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Articles from Mena Report (March 15, 2018)

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"environmental Support Services(up Keeping) Of Civil Airport At Bikaner (rajasthan). 172
"felling Of Trees, Milling Of Tree Trunks, Clearing Of Bushes And Cutting Trees In Radolinski Park In Jarocin (accommodation Units: I, Ii, Iii, Iv, V, Vi, Vii, Viii, Ix, X And Xi)". 228
"purchase Of Services For The Maintenance Of Medical Equipment And Medical Devices For The Health Care Institution" 2-nd City Childrens Clinical Hospital ";lot No. 1-maintenance Of X-ray Equipment. 127
"supply Of Scientific Equipment Of Fdm - Plovdiv In Separate Positions". 113
"training In The Conduct Of Professional Interviews". Market In Grouping Of Orders Between Nantes Metropolis, The City Of Nantes And The Esbanm. 108
( poland-gdansk: Hospital Services nd ). 139
(poland-gdynia: Surgical Gloves). 271
) On The Input Envelope Are Invalid. 161
006069 Archibald Primary School Central Heating Works. 249
032 - Girl Work Zwiesel Ev - Replacement Building Education Center - 1171 Painting Work. 164
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel E. V. - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 1061 Estricharbeiten. 144
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel Ev - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 1091 Flooring. 123
032 - Girl~s Work Zwiesel Ev - Replacement Education Center - 1141 Drywall. 142
032 - Mdchenwerk Zwiesel Ev - Ersatzbau Bildungszentrum - 1071 Tile Work. 128
07 Nos Pond Re-excavation Scheme Under "water Preservation And Safe Water Supply Project Through Re-excavation/maintenance Of Ponds/dighi/ditches Owned By Zilla Parishads", Dphe At Mymensingh District Fy-2017-18. 122
1 Mdr 02 To Ganespur Deothana Road 2 Deothana To Tondgaon Road Tq Washim. 121
1 Mdr-19 To Bhuli Road 2 Giroli To Kherda Road 3 Mdr 19 To Amadari Road Tq Manora. 125
1 Msh-12 ( Davha) To Sukanda Road 2 Odr -19 ( Bhoyata) To Mairaldoh Road 3 Mdr-16 ( Dubalwel) To Gunja Road Tq Malegaon. 128
1 Poha To Kisan Nagar Road 2 Hivara Lahe To Aurangpur Road 3 Sh-287 To Walai Road 4 Dhanaj Bk To Bhivari Road Tq Karanja. 132
1 Sh 273 To Kalamba Road Tq. Mangrulpir. 115
1 Sh 51 To Pimpalkhed Road Tq Risod. 115
1 Sh- 289 ( Shivani) To Borva Bk Up To Taluka Border Road 2 Sh- 289 (wada) To Chambhai Road Tq. Mangrulpir. 128
1 Shirpur To Bhera Road 2 Mdr-05 To Shelgaon Khavane Road 3 Mdr-05 To Chivara Road Tq Malegaon. 125
1 Shirputi To Bramha Road 2 Sh 51 (umarala ) To Kolhi Tanda Road 3 Kinkheda To Bhoyata Road Tq Washim. 127
1 Surgical Microscope2 Artificial Cardiopulmonary Machine3 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer4 3d Laparoscope System. 101
1 Waki To Waghola Road 2 Dhotra To Meha Road 3 Sh 273 (bhad Shivani ) To Antarkhed Road 4 Sh 282 To Pimpri Forest Road Tq Karanja. 134
1 Widening And Strengthening Of Deoband Branch Down Patri Road. 123
1) Improvement Of Mdr69 (pusda) Deora Phajlapur Road, Mrl09 2)improvement Of Mdr27 To Thugaon Road, Lr27. 127
1) Improvement Of Sh 47(jarud) Pimpalkhuta Awruli Mrl 06 2) Improvement Of Sh 295(waghal) To Wandali Road, Lr 30. 131
1)improvement Of Msh 14 Malur To Bhulori Hatida Road, Mrl11 2)improvement Of Msh 14 Utawali To Chakarda Road, Tr04. 131
1)improvement Of Sh278 To Rasulpur To Taluka Border Road, Mrl07. 2)improvement Of Sh292 To Boraj Nanori Alipur Road, Mlr04. 131
1-reparing Of Type 11 Nd 4 Nos Residential Building Block Kiratpur. 123
1. Improvement Of Road Odr 199 From Mdr 99 Shelgaon Rui Kalwadi To Nh 9 Tal Indapur. 132
1. Improvement To Msh 12 (chandas) To Nawali Road (tr-18ib) Tq. Risod. 119
10437-e7-0002 Police Center Schwerin Kgr450 - Telecommunications 18e0082s. 213
107 Annual Taoyuan Airport Frontier Service Office Space, Standby Service Room And Care Room Cleaning Maintenance Case. 105
107 Years Old New Store Xikou Bridge To Ann Hang Bridge Section Dredging Project And Do The Sale Of Earth And Stone. 109
107 Years Pingdong County Joint Purchase Case Of Land Boundary Markers In Various Political Offices. 112
107-109-year Consignment Of Special Garbage Bags For Taipei City. 102
107-year Campus Prevention And Treatment Of Dengue Fever And Natural Disasters Emergency Relief And Management Of The Commission Of Drug Control Operators To Carry Out Spraying Work (open Contract) Procurement. 117
107-year European Flower Design Study Accommodation And Meal Purchase Of All Services. 102
107-year Taizhong Daan District Road And Its Ancillary Facilities Improvement Project (unit Price Contract) Open Contract. 101
115.2.3 Junior High School Bad Tlz Energet. Renovation - P3-22 Ventilation. 135
12-place Service In Social And Labor Insertion Homes And Intervention And Prevention Of Upward Intrafamily Violence, Aimed At Minors/Young People Who Are Complying With Judicial Measures. 122
1261.00 - Elevated Platform Laatzen/Endpoint. 253
15 Shiv Mandir/12 Madho Mandir/Panchkoshi Parikrma Ke Approch Road Works. 129
15512e0001 Neubau Konzerthaus, 18d0026 Structural Design Of Buildings And Excavation Pit/Shoring. 254
17-112 Cleaning Of Domestic Furniture And Appliances. 102
1718-0011 Door Entry And Access Control Systems: Testing, Servicing And Repairs. 118
17s0741-mpa2-safb-development Study Deviation Ourton - Divion. Report 150
18022 - Common Road Maintenance In Districts Frdek-mstek, Karvin, Moravskoslezsk Kraj. 177
18m035ao-av/Nf-work Of Small Maintenance And Big Repairs On The Ex-roads Of The Department Of Haute-garonne Years 2018 - 2022. 132
1903/lm - Linen Hire And Laundering Service (acs). 357
1sh 287 To Jamdara Road Tq Manora. 114
2 Widening And Strengthening Of Biralsi To Budhakhera Road. 122
2299-18 Audio Visual Systems Maintenance - Leisure. 101
2299-18 Audio Visual Systems Maintenance - Leisure. 120
250kva Dg Power Supply To Pump And Director Bunglow Feeder, Koyla Nagar. 138
3 Phase Porcelain Bus Bar End Spout Assembly. 132
352 Trading Floor Software. 170
353-1092-001 Flooring Work Bph 2-4. 249
4-year Multi-year Open Contract (2018-2021) For The Purchase And Delivery Of Building Materials For The Maintenance Of Military Buildings In Defense Infields. 134
4-year Multi-year Open Contract (2018-2021) For The Purchase And Delivery Of Construction Materials For The Maintenance Of Military Buildings. 146
405-g55 Interior Plaster Work For The Project Renewal Central Kitchen. 149
44170519/wrp/service And Calibration Of Portable Rae Multi & Single Gas Meters And Maintenance Of Bump Test Stations For All Water Reclamation Plants (wrps). 131
7/2018 Integral Maintenance Service Of Facilities Of The Sevilla Biomedicine Institute (ibis). 112
98.0100sv.17 Development Of The Landscape Catalogs Of The Provinces Of Almera, Cdiz, Crdoba, Huelva And Jan. (5 Lots). 121
984-69 Tile Work, Section B, As Part Of The General Renovation And Extension Of The Central School Building With Outbuildings In Neuendettelsau, Ba Iii General Renovation Of The Central School Building. 126
A 94 Simbach - Pocking (a 3); Section Malching - Kirchham; K 21-2 New Bridge B12 Over A94. 173
A Complex Of Works On Maintenance, Improvement And Mowing Of Weeds In Public Areas And Territories Of Cemeteries;a Complex Of Works On Maintenance And Improvement Of Public Territories And Territories. 107
A Project Designed To Meet The Needs Of, And Build On Opportunities To Engage With, Children And Young People. 193
A R And M O To Major Dhyanchand National Stadium New Delhi During 2017 18 Sh Providing Security Services For Watch And Ward Of Record Lying At Jn Stadium New Delhi. 144
A Residential Building. 132
A-r And M-o To Dsc Line, E And Q Block, Defence Hutments, New Delhi Dg 2017-18 Sh - Renovation And Repair Of Various Platoon Toilet 408,219,241,423,481 And 1183. 145
A/A System 54785/2018, Call 4124/2018, Supply: Kidney Support Devices, For Nn Aitoloakarnania. 234
A/r And M/o 400 Nos. Type-iii M.s Quarters At Dev Nagar, New Delhi During 2017-18. Sh: Repair Of Fallen, Weak And Vulnerable Grit Wash Plaster In F1, F2 Block. 147
A/r And M/o To 400 Nos. Type-iii Multistoried Quarters At Under Sd-vi/cd-iv, Dev Nagar, Karol Bagh, New Delhi During 2017-18. Sh: Internal Finishing Work In 384 Nos. Multistoried Quarters. 147
A96 Park And Choose/Dyce Drive Link Road. 106
Aalen, University Of Applied Sciences, Construction Of Research Buildings For Zimate And Ztn, Electrical Engineering. 262
Aalen, University Of Applied Sciences, New Construction Of Research Buildings For Zimate And Ztn, Sanitary Installation. 285
Accessibility Works For Communal Buildings For The Year 2018. 120
Account Management Service In Social Media. 127
Acid-free Archive Front Flap Boxes. 146
Acquisition And Delivery Of An Electric Vehicle - Rolling Stock For Technical Services. 107
Acquisition And Delivery Of School Supplies For The Municipality Of Bonneuil-sur-marne. 108
Acquisition And Installation Of Icp Type Plasma Etching Equipment. 132
Acquisition And Integration Of A Fleet Management Software Package. 173
Acquisition And Maintenance Of New Multifunction Printers As Well As The Maintenance Of The Existing Stock And Associated Services For The Seine-et-marne Department. 134
Acquisition And Start-up Of Air Conditioning Equipment For Primary Care Centers Of The Health Area Viii - Mar Menor. 106
Acquisition Of 2 Dumpsters Of 26 Tons. 115
Acquisition Of 2 Skips For Waste Collection Equipped With A Crane. 103
Acquisition Of A Dasri Mobile Incinerator For The Wallis Environmental Service. 108
Acquisition Of A Software Solution For Xbrl Transformation Processing. 267
Acquisition Of A Transferable Artificial Intelligence System. 125
Acquisition Of Bronchoscopy And Echocardiography. 109
Acquisition Of Childcare Places In A Collective Multi-reception Facility Located In The Northern Districts Of Dijon. 118
Acquisition Of Container Handling Equipment Of The Reach Stacker Type. 158
Acquisition Of Depressors, Fungible Accessories And Registration Papers For Devices Destined For Primary Health Care Centers Sermas. 133
Acquisition Of Equipment And Furniture Of The Vip Lounges Of Barcelona El Prat Airport. 153
Acquisition Of Equipment For A Volleyball Court (metal Fencing With A Wicket). 239
Acquisition Of G2508 Gas Concentration Analyzer (denmark-copenhagen: Industrial Lasers). 151
Acquisition Of Hard-shell Protection Cases For The Benefit Of The Central Directorate Of Border Police (dcpaf). This Is A National Supply Contract, Referring To The Stipulations Of The General Administrative Clauses Of The Public Supply Contracts. Current. 185
Acquisition Of Insulin Infusion Pumps And Kits Of Consumables Necessary For Use At The University Hospital Of La Paz. 106
Acquisition Of Lc-ms/Ms (liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry/Mass Spectrometry). 130
Acquisition Of New Furniture For All Services. 105
Acquisition Of Preliminary Architectural Designs For The New Care And Education Center In Gerlos, Where A Nursery With Kindergarten And The Elementary School With Gymnasium Should Be Created. 160
Acquisition Of Reagents, Control And Expendable Materials For Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory;reagents For Automatic Glucose Analyzer Ecotwenty. 123
Acquisition Of Soft Drinks. 113
Acquisition Of Supply Of The Necessary Material For The Accomplishment Of Analytical Determinations Of Levels Of Biological Drugs And Antibodies In The Immunology Service. 105
Acquisition Of The Products/Services Integrated In "lot 68 - Software Packages", Classification 48000000-8 Of The Cpv, As Referred To In Commission Regulation (ec) No 213/2008 Of 28 November 2007, Published In The Official Journal Of The European Union. 107
Acquisition Of The Right To Use Microsoft Product Licenses. 125
Acquisition Of The Storage And Virtualization Infrastructure. 107
Acquisition Of Various Material For The Preparation Of Accreditations And Driving Permits. 116
Acquisition Of Vehicles For The Municipal Park And The Ccas. 129
Acquisition, Installation And Commissioning Of A 3d Gated Sted Super Resolution Fluorescence Microscope For The Bioimaging Core Facility Of The Faculty Of Medicine At The University Of Geneva. 101
Adaptation Work Of The Georges Lapierre College Sports Facilities In Lormont. 107
Adaptor, Collar Stud, Packing Gland Stud. 102
Addition And Alteration To Develop Various Facilities I.e Labs, Blood Collection And X-ray Registration Etc In Newly Constructed Opd Block In Crhsp Ballabgarh Of Aiims. 102
Additional Work For Road Safety On Ar Biharipura Km. 0.00 To 2.00. 102
Additional Work For Road Safety On Mozmabad To Gangati Kalan Km 0/00 To 9/100. 104
Addtional Work For Road Safety On Jawali Main Road To Govindpura Via Remand Gurjar Ki Dhani. 104
Adhigam Pratifal Booklet For Class-i To V. 132
Adhigam Pratifal Booklet For Class-i To Viii. 131
Adhigam Pratifal Booklet For Class-vi To Viii. 131
Adhigam Pratifal Leaflets Folder For Class-i To Viii. 134
Adhigam Pratifal Poster For Class-vi To Viii 18 Items Of Poster. 135
Adhigam Pratifal Poster For Class_i To V 23 Items Of Poster. 138
Adjustment Of The Band Emergency Stop (bau) Between Bel Air And Camberley In Favor Of Public Transport - Preliminary Studies - 03 Batches. 230
Administrative And Economic Audit Services For The Years 2018-2021. 158
Administrative Concession, Through Competitive Concurrence, Of The Temporary Occupation Of Spaces For The Exploitation And Management Of Car Parks At The General University Hospital Santa Luca De Car. 118
Administrative Supplies Market (france-frontignan: Office Supplies). 114
Adult Education - Information Sharing Event. 161
Advanced Digital Photography Course. 178
Advice, Issue Reporting & Eligibility. 178
Afghanistan : Deputy Foreign Minister Meets ADB Country Director for Afghanistan. 153
Afghanistan : Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Finnish Ambassador to Kabul. 180
Afghanistan : MoFAs Launch of Planting Trees Activity on the Eve of Spring and New Year. 152
Agreement And Ftv Elecplus Application Support For The 2019-2022 Elections. 122
Ahs5312 Antill Road, Meaningful Activities Support For Adults With Learning Disability. 172
Ahs5312 Antill Road, Meaningful Activities Support For Adults With Learning Disability. 436
Air Conditioning Engineering. 121
Alexander Von Humboldtschule, Viernheim, Redevelopment Administration, Foyer And Auditorium As Well As Extension, Planning Services For The Technical Building Equipment. 423
Algiers - Mission To Diagnose The Fire Detection Systems Of The Real Estate Assets Of The French Embassy In Algeria. 204
Alteration Renovation Work In The Office Of The Secretary He M/o Hrd, Room No127 And 128 C Wing Shastri Bhawan New Delhi During 2017 18. 116
Alterations And Extensions To Andresna House. 120
Aluminium Bus Bar 50 Mm X 10 Mm (2" X 3/8"). 136
Aluminum-glass Elements. 113
Amount Reserved For Emergency Works To Ward No.52. 109
An Explanation Of How To Repair Dwellings In Ara Homes And Homes For The Elderly Communities As Accessible And Suitable For Older People~~s Housing Needs. 259
Analysis, Development And Implementation Of A Software Platform For The Management Of Scientific Laboratory Equipment. 116
Animation Of Diploma Courses For The Needs Of Cmar Paca. 103
Announcement Of The Hospital Clnic De Barcelona About The Announcement Of The Contract For The Supply Of Equipment For The Preparation And Administration Of Cytostatic Drugs. 124
Annual Cleaning And Maintance Of Toilet At Sisf, Irb And Site Office For A Period Of One Year Under Amrapali Project Of M-a Area. 139
Annual Cleaning Of W/b No.07 At Kundi Of Magadh Ocp Under Of M-a Area. 131
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Window Type A/cs, Split Type A/cs & Water Coolers For The Year 2017-19 At Gaya Airport, Gaya. 109
Annual Job Contract For Providing 4 Entry Operators Under Skilled Category At Visakhapatnam Airport, Visakhapatnam. 115
Annual Maintenance And Operation Contract Of Sewage Treatment Plant At Goa Airport For The Year 2018-2020. 107
Annual Maintenance And Operation Of Ro Plant At Sanchar Path C- Scheme Colony, Jaipur For The Year 2018-19 For Twelve Months.(2nd Call). 216
Annual Maintenance Contract (civil Works) Of Terminal Building At Imphal Airport. 111
Annual Maintenance Contract For Civil Works In Terminal-01, Residential Colony, Cisf Campus Bambala And Outer Marker At Chatarpura At Ca Jaipur During The Year 2018-19. 138
Annual Maintenance Contract For Environmental Support Services (up-keeping) Of Airports Authority Of India (aai) Staff Residential Colony. 131
Annual Maintenance Contract For Horticulture Works At Corporate Office. 120
Annual Maintenance Contract For Ups. 138
Annual Maintenance Of Street Lights & Other Electrical Distribution System And Accessories At J.p. Nagar 8th Phase 1" & A Block, 2nd Block, 3rd Block & Ews Block, J.p. Nagar 9th Phase, 2,3, 4,4a, 5 & 5a Block And 1,7 & 7a Block For The Year 2017-18. 112
Annual Maintenance Rate Contract Of Civil Works For Ntb, Mt Pool, Operational Area, Fstc Narayanpur, Outer Markers And Behala Airport For The Year 2018-20 At Nscbi Airport, Kolkata. 144
Annual Maintenance Rate Contract Of Civil Works For Residential Area For The Period Of 2018-20 At Nscbi Airport, Kolkata. 121
Annual Maintenence Contract For Wog Terminal Automation. 143
Annual Operation & Maintenance Contract For The E&m Installations At C.e. Bhuj For The Year 2018-2020. 116
Annual Repair & Maintenance Operation To Non Residential Buildings Under A.g. Office Sewa Kendra At Janpath, Jaipur During 2018 19 Jurisdiction Of A.g. Office, Income Tax And Central Excise Office Buildings. 123
Annual Repair & Maintenance Operation To Office Buildings Of Narcotics Central Revenue Office Cpwd Metrological Department And Residential Buildings Of Central Excise Income-tax Metrological Narcotics And Cpwd Department At Kota Rajasthan And Income Tax O. 131
Annual Repairing And Maintenance At The Office Of Obd Coal Controllers Organisation Dhansar Dhanbad. 139
Annual Repairs Maintenance Of Sqrts. And T.e. Building At Bsnl Compound, Daund, Dist. Pune -sh Chajja Replacement,duct Plaster And Repairs To Colums And Beams ,repairs And Painting And Reconsrution Of Collapsed Compound Wall At Daund Pune. 207
Annual Running And Maintenance Of Ac Plant At New Campus Pusa New Delhi Sh - Supply And Charging Of Gas. 140
Aoo Cvit 18s0135 - Ring Road South Of Arras - Construction Of The Oa N 3 On The Crinchon In Agny - Revival After Declaration Without Continuation. 142
Apgenco-entrusting Of Driving Work And Daiy Routine Maintenance Work On Departmental Vehicles At Vidyuth Soudha,vijayawada/hyderabad From 01-04-2018 To 31-03-2019. 154
Apgenco-srb-supply Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings To Imo Make Olu Pumps At Srisailam Right Bank. 152
Apgenco-srb-supply Of Paints To Srisailam Right Bank. 144
Apgenco-srb-supply Of T & P Items To Srisailam Right Bank. 148
Ar And Mo To Ayurvedic Hospital And Cghs Wc Aliganj New Delhi Sh Improvement Of Gents And Ladies Toilet Replacement Of Old Drainage Pipe In Shaft And Outer Wall Cleaning Of Exiting Sewerage And Drainage Manholes And Pipes Etc. 149
Ar And Mo To Gobs Class Abc And Srt Qtrs Under 1i Sub Division Dg 2017 18 Sh Attending Day To Day Complaints Of Mason Carpentry Sewerman Plumbing And Painting Etc. 151
Ar And Mo To Residential And Non Residential Building Of Arc And Air Field Special Group And Pts Campus At Sarsawa Dg 2018 19 Sh Providing Labour For Day To Day Maintenance Work. 149
Ar And Mo To Residential And Non Residential Iced Building For Cag At Kant Kalwar Jaipur During 2018 2019. 134
Ar Mo To Gpo Building At Sanjay Place Agra During 2017 18 Sh Misc Work. 123
Architectural And Engineering Service By Facultative Team For The Drafting Of The Project And Management Of The Construction Works Of The New Judicial Headquarters Of Alzira. 133
Architectural, Construction, Engineering And Inspection Services . 145
Armenia : Edward Nalbandian met with Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Denmark. 171
Armenia : Foreign Minister of Armenia met with Minister for Culture of Denmark. 124
Armenia : Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Denmark. 296
Armo Civil Works At Coimbatore International Airport 2018 19 And 2019 20 Sh Annual Maintenance Contract For Residential Area, Car Parking, Approach Road And City Side Areas. 129
Armo Ei And Fans Including Compound Light Pump Set Dg Set For Income Tax Building Jammu Sh Providing Services Of Experienced Person Having Accounts And Establishment Work In Cpwd. 152
Armo Ei And Fans, Pump Sets, Substation, Lifts Dg Set, Fffa And Pa System And Ac Plant At Cag Building, New Delhi. Sh- Repairing Of Chilled Water, Condenser Water Pumps And Cooling Tower And Ahu. 150
Armo Electrical Works At Nfai Pune For 2017-18 Sub Head: Providing Ups Plug Points For Rfid At Nfai Phase-ii Pune. 138
Armo Of E And M Install. At Cat Allahabad. Sh Operation Of Dg Sets, Package A. C. Plant, Comprehensive Maintenance Of The Air-conditioning System, Water Cooler, Water Purifier And Other Electrical Works At Cat, Allahabad. 142
Armo Works Of Eandm Installations At Madurai Airport During 2018-19 Sh Comprehensive Maintenance Of Unitary Air Conditioners, Water Coolers, Ro Plant And Water Dispensers At Madurai Airport. 145
Arranging Power Supply To 10 Nos Domestic Lighting Installation In Machnaikanahalli Kavalu In O&m-2 Section Of Channagiri Sub-division On Percentage Labour Contract Basis. 126
Arranging Power Supply To An Extent Of 66hp To Stone Crusher Installation In The Name Of Sri.g. Veerashekarappa In Hattihalli Village In Honnali Sub-division.on Percentage Labour Contract Basis. 130
Asbestos And Lead Diagnostic Market - Port Saint-louis Du Rhne (3 Residences - 557 Dwellings). 125
Asbestos Removal As Part Of The Rehabilitation Of The Administrative Building Of The Metzopolis Water Authority. 111
Asbestos Training Course. 112
Asklepios Klinikum Uckermark-schwedt _ Pharmacy/Cytolab/Warehouse - Lot 01 Demolition Work. 196
Asphalting Of Road From D-341 To D-481 Nehru Nagar W-29 ,z-18. Sixth Call. 122
Asphalting Of Road From Gupta Tailor To Lokesh Dubey House Ward 15 Zone 4. 122
Asphalting To Roads At Srigandhanagara & Gajana Nagara, Sanjeevini Nagara 1st, 2nd Stage & Hoysala Nagara Sunkadakatte In Ward No. 71, Dasarahalli Sub-division Package No. Dz 2017-18-(3) (4-works). 106
Assessment Of The Cost Of Providing Wholesale Voice Call Termination Services On Fixed Networks In The Eu/eea Countries. 237
Assignment For The Provision Of Cleaning Services And Other Facility Services. 189
Assistance Fire Fighting Vehicle Hlf10 According To Din 14530-26 And Din 1846-2 (elvis Id No. E84297537). 210
Assistance Mission To The Mounting Operation For Updating The Development Plan Of The Pont Du Gard Site. 114
Assistance Services, Advice And Expertise, And Support For Change. 116
Assistance To Project Management On The New Organization Of Departmental Tourist Engineering. 203
Atdo Optimization Of Efficiency And Reduction Of Losses In The Regulatory Deposits Of Huelva. 109
Atdo. Expansion Of The Capacity Of The Siphon 8 Of The Stones Channel In Huelva. 117
Atomic Force Microscope. 132
Audit And Consultancy Mission To Define The Reconstruction Program For The Two Sites Of The Lys Hyrme Intercommunal Hospital Center. 129
Audit Of Individual And Consolidated Financial Statements Of Enbw Energie Baden-wrttemberg Ag And Of Certain Individual Financial Statements For The Financial Years 2019-2023 With Option To Extend Them By 2 Years. 167
Audit, Maintenance And Extension Of Vdi Cabling. 126
Audits Of Organizations Subsidized By The Department. 104
Australia : 24 Additional CCTV Cameras to Keep Communities Safer. 391
Australia : A Year On, Homes For Victorians Is Making Things Fair. 345
Australia : ABC Launches Caroline Jones Scholarship. 280
Australia : Aged care development to boost housing diversity in Claremont. 396
Australia : Alan Tudge And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 363
Australia : Andrew Broad And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 364
Australia : ANSTO Minerals to present at ALTA 2018. 272
Australia : Asean-australia Special Summit to Enhance Regional Security and Prosperity. 335
Australia : Attorney General announces appointment of new regional magistrate. 318
Australia : Attorney General to officially open new CCC Northbridge office today. 333
Australia : AWB amends contract terms following ACCC concern. 266
Australia : Beware bitcoin tax scammers. 440
Australia : Bigger Trains Deliver Morwell Jobs. 376
Australia : Breaking Open the Science of Helmet Ballistic Protection. 305
Australia : Broadbent, Chester And Turnbull Government Betray Victoria. 374
Australia : Celebrating cultural diversity in Western Australia. 274
Australia : Chris Crewther And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 359
Australia : Crocodile removed from Cooktowns Endeavour River. 271
Australia : Damian Drum And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 364
Australia : Dan Tehan And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Western Victoria. 395
Australia : Dedicated jobs taskforce set to turn WA into a global LNG hub. 312
Australia : Delivering Work For More Than 5,000 Long-Term Jobseekers. 259
Australia : Domestic violence victims to receive more support in Far North Queensland. 312
Australia : Engineering paves the way to jobs. 363
Australia : Grants supporting ex-service organisations now open for applications. 199
Australia : Greg Hunt And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 361
Australia : Half A Billion Dollar Gippsland Line Upgrade Kicks Off. 458
Australia : Helping Ballarat Manufacturers Grow And Create Jobs. 373
Australia : Helping Protect Victorias Biodiversity. 184
Australia : Housing Summit. 125
Australia : International Visitor Survey supports Turbocharging Tourism Plan. 642
Australia : Jason Wood And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 361
Australia : Johnson & Johnson partners with Monash University on medtech commercialisation. 166
Australia : Julia Banks And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 370
Australia : Kevin Andrews And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 364
Australia : Laws to suspend individual councillors introduced to Parliament. 326
Australia : Malcolm Turnbull Betrays Regional Victoria. 381
Australia : Malcolm Turnbull Betrays Victoria, Sends Jobs To Queensland. 341
Australia : Medical research to uncover better treatment for Indigenous Australians. 316
Australia : Melbourne Dog Caf A Paw-fect Chance To Adopt. 397
Australia : Michael Sukkar And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Victoria. 361
Australia : More Support For Gippsland Passengers. 386
Australia : Multi-million dollar intersection upgrade underway in Hervey Bay. 304
Australia : New Chair of the Defence Reserves Support Council Victoria appointed. 208
Australia : New Fire Station For Ararat. 303
Australia : New Vehicles to Protect Our Troops and Create 1450 Jobs. 415
Australia : New, comprehensive voice for aged care skills and workforce planning. 369
Australia : Prime Minister, Minister for Defence Industry and Minister for Defence - New Vehicles to protect our troops and create 1450 jobs. 415
Australia : Ready Reserves now working in flood-affected areas of Innisfail. 364
Australia : Redbank lands centre of military excellence. 459
Australia : Sarah Henderson And Malcolm Turnbull Betray Geelong. 429
Australia : Skilling Australians Fund needed to drive apprenticeship growth. 303
Australia : Treasurer congratulates new WA Auditor General. 216
Australia,Germany : German energy company to spend 400 million developing NSW solar projects. 217
Austria : OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe holds roundtable discussion on the role of men to support the advancement of women. Discussion 176
Austria : OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine supports survey on anti-corruption reform in Ukraine. 185
Austria,Bosnia and Herzegovina : OSCE presents wining theatrical performances on countering violent ex-tremism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 349
Austria,Czech Republic : FReM II Training for Forced-Return Monitors in Prague. 376
Austria,Nicaragua : OFID helps Banco LAFISE Bancentro to support SMEs in Nicaragua. 278
Austria,Slovakia : Slovakia concludes its Chairmanship of the OSCE Forum for Security Co-operation. 441
Austria,Ukraine : Press Statement of Special Representative of OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Sajdik after Meeting of Trilateral Contact Group on 14 March 2018. 508
Automatic Clinical Grade Hematologic Analyzer. 123
Autonomous Solar Street Lighting In Rural Areas Of The Island Of Fuerteventura. 112
Auunal Maintenance Contract For Desktop Pcs And Printers. 150
Av18/016 - Insurance Of The Works Presented At The Fesch Palace During The Temporary Exhibition Meetings In Venice: Foreigners And Venetians In Painting In The 17th Century. 180
Avaya Platform Monitoring And Maintenance. 154
Awarding Of A Contract For Lunches For School Pupils In The Rhein-hunsrck District. 169
Azerbaijan : "Gabala pilot project" continues. 220
Azerbaijan : 6th Global Baku forum kicks off, President Ilham Aliyev attends opening ceremony. 258
Azerbaijan : A meeting was held at the State Agency for Housing Construction for youth organizations. 308
Azerbaijan : A meeting was held with the poet Ibrahim Ilyasli in the Central Library named after S.Vurgun on the initiative of Sumgayit Regional Culture and Tourism Department. 166
Azerbaijan : An event dedicated to the successful implementation of tele-magazine was held. 576
Azerbaijan : An event titled "Travel to Azerbaijan" was held in Narimanov district on the occasion of Novruz Holiday. 383
Azerbaijan : Azerbaijan is represented at the international conference of the European Spa Association (ESPA). Conference news 267
Azerbaijan : Azerbaijan's minister of energy attends first AKH Impuls. 297
Azerbaijan : Azerbaijan, Iran discuss prospects for strengthening cooperation in oil and gas industry. 170
Azerbaijan : Baku to host 1st donor coordination meeting. 189
Azerbaijan : Baku to host Caspian Agro 2018 exhibition. 434
Azerbaijan : Bilasuvar Regional Culture and Tourism Department staff visited Cocuq Mehcanli settlement. 251
Azerbaijan : Culture and Tourism Minister Abulfas Garayev met with the director of Musei Reali di Torino Museum. 199
Azerbaijan : Culture and Tourism Minister met with citizens in Naftalan. 376
Azerbaijan : Expansion of Azerbaijani-Iranian relations was discussed. 620
Azerbaijan : Five more residents will start operating at Balakhani Industrial Park. 672
Azerbaijan : Minister Abulfas Garayev met with Honorary Consul of Germany in Germany Otto Hauser. 314

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