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Articles from Mena Report (May 18, 2018)

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" Construction Of Bridge At Km 3.720 And Retaining Walls Between Gap Portions On Both Sides Of Balkapur Nala (mn4) At Virat Nagar, Tolichowki, Hyderabad. 211
"2059 Suspense Stock Sw:- Providing Round The Clock Security Guard For Watch And Ward Duties At Departmental Quarry, Brookshabad Village & Division Office, Sad, Apwd, Port Blair For A Period Of 12 Months. 189
"2059 Suspense Stock. Sw:- Providing Round The Clock Security Guard For Watch And Ward Duties At Stock Yards & Explosive Godown At Brookshabad & Bird Line Under Section-ii Of Sub- Division No.-v, Sad, Apwd, Port Blair For A Period Of 12 Months. 198
"accessories And Consumables For Electrodiagnostic Equipment For Uz Of Gomel Region". 265
"aquatic Lifeguard Service Of Municipal Aquatic Sports Facilities Of Don Benito, Summer Campaign 2018"; "sanitary Service In The Municipal Pool Of Don Benito. 2018 Summer Campaign "and" Surveillance Service In The Municipal Sports Facilities Of Don Benito. 137
"dry-fire Cabinet -80 Or Analogue, Sterilization Boxes With Filters And Without Filters; Steam Sterilizers, Biological Incubator for Health Institutions Of Grodno And Grodno Region. 105
"hands On History" Summer Scheme, A Programme Under The Shared History And Culture Programme (children And Young People) Within Peace Iv Local Action Plan. 232
"implementation Of Works To Ensure A Continuous Universal Barrier-free Environment (lowering Of The Side Stone) At The Addresses: Ul. Tashkent 6/2, St. Bachilo 16, 24, St. Kuleshov 6 (sub.3-4), Ul. Okhotskaya 143/1 (sub.6). ". 164
"modernization And Optimization, By Means Of A Software Solution Relating To The Method Of Payment, Distribution And Use, Administration And Control Of Revenue From Transport Documents Or Services, And Provision Of Complete Support For The Infrastructure. 164
"programming Studies For The Rehabilitation, Construction Or Restructuring Of Municipal Buildings In The Framework Of The Future Convention Npru.". 106
"user Service Through Remote Channels For The Water Epe Of Valladolid". 110
(18138) 101 Computer Services Projects Parliamentary Services. 325
(18138) 101 It Services Projects Parliamentary Services. 148
(18157) 101 Computer Services Operating Parliamentary Services. 349
(18157) 101 It Services Company Parliamentary Services. 333
(a) Maintenance Of Existing 06 Nos Common Godown Along Width Boundary Wall At Metal Park Rawabhata Raipur (c.g.)(b) Maintenance Of Field Office Of I/a Urla Raipur (c.g.). 312
(pvms No.070168 Ophatlmoscops, Binocular, Indirect Complete With 6v/220v Transformer With Small And Large Scieral Depressor Thimbles Teaching Mirror Cobalt Blue And Red). 199
(pvms No.070300 Autoref Keratometer). 180
(retender As Second Call) Construction Of Compound Wall To Psb At Village Gadiwat Tq. And Dist. Aurangabad. 146
-lublin: Medical Consumables. 103
: Lf - Listening Simulator For Teaching Internal Disciplines. 105
~ Supply, Installation Andcommisioning Of Laser Based. 148
011683 Polyethylene Glycol (purgative Powder) Ip 118gm. Sod Chloride 2.93 Gm, Pot Chloride 1.484 Gm, Sod Bicarb 3.37 Gm, Sod Sulphate 11.35gm. 206
02 X Combined Job (carpet And False Ceiling). 188
03900 - Construction Of A Separate Bus And Tram Route Connecting The Nowy Dwr Housing Estate With The Center Of Wroclaw. 241
07 Constructions Works. 142
1 - Construction Of Ms Wardrob In Various Cadet Hostels (6 Nos) At Sainik School, Chittorgarh. 155
1 Devices For Artificial Ventilation Of The Lungs For Newborns For Health-care Institutions In Grodno And The Grodno Region Lot 2 The Device For Artificial Ventilation With Oxygen Concentrator For Palliative Care. 117
1 Repair/renovation Of School Building At Ms Shiekhpora Shangus District Anantnag 2 Repair Renovation Of School Building At Ps Yakerburu Verinag 3 Repair Renovation Of School Building At Ms Gamdoora. 176
1)1200 Kv Exit Assembly As Per Enclosed Annexure Rev -00 & Sketch No. Tre/25206/lead. Qty: 1 No. 122
1)15 Mm O/d X 1 Mm Tk X 2100 Mm Long 90/10 Cu-ni Seamless Straight Tubes As Per Specification Aa12130 Rev.06. Tolerance On Length +3, -0 Mm. Confirming To Qap Cde-15-3070 Rev.01 Qty: 7350 No. 146
1)7.2 Kv 400a, 9ka Vacuum Contactor As Per Ann.-a, It-001. Qty: 2 No. 121
1)aws:ercu Copper Wire To Sfa - 5.7 Of Asme Sec-ii C July"2015 , Size 1.60 Mm. O/d = 300 Mm. I/d = 50mm. Weight 12.5 To 15kg. Each Spool Approx. Welding Copper Wire Of M/s Kobe, M/s Esab(sweden), M/s. 187
1)ball Float Steam Trap With Combined Automatic Thermostatic Air Vent (tv) & Steam Lock Release (slr) Of Size Dn 15 (0.5"") As Per Technical Annexure - ""a" (enclosed). Qty: 15 No 2)ball Float Steam T. 219
1)bent Copper Tubes Size 45 Id X 57 Od X 10110 Mm Long To Drg No. 24783200007 Rev01 And Spec Bp12082. Qty: 7 No 2)bent Copper Tubes Size 45 Id X 62 Od X 9050 Mm Long To Iten No 5 Of Drg No. 2478320000. 160
1)cctv Camera Qty: 1 St 8)null Qty: Null Null. 110
1)collector Assy (1100 Out Side Dia) To Drg. No. 12520501004 Rev.12 On Fully Finished Basis To Drg. With Due Tc & Inspection Reports. Note: (1) Each Set Consists Of Drg Items 001 To 007 And Having Qua. 167
1)cooler Control Cabinet/Marshalling Box To Oga Drg No.-34696200355 Rev.-01 Wiring Drg No-34696200356 Rev.-01 And Annexure-i For Control Cabinet To Drg No.-44696300049 Rev.-01 (qap No-qa/tcb/31/1238). 183
1)ct-101 Phpa-ii Qty: 39 No 2)ct-116 Qty: 9 No 3)ct-102 Phpa-ii Qty: 21 No 4)ct-103 Phpa-ii Qty: 21 No 5)ct-105 Phpa-ii Qty: 39 No 6)ct-106 Phpa-ii Qty: 36 No 7)ct-109 Phpa-ii Qty: 21 No 8)ct-112 Phpa-ii Qty: 42 No 9)ct-114 Phpa-ii Qty: 9 No 10)ct-115 Qty. 158
1)cubicle For Rpm Lcp As Per Bhel Spec Ps 407227 Rev01 Qty: 3 No. 113
1)double Tubes As Per Technical Annexure -a To Pi-241181521 Rev.01 & Checklist To Pi-241181521. Double Tubes Consists Of Outer Tube (cu) (1815 Mm Long) And Inner Tubes (90-10, Cu-ni).(1890 Mm Long) Fo. 181
1)earthing Brush As Per Bhel Drg. No. 34451303001 Rev. 02. Qty: 200 No. 115
1)end Frame 44781000020 Rev 02 #02 Qty: 1800 No. 113
1)endless Rubber Seat As Per Drg. No. D3600224. Qty: 6 No. 113
1)fab. Oil Filling Unit Assy Of Bhel 24391441001 Rev.05 (consisting Of Item 01 To 06, 10 & 11). Note:-(1) For Item 1,2,3,5,and 11 Refer Drg. 34391441009 Rev 02, 34391441002 Rev.03, 44391441005. 192
1)fan Coupling Screw As Per Bhel 34311056001. Rev04 It 02. Qty: 1000 No. 117
1)flame Proof, 1/2" (15 Mm), 2-way, Solenoid Valve As Per Attached Specification Annexure-i, Item No.1. Qty: 10 No 2)flame Proof, 1 1/2" (40 Mm), 2-way, Solenoid Valve As Per Attached Specification An. 168
1)flame Retardant Heat Shrinkable Cable Marker Sleeve, Shrink Ratio 3:1, Suitable For Defense/marine Application, Operating Temperature Range -50 Deg C To 135 Deg C Tyco Part No. D-sce-1k-9.5-50-s1-4. 301
1)forged Normalized Rough Machined And Ultrasonicallytested Shaft To Spcn. No. Bp19388, Rev. 09, Size - 130 + 2,- 0 Mm Dia X 2000 + 10, - 0 Mm Lg. Qty: 30 No 2)forged Normalized Rough Machined And Ult. 280
1)hemi-head Pressing To Drg. No 3-17505-40906 Rev.00 With Notes Thereon And Technical Specn. Cde-07-3206 Rev00. Quantity: 3 Nos. Finished Weight Of Each Hemi-head : 5850 Kg Approx. Raw Material Wt. 65. 175
1)insulation Kit Of Press Borad For Winding & Coil Assy As Per Annexure Enclosed. Qty: 4 No. 120
1)inulation Kit For 1200kv Winding As Per Annexure Enclosed. Qty: 1 St. 116
1)inulation Kit Of Press Board As Per Annexure Enclosed. Qty: 1 St. 116
1)locking Plate To Drg No.5050418,rev05. Qty: 2000 No 2)locking Plate To Drg No.5061366,rev02. Qty: 5000 No 3)locking Plate To Part No.5032422 & Drg No.5l20299,rev04. Qty: 4000 No 4)locking Plate To D. 184
1)nylon Fabric Reinforced With Multiple Layers, Weir Design, Rubber Diaphragm, For Bdk Make Diaphragm Valves Of S2k Type Or Saunder Make Diaphragm Valves Of Type A, Of Size 2"", As Per Annexure "a" &. 273
1)outlet Pipe Casting To Drg. No. 22070120403 (rev. 00) And Product Standard Ht00252 (rev.04). Qty: 10 No 2)fairing Body Casting To Drg. No. 22070120402 (rev. 00) And Product Standard Ht00215 (rev.04). 176
1)rivetless Indegenuous Bearing Nu328/ecmrd/c4/va301 As Per Drg. C450068, It. 23 Rev. 42 Qty: 300 No. 122
1)rotor Shaft Rough M/cd As Per Bhel Drg. No. 34454564051 Rev. 02 On Finished Basis. Qty: 600 No. 123
1)rubber Bellow Both End Flange Qty: 110 No 2)rubber Bellow Both End Flange Qty: 221 No 3)rubber Bellow 600x1800 Qty: 10 No 4)rubber Bellow Both End Flange Qty: 45 No 5)rubber Bellow Both End Flange Qty: 40 No 6)rubber Bellow 450x1350 Qty: 60 No 7)rubber. 166
1)screw Hex Knurled Socket Head, Cap M16 X 50 -12.9 As Per Spec. Aa7123123 Note: 1) Item To Be Cold Forged And Thread To Be Cold Rolled. Bolts Are To Be 100 Percent Mcd Tested To Bp0850178. 2) Screw T. 165
1)spare Relay Unit For Shaft Current Monitor Supplied Vide P.o. No.- 1175283. Qty: 2 No. 120
1)stainless Steel Seamless Pipe 8 Nb (13.7 O/d X 3.02 Tk.) Sch-80s As Per Astm A 312 Tp 304 & Product Standard Ht 00204 Rev. 08. Qty: 15 Mr 2)stainless Steel Seamless Pipe 10 Nb (17.1 O/d X 2.31 Tk.). 424
1)ta 10102 Ev Cover Assy (lh, Rh) Assy To Drg. No. 24301725002 Assy Item Of 1,2,3 Rev. 03. Qty: 500 No. 125
1)ta 9901 Az Grommet To Drg. No. 34301076019 Rev 01. To Be Supplied In Proper Packing. Qty: 100 No. 121
1)thrust Ring Assy. To Drg. 34025440042 Rev.01 Qty: 1 No. 114
1)thrust Ring Assy. To Drg.34025440053, Rev.00. note:- a For Indian Suppliers,pls Quote For Bhel Bhopal Door Delivery Basis. b For Foreign Suppliers:- 1 pls Quote Fob As Well As Cif Mumbai Sea Po. 179
1- Bt Patch Repair Work On Various Roads In Sub Dn. Ii, Pratapgarh. 151
1- Various Works In Govt. College, Dhariyawad. 143
1. Const. Of Bore Well At For Water Supply Arrangement At 33 Kv S/s Dangarwada And Andhai Under Aen Jamwaramgarh And Phulera Under Aen Sambhar. 170
1. Deeping And Maintenance Of Existing Bore Well With Submersible Pump At 33 Kv S/s Itawa Bhopji And Chitwadi Under Aen Chomu A-ii And Badhal Aen Renwal. 172
1. Maintenance Of Electrical Installation In Nwc At Air Force Station New Delhi. 2. Maintenance Of Electrical Installation In Owc At Air Force Station New Delhi. Sh: Up Keep Maintenance Of Ei And Fans. 129
1.arthroscope2.spinal Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery System3.cardiac Output Measuring Instrument4.exercise Ecg Test System5.visceral Fat Measuring Device6.tissue Treatment Vacuum Dehydrator7.frozen Slicer8.all Digital Real-time Four-dimensional Col. 125
1/1,1/3,1/4 Compartment Bunding At Kamkheda, Tahsil -renapur, Dist - Latur. 167
1/12a,13 Compartment Bunding At Vanvada, Tahsil -ausa, Dist - Latur. 168
10 A Ravachi Chawl Fitwala Bldg. 143
10,11,12,13 Compartment Bunding At Bhoisamudraga, Tahsil -latur, Dist - Latur. 169
100% Neoprene Rubber Gasket Sheet. 148
1014-18 Framework For The Supply Of Exercise Books And Scholastic Papers. 213
1014-18 Framework For The Supply Of Exercise Books And Scholastic Papers. 177
10216844-cam Roller (air & Exhaust) Crowned For Stiffer Unit Camshaft As Per Dmw Drg. No.tpe-16-0047, Alt-u Or Latest/10216844(dmw Firm~s Offer:- Make/brand: Iei. 104
1030 Vienna, Anton-von-webern-platz 1, University Of Music And Performing Arts, New Building Future Art Lab, Hkls Incl. Msr. 111
106/c Printing/e-tender/18-19/lko Dated 25.04.2018. 144
1098-card Board Carton For Packing Of Large Secondary Fuel Oil Filters As Per Drg. No. Of Monogram And 111 & 130. Accepted Offer Make/brand : Self. 103
11440077-cab Door Window Glass clear Drg No. 232v708032 Alt -d N R Alt -v -d N R Alt -v ,make:-oem. 102
11xxn01-f2 Feed Valve To Wabco Part No.542008/Escorts Kb-1143 Issue 5 Wabco Test or C2 Feed Valve To Sil Part or Ft-1 Feed Valve To Ftil Drg. 106
12365520-led Based Flasher Light Unit Complete Type-d For Use Of Diesel Electric Locomotives Conforming To Spec: Rdso Specification No: Elrs/spec/lfl/0017 (rev.1), Sep/2004. 105
12375/751 Blr1/Okp-18 Supply Of Non-destructive Testing Equipment For The Material Warehouse (00ust) For The Construction Of The Power Unit No. 1 Of The Belarusian Npp. 149
13 - Medical Consumables For Cardiology. 101
150001/000303, Astra Ep F3, Framework Contract For Functional And Performance Tests Of Road Sewage Treatment Plants (saba) Of The National Roads Of The Zofingen Branch. 354
16_room And Wood Construction Work. 120
17-19 Mental Health Services. 108
17-19 Mhs Direct - Child Psychiatry Residency. 111
17. Gwq Genrika Tender (2; 3) (germany-dsseldorf: Pharmaceutical Products). 139
18007ded - Public Service Delegation - Deployment Of A Very High Speed Network - Preparation Mission At The End Of The Contract And After The Contract, Definition Of Scenarios, Diagnosis And Developme. 161
19x Purchase Car Minibus. 128
2 - Construction Of Boundary Wall On Sainik School Land Chittorgarh. 150
2 Reconstruction And Extension Of Freiherr-von-vincke Realschule Minden, Structural Design, Building Physics And Health And Safety Coordination. 190
2- Bt Patch Repair Work On Various Roads In Sub Dn., Deogarh. 150
2. Renovation Of C/room Bldg. With B/wall Const. Of Bore Well And Other Misc. Civil Works At 33 Kv S/s Manchawa Under Aen Kalwad. 171
2.5t Capacity Hand Operated Hydraulic Pallet Truck. 126
201, 2nd Floor Forming Part Of Property No. 783a, Ward No. Xvi, Plot No. 161, Khasra No. 579/384/35, 36, 39, Khatauni No. 271 Situated At Deshbandhu Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi, Measuring 50.73 Squa. 258
20118-e7-0019 Rostock University Hospital New Building Central Medical Facilities Zmf 18e0117k. 338
2017 Tce Works On Various Residences - Relaunch Of Lots 7 And 9. 113
2017/56261/E2/Bat/Labotesten Markttoezicht. 110
2018 - 589 Brand & Engagement Strategy. 323
2018 - 598 Kitchen And Bathroom Refurbishment 2018-19. 279
2018-elections Put In Fold And Packing - Pref 76. 134
2019-2022 Market Studies: 3 Lots. 112
202, 2nd Floor Forming Part Of Property No. 783a, Ward No. Xvi, Plot No. 161, Khasra No. 579/384/35, 36, 39, Khatauni No. 271 Situated At Deshbandhu Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi, Measuring 50.73 Squa. 258
218. Comparative Examination Household Structure 2019: Smaller Communities At 14 Hessian Entities. 373
227 227a Rangari Chalw N M Joshi Marg. 145
23974023-nylon Cable Ties St.6nr Self Locking Type Material Nylon 66 Self Extinguishing Size 4.7 X 200 Mm Clw/es/c-38. Make/brand : Black Burn. 106
24160027-set Of Kits For Miscellaneous Valve On C3w Manifold Of Pneumatic Panel Containing 06 Sub Kits, 29 Items, And 40 Nos. As Per Annexure Attached. Make/brand :-0. 101
25148618-set Of Steel Pins And Bushes For Wap-4 Locos Consisting Of 5 Items As Per Is-1875.1) Set Of Pin And Suitable Hexagonal Nut For Brake Head Hanger Alt-5 - 12 Nos/set. 2) Set O. 103
2519n06-set Of Piping Assembly For Ftrtil Make Air Dryer.set Consists Of 01 Piping Assembly smaller - Ftrtil Pt No.029102200 Qty 01 No. 02 Piping Assembly smaller Ftrtil Pt No. 029101800 Qty 01 N. 101
25378752-set Of Bushes For Brake Rigging As Per Clw Drg. No. 01/2/19/76 Alt-11 Item No. 1,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 One Set Consisting Of 288 Items Make/Brand : Kristeel. 111
25488170-spare Porous Ceramic Filter Dia : Od - 50 Mm, Id - 20 Mm Long - 135 Mm For Model Fe 80/15-1 Of Fine Filters. Firm Offer : Porous Ceramic Filter Elements 50 Mm Od Plus Or Minus 3 Mm X 20 Mm Id. 119
25611215-led Based Flasher Light Unit For Electric Locos, Conforming To Rdso Specn.elrs/spe/lfl/0017(rev 1) Of Sept 2004, With Amndt, If Any, Set Consists Of:-1)lamp Unit 1 No.(2)control Unit 1 No (3). 106
25820308-servo Motor Assly. With Electro Valve For Reverser (j1 & J2 & Ctf) As Per Drg. No. Elw/bsl/1/f94.091. Make/brand :- Self. 101
25961007-mobile Contact Lever With Flexible Shunt Assembly For Braking Excitation Contactor (c145)to Clw And Conforming To Clw Alt-6. Firms Offer:same As A. 105
2718ns01-split Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton (1) High Wall Split Ac (2) Non Inverter (fixed Speed) Technology (3) Coil Material - Copper (4) Eco Friendly Referigant (5) Nominal Cooiing Cap- 2 Ton/6000 Kcal/. 101
2800n01-printing & Supply Of Visiting Cards "dr.parveen Sharma" Mds Chief Dental Surgeon, Central Hospital, N.rly, Ndls. Ready Size : 8.8 X 5.5 Cm. One Side In Single Colour Along With Gold Embossing. 101
29170060-lamp For Drivers Cab (pos No.325) And Carridoor Lighting (pos No.330) Alongwith Fiting As Per Clw And Clw Drg. No.clw/es/3/Sk-2/0041 Each Set Consist Of 02 No. Lamp For. 113
2d Laser Cutter. 242
2nd And 3rd Year Maintenance Of 2017 Teak Plantation, Elival Of Olavakkode Range. 150
2nd Silvicultural Thinning In 1996 Teak Plantation, Dhoni Of Olavakkode Range. 144
2nd Silvicultural Thinning Of 1997 Teak Plantation, Dhoni Of Olavakkode Range. 144
2nd Year Silvicultural Thinning In 1995 Teak Plantation, Dhoni Of Olavakkode Range. 145
3 - Construction And Repairing Work In Circle Office Of District Excise Office, Chittorgarh. 153
3 Cabinets Of Automated Condenser Units For Reactive Power Compensation. 103
3,4,6,7,8,9 Compartment Bunding At Bhoisamudraga, Tahsil -latur, Dist - Latur. 167
3- Bt Patch Repair Work On Various Roads In Sub Dn. Jaloda Jageer. 151
3- White Washing And Painting Work On Various Roads Under Pwd Dn. Dhariyawad. 149
3-component Polyurethane Foam System. 113
3. Supply Of Furniture For Feeder Incharge At Various 33 Kv S/s Under Jpdc Circle. 161
30337690-bulb Type Split Cotter (4 X 12 X170)mm To Rdso~s Sk No. 98052,item No.1,alt No - Nil Or Latest. 101
31_metal And Locksmith Work. 124
31469/19440 Kw Wamannsdorf, Ve 28 Technical Equipment Pcb. 258
31xxn01-top Ventilator For S.s. Battery Box In Assembled Condition . Misc Sk 5300 Item No 34 , 35 , 36 , 37 , 38 In Assembled Form. Material Should Be Supplied Along With Nabl Lab T.c. & G. 117
33500344-set Of Pins, Bushes, Wear Plate Etc. For Fiat Bogie Consisting Of 11 eleven Items As Per Annexure Attached. 101
33510003-cock Gi-dn 25e For Lhb Coaches Part No. M/s Knorr-bremse Part No. Ii50176/1a1le. Or Isolating Cock 1" For Lhb Coaches. Part No. M/s Faiveley Part No. 023. 125
36 Kv Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Kiosks. 143
3g Roads Minor Works. 171
4 - Remaining Construction Work In Meeting Hall And Other Incomplete Work At Statistical Office Building, Chittorgarh. 156
4- Bt Patch Repair Work On Various Roads In Sub Dn. Chhotisadri. 150
4- Wbm Patching Work On Various Roads Under Pwd Dn. Dhariyawad. 147
40077603-cable Pvc Insulated Single Core Unsheathed Multi Strand Copper Conductor Of 16 Sq. Mm, (126/0.4) For Voltage Up To And Including 1100 Volts As Per Rdso~s Specification No. Rdso/pe/spec/tl/002. 138
40120302-thin Walled E-beam Irradiation Flexible Cable With Copper Conductor Working Voltage 750v Grade Size 1 X 2.5 Sq. Mm As Per Rdso Specn. No. Elrs/spec/elc/0019 Rev-3 Of February 2017 With Latest. 293
40120302-thin Walled E-beam Irradiation Flexible Cable With Copper Conductor Working Voltage 750v Grade Size 1 X 2.5 Sq. Mm As Per Rdso Specn. No. Elrs/spec/elc/0019 Rev-3 Of February 2017 With Latest. 282
40120302-thin Walled E-beam Irradiation Flexible Cable With Copper Conductor Working Voltage 750v Grade Size 1 X 2.5 Sq. Mm As Per Rdso Specn. No. Elrs/spec/elc/0019 Rev-3 Of February 2017 With Latest. 281
40122244-thin Walled E-beam Irradiation/chemical Curing Process Flexible Cable With Copper Conductor, Working Voltage 750v Grade Size 25 Sq. Mm, As Per Rdso Specn. No. Elrs/spec/elc/0019 Rev-3 Of Febr. 221
405 407 Diamond Mansion G K Marg. 144
42022113-rotary Switch 500 Amps, 250/440 V,ac/dc 3 Pole Similar To Type C-5037 L 12 Of M/s. Kaycee Make Conforming To Is: 13947-1993 Part-i. Make/Brand - Salzer Make D50073320. 109
42024160-miniature Circuit Breaker (mcb),current Rating: 16a, Voltage Rating:230v Ac, Curve:c, Pole:2 Pole, Breaking Capacity:10ka. Make: Legrand (408633), Abb (sh202m-c16), Schneider (a9n3p16c), L&t. 101
42086693-hrc Fuse Link 63 Amp, 500voltage , Cylindrical Type , Size 51 X 14, Breaking Cap 80 Ka, Conf To Is:13703 pt-2/sec -1 And Iec- 269 pt-1 & 2 Make :- C &s Type Chf 63 Size 14 X 51 Cylinderi. 102
45147012-hrc Fuse Links Din Type With Blade Contact Of Size 2, 400 Amp, 415 Volt, Ac, 80 Ka Breaking Capacity As Per Is 13703 (part 2/Sec 2) - 1993. Firm~s Offer:- Make/brand- L&t, Model No. Sf94335. 113
4521-set Of Accel Compressor Smc-465 Items Consisting Of (1) Coupling Piece Old Part No.11-yr New Part No.i-14 Quantity 1 Nos Per Set (2) Coupling Pin Old Part No: 11-yr New Part No.i-15 Quantity 1 No. 111
45211474-suction Pressure Switch Without Capillary For Lhb Type Ac Coaches Range 30-60/22-58 Psi, Ps 27/45 Bar, Ts-30/85 Degree Centigrade, 6a, 240 Volt Ac As Per Danfoss Part No. Acb - 2ua 439 W. 061. 104
45217336-dry Type Return Air Filter For Conventional Rmpu Type Ac Coaches Of Size-(550 X 500 X 50) Mm As Per Rdso~s Drg. No. Rdso/pe/sk/ac/0057-2003 (rev. 2) (sheet 1 Of 2 ) And Conforming To Rdso~s Specn. No. 112
4818n01-aoh Kit For Mvcc Valve Rotex Model-3294-2.6 Drg No-088-231-081-4 Rev 2 Detail Given Below (1) Manual Acuator Pt No - 08 Qty 01 Nos (2) Ma O Ring Pt No-22 Qty 01 Nos (3) Plunger Assly Part No-3. 103
5 Axis Cnc Edm Wire Cut Machine. 187
5- Jungle Clearance And Patari Repair Work On Various Roads Under Pwd Dn. Dhariyawad. 150
5- Repair Work On Shw-15 (risk And Cost) Km 91/0 To 108/0 And 114/500 To 127/0 (shw-15) Distt. Pratapgarh. 161
525/q/cht/2018-19 Hiring Of Civil Hired Transport (cht) Truck 9 Ton For Transportation Of Medical Stores/equipment (including Loading/unloading/insurance. 207
5598ns01-set Of Hydraulic Pump For 1400 Hp Demu Caterpiller Engine Consisting 02 Items. 1). Hydraulic Pump For 1400 Hp Demu Caterpiller Engine To Rexroth Part No.a10v0100ed73/31l-vsc12k68p Or Similar. 102
5611n1-multi Core Wire Coil 3/0.75 Mm Pvc Insulated Copper Abc Cable Of 100 Metre Length In Each Coil As Per Irs:s:76/89 Amendment .3 Or Latest. Colour : Yellow. Firm~s Offer : Same As Above. Make/br. 105
56300256-insulation Set For Following And Leading Stretcher Bar For Bg (52 Kg Rail) (insulating Washer-4 Nos, Insulating Plates-1 No.& Insulating Bush-2 Nos As Per Drawing No. T/10371, T/10367, T/1036. 111
5656n79-ms Coupler 14 Pin-01 No.10 Pin-02 Nos,& 7 Pin-13 Nos.male & Female As Per Annexure Per Annexures Jss 50812 (14 Pin-01 No.10 Pin-02 Nos.& 7 Pin-13 Equal To One Set. Annexures. 103
5696n001-supply ,installation And Commissioning Of The Smps Based Ips, As Per Rdso/spn/165/2012 Or Latest.3.0 For Mid Section Inter Locked Lc Gate As Per Enclosed Drawing No.sdo/ips/lc/007, In Re Area. 108
5696n001-supply And Installation Of Smps Based Integrated Power Supply Systems ips Conforming To Rdso Rdso/spn/165/2012 Along With Remote Indication Panel. The Total Number Of Supplies And. 101
5kva Online Ups With Batteries. 161
6020 Innsbruck, Fritz-pregl Strae 3, Institute Building Meduni, Renovation And Extension, Fire And Fire Protection Measures. 103
6098n1-stihl Chain Saw Ms-381. Stihl Petrol Driven Chain Saw Machine Model Ms-381. Displacement - 72.2 Cu. Cm., Power Out Put - 3,9/5,3 Kw/bhp, Weight - 6.2 Kg., Power To Weight Ratio - 1.6 Kg/kw, Fue. 102
6579n00n-diesel Operated Fork Lift Truck Cap 03 Ton As Per Leading Parameter Mentioned At Sr. No 14,15 & 16 Of Special Condition. 112
69 Conveyor Systems. 115
70386 Transportation Of School Meals By Taxi Service (north Eastern Area). 106
75ns-acid Alkali And Chemical Protected Gloves For Battery Handling Of M/s Honeywell Part No.2095010 Or 3m Part No.30190021 Or Ansell Part No.hnpaa-3767610 Of Size 18 Inch. Tenderer Has To Specify Make And. 102
7690-ultraviolet Absorbing Spectacle To Protect Eyes From Uv Light Tech Spec: 1 uv Protected Goggles Shall Be Made Of High Impact Resistance Clear Poly Carbonate Lens With Anti Scratch And Anti Reflec. 104
7831n001-office Chair Pu Cushioned Seat And Medium Back Size 22 Inch Length X 20.5 Inch Width X 37.5 Inch Height With Pu Arms Height From Handle 25 Inch, Ms Powder Coated Base In 14 Gauge As Per Is 20. 106
81050999-toilet Soap-to Be Supplied In The Form Of Smooth Cakes Of Minimum 100 Grams Each Securely Packed. Accepted Brands. 1. M/s.hindustan Unilever Ltd.2.m/s.itc Ltd,3.m/s.godrej Consumer Products L. 107
83045065-photocopier Paper (xerox Paper) Having Gsm 80 With 80% Brightness In Size 29.7 X 42cms A-3 Size Conforming To Is-14490/1997 With Indian Railway Logo Size 8 Cms X 8 Cms In Centre In Light Blue. 106
8398n1-aukey Usb- C Hub With Hdmi, 4 Usb 3.0 Ports, Type -c Power Delivery Throughput Port For Macbook Pro,dell Xps 13, Google Chromebook And More,(item One Only) Firm~s Offer:- Aukey Usb- C Hub With. 103
83xxns-silk Screen Printing Of Tri Colour Flag Of India With Proper Emblem Of Ashok Chakra As Per India Standard Of Size 450 Mm X 300 Mm With Sericol Make Uv 7 Sunlight Gloss Ink. per Rake Two Nos A. 108
85150940-single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Similar To Skf Nu-311 Ecj Type Size (55 X 120 X 29 ) Mm. Make:a) M/s. Nsk/japan B) M/s.skf/germany/austria C) M/s. Fag/germany/india. 107
86011480-co2 Type Fire Extinguisher Fully Charged Having Capacity Of 02 Kg. Alongwith Valve Duly Tested Isi Marked Swiver Discharged Bend & Elect. Non Couducting Horn Confirming To Is 2878 & Clw Clw/. 101
9898n1-dell Vostro 3268 Sff - I5 7400 - 8gb - 1tb - Dvd - 21.5 Inchs - W10p - 3y - Wifi - Bt Similar Capacity In Hp Or Lenovo. Offer Accepted Make: Hp I5 7400 8 Gb 1 Tb Dvd 21.5 Inchs 3 Years Warranty. 112
A 66 Salzbachtal Bridge Superstructure North. 211
A 92 Renewal Of Superstructure And Bridges. 215
A A To Sena Bhawan, New Delhi Dg 2018-19 Sh Renovation Of Room No 310 In Office Of Acol Sectt At C Wing Sena Bhawan. 118
A Complex Broad-spectrum Mycotoxin Adsorbent For Sows And Piglets Of The Growth Group, Which Includes Various Ingredients: Inorganic Adsorbents, Organic Adsorbents (internal Walls Of The Yeast Culture), Other Auxiliary Additives Are Possible. 179
A Complex Broad-spectrum Mycotoxin Adsorbent For Sows And Piglets Of The Growth Group, Which Includes Various Ingredients: Inorganic Adsorbents, Organic Adsorbents (internal Walls Of The Yeast Culture), Other Auxiliary Additives Are Possible. 164
A Complex Of Works On The Current Repair Of Pitched Roof. 127
A Line For The Production Of Brewed Gingerbread With And Without Filling, Oatmeal Cookies. 115
A Public Concession On The Facilities Of The Aerodrome Of This Town (runways, Hangar And Attached Facilities) In Order To Carry Out The Operation Of The Aerodrome. (the Bidding Period Is Extended Due To The Lack Of Candidates). 131
A R And M O Plw Supply In Nca During 2018 19 Sh Providing Security Arrangements For Watch And Ward Of Division Office And Cpwd Store Ghitorni Store Campus. 119
A Set Of Works On The Certification Of Workplaces On Working Conditions. 260
A. Civil Works As Pump House, R.c.c. O.h.t., Rising Main, Distribution System, Staff Quarter, Ground Water Recharge Related Works B. E M Works As Construction Of Tube Well, Pumping Plant, Chlorinating. 200
A/r And M/o General Pool Residential Accommodation At Tollygunge, Kolkata During 2018-19 Sh: Water Supply, Sanitary Installation For Maintenance Of Building Portation Of Gpra Colony For 600 Nos Of Quarter At Type-ii. A,b,c,d And E Block At Gpra Tollygunge. 138
A/r And M/o Pwd Roads Under Sub Division-2 Of Division C And Nd-roads During 2018-19. Sh_providing Diesel Pumps At Different Locations For Removing Water Logging During Rainy Season. 179
A/r And M/o Pwd Roads Under Sub Division-3 Of Division C And Nd-roads During 2018-19. Sh_providing Diesel Pumps At Different Locations For Removing Water Logging During Rainy Season. 179
A/r And M/o To Cgh At S.m Plot, Phase Ii, Sector Vii, Antop Hill, Mumbai -37 During 2018-19 S.h: Repairs To Main Compound Wall Of Bldg No. 1 To 6 Phase Ii. 131
A/r And M/o To Cgh At S.m. Plot, Phase Ii,sector Vii, Antop Hill, Mumbai-37 During 2018-19 Sh: Repairs To Store Of Cghs Dispensary No. 22. 124
A/r And M/o To Cgh At S.m. Plot, Phase-ii, Sector Vii, Antop Hill, Mumbai-37 During 2018-19 Sh : Arresting Leakage Of Main Supply Water Line In Section A And B Urgent Work. 114
A/r And M/o To Cgh At Spl Kane Nagar, Antop Hill, Mumbai-37, During 2018-19. Sh:arresting Leakage Of Shafts Of Nav Chetana A And B And Acrylic Distempering,. 123
A/r And M/o To Cgh At Spl, Kane Nagar, Sector-v And Vi, Cghs Dispensary No.8, Nirman Sadan, Enquiry Office Building At Sector-i, Antop Hill, Mumbai-37 During 2018-19. Sh: Providing Services Of One Mason With Beldar, One Carpenter With Beldar And Two Belda. 155
A/r And M/o To Cgh At Spl, Kane Nagar, Sector-v And Vi, Kane Nagar, Antop Hill, Mumbai-37, Dg And Fixing Wire Guage Shutters In Windows And Balcony Shutters In Sector-v And Vi. 130
A/r And M/o To Common Wealth Games Village Complex Near Aksardham Temple Delhi Dg. 2018-19 Sh: Internal Finishing For Change Of Occupancy. 115
A/r And M/o To Iti Staff Quarter At Vivek Vihar Delhi. S Head - Structural Strengthening To Slab, Beams And Column Of Various Staff Quarters (t-1/5,6, T-2/11, T-3/1,5,11,28,30,32,42,44 ( Total 11 No. Column 190
A/r And M/o To Supreme Court Of India, New Delhi Dg. 2018-19. Sh: Provision Of Modular Kitchen Cabinets In Judges Pantry And Other Misc. Works. 124
A/r And M/o To Various Roads Under Pwd Division South West Road-i During 2017-18. Sh- Mechanical Desilting Of Storm Water Drain And Sewer Mixed Drain By Super Sucker Machine On Outer Ring Road, Nelson. 192
A/r And M/o Various Roads Under Division Ser-2 Pwd, New Delhi During 2018-19 (sh- Providing And Installation Of Signage Board Under Ser-22). 155
A/r And M/o Various Roads Under Pwd Sub-divn. South Esat Road-14 During 2018-19. (sh- Misc. Work In The Store Of Electrical Wings Pwd Electrical Maintenance Division South East Under Oberoi Flyover, N. 171
A/r And M/o Various Roads Under Sub Division Ser-25 During 2018-19 (sh- Providing Water Lifting Pump For Cleaning Of Monsoon Water). 154
A/r M/o To Western Court Annexe Under S/d-iii Of Pawd-i Dg. 2018-19 Sh : Dry Cleaning And Chemical Cleaning Work. 114
A/r M/o To Western Court Annexe Under S/d-iii Of Pawd-i Dg. 2018-19 Sh : Washing Cleaning And Ironing Of Linen And Liveries. 116
A26,, New Building Bw 8092b, Uf Harzmoorkanal. 104
A9 Dualling Programme: Native Plant Materials Supply. 337
Accessible India Campaign At 112 No. Gpra Qtrs. At Malvani, Malad, Mumbai. Sh: Modification Of G Plus 7, 8 Passenger Kone Make Lifts. 115
Accommodation Services, Meals For Training For First Aid Trainers From 10/06/2018 To 15/06/2018. 121
Accredited Checker Services For Proposed Hawker Centre At Senja Road. 197
Acquisition And Installation Of Secure Structures For Long-term Bicycle Parking. 181
Acquisition And Rental Of Structures And Events Furniture. 158
Acquisition Of 215 Electrocardiography Equipment, Including An Information Management System And Its Maintenance. 105
Acquisition Of 8 Ambulances (type B). 122
Acquisition Of A Tunable Infrared Femtosecond Laser And A Modular Scanning Optical Microscope. 153
Acquisition Of Additional Parts For An Inverted Epifluorescence Microscope. 150
Acquisition Of Advertising Rights In Passenger Air Transport And Other Marketing Actions For The Promotion Of The Image Of The Autonomous Community Of Extremadura. 141
Acquisition Of Application Development Services Of The Information Systems Of The Tax And Customs Authority. 126
Acquisition Of Computers, Monitors And Mobile Devices. 109
Acquisition Of Instrumentation For Medical Microbiology And Laboratory Diagnostics. 233
Acquisition Of Insurance Cover For Hyria Koulutus Oy, Three Purchases. 111
Acquisition Of Medical Equipment In The Framework Of The Project Establishment Of The Center For The Development Of The Center For The Rare Diseases Of Children In Kaunas Medical Clinic, Lsmu Hospital. 102
Acquisition Of Modular And Removable Anti-ram Safety Barriers On Behalf Of The City Of Troyes (france-troyes: Safety Equipment). 130
Acquisition Of Natural Gas - Up To 20 M 3/Ht. 544
Acquisition Of Psychodiagnostic Equipment. 524
Acquisition Of Reagents, Control And Expendable Materials For Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory. 114
Acquisition Of School Supplies And Small Equipment For Manual Activities. 102
Acquisition Of School Supplies. 148
Acquisition Of Trace Card Of Irregular Antibodies In Patients To Proceed To The Adequate Treatment In Both Hospitalized Patients And In Tracing Of Antibodies Of Polyransfunded Donors. 108
Acquisition Of Ventilation Filters For Real Estate. 126
Acquisition, Distribution And Storage Of Preventive And Lubricant Material In 4 Lots, Of The Pavsa Program (health Counseling). 102
Active Studio Subwoofer. 205
Activities For Winter Maintenance Of Municipal Roads In 2018, Including Work To Remove Damage To The Pavement By Filling Cracks And Pouring Holes. 486
Acute Tariff Retainer, Training And Cost. 245
Adaptation Gallery Paradiso/S.martino - Measurement And Monitoring. 135
Addition, Alteration In Existing Office Building At Central Store,gtk Road, Of Firm/agency For Watch And Ward Of Central Store Gtk Road Azadpur. 205
Addition/Upgradation Of Operation Theatre, X-ray Department, Physiotherapy Department And Family Ward And Special Repair/Replacement Of Ht/Lt Underground Cable At Kalimpong Mil Stn Under Ge 867 Ews. 199
Additional Work On Kekri Baghera Road Km 3 To Ekalsingha Road (mining Work). 152
Additional Work On Udaipur - Eklingpura - Umarda - Bagdada Road (km 8/0 - 13/0) (under Mining Area Road). 103
Adf Scanner And Hard Sided Suit Case Details And Specifications As Per Annexure 1 & 2. 175
Adjudication Of The Public Concession Contract Provided For The Exclusive Use Of The Municipal Property Of The Kiosk/Bar Of The "cala Pedrera" Park, For Its Management And Exploitation, As Well As Its Conservation And Maintenance At The Risk And Venture. 131
Adjustment And Adjustment Of The Heating System (hydrotesting, Hydro-washing). 167
Advanced Management Service For The Supply And Billing Of Energy And Drinking Water From Points Of Consumption And Facilities Owned By The Municipality Of Collado Villalba. 128
Aesthetic Improvement Of Jaipur House Occupied By Ngma New Delhi During 2017 18 Sh Water Proofing Treatment Of Level Ii Basement In Jaipur House Specialised Work In Ngma New Delhi Balance Work Recall. 123
Afg Sanitary Engineering. 257
Ag/Police Station Freiberg, Renovation. 293
Air Blower Unit Of Pneumatic Transport Complete With Spare Parts In Accordance With Appendix # 1. 109
Air Blower Unit Of Pneumatic Transport Complete With Spare Parts In Accordance With Appendix # 1. 119
Air Conditioner Spares For Hemm. 131
Air Conditioning Systems Din 18379. 201
Air Crash Fire Tender. 185
Air-conditioning System For Server-based Cit. 106
Alady Anganwadi Construction Ward 11 (mla-sdf)-retender. 143
Alappuzha Municipality Project No.156/2018-19-cleaning Of Drain . 146
Albania : Marginalized Roma Community Still Most Excluded in Albania. 503
Albania,Italy,Switzerland : New Engagement Opportunities for Albanian Diaspora in Italy. 362
Albania,United States : Marginalized Roma Community Still Most Excluded in Albania. 503
Albert Canal - City Of Hasselt: Rebuilding Rail Bridge Kuringen Cutlery Nr. Aak -18 - 1108. 175
Algeria,Belgium : Joint press release on the occasion of the 11th session of the EU-Algeria Association Council. 884
Alienation Through Public Auction Of Asset Assets Located In Avda. Of Truys (trasona). 104
All The Part And Parcel Of Property Admeasuring 1331 Sq. Yds. Situated At Village Seera Ludhiana Vide Vasika No. 3398 Dated 14.05.12. 137
All The Part And Parcel Of Property Admeasuring 175 Sq. Yds. Situated At Link Road Mc No Bc-xxiii-2896 Preet Nagar Near Aman Colony Village Sherpur Kalan Ludhiana Vide Vasika No. 15168 Dated 26.02.08. 155
All The Part And Parcel Of Property Admeasuring 668.45 Sq. Yds. Situated At Plot No. 13 A Village Seera Ludhiana Vide Wasika No. 3399 Dated 14.05.2012. 142
Alpen-adria-universitt Klagenfurt, Renovation Central Tract U. Nordtrakt, 9020 Klagenfurt, Universittsstrae 65-67 - Electrical Installation Work. 101
Alteration/addition Of Deputy Commissioner S Chamber At Car Nicobar Including Iei. Sw: - Alteration/addition Of Deputy Commissioner S Chamber At Car Nicobar. (2nd Call). 187
Alteration/addition Of Deputy Commissioner S Chamber At Car Nicobar Including Iei. Sw: - Alteration/addition Of Deputy Commissioner S Chamber At Car Nicobar. (2nd Call). 191
Aluminised Mylar Film Rolls. 122
Aluminum Alloy Ak12m2. 101
Am And O 2018 19 Sub Station And Dg Sets Including Ups Systems In The Parliament Library Building New Delhi Sh Comprehensive Maintenance Of Peagasus Make Ups. 126
Ambewadgaon Water Supply Scheme Tq Dharur Dist Beed. 135
Amc For Cold Rooms Installed At Nsso Units Of Southern Region. 164
Amc For Extreme Environment Simulation Walk In Chamber. 180
Amc Of Office Furniture Items. 179
Amc Of Photocopy Machine. 183
Amc/fsma Of Photocopier Machines. 181
Ametek Analyzer Spares. 125
Amgros Is A Partnership With The 5 Regions As Stakeholders. In Order To Provide Stakeholders 'hospital Pharmacies With Pharmaceuticals And Individual Stakeholders' Resale To The Faroe Islands And Gr. 388
Amla Water Supply Scheme Tq Dharur Dist Beed. 135
Amo For The Drafting, The Instruction And The Approval With The European Commission Of The Major Projects Feder Electronic Networks With Very High Speed. 133
An International Open International Tender To Promote Suppliers Of Bread Products. 103
Analysis Of Samples Of Agri-food Products Provided By Lda 13. 106
Angola,Switzerland : Safety, respect and dignity for all at work and beyond. 411
Angola,United States : New opportunity for Angolan smallholder farmers to boost food security and be more resilient to climate change. 492
Animation Services Of The Program Escola Destiu 2018, Escola Dhiven 2018-2019 And Escola De Pasqua 2019. 115
Annual Audit Of The Max Planck Society For The Advancement Of Science E. V. For The Years 2019-2022. 527
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance And Security Watch & Ward Of Solar Powered Obstruction Lighting System At Outer Periphery Of Udaipur Airport (2018-19). 145
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance To Otm Accn At Zone D-iii Under Age B/r-i Of Ge (n) Mamun Cantt. 178
Annual Contract For Internal Painting Of Amd Residential Quarters (as And When Vacated) At Hyderabad (a) 16 Residential Flats At Begumpet (b) 106 Residential Quarters At Shyamlal (c) 56 Residential Flat At Dsa, Ameerpet, Hyderabad. 102
Annual Maintenance 2018-maintenance Of Uwss To Piravom- Repairs Of Pipe Lines And Taps For One Year Period In Piravom Municipality (east Central Zones ). 171
Annual Maintenance And Repair Of Electrical Equipment Installed At Government Residential Colony (dalibag, Upper Colony, Lower Colony, J Block, Transit Hostel, Old And New Dalibagh) With Material. 189

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