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Articles from Mena Report (November 26, 2018)

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"collecting Yard In The Village Of The Church". 235
"general Albacete And Fuster" Marine Infantry School (eimgaf) .- Supply Of Hardware, Electricity, Plumbing, Campaign And Hospitality During The Year 2018. 121
"rural House - Ecotourism And Cultural Center". 268
(i) Eoi For Fabrication Of Disposable Sensor Chips (screen Printed Electrodes) For Biosensor (ii) Eoi For Development And Supply Of Water Filtration System. 173
(nsgo) Appointment Of Contractor For The Supply Of Photo Finish Services For The 2019 To 2021 Nsg Canoeing Championship Under Sssc. 117
(nsgo) Appointment Of Contractors For The Provision Of Referees For The 2019-2021 Nsg Sepak Takraw Championships Spssc. 120
1 Moei And Fans Dg Set S Stn P Set At Cgwb Bhoojal Bhawan Nh Iv Faridabad 2 Moei And Fans Sub Stn Dg Set P Set At Cib And Rc Nh Iv Fbd Sh Repair And Overhauling Of Submersible Motor Pump Set. 127
1 Nagar Me Vibhan Place Loha Jal Crossing Slab Cc Road Interlocking Tiles Work. 141
1) Construction Of Compound To The Sislep Hostel At Dharwad Wi No: 84089 2) Construction Of Concrete Drain In Sislep Hostel Campus At Dharwad Wino: 84088. 126
1) Construction Of Height Jackwell Wall & Allied Works Of Tmc Athani Water Works Near Halyal Village. 2) Supply, Laying & Jointing Of Pvc Pipelines From Hambar House To Ramaesh Pattan House, Sangamesh. 176
1). Supply, Laying & Jointing Of Pvc Pipelines From Old Sbi Bank To Hanji Plot For Main Line 160 Mm Dia 6kgf/cm2 & 90 Mm Dia 6kgf/cm2 For Distribution Lines In W No-22,. 136
1)capacitor 1.5mfd 3kv To Drg 46670500110 Rev01. Qty: 850 No. 115
1)continuous Online Vibration Monitoring System (instrument & Sensors) As Per Specifications , Hg10016, Rev07, Annexure-s Annexure-p & Annexure-cl. Qty: 3 St 2)continuous Online Vibration Monitoring S. 221
1)exciter Coil Spring To Rev.05 Matl To Spec Bp10570. Qty: 10000 No. 120
1)face Groove Boring Bar Pkg Qty: 4 St 2)face Groove Boring Bar Pkg Qty: 4 St 3)face Groove Boring Bar Pkg Qty: 4 St 4)face Groove Boring Bar Pkg Qty: 4 St 5)face Groove Boring Bar Pkg Qty: 4 St 6)fac. 188
1)fiber Glass Edge Block As Per Specification Js22299 Rev.01 To Drg 24997150010 (top & Bottom). Dim :-a=1036, B=1096, C=30, D=595,e=386, F=83, G=108, H=127, J=196, Top X=108, Y=255, Z=2660, Theeta=66. 214
1)fibre Glass Cylinder As Per Spec. Js-22299 Rev-01. 799 I/d X 809 O/d 1695 Lg. Qty: 24 No. 121
1)hydraulic Bolt Tensioner M80x4p, 70t As Per Clause A1 Of Purchase Specification And Sketch-1 Enclosed. Qty: 2 St 2)hydraulic Bolt Tensioner M80x4p, 230t As Per Clause A2 Of Purchase Specification An. 251
1)led Display With Installation. As Per Specification. Note: (1) Acceptance Required Of All Points Of Attached Specification & Commercial Terms And Conditions.(2) Un-priced Copy Of Price Bid Also To B. 149
1)lem Current Transducer Model Ltc 600-tf Qty: 25 No. 114
1)polyster Yarn Sling Qty: 4 St 8)null Qty: Null Null. 109
1)reducer 168.3x4.5x139.7x4 Qty: 16 No 2)tee Gr-1 168.3x168.3x4.5 Qty: 8 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 120
1)shrinkable Polyester Tape Size - 0.2 Mm Tk X 25 Mm Wide X 50 Mr Long Roll To Bp23795, Rev. 07. Qty: 45000 Mr. 129
1)spare Of Cooler Control Cabinet To Mid-406785007 Qty: 1 St 2)spare Of Cooler Control Cabinet To Mid-406785008 Qty: 1 St. 119
1)taper Roller Brg #2 Type 639/632 To C-450069 Item No.2 Rev.08 And Specification C-450067 Rev.15. Qty: 400 No 2)taper Roller Brg.#3 Type 45290/45220 Item No-3, C- 450069 Rev .08 And T. 154
1)tension Assembly 340 Dc For Bandsaw Machine: Material Code-50001630 Qty: 1 No 2)hydraulic Cylinder 1 For Band Saw Machine: Material Code-20000273 Qty: 1 No 3)hydraulic Cylinder 2 For Band Saw Machin. 239
1)ti Clad Plate (10+2 Thk,2500) Qty: 150 2)ti Clad Plate (10+2 Thk,1900) Qty: 20 3)ti Clad Plate (16+2 Thk,2500) Qty: 22 4)ti Clad Plate (16+2 Thk,1600) Qty: 16 8)null Qty: Null Null. 142
1)tinned Copper Strip 900 X 12 X 0.4 Mm Tk, Drg. 46211000161#01 R00, Wt.= 0.040 Kg , Pvc Factor 1:0.040 Qty: 2000 No 2)tinned Copper Strip 1200 X 25 X 0.5 Mm Tk, Drg. 46211000161#02 R00, Wt.= 0.134 Kg. 154
1)welding Electrode Qty: 1000 Kg 8)null Qty: Null Null. 108
1. Emal Pf-115 White - 300kg. 2. Enamel Pf-115 Gray - 130 Kg. 3. Enamel Pf-266 Red-brown - 200 Kg. 4. Primer Concrete-contact - 100 Kg. 5. White Acrylic Paint For Interior Work - 250 Kg. 6. Cement Plaster - 500 Kg. 7. Tile Adhesive For Interior Work - 250. 108
1. Homogeneous Coating (color Gray) - 101. 65 M. Sq. 2. Welding Cord For Homogeneous Coating - 40. 2 M 3. Plinths For Pvc Floors 2. 5 M - 23 Pcs. - 57. 5 M. (color Under The Homogenous); 4. Internal Corner (color-under The Plinth) - 20pcs; 5. External Ang. 140
1. Plastic Slope, Platform Height 1050 Mm, Color Red 2. Plastic Slope, Platform Height 900 Mm, Color Red 3. Plastic Swing Swings Leo, Color. Purple + Lime, Acc. Spec. Customer 4. Plastic Swing Boat, Col. Red, According To Spec. Customer 5. Climbing Net -. 130
1. Repairing Of 225us Contactor Unit A/yule Make For Controlling Of Haulage Control Panel Of Benidih U/g Of Phularitand Colliery. 198
1. Vitrified Waste Product (vwp) Handling Cask & Filter Handling Cask 2. Lifting Yoke For Vwp Cask & Lifting Yoke For Filter Handling Cask. 139
1.rihabilitation Of Road By Carpeting Starting From Hemangini Bridge To Fair Sevice Twards Madrasha More At-kanaikhali, (ch0.00-1920.00m), Word No 04, Under- Natore Pourashava. 2.rihabilitation Of Roa. 148
10-advance Thermal Imaging Camera:- 20 To + 1200 Degree C Make Flir Model E 85 Or Equivalent Model Of Sonel, Poland Or Jenoptic As Per Detailed Specification Attached. ( Accepted Offer For Make Flir E. 106
1017350 Felt Pad For Lubrication Tm-u950 (407) 88 2012441 Sensor Carriage Tm-u950 (412) 15 2012085 Engine Carriage Tm-u950 (414) 18 1650376 Engine Cutter Paper Tm-u950 (709) = 2013814 29 1283658 Ring Fastening Tm- U950 (707) 10 1079045 Paper Cutter Blade. 131
10210830-special Stud (cover To Valve Lever Support For Cylinder Head Dlw Drg No. 15c 71433 Alt F Or Latest. Dlw Specn Misc 130 Alt R1 Or Latest D-81345 Sheet 1&2 Alt R2 Or Latest D. 101
1111n-item Of Set Consisting 02 Items (1) Fast Blow Glass Fuse 2 Amp , Size- 6x30 Mm Qty= 01no/perset (2) Fast Blow Glass Fuse 5 Amp , Size 6x30 Mm Qty= 01 No/per Set Make- Axel Or Equivalent. Firm. 103
11kv, 3c X 185mm2 Xlpe Insulated Ht Cables. 11kv, 3c X 240 Mm2 Xlpe Insulated Ht Cables. 185
11xxn001-set Of Gaskets ; Gasket Inter Cooler To Bottom To Elgi 070409030 - 02 Nos, Sl No. 2) Gasket Inter Cooler To Top Cover To Elgi 070409040 - 02 Nos And 2 = 01 Set. 103
1200212414/hvlp Paint Spray Gun/wire. 162
1200212699/oil Pump Elgi Make. 161
1200214671/floating Carriage Microme. 160
14 Motor Cycle For Fish Vending. 142
1601n015-set Of 20 Items Of 3 Yly Overhauling Kit For Starter Motor To Emd Part No.10478829/Pl No.18090011.suitable To Delco Remy , Model No.50mt/64 V As Per Annexure A. Accepted Make: M/s.iae/Us. 104
17049301-rear Fixed Sash Assly. Dlw Part. No: 17049301, Alt-nil. 129
17050054-motor, Air Discharge - Tcc Dust Bin-utex No. 40061607 To Emd Part No. 2804094 And To Dlw Part No. 17050054 Forwdp4/wdg4 Locos, Dlw Drawing No.2804094 Alt.c Part No.17050054 . Firm~s Offer : S. 104
17451681-valve..ball Cock - 1-1/4pt Compressor Drain To Ftil Part No. 726102000 & Emd Part No.10635243. Accepted Description: Valve Assembly To Ftrtil Part No. 726 1020 00 Confirms To Pl No.17451681. 103
18-171-pr2018-282 Procurement Of Various Drugs/Medicines For The Use At Cong. Natalio P. Castillo Memorial Hospital, Loon, Bohol. 118
18.16t Refurbishment In The Au, 8706 Miles. 162
18055s_works And Preventive And Corrective Maintenance With The Use Of Lifts, Goods Lifts And Automatic Doors At All Claude Bernard University Sites Lyon 1. Reference Number: 18055s. 142
18c131ao - Dg/Fp - Supply Of Street Plates - Street Numbers And Fixing Systems And Accessories - Years 2019 To 2023 Reference Number: 18c131ao. 126
18gef072 Supply And Delivery Of Office Supplies For Use Of Finance Section Narra, Palawan. 124
18gef073 Supply And Delivery Of Office Supplies For Use In Human Resource And Administrative Section Narra, Palawan. 127
18serv20 - Coastal Cycle Pathway Maintenance Order Framework Agreement Reference Number: 18serv20. 268
2 Mohalla Kayasthana Idegahaya Puliya Nirman. 137
2018_001589 Reference Number: 2018_001589. 179
201809: Supply, Delivery, Assembly And Installation Of Furniture For The New Department Of Fire And Rescue Department Of Mayenne Reference Number: 201809. 141
20185341 Aircraft Engineering And Maintenance Services In The Air Force Of Madrid. 140
23560680-contact Arm With Steeping Wheel To M/s Adtranz~s Pt. No. S-15 & Drg. No. Am- 100280-r-i Or Contact Arm With Stepping Wheel To M/s Ganz (aal) Pt No.g-15 Drg No 9980383525801,spare For Tap Chan. 116
23648752-oil Pump Inter Lock Qph Suitable For Clw Built Conventional Locomotives As Per Clw Specification No. Clw/es/s-24 Or Latest. Each Unit Should Be Embossed/engraved With Maker~s Name, Month & Ba. 108
23880053-panto Mounting Insulator To Clw Specn. No. Clw/es/ac/i-1 Alt-f,(sheet No. 16) & Clw Drg. No. Clw/es/sk-4/ac/i-1 (sheet No. 13 A) (this Item Is Reserved For Clw Approved Sources) Accepted Offe. 126
25001413-main Compressor Complete Assly With Motor, For Coventional Locomotive 1000 Lpm As Per Clw Specification No. Clw/es/c-34 Alt. ~o~ Conforming To Rdso Spec. No. Spec/e-10/3/08 (rev.) Sept. 95 Wi. 103
25169531-high Capacity After Cooler For Main Compressor (emu Type) As Per Clw Specification, Clw/es/a-11ctd. 30.09.199 Clw Drg. No. Clw/sk-2/a-11 Or Latest ( Specn. For Item Ref. 12 & 13 Packing Piece. 103
25208706-aoh Kit For Overhauling Of Pulse Generator As Per Aal Pt. No 1900007200, Each Set Consisting Of Following Spares As Under:-,description Aal Pt. No.qty./set (1) Oil Seal Dia 20/40x6 8.3. 110
25567214-aoh Kit Common Items/components Of No.32 Tap Changer(bt Type Or Ganz Type) As Per Rdso Technical Circular No.rdso/2010/el/tc/0102 Rev.1 Dtd.16.09.16 Consists Of 58 Items 309 Nos As Per Annexu. 126
25715938-ioh Kit For Rotex Make Ep Valve Model No. 3327 Fitted On Aal Make Vcb Type Vcba 25.10 Tr Single Bottole Vcb ( 16 Items 28 Nos) As Per Anneture Attached. Firm~s Accepted Offer- Rotex Make Ioh. 106
25973332-brush Holder Assly. For Hitachi Traction Motor, To Rdso, Item No.1 To 18, With Spacer And Without Carbon Brush To Skel-4683 Confirming To Clw 2twd 095.090 Alt. 129
2598n001-bogie Frame Assembly For Wag-7 Locomotive To Clw Drg. No. 06/1/12/78 Alt.7, 06/1/12/79 Alt.2 And 06/1/12/49 Alt.11 Conforming To Rdso Specn. No. Vl. Specn.6 Rev.03 (oct.2015) And Str No. Mp.s. 113
25ns-non Asbestos Jointing Sheet Size 1.5 Meter Width X 2 Meter Length Thickness 1.6 Mm. Confirming To Specification 1) Compressibility % Astm F36 A-------8.2) Recovery % Astm F36a ----55) , 3) Minimu. 101
25ns-set Consists Of 1) Horizontal Shock Absorber Hex Head High Tensile Bolt Size M16x150mm (2mm Pitch) With Spring Washer And Elastic Stop Nut. 04 Mm Hole On Thread End.-350 Nos 2) Elastic Stock Nut. 106
25ns-set Of Hardware Of Alco Loco. 1) Hex Head High Tensile Bolt Size M22x130mm (2.5 Mm Pitch), Elasic Stop Nut & Spring Washer With 06 Mm Drilled Hole On Thread End -250 Nos 2) Hex Head High Tensile. 109
25ns-set Of Material 1) Hex Head High Tensile Bolt Size 5/8"x3-3/4" Unc With Spring Washer, 11 Tpi (is No 2063)-700 Nos 2) High Tensile Hex Head Bolt Size 3/4"x 3-1/2 " Unc With Plane Washer , 10 Tpi. 115
25xxns-hp Gt52 Yellow Original Ink Bottle Moh56aa (hp) For Hp Deskjet Printer Model 5810.note:- Supplier Should Submit Proof Of Purchase From Oem Note: P.o. Description Is Read As Per Gem Contract No. 105
29160315-kit For Pressure Regulator 1/2" To Ftrtil Pt. No. 790017101( This Is Shelf Life Items And Should Be Procured With Staggered Delivery Period. Supplier To Mention/print Date Of Manufacturing O. 102 Ftrtil Part No.d & Amp;m Part No. Kit-aux.eqpt./fi-lub.manifold 1 Set Comprising Of 790006175 Kk-ab759- W429 1.o-ring (6) 009702000a 0015-25 2.o-ring (1) 016702000a 0015-44. 111
29160984-overhauling Spares For Knorr Make Pec7 Tbu/pbu For Wag-9/wap-7 Locomotives Consists Of 63 Items 1156 Nos As Per Kbi Annexure.( Supplier To Mention/print Date Of Manufacturing On The Item & I. 110
29250067-"membrane For Crowned Gear Coupling (hurth Coupling) For Wap5 Type 3 Phase Electric Locomotives. As Per Part No. Abb- 0501317975. Accepted Make/brand : Self. Accepted Rdso Approved Drawing No. 105
2929ns-set Of Contact (fixed & Mobile) For Contactor Type Bps Is:15 C/2 Onr Set Consist Of 02 Nos For Contacts As Per Secheron Part No. Hbta 420418 R 0001 Make Secheron . Firms Accepted Offer- Make/br. 108
2929ns-set Of Spares Of Cbc Bracket Assly As Per Clw One Set Consisting 05 Item Having 09 Nos. As Per Attached Annexure ~a~ . Firms Accepted Offer -make/brand- Firms Own. 105
29720357-gate Unit Line Converter, Drive Converter And Over Voltage Protection (, 228, 229) Type Gv A 587-a01, 56 A-48 Vac-hucd685038 Abb Doucment No-hucd 320054r1001. Make: M/s.btil, M/ 101
29750039-dc/dc Converter (24 V & 48 V).( Pos No. 118.5 &118.4). Firm~s Accepted Offer-signotron Make (a) Dc-dc Converter-1 (model: D-96-1- 24), 110v Dc Input Voltage/24v Dc Output Voltage As Per Clw~s. 102
29940102-set Of Labyrinth And Bearing Cap & Clamp Plate (nde) For Wap7/wag9 Traction Motors Type 6fra 6068 Consisting Of 4 Nos. To Spec. No. 4 Tms.096.0068 Rev. 01 Alt.-4 Or Latest. Details As Follows. 108
29990014-set Of Contacts (fixed And Mobile) For Contactor Bps 15.15 C/2, One Set Consist Of 02 Nos. Of Fixed And Moving Contacts As Per Secheron Part No. Hbta 420418 R0001. Firm~s Accepted Offer- Make. 109
3 Nagar Me Vibhin Sabha Sadho Ke Shine Board Work. 141
30050110-equalising Stay Pin Long With Coller To Wlrrm-0-5-003,alt-g/9. Item No.11 And 12 .material And Specification As Per Drg. 101
30050110-equalising Stay Pin Long With Coller To Wlrrm-0-5-003,alt-g/9. Item No.11 And 12 .material And Specification As Per Drg. 106
3005ns-double Acting Hydraulic Shock Absorber For Vertical Application To Item 1 Of Drg. No.icf-sk-0-5-015, Alt-p/4 & Rdso Specn. No.c-8703, (rev-2) Feb-07 With Amendment No.1. 109
30438135-p.v.expansion Moulding (flat) Size - 50 X 3 X 3600 Mm Long To N.e. Rly. Drg. No. Sk - 1457/c Alt. 2, Fig. 1 Item 4, Colour As Per Drg. And Material Testing As Per Rdso Spec. No. Rdso/2015/cg. 106
3054n265-laminated Safety Glass (observation Glass) Size: 6 Mm X 915 Mm X1220 Mm To Spec. Is: 2553 (part-i) - 90 (transparent) Type A Quality Of Is: 2835-87. 103
30636267-push Type Flushing Valve To Icf Drawing No. Icf/sk-6-3-425 Alt-m/7 Col-ii Mat. And Specn. As Per Drg. 112
30971720-window Rubber Profile To Drawing No. He 54101 Alt. G (this Item Is Reserved For Purchase From Small Scale Industrial Units ) (item To Be Supplied Within 60 Days Of Manufacturing Date.). 116
31xxn00-set Of Dc Series Mcb~s To Rdso Spec/e/-12/1/04 For 1400hp Demu Dpc Consists Of 5 Items As, (1) Dc Series Mcb 6a, 130v-24 Nos. (2) Dc Series Mch 10a, 130v-4 Nos.(3) Dc Series Mcb 16a, 130v-3 N. 104
35169898-poh Kit For Brake Controller version Ii Of M/s. Escorts Make For Mrvc Phase-ii Rakes Consisting Of 63 Items And 96 Nos As Per Enclosed Annexure. 115
35250148-set Of Rubber Component For Pressure Limitting Valve As Per Sketch Emu/mtn/be/07/r1.set Of 3 Items. 1 "o"ring,, With Nos. 2 diaphragm,dr. 133
35370713-nylon Bush For Motor Coach Size 16 Mm Thick Instead Of 20 Mm As Per Icf Alt.f/3 Item No.4. 101
35981386-frp Window Assembly (2~ -0" Wide Window) In Satin Blue Colour As Per Rdso Drg. No. Sk - 96070, Alt. -1 Material Confirming To Rdso Rdso/2007/cg-02 (rev. -1) Of Feb - 2008 With Amnd. 112
37459065-doorway Cross Bar Pressing Assembly To Drg. No.items.2,14 & 15 Of Wd-80007/s-05, Alt.24 ( Items 14 & 15 Should Be In Assembled Condition With Item 2). 103
38106139-inner Spring Casnub Bogie To Rdso Drg No. Wd-83069-s-1,item-2 Alt-15, Spec No Wd-01-hls-1994 Rev 3 With Amendment No 1 Of Sept ~2016 Material Is:3195. 102
38125043-hand Brake Pull Rod For Bcna. Rdso Drawing No: Wd - 90030 - S - 57, Item - 6, Alt. - 9 & Wa/bg - 6356, Alt. - 3. Spec.: Mat. Spec.: As Per Drawing. 120
38140949-brake Shoe Key Drg. No. W/bg - 6150, Alt -2. 101
38145900-non-asbestos ~l~ Type Composition Brake Blocks For Freight Stock With 1000 Mm Wheel Dia And Container Flat Wagons Of Indian Railway To Drg. No.- Wd- 99062-s-01, Alt.- 3 Or Latest & Rdso Speci. 125
38145900-non-asbestos ~l~ Type Composition Brake Blocks For Freight Stock With 1000 Mm Wheel Dia And Container Flat Wagons Of Indian Railway To Drg. No.- Wd- 99062-s-01, Alt.- 3 Or Latest & Rdso Speci. 123
38450975-set Of Completed Pre-fabricated(in Two Part Lh & Rh) Sliding Door For Bcnhl Rdso Drg No Wd-11043-s-01& Wd-11043-s-02(both Alt-1) One Set Consisting 01 No Lh Side Door And Rh Side Door And Con. 103
3898ns-battery Charger Atc-1 Suitable For Charge To Einstein-ii(r) Ufd Battery With Mains Power Pack And Charge Status Indicator & Power Cord.atc-1 Battery Charger Is Suitable For Use With Mains Suppl. 103
3d2n Outdoor Adventure Camp For P5 Students For Springdale Primary School. 120
4 Express Motivational Day Camp 2019. 257
4090n01-almirah With Locker Godrej Type Overall Height Without Pedestal 1855 Mm Width 910 Mm, Depth 480 Mm With 01 Locker, 04 Shelves , Ms Sheet Confirm To Cr-1 Grade 340 Of Is 513:2008 Of Thickness 1. 102
4090n01-storage Racks (fabrication And Supply) Size 9.5 Feet X 4.5 Feet X 20 Inch Ms Angle Of Size 2 Inch X 2 Inch & Angle Thickness 5 Mm, Partition With 2 Mm Thick Msd Sheet , Each Rack With 5 Shelve. 102
4200ns-time Switch/Time 2 For Automatic Controlling For Fl Mast/Lighting Pump Suitable For 240v,6-a Ac For Dilling Model No.j-648b, Make: L&t Or Hpc, Gelco, C&s. Accepted Make: L&t Gic Make J6488. 103
4204n006-edison Screw Lamp Holder With E-27 Edison Thread Suitable For E-27/27 Cap Of 25 W To 40 W, 160 V Dc Lamp, Confirming To Is:10276/1982. Note: Before Bulk Supply Sample Should Be Approved By Co. 104
4205n001-design, Fabrication, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning Of Ac 23 A 415 V 50 Hz 400 A On Load Change Over Switch 4 Pole Control Panel For Amf Dg Panel With Suitable Aluminum Bus Bar Wil. 103
42116168-7 Watt Led Bulb, Operating Voltage Single Phase 230 Volt Ac, 50hz. The Led Driver & Leds Etc Shall Be Conforming To Cee/nr Specification No. Cee/nr/121-elect/ps/2018 Rev.-3 Dated 28.06.2018. 109
4216n004-voltmeter Dc Analog Moving Coil Panel Mounting Type: 72 X 72 Mm, Range:0-40 V Dc, 90 Deg. Accuracy Class 1.5% Confirming To Is:1248 Or Latest, Suitable For Starter Battery Charger Of Lhb Powe. 151
42311123-flexible Polymide Conduit Pipe Size Having Inner Dia 20mm, Outer Dia 21.2mm, Plus Minus+0.2mm Nw -17 Conf. To Rdso Spec. No. Rdso/Pe/spec/Ac/0138-2009 Rev- 1. 101
4325n003-individual Fitter Tools Consisting Of 27 Nos In G.i Tool Box Of Size 405 X 170 X 170 Mm List Of Tools Attached Make/brand: As Mentioned In The List Of Tools Attached (demand No. 95185690 Dt:. 102
45147929-400 Amps Size O2, High Rupturing Capacity Low Voltage General Purpose Fuse Link With Blade Contact Having Breaking Capacity Of 80ka(minimum) Suitable For Rated Voltage Of 415v A.c Confirming. 109
45215054-compact Flurescent Light Fitting Complete Suitable For 04 Pin Single Cfl Tube As Per Rcf Drawing No. Cc 76215 Alt-d " Accepted Brand Kaveri. 101
4579ns-high Frequency Electronic Ballast 11 Watt Suitable For Operation In 110 V Dc/ac Frequency Upto 50 Khz. Current Max 120 Ma . Brand - D.r Auto , Kwiklite Or Any Other Approved Brand . Firms Offer. 103
45ns-single Core E-beam Irradiated Cables With Copper Conductors Of Size 120 (589 X 0.51 Mm) Voltage Grade 1.8/3.0 Kv Confirming To Rdso Specification No:elrs/spec/elec/0019 Rev 4~ Of February 2. 101
4642n1-electric Engine Stop Plate Made Of 2mm Aluminium Sheet Of Size 900 X 600 Mm Pasted With Non Reflective Sheet In Saffron Colour And Letters/symbols Of Retro Reflective Type-iv Hign Intensity Pr. 106
4698ns01-motor Protection Circuit Breaker Suitable For Ac Unit Control Panel Of Sgac Coches Din Rail Mounting With Side Auxilary Contact 1 No. + 1 Nc Range 9 To 14 Amp. Make - Bch/siemens/schneider Or. 101
4lscb Online Procedures Manual. 140
5 Days Irca Uk Approved Lead Auditor Programme On Iso 45001. 131
5 Types Of Ss Sheets. 157
56118351-pvc Insulated, Armoured, Unscreened, Underground Power Cable Aluminium Conductor Size 2 Core X 25 Conforming To Specification No. Irs:s:63/2014 And Is: 1554 (part-i) (rev. 4.0 ) In Dru. 111
5611n001-pvc Insulated, Armoured, Unscreened, Underground Power Cable Aluminium Conductor Size 2 Core X 25 Conforming To Specification No. Irs:s:63/2014 And Is: 1554 (part-i) (rev. 4.0 ) In Dru. 120
56301005-d Clamp Insulation Set For Universal Point Machine Consisting Of: (a) Rh Channel Side Plate Nylon - 01 No. Drg. No. S-3265; (b) Lh Channel Side Plate Nylon - 01 No. Drg. No. S-3266; (c) Bush. 101
56301005-d Clamp Insulation Set For Universal Point Machine Consisting Of: (a) Rh Channel Side Plate Nylon - 01 No. Drg. No. S-3265; (b) Lh Channel Side Plate Nylon - 01 No. Drg. No. S-3266; (c) Bush. 105
5698ns02-calling On Led Signal Lighting Unit 110v Ac As Per Rdso Specn No Rdso/spn/153/2011 (rev.4.1) Or Latest Retrofittable In Existing Cls Housing (sa:2351, S23463) And Compatible With Ac Led Ecr. 196
5701n06-epson Colour Ink Printer Cartridge No. Ink Bottle 664 Black For Printer Model L 565 Or Similar. 167
6217n001-cast Iron Sluice Valve Isi Marked With Wheel Size 80 Mm Dia, Make "bir" Or Similar. Firms Offer Accepted Make/brand: Bir Or Similar. 191
66450019-two Leg Wire Rope Sling 5 Tonne Capacity Effective Length 3000 Mm, Is For Hook 2754/1969, Is For Wire Rope 2266/2002, Is For Main Ring 2762/82 All Inclusive Rates To Be Given To Firm As Rs 56. 105
6702n001-tyre For Tata Sumo-78/15(8 Ply), Make:- Mrf Or Similar, Firms Offer Accepted Make/brand: Ceat. 116
700 Pax Dinner For Pasko Sa Mandaue 2018 Pr-2018-9999-3207. 119
7101ns-hex Head Screw Size 16 X 45 Mm Grade- 8.8, A3p Is: 04017 Make Lps, Tvs, Unbrako. Firms Accepted Offer-make/brand- Dfl Mfg. By M/s Deepak Fastners Ltd.(rdso/dlw/clw/core Approved Part 1 Source). 109
73560728-machine Screw Slotted Cheese Head Full Threaded Size M8 X 40mm, Zinc Plated As Per Is 1363 Part(2) 2002 With One Plain Washer Heavy Duty Size 17 Od X 8.4 Id X 1.6 Thick As Per Is:2016-1967 An. 112
73800004-ht Hh Bolt With Nut, Bolt Size M 20x130 Mm, Threaded Upto 64 Mm Having A Hole Of 3 Mm At A Distance Of 8 Mm From Unheaded Postion To Is 1367/1979 Pt-iii Class 8.8 For Bolt And Is 1367/1980. 109
73xxns-set Of Slotted Hex Head Bolt Size M5 X 25 Mm Long With Hex Nut And Teflon Washer And Cup Type Star Washer. Material Specification Is 1364-1992 Thread Fitting Is 4218-1976 With Zinc Plated One. 102
75407607-fire Retardent Upholstery For Non Ac Coaches Confirming To Color Code Alnac-03 Width 127 To 132 Cms To Specn Rdso/2008/cg-07(rev. 0 Of Aug-08 With 5 Amendments- Last Amendment No.5 Issued In. 116
76010533-mmaw Electrode, Size: 4 Mm Dia X 450 Mm, Radiographic Quality, Class A2 To Code: Er4211x (medium Coated) Of Is: 814-04.material And Specification: Irs: M 28/2017.make/brand-gee Make Gricon Re. 127
76010715-mannual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes Class A1 (rutile Type) Size 3.15 Mm X 350 Mm Type Of Coating Medium Deposition Efficiency Less Than 110% (spec. No. Irs: M 28/12 With Amendment No.1, Code. 121
76112949-co2 Welding Torch ,400a Capacity, Self Colled,euro Connected 3m Long Of M/s. Esab Make To Model No Psf-405 Or Its Equivalent Of M/s. Otc Daihen, M/s Kemppi Or Tbi Industries Suitable For 1.2. 102
7630n1-coppor Rod Made Round Shape Nozzle (shower Type) Having 28 Peripheries To Withstand Temperature Of 900 Degree Centigrade To Suit Owe Brand Heating Torch. Brand:- Owe Or Similar , Make:- Oxyweld. 111
77031740-paint, Enamel Synthetic Exterior Air Craft Blue To Isc No.108 Of Is: 5/04 To Is: 8662-2004, Full Gloss Of Rdso Amendment No.1 (rev.0) For Pigment Content As An Additional Requirement, Alongwi. 136
82012120-tender Description: (ph No.:06026) Cefadroxil 500 Mg Cap/tab. Accepted Description: Same As Tender Description. brand Name: Generic mfg.and By: Kapl pack Size: 10 X 10 Tab. 123
82012209-tender Description: Cefotaxime 1000 Mg Inj. Accepted Description: Same As Tender Description. brand Name: Own Brand mfg. And Mktd. By: Kapl pack Size: 1 Gram Vial . 131
82016513-(ph No.:22010) Atenolol 50 Mg Tab Brand- Themilol 50mg. Mfg. By- M/s Themis Medicare Limited. Sec. 6%c4, Plot No. 16,17,18 Lle, Bhel, Haridwar. 123
82017074-tender Description: (ph No.:22082) Ginkgobiloba 40 Mg Tab/cap. Accepted Description: Same As Tender Description. brand Name: Avon Tabs Zee Laboratories pack Size: 10 Tabs. 126
82018297-(ph No.:25080) Imatinib 400 Mg Tab Brand- Zimitib 400 Mfg. By-- M/s Zuvius Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. At- B-1, Midc, Wagle Estate, Thane. 129
82018947-tender Description : Chymotrypsin + Trypsin Tab 50000/100000. Accepted Description : Trypsin Chymotrypsin (100000iu). 113
82019551-tender Description : Folic Acid 5 Mg Tab/cap. Accepted Description : Folic Acid 5 Mg Tab. 116
82019873-tender Discription : (ph No.:38044) Finasteride 5 Mg Tab/cap. Accepted Discription :ph No.:38044) Finasteride 5 Mg Tab. 113
8201n001-auto C-pap Machine With Nasal Mask And Standard Accessories. (medium Size). Auto C-pap Machine With Standard Accessories. Accepted Description, Brand And Specification: C-pap Machine Model Re. 101
8201n001-inj. Pneumococcal Vaccine 23 Valent, 25 Mcg/0.5 Ml Make/brand- Pneumovax Mfgd By M/s. Merck Sharp And Dohme Bv, The Netherlands Imported & Mktd By M/s. Msd Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. 104
8201n001-isotonic Balanced Colloid Solution (6 % Hes, 130/0.4) ,500 Ml Make/brand-tetraspan 6 % Ep 500 Ml In Mfgd By M/s. B. Braun Medical Ag,9 Route De Sorge 1023 Crissier, Switzerland. Imported & Mk. 105
82021090-tender Discription : Tacrolimus Ointment/cream 0.1%. Accepted Discription : Tacrolimus Ointment. 112
82021326-tender Discription : (ph No.:49123) Halobetasone Oint/cream 15gm. Accepted Discription : Same As Tender Description. 113
82023992-tender Discription : Calcium + B12 + Vitamin D3 Syp. Accepted Discription : Same As Tender Description. 118
83049400-plain Copier Paper Gsm 80+/-4% In Size Of 210 X 297 Mm (a4 Size) Conforming To Is:14490/1997 (reaffirmed 2005) With Indian Railway Logo Size 8 Cms X 8 Cms In Centre In Light Blue Color On Eac. 101
83050929-g183b (h/e) Leave Record Book Size 12 X 8.5 Inches, Books Of 100 Leaves. Print In Black Ink On Both Side As Per Sample. Paper To Be Used Is White Maplitho 60 Gsm. Kraft Paper 130 Gsm. Binding. Bibliography 107
83051508-t510b (h/e) Authority To Receive A Train On Non Signal Line. Size 12 X 8.5 Inches, Books Of 100 Leaves. Print In Black Ink On Single Side As Per Sample. Paper To Be Used Is White Maplitho 60. Bibliography 107
83052379-s1302b (h/e) Requisition For Stores Size 12 X 8.5 Inches, Books Of 100 Leaves. Print In Black Ink On Single Side As Per Sample. Paper To Be Used Is White Maplitho 60 Gsm. Kraft Paper 130 Gsm. Bibliography 105
8390n01-procurement Of Employees Declaration Register (under Pass Rule) & Record Of All Types Of Pass, Pto Register As Per Sample Of 250 Pages On 80 Gsm Maplitho Albaster Paper With Full Rexine & Boar. 105
8390n01-pvc Plastic Files Hard Core With One Pvc Sheet With Locking Clip 10" X 14" With Inside Flap And Printing On Top As Per Sample. Sample Can Be Seen At Consignee~s (sr. Dom (cog) Csmt) Office. 109
8398n01-hp Cartridge For Hp T2530 Plotter Hp 727, B3923a, 130 Ml. Photo Black Ink Cartridge. 126
84134446-double Wall Or 5-ply Corrugated Box With Capacity To Hold Minimum 12 Kgs Of Paper Tickets With The Dimension Of 400 Mm (l) X 330mm (w) X 140mm (h) With Tolerance Of +/- 5mm In All The Dimensi. 103
85011812-single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing No.skf-6306 With C-3 Clearance Or Its Equivalaent Rdso Approved Makes. Make/Brand : Tata India Accepted Description : Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing. 115
90341016-square Tubes Of Size 45 X 45 X 2.5 Mm, 6 Meters Length (for Chair Pillars) To Is Specn. No. Is:4923/1997, Erw, Hf Shs Yst-240 And To Icf Alt.v. 103
90mm Pvc Parallel To The Proposed Di Pipe Lines And Street Fountains For The Distribution Systems In The Mylom Panchayath From Oh Tank At Akkavila. 164
92xxn01-heavy Duty Industrial Drawer Type Storage System In Three Slots, Made Of Crca Sheet As Per Is :513/is:2062,size :length 1800 Mm X Width 600mmx Height 1300 From Ground,details As Per Specificat. 102
92xxn01-heavy Duty Industrial Drawer Type Storage System In Two Slot ,made Of Crca Sheet As Per Is:513/is:2062,size Length 1200 Mmx Width 600 Mmx Height 1300 Mm From Ground As Per Specification Attach. 103
9898n01-fabrication And Supply Of Bridge Boards With Mild Sheet Plate To Is 2062 Of 1500mm X 1200mm X 3.15mm Thick And Coating Of Electrostatic Thermo Setting Fusion Bonded Coating As Per Specificatio. 103
9898n01-supply Of Mcb 40 Amps, Ac 415v, Three Pole, C- Curve And Breaking Capacity 10 Ka, Confirming To Is; Iec60898-1 Similar To Schneider Se-a9f74340. Makes : Schneider/abb/l&t/legrand/siemens Only. 105
9898n01-supply Of Single Core Heat Resistant Flame Retardant (hrfr) Pvc Insulated Industrial Grade Copper Conductor (unsheathed) Multi Strand Flexible Cables Of Size: 2.5 Sqmm, 1100 V, 50 Hz Confirmin. 103
A A To North Block New Delhi Dg 18 19 Sh Renovation Of Various Rooms Of Mof North Block. 111
A A To South Block Dg 18 19 Sh Misc Civil Work In Corridor Of Ids At South Block. 111
A Dynamic Purchasing System Agreement For The Provision Of Conversion And Refurbishment Works. 194
A High End Sensitive Lc Ms Ms System For Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Plants Etc. 155
A R And M O 164 Mp S Flats At North Avenue Under Sub Div Iii Of Pawd Iii New Delhi Dg 2018 19 Sh Repair In Plinth Area Of Canteen Back Side. 122
A R And M O To 169 Nos D Ii Type Flats At Kaka Nagar And 78 Nos C I, C Ii Type Flats At Bapa Nagar, New Delhi Dg. 2018 19 Sh Replacement Of Damaged Doors And Windows And Wooden Almirahs For Complying. 139
A R And M O To North Block During 2018 19 Sh Miscellaneous Civil And Repairing Work In Budget Press Mof North Block New Delhi. 117
A R M O For Custom And Central Excise Office At Imlichatti Muzaffarpur Sh Renovation For Conferenc Room For Custom At 2nd Floor. 112
A-r And M-o Afcc, Ridge Road, New Delhi Dg. 2018-19 Sh- Misc. Civil Maintenance Work. 105
A/r And M/o To Mps Flats/bungalows Under Sd-i Of Pawd-i Dg.18-19 Sh: Providing And Fixing Wooden Flooring Works In Various Bunaglows F/shah Road, Canning Lane And Brm Lane. 121
A/r And M/o To Residential And Non Residential Of Ispw Station Shimla Dg. 2018-19. 107
A/r And M/o To Various Roads Under Pwd Division West Road-2 During 2018-19. Sh- Patch Repair Work At Zakhira Flyover On Rohtak Road Under Sub Division Wr-21. 179
A/r And M/o To Western Court Hostel Under Sub-div-iii Of Pawd-i Dg.2018-19 Sh: Providing And Fixing Wpc Wall Panelling Wall Paper Etc. In Gf Suites. 116
Ab Cable Installation. 126
Access Audit Under Sugam Bharat Abhiyan Phase 3. 139
Accessories For Mr Definition, Orthopedic Ambulance And Rtg Diagon Screen. 108
Accommodation Service In Zumrraga For Construction Staff. 111
Acdb Lt Panels. 137
Acquisition And Installation Of Several Air Conditioning Systems For Health Centers In The Sector Of Huesca. 116
Acquisition And Maintenance Of Printing Facilities Reference Number: 18s0375. 227
Acquisition Of 4 Columns Of Arthroscopy, Including A Mixed Orthopedic-urology, And Associated Specific Accessories. 111
Acquisition Of A Doppler Ultrasound For The Emergency Department Of The University Hospital. 102
Acquisition Of A Massive Nucleic Acid Sequencing Team For Research In The Area Of Genetics Of The University Institute Of Tropical Diseases And Public Health Of The Canary Islands. 135
Acquisition Of A Second-hand Tractor Equipped With A New Super-tractor. 117
Acquisition Of A Volumetric Ventilator For The Intensive Care Unit Of The University Hospital "la Paz". 105
Acquisition Of Administrative, School, Extra-curricular And Extracurricular Furniture And Tables Reference Number: 18mfcs13. 139
Acquisition Of Complementary Accessories For The Confocal Microscope Model Tcs-spe Of The Leica Brand At The Institute Of Tropical Diseases And Public Health Of The Canary Islands. 133
Acquisition Of Electric Tricycles Equipped With Waste Containers And Vacuum Sweepers, For A Period Of One Year, Renewable Twice For 1 Year Reference Number:. 168
Acquisition Of Furniture For The Services Of The City Of Calais Reference Number: End 2018f033. 148
Acquisition Of M350h Multiservice Vehicle To Adapt The Accessories Already Available To This Town Council For Mounting In A Car Service: Shovel Carrying Dample 2,000 Mm, With Hydraulic Regulation With Lateral Inclination; Detachable Hydraulic Salt Spreade. 148
Acquisition Of Office Furniture For The Departments Of The Department Of Aude Reference Number: 18s0076. 127
Acquisition Of Offset Paper, Carbonless, Carbon Fiber, Adhesive, Coated, Kraft And Different Types Of Cardboard, For The Production Of Cards And Printed Matter. 121
Acquisition Of Oils And Fats For Vehicles. 121
Acquisition Of Servers, San Storage, Network Equipment, Inverters And Batteries, Software, Maintenance And Related Services Reference Number: 2018-tic-daj-0105. 166
Acquisition Of Submarine Anti-sonar Bombings. 111
Acquisition Of Three Interactive Whiteboards For The Aircraft Fleet Of The Broken Naval Base. 116
Acquisition Of Two Servers To Support The Oager Database. 121
Acquisition Of Ume Headwear. 183
Ad-hoc Data Processing Services. 184
Adaptation Of The Small Park. 102
Additional Accommodation To Kambamettu Ramaiah Government Memorial Maternity Hospital At Kowtharama (v) Gudlavalleru (m) In Krishna District. 164
Additional Work For Construction Of Barama Cold Storage In Baksa District, Btc. 145
Addn Altn To Bldg No T 93 T 94 And T 95 At Hq Cif R Under Age I Cif R. 174
Adhesive For Flooring To Spec Icf/md/spec 114. 166
Administrative Contracting Of Collective Accident Insurance By The Participants To The Activities And Users Of Municipal Sports Facilities With A Tender Amount Of 15,000.00 And Exempt, And A Period Of Execution From January 1, 2019 And Until March 31, 2. 146
Administrative Supervision Of Road Research And Standardization Work And Dissemination Of Research Results Of The Swiss Association Of Road And Transport Professionals (vss) For The Years 2019 To 2023. 127
Administrative Support Of Research And Standardization Work In The Field Of Road Transport And Dissemination Of Research Results Of The Area Of The Swiss Association Of Road And Traffic Experts (vss) For The Years 2019 To 2023. 128
Adult Mental Health 24 Hour. 185
Afghanistan,United States : Global Partnership for Education approves over US$200 million in grants for Afghanistan, Myanmar and South Sudan. 668
Agargaon ,bhojapur,silli.mohadara. 150
Agricultural Machinery And Equipment. 109
Ai Tong School - Supply Of 1 Main And 1 Assistant Coaches For Wushu Cca Training Programme In 2019 With Option To Renew For One More Year In 2020. 140
Ai Tong School - Supply Of Instructor For Percussion Cca (24 Festive Drums) Training Programme For 2019 And Option To Renew For Year 2020. 126
Aigwan Railway Feeder Road. Km 1, 2, 3, 4(154) (odr). 170
Aip616 - Main Road, Chelmondiston Ip9 1eb To Whitton Sports Centre, Whitton Church Lane, Ipswich Ip1 6lw - Award. 182
Akarabad (bhadanga) To Nakposi (kolha) Via Chandi Temple, Mahavi-nayak Temple Road Under Mmsy In The District Of Jajpur. 153
Al Zr Ti Be Master Alloy. Equivalent To Amg61ch Of Gost 1583 Chemical Composition Mech Properties And Impurities As Per Enclosure. Qty 6154 Kgs. 240
Albania,United States : EU: Cross-border Programme the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Republic of Albania. 610
All As Per Boq. 154
Aluminum Profile Section And Special Type Fasteners, Accessories. 109
Amc For Computer 2018-19. 171
Amc Of Display Management System And Real Time Module For 03 Years. 166
Amo As Part Of The Development Of The Modular Room And Construction Of Workshops On The Opra Bastille Site Lot 6: Project Management Assistance In The Field Of Ergonomics Reference Number: Mp-18 -smo-080. 133
Amt Hiring Of Hydraulic/Pneumatic Test Adjustment Services. 103
Amtc Of Master Sewerage Scheme In Ue Bahadurgarh Supply Of Manhole Covers And Frames And Repair And Rising Of Manholes In Sector 2 6 And 7 Bahadurgarh And All Other Works Contingent Thereto. 196
Analysis Of Organic Micropollutants On Samples Of Surface Water And Wastewater. 102
Ancillary Protection Wall Left Out Work In Connection With C/o Roads Storm Water Drainage Paths Green Cover Development At Ind Area Paridoga Distt Hp. 105
Ancillary/miscellaneous Items, I.e. Boundary Wall And Site Development). In Connection With C/o Common Facility Centre Building At Ind. Area Kandrori, Distt. Kangra (hp). 106
Ancillary/miscellaneous Items, I.e. Development Of Site Boundary Wall). Construction 2 Nos. Over Head Water Storage Tank At Ind. Area Kandrori, Distt. 103
Ancillary/miscellaneous Items, I.e. Development Of Site Boundary Wall). In Connection With C/o Working Women Hostel At Ind. Area Kandrori Distt. Kangra (hp). 105
Anjhi Alamnagar Road Km-20, 21, 22, 23, 24(500) (odr). 168
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance And Servicing Of D.g. Sets In Connection With Operation And General Maintenance Of Various E&m Services Lifts Dg Set Sub Station,fa & Pa System,fire Fighting And Compound Lights At Mawsam Bhawan. I Ml) Complex, Lodhl Road. 107
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Fire Detection With Alarm System For 02 Years At Nats Complex, Igi Airport, New Delhi (2018-20). 162
Annual Day-to-day Cleaning Of Bush And Debris In All Around A Type Quarters , B Type Quarters Ib, Ic, C Type D Type Quarter And Mq S/s And Mq D/s In Mahua Toli At Rajrappa Area For 365 Days. 195
Annual Day-to-day Cleaning Of Bush And Debris In All Around A Type Quarters , B Type Quarters Ib, Ic. 169
Annual Maint Contract For Entrex Epbax System At Ge East Jrc Office. 150
Annual Maint Contract For Xerox Machine Of Ge Af Barrackpore. 155
Annual Maintaince Contract For Cpu Monitor Printer Of Ge Af Barrackpore. 155
Annual Maintanance To Vastare-aldur Road From Km 0.00 To 5.40 Km In Chickmagalur Tq And Dist. 119
Annual Maintanance To Virajpete- Bynduru Road From Km 195.75 To 233.67km (sh 27) In Chickmagalur Tq And Dist. 121
Annual Maintenance And Repair Works To Eot Crane 3.0 Ton Capacity Sm No 341/7006-cn/12 And 341/7007-cn/12 Installed At Pms-ii At Af Stn Bhuj. 188
Annual Maintenance Contract For Annual Maintenance Contract Of Magix Xrf One No Installed At Modern Mineral Processing Laboratory And Pilot Plant, Midc, Nagpur. 179
Annual Maintenance Contract For Stm/afm Equipment. 109
Annual Maintenance Contract/Camc Of Medical Gas Pipeline System At Dduh. 117
Annual Maintenance Estimate Of Sri Varada Narayana Murthy Raiwada Reservoir Project In Devarapalli (v) & (m) Of Visakhapatnam District For The Year 2018-2019. 154
Annual Maintenance Including Purchase Of 7.5 H.p Electrical Motor Pump Set For Plantation Area Near Someswara Swamy Temple On Down Stream Of Earth Dam For The Year 2018-19.sub Work :- Purchase Of New. 191
Annual Maintenance Of Cold Room In Airmen Mess And Afords Section At Air Force Station New Delhi. 113
Annual Maintenance Of Drainage Gallery Of Somasila Dam For The Year 2018-19. Sub Work:- Repairs To Lift Provided To Get Down In To The Drainage Gallery Of Somasila Dam. 160
Annual Maintenance Of Hariharapura-chavalmane-kammaradi Road (ch: 0.00-14.99 Km) In Koppa Taluk, Chikmagalur Dist. 116
Annual Maintenance Of Koppa-kesave-siddaramata Road (ch: 00.00-13.00km) In Koppa Taluk, Chikmagalur Dist. 115
Annual Maintenance Of Masige-halanduru Road (ch: 0.00-4.30, 5.70-15.00km ) In Sringeri Taluk, Chikmagalur Dist. 118
Annual Maintenance Of Narve-sringeri Road (ch: 0.52-1.85, 2.52-10.50 Km) In Koppa Taluk, Chikmagalur Dist. 119
Annual Maintenance Of Old Chikmagaglur-n.r.pura Road (ch: 0.00-6.42, 6.92-7.43, 11.00-18.00 Km )in N.r.pura Taluk, Chikmagalur Dist. 127
Annual Maintenance Of Residential And Non-residential Buildings In Pula Subbaiah Veligonda Project Cam Colony At Dornala Prkasam District For The Year 2018-19 Sub Work: Drilling Of Borewell Of 165mm D. 176
Annual Maintenance Of Shettykoppa-sutta (ch: 0.00-13.00km) In N.r.pura Taluk, Chikmagalur Dist. 116
Annual Maintenance Of Somasila Project Head Works For The Year 2018-19. Sub Work :- Supply And Installation Of Heavy Duty Capacitors And Led Lights For The Gates And Gallery Of Somasila Project In Ana. 165
Annual Maintenance Of Somasila Project Head Works For The Year 2018-19.sub Work :- Repairs And Maintenance Of Radial Crest Gates Of Somasila Project At Ananthasagaram Mandal Spsr Nellore District. 157
Annual Maintenance To Arabhavi-challakeri Sh-45 Road From Km 146.20 To 174.30 In Mundargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 118
Annual Maintenance To Bb Road (sh 57) K.m 437.00 To 443.54 In Chikmagalur Taluk And District. 120
Annual Maintenance To Chikkahesarur-mudagal-mundargi Sh-129 Road From Km 183.42 To 193.19 In Mundargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 119
Annual Maintenance To Dambal-kalakeri Mdr Road From Km 0.00 To 9.00, 11.00 To 12.00 & 14.00 To 19.60 In Mundargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 129
Annual Maintenance To Gajendragad-shorabha Sh-136 Road From Km 155.97 To 158.70, 162.12 To 163.00, 164.00 To 172.00, & 175.97 To 181.87 In Mundargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 134
Annual Maintenance To Hallikeri-shirahatti Mdr Road From Km 0.00 To 3.00, 7.00 To 8.78, 9.00 To 17.65, 17.95 To 18.68, 20.84 To 26.80, 26.90 To 27.00 & 27.47 To 33.20 In Mundargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 149
Annual Maintenance To Korlahalli-hammagi Mdr Road From Km 0.00 To 13.45 & 13.92 To 15.54 In Mundargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 124
Annual Maintenance To Munargi-muradi Vai Shirol-basapur Mdr Road From Km 0.00 To 11.20, 11.55 To 21.00 In Mundargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 126
Annual Maintenance To Singatarayankeritanda-petalur Mdr Road From Km 0.00 To 9.00 & 10.00 To 22.00 In Munargi Tq Of Gadag Dist. 124
Annual Mtc. Of Phs For Type-iv, V Houses, Sector-35, Chandigarh (under Mtc. Booth Sec-35) (2216 Non Plan, Mtc. And Repair). 150
Annual Mtc. Of Water Supply Scheme Of Industrialarea Rojkameo.providing Services Of 1 No. Computer Operator Or Data Entry Operator In Hsvp, Sub Division No.1, Palwal Office Of Hsvp Division Palwal And. 172
Annual Rate Contract For Repacking Of Student Hygiene Kit, Madilu Kit, Metro Packing, Sandal Suchi Sambrama Kit, Srigandha Suchi Sambrama Kit, Nirmala Suchi Sambrama Kit, Spoorthi Kit, Agarbathi Packi. 139
Annual Rate Contract For Shifting Of Malba By Mechanical Transport From The Ashok, New Delhi - 110021. 150
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Asparagus To Bvy(mb) For Fy 2018-19. 220
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Material For Repair Of Damaged Distribution Transformers At Divisional Workshop Of Em And Re Division Vijaypur. 175
Annual Repair And Maintenance I/c Reparing To Income Tax Office Building At Berhampur, Odisha For The Financial Year 2018-19. Sh- Cleaning Of Underground And Overhead Storage Tanks. 109
Annual Repairs To Bhadra Bridge At Ch.351.74km In Sh 57 Km Of Bb Road And Bhadra Old Bridge In Bhadravathi Town_ For The Year 2018-19. 128
Annuval Maintance Estimate For Out Sourcing Services Of Fitters ,wach And Ward,electricians For Swarmukhi Barrage Cum- Gust House Invakadu(v) & (m) Of Spsr Nellore District. 153
Anti Termite Treatment In Sinchai Bhawan Building Rohtak. 142
Aoo - Supply Of Medical Devices, Implantable And Consumable, For Operating Theater And Consumable Other For Ght Facilities Oise Ouest And Vexin Reference Number: Aoo Chir Infru 2018. 142
Ap-hp Open House 2019: Ap-hp 10km Organization Reference Number: 19.056. 220
Application Maintenance Of Automated Offense And Royalty Processing Information Systems Reference Number: Antai-ao-06-2018. 116
Application Maintenance Of Vehicle Identification Software And Provision Of Desktop Publishing, Mail Processing And Archiving Reference Number: Antai-ao-09-2018. 134
Appointment Of Auditors For Conducting Audit Under Gst Law For Beml Limited Registration In Karnataka. 163
Appointment Of Consultants For Project Monitoring And Quality Auditing Consultancy Services For The Work Of Construction Of First Floor Over The Existing Obg & Ot Blocks At District Hospital ,in The Premises Of Hassan Institute Of Medical Sciences,hassan. 111
Appointment Of Service Provider For Handling/Inventory Management Services Of Cement, Food Grains & Allied Products I.e. Salt, Fertilizer And Other Notified Commodities Etc Of Various Depositors/users At Rwc, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. 102
Approach Road From Kudra-chenari Road (mission School) To H.l. Bridge On Durawati River At Amaaon Village. 141

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