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Articles from Mena Report (July 20, 2019)

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"development And Implementation Of An Automated Software System" Cognitive Assistant "that Maintains A Dialogue With Customers Through The Interface Of Social Networks, Instant Messengers, With Telephone And Non-voice Address Of The Client" For The Needs. 343
"development Of Working Documentation For The Performance Of Work On The Subject Of Repair Work Of Buildings And Structures Of Jsc Uehk", Which Are Part Of Oiae ". 111
"implementation Of The Project" Development Of A Centralized Electronic Document Management System Of Energosbyt Plus Jsc On The Directum Platform For The Needs Of Energosbyt Plus Jsc. 252
"service Of Shipments/Towing/Vehicles And Their Parts At The Police%s Expense. 250
(- Ground Maintenance Services) Maintenance Services For The Public Road Of General Use Of The State N-20 Slavyansk - Donetsk - Mariupol, Km 19 + 860 - Km 23 + 460 (right Lane), (arrangement Of The Pr. 107
(- Land Transport Maintenance Services) Maintenance Maintenance Of The Public Road Of General Use Of The State N-20 Slavyansk - Donetsk - Mariupol, Km 19 + 860 - Km 23 + 460 (left Lane), (installation Of The Protective Layer With Emulsion -mineral Mixture. 106
, Reconstruction Bridge And Landscaping Km 17 318, Line 317 Harman-turning Of The Lip (expertise, D. A. L. I. And Design) Srcf Brasov. 177
,, Reconstruction Of The Surface Of Access Roads To Fields In The Village Of Bialokosz. 267
. 1.1-1: 2013. Major Repair Of The Facade Of The Building Of The Educational Building No.2 Of The State Institution Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy Of The Ministry Of Health Of Ukraine At: Pros. 113
. The Delivery Of Student Transport Services To School Facilities And Kindergartens And Its Branch In The Mieleszyn Commune Together With Providing Care During Transport Between September 2, 2019 And The End Of The School Year, Ie June 26, 2020. 210
..1.1-1: 2013 Major Repair Of The Cynological Center Of The National Defense League In The Donetsk Region, Located At: 87500 Donetsk Region, Mariupol, Blvd. Primorsky, 27 (- - Completion Of Construction Work ). 102
: Annual Rate Contract For Erection & Maintenance Of Ht Lt & Tc Under Nd & Other Scheme Under The Jurisdiction Of Haldarwa S/dn Under Bharuch Rural Division Office . 203
: Annual Rate Contract For Erection Of Ht Lt & Tc For Nd & Other Scheme Under The Jurisdiction Of Bharuch Rural S/dn Under Bharuch Rural Division Office . 203
:"o" Ring 265 X 4-72 Nbr 872 Nde For Ac Motor Type 1tb 2622,2525 (siemens Make) to Drg No.4/dmw/m/tm-599, Alt- X, Nominal Properties, Hardness 72 Shore A, Tensile strength 16.5 N/mm Sq, Compression. 102
~0~ Polygalatin 910, Braided Absorbale Suture. 133
0.12kw,22.7rpm 3-phase Ac Geared Motor With Detailed Specifications. 144
01 No. Tractor 35 Hp 2 Selender Air Cool Engine Keriyar Gauard Seat Hud Complete. 145
01. Inductive Proximity Switch M30x80mm Thread Length 65mm, For 85 Deg. C Working Voltage - 90 To 250v Ac, Sensing- 10 Mm, Logic- No Load, 02. Inductive Proximity Switch, 80mm Length Dia 30mm Flush Type Similar To Sw4055 No. 240 Bf 30, Sensing. 204
01.devlopment Of Shree Mankeshwar Mandir Premices At Surul Tal.walwa Dist.sangli. 136
01.power Contactor Rating 32 Amp.3-pole, 415 Volt, Ac-3 Duty, Coil Voltage-24 Volt Ac, 02.heavy Duty Power Contactor With Heavy Duty Silver Alloy Contacts 03 Pole 32 Amperes, 03.power Contactor Rating 2222-25 Amp.3-pole,415 Volt, Ac-3 Duty, Coil Volt. 205
04 Type Of Lens Assy. 118
070146 Microscope Operating, Ophthalmic With Focus Control Zoom Motorised 0 Degree Co-axial, Illumination Halogen Bulb, Fiber Optic With Spare Bulb. 157
080321 Battery Operated Drill And Saw System. 144
1 Maintenance Of Various E And M Services At Mdc National Stadium New Delhi During 2019 20 2 Maintenance Of Various E And M Services At Igi Stadium New Delhi During 2019 20 Sh Repair Of Wet Riser Fire. 139
1 Phase 3 Phase Meter Service Replacement Work Under Chorwad Sdn. 155
1) Malnja Bhalgaon To Ranjangaon Narhari Road Tq.gangapur2)nh211 To Kautgaon Tq.khultabad. 133
1) Nh211to Gandheli Road Tq Aurangabad2) Sh 30 Anant Pur Blockpaithan4)sh30todhangoan Wawawadala Kasarpadlimdr37 Roadtq.paithan. 135
1) Sliding Tongue For Night Latch Lock (cast Iron)/Zink Steel Alloy Heavy Quality Of Approved Make. 2) Alluminium Tower Bolt Of Heavy Quality Of Size 4~~ (100 Mm Long ). 3)alluminium Baby Latch Of Heavy Quality Of Size 3~~ (75 Mm Long ). 4)s S Hasp & Sta. 138
1)13 Percent Cr-ss-bars X20cr13 Qty: 8500 Kg 8) Qty:. 109
1)33kv Outdoor Live Tank Ct Ratio 400-200-100/1-1 A,core-i:15va,5p10,core-ii:5va,0.2s,as Perann-a,it-01. Qty: 300 No. 127
1)assy. Of Mounting Structure (ht 1815 Mm), Var. 00,rev.05 Bom 35213030940,var. 00,rev. 03,(two Sheets) . Finish : Hot Dip Galvanised As Per Sg15201, Rev. 05part C. Supply Tobe Made As Per Shipping 35213030941, Var. 00. 179
1)assy. Of Mounting Structure (ht 1815 Mm), Var. 00,rev.05 Bom 35213030940,var. 00,rev. 03,(two Sheets) . Finish : Hot Dip Galvanised As Per Sg15201, Rev. 05part C. Supply Tobe Made As Per Shipping 35213030941, Var. 00. 179
1)bottom Tank Assy - 1 Set To Drg 14641700066 Var 00 W/a Of Items 4 To 10, 12 To 25, 28 To 45, 47 To 51, 62 And 63 Var 02 W/a Of Items 58 To 61. Along With Addl Pad Welding. Qty: 14863 Kg 2)top Tank Assy - 1 Set To Drg04641600257 Var 00 W/a Of Items 4 To. 436
1)cooler Control Cabinet/Marshalling Box To Oga Drg No.-34526200255 Rev-02 And Wiring Drg No-34526200254 Rev.-02 Annxeure - I For Control Cabinet To Drg.-4996200313 Rev.- 00(qap-qa/tcb/31/590) Qty: 1 No. 135
1)dee Shackle Wll-17 Tonne, G-6 Qty: 6 No 2)load Shackle-m42 Qty: 12 No 3)load Shackle Qty: 1 No 4)load Shackle M10 Qty: 10 No 8) Qty:. 130
1)dpr Valve Nb25(type-a) Qty: 1 No 8) Qty:. 109
1)high Build Black Coal Tar Epoxide Paint Base With Accelerator As Per Spec Aa 56135 Rev.05. Packing Size Of The Accelarator Must Be 5 Ltr Or Less And Coal Tar Base Packing Must Be In The Ratio As Per Manufacturer"s Spec. (at The Time Of Supply, Each Pack. 171
1)high Pressure Hose Qty: 4 No 2)h.p.hose Qty: 16 No 3)h.p.hose Spec.tg60552 Qty: 8 No 4)hp Hose Qty: 10 No 5)hp Hose Qty: 8 No 6)h.p. Hose Qty: 6 No 8) Qty:. 143
1)mechanism Shaft To Drg No.15171000500, Var. 00, Rev. 05. Qty: 200 No. 112
1)pbd End Ring ( Edge Block- Tertiary ) To Drg.-14627400007 (fig-1, Arrangment-b, Size-i/d(a) = 1490 , O/d (b) = 1550, Tk (c) = 30 , Gap ( A )= 50, H = 100, H = 128, H1 = 100, H1 = 128, H2 = 114, R = 20, L = 2394, ) Qty: 1 No 2)pbd End Ring ( Edge Block -. 361
1)pr Gg Ss Qty: 4 No 2)pr Gg Ss Qty: 5 No 3)pr Gg Ss Qty: 7 No 4)pr Gg Ss Qty: 14 No 5)pr Gg Ss Qty: 16 No 6)pr Gg Ss Qty: 5 No 7)differentail Pressure Gauge Qty: 2 No 8)pr Gg Ss Qty: 3 No. 155
1)spider Plate Assy To Drg No - 14060303101 Var 00 Rev16. Qty: 15 No. 118
1)t.s.e.sensor Rd-3 Qty: 14 No 8) Qty:. 110
1)tank Cover And Assy (ct) To Drawing No. 14782100015 Rev.01 And 14782000011 Rev.01. Qty: 5 No. 119
1)top Chamber Assy (ct) To Drg. No. 24782200022rev.00 And 24782200017 Rev.00 Qty: 5 No. 117
1)water Proofing Qty: 200 2)water Proofing Qty: 20 3)water Proof Treat Surfce Prep Qty: 550 Sm 4)water Proofing Treat With Epdm Qty: 550 Sm 5)water Proofing Treat With Epdm Qty: 100 Mr 6)water Proofing Treat With Epdm Qty: 550 Sm 7)finishing Qty: 200 8) Q. 149
1-200th A&b Yellow Ribbon. 138
1. Metal Tank With A Volume Of 2800 Liters 2 Pcs. 2. Cooling System Radiators 2 Sets. 3. Electric Pump 163/10 2 Pcs. 4. Connection Pipe Steel 2 Sets. 5. Temperature Relay Sensor Tam 103 4 Pcs. 6 Thermometer Tkp-60/3 2 Pcs. 7. Ceramic Insulator With A. 232
1. Repair Of Drainage Ditches In Starczw No. 562, 520, 518, 513, 379, 374, 367, 370 intensive Rainfall, June 2017 2. Reconstruction Of The Starczw Road No. 514, Km 0,000 - 0 184 intensive Rainfall, June 2017. 277
1. Rmo Lift At Old Campus At S.j. Hospital New Delhi. 2. Rmo Lift At New Campus At S.j. Hospital New Delhi. 3. Rmo Lift At Residential Complex At S.j. Hospital New Delhi. Sh Comprehensive Maintenance. 135
1. Rmo Of Central Ac Plant At A Blockgipmer2. Rmoof Central Ac Plant B Blockgipmersh Operation And Comprehensive Maintenance Of Blue Star Make Central Ac Plant. 161
1. The Subject Of The Order Is The Design And Execution Of Construction Works Consisting In The Replacement Of A Lift In The Building Of The Court Of Appeal In Katowice. 2. The Scope Of Work Includes, Among Others: 2. 1. Implementation Of Project Document. 263
1.carbon Brush Size 40 X 30x 10 Mm 2.carbon Brush Size 35 X 20 X 14 Mm 3.carbon Brush Size 40 X 20x 10 4.carbon Brush Size 40 X 12 X 08 Mm 5.carbon Brush Size 25 X 20 X 10mm. 179
1.needle Roller Thrust Cylindrical Bearing Zarf 3590l-tv-a, Make-ina/ntn. 2.needle Roller Thrust Cylindrical Bearing No. Zarf - 3080 Ltn Exactly Equal To Hmt Ref. No. M 23750444,. 155
10 Tr Online Chiller With 2000 Liter Tank As Per Annexure. 184
10 X Genomics Chromium Next Gem Single Cell Gem And Next Gem Chip G Single Cell Kits. 116
10th Sfg Wellness Event. 103
11 Kv Extn Top Fiffing With Clamp. 164
11 Kv Line 9 Mtrs St Poles With 50 Sq Mm Ab Cables. 143
1113n01-resilient Coupling 130.elgi Part No. For Trc-1000 Mn Compressor. Firms Offer: Resilient Coupling 136 To New Elgi Part No A070041 For Elgi Trc-1000 Mn Compressor. 137
12v 42ah Smf Vrla Batteries (flat Pasted). 171
12v 7ah Smf Battery And Offline Ups 600va. 150
13 Inch Macbook Pro-space Gray. 155
132 Kv Cable Laying Works At Guwahati Refinery. 135
14 Finance Commission Under Solid Waste Management Works In Karmala Municipal Council. 147
14 Th Finance Commission Year 2017-18 Construction Of Anc Clinic Room At Chiroli Ta Mul Dist Chandrapur. 143
1452-2019-00528. Provision Of Services For The Compulsory Psychiatric Examination Of The Customers Employees Engaged In Work In Conditions Of Increased Danger, As Well As Carrying Out Activities Related To Sources Of Increased Danger (rostov-on-don). 101
150-059 Bridge Over The Railway Line, 150-060 Bridge In Front Of The Village Mladkov, 150-061 Bridge In Front Of The Village Mladkov. 234
1501 Some Peninsulas 5 Staircase Painting. 200
1618n008-set Of 06 Bushes As Follows. (1) Bushing -1.250 Id X 1.615 Od X 1-1/4" To Emd Pt No. 8052336 -qty- 100 Nos/set. (2) Bushing -1.815 Idx2.240 Odx1-1/4" To Emd Pt No.. 40026004 -qty - 100 Nos/se. 107
166/2019 Performance Of Work On The Reproduction Of Methods In Accordance With The Draft General Pharmacopoeial And Pharmacopoeial Articles. 141
187_20 - Paper Hygiene Consumables And Dispensers. 192
1898ns-tab Non Insulated & Connector Non Insulated One Set Consisting 02 Items As Per Below List. 1) Tab Non Insulated Make Faston, Amp, Tyco, Chetna 2 Wire As Per Emd Pt. No.8339983. Qty.1000. 2) Con. 104
19/1620 - Framework Agreement Weighting Services. 128
19assur Reference Number: 19assur. 148
19n003 Workshop Of Remobilization Through Theater Game For Participants Of The Local Insertion And Employment Plan Of The Metropolis Nice Cote D~azur. 269
19ta13 - Restoration Of A Construction Following A Fire Incident. 134
1pc Pc, Dell Precision T3630s Ferewire - Card. 110
2.mannapawasti Village Water Supply Scheme Tal. Baramati Open Tender. 134
20 Service Plazas Day Center For The Elderly In The Center Of The Government Of La Rioja In Fuenmayor (la Rioja). 114
2011. Current Secondary Repairs Of Communal Property Roads (sumy-peschanoy Highway) (: Construction Of Pipelines, Communication Lines And Power Lines, Highways, Roads, Airfields And Railways, Leveling. 110
2018-19 Maintenance Kitchen Block And Compound Beautification Law College Ernakulam Retender. 147
2018-19 Renovation Of Kriyasareera Department Of Ayurveda College Thrippunithura. 147
2019 Dansan-myeon Byeosanri Shinki Small River Maintenance Construction. 117
2019 Senior Package. 119
2019 Seogwipo Girls~ High School Window Combination Science Room Purchase Type B Science Diet. 120
2019-04578 Supply Of Road Laboratory. 107
2019-04645 - Supply Of Furniture For Judicial Districts No. 1.2 Of Justices Of The Peace In The Bogucharsky District Court Of The Voronezh Region. 630
2019-04657 ** Supply Of Medical Product "ceiling Shadowless Surgical Lamp Stationary (on The Ceiling Console)". 110
2019-04803/Supply Of Reagents (test Systems) For The Diagnosis Of Infectious Diseases. 103
2019-2021 Heavy Equipment Support Services Chena River Lakes Flood Project. 117
20192147 Cell Spare Parts For Canadair Cl 215 (ud13) And Cl415 (ud 14). 134
20kv Double Pole Double Throw Switch. 146
214042 West Palm Beach Callaway Pov Parking Resurfacing, West Palm Beach, Fl. 101
23567715-transition Divertor Resistance (rgr) For N32 Tap Changer ( Stainless Steel) As Per Rdso 4031 , Bt Part No. S-4407, Aal Part No. G4407, Rdso Ms No. Rdso/wam4/161 Dt.20/05/91. 106
23849149-conical Nut For Tap Changer To Bt Pt. No.s-1217,ag-544329 P1 Or Aal G1217, Stop Procurement For Bl Till Cp Ending-2018 As Per Letter Dt.18/11/14 Accepted : Make/. 104
23946386-tm Voltmeter To Clw Spec. No. Clw/es/i-21/a Or Latest. Make/brand: Sonata. 153
24G: Accurate and Reliable Health Genetic Tests. 292
25700042-limit Switch 10a, 500v Ac To Sai Make Type 3se3-023-1az1 With Three Sets Of Contacts 2no Plus 1nc With Ring Type Terminal Lug Arrangement For Bldj, Blcp And Bllf. Make/brand: Siemens. 184
25xxn000-m12 X 50 Hh Bolt Fully Threaded 8.8 Grade With Suitable Pitch 1.75 Mm To Is 1367/2002 Part Iii, One Suitable Spring Washer To Is 3063/94, One Flat Washer To Is 2016 And Nut To Is 1367. Make:. 104
25xxn1-set Of Gasket For 3/8"/1/2 " Air Strainer Consisting Of 3 Items. Set Details, Description, Drawing No, Qty/set. (1). Gasket Od-12.5, Id-6.5, Thickness 1.8mm, Ref. No. 4 Of Clw Drg. No. 0/. 112
27/19/223performance Of Current Repair Of A Part Of Internal Sewage Networks Of The Main Educational Building Of Fsbei Of He Volggmu Of The Ministry Of Health Of Russia. 114
270kldsewage Treatment Plant For District Hospital. 140
27650200-silicon Diode Rating Piv 1800 Volts Current 25 Amps With Flexible Copper Shunt Threaded Base Stud Similar To Hirect Design Guide Dec. ~98 Type S 18 Bn 26 From Rdso/Clw Approved Sources Of Blocking D. 105
29250079-o Ring For Axle Box Size 250x3 Nvr 1872 As Per Abb Drg No Ib 012- 00750 Rev 0 Abb Abb Drg Noib012-00750. 101
2989ns-set Of Cross Bar Assly. And Cover Cylinder For Ep Cotactor Type Bps 15.15 C/2 And 30.065 Of Wag-9 Locomotive. One Set Comprising Of 02 Items In 02 Nos. As Per Sketch No.els/aq/wag-9/,. 112
2nd Call For All Kind Of Building Material At Gp Deutola. 135
2nd Year Maintenance Of 2018 Attikkalam Melia Dubia (8 Ha) Pulpwood Plantation In Mayanoor Forest Station Of Wadakancherry Range During 2019 - 2020. 157
3 Ac 1.5 Ton For Meeting Hall Mc Malout. 148
3- Bromopropionic-2,2,3,3-d4 Acid. 147
300kg. Biomass Briquattes As Per Boq Description. 129
30xxn135-fire Ball Extinguisher Specification (1) To Be Used For Fire Extinguishing Fire With Very Less Time Of 3.5 Seconds (2) Self Life Minimum 5 Year (3) Item Weight 1.5 Kg (min ) (4) It Should Have A Stand. 105
31616707-set Of Cushioned Seat And Back Rest 3-seater (i-class) As Per Icf Drg. No. Emu/3c/asr-6-1-302 Alt-e Or Latest Cushion Shall Be As Per Rdso Spec. No. Rdso/c-k607-rev-1 And Up Holstery Shall Be. 104
31xxn4-aoh Kit For Rotex Valve 3028 Nw 10. 01 Set Consisting Of 08 Items. Details Are As Under : 1. Piston O Ring , Pt No 18, -qty 01 No. 2. Seat O Ring, Part No 19 %u2013 Qty 02 Nos. 3. Body O Ring. 106
3247-aef//T Supply Of Drugs (vismodegib) To Provide Certain Groups Of The Population Of The Smolensk Region In Accordance With Paragraph 2 P. 4 Of The Procedure Established By The Resolution Of The Administration Of The Smolensk Region Of February 15,. 156
3248-aeff//T Supply Of Drugs (botulinum Toxin Type A-hemagglutinin Complex) To Provide Certain Groups Of The Population Of The Smolensk Region In The Procedure Established By The Resolution Of The Administration Of The Smolensk Region Of February 15,. 151
33561370-rubber Profile (epdm) Of Length 3660 Mm Per Unit For Fixing Sealed Window Glass Unit In Ac Coaches, Conforming To Rcf Specn. Mdts 030 & Mdts 087 To Rcf Drg. No. Lw54109 Alt:- Nil. 103
34120000-4 Motor Vehicles For Transportation Of 10 And More Persons. Purchase Of A School Bus For The Mikhail-kotsiubyn Settlement Council For The Transportation Of Children To The Mykhailo-kotsiubinskaya High School (bus For The Transportation Of Schoolc. 106
35.5ghz Doppler Radar System. Qty 1 No. 165
350 Kg. Manual Pitch Roller. 162
363 Out Sourcsing Man Power. 133
37237019-hose Clip Worm Drive Size 30 Mm Conforming To Is:4762-2002 only Klipco Hylite Brands Will Be Acceptable . Accepted Make: Klipco. 104
38 Horticulture Around The Roads Of National Road Construction Work. 118
3d Model Hydraulic Studies. 134
3db Bandwidth On Each Channel In Ghz 4 Input Channels 4 And 20 Gsps Max Sampling Rate On Each Channel. 191
3rd Year Maintenance 2017 Kadangode Bit Ii Pulpwood Plantation At Erumapetty Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 151
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Cheerathra Pulpwood Plantation At Poongode Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 146
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Chittanda Pulpwood Plantation At Poongode Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 150
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Chudalakunnu Pulpwood Plantation At Poongode Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 150
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Kadangode Bit I Pulpwood Plantation At Erumapetty Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 152
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Kodumbu Pulpwood Plantation At Poongode Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 150
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Kolanchery Misc. Plantation At Akamala Forest Station Of Machad Range. 150
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Pambady Pulpwood Plantation At Mayannur Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 150
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Panamakutty Bit I Teak Plantation At Akamala Forest Station Of Machad Range. 152
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Perumkunnu Pulpwood Plantation At Poongode Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 150
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Wadakkanchery Hills Bit I Pulpwood Plantation At Erumapetty Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 153
3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Wadakkanchery Hills Bit Ii Pulpwood Plantation At Erumapetty Forest Station Of Wadakkanchery Range. 149
4.thorandale Rural Water Supply Scheme Tal Ambegaon Open. 133
419 - Summer Tenders - Warrington To Chesnut Lodge, Wa8. 101
4210n004-axial Fan 130 Mm Sweep, 2800 Rpm, To Work On 115v Ac Supply, 41watts, 50 Hz, Air Volume 325 Cmh, Noise Level 49db, Impeller Diameter 130mm, Die Cast Aluminum Housing Impeller Sheet Steel Conf. 108
45 Brtf Tender For Third Call For S And S Of Hot Applied Thermoplastic Compound (white) Of Brand Asian/nerolac/burger/Shalimar Including Reflectorizing Glass Beads And Commercial Lpg For Various Rds Under 96 Rcc Under 45 Tf (p) Chetak In Raj. 232
45158332-electronic Rectifier Cum Regulator Unit (erru) For 25 Kw Brushless Alternator As Per Rdso Specification No.(i) Rdso/pe/spec/ac/0013-2011 (rev-~2~) Or Latest, With Standby Circuit & Series Ovp. 101
4522 Current Repair Of The Building Of The Office Of The Mykolayiv Regional Department Of The Southern Branch Of The Ucrf To The Address: Mykolaiv, Street 7a Slobidska, 70v. 108
45450000 - 6 - Other Final Construction Work (reconstruction Of Premises For The Establishment Of Cardiac Surgery Of The Communal Non-profit Medical Enterprise Hospital Of Intensive Care Kremenchug At Address: 2, Pavlova St., Kremenchuk). 101
4798ns-02 Hp Sewage Pump With Float Switch, Power 02 Hp, Single Phase, Submersible Pump, Inlet Dia./Out Let Dia.: 80 Mm (3 Inch) Approx, Head: 2.9 To 16.6 Meter Approx, Flow Rate: 800 To 50 L.p.m Ap. 108
4wog. 1200. 2712. 51. 2019 Delivery Of Technical Material Resources For Parachuting Service. 249
5 Metre Cable Alongwith Connectormake Turck, Part No. 141
5.kari And Wadivasties Water Supply Scheme Tal Bhoropen Tender. 134
528a5-19-520 Upgrade Ups Station Wide. 110
53 Grade, 50 Kg, Isi Mark Cement Bag. 136
57 Amxs Tomahawk - 21 Protective Covers. 114
6. Mrat Pashu/Chamda Nilami Theka Ka Kary. 142
600 Zero-Emissions Buses to the Existing Fleet of Buses in Bogota. 264
631-17-002 Exterior Site Improvements. 108
7.yevalipadmavatinagar Water Supply Scheme Tal. Bhoropen Tender. 132
72xxn01-set Of Impact Wrench & Accessories , One Set Consisting Of Following Item :- 1) Impact Wrench Model No. Ir-1315-3a Of Ingersoll Rand Make =01 No. 2) Socket Set 1/2" ( Up To 27 Mm) Sk4m14 = 1 N. 110
73710301-spring Washer 10 Mm Flat Phosphate Coated To Is:3063-1994, Type ~b~ Duty Phospated As Per Is:3618 Or Latest. Accepted Make: Bbbb , Manufactured By:m/s Forbes & Company Ltd. 119
755jr: Contract For The Provision Of Tv Advertising Space Across East Sussex. 206
77033012-paint Post Office Red (isc No.538) Enamel Synthetic Exterior, Is:8662/2004 With Additional Requirements Of (1) Rdso (rev.0) For Pigment Content To Is:8662/2004 W.e.f. 01.08.2016 (2. 101
7790n00-supply Of Following Painting And Renovation Materials For Wp Meeting Hall To Be Delivered At Was/goc 1. Roll Emery (100mm Width) 1 Metre/set 2. Putty J.k Brand Or Equivalent(40 Kg) 6 Packs/set. 101
8.shirgaon Village Water Supply Scheme Tal Bhoropen Tender. 133
80123/9 Performance Of Work On The Current Maintenance Of The Railway Tracks Of The Object Of Chapter 8 Temporary Buildings And Structures Summary Calculation Of The Belarusian Npp Production Base Required For The Construction Of Nuclear Power Plants In. 248
81657special Repair To Toilet At Bldg No P-111 At Nda Under Ge Nda Khadakwasla. 154
82011977-(ph No.:06005) Amoxycillin 250 Mg Cap. Brand - Moxray 250 Mfg. By - M/s Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Plot No. 19,20,21 , Sec. 6a Iie, Sidhkul, Ranipur, Haridwar. 130
85xxns-emu Log Book Printing Multiple Colour On Paper 64 Leaves In Each Book On L.w.p. 105 Lbs Paper Individual Page Colour Paper Cover Binding With Metal Strip Pin And Pasting Thick Colour Cloth And Cuttin. 105
9 Items Of Locking Assembly. 110
A A To Dr Nc Joshi Memorial Hospital, Karol Bagh New Delhi Dg 2019 20 (sh Repair Of Sewer Line Behind Ward Block And Ot And Other Misc Repair Works. 170
A A To Gnec New Delhi Dg 2019 20 (sh Providing Signage Parking Shed And Misc Repair Works At Gnec Hospital. 161
A compact portable non-invasive glucose sensor. 229
A Complex Of Works On The Development Of The Draft Decision Of The Federal Executive Body Authorized By The Government Of The Russian Federation On The Establishment Of The Near-aerodrome Territory Of The Yuzhno-kurilsk (mendeleevo) Airfield. 109
A Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Program For Szczecinskiego Tbs Sp. Z O. O. 159
A frozen French Fry factory in Arax. 277
A Microbalance Or Weigh Cell Is Required To Measure The Mass Loss During Rapid Pyrolysis Of Certain Samples. 187
A miniaturized system to secure the cold chain. 251
A R And M O To The Residential Buildings And Providing Shed With Galvanized Iron Profile Sheet Roofing To Quarter Guard Building At Rtc Cisf Campus Arakkonam During The Year 2019 To 20. 124
A Service Consisting In Planting Hedge Trees And Shrubs In The Areas Administered By The 43th Military Business Branch. 275
A) Preparation And Accomplishment Of 15 (fifteen) Actions, In Articulation With The Adxtur, Namely: Support To The Organization And The Scheduling Provision, Whenever Necessary, Of Means And Servi. 156
A-17-ea-19. Determination Of The Contractor For The Creation (arrangement) Of 20 Container Sites For The Placement Of Containers Tko And Kgo In The Territory Of The City District Sokolsky Nizhny Novgorod Region. 102
A.m.c. Of Blanket To Blanket 2 Unit Web Offset Printing Machine Without Spare Parts. 151
A/r & M/o Jeeps Under Cd, Apwd, Car Nicobar. Sw: - Fabrication Of Cabin Body Complete Painting,wiring Upholstery Work Including Replacement Of Worn Out Spare And Other Accessories Of Tata Sumo Bearing. 206
A/r & M/o Office Campus At Sadashivanagar, Bangalore 2019-20 Sh : Renovation Of Silver Jubilee Auditorium For Central Power Research Institute: Supply And Installation Of Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Systems (hvac). 104
A/r And M/o Non Residential Building Under Building Maintenance Sub Division (sw) - 1, Najafgarh, Pwd, New Delhi During 2019-20. (sh - Engaging Labour For Day To Day Maintenance). 168
A/r And M/o Residential And Non-residential Building At Nsti Kanpur During 2019-20 Sh : Operation And Maintenance Of Sewage Treatment Plant Of 100 Cum Capacity. 116
A/r And M/o Residential Quarters In Western Campus Sh: Providing And Laying Water Proofing Treatment, Parapet Wall Plaster And Irc Fabric Fencing In Quarter No F-58 At Aiims. 105
A/r And M/o To 310 Da Staff Qtrs. At Karkardooma Delhi Dg.2019-20. Sh - Hiring Of Inspection Vehicle For Use Of Executive Engineer, Kkd Court Division-m-231. 165
A/r And M/o To Various Buildings Under Sub Division-2, Swbmd, Iti Campus, Pusa, New Delhi During 2019-20. (sh - Engaging Labour For Day To Day Maintenance At Enquiry-3). 168
A/r And M/o Various Road Under Pwd Division Ser-2/21 During 2019-20 (sh Conducting Accessibility Audit Of Roads Maintained By Ser-ii, Pwd To Comply The Requirement Of Accessibility For Differently Abled Persons). 160
A01.4.2019 Maintenance Inspections Civil Engineering Works Municipality Lead. 131
A19dcet-jbc11 Rehabilitation Work Of The Villard De Lans Road Maintenance Center (restarted Following A Declaration Without Continuation Of The Previous Consultation). 116
A59 Krn Improvements - A59 Northway/Liverpool Road South/Dover Road Junction. 200
Abbreviated Simplified Open Procedure For The Contracting Of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Service 2019. 118
Abc Electrical Make Flp Gate End Box. 137
Abdominal Surgery Instrument ( Items As Per List Attached ). 184
Ac - Pa - Bc - Buy - Ambulance Of Two Ambulances Category C Type B For The Smur Of Ch Louis Jaillon Of St-claude And Ch Jura Sud. 120
Ac Works In Connection With Repair & Renovation Of Roof Treatment Works At Auditorium Main Building , Nuclear Medicine, Main Library And Library Reading Room At Jadavpur Campus, Kolkata - 700032. 113
Aca Launches August 6 Commercial Locations Such As "pop-up" In The Terminals Of Anca, That Will Be To The Types Of Activities: Mouth Benefits, Retail Or Services. 102
Accelerating drug and biomarker discovery through a new proteomic service: DrugPhosphoProfiler. 326
Acceptance And Management Of Bulky, Post-renovation And Biological Wastes Delivered From The Property Owned And Managed By Szczecin Society Of Civil Engineering Sp. From O. O. 176
Access Control Point Card Reader. 108
Accessibility Access Town Hall Church And Cemetery. 178
Accessories And Accessories For Pc. 104
Accompaniment Of Project Management In Terms Of Change Management Within The Framework Of The New Rectorate Project. 113
Accompaniment Of The Beauvais Hospital Center In The Improvement. 152
Accompany Anses On The Evolution Of Its Visual Identity. 168
Acquisition Accurate Time System Gps System-scada/Ems (1 Pc). 279
Acquisition And Delivery Of Office Supplies, Consumables And Small Office Equipment For The University Of South Brittany Reference Number: 2019/25. 135
Acquisition And Delivery Of Technical Supplies, Equipment And Tools For The Four Ght Epsm Psychiatrie Nord Pas-de-calais. 113
Acquisition And Installation Automatic Meter Parameters Rodesen 2 Garages. 106
Acquisition And Installation Of Social Support Management Software, Aids And Solidarity Services. 196
Acquisition And Maintenance Of 6 Licenses For The Use Of A Computer Application (pms) In A Cloud Environment That Provides The Management And Administration Of Accommodation In The Residences Of The Headquarters Of The Santa Maria De La Rbida And Antonio. 165
Acquisition Cards And Provision Of A Shopping Card Consultation And Management Site. 149
Acquisition Installation Of Computer Equipment. Reference Number :. 135
Acquisition Of 20 Packs Of 50 Needle-punch Needles D = 1. 5mm. 140
Acquisition Of 3 Units Of Artificial Photosynthesis For The Development Of The Turf From Cluj Arena. 147
Acquisition Of 8 Trailers For The Natural Parks Of The Valencian Community. 127
Acquisition Of A Chemical Analysis Laboratory. 107
Acquisition Of A Complex For Photographing And Counting Luminous Molecules For The Needs Of Fbun Tsnii Epidemiology. 103
Acquisition Of A High-performance Surgical Arch (experimental Unit Of Regenerative Therapy In Osteoarticular Pathologies In Non-rodent Mammals) Under The Project Eqc2018-005646-p Granted By The Ministry Of Science, Innovation And Universities Through The. 161
Acquisition Of A Vehicle To Ensure Crisis Preparedness - Action Zzs Of The Hradec Krlov Region - Ambulance - 2018. 137
Acquisition Of A Vehicle Under A Responsible Renting System, Prevention With A Fee. 106
Acquisition Of A Virtualization Server Team. 119
Acquisition Of An Apartment For The Needs Of The Municipal Entity Of The City Of Murmansk In Order To Improve The Living Conditions Of Low-income Citizens Who Are Registered As Needing Residential Premises Provided Under Social Rent Agreements. 111
Acquisition Of Barrier Film. 129
Acquisition Of Basic And Specific Module Vaccines To Cover The Needs Of The Health Logistics Support Unit: Central European Encephalitis. 129
Acquisition Of Bicycles And Accessories For The Sites Of The Haute-vienne County Council. 180
Acquisition Of Clothing Supplies For The Staff Of The Local Police Of The Excmo. City Hall Of Palencia. 118
Acquisition Of Electrical Equipment And Lighting For The Department Of Meurthe-et-moselle, Mdph 54 And Sdis 54 - Order Group Reference Number:. 124
Acquisition Of Electrosurgical Equipment To Meet The Needs Of Municipal Budgetary Healthcare Institutions Of The City Of Rostov-on-don. 106
Acquisition Of Informatics Equipment. 233
Acquisition Of Kitchen Furniture For The Needs Of The Tatar Gymnasium No. 84 Municipal Autonomous Educational Institution Of The Urban District, The City Of Ufa, The Republic Of Bashkortostan. 101
Acquisition Of Office Supplies. 104
Acquisition Of Rapid Response Vehicles On The Basis Of A Car With A Cargo Side Platform And A Twin Five-seater Cabin. 126
Acquisition Of Residential Premises In The Framework Of The Execution Of Certain State Powers To Provide Residential Premises For Persons With Disabilities And Families With Disabled Children In Need Of Residential Premises Provided Under Social Employmen. 121
Acquisition Of School And Office Furniture And Computer Equipment, Intended For The Expansion Of Ceip Los Adiles, Of Villaobispo De Las Regueras (len). 125
Acquisition Of Services Regarding The Implementation Of The Academia Copiilor Sector 2 Educational Program For The School Year 2019-2020. 135
Acquisition Of Snow Cannons For The Nemira Ski Slope. 139
Acquisition Of Specific Training Services Within The Project We Say Not Corruption! 146
Acquisition Of Street Bins: Batch 1 Street Bins With Foot And Ashtray And Batch 2 Glass Fiber Street Bin. 174
Acquisition Of Surface Equipment For The City Of Bilbao. 115
Acquisition Of Technical Means For The Provision Of Social Services For The Temporary Provision Of Technical Means Of Care, Rehabilitation And Adaptation. 104
Acquisition Of Two S.u.v Intervention Vehicles For The Municipal Police. 251
Acquisition Of Various Scientific And Technical Equipment For The Translational Research Unit Of Hgucr-61032000cr19sum00005. 119
Acquisition Of Virtualization Licenses For The Millenium Infrastructure. 109
Acquisition Of Well-equipped Living Quarters For Orphans And Children Left Without Parental Care, To Persons From Among Orphans And Children Left Without Parental Care In The City Of Nakhodka (within: From The Northern Microdistrict To Astafyevs Cape, Ex. 132
Acquisition Of Well-equipped Living Quarters Within The City Of Tomsk. 166
Acquisition Of Well-equipped Living Quarters Within The City Of Tomsk. 165
Acquisition Through A Framework Agreement Of Various Supplies Of Laboratory And Similar Material Used In The Municipal Company Aguas De Mlaga, S.a. 129
Acquisition, Installation And Maintenance Of A Dialysis Water Treatment Unit, A Distribution Loop, With Supply Of Consumables Reference Number: Dce-2019-80-jg Abiom. 130
Acquisition, Installation, Removal And Maintenance Of Furniture Materializing Transit System Stopping Points Transisre - Plain Passenger Shelters Reference Number: F19dm-fs007. 213
Active Bromide. 113
Ad-hoc Contractor For Handling And Transport And Allied Services At Cfs-pipavav Integrated Logistic Hub, Pipavav. 178
Ada Compliant Concrete Ramp For Ramona Airport. 289
Adaptation Project 12 Boarding Schools With Individual Toilet (building N 4), San Francisco Quarters (acart), Segovia. 129
Adaptation Works Of The Gastronomy Technology And Guest Service Facilities At The Zsg In Ldz As Part Of The Gastronomic Masters Project. 196
Adapting Services In The Library To The Needs Of Practical Training, Including The Equalization Of Opportunities For People Exposed To Social Exclusion. 173
Additional Construction Of C.d Work On Kanpur To Kharbadiya Road (under Dmft Scheme). 104
Additional Construction Works For The District Police Administrative Building Police Lines And Residential Accommodation For Police Personnel In Jhargram District (2nd Phase). 156
Additional Developmental Works In Rws At Yadgir. 111
Additional Financing for Girls' Education and Women's Empowerment and Livelihood Project (GEWEL). 414
Additional Investigation Estimate For Malampuzha Ring Road Bridge Across Mayiladi River At Malampuzha Constituency. 145
Additional Requirement Of 2 Split Acs For Em And Ancillary Rooms Academic Block Gipmer New Delhi. 154
Additions/alteration In Switch House Building At 132 Kv S/s Tanda. 151
Addn Altn To Bldg No P 85 And Provn Of Certain Sanctioned Works At Af Stn Kurseong Under Ge Af Bagdogra. 175
Addn And Alteration To Bldg No T-286 And T-298 And Provision Certain Sanction Works At Dharmund Under Ge (i) 873 Ews. 173
Adhachat Rural Water Supply Scheme. 146
Adiitional Works For Drcc Shed At Compost Yard In Sircilla Municipality. 315
Adjudication Of The Use, Management And Exploitation Of The Bar For The Performance Of Medina Azahara On August 10, 2019. 117
Administration And Maintenance Of The Broumov Hospital Complex. 192
Administration And Servicing Of Computer Hardware, Computer Network And Software At Gddkia Branch In Bialystok. 142
Administrative Approval For Installation Of Pump On Pontoon At North, Middle And South Sump At Penganga Open Cast Mine. 180
Adult Education Survey In Armenia, Georgia, And Kosovo. 291
Advanced Research Microscope For Transmitted Light And Reflected Light Studies With Cmos Colour Came. 154
Advertisement Work Of Banner. 127
Advertisement Work Of Kanopi. 127
Advice And Assistance To Cadema For The Communication, Consultation And Marketing Strategy For The Caribus Urban Mass Transit Project Reference Number:. 135
Advisory Services And Technical Secretariat For The Evaluation Of Three Lines Of Subsidies Of The Provincial Council Of Gipuzkoa, Which Allows The Dynamic Construction Of An Evaluation Methodology. 104
Aeronautical Data Determination Services And Development Of Upgrading Documentation For Airport Arad. 101
Aesthetic Improvement To Cgh Colony At S.m.plot, Sector-vii, Phase-i, Antop Hill, Mumbai-37. Sh:partial External Painting And 109 And Removal Of Rubbish. 106
Affordable mixed-use project in Peninsula. 165
Afghanistan : Deputy Minister Zaman Makes His way to Attend Counter- Terrorism, Counter-Narcotics Conference In Almaty. Conference news 114
Afghanistan : Education Minister Dr. Balkhi Meets The Student Who Is A Teacher's Teacher. 121
Afghanistan : Laboratory Equipment And Materials Were Donated To A Logar School. 117
Afghanistan : Minister Of Education Meets Badakhshan Ulema Council And Promises To Solve Problems Of Education. 116
Ahu With Motor And Control Panel For The Vessel Ins Sharda As Per The Scope Mentioned In Annex. 1. 169
Air Conditionar. 126
Air Conditioning Systems, Cool Rooms And Chillers Service Maintenance For Trinity College Dublin, The University Of Dublin. 200
Air Conditioning Town Hall Of Pala Municipality. 148
Air Freighting Of Epoxy Insulators From Ex Works Abb Bacninh Factory, Vietnam To Mumbai Airport. 179
Air Heater Tubes. 132
Air Quality Improvement in the Greater Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region--Henan Cleaner Fuel Switch Investment Program. 536
Air Tickets Delivery Service (stockholm, Rome) To Implement Sentences Resulting From The Power 3. 5 Project For Wggios, Kc-zp. 272-492/19. 162
Aira Make Solenoid Valve. 112
Aircraft Wash And Corrosion Control Services. 102
Airline Support Building. 234
Airports Entry Ticket Counter. 139
Airports Entry Ticket. 113
Alappuzha Heritage Project - Repair And Maintenance Of Canteen Block (proposed Factory Outlet Building) At Kscc, Alappuzha. 150
Algeria : Algeria presents, in New York, voluntary national review on SDGs implementation. 203
Alienation Of Housing In C/Los Barrillos, 31. 107
Alienation Of Plot M7-2.2 Of The Second Phase Of The Logistics Park, By Open Procedure, Better Value For Money, Several Award Criteria And With Special Execution Condition. 116

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