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Articles from Mena Report (April 30, 2019)

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"energy And Operating Cost Savings Novk Maso - Uzeniny Sro - Cheb Branch". 173
"energy And Operating Cost Savings Novk Maso - Uzeniny Sro - Karlovy Vary. 132
"executant Shooting Of The Architectural Part And Preparation Of A Technical Passport With Restoration Of The Technical Documentation For The Building Of The Central Military Club With Address 7, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.". 160
"hands On History" Summer Scheme, Under Shared History Culture Programme For Young People, Newry, Mourne And Down Peace Iv Local Action Plan. 222
"modernization Of The Kitchen Equipment And Furnishing Of The Home For Physically Disabled Adults" Byala The Purchase And Installation Of The Kitchen Equipment And Furnishing Of The House For Adults With Physical Disabilities "byala Is Envisaged As Follow. 273
"ophthalmology Service In Blanes (girona)". 115
"physiotherapy Service In Plains Of Aridane (santa Cruz De Tenerife)". 123
"physiotherapy Service In Sort (lleida)". 115
"replacement Works For Potable Water Pipes In Calle Mayor And Avenida Crevillente (hondn De Las Nieves)". 112
(19138) 808 Analysis Of The Victims And The Ssr 2020-2024. 363
(19139) 808 Analyzes Of The Radio Programs Of The Ssr 2020-2024. 367
(19139) 808 Program Analysis Srg Radios 2020-2024. 177
(nu/1455) The Supply And Installation Of Hotcells. 105
(nu/1491) Decommissioning And Disposal Of The Abt Cyclotron. 145
001312 Innovating For Growth Scaleups Programme Financial Planning For Growth. 181
002-2019 Framework Agreement For Asphalt Maintenance (netherlands-~s-hertogenbosch: Road Maintenance Works). 145
014_verhngte Ventilated Facade Vhf (germany-munich: Facade Work). 185
01630 Clerk Of Work Services - Scottish Prison Service. 146
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 1180 Roofing Work Flat Roof School. 158
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 1184 Roofing Work Metal Roof School. 145
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 1290 Carpentry School. 162
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 3 020 Ventilation School. 202
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 3060 Msr-technik School. 144
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 4080 Elevator School. 121
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Replacement Building Education Center - 4010 Electrical Installation School. 291
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Replacement Education Center - 3 000 Heating/Sanitary School. 199
045 - District Caritas School Freyung - Ba 1.1 + Ba 2 - Trade 2100.001 Lock System. 144
049 - Klinik Krumbach - Structural Improvement Of The Operating Room Department And The Central Sterile Product Processing Unit: 1100 Faade Works 1 - External Thermal Insulation System (germany-gnzb. 105
1 Plant Concentration Startup Drug Input Facility Replacement Work. 122
1) Split System Office Electrolux Eacs-30hlo/N3 With Indoor And Outdoor Units - 3 Units, With Installation - 5m Highway Without Drainage Pump And Materials, Cooling Capacity - At Least 8. 2 Kw, Or A. 124
1)all Demu M/c And Ta4502az Flexible Connector To Drg. No. 44334167009 V-00rev.01. Note:- Item To Be Packed In Polly Bag. Contain Three Nos Each Bag. Supplier"s Trade Mark To Be Punched On Each Job. Q. 142
1)angle Grinder Dia 125 Mm With Following Compliances -flat Head For Working In Tight Spaces, Minimum 45 Dgree Accessible Angle, Power Output : Minimum 900 Watts, No Load Speed : 11000 Rpm, Rated Load. 192
1)automatic Lubrication Unit For Oil, With Float Switch , Pressure Switch, 3 Phase, 415 Volt Motor, 3 Ltrs Capacity Steel Reservoir ( Cenlub Make Model No-alu-03 Or Equivalent). Qty: 5 No 2)automatic. 159
1)bottom Tank Assy - 4 Sets To Drg 14641700062 Var- 00 W/a Of Items 4 To 36, 38 To 45 And 47. Var- 01 Of Item 56. Var-02 Of Item 53 To 55 And 57. Addl Pad Weld Drg. 34641700106. Qty: 59152 Kg 2)top Ta. 356
1)english Name Plate, Ms Plate With Ss Letters And Border, Size- 65 X 825mm As Per Item-002 Of Bhel Drg No-17211010256 Rev.00 Qty: 53 No 2)hindi Name Plate, Ms Plate With Ss Border And Letters, Size 6. 371
1)inhouse Oil Module Tcv 660mw Qty: 1 No 8) Qty:. 108
1)m35, Hss Tap M100x2, 54 Fl, 244 Oal, Set Of 2, As Per Is 6175. Qty: 1 St 2)m35, Hss Tap M110x2, 54 Fl, 244 Oal, Set Of 2, As Per Is 6175. Qty: 2 St. 137
1)mechanism Cabinet Assy To Drg No. 15213030580-v05, Rev10 Alongwith One Number Instrument Panel To Drg No. 35213030968-v00, Rev03 Fitted With Two Brass Hinges To Drg No. 35217001765-001, Rev00 On Eac. 208
1)pinewood Packing Cases Large Plain To Size 3661 Mm To 6100 Mm Long As Per Specification No. Aa51401 Rev. 03 And Bp 0851499 Rev. 03. Qty: 1200 Qm. 132
1)pinewood Packing Cases Small With Gi Sheet(upto 3660 Mm Long) As Per Specification No. Aa51401 Rev. 03 And Bp 0851499 Rev. 03. And Gi Wll Be As Per Specn. No. Aa 10166 Rev.06. Qty: 600 Qm. 142
1)ramipril 5mg Tablet Qty: 1000 No 2)xyloric 100 Mg Tablet Qty: 600 No 3)amoxycillin & Clavulanic Acid Qty: 2000 No 4)refresh Tear Eye Drop 10 Ml Qty: 100 No 5)salmeterol25mcgfluticasone250 Qty: 20 No 6)metformine 500 Climpiride 2mg Qty: 1000 No 7)telma A. 173
1)ta 4502 Az Bearing Retaining Plate Ce Fully Finish As Per Bhel Drg. No. 44394453001, Item No. 01 Rev.04. Note: Supplier"s Identification To Be Punched On Each Job. Qty: 260 No. 135
1)ta4502az Exciter Sleeve Stopper. As Per Drg. 34304592077 V-00 Rev. 01. Note: Supplier"s Identification And Type Machine To Be Punched On Each Job. Qty: 260 No. 129
1)ta4502az Hex.socket Head Cap Screw M24 X 60 Mm Lg 12.9 To, Rev-07. Note: Supplier Identification To Be Punched On Each Job. Qty: 4200 No. 133
1)ta4502az Plate Locking Washer To Drg. No. 34394441001 Item 001 Rev.03. Supplier Identification To Be Punched On Each Job Qty: 600 No. 125
1)torque Nut-special Type Qty: 48 No 2)torque Nut-special Type Qty: 28 No 8) Qty:. 113
1. Manager Diary Ocp 50 Books 2. Manager Diary Ug 50 Books 3. Lltc Register With Numbering And Index 50 Reg. 4. Sick Fit Certificate 300 Pads 5. Sick Leave Ledger With Index And Numbering 50 Reg. 6. T/a, D/a Form 50 Pads 7. Leave Application Form 300. 120
1/19 Crash Course Civil Guard - Diaper. 104
10-fe14-19-0016, Extension And Renovation Heidewegschule, Screed And Floor Coverings (new Building) (germany-elmshorn: Floor-covering Work). 217
100kv Generator Set Supply. 106
1011n1-set Of K Rings K Ring For Piston Valve Assembly To Nyab/Kbi Pt No. 462465-01 No, K Ring For Piston Valve Assembly To Nyab/Kbi Pt No. 462574-01 No. & 2 = 01 Set. Fi. 110
1011n1-set Of Sand Box To Box Assembly (wdp4) To 17032489-02 Nos Box Assembly (wdp4) To 17032490-02 Nos Box Assembly (wdp4) To No. 104
10634 The Replacement Perimeter Intruder Detection System (pids) At Hmp Barlinnie. 165
10xxn554-m.s. Wire Brush With Wooden Handle Overall Length Or Brush 12 Inch M.s. Wire Area 6 Inch X 1 1/4 Inch Width (approx) M.s. Wire Height 1 1/2 Inch. Firms Accepted Offer Make: Brushwell, Ms Wire. 108
10xxn75-rubber Blade For Wiper Arm Recon Rec/10254 Or As Per Elgi Part No.: 05.1980.0. Firms Accepted Offer Make: Elgi, Rubber Blade For Wiper 300mm(rubber Part Only) To Elgi Partno 090519800. 108
117 Zac From Provins To couflant. Preventive Archaeological Digs On Unit 4 (france-angers: Test Boring Work). 131
12.7 Mm Tank Cartridge/Ssgg E90023/10/00-00-ka/2019 - Negotiated Procedure With Prior Announcement In Osb Acc. Section 23 (3) Bverggvs 2012, - Request For Participation. 169
1298n001-h.h.h.t Bolt, Screw Driver Slotted Of Size 1/4 Inch Dia X 20 Tpi X 1 1/2 Inch Long, Full Thread, Conforms To Sae J 429 Gr.5 & Th. Fit To Bs 1083 Duly Zinc Plated. Make: Tvs/Gkw/Unbrako/. 106
1298n001-h.h.h.t Bolt, Screw Driver Slotted Of Size 1/4 Inch Dia X 20 Tpi X 5/8 Inch Long, Full Thread, Conforms To Sae J 429 Gr. 5 & Th . Fit To Bs 1083 Duly Zinc Plated. Make: Tvs/Gkw/Unbrako/. 105
13/19 Consumables For Artificial Blood Circulation Rspp Pediatric Surgery. 148
1530, Kammok-dong Old Sewage Pipe Improvement Work Around Sui University. 128
156/19- Systems Of Daily Monitoring Of Ecg And Electrocardiographs For Ultrasound Go. 158
17 Drywall 18 Screed 19 Floor Coatings 20 Tiles Work 21 Floor Coverings 22 Carpenters Work Interior Doors. 181
18-108 General Contract For The Collection Of Fuel At Petrol Stations In The Form Of Collection Cards. 333
1898-supply And Installation Of Automated And Computerization Of Sigle Car Test Ring Along With Test Bench For Lhb Coaches. (detailed Specification Is Enclosed In Annexure-i). Note: Warranty 02 Years. 106
18n0052 - Supplies And Installation Of Bicycle Counters And Display Totems. 133
18v116ao - Pr/Fp - Purchase And Installation Of Housing Modules - Years 2019-2022. 184
19 E 50137 New Data Center Building - Supply And Installation Of Audio/Video Media Technology. 170
19 E 50139 Rehabilitation And Restructuring Of The Building Berliner Strasse 28, Refurbishment For A Museum Operation Forum Wissen - Plastering And Painting Work. 194
19 E 50140 Rehabilitation And Restructuring Of The Building Berliner Strae 28, Refurbishment For A Museum Operation Forum Wissen - Drywall Work - Fire Protection Clothing. 178
19-028 New Administration Building 4 With Dgnb Certification - Flooring Work. 165
19-year Beach Garbage Collection And Disposal Business (beach Garbage Collection Processing By Area) Service. 123
19010 - Rental Of Medical Equipment, Furniture And Related Supplies For Home-use Care (had) And Other Services Of The Bziers Hospital Center. 128
19011dsp - Montchanin - Renovation Of Les Goulottes District At The Corner Of Rue Du Puits Wilson And Goulottes (france-le Creusot: Sewerage Work). 116
19024dsf - Insurance Contracts For The Needs Of The Urban Community Creusot - Montceau. 103
19026 Total Public Performance Contract For The Construction And The Technical Operation And Maintenance Of The Intercommunal Aquatic Center In Champs-sur-marne. 308
19c038ao - Pt//Ep - Supply Of Printed Envelopes - Year 2019-2021. 170
19e0180 - Police Service. Trier Moltkestr. 21-23/Krenzer Str.3. 134
19e20151_lucius-d.-clay-kaserne, New Construction Of 2 Accommodation Buildings, Metalwork Windows And Doors. 124
19n0156 - Transport Of Scrap Produced On The Territory Of The Metropolitan Area. 131
19s0025 - Replacement Of Floor Boilers By Mixed-wall Condensing Boilers On The Maisons And Cits Heritage Located In The Call And Cahc Territories. 159
19vds0019 Maintenance Of The Technical Equipment Of The Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art. 126
1nsns-ioh Kit For Rotex Magnet Valve Model 3282, Part No. 11zp255b08003, Consisting 19 Items. Details Of Kit As Under (1) Piston O Ring Part No. 18 Qty. 01 No. (2) Seat O Ring Part No. 19 Qty. 01 No. 103
2 Communications Equipment With 48 1gb Ports And 6 100gb Ports. 109
2) Extension Kreishaus Paderborn - Tile Work. 194
2018 Grade School Correspondence Project (musical Remodeling Remodeling) Environment Improvement Corporation Small Amount Of Estimate Submission Announcement Notice. 132
2018 Periodical Inspection Result Of Kyungpook National University Lab. 119
2018/Hfb/Op/34107 - Supply Of ~gas Oil~, ~extra Gas Oil~ And ~higher Quality Gas Oil~ To Be Filled In The Storage Tanks And Infrastructures Of The Flemish Government And Local Authorities. (belg. 154
2019 14th Public Bidding For Laboratory Supplies For 2019 2nd Quarter Consumption. 114
2019 1st Quarter Electricity Department Materials Purchasing. 110
2019 1st Semester Book Purchase Small Amount Quotation Submission Guide Announcement. 113
2019 Anseong City Health Center Laboratory Reagent Purchase. 104
2019 Bukhansan Village Public Toilets Maintenance Construction. 121
2019 Busan, Chungcheongnam-si, Busan, Rural,. 116
2019 Cctv Integrated Video Management Software Purchase/Installation. 108
2019 Chungnam Youth Establishment Incubating Center Construction Electric Works Bid Emergency Announcement. 126
2019 Educational Activities Supporting Small Number Of Vehicle Contracts Quotation Submission Notice. 140
2019 Graduation Album Production/Purchase Small Amount Quotation Submission Guide Notice. 114
2019 Jangseungpo Human Docu City Urban Revitalization College. 122
2019 Jeollabuk-do Forest Environment Research Institute Commuter Bus Leasing Service. 129
2019 Lake Park Tree Pest Control Annual Unit Cost Construction. 120
2019 Road Program, Phase 2 Sectors 03-05-06-12-13-14-19. 119
2019 Roadside Green Land Expansion Project. 115
2019 Sedo-myeon Dongsari Water Purifier Construction Work. 117
2019 Shenhua Plum High School Graduation Album Production Purchase Bid Announcement. 113
2019 West Lake Bridge Pavement Improvement Construction. 121
2019 Year Graduation Album Production Purchase Small Amount Electronic Quotation Submission Bulletin Notice. 124
2019 Year Graduation Album Production Small Purchase Quotation Announcement Announcement Notice. 118
2019-002-drjscs Idf-psjva-primoa-bop104. 102
2019-0140 Delivery Of 1 Piece 3-axle Refuse Collection Vehicle With A Permissible Total Weight Of Approx. 27.0 T And Fuel Cell Drive. 252
2019-0144 Framework Contract Office Supplies. 120
2019. Elementary School Student International Exchange Activity Consignment Service With Toyohashi City Of Japan. 125
2019.27 Exploitation Of Community Landfills. 113
2019/025870 Supply Of Endoscopy Material And Digestive Prostheses, Specific Material For Video Surgery And Endoscopy And Digestive Prosthesis, To The Centers Linked To The Health Logistics Platform Of Almera. 110
2019/031575. Supply Of Hand, Foot And Knee Antiallergic Prostheses For The Centers That Make Up The Sanitary Logistics Platform Of Almera. 101
2019: Tree Planting Business Including Parks And Green Areas. 119
2019saf121 - Opportunity Study Logistic Platform And Vegetables Pays D~auge Department. Report 155
20319-e9-0001 University Medical Center Rostock-neubau Biomedicum Metallbau 1 18e0243k (germany-rostock: Building Construction Work). 162
20mm Bit Cc To Thadiyampadu Kuthirakallu Mariyapuram Road Km. 0/000 To 5/500. 155
220v Battery Charger For Tangedco Ennore. 160
2243/hp - Thermogravimetric Analyser And Differential Scanning Calorimeter (tg-dsc). 179
22kv Hand Operated Column Switches. Column 303
23100011-6 Mm Thick Manganese Steel Liner As Per Drg. No Wr-dhd-el/4-bg 004. Alt-2 & Amendment No.1 Dt: 05.03.2001 Of Rdso Smi No. Elrs/smi/186 Of May 1997 For Top & Bottom End Plates Of Sandwitch Mou. 108
2372 Wilh. V.-oranien-sch. Dbg., Replacement New Building Nawi, Exterior Plaster Etics. 168
2378n206-after Cooler Safety/Protection Guard With 06 Nos. Ht(10.9) Bolt M12 X 70/40 With Ht Nut And 12 Nos. Flat Washer And 06 Nos. Spring Washer. As Per Drg. No: Trs/src/m5/19/1, Bolt And Nut. Make. 105
243 Kgs South - General Rehabilitation Primary School Knigsbrunn - South. 154
24x7 Service Based On Help-desk For Users Of Information Systems Of The Ministry Of Health, Galician Health Service. 114
25103222-improved Rubber Side Bearer For Wag-7 Locomotives As Per Rdso Drg. No Skvl 608 Alteration-1 And Conforming To Rdso Specification No. Mp.0.49. 00.17 (revision - 00) Of October 2009. Firms Offe. 117
25180022-auto Drain Valve For Electric Locomotives To Rdso Specification No Mp.01.00.26 Rev. 00, Of March 2010. Firms Offer: Same As Above. Make:self. 118
25660251-relay No Voltage (q 30) Du Type Of M/s Autometers Alliance Ltd., To Their Part No. Ka210013r0026 And Confirming To Clw Specification No. Clw Es/r-27/Alt Z Or Latest. Firms Offer: Same As Abo. 116
25701551-hcp Programme Switch For Isolating Main Compressor Of Wag5a/wap4 Type Locos Of Clw Specification Clw/es/s-1/y Or To Siemens Type K 138 X 24, Old Prog No.4a-0067-9611 Type 3lao-250-4yw-001w Hc. 118
25818016-set Of Roof Connection Bars For Roof Line To Cees Drg. No. Loco/3/re/028, Alt. D And Clw Spec. No. Clw/es/c-49, Comprising Of 1 Type- M : 02 Nos. 2 Type- N : 04 Nos. 3 Type O: 1 No. 4. 113
25820059-drum Type Reverser (j1 And J2) 1500 Amps High Capacity For Locomotives Confirming To Rdso Smi/elrs/smi/0234 (rev `0`) To Clw Drg No 1twd.103.008 Alt-6 And Clw Specfication 4tts.101.005 (a) Al. 125
25820059-drum Type Reverser (j1 And J2) 1500 Amps High Capacity For Locomotives Confirming To Rdso Smi/elrs/smi/0234 (rev `0`) To Clw Drg No 1twd.103.008 Alt-6 And Clw Specfication 4tts.101.005 (a) Al. 114
2887 Carl Kellner School Braunfels, San. Building A/B, Carpentry. 199
2887 Carl Kellner School Braunfels, San. Building A/B, Roofing Work. 172
29100057-tender Description - Housing For Traction Bar As Per Clw Or Latest And Abb Drg No. Ia011-00380.rev.5 Or Latest. D190.01.113.002 Alt-7 Or Latest And Rdso Smi No. R. 105
29171301-drivers Display Unit ddu As Per Clw~s Specification No. Clw/es/3/0487/c Or Latest For Wag 9 Locos note: Each Set Consists Of 02 Nos. Scope Of Supply Will Be In Set . Make/brand - Arc. 108
29960022-contactor Filter On/off And Adaptation (pos No 8.1 And 8.2) Type: Bps30.06s, 3000v-600a-3 Hiko-110volt As Per Abb Product No. Hsba 433699r1494 , Clw Specn. No. Clw/es/3/0086 Alt. A , Clw Drg. 115
2nd Extension Kreishaus Paderborn - Flooring - Plastic Covering. 310
2nd Extension Kreishaus Paderborn - Flooring Carpet. 179
2nd Extension Kreishaus Paderborn - Screed Works. 215
2nd Extension Kreishaus Paderborn - Stone Works. 195
30015-e7-0002 Police Inspectorate And Kpi Greifswald Tile Works 18e0265n (germany-rostock: Floor-tiling Work). 111
3005.0183.aa Hif, Renovation And Extension, Bkp 273.0 Wooden Interior Doors. 131
30358231-flange Welded Joint Stainless Steel Pipe To Pipe For 20 Mm N.b Pipe Stainless Steel , Drg No Rdso/sk-85187, Alt 4 Item- 2 And 4 Specification 04-abr-2002 Amndt-6 Firm~s Of. 101
30970192-lavotry Door Arrgt Complete (lh) For Non Ac Coaches To Icf Drg. No. Icf/std-5-6-011 Alt. X, Col.-iv. Matl. And Specn. Rdso Spec. No. C-k513 With Amndt. Slip No.3 Of Oct. 2013 For Item 2 And M. 104
30971202-kit For Injection Moulded High Performance Polyamide (hppa) Brake Gear Bushes At Rdso Spec. No. Rdso/2009/cg-17 (rev. 1 Of June 2011) Or Self Lubricating Polyester Resin Based Composite Brake. 102
3098ns-digital Wheel Distence Gauge Model Wg-1 (e) B.g. Fitted With Built In Digital Display & Spirit Level, The Gauge Measures The Wheel Distance Precisely Within 30 Seconds To I Minute Time & Operat. 176
31210077-magnetic Pick Up For Governor To Cummins Part No. 213272 Used In Cummins Engine Model No.vta 1710l. Firm~ Offer: Supply Magnetic Pick Up Unit For 700 Hp Demu Manufactured By Twintech Control. 109
3173_19a Hiv Self-sampling Service (public Health England). 105
33500113-traction Center For Fiat Bogie To Specification No. S355 J2g3f, En 10025/29 & Mdts 150 Rev. Nil & Mdts 166 Rev.2 (rcf Pl No. 33500113) To Fiat Drg. No.1267507 Ver.00 (c53 973 Ref Bred 8396, R. 106
33620076-thin Walled Flexible Elastomeric Cable With Copper Conductors For Working Voltage Above 750 Volts Upto 1.8 Kv/3.0 Kv Conforming To Rdso~s Specification No.elrs/spec/elc/0019, Rev-4 Size:1.5 S. 274
33670160-hex Head Screw M24x100 High Tensile As Per Is:1364 (part-2)-2002 Rev-4, Ce- Property Class-10.9 To Is:1367 (part-3)-2002 Rev-4, Coating As Per Mdts-057. 128
347- Goldberg Clinic Kelheim - Replacement Building Component B (sections Building Section 4 And 3) - Trade 3061.001 Building Automation. 195
347- Goldberg Clinic Kelheim - Replacement Building Component B (sections Building Section 4 And 3) - Unit 3009.001 Heating/Cooling. 201
347-goldberg-klinik Kelheim - Replacement Building Component B (sections Construction Phases 4 And 3) - Unit 1140.001 Drywall Part I, Walls And Doors. 168
347-goldberg-klinik Kelheim - Replacement New Building Component B (sections Construction Phase 4 And 3) - Trade 1100.001 Facade. 174
347-goldberg-klinik Kelheim - Replacement New Building Component B (sections Construction Phases 4 And 3) - 4001.001 Electrical Engineering. 251
347-goldberg-klinik Kelheim - Replacement New Construction Part B (sections Construction Phases 4 And 3) - Trade 3030.001 Sanitary. 160
347-goldberg-klinik Kelheim - Replacement New Construction Part B (sections Construction Phases 4 And 3) - Trade 3040.001 Insulation. 167
38106814-packing Plate 12 Mm Thick For Height Adjustment Of Casnub 22 Nl, Nlb Bogie To Rdso Drg. No. Wd-91074-s/1, Alt.-1, Item No.1, (except Material) Material Should Be To Is:2062/2011,amendt.1, Gra. 106
38973108-centre Pivot Liner For Blc Wagon ,alt-9 ,item No-3. Matl. And Specn. As Per Drg. 128
3d Modeling Of The Early 19th Century Market. 311
3eu/19 - Maintenance Basic And Intermediate Cleaning In Various Buildings In 6 Lots. 104
4 Kinds Of Nitrate Measurement Kit. 113
400.02.02 - Heating Technology. 122
40200164-polyimide Covered Conductor For Hitachi Equalizer Bare Size: 5.5 X 1.4 Mm And Covered Size: 5.725 X 1.625 Mm. (2/3 Overlap). To Clw,rev ~0~. Make/brand- 0. 106
4031n1-digital Signature Certificate With Signing Class Iii Individual High Assurance Certificate With Usb E-token Memory 64 Kb Each Set Includes One Certificate And One 64 Kb Usb E- Token Valid For 2. 108
41 - Electrical Installation Work. 116
4210n150-axial Fan 130 Mm Sweep, 2800 Rpm, To Work On 115v Ac Supply, 41watts, 50 Hz, Air Volume 325 Cmh, Noise Level 49db, Impeller Diameter 130mm, Die Cast Aluminum Housing Impeller Sheet Steel Conf. 108
42310258-steel Reinforced Vinyl Hose Of Diameter 20mm As Per Rcf~s Drg. No. Cc71248 Alt.-a , Item - 2, Length In Each Roll - 50 Mtrs Or Multiple Of 50. Specification: Is:9537 (pt.5)/2000. 101
45170381-maintenance Free Valve Regulated Lead Acid (vrla) Battery Of 2v 1100 Ah Conforming To Rdso Specn No.rdso/pe/spec/ac/0009-2014(rev-2) (1 Set Consists Of 56 Cells) .battery Type F-1100p. 112
45170381-maintenance Free Valve Regulated Lead Acid (vrla) Battery Of 2v 1100 Ah Conforming To Rdso Specn No.rdso/pe/spec/ac/0009-2014(rev-2) (1 Set Consists Of 56 Cells) Battery Type Met-2v-1100 Ah. 112
45170381-maintenance Free Valve Regulated Lead Acid (vrla) Battery Of 2v 1100 Ah Conforming To Rdso Specn No.rdso/pe/spec/ac/0009-2014(rev-2) (1 Set Consists Of 56 Cells). Battery Type: 9025 Tl-2v. 118
45906361-dc Hour Meter Suitable For 24 Volt Dc Engine Control Panel For Dpc, Type Electro Mechanical Based Battery Driver, Real Time Analog Type, Range 0-9999.99, Front Round Dia 60mm To Cil Part No. 105
48v Battery Charger For Tangedco Ennore. 160
5015n388-relay, Point Contactor Relay Ac Immune,plug-in Type, Style ~qbca1~ Dc Based Contractor, 24v Dc With 2f(hd)2f-4b, Contacts, Heavy Duty Metal To Carbon Front Contacts And Back Contacts Metal To. 274
561343 - Area 7 - A46 Waterproofing Pull-off Testing. 112
56450308-relay , Plug In Type, Style Ac Led All Aspects, Ac Lamp Proving Relay Unit With In-built Current Transformer Type, Slow Release Neutral Line Relay Line, 4f, 4b Contacts Front And Back Contact. 123
5650ns01-supply Of Pvc Insulated Armoured, Unscreened, Underground Railway Signalling Cable Of Size 06 Core X 1.5 Sq. Mm Conforming To Rdso Spec. No. Irs: S-63/2014 (rev.4.0) Or Latest. 107
5650ns01-supply Of Pvc Insulated Armoured, Unscreened, Underground Railway Signalling Cable Of Size 06 Core X 1.5 Sq. Mm Conforming To Rdso Spec. No. Irs: S-63/2014 (rev.4.0) Or Latest. 129
5650ns01-supply Of Pvc Insulated Armoured, Unscreened, Underground Railway Signalling Cable Of Size 06 Core X 1.5 Sq. Mm Conforming To Rdso Spec. No. Irs: S-63/2014 (rev.4.0) Or Latest. 135
5698n001-electric Point Operating Machine Irs Type, 143 Mm Stroke, Ac Immunity 160v Ac, Comp With Lock Detector And Slides For Lock And Detector Non Trailable To Operate On 110v Dc, Rotary Locking Uni. 102
56xxn1-supply Of Way Station Control Equipment (mtwe)as Per Rdso Specn No. Rdso/spn/tc/66/2007 Amnd No.2 Or Shall Be 48v Dc Operated Provide To Connect To Atleast Four Stations Telephones &. 104
57/54/1/18/036 Cleaning The Premises And Windows Of Infrabel Buildings For The Brussels Region. 124
6,000 Tablets Aluminum Hydroxide Magnesium & Etc. For Use In Medical Mission Of Cebu Provincial Health Office. 128
6.05 Bkp 272 Ironwork. 143
60ns-staff Suitable For Exhibition Of Red Lamp Or Red Flag Hollow Made Of M.s. Square Pipe 25mm Base Made Of M.s. Angle 50x50x6 600mm Both Ways Including Support Of M.s. Flat 25mmx6mm Top Tray Made Of. 106
65xxn1-rail Drilling Machine As Per Rdso Specification No Tm/sm/3 Dt 24.04.1991 Material Required From Rdso Approved Vendors Only . Accepted Firm Offer:- Same As Above, Make Self/own I.e. Paul. 101
68xxn1-1) Locker 4 Shelf.qty.02 Nos. 2)three Seater Chairs.qty.04 Nos. 3)centre Table.qty.02 Nos. 4) Dressing Table Size L 20 Inch,d 16 Height 6 Ft, 18 Mm Alternate Hot Press Ply With 4 Mm. 117
7.01 Bkp 671 Hoses And Reinforcement. 146
7200068147 Delivery And Installation Of It Equipment In Rwanda. 117
73737422-set Of Washer Spring Steel Coil With Flate Ends To Is 3063/65 And To Size (1)m36 (2)m30 (3) M24 (4) M22 (5) M20 (6)m16 (7)m12 (8)m10 One Set Comprisisng 8 Items 50 Nos Each In Plastic Bags An. 110
75018378-endless V Belt For Driving Alternators Of Railway Coaches Size- C-122,confirming To Rdso Spec No.rdso/pe/spec/ac/0059-2004 (rev-0)with Amendment No.-1 Or Latst,in Matched Set Of 12 Nos.belts. 109
7879n01-set Of Aluminium Ladder And Frp Ladder Of Aluminium Section-he-30 Alloy C Channel Of Size 66 Mm X 31 Mm X 2.5 Mm Weight Load Capacity 150 Kg. Minimum, As Per Technical Specification Attached A. 116
82011930-amikacin Sulphate 500mg. 2ml. Vial/amp. (irp_no - 60694. 109
82012283-(ph No.:06044) Cefuroxime Sodium 500 Mg Tab Brand- Cerom 500 Mfg. By - M/s Hema Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.- 29, Pharma City, Selaqui Industrial Area Dehradun Mkt. By - M/s Abbott Health. 136
8201n002-inj. Nivolumab 100 Mg Brand - Opdyta Mfg. By- M/s Bristol Myers Squibb S.r.l., Anagni( Fr), Italy Mktd. By - M/s Bristol-myers Squibb India Pvt Ltd. Mumbai Imported By - M/s Bristol-myers Squ. 104
8201n537-insulin Human Rdna Technology 30/70, 100 Unit/Ml/vial Of 10ml Brand- Recosulin M30 (30/70) Mfg By-shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. B-9/2, M.i.d.c. , Waluj Aurangabad- 431136. 132
82028722-(ph No. : 25104) Sunitinib 25 Mg Tab Brand - Sutent 25 Mg. Mfg. By- M/s Pfizer Italia S.r.i.,/Ascoli Piceno/italy Importeded By - M/s Pfizer Products India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. 107
82337 E8 Special Repairs To Basketball Court At Ncb Royapuram Under Age I Navy Chennai. 179
8303n01-multicolour Printing Of Booklet For Vendor Development At Western Railway Size 7.5 X 10 Inches, Multicolor With Appox. 44 Inside Pages + 4 Pages Of Cover. Inside Pages On 130 Gsm Art Paper And. 102
88427_000_344.2_neubau Abt Siard Haus Bad Schussenried, Interior Doors Wood. 156
9398nx58-complete Die Set With Handle With 1 And 1/4" (one And One Forth Inches), 1 And 1/2"( One And Half Inches), 2" (two Inches) Gutkha. (gutkha Make- Stm Or Similar) (brand- Eagle Or Similar) Make. 103
98.2019 Procurement Of The Sectorization Project Of The Cerro De Andvalo For Giahsa (huelva). 122
9898n002-05 No~s Desktop Computer (lenovo Thinkcentre M910t-i5-7500,q270,8gb Ram, Dvdrw, Wifi,19.5~~, Win 10 Pro, 3 Years) (speciman Enclosed) Offer Accepted Model :acer Veriton-m6650g. 102
A 565/B56 Conversion Of The As Endenich With Bridge Replacement, Final Safety Egg, Planning Performance. 179
A Comprehensive Cleaning And Order Service As Well As Auxiliary Works For Szpitali Pomorskie Sp. Z O. O. In The Location Of The Pomeranian Center For Infectious Diseases And Tuberculosis In Gdansk (po. 253
A Dynamic Purchasing System For It Supplies (czechia-jihlava: Portable Computers). 154
A Hosted Registrar System To Deliver Registation Services Within Gloucestershre. 127
A Hosted Registrar System To Deliver Registation Services Within Gloucestershre. 134
A Panel Of Consultants For Professional Services For: Bridge Engineering: (i) Planning, Design And Construction Monitoring Of New Bridges (ii) Detail Bridge/culvert Inspections And Updating Struman Management System And Rehabilitation. 101
A Slanting Plow For A Truck. 153
A Vehicle Hmeenkyrn Sort Of Dialogue Property Market Supply Conditions. 480
A14/S16 Fse From Km 50.5 To 62.18 - A14, S16 Lane Extension Dalaas - Franzensbrcke And Glasbhel - Bludenz Montafon, Planning. 133
A2019/004053 - 560-va-652. Alcazarn Improvements In The E.d.a.r. Action Co-financed By The European Regional Development Fund. 120
A57 - Section Benot Malon/Pierre Ronde - Set To 2 X 3 Ways - General Works. 493
Aai/jh/amc/non-operational/2019-20. 123
Aai/jh/amc/operational/2019-20. 126
Accessibilite Handicaps To Olivier Guichard Lycee In Guerande (44) Lot 7 - Asbestos Removal. 159
Accessibility Community Buildings. 135
Accessibility Upgrade - Bicycle Shelter Renewal Following Storm. 121
Accessibility Work For People With Disabilities In The Framework Of Ad~ap At The Nozeroy Gendarmerie (france-lons-le-saunier: Building Completion Work). 113
Accompaniment And Animation Of A Mandate Of The County Council Of College Students Of Val-de-marne. 113
Accompaniment And Implementation Of Environmental Regulatory Procedures For Marseille Provence Airport. 168
Accompaniment Mission Concerning The Synchronization Of Medical And Non-medical Times Within The Context Of The Management Of Occupations And Skills (gpmc) Of Health Professionals. 311
Accompaniment Of The Hrd In The Setting Up Of A New Indemnity System Taking Into Account The Functions, The Subjections, The Expertise And The Professional Commitment (rifseep). 168
Achievements In The Achievement Picture Building And Interiors Lph. 3-8 Acc. App. 10 Hoai Gymnasium Schloss Pln. 156
Achievements In The Achievement Picture Technical Equipment (lph. 1-8 According To Anl. 15 Hoai) Extension Classrooms And Mensa Gymnasium Lock Pln. 155
Acoustic Correction Work In Courtrooms Of The Saint-denis De La Reunion Court Of Appeal (france-saint-denis: Sound Insulation Work). Correction notice 139
Acquiring A New High-volume Production Digital Color With Additional Color (s), Banner Mode And Booklet Module. 125
Acquiring A Pumper. 307
Acquisition And Delivery Of Waste Management Vehicles - Year 2019. 112
Acquisition And Installation Of Mobile Digital Projection Equipment. 117
Acquisition And Installation Of Radio Links For Medium Wave Centers. 109
Acquisition And Installation Of Thermal Cameras Bmr Vehicles Of Et. 157
Acquisition And Maintenance Of Esx Servers For The Hospital Group Of Territoire Bresse Haut Bugey. 120
Acquisition And Rental Of Vehicles For The Needs Of The Technical Services Of The Municipality Of Saint-cyprien. 107
Acquisition Is Based On A Common E-learning Environment In The Education And Training Sector. 224
Acquisition Of 2 Public Transit Vehicles. 103
Acquisition Of 4x4 Utility Vehicles. 112
Acquisition Of A Coater With Precise Control System Of The Deposited Film, For The Microscopy Service Of The University Of Seville. 118
Acquisition Of A Computerization Tool For Ophthalmology Consultations. 110
Acquisition Of A Minimum Of 5,500 Anti-theft Bags And 5 500 Magazine Carriers For The Hk-usp Compact 9 Mm Parabelum Gun. 120
Acquisition Of A Minimum Of 5500 Anti-theft Cases And 5500 Magazine Carriers For The Hk-usp Compact 9mm Parabelum Gun. 117
Acquisition Of A New Cruising Sailboat From 31 To 32 Feet. 131
Acquisition Of A Slow Crusher For Bulky. 114
Acquisition Of A Swivel Ladder With Combined Movement 30 M. 111
Acquisition Of A Truck Loader Equipped With A Garbage Dumpster. 119
Acquisition Of A Truckload Equipped With A Garbage Dumpster. 141
Acquisition Of Audit Services. 283
Acquisition Of Books (school And Non-school). 139
Acquisition Of Books, Cds And Dvds For The Municipality Of Villeneuve-la-garenne (92390). 115
Acquisition Of Class M Off-road Rural Tanker Trucks (category 2 Ccrm). 117
Acquisition Of Cleaning Materials. 112
Acquisition Of Computer Equipment For The Pmd Facilities Of The 2019 Exmo. City Hall Of Palencia. 116
Acquisition Of Computer Peripherals Specific To Ergonomic Software Solutions For The Development Of Workstations Adapted To Visual Impairment And Motor Disability And Associated Pds. 162
Acquisition Of Domestic Literature And Audio Books. 118
Acquisition Of Educational Supplies And Materials For Schools, Leisure Centers And Other Municipal Services. 123
Acquisition Of Electric Sedan Vehicles, Small Urban Type (segment B1). 143
Acquisition Of Equipment For The Expansion Of The Data Storage System Of The Diputacin De Barcelona. 124
Acquisition Of Equipment For The Library Of The Cc Faculty. Of The Education Of The University Of Mlaga. 117
Acquisition Of hardware And software For The Extension And Renewal Of The Virtual Infrastructure Of The Diputacin De Barcelona. 129
Acquisition Of Historical Committee Publications. 133
Acquisition Of Licenses For The Technological Update Of The Electronic Mail Microsoft Exchange, Installed In The Central Services Of The Ministry Of The Interior. 140
Acquisition Of Mobile Classes, Services And Accessories For Colleges And Departments Of The Department Of Lozre. 151
Acquisition Of Right To Use, Update And Technical Support Of Microsoft Product Licenses. 124
Acquisition Of Road Equipment For Road Equipment Maintenance Service. 121
Acquisition Of School Articles. 195
Acquisition Of Science Furniture For High Schools In Normandy For Secondary Schools In Normandy And Public Agricultural Colleges. 117
Acquisition Of Seals For Water Meters. 114
Acquisition Of Spare Material For Scheduled And Unscheduled Maintenance Of Fixed-wing Aircraft And Their Associated Equipment. 127
Acquisition Of Technical Supplies For Municipal Services. 115
Acquisition Of The Extension Of The Virtualization Platform Of The Installation System. 167
Acquisition Of Transport Services In Aka. 139
Acquisition Of Two New Vehicles For The Services Of The City Of Boulogne Sur Mer. 117
Acquisition Of Two Vehicles Assigned To The Fire Prevention Service By Monitoring The Environmental Volunteer Of A Monvar. 117
Acquisition Of Vehicles For The Communaut D~agglomration Portes De France. 209
Acquisition Of Vehicles. 120
Acquisition Of Workwear And Footwear, Personal Protective Equipment (france-nanterre: Occupational Clothing, Special Workwear And Accessories). 114
Acquisition Vehicle Van Works Brigade. 101
Acquisition, Deployment And Operational Maintenance Of A Regional Solution For The Rubis 2 Second Generation Health Imaging Breton Network. 224
Action A-23 Renewal Of The Supply Network In Avda. San Juan De La Cruz And Poet Andr Bolarn, Murcia. 122
Adalimumab (doe) Medication Supplies, Destined To Centers Dependent On The Murcia Health Service. 102
Adaptation And Improvement Works Of Raft In Daroca De Rioja (la Rioja). 118
Adaptation And Urbanization Embovedado Arroyo Casado (po-vp 24/17). 110
Adaptation Of The Autodesk-subscription Of The Bavarian State Administration. 290
Addition/alteration To Ops Complex At 2weu At Khambhaliya Under Ge (af) Jamnagar No.2. 175
Additional/alteration To Sncos Mess At 2 Weu At Khambhaliya Under Ge (af) Jamnagar No.2. 176
Addn/Altn Of Store Room, Classroom, Laboratories And Examination Hall At 1st Floor Of Nprs At Ins Mandovi Under Age (i) Mandovi. 174
Adjudication Bar Municipal Swimming Pools. 102
Adjudication Of The Authorization For The Installation Of 22 Vending Machines In The Health Services Management Of The Palm Health Area, As Well As Of 9 In The Management Of Health Services In The Health Area Of La Gomera And Dependent Centers. 113
Administrative And Educational Management Service Of The Municipal School Of Music And Dance "andrs Segovia". 118
Administrative On-site And On-site Audit Of Fse And Iej Funded Transactions. 140
Administrative, School And Creative Supplies - Lot 2: Supplies Of Educational Materials And Creative Activities. 116
Adobe Ccda Licenses. 114
Adult And Community Learning Framework Tender 20192022. 255
Adult And Other Education Services; Conception And Implementation Of A Measure For Activation And Occupational Integration Integration Point Seelze. 108
Adult And Other Education Services; Conception And Implementation Of Individual Measures For Activation And Occupational Integration - Individual Combination Of Measures. 110

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