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Articles from Mena Report (July 18, 2018)

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"karamanlis Avenue: Construction Of Road Section From Ch. 3 + 330 To Ch. 5 + 690 . 144
"organization Service Of Summer School Activity 2018 And 2019". 129
"provision Of Air Tickets For Flights To Other Destinations For The Purposes Of The Ministry Of Transport, Information Technology And Communications". 113
"provision Of Interconnection And Telephony Services And Supply Of Network Equipment Of The Hellenic Cadastre". 129
"reconstruction Of Administrative Buildings Of The Municipality Of Kameno By Separate Lots As Follows: Lot 1 - Repair Of Town Hall In Polski Izvor; Lot 2 - Repair Of The Chitalishte In The Village Of Troyanovo; Lot 3 - Repair Of A Canopy Of A Cemetery In. 293
"rehabilitation Of A Street Network In Isperih, In Two (two) Separate Positions". 675
"route Survey And As-built Map Preparation Of Bsnl~s Existing & Future Ofc Network Assets; Supply, Commissioning And Operation Of Gis Platform, Gis Application Software, Google Map Service, Transmission Network Inventory Tool For Ofc Network Asset/invento. 211
"supply Of Newly Registered Drugs For Oncology, Hematology And Diagnostic Sera" For The Needs Of Umhat "dr. Georgi Stranski" Ead - Pleven. 139
"supply Switches To Increase Data Network Throughput ". 175
& Lt; Span Style = "font-size: 10pt; Font-family: & Quot; Times New Roman & Quot;, Serif; Mso-fareast-font-family: & Quot; Times New Roman & Quot ;; Mso-ansi-language: En-trad; Mso-fareast-language: En; Mso-bidi-language: Ar-sa "& Gt; Supply Of Reag. 141
(18027) 801 It Project Specialists At Detec. 138
(kr - Lypft) Flooring Installation (willow House, Leeds). 113
(pss/18/0012) Sales Of Disposal Items - School Of Infocomm Technology. 170
- Procurement Of Electrical Consummable Items For Electrical Shop Of Rr W/s. 176
006/2018 Student Accomodation Nomination Agreement. 190
1 X Childcare Solicitor. 209
1) 4 Degree C Freezer With Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 340 Lit 2) 4 Degree C Freezer With Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 180 Lit. 174
1) The Cuff 046196-v (50x70x10) Produced By Skt (turkey) In The Amount Of 50,000 Pieces, The Gat As 50x70x10 Rdx Fpm75 Seal Is Available From The Company Gappi (italy) 2) The Cuff 410481-v (100x125x12) Produced By Skt (turkey) In The Amount Of 50,000 Piec. 127
1). Bearing 36-42726e2m With Inner Ring Of The 3rd Group (d-129. 983-129. 991 Mm) In The Number Of 12 096 Pieces. 2). Bearing 36-232726e2m With Inner Ring Of The Third Group (d-129. 983-129. 991 Mm) I. 111
1)500 To 650va,50hz,sinewave Ups Qty: 8 No 2)1 To 1.2 Kva,50hz Sinewave Ups Qty: 2 No 3)3 To 3.3 Kva,50hz Sinewave Ups Qty: 2 No 4)10to10.5 Kva,50hz Sinewave Ups Qty: 2 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 147
1)assy Rack For Cond Pr Ins Ir03 Qty: 2 No 2)assy Rack For Cond Pr Ins Ir04 Qty: 2 No 3)ass Rack Extn & Gs Pr Ins-ir05 Qty: 2 No 4)ass Rack Extn & Gs Pr Ins-ir06 Qty: 2 No 5)assy Rack Hrh/ms Pr. Inst-. 188
1)austenitic Steel Plates,sheets Qty: 5760 Kg 2)austenitic Steel Plates,sheets Qty: 4800 Kg 3)austenitic Steel Plates,sheets Qty: 5600 Kg 4)austenitic Steel Plates,sheets Qty: 1280 Kg 8)null Qty: Null. 134
1)bolt Hex B - 8.8 Qty: 8200 No 2)scru Hex A- 8.8 Qty: 5000 No 3)stud B 8.8 Qty: 5000 No 4)bolt Hex A-8.8 Qty: 6000 No 5)bolt Hex A-8.8 Qty: 6000 No 6)scru Hex A- 8.8 Qty: 10000 No 7)scru Hex A- 8.8 Q. 185
1)cop-secuf.20-strp Qty: 222 Kg 2)cop-secuf.20-strp Qty: 89 Kg 3)cop-secuf.20-strp Qty: 182 Kg 4)cop-secuf.20-strp Qty: 66 Kg 5)cop-secuf.20-strp Qty: 10 Kg 6)copper Wedge Qty: 60 No 7)cop-secuf.20-st. 143
1)diffuser Qty: 2 No 2)guide Bush For Spares Qty: 2 No 3)guide Bush For Spares Qty: 1 No 4)bush For Spares Qty: 3 No 5)bush For Spares Qty: 3 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 138
1)diffuser Qty: 2 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 108
1)electro Hydraulic Actuator Qty: 1 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 110
1)filter Element(hydac) Qty: 8 No 2)filter Element(hydac) Qty: 8 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 117
1)forging For Ip Shaft(r/m) Qty: 1 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 113
1)pipe Coil For Co2 Vapouriser Qty: 2 No 2)copper Pipe For H2 Cylinder Qty: 24 No 3)copper Pipe For Co2 Cylinder Qty: 52 No 4)copper Pipe For N2 Cylinder Qty: 4 No 8)null Qty: Null Null. 137
1. Special Repair Of Nausera Sikandarpur Faizabad Badshahibagh Road (km 5). 153
10. Special Repair Of Haryanbans To Etawa Link Road. 151
1010n1-oil Filled Heater 230v 50 Hz Wattage 2000w Type Majesty Ofr Rh-9 Make Bajaj Model Rh-9, Usha Or Havells. Firm~s Offer:- Make Bajaj Magesty Ofr Rh 9 Plus. Guarantee/warranty:- As Per Oem~s Terms. 101
10124986-3 Rv Cylinder Liner Kit Consist 02 Items For Alco Locomotive. 1) Cylinder Liner(non Chrome Plated Fully Finish) To Dlw Part No 10125036 To Dlw Drg. No. Ske-1381 Alt.-e . 2) Fire Ring To Dlw P. 103
1098n1-grid Resistor Roof Mounted For Wdg3a Locos, Resistance Value: 0.5 Ohms +7 - 5% Percent To Dlw Drg No.el/pt/0631 Alt.r1 To Rdso Mp.04.02.01 (make: Kaptronics Or Equivalent) The Firm Sho. 116
1098n1-zinc Coated Bolt With Suitable Nut And Two Flat Washers One Spring Washer. Bolt Size: 1/2" Dia, 1 3/4" Length, 13 Tpi With Half Thread To Length. Is 1367-2016. Class 8.8 Make: Tvs, Unbrako, Pfl. 110
10xxn381-multi Function Time Relay, Make: Elko, Type: Crm -93h Or In M/s: Novatek/m/s. Nivelco Or As Per Hirect Part No. 5081100203 Suitable For Hirect Make Siv. Firm~s Accepted Offer Make: Elko. 106
10xxn421-circuit Breaker 10---16a For Motor And Line Protection With Screw Terminal Icu: 415v, 6 Ka, Auxiliary Contact: 1no+1nc As Per Siemens Part No. 3vu134401mm00 Of M/s. Siemens Make Or In M/s. Sc. 105
11 Types Of Chemicals And Adhesives. 167
11. Repair Of Nh-73 To Nanhera Begh Begam Tiraha Road Via Mandebans. 154
1111n-clamp Assembly For 1/2" Od Copper Tube, Diameter Has To Be 13.5mm Instead Of 11mm (to Grip 1/2" Od Copper Tube). All Other Dimensions And Specifications As Per Dlw Pt No : 11340022 And Drg No :. 105
1174fxplus - Summer Works. 220
1178fxplus Ddum_sw18 Project. 197
12. Special Repair Of Chutmalpupr Kamalpur Road. 149
120901-01 New Building Community School Wenigenjena, 12-02 Floor Slabs The Porcelain Stoneware. 194
13. Special Repair Of Fatehpur Muzaffrabad Road To Muzaffarpur Road. 152
14. Special Repair Of Sunderpur Kurdikhera Road To Khushalipur Road (cc In Aabadi Portion). 156
15. Special Repair Of Dy Road Km 179 To Randol Road To Ravasoli Road. 156
15836230- Goods,cotter Pin Kit For Bogie Of Wdg 3 A Locos Consisting 6 Items As Below:(qty In Per Kit) (1).flat Split Cotter Pin 8x10x60 Lg. Dlw Pt No.15850122 & Drg. No.tpl-5457,item-63,alt-v (sh-2. 114
16. Special Repair Of Sngt Road To Kapoorpur Egree Road. 152
16170910-gasket Manifold To Crankcase To Emd Part No - 8167060. Firm~s Offer: Make-self. 111
17 new base stations in Victoria State. 222
17. Special Repair Of Kurrikhera Barugarh Chandigher Road. 150
1798ns-a Set Of Items Consisting Of (1) Bearing Lock Nut To Gd Part No. 50z2 - 01. No. (2) Bearing Lock Washer To Gd Part No. 95n2 - 01. No. (3) Lock Washer To Gd Part No. 95b5 - 02. Nos. Firm~s Offer. 104
18-039_delivery Of 2 Instruction Manuals Elw1 According To Din Spec 14507-2 (2lose). 124
18-076 Respiratory Dosimeter With Accessories. 170
18. Special Repair Of Saharanpur Chilkana Road To Datoli Rangarh Nazirpur Gadanpur Topri Road. 156
18046dsp - Diagnosis And Master Plan For Collective Sanitation Of 3 Systems On The Territory Of The Cucm. 162
18310333-circuit Breaker 15 Amp - Cab Fan Air Dryer Micro Air Brake - Radio To Emd Pt No 8458739 To Dlw Pt No 18310333 To Dlw Alt - Ca.spec : Emd No.8458739. 101
19. Special Repair Of Village Manani To Nanhera Gurjar Road. 152
1x Cloud Telecommunications Main And Redundancy Server. 188
2 Executive Chair Base: Plastic Of 5 Rodos; Design: With Armrests; Height Graduation: By Means Of Shock; Upholstery Material: Imitation Leather; Backrest: Reclining And 38 Executive Chair; Design: Erg. 108
2 Year Old Early Learning And Childcare 2018/2019 - Childminders. 167
2. Repair Work Of Bhagwanpur Gagalhedi Road To Haryabans Firaheri Sharbatpur (odr) Km 5(400), 6, 7(500). 160
2.4mm Lower Maxilla Plate With Bridge. adaptable According To Needs Of The Patient. a Straight Plate Of 20 Holes System 2.4. Pres. 4601. 108
20. Special Repair Of Babail Chimmabans Road To Khidkwa Bhatkawa Road. 153
2018 Program Of Reinforcements Of Roads (in And Out Of Agglomeration) On The Territory Of The Departmental Road Agency Of Caen - 18cat005. 205
2018-07-02 1000 Abe004 Lidgate - Depden Care Farm - Award. 165
2018-fcs-0042 Rental Service, Assembly And Dismantling Of A Marquee With Floor. 103
2018/Hfb/Op/45075 - Purchases Of Personal Protective Equipment. 113
21. Special Repair Of Muzaffarnagar Saharanpur Road To Kurali Nozali Dindyalpur Road. 154
22. Cc And Retaining Wall Work On Damaged Part At Km 3 Of Muzahidpur To Shahzadpur Baroli Road. 160
220MW Prevailing wind farm in South Dakota. 221
23. Causeway Work On Muzaffarabad Block To Fakarpur Nawada Muzaffarpur Road. 153
23828006-high Capacity Motor Double Reverser Switch 6 Pole Complete Assly (with Drum Assly Drg. No.3twd.103.011 Alt.1 With Specn. No.4 Tes.103.001) Of 1500 Amps. Capacity To Use On Ac Electric Locos A. 117
24-port Layer-3 Edge Switch. 135
24. Repair Work On Additional Aproch Road Of Hindon River On Village Harora To Paali Road. 158
25. Cc Work On Dy Road Km 171 To Rajwaha Patri Via Salempur Telipura Under Special Repair. 159
25040078-secondary Spring For Wap-4 Loco Bogie As Per Drg. No.skdl-3473,alt-7 Or Latest.pairing Of Spring As Per Compressed Height At Working Load With Group-b (yellow Colour Only). Firms Accepted Off. 103
25428068-18 Teeth Pinion For Wag-5ha/hb Locos To Rdso,alt-1 To Rdso Specification 2005. Firms Accepted Offer: Make/brand-kpcl. 104
26. Cc Work In Aabadi Portion Of Sunderpur Norangpur Jasmor Mirzapur Road To Alipura Road. 157
27. Repair Of Causeway On Dy Road Km 168 To Janta Road Via Madh. 156
2800n01-printing Of Technical Notes In Hindi As Per Specimen/sample. Module No. Of Pages: 88. Ready Size: 14 X 20.5 Cm. Printing: Cover One Side And Text Both Side In Single Colour As Per Spe. 105
2800n01-printing Of Technical Notes In Hindi. Module No. St-52no For The Use Of Principal S&t Training Center Gzb Of Pages: 104. Ready Size: 14 X 20.5 Cm. Printing: Cover One Side And Text Both Side I. 104
2916ns00-sander With Nozzle Assly And Gasket For Sand Ejector Of 3 Phase Locos Make Fretil Pt No. 03.1001 000a/Recon Drg. No. Rec/st/211 ( Item No. 1 To 07) Kbil Pt. No. 1.3.1800./or Equivalent. 103
3. Special Repair Of Janta Road To Pikki Devla Bijopura Bhojpur Road (odr). 155
3018n719-primary Inner Spring Lhb Non Ac Colour Code Black, Rcf Drg No. Lg 01101 Rcf Pl. No. 33500666 Accepted Offer: Make/brand - Fsk. 191
30350281-check Valave Assembly For Air Brake Rdso Sk-98112, Alt Nil And C.rly Alt-a. Material And Specification : Rdso Spec No 02-abr-02,amendment No 3 Of April 2010,appendix-i. 113
30350797-passenger Emergency Alarm Valve To Rdso Drg. No. Sk. 97029 Alt-3. Item No. 1 To 24. Material And Specn. As Per Rdso Spec. No. 02.abr.2002 With Appendix-j, Amendment No. 3 Of April 2010. 105
30358243-tee Flange 25x25x20mm To Is:2062/2011 E 250 Wa Conforming To Rdso Specification No.04-abr-02 Amendment No.6 Of April 2010. To Rdso Rdso Sk-96074, Item-1, Alt:1. Accepted Offer Make/br. 105
30630344-mirror Assembly Complete For Mirror Fixing Arrgt. To Icf Drg. No. Icf/std-6-3-008, Alt. K Matl. And Specn.- Rdso Spec. No. C-k514 (rev .0 Of December 2005)with Amndt. Slip No. 7 Of Aug~. 2016. 106
30971536-densified Thermal Bonded Polyester Block For Seat, Size-90x535x1880 Mm To Icf Wfac5-6-1-509, Alt. ~n~, Item-1, Col.-i And Rdso Spec. No. C-k607 (rev.2 Of Dec~ 2015 With Amndt No. 1 Of. 182
30z3180191 Bearing Supply. 163
316622 B 240 Extension At Weenzen - South Section 223063 K 428 To L 462. 167
3538n1-retro Reflective Whistle Boards W/l For Approaches Of Level Crossings (x) Gates Of Size 600 X600mm Aiuminum 2mm Thick Sheet With 25x25 X3mm Ms Angle Frame W/l Board -20 Nos And Hindi. 108
38130762-knuckle Thrower For Up- Graded Ht-cbc Rdso Drawing No. Sk - 62724, Alt - 26, Item No. 9 Material And Specification : Rdsos Specn. No. Wd - 70 - Bd -10 rev. 1 With Amend. 1 Of Sep, 2016. 107
3813n3-set Of Spares For Kemppi Make Co2 Welding Plants, Consisting 03 Items As: (1) Rubber Hose 47/45 Qty-70 Mtr (2) Rubber Tube Gas Hose 6 Mm Black Qty-70 Mtr (3) Hofr Copper Welding Cable 70 Mm2 Qt. 105
3852n001-adjusting Pull Rod 2971.8 Mm Long With 2(two) Nos Nut And 3 Nos Split Pin Rod Dia+ Eye + Fork Ss As Per Sketch No- K 1305 And Turn Buckle As Per Drg. No- Emu-3-010. ( Hsn Code- 8607). 108
38ns-lock Bolt 22.2 Dia (7/8 Inches) With Full Collar Zinc Plated To Grip Range 44-51 To Huck Pin Part No : C50lr-br-28-28g With Collar - Lc2r28g (or) Avfast Pin Part No. Bl01-2828g With Collar : Cb 0. 101
39xxn01-20mm Pvc Air Hose For Pnuematic Pressure To With Stand 20 Kg/cm2 Pressure. Specification : Pvc Air Hose 20mm (3/4") Inner Dia. & 24mm Outer Dia. Make : Durlon (or) Duplon (or) Samson. Accepted. 106
3d Electromagnetic Computation Software. 147
3rd And 4th Year Maintenance Of Square Cement Potted Plants Kept On Central Median From Ramavarappadu Ring To Enikepadu Cross Road And Irr Bridges. 172
4 Sets Of Fr5 Stator Vanes Ring Segments. 104
4. Special Repair Of Dabki Dudhli Pragpur Samtagarh Tapri Firojpur Malhipur Road (odr). 155
4/Alive/18/19. 246
405-g56 Drywall Work For The Project Renewal Central Kitchen. 171
407th Afsb Lrc Miami Warehouse Electronic Security System Upgrade And Monitoring Services. 121
41z2180329 Bushing Supply. 163
440v Overhead Line Near Ob Dump For Proper Illumination At Dumping Of Kedla Ocp Under Hazaribagh. 153
45126320-belt Tensioning Mechanism For 25 Kw Alternator As Per Rdso Drg No.skel 3940 Sheet I Alt.4 & Skel 3940 Sheet Ii Alt.5 With Modified Spring As Per Rdso Drg No.rdso Drg No.rdso/pe/sk/ac 0068 200. 125
45188312-copper Field Coil Suitable For Railway Carriage Fan 110 V Dc Voltage Range 98/135v Dc, Fixed Type 400 Mm Sweep Confirming To Is: 6680-1992 With Annexure-h Of Rdso Revised In Dec.2005 And Dy. 114
45219217-dry Type Return Air Filter Of Size - 680x415x115mm Suitable For Lhb Type Rmpu Ac Coaches, To Rdso Specification No.rdso/pe/spec/ac/0055-2003 (rev-2), Drg. No.rdso/pe/sk/ac/0073-2004 (rev.~1~). 101
4528n001-set Of Spares For Kel Make 25 Kw Alternator Consisting Of. 1 ) Spacer - Opposite To Terminal Box Side To Part No. A 7020 - 1 No. 2) Spacer - Terminal Box Side To Part No. A 7021 - 1 No.firm~s. 101
45xxn047-valve Stem For Magnet Valve Type 23mv8e1 Of Ep Contactor, As Per Bhel Drawing No.35880530031 P1 Of Make Bhel Or Similar. Make :-bhel/bhopal Electrical Insulation/balaji Enterprises. 170
4942 - Substance Misuse Crisis Inpatient Detoxification, Planned Inpatient Detoxification And Residential Rehabilitation. 146
5. Special Repair Of Nausera Road To Pandli Grant Road. 152
51z2180293 Bush Supply. 163
56xxn1-supply And Installation Of 32" Led Tv Similar To Sony Model No.klv-32r302e And Tata Sky Hd Set Top Box With 01 Year Subscription, Sports Dhamaka Pack, English News Pack & Hd Channel Pack Or Bet. 106
56xxn1-supply Of Cable Avoiding Tool. Make:- Stanly Model Mxl4 Dbg Or Similar. As Per Technical Specification Given In Annexure. Offer For:- ~cscope Uk~ Make. Note:-1 price Not To Exceeds Mrp. 2 ld. 115
574_remplacement Of Wolhusen Viaduct. 283
6. Special Repair Of Mirzapur Road To Pandli Grant Road. 152
6032n17001-dc Portable Welding Generator With 4.5 Kva Single Phase And 6.0 Kva Three Phase Ac Power Or As Per Approved Model By Rdso And As Per Rdso Specification No. Tm/sm/20. Firm S Offer: D.c. Port. 111
61xxn1-push Button Type Round Plate Concealed Dual Flush Valve 3/6 Liters Make:ess Ess cat No.e-251 C/marc Cat No. 3080/jaguar cat Part No.flv-chr-1085 With 10 Years Service Warranty From Oem. 102
6221n002-1 1/4~~ Ms Pipe, Both End Bsp Thread 1 1/2~~ Long, Pipe Thickness-4mm For Pipe Length In 01 Set 5 Items And 6 Nos. (i) Length -12~~ -1 No. (ii) Length -11~~ -1 No. (iii) Length -10~~ -1 No. (. 103
6235n007-upvc Pipe Fittings For 1 1/2" Dia Pipe Of Sch-80 (in Sets) Each Sets=upvc Elbow90degree (u55)=1 No,upvc Copling (u45)=1no. Upvctee(u65)=1no,upvc Union(u35)=1no, Upvc Ball Valve(u25)=1no,upvc. 115
7. Special Repair Of Dy Road To Meergarh Marva Road. 152
7230n647-petrol Operated Chain Saw 3.3 H.p 2.4 Kw Displacement 58 Cc 2 Stroke Engine Rpm 8500 Weight 6.4 Kg Fuel Tank Capacity 550ml Length Of Bar 18 Inch Kishan Kraft Or Still Or Groatch Or Nacs Or O. 102
74ns-dee Shackle With Screwed Pin Having Eye And Coller To Is-6132/1971 -part-1 And 6132 -part Ii 1 Grade 30,swl-10 Tons,w-70mm,s-154 Mm,d-43 Mm,d-50mm,e-100 Mm,proof Load-20 Tons For Wcam-3 Loco Bog. 103
7898n001-table. 54 Inch X 30 Inch X 30 Inch. 144
8. Special Repair Of Culvert On Gellewala To Sherpur Chankchak Road. 153
81220852 - Improving Employment Opportunities In The Municipal Services Sector, Algeria (germany-eschborn: Foreign Economic-aid-related Services). 125
81981144-liquid Cleaning Composition For Exterior Of Railway Coaches As Per Rdso Specn. No.m&c/pcn/101/2007 Type Ii With Dilution Ratio Of 1:10 .the Ph Value After Dilution As Recommended By Rdso To B. 105
82021685-tender Description: Minoxidil Lotion/topical Solution 10 Percent 60 Ml. Accepted Description: Same As Tender Description. brand Name: Mandil 10% Solution mfg. And Mktd. By: Z. 104
8301ns-desktop Computer With Preloaded Operating System. Configuration : Intel Core I3 7100, Generation 7 Th Gen. Operating System Microsoft Window 8 Or 10 Professional Original, 4 Gb Ddr3 Ram With 16. 154
83049502-plain Copier Paper Gsm 80+/-4% In Size Of 420 X 297 Mm (a3 Size) Conforming To Is:14490/1997 (reaffirmed 2005) With Indian Railway Logo Size 8 Cms X 8 Cms In Centre In Light Blue Color On Eac. 106
8309n162-samsung Mlt - D 203 S Cartridge For Samsung Printer 3320.,rc Sr. No.19 & Samsung Pt. No. Mlt-d203s/xip. 179
83xxn1-crockery Items For Sr.dpo/pune As Annexure Below. 1 Tea Set i.e. 12 Nos. Cup And 12 Nos. Saucer = 01 Set. 2 Full Plates = 12 Nos. And Quarter Plates = 12 Nos Thus 24 Nos. 01 Set Of Plate. 3. 106
9. Repair Of Saharanpur Badgaon Road To Nandi Firojpur Road. 152
9379n1-cartridge For Printer Mod. No. Hpgt 5820 & Hpgt 5810. 1 Black Ink Bottle Gt 51 - Moh 57 Aa -- 01 No. 2 Cyan Ink Bottle Gt 52 - Moh 54 Aa -- 01 Nos. 3 Magenta Ink Bottle Gt 52 - Moh 55 Aa. 102
A Job Advisor Specializing In Apprenticeship Training. 144
A Laptop. Tv. Mfp. Printer . Office Chair . 157
A Logistics Service For Training On 20, 24, 25 And 27 July 2018. 102
A/r & M/o To Type- I & Ii Bsnl Staff Qtrs At Kali Bari New Delhi During The Year 2018-2019 (sh:- Internal Finishing For New Allotment Qtr. Type -1 ,ii Staff Qtrs ). 142
A/r And M/o Govt. Vehicle No. Up 07g-6887 Under Dhsd, Cpwd, Dehradun During. 2018-19 Sh: Providing Of Mld. 113
A/r And M/o Hyderabad Estate, N. S. Road, Mumbai During 2018 - 19. Sh : Arresting Of Seepage From South/west Side Walls And Chajjas Of F-block Of Hyderabad Estate, N. S. Road, Mumbai And Belevedere Building, B. D. Road, Mumbai. 133
Abbreviated Simplified Open Procedure (article 159.6 Of Law 9/2017, November 8, On Contracts Of The Public Sector, For Contracting The Provision Of Computer Services Associated With The Umbrella Insig. 169
Ac To Ac Power Source. 148
Accessibility Of Le Breuil College In Saint-just-en-chevalet. 207
Accessibility Standards For People With Reduced Mobility. City Hall. 102
Accident Insurance Contract For The Bullfighting Celebrations On The Occasion Of The Festivities Of Fuenlabrada And Cancellation Of Shows Scheduled During These Festivals, As Well As The Cancellation Of The Festival "empower 2018" Divided Into Three Lots. 140
Accompaniment And Advisory Services Evolution Of Accounting And Finance Functions And Adaptation Of Their Organization. 112
Accompanying Residents For Whom A Technological Risk Prevention Plan (pprt) Prescribes Work To Reduce Vulnerability On Their Home. 178
Accumulators For Personal Portable And Car Dvrs. 130
Acoustic Signal Processing and Scene Analysis for Socially Assistive Robots. 387
Acquisition And Commissioning Of A Horticultural Plate Washing Line For The Horticultural Production Center Of The City Of Paris. 106
Acquisition And Delivery Of Six New Ludospace Vehicles For The Departmental Council Of Loir-et-cher And The Gip Mdph - Group Of Orders. 121
Acquisition Broaches And Abrasives Albacete Air Force/Gab/Num. Sidae 64. 126
Acquisition Durascan Durascan 70g5 Emco Or Similar. 107
Acquisition Of 3,520 Pounds Of Sliced Yellow Processed Cheese. 116
Acquisition Of 496 Led Bulbs. 105
Acquisition Of A Dumper Vehicle. 115
Acquisition Of A Waste Compactor Truck. 204
Acquisition Of An Electric Vehicle Within The Framework Of The European Project Moveletur Co-financed By The Interreg V Spain-portugal Cooperation Program Poctep 2014-2020. 124
Acquisition Of An Ultra-short Pulse Fiber Laser Amplifier For The Quantum And Molecular Photonics Laboratory (lpqm), Power Plants. 105
Acquisition Of Bicycle Hoops, Benches And Street Signs For The Replacement And Maintenance Of Existing Urban Furniture In The City Of Clermont-ferrand. 115
Acquisition Of Coffee And The Like (tea And Sugar) For Consumption In Schools Of The Group Of Schools Jos Belchior Viegas (school And B 2,3 Poet Bernardo Of Steps And Secondary School Jos Belchior V. 106
Acquisition Of Digital And Office Disk Storage Equipment. 202
Acquisition Of Equipment (projector, Telephone, Unit Of Uninterrupted Power, Printer And Hard Disk) For Use Of The Different Offices Of The Administrative Department, Executing Unit 201. 112
Acquisition Of Equipment And Services For Fixed And Mobile Telephone Communications. 113
Acquisition Of Insulators For The Chuv Pharmacy. 128
Acquisition Of Machinery And Equipment Of The Production And Mechanical Type For High Schools In The Bourgogne-franche-comt Region: A Numerically Controlled Electric Punching Machine. 148
Acquisition Of Medical And Social Materials For High Schools In The Bourgogne-franche-comt Region: Aging Simulators. 149
Acquisition Of Office Furniture And Related Services - 2018-2021. 106
Acquisition Of Positive Buoyancy Vests Destined To The Personnel Of The Fim And Crew Members Of Tvr And Fp Of The Participating Ships In Omp. 141
Acquisition Of Services Related To The Reference Data Management Platform (pgdr) Project (mdm/Dqm Approach Of The Ministry Of The Armed Forces). 106
Acquisition Of Sports And Educational Materials For The Town Of Maisons-laffitte. 108
Acquisition Of Tank Syringe For Ksc Klenc Pod Cerchovem. 150
Acquisition Of Telecommunications And Internet Services. 104
Acquisition Of Visible Optical Materials Near Infrared And Infrared (complex Scenes Desiir And Laboratory Color Sensor Characterization). 132
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Computer-assisted Maintenance Management Solution (cmms). 121
Adaptation Of The Pavement On The Platform For The Waiting Area For Passengers At The Girona Airport. 127
Added Supply Of Ophthalmic Surgery Material For Single Use For The Centers Of The Catalan Health Institute And Affiliated Organizations. 167
Administrative Concession Of The Private Use Of The Premises Destined To Bar Restaurant And Cafeteria Located Casal And The Bar Of The Swimming Pools In The Municipality Of L%albi. 149
Adopter Plate For Speedometer. 159
Advertisement License For Highmast And Sulabh Complex As Per Nit Details. 106
Afghanistan,Switzerland : Afghanistan Looks to Diaspora to Promote Development. 399
After-sales Service And Maintenance, Prophylactics, Diagnostics, Repair, Delivery And Installation Of Spare Parts And Consumables, Delivery And Installation Of Vehicle Tires, Managed By Tpd. 387
Agency Outsourcing For Soil Sample Testing In Soil Testing Laboratories Under Of Soil Health Card Scheme. 112
Aggregate Supply Of Non-interventional Intravascular Catheters: Peripherals, Plants, Picc And Tunnelized Plants With Implantable (complementary) Camera. 123
Air Conditioning Works Of The Hospital Group Of Territory Of The Nivre And On Behalf Of The Hospital Center Of Cosne Cours Sur Loire. 110
Air Source Heating Installations. 180
Air Tickets For Athletes Participating In The Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus 2018 Event, Held In Aarhus, Denmark. 105
Airborne Data Acquisition And Recording System-- Acquisition And Exchange Subsystem, 2 Setsairborne Data Acquisition And Recording System - Acquisition And Exchange Subsystem Uses The Distributed Test System Based On Network Architecture; The Data Acquisi. 119
Al. Alloy Sheet. 160
Albania : Assembly Speaker Gramoz Rui and Parliament Speaker of Parliament Speaker Taulant Balla attended the 550th anniversary of Polish parliamentarianism and the 100th anniversary of the re-establishment of independence. 128
Albania : Assembly Speaker Mr. Gramoz Rui met with Mr. Frank Schwabe, Chairman of the Social Democratic Socialist Group of the CoE and the Spokesperson of the Bundestag on Human Rights. 872
Albania : Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Albania, Vasilika Hysi received the Deputy President of the Liberal and Democratic Alliance for Europe, eurodeput. Illhan Kyuchyuk. 367
Albania : Governor Sejko attends the graduation ceremony of the students of the European University of Tirana. 179
Albania : Governor Sejko holds a meeting with representatives of the International Monetary Fund. 521
Albania : In the Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights Commission reported on the annual activity of the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflicts of Interest and two draft laws. 660
Albania : Permanent delegation of the Albanian Parliament participates in the 27th annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. 426
Albania : Sustainable development for the welfare, social cohesion and citizens' happiness. 412
Albania : The Committee on Economy and Finance adopted three important draft laws. 332
Albania : The Committee on Economy and Finance adopted three important draft laws. 481
Albania : The Committee on Economy and Finance is convened. 152
Albania : The Committee on Education and Media has in principle approved the draft law "On some additions and amendments to law no. 69/2012, "On the pre-university education system in the Republic of Albania", amended ". 640
Albania : The Committee on Education and Media held a hearing with stakeholders on the draft law "On some additions and amendments to the law no. 69/2012, "On the pre-university education system in the Republic of Albania", as amended. 389
Albania : The Committee on Labor, Social Affairs and Health approved the draft law "On the ratification of the loan agreement between the Republic of Albania and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, for the supplementary funding for. 321
Albania : The Committee on Productive Activities, Trade and Environment held a hearing with the State Market Surveillance Inspectorate regarding the review of the draft law "On some amendments and additions to law no. 9902, dated 17.4.2008, "On Consumer P. 216
Albania : The European Integration Committee adopted two draft laws. 532
Albania : The Foreign Affairs Committee approved the draft resolution "On the reform of the state policy for the diaspora". 506
Albania : The Foreign Policy Committee approved five articles on the subject as a whole and five as a whole. 932
Albania : The Foreign Policy Committee held a hearing with the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati. 906
Albania : The National Security Commission reviewed an important draft law. 276
Albania : The Subcommittee on Gender Equality and Prevention of Violence against Women held a workshop on "Budget monitoring from a gender perspective. The role of deputies ". 290
Albania,Belgium : Delegation of the Committee on Economy and Finance attends the Interparliamentary Conference organized by the European Parliament in Brussels. Conference news 316
Alcatel-lucent Network Assets Maintenance Single-user Framework Agreement And Stormshield Security And Security Services. 102
Aldersley High School Expansion - Phase 2 Expansion Works. 189
Allensford Weir Fish Passage Easement Construction Contract. 192
Allocation Of Maintenance And Glass Cleaning, Eu-wide, Non-open Procedure In 4 Lots. 106
Alto Sertao III wind power complex. 173
Aluminium Vessels 24 Nos. 113
Ambulatory Health Care In The Territorial Area Of Cuellar (segovia) For Mutual Midat Cyclops, Mcss N 1. 126
Amc For Baird Direct Reading Spectrometer. 156
Amc For Track Maintenance At Common Omc Siding & Siding At Lpg Plant, Bhitoni. 143
Amc Of Ht Equipment Dg Sets Fire Alarm Campus Lighting E.i. In Manpower For Edc Building I.t. Park Chandigarh. 124
Amnv 006 - Syrian Refugee Resettlment And Uasc Service. 109
Amo Studies And Assistance For The Renewal Of The Concession Contract Of The Public Service For The Exploitation Of The Gallant Pine (theater, Conference Area). Conference news 118
An Integrative Framework for Modeling the Sense of Commitment. 222
An intellectual biography of Eric Hobsbawm. 349
Analytical Testing Service - Collection, Transport, Analytical Production And Delivery Of Results - Derti. 109
Andorra : New resolutions adopted by the general commissions of the OSCE PA. 354
Andorra : The Andorran delegation attends the annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. 455
Angled Plate Box System With Its Respective screw Set Adaptable To The Needs Of The patient With 3 Blocked Screws complete Set Of Placement And Selection. Pres. 4583. 115
Annaba -Djebel-Onk Railway line. 118
Announcement Of An Electronic Tender, Through An Open Procedure, For The Awarding Of A Contractor For The Provision Of Tanks - Rehabilitation, Findings Of Shipbuilding Inspection Of Lpg Lykoudis, Through The Conclusion Of A Two - Year Framework Agreement. 312
Annual Cleaning Of Weigh Bridge No.12 At Honhey Under Amrapali Project Of Magadh-amrapali Area. 119
Annual Contract For Supply Of Fresh And Cut Flower Arrangement In The Office Of Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute Kolkata. 258
Annual Contract Of House- Keeping Services For The Area Under Possession Of Office Of The Pr. Commissioner (audit), Central Gst & Central Excise , Audit Raipur Commissionerate, Central Excise Building, Tikrapara, Raipur (cg), For The Year 2018-19. 108
Annual Maintenance And Upkeep Of Garden At Back Side Of Nehru Park Garden, Distt.- Bharatpur (raj.) For The Financial Year 2018-19 W.e.f. 01/08/2018 To 31/03/2019 ( 8 Months). 202
Annual Maintenance And Upkeep Of Garden At Hathi Khana Fort Garden, Bayana, Distt.- Bharatpur (raj.) For The Financial Year 2018-19 W.e.f. 01/08/2018 To 31/03/2019 ( 8 Months). 201
Annual Maintenance And Upkeep Of Garden At Jawahar Burj To Asth Dhatu Gate Garden, Distt.- Bharatpur (raj.) For The Financial Year 2018-19 W.e.f. 01/08/2018 To 31/03/2019 ( 8 Months). 203
Annual Maintenance And Upkeep Of Garden At Southern Side Area Garden, Distt.- Bharatpur (raj.) For The Financial Year 2018-19 W.e.f. 01/08/2018 To 31/03/2019 ( 8 Months). 200
Annual Maintenance Contract For Metrohm Make Instruments For Fy 2018-19 & 2019-20 At Bpcl, Crdc Greater Noida. 143
Annual Maintenance Contract For X-ray Diffractometer (2 Different Models) At Csir-neist. 129
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Cctv Cameras At Ssc, Sfsc, Hnsc, Pvsc And Dsc Under Electrical Division-3. 197
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Creative Make Digital Epabx, E-office (networking) And Vista Make Cctv Security Surveillance, Installed At Ee Office South-iii Zro Office And Water Emergency Under Ee(so. 168
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Wet Riser Fire Fighting Systems In Connection With Moei And Fans I/c Rmo Of Water Supply Pump Set, Dg Set At Kendriya Bhavan, Kakkanad, Kochi During 2018/19. 113
Annual Maintenance Of Automatic Fare Collection (afc) System Installed At Airport Line. 188
Annual Maintenance Of Electrification Work For Fixing Of Switch Socket And Accessories In Ministers Chambers And Vidhan Sabha Officer Chamber At New Vidhan Sabha Bhopal. 137
Annual Rate Contract For Breakdown Maintenance Of Split Acs Of 1.5t And 2t And Ductable Acs 8.5/5.5t Installed At Stations And Depots Of Line-5 And Line-6. 225
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Drinking Water For Pune Airport, Pune During 2018-19. 143
Annual Rate Contract For The Supply Of Unleaded Petrol, Diesel Lubricants At Icar Unit Ivri, Izatnagar. 211
Annual Rate Contract For Transportation Of Uniform Materials For The Year 2018 For Western Region Hqrs, Mumbai. 140
Annual Rate Contract For Zero Air. 120
Annual Repair & Maintenance Operation Of Special Electrical And Mechanical Installation Of 89 Qtrs For Central Excise Residential Colony At Ghod Daud Road, Surat And Shifting Of Fire Hydrant, Fbc Pipe And Servicing Of Fire Fighting Equipments At Chowk Baz. 125
Annual Servicing Maintenance Contract For Our 30t. Electronic Road Weighbridge Installed At Kedla Oc. 147
Application Based Cab Aggregator At Dehradun Airport. 119
Appointment Of A Cro In The Context Of The M4a Polio Study. 110
Appointment Of Architect Or Consultant For Infrastructure And City Development Projects By Nagar Panchayat, Goregaon. 148
Appointment Of Internal Auditor For The Financial Year 2018-19. 195
Appointment Of Land Valuer For Valuation Of Land Assets In The Port Estate Of Kandla From Village Veera To Village: Jungi Which Includes Kandla, Tuna, Kharirohar And Bachau Excluding Salt Lands & Sipc Land For The Year 2019-2023. 109
Aqp Window 4 Care Home Beds For Eligible Fully Funded Continuing Healthcare Clients. 518
Ar & Mo To Type - I & Ii Bsnl Staff Quarters Under Jurisdiction Of Csd Kali Bari-ii New Delhi. ( Sh: Sh- Misc. Civil Works In Type-i,ii Qtrs.). 130
Ar & Mo To Type - I & Ii Bsnl Staff Quarters Under Jurisdiction Of Csd Kali Bari-ii New Delhi. (sh:- Repair Of Damaged Windows And Misc. Work In Type-i,ii Qtrs. ). 136
Ar & Mo To Type - I & Ii Bsnl Staff Quarters Under Jurisdiction Of Csd Kali Bari-ii New Delhi. (sh:- Repair Of Dameged Wall And Floor Tile And Misc. Work In Type -i & Ii Qtrs ). 144
Ar And Mo Of Cpwd Office Building During 2018-19, Sh:- C.o. Protection Wall Below The Approach Road Of Cpwd Office At Baluwakhani Gangtok Sikkim. 119
Ar And Mo To Government Press Quarters Sector 29 C Chandigarh During 2018 19 Sh Providing Services Of Security Guards In Newly Upgraded Govt Press Quarters 60 No At Sector 29 C Chandigarh. 127
Ar And Mo To Income Tax Office Building At Barmer Sh Providing And Fixing Of Aluminium Sheet Cover In Expansion Joint Of Boundary Wall Providing And Fixing Floor Spring For Door Finishing Wall With Acrylic Smooth Exterior Paint Etc. 119
Ar And Mo To Residential And Non-residential Building Of C.p.w.d., Income Tax, Cgst, 11-convent Road, 25-subhash Road, F.s.i., Dehradun, During 2018-19. Sh:-supply Of Material For Day To Day Complaints. 125
Ar And Mo To Various Residential And Non-residential Building Under Sub-divn-ii, During 2018-19. Sh: Cleaning Of Sewerline. 108
Ar Coated Flow Tube For Pimping Chamber Of Diode Side Pumped Nd:yag Laser. 145
Ar Work For Renovation Of Footpath For Gate No 5 To 4 And 4 To 3 And 3 To 2 At Vidhan Bhawan Bhopal. 136
Arc For House Keeping Jobs In Substations And Transformer Yards Of Bpcl-kr Including Irep During 2018-2019. 139
Arc For Labour Assistance For Cleaning And Removal Of Spilled Sulphur Dust. 135
Arc For Servicing Tadano Crane Model No.gr120nl Serial No.fd3440. 124
Arche Restoration Works Of The House Of Culture In Pavia. 118
Architect Mandate For Shielding Carouge Police Stations And Plainpalais - Implementation Phase. 114
Architectural Achievement For The New Construction Of The Complexkita Benedixstrae 9-11 In Leipzig. 127
Architectural Competition Primary School. 113
Architectural Consultancy For Preparation Of Dpr (comprehensive Architectural Planning And Engineering Services) For Proposed Township Navya Ayodhya At Faizabad Up. 153
Architectural Services New Construction Of A Teaching Pool With Gradual Commissioning. 129
Arinc 404 Plugs And Receptacles. 181
Armoured Gasket. 116
Arrangement Of Inspection Vehicle To The Assistant Engineers Under Nit Ap Project Division In Connection With Construction Of Permanent Campus Under Nitap Under Ph Ia At Tadepalligudem. 101
Arrangement Of The Capafonts Road. 114
Art/Mural Work For Interior And Exterior Area Of Terminal Building At Sgrdji Airport, Amritsar. 130
Art/Mural Work For Interior And Exterior Area Of Terminal Building At Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, Amritsar. 147
Artificial Collagenous Protein Coat For Production Of C/C And C/Sa Sausage Products: Coco R 35 Or Analog Colorless, Without Marking; Coco R 35 Or Analogue Without Marking, Color Of Choice. 10. 142
Artificial Collagenous Protein Coat For The Production Of S/C And C/Sa Sausage Products: Coco R 45 Or Equivalent, Without Labeling, Colorless; Coco R 45 Or Equivalent, Without Marking, Color O. 143
Asphalting Of Roads Of Exterior Urbanization. 116
Assembly And Dismantling Of The Exhibition "h.c. Westermann: Museum Of Broken Dreams". 123
Assessing the risk of veterinary NSAIDs to Critically Endangered vultures in Bangladesh. 527
Assignment Of Project Management Assistance In The Field Of Lifting And Remote Monitoring Devices. 207
Assistance Fire Fighting Vehicle Hlf 10 According To Din 14530 Part 26. 122
Assistance In The Development Of A Retrospective (2008-2017) And Prospective (2018-2027) Analysis Of The Val D~oise Sis. 114
Audit And Advisory Mission For The Conclusion Of The Insurance Contracts Of The Community Of Communes Of The Island Of R And The Intercommunal Tourist Office ~destination Ile De R~. 141
Audit To Carry Out The Financial Control Actions In The Bodies, Entities And Companies Dependent On The Municipal Entity Listed In Annex No. 1 Of The Technical Specifications. 111
Augmentation Of Footage Capacity Of Existing Cctv Surveillance System. 112

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