 156
19sf07 - Ordonnance And Site Management Mission (opc) For The Construction Of The Liesse Ii School Group In Saint-ouen-l~aumne. 253
2 Inch Pipeline Supply And Fixing Work At Ward No 08 In. 142
2 Tubewell Drilling And Pipe Line And Accessories Supply And Fixing Work At Ward No 08. 146
2-year Term Contract For The Provision Of Emergency Response Craft And Crew Services As First Response For Oil And Chemical Spill Clean Up Operations. 106
2. Strengthening Of Ht Networks Including Oh/Ug Cable, Covered Conductors And Ab Cable At Various Locations In Avalahalli & Nandagudi Sub Divisions Of Hosakote Division, Bengaluru Rural Circle, Bescom Respectively On Rate Contract Basis Under Partial Tu. 146
20 Kw Capacity Grid-connected Solar Pv Power Plant With Battery Back-up (for Minimum 15 Hrs. At Full Load Or 28 Kwh Whichever Is Higher) Under Roof-top Net Metering System At 10 Kw Each At Korchi And. 175
20 Kw Solar Power Plant Installation. 139
20103-e9-0001 University Of Music And Theater, New Pop And World Music, Cafeteria Mensa Objektplanung Gebude Gem. Part 3, Section 1 Hoai 2013. 227
2019 Aug. Aug. Submission Of Quotation For Small Quantity Of Corrosion Water Contract For Ulsan High School Meals. 120
2019 Channel Relocation Banner Promotion Service. 113
2019 Construction Sector Training Program. 164
2019 Grade Tamla Middle School 1st Grade Consignment Service Consignment Second Stage standard, Price Simultaneous Bid. 123
2019 Hwasung City Warming Countermeasures Purchase (second). 102
2019-001 Drjscs Idf-fc/Rhfp. 118
2019-2021 Heavy Equipment Support Services Chena River Lakes Flood Project. 119
2019. Sungdeok Girls~ Middle School Collaboration Composite Art Activity Space Interior Design. 128
2019.46 Development Of Rural Trail Dit Of Mont Bernon. 190
2019/074532. Service For Conducting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies To Patients Receiving The Assistance Provided By The Hospital U. Virgin Of The Snows, Hospital U. San Cecilio And Santa Ana De Motril Hospital. 113
2019128 - Vrd Works Contracts - Multi Sites On The Territorial Direction Of Oignies. 114
201917 - Libourne Youth Center - Modification Of Sanitary Facilities. 191
2019domouvcine001 Subscription Of A Contract For Damage Insurance Work For The Construction Of The Cinematographic Complex Of Cahors. 125
2019j00001123 Renewal Of The Software Licenses Of Fortify And Alienvault Probe For Support Systems For Peacekeeping Operations (omp) Of The Air Army. 132
2297/sw Supply And Install Closed Circuit Cooling Tower. 191
2357ns01-set Of End Shield Driving End Side And Non Driving End Side For Siemens Make Mvmt To Drawing No. Elw/bsl/2/wam-4/124.259 (item No. 01 To 04) & Drawing No. Elw/bsl/2/wam-4/124.257 Item (no. 01. 105
23xxn01-electro Mechanical Tools As Per Specification No. Dmw/m/trs/t& P/crimping Tool- Em/23, Brand: Klauke Textron India Pvt. Ltd. Or Equivalent Specification As Per Annexure-a Attached Supply Make-. 116
25718630-vaccum Interrupter With Contact And Piston Assly. (rh) For Vcb Type 20 Cb M/s Alstom Code No. 5130000 Drg. No. Lsb.69. Firms Accepted Offer: Schneider Make Contact & Piston Assembly (right Ha. 102
2901ns-set Of Safety Wire Rope Slings Of 8mm Dia, 6 X 19 With Steel Core Construction, Double Crimped With Thimble At Both End, As Per Is 2762 : 2009, & Wire Rope As Per Is 2415 : 2004, Grade 1770 N/s. 108
3 Leg 25 Kva Current Source Converter (04 Nos.). 179
3 Level Neutral Point Clamped Converter 25 Kva (06 Nos.). 180
3 Phase,125 Kva Servo Controll. 156
3 Types Of Gasket , 3 Types Of Gland Packing And Steam Joint. 156
3) Annual Rate Contract - Providing , Repairing , Various Types And Sizes Of Sluice Valve With Equipments And Spares Etc Complete. 165
3.rewining And Repairing Of Induction Motors And Auto Transformers For Pumping Machinery. 148
30 Deg Cystoscope. 149
30.563/19-2; 51-sa-0303. Execution Of Various Conservation And Exploitation Operations In The Sa-03 Sector. Salamanca Province. 154
30047160-bracket Complete For Eq. Stay (16.25 Ton) For Bogie Bolster To Drawing No. Wlrrm-0-4-002, Alt. Y/9, Item 1,3 & 4. (all Items Welded As Per Drawing). 103
300kva Transformer 11kv 440volt Complete Repairing And Rewinding Make Marson Electrical Sl. No. Nine Of Phularitand Colliery Under Barora Area. 161
30326047-25 Micron Electroplated Entire Pin To Is: 1068/93, Table 1a, Service Grade No.3, Fe/ni 25p Cr Mc With N5 Finish Over The Body To Rdso Drg. No. Sk-93186, Alt-3, Item-2, Dia. 50 X 117mm Length. 111
30xxn01-desktop Computer As Per Attached Specification. Make- Dell, Hp, Lenovo. Note: (i)firm Should Extend Warranty Of 03 Years From The Date Of Supply. (ii) Antivirus Should Be Of 01 Year.accepted F. 106
30xxn01-dining Table Of Size 72"x36"x30" With Footrest, Top Of The Table Made From 12 Mm Plywood Fixed With Stainless Steel Sheet Bend Over 12 Mm Ply And Rest Of The Frame Made Of 30 Mm Ms Square Pipe. 107
30xxn01-supply And Installation Of Surveillance System In 140t Crane Bina. Consisting Of 03 Cameras (2mp Lite Bullet), 04 Cameras (1mp Lite Bullet), 01 Camera (1mp Lite Dome), 8 Channel Dvr, Bnc-dc, 1. 102
30xxnns-set Of Plumbing Items, One Set Consisting Of Cut Off Cock : 01 No./set, And Nipples Having Both Side External Threads : 02 Nos./set, Suitable For 15mm Pipe And Health Fauset. one Set Consisti. 105
31000-e2-0029 Mts Parow Sectoral Planning For Technical Equipment In Buildings According To Paragraph 53 Hoai 2013, Anlgr. 1-5, 7-8 19d11050n. 195
31351104-poh Kit For Duplex Check Valve Of Kbi Make Consisting 04 Items(1) Sealing Ring -453890-02nos (2) O Ring -a27763-02nos (3) Locking Ring -466031-02 Nos (4) Valve Head -a48128-02 Nos For 140. 103
33670961-hex Head Bolt M24x200 High Tensile As Per Is:1364 (part-1)-2002, Ce-with Property Class-10.9 To Is:1367 (part-3)-2002, Coating As Per Mdts-057. 148
33670961-hex Head Bolt M24x200 High Tensile As Per Is:1364 (part-1)-2002, Ce-with Property Class-10.9 To Is:1367 (part-3)-2002, Coating As Per Mdts-057. 132
38037452-grease Seals For Aar Standard Class ~e~ (6x11") Bearings To Rdso~s Spec. No. Wd-50-misc-2007 Of October 2007 Or Latest. Accepted Description:- Grease Seals For Aar Standard Class ~e~ (6x11"). 102
38125067-spindle For Hand Brake With M 27 Nut And Std. Washer To Irs Drg. No.- Wd-80007-s-19, Alt.- 16 Or As Applicable On The Date Of Tender Opening, Item-1. Accepted Description: Spindle For Hand Br. 108
38141607-hand Brake Wheel (side Operated). - Rdso Sk - 78525, Alt. Nil. Spec.: Mat. Spec. Is: 2062:2011, Gr. - E 250 Quality - A. 114
3m Make 6200 Series Respirators Completely Assembled Set. 153
3rd Party Freight Service For Coll And Tiree. 101
3rd Source For Nabadwip 33 By 11 Kv Sub Station. 149
4) Annual Rate Contract For Financial Year 2019-20 For Water Supply Equipments And Items Etc Complete. 162
4. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Jaswinder Furniture To Back Side Rama Chakki In W No 8. 163
4. Stbt Gunjalwadi To Waikarmala Road Vr 193 Tal . Junnar. 149
4.servicing And Overhauling Of Induction Motors For Pumping Machinery. 149
4235n001-supply Of E1 Extender/2 Wire G Shdsl Modem Pair Consisting Of Two Units With Built In Dual Power Supply 48v Dc & 230v Ac From A Single Socket Supporting For 2 Mbps Pri Connectivity.make Mrot. 105
4590n001-muffle Furnace As Per Technical Specn. Size: 125 Mm X 125 Mm X 300 Mm(wxdxh). Power-3.0 Kw. Temperature Up To 900 Degree C, Outer Casting- Ms With Epoxy Coating, Temp. Control-digital Tempera. 102
4782n1-set Of S.s Bend Pipe Consisting Two Items Sl No.(1) & (2). 1) S.s Bend Pipe Assly For Hett-5400kva Transformer As Per Bhel Drg. No.- 34661950036 2) S.selbow Pipe Assly For Hett-5400kva Transfor. 102
5) Rate Contract For Financial Year 2019-20 For Various Type Of Cloths For Dress Of Class-iv Employee And File Cloths Etc. 167
5. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali Main Ropar Road Opp Pspcl To Ch. Adish Kumar S/o Late Principal Shankar Das In Wno 12. 168
500 Kva Transformer With Installations. 151
5084n111-supply & Installation Of Digital Signature Certificate Class Iii Signing Only For 2 Years Validity (without Token). 116
5279n052-fax Machine Print, Scan, Copy, Fax Upto 22/20 Ipm, 35/27 Ppm (bk/cl) 128 Mb Memory Upto 1200 X 4800 Dpi Resolution 33.6 Kbps Fax Modem 250 Pages Paper Tray 50 Pages Adf Warranty 1 Year Or 1,0. 117
5279nns-wll Ip Communication Exchange: (i) Analog Trunks: 08 Nos. (ii) Gsm Card: 04 Nos. (iii) E1 Card: 01 Nos. (iv) Ip Licence: 50 Nos. (v) 360 Degree Wi Fi With Complete Set: 01 Nos. Upto 300 Mtr. I. 103
5701n01-cyan Ink Cartridge No. 933xl For Hp Officejet Printer Model Pro 7612 Aio ink Cart. No. Cn054aa (933xl Cyan), Hp-make. 205
5701n01-desktop Computer Model: Intel I3 Processor, 4gb Ram, 1 Tb Hdd Hard Disk, 19.5 Inches Screen, Atx Cabinet With Smps & Windows 8.1 Pre-loaded Os Make : Hp Or Dell Or Similar Accepted Make/brand. 107
5701n06-hp 88a cc388ac Black Toner Cartridge Suitable For Hp Laser Jet Printer Model-1007/1108/mfp1213/mfp M226dn. 116
6 Air Handling Units 13 000 - 17 200 M 3/H With Adiabatic Cooling,. 165
6 Line Shin-na Base Transit Facility Information Guide. 117
6. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali To H/o Tarsem Lal Ranbaxy To H/o Pooja Rani H/o Tarlok Singh In W No 2. 169
600 Mm Diameter Load Plate Test Service. 109
651945 Supply And Routing Electric Energy. 107
7) Rate Contract For Financial Year 2019-20 For Sanitation Employee Accessories , Items. 158
7. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Pali Hameshi To Gurnam Kisana Pp In Ward No 6. 162
73.2-MW wind farm on uninhabited island of Agios Georgios. 143
75321257-densified Thermal Bonded Polyster Block Cushion For Transverse Lower Berth Of Scn Coaches To Size 1790 X 595 X 50 Item No.6 Of Rcf Drg No Se61361. Alt.c Specn Material To Rdso Spec. No. 104
76010739-manual Metal Arc Welding Elctrode Class A-1 Rutile Type Type Of Coating Medium, Size 4 Mm X 450 Mm, Specification No. Irs: M 28-12, Code As Per Is:814-2004 Make - Modi Hitech India Ltd. (g. 102
78.594 Km Coating Refurbishment By Cold Applied Tape In Different Section Of Bkpl Including Hb Section (group A-15 Km). 172
7801n001-computer Chair(mfh) (mfh & Net Back) , Push Back, Backrest With Lumber Support Of Polypropylene At Multilevel Across Back, 360 Degree Swivel, Posture Control With Multi Locking Position Synch. 113
781206-01 Ni Pxie-7962r Ni Flexrio Fpga Module (virtex-5 Sx50t, 512mb Ram) And 01 Line Item. 187
8. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Ricky Bajaj To Bps School In Ward No 6. 161
8001n01-a Set Of Thermometer Grade A Without Calibration Certificate Consisting Of Following Ranges 1. -10 Degree C To 110 Degree C X 0.5 Degree C, Qty-04 Nos. 2. -30 Degree C To 30 Degree C X 0.5 Deg. 108
801390/e8 Reconstruction Of Partly Collapsed Stadium At Afa Hyderrabad. 162
81ns-asfocoat Radiator Cleaning Agent For 3 Phase Or Astocoat - 31 Aquaclean Aluminium Cleaner For Cleaning Of Wag-7/wag-9 Radiators Packed In 35 Kgs/can Or (auco Alu-b Make M/s Auco Gerwigstrasse 24-. 102
82014619-(ph No.:10083) (ami19-20) Linagliptin 5 Mg Tab Brand- Trajenta 5 Mg. Mfg. By- M/s West- Ward Columbus Inc.,columbus, U.s.a., Imported By- M/s Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd., Bhiwandi, M. 127
82016811-nebivolol 5mg. Tab./cap. (irp_no - 02225. 104
8233 Special Repair, Replacement Of Internal Wiring For Store Bldg P-60 Under Age I Rnd Nstl, Visakhapatnam. 174
83047724-computer Stationary Blank , Size: 12"x12"x 3 Part, 60 Gsm Machine Conforming To Is: 12766/1997, With Ir Logo Printing Matter : 10 Monogram Diaram 9 Cm. The Monogram Of Indian Railway Should B. 124
8340n026-hp Laserjet P 1008 Printer Toner Cartridge No. Cc 88a Make/brand: Hp Laserjet P 1008 Printer Toner Cartridge (demand No: 95195349 Dt: 19.06.2019). 134
8340n355-laserjet Toner Cartridge No. Hp 307 A Mageta Colour (ce 743 A) Make/brand: Hp (demand No:95195154 Dt: 07/03/2019). 147
8340n361-designjet Ink Cartridge No. Hp 727 130 Ml Matte Black Colour (hp Part Code B 3 P 22 A) Make/brand: Hp B3p22a (demand No:95195285 Dt: 11.05.2019). 210
8398n001-class Iii Digital Signature (signing) In Usb Token With Two Years Validity Licensed By Controller Of Certifying Authority In India. Make: Sify With E Pass/moser Bare Or Equivalent. Accepted M. 105
85764special Repair To Or Md Accn Bldg No Np-55 (consists Of 6 Qtr) At Mh Ctc Pune Under Ge (s) Pune. 167
886401-supply Of Video Wall Display (2x2 Matrix 55 Inch Led/lcd Panel Of 3.5 Mm Baizal Size) With Video Wall Management Controller Loaded With Video Wall Management Application Software. Hdmi/dvi Inpu. 101
9. Const Of Street Interlock Tiles With Pvc Pipe And Road Gali H/o Kuldip To Sunita Joshi To H/o Nandi To H/o Kulbhushan Duta To H/o Sonu To Raj Kumar To H/o Varinder Kumar In W No 9. 181
9.improvements To Gulunche Odr 113 To Pandharichiwasti Ziripwasti To Vr 195 To Sh 117 Vr 202 Tal-purandar Dist-pune. 154
9101n1-supply Of Aluminium Chequered/Tread Sheet To Size 2.03 X 813 X 3360 Mm With 5 Bar Pattern To Is: 14712/99, Amendment No.1 Of Mar.07, Designation - 65032 To Temper Condition - T6, Duly Satisfy. 101
9211n179-high Speed Diesel Oil (hsd) Confirming To Is: 1460-2005 (5th Revision Or Latest) Amendment No. 2 , March - 2010 (bharat Stage Iv). 123
93-common Plywood 6 Mm, Plywood Size 2440 X 1220 X 6 Mm Is Specn. 303/89 Grade Bwr Type ~aa~ No. Of Ply 3 With Preservative Treatement For Insect Attack To Specn. Is 5539/69 Appendix ~a~ Sl No. Viii T. 102
A R And M O Govt Inspection Vehicle Gypsy No Mh 31 G 9489 Under Hsd Cpwd Nagpur Sh Repairing And Servicing. 107
A R And M O Of Gpra Residential Quarters At Kendranchal Colony Sector K Aliganj Lucknow During 2019 20 Sh Door To Door Garbage Collection From Every Quarters Guest House And Transit Hostel And Its Dis. 133
A R And M O Residential Colony At Wazir Hasan Road And Non Residential Building Of Income Tax At Ashok Marg Lucknow During 2019 20 Sh Day To Day Maintenance. 118
A-r And M-o Cghq, National Stadium, New Delhi Dg. 2019-20 Sh - Day To Day Misc. And Other Maintenance Work. 108
A-r And M-o Day To Day Maintenance Of Owc, Nwc At Air Force Station, New Delhi During 2019-20. Sh - Providing Services Of Plumber, Mason, Carpenter, Sewerman And Beldar At The Cpwd Enquiry Office At O. 129
A-r And M-o Day To Day Maintenance Of Rcc At Air Force Station, New Delhi During 2019-20. Sh - Providing Services Of Plumber, Mason, Carpenter, Sewerman And Beldar At The Cpwd Enquiry Office At Rcc, A. 127
A-r And M-o Provn Of Shed For Solid Waste Management Swm In Nwc, Afnd. 102
A/a To Dr. Rml Hospital, New Delhi Of Chajja In Nursing Home Ward 13 And Providing Smc Panel Tank On Nursing Home. 116
A/a To South Block During 2019-20 Sh: Modular Furniture Of Room No. 03,105,106,107,108b And 108d Office Of Rm At Mod, South Block, New Delhi. 117
A/Obr-014399/2019 Framework Agreement For Contracting Renovation And Repair Works In Newly Acquired Homes And Buildings That Will Be Integrated Into The Assets Of The Social Housing Agency Of The Community Of Madrid, 2019. 121
A/r And M/O To Ccras Building At Janakpuri New Delhi Dg 2019-20 Sh: Cleaning Of Open Water Drain Gully Traps And Road Gully Chambers. 112
A/r And M/o To Customs And Central Excise Colony At Sector-37c, Chandigarh During 2019-20. Sh: Misc. Repair Works In The Colony. 109
A/r And M/o To Mps Flats/bungalows Under S/d-vi And S/d-ii Of Pawd-i Dg 19-20 Sh: Hiring Of Medium Commercial Vehicle Along With Driver. 118
A/r And M/o To Mps Flats/bungalows Under Sub-div-v Of Pawd-i During 2019-20 Sh: Providing Security/arrangement Of Vacant Premises Office Store Etc. 113
A/r And M/o To Non-residential Building For Marine House At Hastings, Kolkata During 2019-20. Sh: Building Water Supply, Sanitary Including External Services. 113
A/r And M/o To Residential Qrs. Of Aiih And Ph At Salt Lake Kolkata During The Year 2019-20. Sh: External Painting Of Institute Buildings. 114
A/r To N/r/b Snehalya Building Maloya Chandigarh. 136
A143, Bl.1.01 Track Construction L159 And Bw 07. 255
Abbott Nutrition plant in Tipp City. 199
Abbreviated Simplified Open Procedure (art. 159.6 Of Law 9/2017 Of November 8 Of Public Sector Contracts) For The Contracting Of The General Medicine And Physiotherapy Service In Btera (valencia). 141
Abbreviated Simplified Open Procedure (art. 159.6 Of Law 9/2017 Of November 8 Of Public Sector Contracts) For The Contracting Of The Service Of General Medicine, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery And Traumatology, Physiotherapy And Convention. 147
Abs Oldenburg-wilhelmsaven. Pfa 1, Clearing Work. 157
Ac System Replacements (8 No.) , Controlled Environment Rooms, Lec Building. 166
Acceptance And Recovery Of Biowaste From Separate Collection. 148
Access In Saas Mode To A Platform Allowing Employees Of Cci Paris Ile-de-france To Use The Envelope "gift Certificate" Awarded Reference Number:. 154
Access In Saas Mode To A Platform Allowing The Employees Of The Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of Paris le-de-france To Use The Envelope Gift Certificate Awarded. 168
Accessibility Work Of 7 Municipal Buildings. 148
Accident Insurance And Civil Liability Services For Programs Organized By The Culture Service. Years 2020 And 2021, Extendable For Two More Years. 118
Acquisition And Annual Rental Of Luminous Decorations. 118
Acquisition And Maintenance Of A Van Carrying A Lifting Platform For The Needs Of The Collective Service Of Public Lighting Of The Sieeen. 227
Acquisition And Maintenance Of Non-destructive Testing Systems. 132
Acquisition For Teaching Of A Total Scanning Station And Complementary Topographic Material. 111
Acquisition Of A Tribometer. 266
Acquisition Of Boarding School Students Acaviet. 107
Acquisition Of Core Cutting. 148
Acquisition Of Direct Digital Panoramic Equipment (2 3) For Hus Imaging. 177
Acquisition Of Furniture For The New Municipal Administrative Center - Lot 4: "rotary Storage Binder With Automated Systems - Recovery" Reference Number: Rotary Filing Cabinet. 229
Acquisition Of Furniture For The New Municipal Administrative Center - Lot 4: Rotary Storage Binder With Automated Systems - Revival. 138
Acquisition Of Machinery And Equipment. 107
Acquisition Of Office Supplies For The Adolfo Suarez Madrid-barajas Airport. 105
Acquisition Of Packaging Material, Containers And Pallets. 120
Acquisition Of Paints And Other Liquids. 108
Acquisition Of Rubber And Plastics. 109
Acquisition Of Spare Parts For "eventide" Recorders Of The Air Army Control Towers. 119
Acquisition Of Supply Of A Patrol Vehicle And An All-terrain Vehicle For The Local Police Service Of Ayto Palencia. 119
Acquisition Of Telescopic Sights. 144
Acquisition Of The Batch Supply Of Various Signaling Materials For Public Roads Owned By The City Of Jan. 113
Acquisition Of Vaccine Against Hepatitis A Virus (hav) For Children. 114
Acquisition Of Vaccine Against Tetanus And Diphtheria Type Adult (td). 107
Acquisition Of Various Materials And Supplies. 113
Acquisition Of Vehicles, Motorcycles, Trucks And Machines. 125
Acquisition Of Vouchers Or Clothing Purchase Cards. 156
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Software For The Management, Regulation And Traceability Of Goods Transport (silog). 119
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Software Solution For The Management Of The Special Fee Reference Number: 71190312. 130
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Software Solution For The Management Of The Special Fee. 128
Acquisition, Installation And Implementation Of A Software Solution For Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition And Acquisition Of Associated Equipment. 123
Actilyse Inj 1x20 Mg. 108
Actilyse Inj 1x50 Mg. 108
Acute Home Visiting Service For Nhs Basildon & Brentwood Ccg. 196
Adaptation Of Access Signaling To Current Operations. 105
Adaptation Of Air Conditioning Equipment In Units Of Pcmasa-1. 103
Adaptation Of The Accessibility And Extension Of The Residence Of The Third Age Of Forcall Phase 4.7. 111
Adaptation Of The Maritime Faade Of Noia (to Corua). 107
Adaptation Of The Premises Of The Building No. 64 For The Purposes Of The Guardhouse For Candidates For Professional Soldiers In The Formula, Design And Execute. 265
Addition And Alteration Work In Newly Sas Cottage Sub-division Office Of Cpwd At Kasauli During 2019-20. 106
Addition/Alteration Of E.i. In Ashiana Building, Sector-15, Chandigarh. 149
Additional Accommodation Scheme - 2 Sen Base Classrooms. 115
Administrative Concession Private Use Of Public Domain Property, Municipal Booth Bar. 101
Administrative Supplies, Small Office Equipment And Photocopier Paper Reference Number: 1900095. 133
Administrative Supplies, Small Office Equipment And Photocopier Paper. 106
Adret_pr-batchde - Bat. L9 And L11 Cfc 221.1 - Wood And Metal Exterior Windows And Patio Doors. 173
Advance Laparoscopic Set For Bariatric Surgery. 154
Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology for developing knowledge and skill in coconut-based secondary agriculture. 259
Advanced Manufacturing Challenge Fund Project Assessment Framework. 157
Advertising Campaign Services. 128
Advice And Support In The Redesign Of The Planning, Controlling And Reporting Processes Of Ewn Gmbh. 110
Advisory And Technical Support Mission For The Deployment Of A Multimedia Service Concession-television, Wifi And Associated Services For Patients Of Reunion University Hospital And Gher. 238
Advisory Services And Implementation Of An Information Management Model For Integration, Development, Improvement, Control And Monitoring Of Business Needs In Ema. 132
Aeromedical base at Bundaberg. 291
Ag World, Incl. Public Prosecutor%s Office, Renovation Of Underground Car Park, Reconstruction Of Heating And Sanitary Installation. 212
Agreement On The Recognition Of Local Fares In National Rail Transport Services On The Section Between Rostock And Stralsund. 318
Agricultural Technology Center Beggin Branch New Construction. 118
Air Conditioning To The Mayor~~s Office. 106
Air Quality Control Of Buildings And Facilities At Palma De Mallorca Airport. 110
Al Falah Expansion. 239
Alarm System Maintenance. 108
Albutein Sol Inf 100 Ml 200 Mg/L. 112
Alcoholtester And Accessories. 107
Alienation Of Exploitation In The Public Utility Mountain Of The City Council Of Branches Of Victory. Mount 417 The Sierra. 128
Alienation Of Municipal Land Ownership Plots Resulting From The Project Of Reparcelacin Of The Sector Ar2-sunp-r2 Of The Pgou De Rota. 122
All Inclusive Comprehensive Maintenance Of 3 X 270 Tr Central Airconditioning Plant At Ca Jammu For The Year (2019-20) And (2020-21). 152
All Inclusive Comprehensive Maintenance Of 3 X 270 Tr Central Airconditioning Plant At Ca Jammu For The Year (2019-20)&(2020-21). 146
Allocation Of Maintenance And Testing Services Of Fire Extinguishers And Hydrants On Various Federal Properties - Voek 326-19. 123
Allotment Of Open Space For Establishing Infrastructures For Mobile Coverage Tower At Vaddarahalli Training Center Premises. 103
Aluminium Cable. 169
Alumino Ferric Isi Marked Conforming To Is 299-2012. 166
Aluminum Joinery Work In Temis. 108
Am Supply (cca. 6u836ib). 137
Amc And Operator For Auditorium. 197
Amc Contract For 77 Nos. Of Rolling Shutters At Icd-tnpm. 164
Amc For 2x60kva Tata Liebert Make Ups System For Ntpc Kayamkulam 2019-21. 150
Amc For 50 Mt Weight Bridge. 160
Amc For Fire Alarm System And Allied Services At Af Stn Chabua Under Ge (af) Chabua. 165
Amc For Proximate Analyser And Amc For Mercury Analyser And Microwave Digester In Coal Research Centre, Bhel Trichy For Two Years. 181
Amc For Proximate Analyser And Amc For Mercury Analyser And Microwave Digester In Coal Research Centre, Bhel Trichy For Two Years. 112
Amc For Ricoh Copier Serial No.l7177051530, Model No.mp2000l. 164
Amc For Switchyard Transformers And Bus-ducts At Ntpc, Bgtpp, Assam. 157
Amc Od Pa System At Visakhapatnam Airport. 121
Amc Of 20 Kva Ups System (qty-04 Nos.) At Rdc Sase Chandigarh. 176
Amc Of 60 Mt Electronic Weighing Scale At Icd Aurangabad. 166
Amc Of Electrical Facility Maintenance At Manglia Depot. 129
Amc Of Fire Extinguishers Under Ewc Agra. 133
Amc Work Along With Operation And Maintenace. 150
Amikacin B.braun Inf 10x100 Ml/500 Mg. 115
Aminomix 2 Novum 4x1500ml. 107
Ammonia & Carbohydrazide For Pdpp- Bpcl-kochi Refinery. 117
Amniogrow Plus Medium 100ml. 111
Amo Missions And Intellectual Services For The Development Of A Sdi Lille University Hospital And For The Salengro, Jeanne De Flandres, Ccial And Assistance In The Development Of The Copermo File. 137
Amoksiklav Plv Ijf 5x1.2 G. 110
An Outline Agreement Will Be Tendered Without A Call-off Obligation. The Contract Period Is 3 Years Plus A One-year Extension Option. 272
Anaesthesia Work Station. 145
Analgin Inj 5x5 Ml/2.5 G. 111
Analog Input Module. 141
Analysis Of Influencing Factors And Parameters For The Automatic Detection Of Road Markings. 383
Analysis Of Practices For The Staff Of The Departmental Council Of Essonnelot 1: Accompaniment Of The Agents Of The Dgaslot 2: Accompaniment Of Agents Of The Departmental Nursery. 181
Analysis Prior To Road Works (asbestos And Pah). 111
Analysis Work Technical Documentation, Geo-referenced Geography, And Flood Studies Of Applications For Works, Facilities And Actions In The Area Of public Hydraulic Domain. 140
Analysis, Design And Construction Service Of A Platform For The Creation, Maintenance And Dissemination Of Open Data Of The Regional Health Management Of Castilla Y Len. 137
Angel Medical Center project. 162
Animation Of Sensitive Natural Areas And The City Of Landscapes. 112
Announcement Of Change Of Small-scale Themed Travel Service For 6th Grade Of Hanshin Elementary School In 2019. 109
Announcement Of Quotation Of Small Amount Of Third Book Purchase Of Kosin Elementary School In 2019. 124
Announcement Of Small Number Of Deadline. 126
Annual Cleaning And Repair Of Water Reservoir And 3 Nos Settling Tank At Filter Plant C D Colony Und. 151
Annual Contract For Caretaking Services At Bpcl-kr Transit Bachelor Accommodation Facility At Easland Enclave, Elamkulam, Ernakulam. 131
Annual Contract For Outsourcing Of Hiring Of Two Xbis, One No. For Hand Baggage Xbis And One For Checked In Baggage Inspection System (xbis) For International Airport Pune. 207
annual Cultural Activities To Promote Of Local Art & Culture On Special Occasions & Local Festival. Sh(1):- Celebration Of Independence Day On 15.08.2019. 132
Annual Cultural Activities To Promote Of Local Art And Culture On Special Occasions And Local Festival. Sh - Celebrations Of Independence Day On 15th August 2019. 159

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