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Articles from Mena Report (June 29, 2018)

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- Barnwood Park Arts College To Minsterworth. 101
- Ruardean C And I Centre To Blakeney. 103
: Accommodation Of Police Stations And Offices Of The Thuringian Ministry Of Interior And Municipal Affairs In Erfurt Kranichfelder Strae 1 Signage. 111
: Dynamic Purchasing System For Computer Technology 2018 -2022. 114
: Rewiring And Proviidng Led Fittings And Fans In First And Second Floor At Csc Block At Mattanchery. 122
: Secondary Garden And Technical Litomyl - Supply Of Aquariums And Terrariums. 518
006226 Dbs Online Checking System. 103
1 X 322msq Asd Unit And 1 X 35msq Staffroom. 132
1) Saska From Priest Stoszki Is Basket, 2. Kamienskiego On The Section From Ulszowicka To Malborska, Northern Roadway, 3. Dlugosza From The Rotmanski Bridge From Kalwaryjska. 293
1. Moei And Fans Including Rmo Pump Sets, D.g. Sets, Lifts, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting System For 96 Nos. Single And Double Suits At 7, Marlin Park, Services Of Running And Operat. 221
1. Rmo Ptac Plants Belonging To Cao-q3, Mod Cent. Sectt. Bldg. South Block, New Delhi. 2. Rmo Ptac Plants Belonging To Mea Central Sectt. Bldg. South Block, New Delhi. 3. Rmo Ptac Plants Belonging To. 178
1/Dlii5/Iv248 - 1 Ea Four-wheel Tractor. 108
1010 Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna - Lg39 Drywall. 207
1020 Vienna, Kleine Sperlgasse 4, Bg + Brg Extension And Refurbishment, Aluminum Windows/Post-and-beam Aluminum Facades. 140
1020 Vienna, Kleine Sperlgasse 4, Bg + Brg, Extension And Refurbishment - Window Made Of Wood-aluminum. 128
1020 Wien, Kleine Sperlgasse 4, Bg + Brg, Extension And Refurbishment, Tubular Frame Elements. 107
10381-e7-0002 State Office For Culture And Heritage Mv Kke922 Fahrregale Kunstdepot. 150
10594 Lamont Hall Led Lighting Upgrade At Hmp Shotts. 122
107-s Carpentry - Extension And Renovation Of The Wolfgang Kubelka Secondary School In Schondorf Am Ammersee. 160
108-cs Spengler And Sealing Work - Extension And Renovation Of The Wolfgang Kubelka Secondary School In Schondorf Am Ammersee (germany-landsberg Am Lech: Construction Work For School Buildings). 169
10x70 Mm Fingers, L=3800mm. 101
112-s Metalworking - Extension And Renovation Of The Wolfgang Kubelka Secondary School In Schondorf Am Ammersee. 158
11kv, 250mva, Indoor F/m, L/b, Non-trip, Vcb,11kv, 250mva, Indoor F/m, F/b, Vcb,11kv, 250mva, Indoor F/m, L/b, Bus-coupler, Vcb,11kv, 250mva, Indoor F/m, F/b, Metering Vcb. 387
12375/950 Blr1,2-18 Supply Of Equipment For The Laboratory For The Type Of Fluke For Buildings 10ucb, 20ucb, 20uka Of Power Units No. 1, No. 2 Of The Belarusian Npp. 152
1402 Zentralbibliothek Zrich Renovation Of The Administration Wing, Zurich. 101
16-inch Paradise Valley Zone 3c Improvements Construction Manager At Risk Project. 209
18.04.06 - Landscaping Of Quays And Banks Of The Dordogne/Isle Confluence Including Lot 6 (playgrounds). 128
2 Low-floor/Low-entry Bus With A Length Of Approx. 12 M. 240
2 St. Niederflursolobusse 12 M With Electric Drive. 159
2-way Mobile Tower. 154
2012/01-10 4th Ba - Extension West, Lv 365.1 Elast. Flooring, Textile. 102
2018 Coru Physiotherapist Aptitude Tests And Assessments Of Professional Competence Services. 212
2018 Kirkstall Valley Primary School Kitchen Ventilation. 104
2018/039432. Supply Of Exclusive Medicines: Cetuximab 100mg/Injectableiv-capacity: 20 For The Centers Of The Pls. 109
20319-e9-0001 University Medical Center Rostock-neubau Biomedicum Ve4.11 Conveyors. 101
24 Core Risc Based Server. 183
244 MW Dolores wind farm. 144
27/06/2018 - Alarm Kit Stores - Iwe. 101
2702 M And R To Removing And Fixing Ms Needle To Navadane, Bhadane, Kasare Nandwan Kt Tal Sakri Dist Dhule. 162
2985-2018 Nefrologia; Process; Hemodilisis -cdigo 710020 - (services For Patients Of The South Region Of The Department Of Guatemala). 116
2990-2018 Nefrologia; Process; Hemodilisis -cdigo 710020 - (services For Patients Of The South Region Of The Department Of Guatemala). 116
3. Ba Ludlstrae, Sanitary Facilities. 255
30082-e7-0003 New Research Cluster Iiia Advanced Structural Work 18e0142k. 185
30082-e7-0003 New Research Cluster Iiia Roof Sealing Work. 109
30082-e7-0003 New Research Cluster. 145
3066-2018 Nefrology; Process; Hemodialysis -code 710020 - (services For Patients Of The Department Of Jutiapa To Be Provided In The Department Of Santa Rosa According To Amparo No.01215-2018-00554). 112
3d Scanner,printer And Designer. 106
40 Meuse. Maintenance Of Green Spaces Between Wanze-huy And Flmalle. 195
41004-e2-0014 Installation Geb.2 For Sanustgz And Versz Power Installations. 112
4200140509 Framework Agreement For The Provision Of Electrotechnical Services - Wien Energie Gmbh. 135
4th Individual Tender For The Award Of Transport Services For Primary And Secondary Education Students Of The Northern Athens Area Of the Attica Region, For The School Year 2018 - 2019. Ii.2) Type Of Contract And Location Of Works Services Ii.3) Short D. 264
4th Individual Tender For The Award Of Transport Services For Primary And Secondary Education Students Western Attica, Attica, For The School Year 2018 - 2019. Ii.2) Type Of Contract And Location Of Works Services Ii.3) Short Description Of The Contract:. 231
4th Partial Competition Of The Hellenic Petroleum Association, Within The Framework Of The Implementation Of The Das, For The Award Of Services For The Transport Of Pupils Of Primary And Secondary Education Of The Region Of Attica, For The School Year 201. 291
628_19 Cctv, Video Surveillance, Access Control And Intruder Detection Systems. 112
6350 Properties Ksw, Cantonal Hospital Winterthur, Hospital Building, Skyscraper, Brauerstrae 15, 8400 Winterthur, 20251.10, Replacement Skyscraper, Skp 233-08 Linear Profiles Lot 3, Subprojects: Egt, Bhh. 122
70460 Home To School Transport, Additional Bus Runs For The Education Authority (armagh Office). 118
710/2018 Foster Care Recruitment Service. 103
81224882-development Of Wetland Management Plans For 3 Wetland Landscapes. 102
8138 E8 Addn Altn And Certain Repairs Of Toilet And Washroom At Fmu Bldg Electrical Fitting And Allied Works At Wrstg Mb P 49 Fmu Building Addn Altn To Room No 103 Of Weapons Acceptance Trial Team Fir. 103
A Diplomatic Edition of Mishna-Codex Kaufmann (A50). 514
A Dynamic System Providing 6 Degrees Of Freedom (hexapod) And Modeling Oscillatory Processes Is Analogous To The Mistral 600 Stand (symetrie). 117
A Framework Agreement To Supply Electrical Consumable Goods In Two Lots For Training Apprentice Electricians. 137
A Multi-year Market (2019 - 2020) With A Price Schedule Relating To The Delivery Of Dry Food And Frozen Products To The Defense Restoration Services. 153
A Paper Bag For Packing Flour With A Weight Of 2 Kg. Flour 54-28 2 Kg. - 150,000 Pieces; Flour 54-25 2 Kg. - 300 000 Pieces; Flour 1c 2 Kg - 100 000 Pcs. Paper With A Density Of At Least 90 G/M. Sq. 116
A Set Of Gps Satellite Equipment With Characteristics And In Volume According To The Terms Of Reference (appendix 1). 110
A Specialized System Unit In Fanless Design With A Fiscal Registrar For The Creation Of A Pos System Based On 1c Enterprise Version 8. 3. 9. 22. 33 With The Cp Belarusian Pharmacy Odo Economics-soft. 113
A/r & M/o Rural Road Under Sub-division No. Iii During 2018-19 Sub-head:- Construction Of Rcc Retaining Wall (3 Mtr Height) To Protect Approach Road And Helipad At Chidiyatapu . 181
A/r And M/o And S/r To Non-residential And Residential Central Excise Building In Central Excise Campus, Chennai-34, During 2018-19. Sh: Maintenance And Upkeep Of All Internal And External Assets, Int. 174
A/r And M/o And S/r To Non-residential Income Tax Building In Ito Campus, Chennai-34, During 2018-19. Sh: Maintenance And Upkeep Of All Internal And External Assets, Internal Painting Of Officers Room. 180
A/r And M/o To Vayu Bhawan During 2018-19 New Delhi Sh Providing Of Soap Dispenser In All The Toilets In Vayu Bhawan. 140
A/r And M/o To Vayu Bhawan New Delhi During 2018-19 Sh P/f Informatory Sign Board And Buffing Of Air Force Crest. 140
A44 Route 3. Ba With Tunnel Boyneburg And Bw. 102
Aapc Renewal Network Water Supply Drinking Water Balm. 130
Abbreviated Simplified Open Procedure (article 159.6 Of Law 9/2017, November 8, On Contracts Of The Public Sector, For Contracting The Provision Of Computer Services Associated With The Umbrella Insights Platform For Secure Access To The Cloud By Part Of. 156
Abs Berlin-dresden, Continuation 1st Bs Pa 8 - Preparation Ibn Approval With 200 Km/H, Part Of Railway Body, Dam Widening. 355
Abs/Nbs Hamburg-bremen-hannover, 3d Visualization In The Area Ashausen - Lneburg - Uelzen - Celle. 248
Accompaniment Mission To Draw Up A Diagnosis Of Attractiveness And A Shared Economic Marketing Action Plan For The Bergerac Territory And Downtown Bergerac. 115
Accompaniment Of Projects For The Development Of Outpatient Activity. 104
Accompaniment Of The Pupils Of The Injs By Public Transport On The Paris Network. 184
Acquiring All-season Chemicals. 121
Acquisition And Assembly Of An Advanced Plastination Unit. Lot 1: Containers, Vacuum Chamber, Special Band Saw, Control Unit And Freezers For The Plastination Technique, Lot 2: Vacuum Pumps For Plastination Techniques. Lot 3: Ultra Freezer - 86 C For Fin. 143
Acquisition And Delivery Of School Books, Teaching Media And Other Books For City Schools. 245
Acquisition And Maintenance Of A New Black And White Laser Digital Press And Its Computer Solution With Recovery Of Old Equipment. 165
Acquisition And Recycling Of Green Waste From 1.6.2019 To 31.5.2021. 141
Acquisition Mini Excavators And Trailers. 106
Acquisition Of 75 Refactions Including 1 Manjar And 75 Lunches Including: Baked Chicken, Rice, Russian Salad 1 Water In Glass Bottle And 3 Tortillas, To Offer At Community Meeting On June 28, 2018 In. 109
Acquisition Of A Central Front-end Mower For The Georges Mazurelle Hospital On La Roche Sur Yon, A Party Owned By The Ght Vende. 121
Acquisition Of A New Bucket Truck. 102
Acquisition Of A Newborn Manikin For The Presage Health Simulation Center At The Faculty Of Medicine At The University Of Lille. 112
Acquisition Of A Raman Confocal Microscopy System. 143
Acquisition Of A Scanner. 166
Acquisition Of A System That Allows The Updating Of Geographic And Alphanumeric Information, Of The Parks And Beaches Managed By The Metropolitan Area Of Barcelona. This Contract Covers The Development Of The System To Provide, The Installation And Config. 148
Acquisition Of A Truck For The Provision Of Services Of The Municipality, As The One We Have Is In Poor Condition, Having Constant Breakdowns, Whose Repairs Are Of High Amounts And, Due To The Same, Have To Postpone Services During The Repair Period Of Sa. 137
Acquisition Of Ampiroll Garbage Trucks And Waste Trucks For Waste Management. 110
Acquisition Of Data Center Equipment, Acquisition Of Software And Software Licenses And Associated Services For The Departmental Council Of The Hrault. 122
Acquisition Of Data Center Equipment, Acquisition Of Software And Software Licenses And Related Services For The Departmental Council Of Hrault. 126
Acquisition Of Equipment For The Prototyping Laboratory Of The Marseille-mediterranean Higher School Of Art And Design (esadmm) And Associated Services. 109
Acquisition Of Equipment For The Surgical Unit At The Severo Ochoa University Hospital. 114
Acquisition Of Games, Toys And Supplies For Manual Activities In 2019 (2020 And 2021. 110
Acquisition Of Ict Expert Services. 176
Acquisition Of Medical Supplies And Consumables For Departmental Ultrasound Scanners. 2 Lots. 107
Acquisition Of Medicines For The Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis At The University Hospital Severo Ochoa. 112
Acquisition Of Mini Excavators And Trailers And Renewal Of The Sddea~s Management Fleet. 134
Acquisition Of Negative Gram Sensitivity Tests To Be Used In External Consultation, Emergency, Intermediate And Intensive Of This Hospital Centerrequest For Order No. 275-2018. 106
Acquisition Of Ninety And Nine Thousand Nine Hundred And Ninety-nine (99,999) Eggs, For The Preparation Of Food For The Personnel Of The Body Of Engineers Of The Army "tcifva". 103
Acquisition, Installation And Maintenance Of An Intrusion Alert System In Municipal Buildings. 228
Actuator Spare Parts. 170
Adaptation, Provision And Management Of Parking Areas And Traffic In The Festival "musicians In Nature". 110
Added Supply Of Hearing Implants For Ics Centers And Adhered Centers: Gesti Serveis Sanitaris (hospital Universitari De Santa Maria) And Hospital De La Cerdanya. 136
Added Supply Of Mattresses And Pillows For The Ics Centers. 120
Additional Content For The Digital Library Framework Agreement. 146
Additional/alternation Of E.i. Accessories Like Dp Mcb, Ltug Cable, Garden Light Fitting Etc. At Spm, Colony, Hoshangabad In Connection With Rmo Electrical Sub-station At Security Paper Mill, Hoshangabad. During The Year 2018-19. 119
Adjustment Of Design Estimates For The Facility: Overhaul Of The Overpass Through The Railway Tracks Along Mira Avenue In Mogilev. 121
Administration And Financial Inspection Services Of Hamina City And The Group~~s Subsidiaries. 444
Administration Service Of The Base Systems Of The Diputacin De Barcelona. 112
Administrative And Educational Management Service Of The Municipal School Of Music "miguel Arnaudas" Of Alagn. 108
Advanced seismic instruments for challenging environments: road testing UK technology to unravel earthquake hazard and tectonics in North Borneo. 323
Af-8600-17-001_bis The Provision Of Sports Equipment For The Sports Site De Pluimen In Diksmuide. 134
Agency-dl In Advertising/Graphics 2019-2020. 121
Agricultural Right Raxaul Airfield Plot- I. 110
Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Foundational and Applied Science Program. 192
Air Cleaners. 225
Air Conditioner. 137
Air Conditioning Work In Connection With Renovation Of Room No 217 D Wing Under The Ministry Of Tribal Affairs At Shastri Bhawan New Delhi. 114
Aircraft Recovery Course. Airport Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas. 104
Airfield Laupheim - Gbm - Construction Of A Washing/Maintenance Hall (ch-53), Electrical And Information Technology Facilities. 180
Airport - North Tarmarc Refurbishment - Step 1. 104
Algeria,Malta : By the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion: Reconvening of Joint Commission Will Strengthen Maltas Relations With Algeria Minister Abela. 468
Alienation Of Plots Of Sector 3 Of The Pom De Villaminaya. 104
Aligning the Financial System and Infrastructure Investments with Sustainable Development - a Transformational Approach. 204
Alpine Ski Championships 2019 - Equipment Of The Sector Of Las Donnas - Auron - Stations Of The Mercantour Program 2018. 113
Alternative Provider Medical Services For Tg Medical Centre. 205
Ambulance Service-cmm072018. 105
Ambulatory Health And Recovery Services For The Population Protected By Egarsat Mcss Number 276, In Several Locations In The Province Of Barcelona. 118
Ambulatory Health Care Within The Territorial Scope Of Salamanca. 114
Amc For Alcatel Make Omnipcx Isdn Epabx System At Bhel Ranipet. 180
Amc For Operation And Maintenance Assistance For Swss 66 Kv Substation And Pumping Facilities At Aluva. 128
Amc For Smart N2 Machine. 115
Amc Of Chiller At Our Barrel Manufacturing Plant In Kolkata 700088. 115
Amc Of Eot Crane At Our Barrel Manufacturing Plant In Kolkata 700088. 116
Amo 2016-19 Hvac And Refrigeration System At Parliament House, New Delhi. Sh :- Replacement Of Cooling Coil Of Ahu Nos.- 27 And 54. 148
Amo 2016-19 Hvac And Refrigeration Systems In Parliament House, New Delhi. Sh : Maintenance Of Air Cooled Ptac Unit Installed At Parliament House, New Delhi. 148
Amo 2016-19 Hvac And Refrigeration Systems In Parliament House, New Delhi. Sh : Maintenance Of Air Cooled Ptac Unit Installed At Parliament House, New Delhi. 117
Amo 2018-19 Internal Eis At Parliament House, New Delhi. Sh : Replacement Of Old Fittings And Fans In Ac Plant And Wet Riser Pump Room. 114
An Open-ended Online Competition -7/2018- For The Supply Of Authentic Types Of Inks, Toners And Drums, For Printers And Facsimiles, To Meet The Needs Of Schools, Departments And Administrative Units Of The National And Kapodistrian University Of Athens. 175
Analysis Of The On-site Performance Of Ecs Production Systems With Single-house Heating (cesi, Ce And Systems With Pvt And Solar Thermal Collectors). 105
Analyzer Spares. 124
Annual Audit 2018, Including The Consolidated Financial Statements. 238
Annual Contract For Anti Termite Treatment General Pest Control Rodent Control Management Services. 205
Annual Contract For Assistance In Operation And Maintenance Of Sewage Water Treatment Plant At Cisf Quarters At Thuruthumana. 141
Annual Housekeeping And Cosmetic Maintenance And Providing Services For The Material Handling At Afff, Nrb, Barc Tarapur For The Year 2017-18. 249
Annual Maintenance And Upkeep Of Garden At In-side Area Garden, Red Fort, Delhi W.e.f. 01/07/2018 To 30/06/2019, ( 12 Months). 195
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Computers Of Division Office Kcd Vi Nizam Palace And Site Offices At Kb Kc And Eb Block Salt Lake Cpwd Kolkata In Connection With Up Gradation Of Residential Qtrs At Kb Block Salt Lake Kolkata During 2018 19. 130
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting System At Aurangabad Airport For Two Years 2018-19 2019-20. 125
Annual Maintenance Contract Percentage,percentage. 133
Annual Maintenance Work For Central Verge And Two Sideverge At Raisen Road To J.k. Road. 124
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Hq Residential Non Residential Building Sh Procurement Of Civil Stores For Cfy 2018 19 Of 38 Bn Under Shq Bsf Cbr. 183
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Hq Residential Non Residential Building Sh Procurement Of Civil Stores For Cfy 2018 19 Of 98 Bn Under Shq Bsf Cbr. 183
Annual Work For Photocopying Of All Sizes Of Paperswith Providing Photocopy Machine, Laminations, Spiralbinding, Coloured Photo Copy Of All Sizes Of Maps,computer Job Works In The Office Of Executivee. 116
Antibes-sophia Antipolis Tram-bus - Lot N 10: Green Spaces And Watering On Sections S02-s10-s11-s12. 202
Appliance Bay Floors 2018/19 - Various Fire Stations. 158
Application Based Cab Aggregator Service At Civil Airport, Jodhpur. 118
Application Based Cab Aggregator Services At Madurai Airport, Madurai. 118
Appointment Of Consultancy Firm For Providing Team Of Technical Personnel For Development Of National Waterways In Maharashtra. 212
Appropriate Procedure For The Provision Of The Management Service Of The Chancery Library Based On Free Software Pmb. 117
Aquisition Of An Electro-anatomical Cardiac Mapping System For The Treatment Of Arrhythmias By Radiofrequency For The Perigueux Hospital Center. 110
Ar And Mo At Holiday Home Khurpatal Nainital. During 2018 19 Sub Head Providing And Fixing Of Steel Rack For Stacking And Placing Of Linen Item. 142
Ar And Mo Non Residential Cpwd Office Building Electrical Division Borjhar Guwahati Dg. 2018-19 Sh: Maintenance Of Horticulture Work. 134
Ar And Mo To Bungalows Occupied By High Court Judges Under 4i Sub Division During 2018 19 Sh Insulation Of Pvc Overhead Tan And Water Pipe Line. 118
Ar And Mo To Non Residential Building At Nizam Palace Cpwd Kolkata During 2018 19 Sh Cleaning Of Telephone Handset Computer Xerox And Fax Machine Of 1st Mso Building. 148
Ar And Mo To Parliament House During 2018 19 Sh: Internal And External Painting. 135
Ar Mo To Cgo Building East Block 1 To 10 And Trikoot 1 To 3 Bhikaji Cama Place R K Puram New Delhi During 2018-19 Sh: Hiring Charges Of Wooden Steel Chair And Tables For Departmental Accounts Examinat. 154
Arboricultural And Major Tree Works Framework. 196
Arc For Grass Cutting, Vegetation Removal And Drainage Cleaning At Dhds And Ifo Tank Farm Areas Of Bpcl-kr. 141
Arc For Technical Supervisory Assistance For Dresser Rand Supplied Steam Turbines In Bpcl Kr. 127
Architectural And Engineering Services And Planning Related Services. 144
Architectural Services Conversion Of The Former Radiation Hall To The Conference Center. 129
Architectural Services, Thringer Gemeinschaftsschule (tgs) An Der Trienitz, Renovation And Extension Of The School Building, New Building Auditorium And 2-field Sports Hall, Location: Buchenweg 34, D-07745 Jena. 166
Architectural Services. 113
Architectural, Construction, Engineering And Inspection Services ,. 126
Archt/consult Services For Priyadarshani. 128
Argon Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Mixtures Of Carbon Dioxide Gas - Argon, Oxygen Liquid, Nitrogen Liquid. 188
Argon Gaseous Highest Grade, Gost 10157-79, Tu By 490985742. 001-2017, Tu By 190288096. 003-2015, Tu By 300053077. 002-2013, Tu By 100297116. 017-2012 (or Their Analogs, Chemical Indices As Good As Th. 107
Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders Museum Refurbishment Contract. 219
Armenia : Address to the participants of the New Tendencies in Quantum and Mesoscopic Physics international conference. Conference notes 274
Armenia : Cooperation working plan for 2018-2019 has bee signed between the schools of Yerevan and Saint Petersburg. 155
Armenia : Meeting with Saint Petersburg Vice Governor. 261
Armenia : Political consultations between Foreign Ministries of Armenia and Artsakh. 185
Armenia : Saint Petersburg days in Yerevan: close cooperation between the two cities in the sphere of education. 201
Armenia : Saint Petersburg days in Yerevan: doctors from St Petersburg are at medical establishments of Yerevan. 152
Armenia : Saint Petersburg days in Yerevan: round table discussion related to expansion of trade and economic ties between Yerevan and Saint Petersburg. 244
Armenia : Saint Petersburg Days in Yerevan: round table discussion related to tourism stimulation and development. 197
Armenia : The last meeting of the 3rd session of Yerevan Council of Elders has been held. 211
Armenia : Yerevan Mayor and Saint Petersburg Vice Governor are convinced that the cooperation between the cities will be developing. 182
Armo Electrical And Mechanical Installations At Cdts Hostel Building P 20 Dr S M Avenue Road Kolkata Sh Replacement Of Existing Burnout Cable Ic Re Arrengement Of Distribution System At Office Buildin. 160
Arrangement Of Ac Community Hall And Misc Items For Public Hearing (ec) At Uluberia. 170
Asbestos Management Consultancy Services Annual Surveys, Air Tesing, Material Testing, Refurbishment Surveys And Management Advice And Support. 260
Asbestos Surveying And Retained Advice. 102
Asphalt Concreting Of Road In Ward No 23 From Madavasha Pir To Old Mnp Office And Asha Talkies To Krushna Misal And Ganesh Mandir To Panchpir Chawadi And Wadia Park To Old Mnp Office And Old Mnp Offic. 212
Asphalting Of Road At Civil Hudco W No 12. 139
Asphalting Of Unclassified Roads In The Area Of Rugvica Municipality. 105
Assessment Of Two Port Slide Valve (tpsv). 120
Assignment Of External Services In The Areas Of Supervision, Cash, Opening And Closing. 103
Assignment Of General Planner Services For Surgical Rehabilitation In The City Hospital Korbach. 423
Assistance To The Contracting Authority For The Development Of The Accessibility Plan For The Roads And Public Spaces (pave) Of The City. 157
Assistance With Project Management For The Optimization. 149
At For The Obtaining Of Geotechnical And Pavement Data In The Movement Areas Of Airports. 156
Attending Fault In 15 Kva Ea Set In Bts Site At T.kunnathur (sw : Replacing Eb Service Wire ). 111
Attending To Complaints And Routine Day To Day Maintenance Of Iei, Fans And Pumps At Singur And Anandanagar, Diarah, Paltagarh, Balidipa, Nasibpur, And Nanda Sub-centre In Connection With Moei And Fans Of Rhutc, Singur And Its 6 Nos. Sub-centre At Anandan. 162
Auction Of Cgi Sheets Of Sizes. 147
Audit Service For The Annual Accounts (individual And Consolidated) For The Years 2018, 2019 And 2020 For The Municipal Housing And Land Company Of Madrid (hereinafter, Emvs). 130
Auditing Services Of The City Of Pieksmki 192585/2018. 477
Australia : $108,000 to strengthen Canberras live music scene. 219
Australia : $250,000 boost to make Mapoon better prepared to face natural disasters. 343
Australia : A Culturally Ambitious Chair: the Remarkable Tenure of Rupert Myer Ao. 521
Australia : A New Gateway For Wangaratta With Funding Boost. 394
Australia : ACCC allows variations to access undertaking for AAT terminals. 352
Australia : Access Canberra now offering callbacks. 391
Australia : ATO guide to the 5 most common Tax Time mistakes media grabs. 655
Australia : Australias national security greatly enhanced with new laws. 399
Australia : Bangladesh fishing for Australian aquaculture expertise. 331
Australia : Big win for Launcestons Definium Technologies. 171
Australia : Boating Facilities Ramping Up At Corinella. 345
Australia : Boosting Regional Manufacturing In Shepparton. 383
Australia : Budj Bim Project Improving Local Waterway. 368
Australia : Bundaberg businesses benefit from ecoBiz program. 347
Australia : Bundy business will bring new Mon Repos turtle centre to life. 571
Australia : Chook Chat Shack collaboration highlights the best of chicken meat research. 447
Australia : Clear pathway for businesses and government to create WA jobs. 273
Australia : Craft microbreweries to trade like bars. 173
Australia : Creating Generational Change and Safer Communities: $2.77 Million to Support Frontline Workers. 421
Australia : Customer satisfaction improves at Access Canberra. 472
Australia : Delivering High Quality Health and More Jobs: Palmerston Regional Hospital. 452
Australia : Deputy Minister Andries Nel officially opens BRICS Friendship Cities and Local Government Cooperation Urbanisation Forum. 907
Australia : Development of Asia Region Funds Passport. 268
Australia : Dickson and Phillip sports pavilions upgraded and more inclusive. 308
Australia : Ensuring foreign investors pay Australian tax integrity measures paper released on stapled structures. 291
Australia : Expert panel to review Australias education qualifications framework. 379
Australia : Funding Boost For Marine Search And Rescue Volunteers. 368
Australia : Funding for health, employment and youth in CaLD communities. 225
Australia : Giving Indigenous Business The Support It Deserves. 341
Australia : Global Tech Firm Activates Australian HQ And R&D Hub. 309
Australia : Gosford Hospital's world-class tower opens. 319
Australia : Greater sea lion protection builds social licence for WA fishers. 358
Australia : Greens, Liberal Democrats move to block WA's plastic bag ban. 297
Australia : High-Tech Compost Plant A Step Closer For Morwell. 309
Australia : Labor must rethink opposition to mandatory sentencing. 328
Australia : Lake Bullen Merri Boat Ramp To Remain Open. 370
Australia : Landmark legal reform aims to stamp out revenge porn. 387
Australia : Latrobe Community Power Hub Launched. 330
Australia : Lethal force powers for WA Police officers during terrorist incidents. 240
Australia : Lithium taskforce announces first industry consortium. 196
Australia : Local builders receive notice about new licensing exam. 577
Australia : Minister for Defence Industry & Minister for Defence - Western Australia to be home of Hunter class training school. 433
Australia : Minister Nomvula Mokonyane meets with Deaf Federation of South Africa in Soweto, 29 Jun. 175
Australia : More northern suburban intersections to be upgraded. 565
Australia : More Social Housing For Dandenong And Newport. 266
Australia : NDIS continues roll out across Brisbane. 346
Australia : NDIS continues roll out across Cairns and Far North Queensland. 362
Australia : NDIS continues roll out across the Gold Coast. 359
Australia : NDIS roll outs across Fraser Coast, North Burnett, South Burnett and Cherbourg. 382
Australia : NDIS rolls out across Central South Metro WA. 269
Australia : NDIS rolls out across the Wheatbelt. 319
Australia : New clinical tower opens at Gosford Hospital. 252
Australia : New Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facility For The North-East. 454
Australia : New financial year electricity price cuts. 354
Australia : New focus for the Greater Sydney Commission. 274
Australia : New health precinct in Liverpool. 149
Australia : New Health Service Provider board members. 390
Australia : New Hydrotherapy Pool And Classrooms In Yarrabah. 327
Australia : New Sports And Arts Centre In Seaford On Track. 240
Australia : New strata title Bill to shape sustainable communities. 526
Australia : NSW responds to Child Abuse Royal Commission. 345
Australia : OPINION: Australians do far better financially with a university qualification. 666
Australia : Passage of ASICs industry funding fees-for-service bill. 284
Australia : PhD students to investigate exercise and heat risk factors in Thoroughbreds. 476
Australia : Phoenix South-3 drilling update. 436
Australia : Protecting around 1 million of the most vulnerable Australians from extra costs. 341
Australia : Protecting victims of family violence from cross-examination in family courts. 424
Australia : Queensland school excellence on show in state school awards. 319
Australia : Record paramedics for Western Sydney. 442
Australia : Refreshed emergency relief and financial support to provide better services to Canberrans in need. 642
Australia : Review gives Queensland workers compensation scheme big thumbs up. 410
Australia : Safer Communities: Investing and Expanding Regional Youth Services. 338
Australia : Solar research draws Palaszczuk Government interest. 272
Australia : Solar Upgrade Boost For The Latrobe Valley. 300
Australia : Starting or growing a business starts here. 312
Australia : Supporting Mens Sheds And The Community In Gippsland. 343
Australia : Supporting More Kids At Kinder In Wonthaggi. 460
Australia : Supporting vulnerable Tasmanians. 217
Australia : Synthetic lottery and keno ban passes Parliament. 186
Australia : Taronga Zoo giraffes move for makeover. 207
Australia : Taste Great Southern secured for three more years. 431
Australia : Technology focused TAFE for world-class Meadowbank Education Precinct. 294
Australia : Travel Grants To Help Our Athletes Excel. 333
Australia : Two local governments share in $1.9 million for Better Bins. 327
Australia : Velodrome Boost on Track for Cyclists and Jobs. 486
Australia : Victorian Job Vacancy Growth Outpaces All Other States. 298
Australia : WA mineral exploration activity on the rise. 243

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