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Articles from Mena Report (June 26, 2016)

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1)3 plate slide gate system qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)epxy rsn nmx-paper qty: 3000 mr 2)epxy rsn nmx-paper qty: 6930 mr 3)epxy rsn nmx-paper qty: 3000 mr 8)null qty: null null. 119
1)epxy rsn nmx-paper qty: 6930 mr 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)forging for intermediate ring qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 106
1)ht rsstnt al pnt qty: 250 lt 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)hydrogen measuring instrument qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)soda lime granules(5kg/jar) qty: 20 null 8)null qty: null null. 107
2 qubik meeter capaciti 26 hp Haidrolick systam 4 door shatar and 02 back door shater ke febrication with five nag. 136
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 134.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 3000 psi - 183.000 no. 108
2 vm ss316 1/2" npt(f) 9000 psi - 3.000 no. 108
2016 Nys Mwbe Forum. 125
2016 Pmp - Region 1 - Western Airports. 102
2016-16 Benefits For Transport Services ,Early Childhood / Childhood Youth And General Services Of The Ccso. 265
2357013261 adjuster lh casting (machined). 113
451wa31817 circle casting (machined). 112
5-year hull inspection and repair project for ferry vessel m/v sugar islander ii. 142
7 municipalities with concentrations. 140
7- way fiber optic microducts. 115
86.22.19-00.00 services in specialized medical practices, etc.) (outpatient medical treatment in the clinics by hemodialysis, including on-line hemodiafiltratsiyi)). 109
9 Nos of Ganga Kalayan works on Partial Turnkey basis. 103
958br31146 cylinder service casting. 112
A/e services for fire station new construction project. 115
A/R & M/0 to HM & Dy HMBungalows under 3/B Sub division dg. 2016-17. SH- Miscellaneous civil works at various bungalows under Sec-I),. 129
A/R & M/0 to HM & Dy HMBungalows under 3IB Sub division dg. 2016-17, ISH- Misc. civil works at various bungalows under Sec-ll ,. 126
A/R & M/0 to HM & Dy HMBungalows under 4/B Sub division dg. 2016-17, ISH- Misc. civil works at various bungalows under Sec-ll,. 127
Access control supply and installation. 164
Accompanying delivery of local managers. 105
Accompanying Study On The Outsourcing Project Of Computer Systems. 109
Achieving fiscal and financial analyzes of health and social training institutions in the region salw. 102
Acquisition And Installation Of Ict Equipment For The Iut D~allier In Clermont-Ferrand. 161
Acquisition of a geolocation solution of non-motorized equipment not avionns and servicing. 264
Acquisition Of A Speed Camera For The Needs Of The Nhi Centre Loire Valley. 142
Acquisition Of A Vehicle For Cooling Ccas. 136
Acquisition of compact shelving furniture to equip the deposits of the district archive of braga. 181
Acquisition of contraceptive supplies and human use condoms to the county council of essonne, maternal and infantile (dpmi). reference number: 1632_2_03-08-10-11. 113
Acquisition of immersive systems for the technological platform of the iut of puy university of auvergne. 107
Acquisition Of Information Signs For Playgrounds In Urban Areas Dedovsk. 135
Acquisition of maintenance for the city of bourges and bourges for the urban community - years 2017-2017. 107
Acquisition of spare parts, tires and consumables for maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment for the year 2016 - renewable in 2017 - from 2018 to 2019. reference number: ip 16006. 131
Acquisition Of Telephone Recording System. 167
Acquisition Of Unmarked Envelopes. 163
Acquisition of Vehicle. 366
Additional lighting at bharatpur depot. 102
Adjustment of design documents for the completion of the capital repair of premises in gbuk moscow theatre of music and poetry. 155
Agencies/contractors for Providing, laying & linking of 150mm dia Dl water supply line. 107
Aintenance Of Potted Plants And Cutting Of Hedge Edge In Connection With. 120
Air to water heat pump- energy program- Lindesnes Municipality. 150
Airfield improvements, fueling and aircraft washdown - bellingham international airport. 105
Airfield laupheim -gbm- construction of a washing / maintenance facility, engineering services according to part 4, section 2 hoai. 110
Allen mccolloch pipeline cathodic protection. 268
Alterations To The Vsara Postal & Print Services, Middlesex, Vermont. 128
Amc for civil works in tank fa. 102
Amc of 08 nos. parr make batch reactors as per scopeand schedule of work for the year 2016-2017 at crdc greater noida. 125
An evaluation of the activities of agency overseas offices. 142
Annual contract for digitech systems paperflow and papervision software license and maintenance. 119
Annual contract for loading, transportation and disposal of stones/shales in chp. 115
Annual maintenance contract (AMC) for the 1)Desktop computers:- i)P-IV HP-Compaq (Windows Vista). 101
Annual maintenance contract for leakage current analysis of surge/lighting arrestors at ntpc koldamannual maintenance contract for l. 123
Annual maintenance contract of fire fighting and fire alarm system. 106
Annual Maintenance Contract of the Centralized Air Cooling units over Nagpur Division for a period of three years. 107
Annual maintenance of hydro generating units (3x15mw) of nimoo bazgo power station, alchi, leh. 133
Anti ds dna antibody , pack size - 96 tests per pack. 355
Aot-water & Waste-water System Upgrade Northeast Kingdom International Airport. 134
Ar/mmp/210/1000030863/ 43 loco. 109
Ar/mmp/210/1000031266/ 42 loco. 109
Armored Car services. 117
Assistance mission to the definition of a reconstruction strategy for social rented housing demolished. 161
Attending major complaints related to floor & wall tiles water supply and sanitary fittings leakage and seepage under SC-234 Timarpur). 116
Audi hungaria kindergarten, primary and secondary school 2 it procurement - the purchase szerzods. 110
Augmentation of charging and dewatering system and other allied works at Gokulpuri BPS. 122
Austria : Austrian energy firm sets drilling record in Barents Sea. 124
Base assembly bhd p57 lapped - 9787.000 no. 102
Battery powered hydraulic operated crimping tool. 106
Benefits of infrastructural facility management (security) at the federal labour court in erfurt. 173
Benefits of sampling and analysis of water intended for human consumption. 115
Biennial jc for operation and maintenance of heavy earth moving machines in chp for the year 2016-2018 at ntpc vindhyachal. 131
Biennial rate contract for hydrogen and co2 gas cylinders shifting work. 114
Bill printing, inserting and mailing services. 181
Bio-Rad(r) ChemiDocTM Touch Imaging System. 103
Blb du / kalkar / von seydlitz barracks kalkar, rmerstrae 130, 47546 kalkar / new office building. 101
Blb du / kalkar / von seydlitz barracks kalkar, rmerstrae 130, 47546 kalkar / new officereference number: 020-16-00650. 109
Boxelder creek trail preliminary design and cost estimates study. 123
Boxes corg.Cardbrd 56*56*56cm 7ply. 114
Bradford Council, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust and Airedale NHS Trust Contractors Framework. Reference number BFDMDC-AB5G-7BBFM7. 120
Brest defense base lorient base defense orders in brest-lorient-framework agreement reference number: ao0741. 114
Bt Renevalcum Overlay Of Ratlam Nasirabad Road And Link Road. 104
building a system to monitor the microclimate and operating parameters in server rooms of headquarters and the regional directorate of state fund agriculture . 175
Bulldozer Troll research station. 157
Bus Tenders Batch 636 Wakefield SEN Taxis and Minibuses. 126
Bus tours with driver 2016-1. 132
Bush for flexible coupling,to drg no: scr/dsl/de 0040/b alt 2. 114
BusinessSource Center System East Los Angeles Service Area. 186
C/0 Gaonsari flausi via Goskwari road KM 0/0 to 4/ 210 SHF/C 5/7 mfr wide i/c FVwal, C/D work. P/l Stone Soling and Dumping in km 0/0 to 4/210) Under NABARD RiDF-XXI. 111
C/plated d/e box spnr sw17xsw1. 114
Cage casting. 110
Canon camera, holster bag (small) & sd card. 109
Career transition award for ninds intramural clinician-scientists (k22). 163
Carrying Out Gamma Scanning Of Main Fractionators (16-C-01) Of Cdu-Ii. 135
Cast steel ball valve & galvanised iron short pipe nipple -2items-reg.,. 110
Casting Of Rcc Box Segments. Wing Walls, Provision Of Approach Road, Drainage Arrangements. 124
Change &portfolio management, staff professional development &training programme for ict services. 146
Charter bus service for 2016-2017 academic period. 124
Charter bus transportation services. 112
chem sdspidol - control office. 187
Child forensic interviewing training. 103
Chilled Beams for Civic Centre Floors 1-6. 206
Civil Internal Electrical Installations Fire Alarm Fire Fighting Air Conditioning Work. 127
Civil works docks and sanitation on the line between haguenau niederbronn. 290
Clearing Jungle & Removal of Silt from Ch. 176.00 to 179.00 KM (in Vulnerable reaches) of KRBC. 112
Clearing of wet coal from loaded wagons manually and transporting of the same to stack yard of CHP. 128
Clinton Municipal Airport Access Road Project. 164
Collection & transportation of ash discharged from bottom ash area, aph and economizer hoppers, bottom ash over flow sump, slurry sumps and pump house area by means of manual loading and disposing to location specified by engineer in-charge/ash pond of kt. 174
Community Welfare Advice Services. 102
Components for the manufacture of footwear for the prison administration. reference number: ao20 / 21062016. 112
Comprehensive Annual maintenance contract of Window A/c, Split A/c, Packaged units, Deep freezer, Refrigerators and Water coolers installed in various units of NRB and WSCD of BARC Facilities, Kalpakkam. 124
Computers, Printers, Cartridges, Scanners, Copiers And More. Computer Equipment And Spare Parts From The It Sector. 139
Concession management of the zac extending the town center with main purpose of habitat. 141
Conduct of inter school sports meet at budgam. 132
Conducting comparative study of indicators of quality of service in mobile networks Entrepreneurs telecommunications rail routes, together with the development of the report of the audit. 150
Conducting Statutory testing of 95Nos of Hydrogen gas cylinders, 20Nos of Nitrogen gas cylinders and 68nos. 145
Consolidated Qualified Lighting Product Database and Web Interface Tool. 132
Constr of 12 nos tank ramps of size 21.80 m long incl ramp and platform 5.5 m wide 1.05 m clear height. 150
Constructing RCC Drain from Narasamma house to Ramesh house in ward no-4, from. 125
Construction engineering services - east port water reclamation facility stage 5. 141
Construction of 09 nos t-iv two block g+1 and g+2 qtrs and 1 no t-v (single storid for RAF at jamshedpur and internal water supply, sanitgary installation drainge etc. 108
Construction of 180 Men barrack (G+3) for 106 Bn. of RAF at Sundernagar, Jamshedpur (jharkhand) including internal water supply, Sanitary installation drainage internal E.I. and Fans with services connection. 121
Construction Of 20.800 Mtr. Span ( 4X5.18 Mtr. Each) Vented Causeway Bridge Over Badhera Channel. 173
Construction of 220KV-220KV Narrow Based Multi-Circuit line for a route length of 6.615 Kms from the proposed 220KV Somanahalli Malur I & II lines to the existing 220/66/11KV. 134
Construction of 62.360. ( 12x5.18 mtr. each ) span vented causeway bridge. 176
Construction Of A Building Of 57 Social Rental Housing, Social Access, And Local Crafts. 115
Construction of a connecting line from lorch to rdesheim, pumping stations and lorch assmannshausen. 117
Construction Of A Housing Complex Of Social Rental Housing, A Student Residence, A Nursery, Retail Space And A Parking Zac Plm Colombes. 137
Construction Of A Local For Sports Club ~Stadoceste Tarbais Canoe Kayak~. 222
Construction Of A Unit Of Water Treatment Forwarded By The Water Loing - Hydraulic Connection Inter-Works Avenue David Weill In Paris 14me. 204
construction of a washing / maintenance facility, engineering services according to part 4 1 hoai. 106
Construction of allen street substation. 174
Construction of Bridge portion of Two Lane ROBs in lieu of LC No. 39. 121
Construction of cc drain and cc road from h.No. 10-5-363 to 10-5-369 at kisannagar in div.No. 4 of municipal corporation, karimnagar. 148
Construction of cc drain and slab culvert from h.No. 1-5-1 to h.No. 1-5-86 barath talkies junction. 155
Construction of cc drain and slab culvert from h.No. 1-6-2, 1-5-282 to 1-5-265 (opp bharathi talkies lane ) and 1-6-113 at boiwada junction in div.No. 23 of municipal corporation, karimnagar. 155
Construction of cc drain h.No. 10-5-51/2 to existing drain in div.No.4 of municipal corporation, karimnagar. 144
Construction of cc drain h.No. 5-6-445/1/1 to 5-6-432/1 and laying of cc road from h.No.5-6-445/2 to 5-6-445/1/b in division no. 20 of municipal corporation, karimnagar. 157
Construction of compound around the Kannada sahithya Bhavana in Kempanahalli. 103
Construction Of Compound Wall At Smruti Udyan At Gadchiroli. 140
Construction of new toilet blocks for contractor labourers at STE (one no) and JRE (One no) with attached rest rooms at GSF, Cossipore. 103
Construction of Open Air theatre in Municipal Office park. 102
Construction of road. 106
Construction of SC Prefabricated Steel Structure, Brick Work in Foundation. 104
Construction of Sewerage treatment plant in connection with C/o ASI Building, 24 Tilak Marg, New Delhi. 104
Construction of sw drain by laying rcc np2 class pipe (by rock cutting) and cc road in the lane 18-11-67/9/29/211 at chikki pahad in the barkas div-42 (reserved for sc, st, waddera, societies). 160
Construction of sw drain by laying rcc np2 class pipe (by rock cutting) and cc road in the lane at 18-11-67/a/34/b/125 at chikki pahad in the barkas div-42. 157
Construction of sw drain of 600mm dia and cc patch at muthoot fin crop, 18-3-678, shamsheer faiz dargah 18-3-613/2 in jangammet div-45 (reserved for sc, st, waddera, societies). 153
Construction Of The Multipurpose Room And Library Resource Center Of An Elementary School. 248
Construction of the street and drainage improvements in the south westside area. 142
Construction of Traffic Signals Braddock-Riding Center & Gloucester-Smith Switch. 236
Construction of type III Railway houses (2000 nos) for providing residential accommodation to MCF/RBL personnel including internal electrical and telecom works,. 109
Construction of work. 394
Construction r.C.C road at different places in bodakdev ward, n.W.Z (a.R.C). 201
Construction r.C.C road at different places in chandlodia ward, n.W.Z (a.R.C). 201
Construction r.C.C road at different places in ghatlodia ward, n.W.Z (a.R.C). 201
Construction r.C.C road at different places in thaltej ward, n.W.Z (a.R.C). 201
Construction r.C.C road at gota gam, sola gam, area & different places in gota ward, n.W.Z (a.R.C). 206
Construction supervision services. 198
Construction work of radio house. 167
Consultancy for Part-time Administrative and Travel Assistant, LECB. 187
Consultancy services for Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) including Engineering. 164
Consultants for prodacapo. 118
Consumables - Centrifuge Tube, Glass Rods Grounded, Polythene Bags, Fixed Volume. 152
Contract for operation and maintenance of individual devices heat production facilities and related equipment. 101
Control cable 1100v grade size : 12 core x 2.5 sq.Mm. 112
Cooperative ecosystem studies unit, rocky mountain cesu. 292
Crawler drive tumbler complete assembly as per drg.No.Gm/con/192/04 for voest alphine transport crawler. 118
Creation Of Two Amphitheaters Connected To Centralesuplec. 208
Cross kamp 68 - structural, roofers and plumbers, carpenters. 6 lg. 108
Crushing Of Contractors Hard Stone Using Mechanized Crusher To 50 Mm Gauge Of 61,432 Cum. 117
Cultural resources survey program. 178
Cultural Resources Survey Program. 220
Cyclone ii pfga device. 114
Cylinder head cover rh to drg. no. sb 306-08-8 (fully finished). 121
Data Collection On The Study Course And The Employability Of Students Of The University. 211
Database and pre location of wetlands in the territory of the Adour downstream SAGE. 115
De-dusting (cleaning), putting codification tag on file, shifting of the files (purchase dept) to given location to documentation cell. 138
Delivery of 1 art automatic separator to determine the exponent of the gas oil mines for wwnig with installation and training. 321
Delivery of 1 piece of the automatic control of pressure reduction for wwnig with installation and training. 320
Delivery Of Drugs (Diazepam) For GBUZ YAO Clinical Cancer Hospital. 164
Delivery Of Drugs To Provide Medical Care For Health Patients Cancer. 126
Delivery Of The Drug (INN: Diazepam) For The Needs Of SBD RME Medvedev CRH. 147
Delivery Of The Drug (INN: Ketamine) To The Needs Of The GBU RME Medvedev CRH. 142
Delivery of the drug (inn: trimeperidine) for the needs of sbd rme medvedev crh. 305
Delivery Of The Drug Formulation Phospholipids + Glycyrrhizic Acid 2. 136
Delivery system Software and information systems. 101
Delivery Vouchers To Children~s Health Camps. 249
Delivery, installation and commissioning of a 1 / one / number of complex system reference number: 002-op. 160
Delivery, installation and commissioning of laboratory equipment for auditoriums, and training of personnel for the department of pharmacy in - pleven. reference number: 003-op. 159
Demolition of market stalls and renovation of parking in the basement of saint-martinreference number: pi2016017b. 112
Demolition Of Part Of The Connecting Corridor For Making Passage For D.G Sets. 115
Deobligation of unliquidated obligations. 102
Design and Build of New Care Home Clydebank.Reference number 1516-08. 104
Design And Construction Of Modular Stand Structures For Events Of The Isere Department. 252
Design and delivery of training in the field of project management. 399
Design And Editorial Writing And Hosting The Website Of Grand Troyes. Editorial 362
Design and survey work on the overhaul of the existing network of roads of general use of federal value. 143
Design dayton avenue wastewater lift station. 136
Design services for kirkwood roundabout. 129
Design work on the construction of the facility: kindergarten for 100 places in the city of kaspiysk. 142
Design Work On The Installation Of Metering Devices On Demand Resursosnabzhayuschih Organizations. 138
Design, Development, Implementation, Training And Operational Support. 142
Design, Engineering, Supply,Installation, Testing & Commissioning Including Insurance, Warranty, Spare Parts & Operation & Maintenance of Off-Grid/Grid. 111
Design, fabrication, supplying, installation, commissioning, and 6 months trial run of different capacity of arsenic. 163
Design,engineering,manufacture,inspection,p&f,erection,testing,commissioning of new plate. 144
Design,Supply,Installation,Testing and Commissioning of New Impressed Current Cathodic. 107
Development And Maintenance Of Ip Telephony Services. 223
Development of a suburban park on ens kind of common map of la garde and pradet. reference number: 16s0037. 112
Development Of A Sustainable Management Plan For The Site Of The Common Trzence Puyrolland, Tonnay-Charente, Saint Loup, Annezay And Current. 222
Development Of Burial Bround Adjoining To The Hiremagaluru By-Pass Road. 104
Development Of Design And Estimate Documentation For Construction Of Gas Distribution Pipelines To Railway ?1, 3-6, 8-13,15,17,19, 20,23, 24,24A, 25,27,30,32,34,36 Ul.Alleya Gomontovo D. Gomontovo Volosovsky Area Mo Begunitskoe Rural Settlement Volosovsky. 173
Development of design and estimate documentation for the overhaul of the building mbou school ?6. 138
Development of design estimates for the installation of automatic fire alarm (afa) with a warning system and evacuation in case of fire (soue) and automatic fire-extinguishing system (fire suppression unit). 147
Development of habitable floors of housing. 357
Development of local intercommunal planning worth local program plui-h habitat. 105
Development of zero-energy system kwantum equipped with active packets complex. 128
Dialysis consumables dietary-products, tubes and enteral nutrition pockets - antiseptic. 119
Die for dc delay holder. 118
Die for dc head flash igniter. 119
Digital company: smart & safe. 285
Digital signature and encryption certificate with usb token of 2 years validity (class-iii) with signing usb token aladin 72 k with admin pin type signing and encryption or similar. 206
Diode, transient voltage suppressor. 114
Disaster Recovery Services for Data Center. 253
Dismantling and shifting of 2.0/1.5 TR split type AC units from Sec-44. 106
Disposable wide mouthed urine / sputum containers with lid, sterile, 60ml capacity, individually packed, pack size - 50 pieces per pack. 379
DK 016: 2010 code 21.20.2 Pharmaceuticals, others (DK 021: 2015 Code 33696800-3 opaque means) Preparations for contrast x-ray examinations; diagnostic reagents for administration to the patient (21.20.23-40.00). 120
Document Imaging and Scanning Project. 496
Domestic violence and sexual assault services. 160
Drawing of HT/LT Power Line supply installation and commissioning of 12x100 KVA. 108
Egypt,Ghana,Ireland,Senegal,South Africa,United Kingdom,United States : IFC & partners to support 1300MW Renewable Project planned for AFRICA. 284
Electrical eqpt. 132 kv s/yard spv side - 1.000 st. 106
Electrical goods( switch. holder,etc) item no 4.02). 103
Electrical heavy duty angle grinder. 105
Electrical maintenance equipments. 115
Electrification of 43 no. Schools at various villages of lohandiguda, nagarnar, jagdalpur, kilepal. 103
Emergency generator and data center hvac upgrades project. 156
Emergent repair of footpath damaged by various utility services. 101
Emergent repair of footpath damaged by various utility services. 101
Emergent repair of various quarters (inside) of ga & gb block within the compound. 101
Emergent white washing, colour washing, door window painting & some minor repair work. 110
End of work control operations improvement service quality financed by stif. 106
End to End solution for setting up 400 KWP Solar Roof Top PV Power Generation Unit. 116
Energodar training - Educational Complex 5 (ENVK 5) at Zaporizhia region,. Enerhodar Str. Warriors - Internationalists, 32 - overhaul bathrooms, B.D.1.1-1 ISO 2013. 102
Energy Service Contract For The Provision Of Services Aimed At Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency Use Of Energy Resources. 174
Enforcing / fixing of rib plate and gutka (plate piece) in blade assly (front portion) and rhs and lhs blade frame of dozer sl.No.E11841 at tetulmari ocp, sijua area. 149
Engaging sowdies,gauge reader and sluice operator for water management under Dy no 19 to 29 of HLBC for the year 2016-17. 127
Engaging vehicle with 6 nos of labours for filling of pot holes in aliabad div. 136
Engaging vehicle with 6 nos of labours for filling of pot holes in gowlipura div-35. 136
Engaging vehicle with 6 nos of labours for filling of pot holes in jangammet div-45. 136
Engaging vehicle with 6 nos of labours for filling of pot holes in lalithabagh div-36. 134
Engaging vehicle with 6 nos of labours for filling of pot holes in moghalpura div-33. 136
Engaging vehicle with 6 nos of labours for filling of pot holes in talab chanchalam div-34. 135
Engaging vehicle with 6 nos of labours for filling of pot holes in uppuguda div-34. 134
Environmental property assessment and environmental laboratory services. 221
Environmental Studies Program. 121
eplacement of corroded pipes. 145
Equipments and structures painting of chp. 116
Erection and commissioning of 8 nos. new SS mixing apparatus. 186
Erection and commissioning of conveyors, rc feeders and plough feeders at goleti chp bpa, bellampalli area. 146
Erection of 7nos of 9m poles on building terraces at various locations under Krishna District. 122
Erection Of Cloth Fencing From C Hexagon Road To India Gate In Connection With Making Arrangement For Independence Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony 2016. 111
Erection of ht/lt line & tc work under various scheme & maintenance different feeder under bhimasar s/dn. 164
Estate work last dt.11.7.16. 127
Examination evaluation service. 212
Execution Of Civil Engineering Works Such As Construction Of Goomties, Provision Of Hand Tube Well. 115
Execution of construction - assembly within the framework of the project adaptation antenna towerreference number: 24 / u / 2016. 154
Execution of geodetic and geotechnical surveys for the construction of the project: 4-room apartment house. 292
Execution of Providing and repairing of Electrical and Mechanical equipments at Jayantinala Sewage pumping Station. 122
Execution of the service hotel and restaurant within 12-16.9.2016 in wroclaw. 127
Execution Of Works On Current Repair Of Local Roads In RP Moshkovo. 152
Execution of works on development of design documentation for the overhaul of the object neb. p. fontanka below staro-kalinkin bridge (right bank) for the needs of st. petersburg. 148
Expansion of classrooms, school life and restoration of leonardo da vinci school in montaigu (85). reference number: pcel-ldvinci-trx. 117
Expansion work of the wastewater collection network maripa-soula - units 1 and 3. reference number: 20151b001. 101
Experts carrying out work related to updating the final safety analysis report. 108
Exploratory alert for expression of interest to the procedure for the identification of an industrial partner for the creation of a joint enterprise for the management of district heating. 145
Extension of cc road at approach to pochamma temple at gurram cheruvu bund in chandrayangutta div -43. 142
External and other misc. civil works at various bungalows under Sec I) A/R & M/0 to HM & Dy HM Bungalows under 3/B Sub division dg. 2016 17,. 133
External and other misc. civil works at various bungalows under Sec II, A/R & M 0 to HM & Dy HM Bungalows under 4/B Sub division dg. 201617. 132
External and other misc. civil works at various bungalows under Sec III,. 130
External and other misc. civil works at various bungalows under Sec III. A/R & M 0 to HM & Dy HM Bungalows under 4/B Sub division dg. 2016 17. 122
External and other misc. civil works at various bungalows under Sec-Ill, AIR & M/0 to HM & Dy HM Bungalows under 2/B Sub division dg. 2016-17,. 130
External audit services. 144
External service for prevention and protection at work az lokeren. 223
Fabrication and Erection of C.G.I Sheet Shed of size 10 ft x lO ft x 10 ft with angle iron frames for housing of pumping machinery/electrical equipments. 107
Fabrication and supply of 01 no.3-dimensional model of koldam project. 116
Fabrication erection launching assembling hoisting placing for construction of Watalbagh Bridge. 140
Fabrication of pump motor base making of flanges 6/8/10/12 inch diameter for fixing of nrv, sluice valve and suction hose at dudhichua project. 149
Fabrication/Erection/Replacing, Servicing And Overhauling Of Wind Sock Units 2016-2017. 128
Faculty of chemistry chemistry -grundsanierung building automation. 140
Fencing of 2 X 1600 KVA Transformer. 113
Fill packs for cooling towers at dgps. 123
Filling and Compaction of abandoned course of river Mora torsa, since been diverted. 107
Filling The Gap With Silicon Sealant In The Existing Covered Balcony. 133
Film Fluorographic To Green Color. 129

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