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Articles from Mena Report (February 21, 2018)

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"joint" For Drain Plug For Fueltank. 122
"lease And Maintenance Of Printers, Without Option To Purchase, For The Center Of Specialties" Dr. Quesada Sanz "comprising, In Accordance With The Requirements Of The Technical Specifications And Of The Particular Administrative Clauses". 122
"plastic Cap" For Protection Of Injector Nozzle. 123
& # 34; New Pontoons For Smaller Vessels In Port Of Portosn & # 34; (to Corua); Explain 4/2018/Cntob. 111
( poland-swiebodzin: Orthopaedic Implants nd ). 120
( poland-szczecin: Orthopaedic Implants nd ). 169
(b1409-8) Ofspo, The Renovation And Optimization Of The Hall Of The End Of The World (edw), To Macolin In Several Stages. 262
(nu/1346) Provision Of Royalty Monetisation Advice And Services. 197
(poland-katowice: Drilling Services). 387
(poland-krakow: Construction Work For Pipelines, Communication And Power Lines). 129
(poland-krosno Odrzanskie: Car Repair Services). 328
(poland-strzeleczki: Refuse And Waste Related Services). 148
(poland-warsaw: Airport Equipment). 119
(poland-warsaw: Erection And Related Works Of Roof Frames And Coverings). 111
(poland-warsaw: Telephone And Data Transmission Services). 142
(recall-iii) Ncf To Conservation And Restoration Of Bhuleshwar Temple At Malshiras, Tal. Purandar, Dist. Pune. 149
(uis) Db Renewal Service For The Replacement Of The Old Water Pipe Around Soyoungdong Nursing Hospital. 135
.est. For P/s 01 No 3hp T/w Conn At Vill Bhagwatatola. 2.est. For P/s 02 Nos 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Dhangaon. 3.est. For P/s 03 Nos 9 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Kalyanpur Under Bidora D/c, S.lohara Sub Dn. Of Ee O&m Kawardha Dn. 131
.socket/coupling Galvanised Malleable C.i. 15 Mm & 40 Mm. 127
: Extension Of The Bro Collection For The Town Of Vrble. 106
: Process Innovation In The Martins Brewery. 195
: Provision Of Integral Management Service For French And English Courses Online For The Staff Of Andalusian Companies Or Entities. 107
1 C/o Incubation Centre For Stpi At Sitapura Jaipur 2 C/o 500 Bedded Boys Hostel G 2 For Cipet At Sitapura Jaipur Sh Pdg Computer Data Operator Services For Division Office. 163
1 Est For 04 Nos 14 Hp T/w Conn At Vill mohabhattha 2 Est For P/s 02 Nos 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill achhanakpur 3 Est For P/s 0l No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri lokendra Singh/rambharosha Singh At Vill singhauri. 115
1 Est For P/s 04 Nos 12 Hp T/w Conn At Vill virendra Nagar 2 Est For P/s 0l No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri ashwani/mathru Kaushik At Vill Bazarcharbhata 3 Est For P/s 0l No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri sawantram/b. 143
1 Est. For P/s 03 Nos 9 Hp T/w Conn At Vill dharamgarh 2 Est. For P/s 02 Nos 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill gaindpur 3 Est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri ghanshyam/motiram Sahu At Vill Bhedali 4 Est. For. 132
1 Est. For Pls 02 Nos 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill dumariya 2 Est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Smt dhaniya Baiiramsharan Patel Atvill Madmada 3 Est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri Suman singh/mohit S. 182
1 Moei And Fans In Gpra Qtrs In Sector-vii, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi During 2017-18 Sh : Pdg The Service Of Unskilled Staff. 2 Moei And Fans In Gpra Qtrs In Sector-iv, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi During 2017-18 Sh : Pdg The Service Of Skilled Staff. 168
1 Moei And Fans S Stn Dg Set P Set At Cib And Rc Nh Iv Faridabad 2 Moei And Fans C Light At Cipmc Ppq And S Machinery Store And Training Hall At Nh Iv Fbd Sh Replacement Of Existing Compound Light Fittings With Led Fittings At Cib And Rc Cipmc Complex. 177
1 Providing Electrical Wiring For Re-location Of Space For Modernization In Goi Press, Minto Road, New Delhi 2 Providing 3 Phase And Single Phase Power Points, Wiring In New Jcb Sections At Goi Press, Minto Road, New Delhi. 155
1 Upgradation Of Balegaon Approach Road 2 Umra To Makrampur Road 3 Sh-47 To Nevri Road. 130
1 Upgradation Of Mdr 27 To Khanapur Mdr 22 Road Lr02 2 Upgradation Of Deulgaon -sh 279 To Bhanos Pawnagiri Road Mrl4 Length 4.50 Km Tq Patur. 142
1 Upgradation Of Sh 273 To Fetra Road Lr20 Length 3.60 Km Tq Barshitakali 2 Upgradation Of Devdhari To Dhotarkhed Road Lr23 Length 4.80 Km Tq Barshitakali. 143
1) Design And Finalization Of Manufacturing Drawings Of Remotely Operated Crimping Machine Qty. 01 Job 2)supply Of Remotely Operated Crimping Machine Qty. 01 No. As Per Specification No. Hemrl/ign/spm. 166
1) Rc Cars Administered As A Register; 2) Rct/O. (italy-viterbo: Insurance Services). 147
1. Moei And Fans And Rmo Pump Set At At Cghs Kalkaji New Delhi. 2. Moei And Fans In 178 Nos. Income Tax And 20 Nos. Cbi Qtrs. At Dda Flats Kalkaji, New Delhi Sh - Routine Maintenance Of Ei. 163
1. System-technical Maintenance Of Local Personal Computers Connected To The Lan (hereinafter Referred To As Pc), Including The Video Output Device, Manipulators (keyboard, Mouse And (or) Other), Peripheral Equipment (printer, Scanner And/Or Multifuncti. 175
1. Us Govt Store (misc, Utensil, Defence.trg, Etc.) 2. Us Tentage Store 3. Old News Paper (govt Fund) 4. Us Welfare Store 5. Pm Stores Of Magazine & Us Arms/Accessories. 117
1.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Bhagwatola. 2.est. For P/s 01 No 3hp T/w Conn At Vill Vicharpur. 3.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Kuruwa. 4.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Bhimbhori. Under Bidora D/c, S.lohara Sub Dn. Of Ee O. 191
1.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Bija Bairagi. 2.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Lakhanpur. 3.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Manpur. 4.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Smt Nemkunwar Bai/bharat Yadav At Vill Surajpur Khar. 5. 247
1.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Kholwa. 2.est. For P/s 02 No 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill G. Khmariya. 3.estimate For P/s 03 No 9 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Bhagwatola Under Bidora D/c, S.lohara Sub Dn. Of Ee O&m Kawardha Dn. 134
1.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri Chhatrapal/pavan Singh Gautam Suktara. 2.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri Gunnuram/sammela Sahu At Vill Bargaon. 3.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp Conn To Shri Sukhiram/sudhuram Yadav At Vill Mohgaon. 4.est. For. 239
1.est. For P/s 02 No 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill G.khamariya. 2.est. For P/s 02 No 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Kotara Bundeli. 3.est. For P/s 03 No 9 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Lakhanpu Under Bidora D/c, S.lohara Sub. Dn. Of Ee O&m Kawardha Dn. 135
1.est. For P/s 03 No 09 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Bhimbhori. 2.est. For P/s 01 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri Parha Singh/manrakhan Sahu At Vill Mohgaon. 3.est. For P/s 02 No 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Kholwa. 4.est. For P/s 2 No 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Bami Khar Under Bido. 155
1.est. For P/s 1 No 3 Hp T/w Conn To Shri Rameshar/hiraram Lahare At Vill Gagariya Khamariya. 2.est. For P/s 02 No 6 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Gagariya Khamariya. 3.est. For P/s 03 No 13 Hp T/w Conn At Vill Gagariya Khamariya Under Bidora D/c, S. Lohara Sub Dn. 141
1/Dlii5/Hv412/6001353408 Steel Cabinets-baiudbw Dl Ii 5 Vergud Iud (germany-bonn: Cupboards And Bookcasesnd). 101
1030 Vienna, Frontier Customs Road 7, Anku, Refurbishment And Extension, Lv39 Flightcases. 113
108-cs Spengler And Sealing Work - Extension And Renovation Of The Wolfgang Kubelka Secondary School In Schondorf Am Ammersee. 133
112-s Metalworking - Extension And Renovation Of The Wolfgang Kubelka Secondary School In Schondorf Am Ammersee. 117
11377070-rubber Kit For Mu-2b Valve Consisting Of Two Items:-i)~o~ Ring 15/16 Inches Od,wabco Part No-524614,qty/kit-7. Ii) Gasket Pipe Bracket-wabco Part No-558987,qty/kit-1. 102
12102131-ac Crank Case Exhauster Motor With Built In Inverter As Per Rdso Of July-2008( Rev.01)& Rdso Modification Sheet (rev-00) Dt.21.04.2011. Note. 1.make Of The. 122
158-2017, Baufeldfreimachung Western Development Area (earthworks, Dismantling Of Installations And Demolition Of Engineering Structures), 51379 Leverkusen (germany-leverkusen: Demolition, Site Preparation And Clearance Work). 129
159-2017, Demolition Work, Energetic Renovation Halle Deichtorstrae, 51371 Leverkusen (germany-leverkusen: Demolition Work). 253
16160186-spring.. Valve Rod To Dlw Pt No.16160186. 138
16170143-gasket Cyl. Head Cover Frame Inner To Emd Pt. No - 40040011, Rev - B. 143
17 E 118- Delivery Of Two Truck Chassis As Well As Two Press Dump Bodies With Fillings (2 Lots). 123
17-0462 Hospital Of The City Of Wolfsburg, New Construction Of The Children~s Clinic Somatik - Screed And Flooring Work. 115
17-138 Emergency Carers Service. 299
17044558-front Slinding Window Assly For Side Sash Assly Lh To Emd Pt No 10647930/dlw Pt No 17044110 And Rh To Emd Pt No 10647931/dlw Pt No 17044121 Equal Quantities Of Each Drg No Dlw Part Drg No D 17044. 101
17103dsp - Montceau-les-mines - Condorcet Walkway - Restoration And Painting Work (france-le Creusot: Concrete Repair Work). 110
17457865-kit Overhauling Emergency Valve To Nyab Part No.171095(consisting Of 16 Items) For Wdp4/wdg4 Locos.(1).piston Rod To Part No.ii69240/7-1 No. (2).threaded Nozzle To Part No.a39064/15-1 No. (3).knorr K-. 105
177-2017, Electrical Equipment And Lighting - Energetic Renovation Of The Catholic Secondary School Im Hederichsfeld, 51379 Leverkusen (germany-leverkusen: Electrical Wiring And Fitting Work). 237
17four06 - Long-term Rental Contract For Light-duty Vehicles For Ca Tpm. 200
17trav07 - Framework Agreement For Building Demolition Work Orders On Behalf Of The. 213
18b13: Acquisition Of Various Equipment For The New Premises Of The Faculty Of Odontology. 120
18e40067 Hannover University Of Applied Sciences, New Student Center, Faade Works/Facing Brickwork. 111
18s0005 Order Group City Of Saint-nazaire/Carene: Program Of Detection And Geolocation Of The External Electrical Networks And Telecommunication. 118
190-2017, Framework Agreement On The Procurement Of Envelopes And Mailers 2018 - 2019 In 6 Lots For The Cities Of Leverkusen And Cologne As Well As The Lvr And Lwl. 135
2 Year Rate Contract For Honeywell Tank Gauging System At Bpcl-kr Shore Tank Farm. 117
2/2018 Cleaning Service Seville Biomedical Institute. 113
2017-ao-46b - Edqm Building Laboratories Extension Works (european Directorate For The Quality Of Medicines & Healthcare). 177
2017/000189 Drafting Of Project, Optional Address Of The Works And Other Complementary Works For The "reorganization Of The Plaza De San Marcos And Environment" In Beas De Segura (jan). 117
2017/121276. Renewal Service And Follow-up Of The Certificate Of The Integrated Environmental Management System Of The Health Council Of The Junta De Andalucia (seville). 113
2017trav305l01-l03-l04-l06-l07. 109
2018 1st Semester Tianjin Elementary School Class Food Drinking Small Quantity Quotation Submission Notice. 132
2018 Experimental Training Equipment Purchase safety, Construction_2 Thermal Camera. 109
2018 Ob Daob Ve 300-06 - Ogm Gmbh - Altmarktgarten Oberhausen - Drywall And Plastering, Interior Doors Wood Administration Building - Open Procedure To Eu Vob/A. 489
2018 Seoul Eunpyeong Elementary School Milk Food Bid Announcement. 115
2018-007-eta Project Management Mission For The Exterior Redevelopment Of The Saint-exupry Space In The City Of Marignane. 123
2018/004644. Surveillance And Security Service, Control And Protection Of Buildings Of The Centers Assigned To The Sanitary Logistics Platform Of Jan. 112
2018/007894 Freight Transport And Distribution Service From The Central Warehouse Of The Sevilla Logistics Platform To The Different Logistics Points Of The Group Of Consumption Centers Belonging To I. 120
2018/Csea1/000004 Modification Of The Application Of Teacher Evaluation Surveys (ead) For New Types Of Surveys And Improvements In The Presentation. 116
240 Heating Systems Schoolhouse North. 123
242 Kgs-nord - Replacement New Construction Of The Elementary School Knigsbrunn Nord With General Refurbishment Hort And Gym, Services Of The Tga-planning (alg 1-3, 8 - Hls) Acc. 53 Ff Hoai, Performance Phases 4-9. 144
242 Kgs-nord - Replacement Of The Elementary School Knigsbrunn Nord With General Refurbishment Hort And Gym, Services Of The Tga-planning (alg 4-6 - Elt + Ft) Acc. 53 Ff Hoai, Work Phases 4 - 9. 144
244 Ventilation Systems N. 101
3 Years Non. Comp.amc Of Duct.split Ac Pkgd.unit Of 5.5tr Capacity. 139
30050110-collar & Pin Long For Equalising Stay. Drg. No. Icf~s Drg. No Wlrrm-0-5-003, Alt.-g/9, Item.-11 & 12 . Matl. & Specn. -as Per Drg .make/brand:bbec. 102
30226030-rubber Buffer Spring For 1225 Kgm. Capacity Buffer To Rdso Sk-k2048, Alt. No.-nil And Rdso Str No. C-k210 rev.-3 Of Feb 2006 With Amendment Slip No.1 Of Octber 2016. 102
3030n001-feed Back Cylinder Isolating Valve Assemble To Escort Drg. No./part No. 6800. 132
30316121-non-asbestos Based "k" Type High Friction Composite Brake Block For Bogie Mounted Brake System Main Line Coaches, Conforming To Rdso Specn No:c-9809 rev.-4 To Rdso Drg No:rdso/sk-98066, Alt:6. 115
30543356-glass Unit For Lavatory Window For Lhb Ac Coaches Drawing No :- Lw54175 Alt.(nil) Specification No :- Rcf/mdts-089 Rev(3) & Rcf/mdts-087 Rev.(1). 224
33 Kv Double Circuit Ungalvanized Steel Lattice Structure 42 Ft Long Along With 3 Nos. 33 Kv Cross Arms And 33 Kv Single Circuit Ungalvanised Steel Lattice Structures 36ft Long Along With One 33 Kv Cross Arms One Top Hamper. 194
33500010-ball Joint Traction Lever To Fiat Drg. No.c 53973 Ref Bred 8403 Rev.02 To Be Read With Technical Specn, No. 17.532 100 00, Technical Specn. No. 17.617 100 02 And Mdts-148 Rev-01 And Mdts-122 Rev-03. F. 107
33560146-sealed Window Glass Unit Size: 619x 512x 18.38 M.m. For Lhb Coaches. Drawing No.:- Westberga Drg No. 500203 -28 Alt.(b) Specification No.:- Rcf/mdts-089 (rev.3). 167
4 X Mobile Jet Wash Machines Pgp2018/463*. 126
400 Magazines Are To Be Printed. 139
415v Mcc For 5 Hp Motor Starter Modules. 113
5- Remaing Of Repair And Maintenance Work Of Electric(replace Electric Line) In Treasury Building Tonk. 101
5-al-1770-on. Cyclist Road Construction On The Bridge Of The Avenue Of The Mediterranean Of The City Of Almera (almera T.m.). 113
5-ca-2202-on. Construction Of Cycle Path, Signage And Bicycle Parking In Cdiz. Historic Helmet. 105
5-gr-1547.2-on. New Layout Of The Chauchina Variant. Section: Chauchina - Cowboys Fountain. Phase 2 (pomegranate). 107
5-speed Junior High School With Triple Sports Hall, Heidemannstrae, New Building; Plumbing Works; Award No. H22a409017. 210
5/2018 Optical Coherenica Tomograph Kit Supply For Research And Training. 117
50370054-2 Wire Subscriber Loop Interface Card (4 Channels Per Card) Of Primary Drop/insert Mux To Specification No-irs:tc:68-2012 With Latest Amendment. Make: Webfil. 144
51/S/18/Su/Co/A/0006 - Supply Of Stents For The Treatment Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. 161
56987043-name Plate And Wiring Diagram Plate In Set For Electric Point Machine. One Set Comprising Of (1) Name Plate To Drg. No.cwm 02502 Alt-1 - 1 No. (2) Name Plate To Drg. No. Cwm 05707 - 1 No. (3) Wiring D. 122
6 Months Rate Contract For Providing Epoxy Flooring Inside Ccr Maintenance Workshop. 116
6- Remaining Work Of Supplying And Fixing Work Of Bracket For Live Wire ( Flood Lighting) On Old Main Wall At Distt. Jail Tonk. 108
6.6kv 630a26.3ka/1sec Icogtrnsfrmr Fedr. 111
600136004 New Building Transfusion Center With Mtal School. 163
62311608-g.i.mild Steel Tubes(erw)"isi Marked" Size 25 Mm Nominal Bore Medium Grade Conforming To Is:1239 (part-1)2004 (6 Th Revision) Amdt. No. 4 Of June 2010 In Random Length Of 4 To 7 Metrs Screwed On Both. 213
664/2017ced Transportation Of Bodies To Public Mortuaries. 136
7-al-1796-gi. Services Of Various Conservation Operations On The Roads Of The South Of Almera. 108
7-co-1886-gi. Services Of Various Conservation Operations In Several Sections Of Roads In The Eastern Part Of The Province Of Cordoba. 114
7-ma-2060-gi. Services Of Various Conservation Operations On The Roads Of The Southern Area Of The Province Of Malaga. 112
75403857-decorative Thermosetting Synthetic Resin Bonded Laminated Sheets Size-2440 Mm. X 1220 Mm.x 3 Mm. Thickness As Per Rdso~s Spec. No. C-k514 (rev.0 Of Dec, 2005) With Corrigendum Slip No.1 Of Jan 2006, W. Correction notice 103
8-ef Work In Under Construction Of Community Hall With Toilet In Court Cus At Asind (under Mla Lad Yojna) Distt Bhilwara. 106
85721rproviding Services And Repairs/Maintenance Of Lifts At Mh (ctc) And Afmc Under Age E/m (south) Pune. 148
96/nit/db/cd-i/pb/17-18 Providing Pipe Line For Science And Technology Centre At Dollygunj Under Cd-i,a.p.w.d., Port Blair. 190
A Complex Of Works On Liming Of Acidic Soils Contaminated With Radionuclides In The Brest Region In 2018 (including Railway Tariffs);a Complex Of Works On Liming Of Acidic Soils Contaminated With Radionuclides In The Brest Region In 2018 (including Railwa. 108
A Multi-lot, Multi-provider Framework Agreement For The Provision Of Transition Management And Implementation Services. 104
A R And M O Burns And Plastic Csd Building And Ac Plant Eot Rehabilitation Department Mot And Ortho Building At Sjh New Delhi Sh Some Urgent Repair Work In Plastic Work In Plastic Opd And Other Miscellaneous Work In Burns And Plastic Department. 167
A R And M O Plw Supply In Nca During 2017 18 Sh Improvement Of Unfiltered Water Supply By Laying Pipe Line Network For Horticulture Development In Safdarjung Hospital. 143
A R And M O To Durable And Non Durable Furniture At Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi During 2017 18 Sh Replacing Of Artificial Silk Plant By Providing New One Over Atrium And Escalator Second Recall. 156
A Wide Range Of Basic Music Education In Music. 118
A-cabinet 3rd Floor Operating Tables. 114
A-r And M-o To Dsc Line, E-block And Q-block, New Delhi, Dg. 2017-18 Sh : Repair Of Roof At Water Pump Room, Tiling And Re Plastering At 481 Pl Mess, Sewerline And Water Leaking At E Block. 150
A. Weller Filtration Zero Smog El B. Weller Digital 2 Channel Repair Station Wr2. 138
A.armature Rewinding Self Startor 05 Nos. B.field Coil Repairing And Taping Self Startor 06 Set. C.solenoid Switch Of Self Startor 05 Nos. D.pinion Changing 10 Teeth 05 Nos. E.housing Dalla Self Startor 06 Nos. F.pole Screw Replaces. 164
A/r & M/o Water Pumps At Cd, Car Nicobar During 2016-17 Sw: - Providing Spares For Pumps And Engines Of Various Models Being Run At Other Than Head Quarter At Car Nicobar. 205
A33, As Halle/Steinhagen - As Borgholzhausen, New Construction Of Traffic Sign Bridges With Pioneering Signage 1st Ba (copy) (germany-bielefeld: Bridge Construction Work). 105
A5 Uef A66 Nw Cross Ffm. Bauwerksinst. Top Asb 5817588 (germany-gelnhausen: Bridge Renewal Construction Work). 102
A72 Examination Lights. 144
Aarhus Cathedral School - Supply Of Window Cleaning 2018 -. 128
Abs-m30 Fiilament Canister For Rapid Prototype Machine. 129
Ac Work In Construction Of Prefab Ward At Ivth Floor Of Sms Hospital, Jaipur Item No. 01. 112
Academic Supervisor Function To Speciality Registrars On The Public Health Training Programme, Health Education England (working Across The East Midlands). 460
Academy At The Klinikum Os- Dachabdichtungsarbeiten. 123
Accompanying The Fanning Out Of The Bgm In The Bmvg (4th Project). Clinical report 207
Acquisition And Delivery Of Maintenance Equipment For Tractor And Haulers. 109
Acquisition And Delivery Of Soil Compactors And Self-propelled Diesel Mowers. 147
Acquisition And Finishing Of Dehydrated Sludge From Ccn Ptuj. 103
Acquisition For Sciences Po Of An Hr Solution. 153
Acquisition Of 4 New Minivans (segment C/M1 +) For The Department Of Seine-et-marne. 131
Acquisition Of A Server Type Rack To Be Installed In Central Offices Of The Institution. 108
Acquisition Of A Set Of Monitors For The Durgncies Service Of The Girona University Hospital, Doctor Josep Trueta (1st Phase). 118
Acquisition Of A Third-party Application Maintenance Service. 175
Acquisition Of A Vibrating Sample Magnetometry For The European School Of Chemistry, Polymers And Materials. 121
Acquisition Of Audio-visual, Multimedia, Photographic, Tv Network And Associated Services For The Services Of Living Stones. 112
Acquisition Of Bibliographic And Audiovisual Resources For The Libraries Of The Municipal Network Of Sabadell For The Year 2018. Due To The Technical Diversity Of The Products To Be Acquired, It Is Considered Convenient To Divide The Object Of This Supply. 146
Acquisition Of Books For Media Libraries And Services Of The Agglomeration. 110
Acquisition Of Devices For Detecting And Identifying Narcotics For The Benefit Of The National Police, The National Gendarmerie And Customs (france-paris: Reagents And Contrast Mediand). 174
Acquisition Of Diverse Material For The Physiotherapy And Midwives Units Destined To The Primary Health Care Centers Of The Madrid Health Service. 104
Acquisition Of Material To Perform Analytical Techniques Of Cytology In Liquid Medium By Filtration, Vaginal And General For The Ramn Y Cajal University Hospital. 104
Acquisition Of Natural Gas For The Installation And Buildings Of The Municipality Of Asse, The Ocmw Asse, The Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Asse, The Amow Police Zone And The Church Factories - Service Year 2018, 2019, 2020. 219
Acquisition Of Operational Equipment. 130
Acquisition Of Purchase Agreements - Purchase Of Equipment Required To Create A Unified Central Electronic Document And Document Management System Infrastructure 2. 115
Acquisition Of Reagents, Control And Expendable Materials For Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory;reagents For Automatic Glucose Analyzer Ecotwenty. 120
Acquisition Of Shoes (romania-bucharest: Sports Footwear). 109
Acquisition Of Supplies And Small Equipment For The Maintenance Of The Buildings Of The Departmental Council Of Orne - 2018-2021. 112
Acquisition Of The Necessary Material For The Performance Of Histochemistry, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Pharmacodiagnosis By Immunohistochemistry, In Situ Hybridization, Etc. 149
Acquisition Of Vehicles Powered By Natural Gas (cng) For The Collection Of Household And Similar Waste. 124
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Software Solution For The Development Of The Metropolitan Area. 105
Acquisition, Transportation, Assembly And Installation Of A Portable Auto-loan Machine For The Crai (spain-alcal De Henares: Library Automation Equipment). 118
Active Substance Dexamethasone Intravitreales Implant,. 484
Adct 18-0414 Brierley Forest Park Play & Youth Area. 155
Addendum No. 1 To The Service Contract No. 92/101095/27.12.2017 Rental Of Space And Provision Of Services For The Space Occupied By Cnairsa In Cfr Palace (romania-bucharest: Building Rental Or Sale Services). 165
Adequacy Cover Building No. 105 Of The Jaime Ii Quartering Of Palma De Mallorca. 108
Administrative Contract For The Operation Of The Help Service In The Home (spain-santiago De Compostela: Social Work Services Without Accommodation). 132
Administrative Courier Service To Valencia. 104
Advertising Agency Services 1.5.2018 - 30.4.2020 + Option 1 Year. 184
Advisory And Assistance Services Relating To The Administrative Procedures Necessary For The Implementation Of The French Part Of The Cross-border Section Of The New Lyon-turin Railway Link. 121
Afghanistan : Message from the Ministry of Education on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day. 403
Aggregate Supply Of Vascular Peripheral Interventional Material: Angioplasty Balloon Catheter (atp), Angiographic Catheters And Catheters Guide For Catalan Health Centers (ics), Vic Hospital Consortium And Imaging Diagnostic Institute. 137
Ahmo School Exit Rooms. 132
Air Quality Analysis Service And Vehicle Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning S/598 Of The Sevilla Maintenance Base. 123
Airport System East Fiumicino Area - Lot 2 - Functional Section Relating To Preliminary Civil Works - Cig 7200147544. 134
Ajaysar, Kharekhari And Hathi Khera Under The Jurisdiction Of Aen Phed ,csd Iii Ajmer (annual Rate Contract) (nit No. 102/2017-18). 111
Akb Lead-acid For Starting Piston Engines;car Lead-acid Battery For Starting Piston Engines 6st60a3. 111
Albania : The oath taking ceremony of the new generation of diplomats "Ismail Qemali". 294
Algeria,Belarus : Belarus hopes to restore level of relations with Algeria. 395
Algeria,Belarus : Belarus ready to bring its agricultural, industrial technologies to Algeria. 278
Alienation Through Open Procedure And Ordinary Processing, With Only Award Criteria, The Price, Of Forest Exploitation Of Lots Of Eucalyptus Globulus And Pine Insignis Of The Mountains Of Public Utility N 44 "cabaa Peraza" And N 46 "la Pedrera", Proper. 183
All That Part And Parcel Of The Land Incl Plant And Machinery Consisting Of Plot No 3666 And 656,khata No. 105 Khewat No.01, Tauzi No. 28, Thana No 176 Situated At Mouza Karma District Ramgarh Standing In The Name Of Raju Prasad So Sri Mahesh Prasad. 162
All That Part And Parcel Of The Land Including Plant And Machinery Consisting Of Plot No 1418 And Hal Plot No. 14181669, Khata No. 1174, Thana No. 61,thana Mandu Situated At Mouza Indra, Pargana Jagesar, District Sub Registray Office And District Haz. 157
Altmnster, Ebenzweierstrae 26, Vocational School, Schlo Ebenzweier, Reconstruction; Baumeisterarbeiten. 106
Aluminium Partition Work At Dtt Kanpur. 116
Ambulatory Health Care Services, Nursing And Physiotherapy In The Municipal District Of San Pedro Del Pinatar (murcia). 122
Amc For Atcom & Accurate Weighing Scale. 129
Amc For Pulse For One Year W.e.f. 01/04/2018 To 31/03/2019. 130
Amc For Smart N2 Machine. 128
Amc For Xp And Xplus Shuttle Storage System. 114
Amc Of Crefusion Master Screen Pft System With Ios. 122
Amo 2017-18 Internal Eis At Parliament House, New Delhi. Sh : Painting Of Various Street Light Poles Along With Boundary Walls Of Parliament House, New Delhi. 139
Analysis Of Soil And Water Samples, Investigation Of Pollutants. 468
Angle M.s. 50 X 50 X 6 Mm. (2" X 2" X 1/4"). 139
Announcement By The Marbella Town Hall Approving The Awarding Of The Lease By Vehicle Rental System For The Rsu And Cleaning Service For The Hon. Marbella City Council , According To Decree Of The Councilor For Finance And Public Administration Of Decemb. 160
Announcement Of Conscripts Subject To The Next Conscription On The Territory Of The Districts Of The City Of Minsk;announcement Of Conscripts Subject To The Next Conscription In The Territory Of The F. 183
Announcement Of Quotation For Small Number Of School Cars And On-site Experiential Learning Vehicle Service In Jichun Elementary School. 103
Annual All In All Repair And Comprehensive Maintenance Of Fountains &; Its Light Installed At Raj Bhawan Cus, Jaipur. 103
Annual Maintenance And Operation Work Of Fire Protection Work At District Judge And Session Court Building Near Mini Sectt. Jaipur. 105
Annual Maintenance Contract For Office Equipment And Computer Peripherals At The Office Of Cce(r And D)east Kolkata. 153
Annual Maintenance Contract Of Fire-fighting System At, Cci Warehousing Complex, Navi Mumbai. 154
Annual Maintenance Of Office Building Of Cabinet Secretariat At Plot 5a Cgo Complex Lodhi Road New Delhi. Sh Annual Maintenance For 2 X 1500 Lph Roof Top R.o.plant. 155
Annual Maintenance Services Of Portable Radio Systems In The Car Parks Of The City Of Colmar (232). 113
Annual Price Contract For Urgent Restoration Works Waterworks In The South-north District (urgent). 126
Annual Rate Contract For Repairs And Maintenance Of Civil Work For Terminal Building Including Airside And Cityside And Apron Area Of Bagdogra Airport For The Financial Year 2018 20. 151
Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Micro Nutrient Fortified Rice Kernels With Iron, Folic Acid And Vit. B12 Under Mid Day Meal Scheme. 142
Annual Repair And Contract For Erection Of Ht/lt/tc And Ab Cable Maintenance. 106
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Ei Of Non-residential Building At Bsf Campus Kadamtala Under Ftr Hq Bsf Nb. Sh Repair/maintenance Of Ei Of Adm Block And Post Top Lamp. 115
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Ei Of Residential Building At Bsf Campus Kadamtala Under Ftr Hq Bsf Nb. Sh Providing Of Standby Battery For 125 Kva Dg Set. 113
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Ei Of Residential Building At Bsf Campus Kadamtala Under Ftr Hq Bsf Nb. Sh Repair/maintenance Of Govt, Qtr And Providing Fixing Of Storage Water Heater. 116
Annual Repair And Maintenance Of Govt. Building At Bsf Campus L S Road Under Ftr Hq Bsf Sb For The Year 2017-18(sh: Procurement Of Store For Day To Day Maintenance). 153
Annual Repair Contract Erection Of Ht/lt/tc And Abc Cable Maintenance Work. 105
Annual Repair Contract For Supply Of Stationery Articles Under Ankleshwar Ind. Division; Arc For Erection Of Ht/lt/tc And Abc Cable Maintenance Work, Emergency Work Of Underground Cable Fault, Rectifying Of The Fault And Fixing Of New Termination & Joint. 187
Annual Repair Contract For Supply Of Stationery Articles Under Ankleshwar Ind. Division;. 104
Annual Repair For Residensial Non Residensial And Nirichhan Bhavan Under Water Resources Division Umaria Distt Umaria Mp. 123
Annual Repair Maintenance Of Watch Cum Ward Of Flanged Feeding Pipe Line From Ningli Nallah Of Bsf Campus Singhpora Under Shq Bsf Baramulla. 126
Annual Repair To Rb Dm House In Sector 7, Chandigarh (house No. 77). 132
Annual Running And Maintenance Of Ac Plant At New Campus Pusa New Delhi Sh- Replacement Of Condenser And Chiller Pumps. 141
Annual Unit Price Contract For Water District Office Waterworks Construction 2 District. 132
Antiretroviral Active Ingredients Zidovudine + Lamivudine, 300 Mg + 150 Mg. 216
Antivirus Solution For Cp. 148
Aoo Lvif 17s0443 - Supply Of Parts And Repair Of Construction Equipment And Winter Maintenance For The Workshops Of The Maintenance Service And Resources Of The Road Network (sm3r) - 5 Lots. 104
Application And Tender In The Context Of An Open Tender For The Manufacture Of On-cases For The Unpacking Of Screw Cases Containing Fuels Located In The Cea/Saclay Bni 72. 147
Appointment Of Dma For Registration Of Customers For New Domestic Png Connection For Cgd Rupnagar. 124
Appointment Of Public Relation Agency. 130
Appointment Of Technical Consultant For Carrying Out Detailed Technical Due Diligence In Connection With Participation In Strategic Sale Process For Equity Acquisition In Binh Son Refining And Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (bsr), Vietnam. 162
Approach Road To Gm Office For Two Wheeler From Crossing Of Rcm Siding Ctr To Bhelwatand Under Gm Unit Piparwar Area. 103
Approximately 320 M2 Mullion-transom Facade Including Glazing. 103
Apshalting Work At Khanu Gaon Masjid Gate To Dairy Farm Khanu Gaon Ward No8 Z-02. 119
Ar And Mo Income Tax Office At Hazaribag During 2017 18 Sh Providing Service Of A Worker For The Office Of The Assistant Engineer Hazaribag Central Sub Division Cpwd Hazaribag. 152
Ar And Mo Residential And Non-residential Buildings Of Survey Of India During 2017-18. Sh - Cleaning Of Underground Sumps And Overhead Tanks Through Scientific Procedure. 145
Ar Mo Buddha Jayanti Park During 2017 18 Sh Providing Watch And Ward Arrangement And Cleaning Of Toilet Blocks At Buddha Jayanti Park. 138
Ar Work Of Providing And Fixing Unitex Artifical Grass In Ashok Chakra Sher Lawn Court Yard Of Section 3 At Vidhan Sabha Bhopal. 135
Ar Work Of Providing Fixing Testing And Installation Of Fountain In House Court Yard Pantry Area At Vidhan Sabha Bhopal. 132
Arc For Rubber Lining Jobs In Dm Plant And Other Locations Inside Refinery. 117
Architectural, Engineering And Planning Services. 177
Arfq - Firework Display At Southport Air Show 2018. 173
Armenia : Achievements in the field of ICT in Armenia were presented in terms of WCIT-2018. 240
Armo Of Electrical & Mechanical Installations Of Operational Areas Including Glf, Ups, Window/Split Acs, Water Coolers/Ro Systems At Dehradun Airport For The Year 2018-20. 136
Armo Of Electrical And Mechanical Installations Of Operational Areas Including Glf, Ups, Window/Split Acs, Water Coolers/Ro Systems At Dehradun Airport For The Year 2018-20. 155
Armo Of Ht/lt Electrical & Mechanical Installations Of Substation, Terminal Buildings Including Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm System At Dehradun Airport For The Year 2018-20. 134
Armo Of Ht/lt Electrical And Mechanical Installations Of Substation, Terminal Buildings Including Fire Fighting And Fire Alarm System At Dehradun Airport For The Year 2018-20. 155
Armo To Residential Non Residential Building In Iiht Campus Choukha Jodhpur During 2017 18 Sh Providing Door Shutters And Misc Repair Works In Hostel Building. 142
Arrangement Of Office Space. 112
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: A Single Panel Painting Of old Port City Of Calicut(14th Century) Oil On Canvas Work (sepia Tinted Painting). 137
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of arrival Of Vasco Da Gama Stained Glass Mural Work. 121
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of kozhikode Beach Stained Glass Mural Work. 115
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of manachira Square Stained Glass Mural Work. 115
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of oppana, Theyyam & Kolkali terracotta Relief Work. 115
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of revathi Pattathanam Oil On Canvas Work. 115
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of sm Street, Kozhikode Stained Glass Mural Work. 117
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of vadakkan Pattukal Cement Relief Work. 113
Art Work For Calicut International Airport. Sh: Visualization Of zamorin Of Calicut Cement Relief Work. 115
As Described In Name Of Work. 137
As Per Schedule B And Grouping Statement. 138
As Per Tender Documents Attached. 136
Asbestos Removal And Partial Renovation Ifsi. 101
Asco Sov Spares. 107
Assessment Centre Experience. 113
Asset Management Software Development. 107
Assignment Of Insurance Services For The Four-year Period 31/12/2017 - 31/12/2021 Single Lot Rct/O For The Municipality Of Melzo - Cig 72370835d1. 113
Assistance In Posts, Ambulance, Rescue And First Aid And Accessible Beaches. 124
Assistance Service For People With Reduced Mobility (pmr); Alicante-elche, Murcia-san Javier And Almera Airports (spain-madrid: Support Services For Air Transport). 134
Attending Leakages Of Sloping Roof By Dismantling Pressed Clay Tiles, Water Proofing Treatment, Providing Pressed Clay Tiles And Providing Vitrified Tiles Flooring Over Mosaic Tiles And Granite Flooring On Front Otta Of Type V And Vi Quarters Of Rajasva V. 164
Attention To The Public In Tourist Offices And Other Extra Services Derived From Customer Service. 128
Auction Of Ambassador Car 146
Auction Of Real Estate In C/Fernando El Catholic, N 10 And 8, Of Madrid. 110
Audit Services For Monitoring Compliance With The Conditions Stipulated In The Mediation Lines Financing Contracts. 128
Augsburg University Medical Center, 15800 E 0001 New Research Building Itm And E 0002 New Lehr Building, Dean~s Office, Demeda, Specialist Library, Award 17d0727 And 17d0728 Structural Design. 429
Australia : 5G Working Group convenes. 151
Australia : ACCC appeals Cussons decision. 216
Australia : ACCC focusses on energy, broadband, net economy and financial services in 2018. 791
Australia : Action taken on lessons from the Royal Commission. 353
Australia : Agcelerate your future with a $5,000 bursary. 483
Australia : Australians on notice to keep their receipts. 557
Australia : Better rural roads can lift nations agricultural capacity. 318
Australia : Bolstering the ATOs IT resilience. 455
Australia : Cairns school becomes the latest Reef Guardian recruit. 382
Australia : Creating Jobs and Better Communities: $4.7million invested into remote infrastructure and amenities. 266
Australia : Defence to engage Australian industry on tank upgrades. 236
Australia : Delivering security and choice for older Australians. 235
Australia : Dimension Data appoints its first director of cyber security in Australia. 234
Australia : DST Continues Its Support of UAV Challenge. 344
Australia : Further consultation on revised Asia Region Funds Passport legislation. 232
Australia : Govt. shortlists Cross River Rail bidders. 225
Australia : Induction training underway for QFES Games volunteers. 504
Australia : Interns maintaining excellence in ACT Health. 289
Australia : Labor Party-led Govt. to invest $35 million in fibre network expansion. 224
Australia : Legal support services to help survivors of institutional child sexual abuse access redress. 320
Australia : Mackay puts heads together for local and global reef initiative. 396
Australia : Mandatory data breach notification comes into force this Thursday. 440
Australia : Minister for Defence Personnel visits Darwin. 289
Australia : More than 3,000 new skill training places now open to Canberrans. 265
Australia : Multipurpose research reactor providing radioactive phosphorous for implantable medical device to treat pancreatic cancer in global clinical trial. 621
Australia : National organ donation program surpasses 10,000 lives saved and improved. 531
Australia : National Plan to address elder abuse. 512
Australia : New independence rules benefit regional students. 177

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