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Articles from Mena Report (September 5, 2018)

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" Providing Icebreaking Services For Navigation In Prnu And The Gulf Of Riga ". 271
"lamt Double Circuit, Lsmt, Ct And Rsbt For Industrial Polygon The Arenal De Algodonales". 113
(18109) 317 Maintenance, Support, Development And Operation Of The Mas Application. 263
(18154) 620 Meeting Tables. 105
(18154) 620 Meeting Tables. 108
- Door (position D1) Pvc Blind (sandwich Plate) 720x2010, White Color, Push-button With Key Lock On Both Sides, Threshold - Metal - 1 Piece; - Door (position D2) Pvc Blind (sandwich Plate) 900x2360, White Color, Push-button With Key Lock On Both Sides, Th. 113
- Metal Support, With A Protective Coating Method Of Hot Galvanizing. The Color Of The Coating Is Ral 9003. Complete With A Shield (va 1p 10a) - 12 Pcs. (according To The Presented Sketch) Estimated C. 158
/ Provision Of Wooden Cup Boards In R&e Section, Cpmg Office Bldg, Bgl. 117
: Cucam_ Vacuum Spraying/Steaming Equipment With Accessories. 196
1 Ea Flow Cytometer. 118
1 Employee In An - Skilled Worker For Communication And Property Protection Technology. 118
1 Employee In The An Relationship - Skilled Worker In Measuring, Control And Regulation Technology. 122
1) Construction Of Concrete Road And Cd From Nutanagar Jaddi Anganvadi To Guru Padthi (veena Pai House), 2) Construction Of Concrete Road From Makbul Darga House To Mohini Gouda House At 176
1)austenitic S.steel Sheet Qty: 500 Kg 8)null Qty: Null Null. 110
1)carbon St Plate Qty: 6100 Kg 2)pr. Vessel Plate Cs Qty: 5000 Kg 8)null Qty: Null Null. 117
1)cl Globe Valve Qty: 1 No 2)bronze Globe Steam Stop Valve Qty: 5 No 3)bronze Blow Off Vale Qty: 2 No 4)bronze Gauge Qty: 4 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 132
1)computer Stationery 9"x12" Qty: 400000 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 112
1)cop-strp-proof Stress Qty: 12 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 107
1)forging For Valve Cover Qty: 2 No 2)forging For Valve Cover (r/m) Qty: 1 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 121
1)glove Valve. Qty: 3 No 2)glove Valve. Qty: 3 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 114
1)inscription Plate Qty: 2 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 108
1)intermediate Ring Forging Qty: 2 No 2)forging For Half Ring (rm) Qty: 4 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 119
1)methanol (grade-ar) Qty: 100 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 108
1)pt Smart Ex Proof 0-6 Kg/cm2 Qty: 4 No 2)pt Smart Non Ex Proof Qty: 8 No 3)dpt Smart Non Ex Proof Qty: 1 No 4)dpt Smart Non Ex Proof Qty: 1 No 5)pt Smart Ex Proof 0-10 Kg/cm2 Qty: 2 No 6)vt Smart Ex. 170
1)semi Cndg Varnsh Qty: 100 Kg 8)null Qty: Null Null. 109
1)st-heat Rest.-rnd Qty: 50 Kg 8)null Qty: Null Null. 109
1)staionary Blade Ring-ipt-rhs Qty: 1 No 2)staionary Blade Ring-ipt-lhs Qty: 1 No 3)stationary Blade Ring Hpt Qty: 1 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 125
1)thermocouple,d1 (13crmo44) Qty: 2 No 2)thrmocouple ,d2 (13crmo44) Qty: 5 No 3)thermocouple ,d4 (10crmo910) Qty: 4 No 4)thermocouple,d4(x10crmovnb9-1) Qty: 10 No 5)thermocouple Dra-300, L=4000 Qty: 4. 172
1)xlpe 11kv Aluminium Armd.cable Qty: 2000 Mr 2)xlpe 11kv Aluminium Armd,cable Qty: 1000 Mr 8)null Qty: Null Null. 120
1. Construction Of Sonauli Nautanwa Gorakhpur Road To Gulhariya Khas Tola Link Road. 156
1. Loading & Transportation Of Coal Form Simlong Coal Stockyard To Rajmahal Wharf Wall Siding Including Loading Of Coal Into Railway Wagons With Allied Work (lead Range Of 63 64 Km) Under Rajmahal Area. 147
1.constructing Of Bt Road From Mahatma Gandhi Society To Kalyan Kendra To Station Road At Ward No.12. 149 Of Shade At Open Space Of Prabhag No.9 Gat No.77. 144
10 Kva Ups (qty 2 Nos). 185
10. Construction Of Sonauli Nautanwa Gorakhpur Road To Gujrauliya Shankarmishra Tola Link Road. 156
100 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity. 165
1000n235-printer Ribbon (high Density) For Epson-2090 Printer, Size: 13 Mm Wide X Minimum 17 Meters Length Make: Wep Or Similar Firm~s Offer:wep Make. 180
10020184-explosion Door Assembly Welded Base As Per Dlw Drg. No. 14a71769, Alt-%e1~ And Pt. No. 10020184. Firm~s Offer:- Make- Sfi. 101
10170509-gasket For Fuel Inlet Connector To Pump As Per Dlw Drg. No.15 D 76263, Alt-b And Pt. No. 10170509. Firm~s Offer:- Make- Own. 102
10xxns-set Of Benchvice Body Made From Drop Forged Steel Jaws Knurled And Made From Carbon Steel Hardened And Tempered Size 4" (100mm) Approx Weight 5.5 Kg A) Fixed Based Qty -04 Nos B) Swivel Base Qt. 105
10xxns-set Of Tool Compartment Consisting Of 1) Tool Box With 5 Compartment Size H 200 Mm X L 425 Mm X W 200 Mm Qty-20 Nos. 2) Tool Box With 3 Comartment Size H 153 Mm X L 425 Mm X W 200mm Qty -20 Nos. 114
11. Construction Of Sonauli Nautanwa Gorakhpur Road (siswaniya Vishun) To Pasi Tola Link Road. 157
11064500-tender Description:- Cut Off Angle Cock 5/4 Inch Drg. No. Wd - 88123 - S/01 Alt -2 Accepted Description:- 1 1/4 Inch Cut Off Angle Cock Vent As Per Rdso - 88123 - S/01 Alt -2. 121
11230149-cleves For Modified Transition Screw Coupling For E.s.c.c . C.b. Coupler -bg Locos, Rdso Drg No: Sk.dl-2496, Alt. No.- 6, Spec. No: 56-bd-07 With Amend No: 1 . Make/brand: Sn . 111
11360010-a-9 Automatic Brake Valve Assly. Suitable For Diesel And Clw Make Electric Locos. To--wabco Part No.564140.sil Ftil 123
11377045-c-2 W Relay Air Valve Kit To Wabco Cat No.591550 Rdsodrg 9 Items(1)gasket Wabco580565 1no Rdsodrg Skdp3047 Alt Nil(2)gasket Wabco527717 1no Rdsodrg Skdp3033 Altnil(3)diaphram Wabco536300 1no. 113
11459037-primary Vertical Hydraulic Damper , Rdso Sk.vl-295, Item No:1, Spec No:, rev-01 , Alt - 1. Firm~s Offer: Kbi Drg No. 1.3.3914. 126
11808809-rail Guard With Supporting Plate Consisting Of Two Bolts With Nut And 4 Plain Washer (bolts & Nuts Lps, Gkw, Pfl, And Unbarko Make ) As Per Ner Drg. No.m/gd/dsl/drg.226 Alt.nil. Firm,s Offer-. 102
1198ns-as659 Electrical Spare Kit Of Trident Make Air Dryer Model No. Ld2000140 Consist Of (a) Solenoid Coil As Per Trident Part No. As 079 Qty: 02 Nos/set (b) Pcb Assly As Per Trident Part No. Ad 122. 103
12 Hole Vacuum Box For Solid Extraction Chromatography And Vacuum Pump With Accessories. 156
12. Construction Of Parsa Pandey Dihwa Tola Link Road. 152
120-Metre Residential Tower in Carlsberg City. 232
12102131-a C Crank Case Exhauster Motor And Blower Fan With Built In Inverter, Confirming To Rdso Spec No. Mp. July 2008 Rev.01 And Rdso Mod Sheet Rev 00 Dt.21.04.2011. 112
12731432-marker Light (led Based) For Diesel Loclmotives In Loco Loco Set Consists Of Two Left Hand And Two Right Hand Housing. , Rdso Spec No: Elrs/spec/pr/0022, Oct-~04, Rev-01 Alt - Nil. F. 118
13. Construction Of C S N T N Road In Km 85 To Srotpur Link Road. 159
14. Construction Of Sonauli Nautanwa Gorakhpur Road In Km. -2 To Tilahwa Tola Link Road. 158
15044075-cap Screw Hex Head 3/8 Inches 16tpi X 3/4 Inches Long With Drilled Head , Dlw Drg. No. Tp E 13 0045,alt-~c~ Sl 06 Make Lps/tvs/bml/dfl/pooja Or Equivalent supply In Mfg~s Original Pre Inspe. 130
17160492-rod Primary Inter Lock To Emd Pt. No. 40074621. Dlw Part No. 17160492 Rev. Let Ab. Accepted Part No: As Per Emd Alt. C, Dlw Make/brand - Self. 105
17271496-set Of Seal "o" Ring Consisting Of Two Items For Wdp4 And Wdg4. I) Set "o" Ring Nitrile 12.1/4 O.d. X 11.984 I.d. X 1/8 Inch Wide To Emd Part No - 40076990 And Dlw P L - 17271472 For Wdp4 Loc. 119
17454890-intercooler Assembly. Compressor - Two Plates To Emd Part No. 8433084/gd Part No. 2005617 And To Dlw Part No. 17454890 For Wdp4/wdg4 Locos. Firm~s Offer: Same As Above. Make/brand: Gardner De. 105
18-002 - Window Cleaning Of Rmbc Premises. 183
18-032: Floor Coverings. 168
18-062 Outsourced Catering Crowden Outdoor Centre. 168
18-12 Control And Operational Maintenance Of All Fire Water Points In The Intercommunal Territory. 137
18090023-54 Inch Radiator Cooling Fan Motor Assembly For Emd Locomotives As Per Rdso Spec. No. Mp. (rev. 01) Oct. 2009 & Dlw Part No.18090023. 107
18531684-dual Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Size 30/10 Colour Black, Red And Yellow. ( Qty. In Set I.e. 37 Mtrs. In Each One Set ) To Dlw Part No. 18531684 And Emd/drg. No.18531684. 104
18map30 - Works For The Repair Of The Street Of Ollioules, The Street Of La Seyne And The Street Of Saint-mandrier, Located On The Zae Of The Millone In Six-fours-les-plages. 240
18sa43- Technical Control Mission For The Construction Of The Liesse Ii School Group In Saint Ouen L~aumne. 372
2. Construction Of Mahulani To Ramdayalpur Link Road. 151
2. Special Repair Work In F.y. 2018-19 On Kairana Bypass Road (panipat Khatima Road Sh-12) Km. 5(900), 6(500) In Distt. Shamli. 166
2.constructing Of Bt Road In Jaybhim Nagar. 138 Of Room For Open Balwadi At Open Space Of Prabhag No.9 Gat No.77. 147
2018-02 Replacement Cardiac Angiography System In Pacemaker Op. 101
2018-08-31 09:00 Qoc176 Ipswich To Cambian Potterspury Lodge School, Northamptonshire - Award. 173
2018-08-31 Qbe511 - Include Bury St Edmunds - Award. 174
2018-09-04 0900 Qlt131: Felixstowe - Blundeston Cevc Primary School - Award. 178
2018-09-04 1000 Qbe161: Bury St Edmunds - Barrow Cevc Primary School - Award. 175
2018/12 Acquisition And Installation Of Professional Kitchen Equipment. 117
21 Dijon -rgion Bourgogne-franche-comt: Compliance With The Accessibility Of The Administrative Building Located At 17 Boulevard De La Trmouille - Restart Batch 03 ~wood Joinery~ Following The Contractor~s Failure. 282
23560666-sub Kit Poh -1 For Tap Changer No 32 As Per Rdso Technical Circular No.rdso/2010/el/tc/0102 Rev. ~1~ Dtd.16.09.2016 Amendment No.1 Kit Consists Of 164 Items As Per Enclosed Annexure S1 And Po. 116
23563138-cam Shaft Complete For Tap Changer N32 To M/s Bti~s Pt No-a5150 Or Similar To Rdso~s Drg No Skel - 4613 Sheet-1 & 2 For Electric Locos. Firms Offer: Cam Shaft Complete. Drg. No. Am-200325-r2,. 103
23563515-insulated Bar To M/s Adtranz~s S2416, Am-300075 P1 Or Aal 2416, Spare For Switching Element Of Tap Changer Type No 32. Make/brand :-- Repl. 115
23563618-arcing Chamber Complete For Tap Changer N32 To M/s Btis Pt. No. S.27 Or M/s. Aals Pt. No. G-27 Or Rdsos Drg. No. Skel-4675, Alt-1.make/Brand- Self. 116
23564581-sealing Ring Or ~u~section Ring Bt Item No. A 2303 As Per Drg. No. Swt-435461-p1 Or Aal Item No. M2303 As Per Drg. No. 9910383748001 Or Skel-3463, Rdso Spec/e-4/01"item To Be Procured From Ap. 127
23565299-bbc Contact Complete Aux Cam Switch As Per Clws Drg. No. 4twd.101.138, Alt-6 Along With Transparent Cover As Per Cees Specn. No. El/ts/024a Mod 2 Sheet 2a. 119
23664514-dj Closing Relay Q-44 With Jss/mil Gr.electronic Components Timer And Other Requirement As Per Clw, Alt.w.or Latest, Of Sheet-13/a~ Make/brand :- Concord Firms Of. 110
23664526-auxiliary Protection Relay Q-118 With Jss/mil Gr.electronics Components Timer And Other Requirement As Per Clw, Alt-w Of Sheet-13/a. Firm~s Offer :- Comat Releco. 109
24-inch Radial truck Tires. 107
25-MW Nautilus pilot offshore wind project. 195
25517119-connecting Rod And Crank Shaft Assembly With Bearing Suitable For M/s Elgi, Make Main Compressor Trc 1000 Mn To Their Part No. A 070069. Firms Offer: Con Rod And C/shaft Assy W/brg Mn To Elgi. 108
25530010-set Of Oil Level Gauge For Tm Tao659 Consisting Of : (1) Upper Oil Level Gauge = 1 No. (2) Lower Oil Level Gauge = 1 No. To Cee~s & Loco/tm/076 (alt.-a). 101
25660901-relay Overload For Silicon Rectifier (qrsi-1&2), Clw/es/r-27/Z. Firms Accepted Offer:relay Complete Assembly (di-qrsi) As Per Clw Specification No. Clw/es/r-27 Alt. Z Or Latest Part No. Ka21. 109
25724216-nylon Cable Tie Type-2 For Electric Locomotive As Per Clw Specn. No. Clw/es/c-38, Alt-e Or Latest.note:- Item Reserved For Clw Appd. Sources. Hds Make/brand :- Self. Firms Offer :- Nylon Cabl. 116
25888018-metallised Carbon Strip For Pantograph Of Electric Locos And Emu/memu As Per Rdso~s Specification No. Rdso/2009/el/spec/0097, Rev ~1~ Of September 2013. Accepted Firm~s Offer : Metallised Car. 130
25888018-metallised Carbon Strip For Pantograph Of Electric Locos And Emu/memu As Per Rdso~s Specification No. Rdso/2009/el/spec/0097, Rev ~1~ Of September 2013. Make/brand-acpl My7d. 121
25967605-motor Contactor Of 1500 Amps Rating With 6 Auxillary Contact Block To Type No Tcp 3421-25-2m (with Modified Silver Bit Inserted Tips) To Clw Drg No 0twd 112-001 Alteration-12 And 4twd-112-043. 121
2598n-set Of H.h Bolt , Set Consisting Of 3 Items As Follows:- 1) H.h Bolt M22 X 130mm Long As Per Is1364, Grade 8.8 With Suitable Castle Nut As Per Is2232 And Split Pin Of Dia 5mm, One Hole Of 5mm Di. 104
2598n1-set Of Machined Washer Of Size Dia 67 X 115 Mm Having Two Items Of Different Thickness. (1) 3mm Thickness = 01 No. (2) 4mm Thickness = 01 No. Material As Per Rdso Drg. No. - Sk.vl - 703 Item No. 103
2598ns00-ohe Current Detection Unit Consist 05 Items As Following (1) Industrial Grade, Green - 04 Nos. & Rec- 04 Lamp. (2) Heavy Duty Pvc Pipe 3/4" - 20 Ft. - 01 No. (3) ~c~ Clamp 3/4" - 12 Nos (4) E. 102
2598ns1-digimatic Holtest Three Point Internal Micrometer Of Range: 100 - 125mm, Resolution: 0.001mm, Make: Mitutoyo, Model No. 468-174 Or Insize Make, Model No. 3127-125 (or) Quantos Make: Model No. 168
25997464-~o~ Ring Set Of M/s Rotex Magnet Valve Type 3103 nc-4 One Set Consisting Of Fallowing Items:- S.n. Description Part No. Qty./set 1. Coil Gasket 35 01 Nos. 2. Guide ~o~ Ring 32 01 Nos. 3. M. 109
25xxn065-as659 Electrical Spares Consists Of 1 Items a1 Ad1224 Controller Pcb Assembly -1 No/set a2 As079 Solinoid Valve -2 Nos/set a3 Ce484 Pressure Switch -1 Nos/set. Firms Offer Make/brand-tr. 108
27960262-bellow Schunk Make Part No. Best Nr.1407 Aw For Bellow Raised Pantograph Type Wbl 22.03 Accepted Offer : For Item No 1. W08.12488 For Panto Type Wbl 22.03. 135
29030020-set Of Cylindrical Roller Bearing For Three Phase Traction Motor Type 6fra 6068.consisting Of (1) De: Nu-2236ecmrd/c-4 V A301 Of Skf/Germany, Austria Make Or De: Edd F-801488.01. Nu2236-e00. 106
29168338-overhauling Kit For M/s Electro Mech~s Make Operating Valve No. R-12 Or Similar For Wag - 9 Locos. Comprising Of 21 Items, As Per Sktch No. Els/aq/wag-9/sk. No. 0065, Rev.-0. Overhauling Kit. 121
29328 Faberg, Airfield Faberg, Nb Funktionsgeb. Aircraft Supply Train, Sanitary Works. 148
29700085-foot Switch Spring Load For Sanding, Vigilance And Release Of Indep. Brake (pos No. As Per Clw Specn No Clw/es/3/0032 Alt-d Or Latest. Clw And Clw/es/3. 116
29810012-roof Line Insulator As Per Clw Specn. No. Clw/es/3/0051 Or Latest And Abb Document No. Hbta 420656p0001 Or Latest.clw Drg. No. Clw/es/3/sk1/0051 Or Latest. Make/brand :-self. 102
2mtr Chemical Earthing In Border Out Post. 163
3. Construction Of Mahulani To Sikandarpur Link Road. 151
3. Special Repair Work In F.y. 2018-19 On Kairana Khurgan Sunhati Barnavi Road Km. 8(400m) And 12(300m) (odr) In Distt. Shamli. 166
3.proposed Shopping Complex Cum Stadium At Awale Maindan At Ichalkaranji For Imc. 143
30010871-thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (hytrel) Upper Washer For Primary Suspension Of Axle Box Guide Arrangement To Rdso Cg-k-4058 Alt.3 And Specn. C-k 409 (rev.2) With Amendment No.4 Of. 117
30010871-thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (hytrel) Upper Washer For Primary Suspension Of Axle Box Guide Arrangement To Rdso Cg-k-4058 Alt.3 And Specn. C-k 409 (rev.2) With Amendment No.4 Of. 140
30057991-cut Off Angle Cock With Vent With Reducing Bush 1-1/4 Inch X 1 Inch. Drawing No.-rdso~s Drawing No Wd-88123-s-01, Alt,-2. For Item.-1 To 13 & For Reducing Bush 1-1/4 Inch X 1 Inch.drawing No. 131
30070340-silent Block Type ~a~ (slotted Design) For Anchor Link Of Icf Type Bg Coaches To Drg No.type ~a~ Of Rdso Sk 94101 Alt.2. Rdso Spec.c-9406 (rev.ii) With Amendment No.2 Of Aug.2016. 110
30070340-silent Block Type ~a~ (slotted Design) For Anchor Link Of Icf Type Bg Coaches To Drg No.type ~a~ Of Rdso Sk 94101 Alt.2. Rdso Spec.c-9406 (rev.ii) With Amendment No.2 Of Aug.2016. 114
30156051-bottom Side Wall Sheet To Icfs Drg. No. Gs-1-4-011, Alt.b/2,ltem No.6,col.1 l.h And R.h Material And Specification:irs: M41/97,amnd.2/06 1 No Consists Of 1pc L.h And 1 Pc R.h. 104
30560550-modified Coach Watering Inlet connector With Strainer To. Camtech Drawing No. Watering 08.3. Material And Specification: Camtech Spec. No. Cw-08-02. 103
30637041-porcelain Commode elliptical Bottom With Plastic Seat And Cover For Coaching Stock With Hinge Device Made Out Of Nylon-66. Drawing No. Icf Drg. No. Icf/dev/sk-6-3-160, Alt-s/8, Col-ii, Item. 121
30640404-nylon Wire Bottle Holder To Icf Drg. No. Icf/std-6-4-028 With Alt. A 20 Percent Quantity Of Tender Quantity Col. 1 For Non-ac Coaches And 80 Percent Quantity Tender Quantity Col. Ii For Ac Co. 130
3098ns-set Of Pipes With Socket & Flange To Drg. No. Wd-80007-s-12, Alt.-13. One Set Consists Of: 1) Pipe 32 Nb (fp) Complete With Socket And Flange, Item No. 04 = 02 Nos. 2) Pipe 32 Nb (fp) Complete. 103
30xxn01-25 Kv Operating Rod For Do Fuse Switch. As Per Rdso Specification No. Eti/psi/14(1/86)#(14/87) . Make - Pec Or Rdso Approved Soppliers . Accepted Firm Offer:25kv Operating Rod For D.o.fuse Swi. 112
30xxn731-kit Of Spares For Knorr Make Pressure Reducing Valve To Kbi Part No. (ii 36508/0380)/(ii 36508/0500) Consisting Of 09 Items (details Copy Attached.). 218
31050025-helical Spring For Bogie Bolster To Icf Drg. No. Dc/emu-0-5-008 Item 1 & 2 Alt. H/2 For Use In Modified Conventional Trailer Coaches. Firm~s Offer: Make-csh. 115
3170ns00-oil Tight Push Button 30.5mm Type It 600 Amp Ac/d10 Amp , Actuator Std Push Button Red & Green Make Bch & L&t, Contact Block With 2 No Block 050n2+050n3 Accepted Make/brand : Bch Power. 102
3198ns00-a Set Of As 659 Electrical Spares Consist Of 3 Items Make: Trident Air Dryer Model Lp 2000132 (1) Ad 1224 Control Pcb 01 No. (2) A 5079 Solenoid Valve 02 Nos (3) Ce 484 Pressure Switch 01 No. 104
3235n999-supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Laser Jet Printer. Print Speed Up To 19/18 Ppm, Print Resolution Up To 600x600x2 Dpi, Duty Cycle: Up To 5000 Pages Per Month, Rmpv: Up To 250 To 1500. 105
33500010-ball Joint Traction Lever To Fiat Ref Bred 8403 Rev 02(ff 1521728 Mod 01) To Be Read With T.s.17.532 100 00 T.s.17.617.100 02 Mdts 148 Rev.01 And Mdts-122 Rev-03 Or Latest. 124
33500010-ball Joint Traction Lever To Fiat Ref Bred 8403.rev.02(ff 1521728 Mod 01)to Be Read With T.s.17.532 100 00, T.s.17.617.100.02 Mdts-148 Rev.01.& Mdts-122 Rev 03. 122
350 No. Led Light 90 Watt. 146
3516n536-commercial Desktop Computer 13/7"gen/4gb Ram/1 Tb Hard Disk/no Dvd Rw/19.5 Inch Led Monitor/windows 10 Proff/3 Years Onsite Warranty Model:v520 Make: Lenovo/hp/dell. 101
3598ns-poppet Of D1 Auto Drain Valve As Per Drawing No. Wr-bl-el/4-bu-003. One Set Consisting Of (a) A Type Poppet Qty: 100 Nos/set (2) B Type Poppet Qty : 800 Nos/set. 104
3598ns00-window Glass Toughened And Transparent Size : 445 X 500 X 5 Mm As Per Is 2553 Pt.1/1990 Or Latest All Glass Must Be Flawless & Cut Exactly Rectanglar According To Dimention And Edge Shall Be. 103
3601n-injection Vitamin B1,b6,b12 For Im Or Iv Use Containing Atleast B1 10 Mg, B6 3 Mg , B12 1000 Mg Niacin 100 Mg In Ampuole. Make/brand - Polybion Amps Mfg By - Merck Ltd. Usgaon, Ponda, Goa-403407. 109
36401158-trough Floor Size 2890 X 840 X 1.7 Mm To Rdso Drg. No. Sk-k-0017 Amt. Nil Mat. And Specn. As Per Drawing. 101
3803ns-poh Kit For Shock Absorber kbi Make And Capacity-600 Kgs Of Icf Trolley Of Bvzi Wagons And Passenger Stock Consisting Of 17 Items As Per Annexure- A, Confirming To Rdso Spec. No. C- 8703 Rev. 104
38106425-wide Jaw Adapter To Rdso~s, Alt-4 & Other Technical Requirements Conforming To Str No.ab/rb-39-2002, Rev.3, Read With All Amdts,latest Amnd.3 Of Oct-2016. 113
38163822-"distributor Valve Type C3w Or Keo Including Adaptor With Isolating Cock,& Gasket But Without Common Pipe Bracket And Control Reservoir For Air Brake System Fitted On Freight Stock.other Tech. 112
4. Construction Of Kolhui Brijmanganj To Laxanpur Tola Link Road. 153
4. Special Repair Work In F.y. 2018-19 On Unn Chousana Road To Toda Gangarampur Kherkhi Via Shamli Shamla To Monut Suger Mill (ch. 2.350 To 2.780) Odr In Distt. Shamli. 175
4.14-acre storage yard to expand existing storage area. 111
4007n175-leveling Valve With Air Restriction Conforming To Ftil/hosur Part. No. 038001000 Or Knorr Bremse Part No.1168831, Or Sil Drawing No. 08810101, Rev - 6 Or Escorts Drawing No.3 Eb 6631 And Gene. 102
4090-24v.dc Digital Tacho Meter 118 Teeth Gears For Demu Power Car Engine Size: 90 X 90mm Led Display. ( Make: Twenttech/cummins,ae./samadhan Systems. (oem Authorized Dealers Only. 105
4098n1-4 Core X 16 Isi Marked Lt Ug Xlpe Insulated Pvc Outer Sheathed Armoured With Galvanised Steel Strip Or Round Steel Wire Cable With Alumminium Conductor Suitable For Eated Voltage Of 1100. 137
4098ns01-thin Walled Electron Beam Irradiation Curing Process/chemically Curing Process Cable Single Core With Copper Conductor Size 300 3000 Volts To Rdso (rev.3) O. 144
41099576-silicone Rubber Tape Type Htv-hbt-h5 Size:- 0.50 Mm Thick X 25 Mm Wide In Rolls Of 10 ten Mtrs. Long To Specification No. Ao-128 Rev.~b~. Note:-scattered Delivery Period 2 Times. Make/brand. 108
4130n000-1) Wooden Table Top Glass Size : 27 Inch X 54 Inch Thickness 6 Mm = 2 Nos. 2) Wooden Table Top Glass Size : 23.5 Inch X 47.25 Inch Thickness , 6 Mm = 4 Nos. ( Total Nos. 6 ) = 1 Set. 107
4198n001-heat Shrinkable Type End Termination Kit Indoor Type Suitable For Lt Xlpe Cable, Size: 4 Core X 400 Sqmm 1.1 Kv Grade Conforming To Is 13573 Contest. Acceptable Make/Brand: 3 M. 142
4201n-tablet Linaglyptin 5 Mg. Make :- Trajenta 5 Mg. Imported By Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt Ltd Bhiwandi, Thane Mktd By Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt Ltd Mumbai. Mfg By West Ward Columbus Inc, U. 107
4203n180-rear Horizontal Sleeve For Bt And Aal Vcbs To M/s. Bt Part No. 540.70 And Bt Drg. No. Hsba_331593 - P1 Or M/s Aal Part No. Hsba 331593p0001 (hsn Code:8538) Firm~s Offer: Same As Above. 107
4204n113-hermetically Sealed Compressor, 1/6 Hp, 230 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz. Suitable For Refrigerator. Make: Tecumesh, Model No.thk-1351 Or Equivalent Make Emerson & Kirloskar. Accepted Make: Tecumes. 163
4232/Pumping Plants, Civil Engineering Works. 107
43300509-dry Battery Cell, Ir-20 Heavy Duty, Leak-proof, Metal-jacketed, Cylindrical For Flash Lights, 1.5 Volts Of Standard Size Of 34.2mm Dia X 61.5mm Height, Confirming To Is: 9128 Of 1999 Or Lates. 110
45124589-" Terminal Board Assembly Common For 25/4.5 Kw 110 V Alternator Conforming To Rdso Rdso/pe/sk/ac/0047-2003 rev. 4 Subject To Increasing The Length Of Terminal Bolt slotted Hexagon B. 107
45124589-" Terminal Board Assembly Common For 25/4.5 Kw 110 V Alternator Conforming To Rdso Rdso/pe/sk/ac/0047-2003 rev. 4 Subject To Increasing The Length Of Terminal Bolt slotted Hexagon B. 118
45215066-0.5 Hp Self Priming Mono Block Pump For Water Raising Purpose In Ir Coaches As Per Rdsos Specification No. Rdso/pe/spec/ac/0022 ( Rev. 0) Sept. 2002 With Amendment No. 1 .make/brand : Cec Sma. 101
45217312-return Air Filter Size: 620 Mm X 460 Mmx50 Mm For Rmpu Type Ac Coach As Per Rdso~s (rev-2). Make/brand : Self. 103
45xxn057-supply & Fixing Of Retro-fitment Type 9w Tubular Led Lamps, Voltage Range 90 V To 140 V, Ac/dc Confirming To Rdso Spec, No. Rdso/pe/spec/tl/0091- 2016 (rev-1) To Be Replaced In The Existing H. 213
4633ns-copper Tubular Terminal End Heavy Duty 120 Sq Mm E-17 Hole, With Inspection Slot, Suitable For Use In Feeder Junction Box Of Lhb Type Non Ac Coaches, As Per Ascon Make, Chetna Ma. 104
4698ns01-dry Clean Silica Sand Free From Clay Loams, Micaand Otherv Foreign Material, As Per Specification No. - Aar M-916-51 To Be Used On All Classes Of Diesel And Electric Locomotive Packing In 20. 102
4790-pinion Extractor High Pressure Flexible Metallic Pipe With Ball Nipples. High Pressure Flexible Metallic Pipe -2 Meters Long With Ball Nipples And Connector 3/4 Inch X 1/4 Inch Bsp At Both The En. 108
5 1/2 Digit Bench Top Digital Multimeter. 192
5. Construction Of Saildah Urf Kawaldah To Illahabs Link Road. 153
50 No. Led Light 90 Watt. 150
500 kV Campina Grande III - Joao Pessoa II Electricity Transmission Project. 158
50ns-supply Of Thermo Shrinking Jointing Underground Quad Cable As Per Rdso Spn/irs/tc-77-2012 Rev.-3 Or Amend - 3 Or Latest With Idc Type Jelly Filled Discreet Wire Connector Material. Make : Western. 106
50xxn001-supply Of Operator Console Server As Per Specification: Processor: Intel Core I7, 2.8 Ghz Or Higher, Memory: 4 Gb, Hard Drive: 500 Gb, Optical Drive: Dvd Writer, Ports: Two (2) Nos Gigabit Et. 101
5298ns-ribbon Cartridge Black For Epson Printer Lq. 1310 And Lq. 1150. Note: 01 Set Consisting Of 10 Nos. Cartridge For Lq1310 And 10 No. For Lq 1150.(02 Set = 40 Nos.) ( 01 Set To Be Delivered Within. 104
5474ns-set Of Hex Screw For Fiat Bogie To Alstom-1267422, Item No. 9,10.11,and 12 Consist Of 2 Items 1 Hex. Screw M27 X 2 With Copper Sealing Washer 01 No./set 2 Hex. Screw M10 X 1 With Co. 110
55xxn001-supply Of Data Entry Terminal For Entry Of Train Details By Asm & Communication The Informati0n To Cmu Via Data Logger At Station As Per Specification: Processor: Dual Core, 1.46 Ghz, Me,ory:. 102
5601ns-universal Plug-in Type Ac Lamp Proving Relay, Metal To Metal 110v Ac Led Ecr For Led Signal,3f/3b,with Code Plate For Signal In Group,as Per Rdso Specification Sts/e/relays/ac Lit Led Signal/09. 106
5611ns-new Reset Box Rb 259 For Signal Section Digital Axle Counter And Rb 259a For High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counter As Per Rdso Specn. No. Rdso/spn/177/2012 With Version 3. Accep. 104
56300542-lock Rod In Sets. Each Set Comprising Of- 1) Lock Rod (rh) To Alt-12-1 No.(2) Lock Rod (lh) To Alt-11- 1 No. Each Lock Rod Rh & Lh Shall Be Supplied Wi. 101
56468027-route Led Signal Lighting 110v Ac Retrofittable In Existing Cls Housing And Compatible With Ac Led Ecr As Per Rdso Specification No. Rdso/spn/153/2011 (rev. 4.1) . 105
56468040-green Aspect Main Led Signal Lighting Unit 110v Ac Retrofitable In Existing Cls Housing And Compatible With Ac Led Ecr As Per Rdso Specification Rdso/spn/199/2010 (rev.1.0). 101
56468052-yellow Aspect Main Led Signal Lighting Unit 110v Ac Retrofitable In Existing Cls Housing And Compatible With Ac Led Ecr As Per Rdso Specification Rdso/spn/199/2010 (rev.1.0). 101
56504561-rail Joint Insulation 52kg To Irs.s.40/84 To Drg Set Comprising Of Channel. Side Plate Lh-2-s.drg No.22103 Side Plate Lh-2-s.drg No.22104 End Post-1-s.drg No.22105 Insulating Plat. 107
5698n001-underground, Armoured, Unscreened,railway Power Cable stranded 7 X 1.40 With High Conductivity Circular Conductor Of Size 2 Core X 10 Sq M As Per Specification No. :irs:s;63/2014 And Is:155. 128
56xxn111-stretcher Bar Insulation Complete Set To Spcn No.irs;s:40/43 Consisting Of Following A) Side Plateto 10367-1 No B) Bushes To Drg No.t 10368-2 Nos C) Washers To Drg No.t-10371-04 Nos. 101
6. Construction Of Pharenda Brijmanganj To Lohrauli Link Road. 152
600 mega watt (MW) pump storage plant. 305
6035n438-self Propelled Light Weight Trolley As Per Rdso Specification By Sm By 28 Rev.01 Of 2004 Amended On 15.09.2010 Warranty : One Year Amc : Five Years After Successful Completion Of Warran. 123
6035n439-self Propelled Light Weight Trolley As Per Rdso Specification No. Tm By Sm By 28 Rev. 01 Of 2004 Amended On 15.09.2010 Warranty : One Year Amc : Five Years After Successful Completion Of Warr. 123
62/18-19 Renovation Of Type I Quarters At Pattikad In Pattikad Forest Station Of Pattikad Range During 2018-19. 157
62131461-elbow Ms Galvanised Heavy Grade For Pipe Of Nominal Bore 15 Mm To Is:1239/part-ii/92, Table-8 To "elbow, Equal, Ms Galvanized Of Nominal Size 15mm, To Is:1239 (part 2)1992, Table - 8, For Hea. 101
62311608-galvanized Mild Steel Tubes Electrical Resistance Welded (erw)/high Frequency Induction Welded(hfiw)/hot Finished Welded (hfw) Conforming To Is: 1239/part-1/1990.(fifth Rev) With Amdt No 1 To. 104
6510n001-master Controller, Ball Handle Operated Type-od, 7 Cams With Single Break Contact, 40 Amp, 500v Ac In Sheet Metal Housing Suitable For Horizontal Mounting With Dead Man Handle For Eot Crane O. 104
7. Construction Of Sonauli Nautanwa Gorakhpur Road To Mathuranagar Road. 153
70.257.18 Work Clothes For Rent. 117
71010373-brush Varnish Flat painting Brush 75 Mm Is: 384-2002 And Bristles To Is: 1844-1993. 108 Punched Washer Of Size 18mm Bore Suitable For M16 Bolt Conforming To Is:2016-1967 (1st Revison)with Amendment No.4 Of October~1982, Table-2,type~a~and Material To Is2062:2011(7th Re. 110
7390-galvanized Hexagonal Head Bolt Size M6 X 60 Mm To Is.spec.1364,part-1&3/2002, Grade 8.8 With Suitable Nut To Is:spec 1364,two Plain Is: 2016 And One Spring Washers To Is:3063.. Required Makes: Lp. 105
7450n001-set Of Hardware Items Of Ra-5907 As Per :- (1) Dinning Table With 04 No Chairs Qty.=01 Set, (2) Wall Paper Qty.=10 Roll, (3) Wall Tiles (12 X 18) Qty.=35 Nos.,(4) Floor Tiles (12 X 12) Qty.=4. 108
75032673-braided Hose Pipe With Synthetic Fibre Textile Reinforcement And With Plain Non-fluted Surface Of 20 Mm Nominal Bore In Standard Lengths Of 15 Mtrs For Water Tanks Of Bg Coaches To Icf Specif. 120
75036757-hose Welding & Cutting Rubber With Woven Natural Reinforcement Red For Acetylene Isd 8mm In Lengths Of 15 Mtrs. Is:447/88 With Amendment No.1. Brand : Shinestar. 125
75202608-bag Cash Leather Large Copper Rivetted 300 Mm High X 150mm Wide With 8 Brass Eyelets Fig.3 To Is 3031-1964 Only. 111
77175128-antitracking Finishing Varnish For Auxiliary- Generator And Field Coil Of Traction Motor. 4601/4603 As Per Rdso Mpmi No.153/92 Rev.04 Sept.2014. Acceptable Brands- 1 Epoxy Gel Coat red ela. 131
77175128-antitracking Finishing Varnish For Auxiliary- Generator And Field Coil Of Traction Motor. 4601/4603 As Per Rdso Mpmi No.153/92 Rev.04 Sept.2014. Acceptable Brands- 1 Epoxy Gel Coat red ela. 129
7831n001-godrej Make King Bed Model No. Eudora King Bed. Make - Godrej. 119
78xxn01-wooden Executive Table Size 96 Inch X 36 Inch X 30 Inch H Approx. Made Of Wooden Board And Vennior And Malamine Polish And Side Table Size 4 Feet X 2 Feet X 2%bd Feet, Top Glass Brown Colour. 108
7933n001-pillow Cover( Colored ). Pink : 300 Pcs, Green : 300 Pcs, Yellow : 300 Pcs, Violet/lavender/purple : 300 Pcs , Blue: 300 : Pcs., Peach/Light Grey : 300 Pcs. Firm~s Offer- Pillow Cover Size-. 142
8. Construction Of C S N T N Road In Km 81 To Munda Tola Link Road. 160
80 Mm Rubber Molded Inter Locking Tiles Road. 148
80090436-superior Kerosene Oil (sko) Non - Domestic, Confirming To Is: 1459-2016 (3rd Revision). 110
82010150-recombinant Human Erythropoietin 4000 Iu Per Ml Inj-pfs. 111
82030230-"diclofenac Sod 50mg And Paracetamol 325 Mg With Chlozoxazone 500mg Tab ". 113
82060180-azithromycin 500mg Tab. 101
82070080-clopidogrel 75mg Tab. 101
82620350-methylcobalamine 1500mcg Tab. 104
8340n026-hp Laser Jet P1008, Printer, Toner Cartridge No. Cc 88a Make/brand: Hp 88a Toner. (demand No. 95185676 Dt:01/08/2018). 150
8390n1-hp Cartridge Part No. Cc 388 Ac Black As Per Item Sl No. 21a Of This R/c. 135
8398n1-dell Inspiron 3059 All In One Desktop Computer- Intel Core I3 Processor -6th Generation 6100-4 Gb Ram, 1 Tb Hard Disk , Dvd Rw, Wireless Key Board, Wireless Optical Mouse, 19.5 Inch Wide Led Mo. 102
84139869-adhesive Sealent For Securing And Sealing Of Bolts And Studs As Per S.c.rly Specn. No.hq/tr/sc/257. Note:each Tube Of 50ml Capacity. Firm~s Offer: Fevicol Anr 124( Each Tube Of 50 Ml Capacity. 113
86010013-isi Marked Portable Fire Extinguisher Of 6 Kg Capacity Under Is:15683:2006 Reaffirmed 2012 Suitable For Fighting Fire Of Class B And C,having Cylindrical Body , Brass Nozzle And Fittings With. 137
9. Construction Of C S N T N Road In Km 81 To Islampur Tola Link Road. 160
9031n001-set Of Steel Packing Plate On Bogie Frame For Crown Clearance, Drg. No. T-0-1-645, Item No-8, As Per: (1) Steel Packing Plate Size:13mm Qty.=300 Nos.,(2) Steel Packing Plate Size: 26mm Qty.=3. 101
91012510-aluminium Chequered Sheet For Coaching Stock Size:3310 Mm X 880 Mm X 2.03 Mm (height Of Elevated Ridges Is Not Included). Height Of Elevated Ridges-0.89 +/- 0.2 Mm. Material And Specification. 103
91012510-aluminium Chequered Sheet For Coaching Stock Size:3310 Mm X 880 Mm X 2.03 Mm (height Of Elevated Ridges Is Not Included). Height Of Elevated Ridges-0.89 +/- 0.2 Mm. Material And Specification. 105
93500944-wood Based Impregnated Compressed Laminated Sheet Size 1810 X 535 X 3mm Thick (back Sheet For Middle And Upper Berth Of Icf Coaches) To Rdso Spec.c-9407 (rev.3 Of Feb~07,with Amendment No.2 O. 127
93501018-wood Based Impregnated Compressed Laminates Board Of Size- 2400 X 1200 X 4 Mm Thick To Rdso Spec. No. C-9407 (rev. 3 Of Feb.07) With Amndt. Slip No.3 Of Aug. 2016 And Corrigendum No. 1 Of Jun. Correction notice 104
93501134-pre Laminated Shaded Compreg, (one Side Decorative Coating With Semi-mat Surface Finish), Size- 2440 X 1220 X 4 Mm, Colour As Per Sample Code Ac-sp02 To Rdso Spec. No. C - K513 (rev. 0 Of Dec. 108
99 Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) houses at Extension seven in Palapye. 116
A 10 Tauern Motorway Construction Refurbishment Object L 25 Hangbridge Pressingberg. 101
A 45 - De As Ehringshausen. 472
A 46 - Renewal From Haan-ost To Wuppertal-oberbarmen; Thorough Renewal Of Km 95.6 - 90.6 In Fr Dortmund. 192
A 59 6-lane Expansion From Ad Kln-porz To As Cologne-bonn Airport; Implementation Planning (lph 5) And Preparation Allocation (lph 6) Acc. Hoai. 265
A Choice Of The Supplier Of Building Materials For Performance Of Works On Current Repair Of Educational Establishment Borisov State College. 143
A Computational Model of Deception Detection in SMS Scams. 398
A Helium Siphon (he-syphon Upgrade Kit) Or An Analog For A Magneto Resonance Tomograph Magnetom Symphony. 101
A R And M Of Non Residential Buildings _civil Works_ At Bn Hq Fatikchera Of 120 Bn Bsf Under Shq Bsf Gokulnagar. 202
A Set Of Equipment For A Line For Processing P-edge Glass And Machines For Processing A Flat Edge Of Glass With An F-edge. 160
A Set Of Processing Equipment: A Line For Packing In The Tray, Weighing And Labeling The Products Of The Carcass Cutting Of The Packing Department Of The Poultry Slaughtering Workshop With Providing S. 169
A Set Of Technological Equipment For The Projected Refrigerator In The Poultry Factory For 2000 Tons, With The Installation And Rendering Of Services For Training The Customers Personnel And Commissio. 134
A Study To Review The Risks Presented By, And To, Shipping Within The United Kingdom Exclusive Economic Zone (uk Eez) And To Assess The Availability And Adequacy Of Emergency Towage Arrangements. 117
A) Supply Of Steel Plates 10, 28, 63 Mm Total 700 Mt To Bhel Psnr, Dadri Site On F.o.r. Destination Basis. 173
A/r And M/o To Bsnl Buildings In Ferozepur Ssa During The Year 2018-19. Repair To Parapet And External Painting To Bsnl Te Building Dussehra Ground Moga. 141
Abbruch & Neubau Gymnasium Scheinfeld, Ba 1 Ngs-1310 Electrical And Telecommunications. 238
Accelerating Adoption of Agroforestry in Western Kenya (Triple A) Project. 252
Access Control Service Of The Priscipes De Espaa Sports Center, With Reserved Participation To Special Occupation Centers, In Accordance With The Fourth Additional Provision Of Law 9/2017, Of Public Sector Contracts. 132
Access Control, Surveillance And Control Of The Local Health Clinic. 107
Accessories For Missile Checkout Systems. 178
Accomplishment With The Arrangement Of A Guest Parking On The Street. Spartacus In Gomel 1 Object (s). 111
Acoustic Measurements. 132
Acquisition And Installation Of Household Electrical Appliances In Schools Over 4 Years. 351
Acquisition And Maintenance Of 4 Copiers. 222
Acquisition Of 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells. 118
Acquisition Of 140 Ergonomic Chairs For Stalls With Data Display Screen And 70 Sets Of Armrests Adjusted To Regulations (lot 1) And 10 Chairs For Citizen Service Stations Without Data Display Screen Adjusted To Regulations (lot 2). 134
Acquisition Of 400 Shields, 150 Anti-theft Bags And 16 Ballistic Shields (minimum Quantity) Destined To The National Police Force. 257
Acquisition Of 78 Complete Sets Of Portable Radiotransmitters, "tetra" System, Batteries, Antennas, Chargers, Sleeves And 37 Micro-earphones, Destined For The Local Police In Zaragoza. 120
Acquisition Of A Mini Bus Equipped For People With Reduced Mobility For The Municipal Social Action Center. 210
Acquisition Of Adaptable Mixed Vehicles For The Drna Canaria. 112
Acquisition Of Airborne Orthophotographs. 117
Acquisition Of An Ultrasound Tank For The Treatment Of Dmr For The Central Sterilization Service Of The Pau Hospital Center. 152
Acquisition Of Computer Equipment. 120
Acquisition Of Educational Material For The Different Structures Of The City Of Colomiers. 119
Acquisition Of Equipment And Furniture For The Archive Of The Administration. 123
Acquisition Of Equipment For The Dosage Of Ferric Chloride For The Elimination Of Phosphorus In Ledar De Montblanc. 115
Acquisition Of Equipment For The Technical Services Store (hardware, Cutting Tools, Screws ...). 151
Acquisition Of Furniture For The Area Of New Technologieslot 1: Addresslot 2: Administrationlot 3: Assembly And Accessories. 105
Acquisition Of Licenses Of Use Of The Software Package Statistical Package For The Social Sciences (spss). 116
Acquisition Of Motorized And Coupled Equipment. 164
Acquisition Of Mountain Material For Ume Units. 118
Acquisition Of Mountain Material For Units Of The Ume. 121
Acquisition Of Multipurpose Vehicles For The Fire Department Of The City Of Berne. 174
Acquisition Of Plotters, Maintenance Of Existing Stock And Related Services. 211
Acquisition Of Road Fuels By Magnetic Cards. 139
Acquisition Of The Massicot With Recovery Of The Old Equipment And Maintenance Of The Massicot For The Printing Service - 2 Indissociable Lots. 151
Acquisition Of The Site Map Service. 130
Acquisition Of Two Nitrogen Storage Tanks: Lot 1: Supply Of A Cryoconservator With Turntable Equipped With Racks For 2 Ml And 5 Ml Cryotubes - Chu De Montpellierlot 2: Acquisition Of A Cryogenic Container For Storage Of Samples - Nmes University Hospital. 381
Acquisition Of Various Archival, Office, Binding And Printed Materials For The Warehouse And Reprography Of The Excma. Provincial Deputation Of Zaragoza. 120
Acquisition Position Encoder Equipment. 101
Added Supply Of Modifying Material With The Assignment Of Monitors And Other Necessary Equipment And Adaptation To The Use Of The Modifications Of The Hospitals Of Catalan Health Institute. 138
Additional Networking Work In Pg Hostel And Nursing College In Aiims Campus Bhopal. 190
Additional Toilet For Visitors Sh: Provision Of Staff Toilet At Air Side Of Terminal Building At Calicut Intl Airport. 115
Additive Manufactured Fittings And Inserts Joining To Structural Parts - Expro Plus. 421
Adjudication Of Special Common Use Authorization For The Installation, Use And Exploitation Of The Bar-bar During The Festivities Of The Rosary In The Towns Of Yernes And Villabre. 128
Adjustment In Pmr Accessibility Of Bus Stop Points (2 Lots). 130
Administrative Concession For The Private Use Of The Local Public Domain With The Installation Of A Kiosk. 107
Aerial Refueling Tankers. 269
Aerial Surveillance Contract. 186
Aerial Work Platforms. 118
Affordable housing projects in San Diego. 229
Afghanistan : Issuance license of India visa distribution to Shaheer Private Postal Company. 165
Afghanistan,United Kingdom : UK bolsters support to NATO mission in Afghanistan. 332
Africa Soil Information Service (AFSIS) Phase II. 327
Aggregate Supply Of Surgical Coverage For Catalan Health Centers, The Hospital Of Cerdanya, Health Services Management. And The Catalan Dukunology Institute. 130
Agricultural Leasing Services In North Karelia. 178
Agro-Biodiversity And Landscape Restoration For Food Security And Nutrition In Eastern Africa. 218
Aib_nh2_613.10_mobile Function Weighing. 131
Air Conditioning Systems. 270
Air Quality Programme For Surrey Schools. 132
Air Quality Specialist Services. 158
Air Sterilization Unit. 169
Alcohol Ethyl (alcohol Absolute Commercial Grade). 147
Alienation Of The Timber Exploitation Located In The Rural Properties Listed In The First Clause Of The List Of Administrative Clauses. 169
All That Piece And Parcel Of Land Measuring More Or Less 6 Cottah 35 Square Feet With Factory Shed Within Howrah Municipal Corporation Holding No 36 2 W Road Belgachia Road,ps Liluah,dist Howrah,and B. 278
All-hazards Maintenance Of A Fleet Of Rigid Endoscopes. 116
Alumina Felt. 187
Amc For Drift Spectrometer. 178

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