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Articles from Mena Report (September 11, 2018)

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"delivery Of Pellets For The Needs Of Rakitovo Municipality For 2019." The Pellets To Be Delivered Should Meet The Technical Specifications As Follows: - To Be Made Of 100% Wood; - There Are No Traces Of Sand In The Pellets; - Moisture Content Not More Th. 206
"experimental Platform Ovalie" - University Of Toulouse Jean Jaurs. 197
"project Management Consultancy Services: Reconstruction Of Internal Water Supply Networks In Troyanovo And Trastikovo, Kameno Municipality, Financed By Sub-measure 7.2. "investment In The Creation, Improvement Or Extension Of All Types Of Small Scale Inf. 164
"provision Of Services For The Accomplishment Of Logistics And Rental Of All The Equipment Of The Xxxvii Ficabeira - Industrial, Commercial And Agricultural Fair Of The Edge Mountain And Fair Of The M. 108
"service Of The Staff Of Rhif - Lovech From The Occupational Medicine Service And Conducting Of Preventive Medical Examinations And Researches With Two Detached Positions", As Follows: Separate Item 1: "staffing Of Rhif - Lovech From Occupational Medicine. 115
"servicing Of The Staff Of The Regional Health Insurance Fund - Dobrich From The Occupational Health Service And Performing Prophylactic Medical Examinations And Researches With Two Distinct Positions As Follows: Lot 1: Servicing Of The Staff Of The Regio. 130
"supplementary Health" And "provident" Insurance For All Employees Of The Eth Of Normandy Reference Number: Mutuelle-prevoyance. 153
"supply And Installation Of New Tanks For Storage Of Liquid Fuels/Industrial Gas Oil With A Sulfur Content Of Up To 0.1% Or Diesel Fuel/For The Needs Of Prisons Vratsa, Bobov Dol And Razdelna At The Prison In Varna To The General Directorate "executio. 113
"supply Of Furnishing Furniture In Two Separate Lots, Subject: Specific Position 1: Production, Supply And Installation Of Furnishing At A Conference Hall Of The Supreme Court Of Cassation In The Building Of The Courthouse In Sofia, 2, Vitosha Blvd. Posit. Conference news 144
(0-30v/30a) Power Supply. 138
(1) Construction Of Drying Treatment Platform (2) R.c.c Post And Chain Link Fencing(l-115m, H-1.5m) And (3) Pump House At Chopra Beat, Chopra Range, Uttar Dinajpur. 170
(a) Construction Of Cc Road And Drain In Village Limit Of Nagarthi, Construction Of Sri Byraveshwara Temple And Improvements To Road From Devaramuddanahally Road To Nagarthi Kalegowdas House Under The. 174
(free Hold Propert-symbolic Possession) Commercial Building Situated At Bazar Karmo Deori I/s Kutcha Acharja Above K R Brothers Tailor Katra Jaimal Singh Amritsar Measuring 125.05 Sq. Yards In The Nam. 192
(free Hold Propert-symbolic Possession) Property Consisting Of Hadbast No. 18 Khewat Khatouni No. 177/243 617/732 Khasra No. 70//1/1(1-0) And 70/1(3-1) Situated At M/s Shyam General Store Near Police Station Jalandhar-pathankot Road Bhogpur Distt. Jalandh. 183
(free Hold Property-symbolic Possession) Single Storied Residential Building House No. F-2278 Khasra No. 284 Min Situated At Locality Sunder Nagar Street No. 1 (mustafabad) Falls In The Revenue Estate Of Tung Pai Sub Urban Batala Road Amritsar In The Name. 221
(v) Medication Supply For Omp Detachments. 106
-29/2018 Power Unit For Ophthalmological Therapeutic Laser Visulas Trion. 116
.misc. Civil Work In Type I To V Qtrs On Its Vacation And Change Of Tenancy In Connection With A/r & M/o Residential Qtrs Of Ncert Campus. New Delhi During 2018-19. 103
0040 - New Building Of The Klinikum Heidenheim Ba 2. 155
0040 - New Building Of The Klinikum Heidenheim Ba 2. 113
01 Construction Of Cc And Drain Sanjay Barada To Raja Ram Ward 21. 140
01 Nos Saubhagya Rath Edd Ist Orai. 141
02 Construction Of 2 Rooms With Varandah Birbal Sahid Smark Smiti At Rawatsar Ward 10. 142
02 Nos Saubhagya Rath Eddiind Orai. 142
03 Construction Of Shade Dsp Office Ward 22. 135
04 Construction Of Shade Sdm Office Ward 22. 135
1) Construction Of Rcc Drainage & Cd At Ward No 04 From Urdu School To Kalavati Temple. (required Stretches Only) In Ugarkhurd Tmc Limits 2) Completion Of Balance Work Of Ugd Work At Ward No 13 Near S. 145
1) Construction Of Rcc Drainage At Ward No 01,06 & 07 From Baramade Hospital To Kamble Field, @ Ward No 01 & 06 From Landage House To Ramesh Ingavale House. Construction Of Road At Ward No 19 From Amm. 182
1) Construction Of Wbm And Cc Road From Santosh Kuthe To Kanekar At Prabhag No.4 Under Road Grant Scheme N P Lakhani. 157
1)ac Sop Var-03 Qty: 1 No 2)vertical Seal Oil Pump Var-01 Qty: 1 No 3)vertical Sop With Ac Motor Qty: 1 No 4)vertical Sop With Dc Motor Qty: 1 No 5)vertical Seal Oil Pump Var-06 Qty: 1 No 8)null Qty:. 147
1)diamond Wheel Qty: 5 No 2)grinding Wheel Qty: 5 No 3)abrasive Cloth Qty: 100 No 4)spindle Mounted Buffing Wheel Qty: 100 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 129
1)duplex Oil Filter Nb50, Pn16 Qty: 3 No 2)duplex Oil Filter Var-00 Qty: 3 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 119
1)fine Filter Nb25 Qty: 3 No 2)primary Water Filter Qty: 6 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 116
1)heat Resist. Carbon Free Hose Qty: 4 No 2)3/4"x1m High Pres.hyd.hosepipe Qty: 15 No 3)hyd.hose 3mtr Length,with Adap Qty: 10 No 4)3/8"x3m High Pres.hyd.hosepipe Qty: 10 No 5)3/8"x1m High Pres.hyd.ho. 172
1)lower Dome Wall Fwb Cond.-1 Qty: 1 8)null Qty: Null Null. 111
1)manila Rope Qty: 500 Kg 8)null Qty: Null Null. 109
1)mounted Point Gr.wheel A-11 Qty: 3000 No 2)st. Grinding Wheel Qty: 300 No 3)st. Grinding Wheel Qty: 1500 No 4)dcd Grinding Wheel Qty: 15000 No 5)grinding Wheel Qty: 80 No 6)grinding Wheel Qty: 1500. 159
1)ng Cubicle Qty: 2 No 2)sppt Cubicle Qty: 2 No 3)lapt Cubicle Qty: 2 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 126
1)re-inforced Cut-off Wheel Qty: 3000 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 110
1)solenoid Valve Qty: 1 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 109
1)steel Belt Oil#250-350 Mm Qty: 10 No 2)steel Belt Oil#350-450mm Qty: 3 No 3)steel Belt Oil#550-650 Mm Qty: 2 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 130
1)wire Rope Sling Qty: 10 No 2)wire Rope Sling Qty: 10 No 3)wire Rope Sling Qty: 10 No 4)wire Rope Sling Qty: 10 No 5)wire Rope Sling Qty: 10 No 6)wire Rope Sling Qty: 10 No 7)wire Rope Slings Qty: 10. 153
1. Calibration Of Accelerometer Triaxial (qty-16 Job) 2. Calibration Of Accelerometer Uniaxial (qty-18 Job). 182
1. Fitment Of Safety Glasses 6mm. 2. Glass Frame Denting. 148
1. Gausing Of Broken Portion Bucket Stick. 2. Welding Of Broken Portion By Steel Electrodes. 3. Both Side Eye Ovals Buildup And Bush Fitting. 4. Ribs Cutting And Welding. 167
1. Refurbishment And Modification Of Airborne Winch System - Qty 1 Job. 180
1.98-MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Aichi prefecture. 142 Of Work Of Sarwajanik Baramda At Shyam Nagar In School Ki Dhani. 152
1.old Tilt Guard Worn Out Plate Cutting/removing. 2.providing Of Ms Plate On Top And Bottom Portion Drilling And Fitting By Welding. 3.tilt Guard Profile Making. 4.plate Cutting Bending Jointing And W. 181
11-storey apart-hotel for a new Limerick project. 181
12 Watt Led Soler Street System Complete 750 Nos. 143
12th SCSC Conference: Applying Digital Technology and Standards to Respond to the Impacts of Climate Change on Infrastructures. Conference news 308
18 E 50232 Chemical Remediation 2nd Ba - Building H - Joinery 1 - Window Sills. 104
18/51 Medicines For The Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis. 149
18o40003; Dresden Castle, West Wing, Historical Restoration. 416
2) Construction Of Rcc Drain Cover And Highten Of Drain Wall From Vitthal Maske To Gadkari To Aaglave At Prabhag No.6 Under Road Grant Scheme N P Lakhani. 163
2.3-2.5 Ghz Low Power Rf Amplifier. 148 Work Of C.c. Road From Shardalpura Road Near Railway Under Pass To Shamshan Ghat. 155 Of Compound For Muncipal Councils Open Space At Limbu Chouk. 146
2018/041126. Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Medicines (ii), For The Centers Linked To The Health Logistics Platform Of Granada. 111
2018/041155. Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Medicines (iv), For The Centers Linked To The Platform Of Sanitary Logistics Of Granada. 112
2019 APEC Business Ethics for SMEs Forum: Vision for Sustainable, Dynamic, and Innovative Health Enterprise. 318
2243/t/cw/es General Electrical Work For Premises Maintained By Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber Nhs Foundation Trust. 108
24v Halogen Lamp; Quantity: 6.00 Unit. 127
3) Construction Of Cc Road Layer From Dhanraj Ghirhepunje To Godown At Prabhag No.8 Under Road Grant Scheme N P Lakhani. 156 Work Of Sarwajanik Baramda Near Baludhayan At Dadu Nagar In Ward No.04. 153
350 MW Albagair Open Cycle Power Plant. 249
4) Construction Of Rcc Road Drain Cover And Highten Of Drain Wall From Rajabhoj To Sawarkar To Mehar At Prabhag No.6 Under Road Grant Scheme N P Lakhani. 163
4-fingerprint Scanner Jenetric. 139 Work Of Sarwajanik Baramda Near Tejaji Mandir Old Phulera. 149
444-g23 Drywall Tower East. 129
48-megawatt Hydroelectric Power Plant in Indonesia. 131
5) Construction Of Wbm, Cc Road From Sonowane To Bansode To Mehar At Prabhag No.7 Under Road Grant Scheme N P Lakhani. 157 And Renovation Work Varishth Nagrik Parishad Bhawan, Near Railway Underpass, Phulera. 151
5000 New Connection Under Saubhagya Scheem With Meeter Instalation. 138
5000 New Connection Under Soubhagya Scheme In Edsd Kalpi. 134
5000 New Connection Under Soubhagya Scheme In Edsd-jaloun. 134
5000 New Connetion Under Saubhagya Scheem With Meeter Instalation And Legaryjation. 141
6 Time - Fast Experiments, Idea Search Section 3. 136
6) Construction Of Rcc Drain With Cover At Prabhag No.1, 3, 6 And 11 Under Road Grant Scheme N P Lakhani. 156
601202 - Lkh University Hospital Graz Surgery Be 2 - 7801 - Sprinkleranlage. 106
8 Types Of Siemens Module. 176
A Choice Of The Subcontract Organization On Performance Of Engineering Inspection (diagnostics Of Designs) Of Pathoanatomical Laboratory With A Compartment Of A Computer Tomography. 137
A Comparison of Row Cover Materials for Use in Excluding Major Insect Pests from Cucurbit Crops. 405
A Drug Containing, As An Active Substance, Amoxicillin And Clavulanic Acid Amoxiclav Or An Analogue. 102
A Moving Oscillation Instrument For Imaging An X-ray Of A New Children~~s Hospital. 158
A Scale-based Analysis Of Retail Store Location Profitability. 261
A W Washing Paint Etc B Cleaning Of Sewer Line C Providing Material For Day To Day Maintenance Work In Connection With Sr Ar And Mo Residential Type Iii Gpra Qtrs At Andrews Ganj New Delhi During 2018 19. 128
A Whole Supply Chain Hurdle Approach To Control Campylobacter. 202
A) Restoration Of Pits On Road Cut By Reliance Jio In Sector-12,dwarka (b) Restoration Of Pits On Road For Laying Underground Telecom Cables From K.m Appt To Shubham Appt. Sec-12 Dwarka Via Rainbow Ap. 208
A/C With Purchase Orders For The Supply Of Printed Envelopes And The Printing And Supply Of Health And Maternity Books For The Needs Of The Cdvo - 2 Lots Reference Number: 2018108053. 178
A/C With Purchase Orders For The Supply Of Printed Envelopes And The Printing And Supply Of Health And Maternity Books For The Needs Of The Cdvo - 2 Lots. 147
A/r And M/o To T.e. And Staff Quarter (sh: Shifting And Emergent Work) Ssa Faizabad During The Year 2018-2019. 104
Abc 20hp, 320-oa, 415v, 3ph. 102
Acceptance, Loading, Transportation And Thermal Disposal In An Animal Rendering Plant Or Incinerator - Corpses Of Dead Animals, From A Site Managed By The Eco-conservancy Op. 124
Access Control System. 102
Accommodation Service In Apartments And Hostels For People Or Families At Risk Due To Loss Of Housing, Homeless People And People Or Families Of Shanty Towns. 160
Accompanying Teams And Individuals In The Form Of Individual And Collective Coaching. 235
Achievement Of 3 Annual Barometers. 158
Acquisition And Installation Of A Chlorination System For The Drinking Water Network Of Maese-zm San Pablo. 123
Acquisition And Maintenance Of A New 19 T Truck With A Twin Steel Tipper And A Backhoe Loader For The City Of Schoelcher. 123
Acquisition Of 3 Sets Of Speaker Systems/acoustic Hailing Devices (sad). 101
Acquisition Of 4 Electric Public Transport Rolling Stock With Refill Terminals At Depots. 421
Acquisition Of 41 Interactive Digital Panels For Public Educational Centers Of Non-university Education. 113
Acquisition Of A Forecast Management Software For The Number Of Jobs And Skills. 147
Acquisition Of A Magnetic Resonance Of 1.5 Teslas Of High Performance, For The Assistance To Patients In The Radiodiagnosis Service Of The Ramn University Hospital And Cajal. 115
Acquisition Of A Used Less Than 3.5t Truck. 153
Acquisition Of Accessories And Instrumental Techniques For The Public Health Laboratories Of The Department Of Health, Offices In lava/Araba, Gipuzkoa And Bizkaia. 134
Acquisition Of Annuals. 123
Acquisition Of Audit Services To Confirm The Reliability Of The Companys Annual Financial Statements For 2018 In Three Stages. 142
Acquisition Of Books For The Shops Of The Sites And Museums Of The Manche Department. 202
Acquisition Of Electricity. 111
Acquisition Of Expenditure Verification Services Implemented By Feup Co-financed By The European Regional Development Fund (erm), Under The Atlantic Interreg Area Program Integrated Into The Operation. 109
Acquisition Of General Materials For The Public Health Laboratory Of The Department Of Health. 155
Acquisition Of General Reagents For The Public Health Laboratories Of The Department Of Health, Offices In Araba, Gipuzkoa And Bizkaia. 123
Acquisition Of Immunoserological Diagnostic Kits And Pcr In Animal Health. 111
Acquisition Of Licenses, Services And Associated Maintenance Relating To The Computerization Of The Patient File. 159
Acquisition Of Monoblock Compactors And Open Skips For Waste Disposal Centers In The Agglomeration Community Of Bthune-bruay Artois Lys Romane. 132
Acquisition Of Multimedia Documents. 121
Acquisition Of New Information Systems And Modernization Of The Technological Center Of Jaromer. 136
Acquisition Of Printed Documents For The Network Of Cultural Facilities In Greater Paris Sud Seine-essonne-snart. 134
Acquisition Of Printed Documents For The Network Of Cultural Facilities Of The Greater Paris Sud Seine-essonne-snart Agglomeration Community. 229
Acquisition Of Rental Services Of 31 Hotel Rooms From July 1 To 6, 2018 For Accommodation Of The Technical And Artistic Team That Integrates The "lulu" Show With Performances At The Joaquim Benite The. 111
Acquisition Of School Furniture, Educational Furniture, Specific Furniture For The Early Childhood And Office Furniture For Municipal Services In The City Of Draguignan Reference Number:. 263
Acquisition Of Services No. 33/Aqs/Dmpo/Dmmem/Dmem/2018 - Elaboration Of Architectural And Specialty Execution Projects For The Alteration Of The Use Of The Building Located In Av. United States Of America No. 37, In Lisbon, Under The Program Of. 108
Acquisition Of Spare Parts For Maintenance Of Power Equipment In Anchor Stations And Earth Network. 118
Acquisition Of Sports Equipment, Animation And Leisure. 269
Acquisition Of Tires And Realization Of Associated Services For Vehicles And Rolling Stock Of The Fleet Of Vehicles Managed By Nantes Mtropole. 230
Acquisition Of Tools For Maintenance Of The Weapon System C.16 (year 2018). 131
Acquisition Of Two Gasoline-cng Five-seater Hybrid Vehicles With Cargo Access (lot 1), And A Gasoline-cng Hybrid Van. 149
Acquisition Of Two Tourism Patrol Vehicles For The Transfer Of Detainees. 110
Acquisition Of Wireless Peripheral Neurostimulator For The University Hospital La Paz. 101
Ad:venture Accelerator Programme 2019. 105
Additional Civil Works For Building Including Internal Services, External Services, Road Hard Standing Etc. At Ordnance Factory Itarsi. 202
Adhesive Temperature Monitoring Cable. 177
Adjudication Of The Forest Exploitation Included In The Plan Of Use For The Year 2.018, Delo Monte De U.p. "beech", No. 326. 110
Adjudication, Through Public Auction, Of The Alienation Of The Grape From The Property Of The Castle Of Soutomaior Owned By The Deputation Of Pontevedra. 114
Advanced Microprocessor Based Motor Protectionrelays For Stage-iii-regarding. 146
Advertising Network Services. 149
Air Compressor As Per Specification No. Hemrl/srp/2018/spec/275/acom. 174
Ais Gps Device For Boat. 143
Albania : Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Gramoz Rui, met with the Ambassador of Slovakia, Mr. Milan Cignik, on the occasion of leaving Albania. 285
Albania : The Committee on Economy and Finance approved the draft law "On some additions and amendments to law no. 9831, dated 12.11.2007 "On the reparation of the former political prisoners of the communist regime" as amended. 322
Albania : The Committee on Economy and Finance rejected the Decree of the President of the Republic no. 10850, dated 30.07.2018, "On return for review to the Assembly of law no. 39/2018 "On some amendments and additions to law no. 8438, dated 28.12.1998,. 437
Albania : The Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights reviewed a draft resolution of the Assembly and adopted a draft law. 747
Albania : The Committee on Production, Trade and Environment approved the article on the article and the draft law "On the ratification of the financing agreement between the Republic of Albania (Recipient), represented by the Ministry of Finance and Econ. 203
Albania : The Committee on Production, Trade and Environment approved the draft law "On the ratification of the loan agreement between the Republic of Albania and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the second supplement of fundi. 202
Albania : The Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights Commission adopted a draft law and held a hearing session with candidates for members of the Independent Commission for Coordination, Monitoring and Enforcement of Law Enforcement no. 115. 785
Albania : The President of the Assembly, Gramoz Rui met with Mr. Nie Chenxi, Minister of Television and National Radio of the People's Republic of China. 366
Alkapuri Damour Road Repairing Work 149 B To 129 B And 77 To 92. 143
All Part And Parcel Of Factory Land And Building Along With Plant And Machineries Situated At Vill Nima Wajid,p.op.s Rafiganj, Dist Aurangabad, Bihar Having Plot No 193, Khata No 05, Thana 670 Admeasu. 274
All That Part And Parcel Of The Property Consisting Of House No A 413, Measuring 30.21 Sq Mtr Situated At Udyan 2 Raksha Khand Sarda Nagar Yojna, Raibareilly Road Lucknow And Bounded As Below On The N. 296
All That Part And Parcel Of The Property Situated At Khasra No.188/3 (part), P.h. No.04, Mouza Champa, Near Railway Station, Champa, Ward No.19, Block Bamhanidih Rnm, Tehsil Champa, District Janjgir C. 222
All That Part And Parcel Of The Property Situated At Khasra No.1905, P.h. No.02, Mouza Champa, Near Railway Station, Champa, District Janjgir (495671), Chhatishgarh, Area 4360.00 Sqft. Belonging To Sh. 224
Allocation Of Euro Wooden Pallets And Lattice Box Pallets. 127
Aluminium Profile Enclosures. 132
Ambulatory Health Care And Physiotherapy In The Territorial Area Of Loja (granada) And Area Of Influence For "mutual Midat Cyclops, Mcss N1". 131
Amc For Computer. 194
Amc For Concepts Nrec Software. 102
Amc For Miscellaneous Civil Works Of Project Unit At Amritsar Airport For The Year 2018-19. 134
Amc For Unisim Softwate. 101
Amc Of Fire Protection And Detection System For New Administrative Building Of Bncmc. 137
Amc Of Lift For New Administrative Building Of Bncmc. 133
Amc Of Lift. 170
An Oil Pipeline from Angola into Zambia. 151
Animation Service For The Children~~s Game Trin Tran Train. Christmas 2018. Madrid Suburban Address. 121
Annual Indent For Procurement Of Survey Materials For The Year 2018-19 In Respect Of Tarmi Ocp Of Dh. 144
Annual Maintenance Contract (camc) Of E/a Sets, Major Overhauling Of E/a Sets Of Exchanges And Btss Under Azamgarh Ssa. 113
Annual Maintenance Contract For Cutting And Clearing Of Grass In Residential Area, Institute, Hostel & Other Areas At Catc, Allahabad During 2018-19. 147
Annual Maintenance Contract For Operation And Maintenance Of Cold Storage Plant And Equipment At Mushroom And Seed Production Unit, Iihr, Hesaraghatta, Bangalore. 202
Annual Maintenance Contract Of 1 No. 750 Kva, Cummins Make Dg Set In Connection With Repiar Maintenance Operationd.g. Set At Vayu Bhawan, New Delhi. 116
Annual Maintenance Contract Of 40 Kva Dg Set Cummins Make In Connection With Armo Of Various Eandm Services At Dgca Opposite Safdarjung Airport New Delhi. 113
Annual Maintenance Work Including Brooming Of Road, Collection Of Garbage And Drain Cleaning. 174
Annual Rate Contract For Bt Road In Various Places Soorsagar Zone. 137
Annual Rate Contract For C.c. Road Various Places In Soor Sagar Zone. 139
Annual Rate Contract For Construction Of Bt Road In Ward No. 11 At Various Places. 145
Annual Rate Contract For Construction Of Sewer Line In Soorsagar Zone. 141
Annual Rate Contract For Construction Of Toilet In Soorsagar Zone (under Sbm). 142
Annual Rate Contract For Repairs And Maintenance Of Civil Works In Institute, Hostel, Guest House, Dvor, Nav Aid Etc. At Catc, Bamrauli, Allahabad During 2018-19. 155
Annual Rate Contract For Repairs And Maintenance Of Civil Works In Residential Area During 2018-19 At Catc, Bamrauli Allahabad. 142
Annual Rate Contract For Road Various Places In Soorsagar Zone (interlocking Tiles). 142
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Stationery Items For The Year 2018-19 For Western Region Hqrs, Mumbai. 160
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Stationery Items For The Year 2018-19 For Western Region Hqrs, Mumbai. 140
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Stationery/stores Items At Chandigarh International Airport Mohali, (2018-19). 150
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Various Sizes Of Double Block And Bleed Valves (dbbv)mov & Hov 150# Confirming To Api 6d Required At Various Bpcl Locations All Over India. 161
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Xerox Papers A4, Fs And A3 Size For The Year 2018-19 For Western Region Hqrs, Mumbai. 165
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of 20 Inch Size Diesel Lawn Mowers With Engine At Site Of Works In Connection With M/o Different Hort. Works Under Hort. Sub Divn. No. 1/5 , Cpwd New Delhi During 2018-19. 128
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of C-type Te Bldg. And Compound Wall At Saidpur Distt.ghazipur. 128
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of The Miscellaneous Water Supply And Sanitary Installation Work For The Administrative Building And Residential Quarters At The Ati Dasnagar Campus Howrah For The Year Of 2018 19. 127
Annual Repair Contract (arc) Of Power Plant Zone A Of Ssa Sitapur. 101
Annual Repair Contract (arc) Of Power Plant Zone B Of Ssa Sitapur. 101
Annual Repair Contract Arc Of Power Plant In Sitapur Ssa Zone B. 126
Annual Repair Contract Arc Of Power Plant Zone A. 124
APEC International Symposium and Workshop: The Cooperative Business Model (CBM) as an Alternative Tool for Financing SMEs. 355
APEC Workshop on Harnessing Digital Trade for SMEs. 295
Appointing Pmc For The Developement Of Green Belts In Sangamner. 141
Appointment Of Agency For Carrying Out Survey/audit Of Different Commercial Space/business Transactions Etc Inside And Outside Of Kolkata Airport On As And When Required Basis. 156
Appointment Of Agency For Prepare And Implement Water Supply System Development Plan In Nagar Panchayat Bhatkuli Area. 152
Appontment Of Cdp Plan Development Agency. 141
Approval Of Rate Contract For Supply Of Vety. Medicine For Financial Year 2018-19. 178
Apspcl- Supply, Erection, Testing And Commissioning Of (i) 33 Kv Line For 220/33 Kv Pooling Station-1 From Nearest Apspdcl 33 Kv Line For A Length Of 1.6 Km Respectively Including Ht Metering & 33 Kv. 220
Ar And Patch Repair Work At Lucknow - Varanasi Road. 157
Arc For Plant Communication Pager System. 118
Architectural Project Management Assistance Missions Required To Meet The Needs Of The Paris Nord Val De Seine University Hospital Group Of The Ap-hp. 179
Architectural, Engineering And Planning Services (development Of Land Management And Land Valuation Projects, As Well As Land Inventory, Projects For The Introduction And Introduction Of Coastal Prote. 106
Architectural, Engineering And Planning Services (for The Implementation Of The Authors Supervision Over The Object Overhaul Of The Building Of The Novgorodkivsky District Court (insulation, Improveme. 109
Architectural, Engineering And Planning Services. 110
Arrangement And Treatment Of Floods, Thollaka Torrent. 285
Arrangement Of Different Items For Implementation Of The District Level Training Programme On Application Of Formulated Feed-2018-19. 148
Arsenic Iron And Bacteria Removal Plant At Ramkrishnapur Junior Madhyamik School Under Karimpur-ii Block Under Sbm(g) Fund. 142
Asbestos Removal And Demolition Of The Former Spatz Factory. 128
Asbestos Removal School Kleber - Media Library - Municipal Technical Center (relaunch). 220
Asian Economic Integration: Building Knowledge for Policy Dialogue,. 384
Asphalting Concrete Road In Ward No 5 At Manolila Nagar. 113
Asphalting Of Road At Shanti Nagar Main Road Ibrahim Ganj Ward 17 Zone 4. 122
Assignment Of Postal Services As Well As Messenger Services/Courier Services. 197
Assignment Of Project Management Assistant In Building Information Model (bim) Level 2 For The Construction Of A New College And The Deconstruction Of The Voltaire College In Remoulins. 202
Assignment Of Right Of Use Statistical Software Destined To The Csic Central Organization. 118
Assistance With Project Management For The Implementation Of A Delegation Of Public Service Of District Heating On The North-west Sector Of The Commune. 348
Assisted Conception Service Nhs Trafford Ccg And Gtr Manchester Ccgs Market Engagement. 513
Assisting Vegetable Growers in Florida with Soil Health Evaluation Associated with Cover Cropping/Green Manure Practice During Summer. 336
Athlone Municipal District Of Westmeath County Council Is Offering A Public Art Commission To Reflect The Enhancement Of The Town Through The Church Street Renewal Development. 270
Attending Fault At Lt Panel And Rising Main And Replc Of Busbar And 400 A Change Over Switch And Mccb In Connection With Moei And Fans Rmo Mp Set Sub Stn At Gsi Salt Lake Dg 2018 19. 121
Audiovisual Support For Simulation Education. 223
Audit Of Jsc Brest Beer With The Issuance Of An Opinion On The Composition And Value Of The Enterprise As A Property Complex. 193
Audit Of Security Installations In Built-up Areas Reference Number: 18s041n004. 160
Audit Of Security Installations In Built-up Areas. 164
Audit Service For The External Control Of The Aceca And Valagua Projects. Interrev V-a Cooperation Program Spain-portugal (poctep 2014-2020). 118
Augmentation Of Sub Station With One No 1600 Kva Transformer At Cttc Salt Lake Kolkata. 137
Augmentation To Saoli Water Supply Scheme Under Msjnma Taluka Saoli District Chandrapur. 147
Aurangabad Sainik Vihar Civil Work. 129
Australia : $5,000 Victoria government grants for household batteries. 268
Australia : A Bigger And Better Firefighting Fleet For Victoria. 438
Australia : Abbotts Road Crossing Gone For Good. 474
Australia : ACT Womens Advisory Council calls for new members. 234
Australia : Another boost for building jobs and Housing Solutions for Young People. 428
Australia : Australia to Welcome Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. 149
Australia : Australian Medtech Companies Seizing Opportunities at the Texas Medical Center. 516
Australia : Australias rethink on transport infrastructure new report. 205
Australia : Bacchus Marsh Station Upgrade Designs Released. 423
Australia : Better Access For Broadmeadows Passengers. 463
Australia : Biggest day on the bilby calendar. 403
Australia : Boosting Innovative Technology Jobs In Melbourne. 392
Australia : Buckley Street Underpass Dig Breaks Through. 507
Australia : Buckley Street Underpass To Open Months Ahead Of Schedule. 483
Australia : Building A World Class Hospital For Frankston Families. 526
Australia : Building Relationships with Indonesia and Vietnam to Create Jobs. 253
Australia : Building The Best School Facilities For Coburg. 322
Australia : Building the workforce to deliver 10 year infrastructure pipeline. 290
Australia : Cars with defective Takata Alpha type airbag inflators to be refused registration in South Australia from 1 November 2018. 495
Australia : Cattle Hill Wind Farm Update. 191
Australia : CDS providing job opportunities to people with disability. 354
Australia : CelebrateBrisbane spectacular set to light up Brisbane Festival 2018. 552
Australia : Champions 2 Country brings sporting stars to the East Kimberley. 317
Australia : Cheaper Electricity With Solar Batteries For 10,000 Homes. 564
Australia : Construction tender opens. 128
Australia : Creating Jobs and Supporting Territorians: Wurrumiyanga Airstrip Resurfacing Complete. 423
Australia : Delivering A Great Local School For Bendigo. 416
Australia : Design work to ease Everton Park traffic. 322
Australia : Designs Unveiled For Victorias Biggest Road Project. 422
Australia : Emergency water upgrades dampen remote bushfire risks. 615
Australia : Extra Rehabilitation Beds For Regional Victorians. 441
Australia : Ferry service another step closer. 161
Australia : Fire and Emergency Services Awards honour community heroes. 322
Australia : Fixing The Country Roads That Need It Most. 459
Australia : Forrestfield-Airport Link: New car park frees up space for future development. 161
Australia : Four Magistrates Appointed. 401
Australia : Full steam ahead for Western Australias newest city centre. 158
Australia : Funding Boost For First Peoples In Victorias Creative Industries. 302
Australia : Going back in history to build our future. 215
Australia : Gold Coast Scores Major International Sports Convention. 431
Australia : Grants to help protect unique Aboriginal sites. 215
Australia : Growing opportunities for Tasmanias producers at Asia Fruit Logistica. 297
Australia : GTE Reform Program to strengthen governance and accountability. 312
Australia : Health Care and Social Assistance jobs on the rise. 416
Australia : Helping Communities Fight Ice. 269
Australia : Helping Victorian Children Start School On Track. 468
Australia : High school Health Hub wins Premiers training award. 614
Australia : Introducing Victorias Volunteer Of The Year. 403
Australia : Investing in Jobs and the Bush: Capital Grants for Improvements on Homelands Announced. 289
Australia : Linking young people with real facts on drug use. 342
Australia : Low Interest Loans A Grassroots Winner For Sport. 296
Australia : Meningococcal vaccination campaign continues. 300
Australia : More funding for Northern Tasmanian arts. 157
Australia : More Renewable Energy To Drive Down Power Prices. 439
Australia : Multi-deck car park for Forrestfield Station METRONET precinct. 314
Australia : New $1.13 million base for West Gidgegannup bushfire volunteers. 411
Australia : New $180,000 base for Three Springs Bush Fire Brigade. 235
Australia : New Appointment To The County Court. 276
Australia : New Colombo Plan alumni forge promising careers in law and finance in a rapidly changing region. 471
Australia : New partnership to achieve better educational outcomes for Tasmanians. 218
Australia : New providers to continue valued services at camp schools and Landsdale Farm. 459
Australia : New service to help traumatic brain injuries. 373
Australia : New service to support WA people with a spinal cord injury. 368
Australia : New Tasmanian and Korean international arts residency. 244
Australia : New Veterans shack at Dago Point. 253
Australia : New water main for Marrabel on the way. 363
Australia : Next steps on the new Cradle Mountain visitor experience. 227
Australia : NGR charges on to Springfield and Redcliffe Peninsula lines. 416
Australia : Northern Territory to strengthen ties with China. 308

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