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Articles from Mena Report (June 2, 2016)

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"construction of control room building, foundation, cable trench, compound wall,& retaining wall road, staff quarter, etc.At 66kv panchot s/s ta.And dist.Mehsana. under mehsana tr. circle.". 238
"construction of control room building, foundation,cable trench,compound wall,wbm road, staff quarter, borewell at 66kv manjal s/s ta.Nakhatrana dist: kutch-under anjar tr. circle.". 232
"designing & construction of esr 30000 lits capacity & 12 mt. height at village :khambhda tal.Dhrangadhra under 13th finance commission,district :surendranagar (gujarat). 217
"designing & construction of esr 30000 lits capacity & 12 mt. height at village :koparani tal.Dhrangadhra under 13th finance commission,district :surendranagar (gujarat). 217
"development and maintenance of gardens in urjanagar colony at ukai tps."(civil colony). 183
"providing and fixing alluminium sliding windows in various buildings in ph premises at utps".(civil ph). 182
%Operation and Maintenance Contract of Central AC at CHP Building including necessary Maintenance/Servicing Work of all Split/Window ac. 103
(1) Maintenance Operation electrical installation and Fans i/c security light of PHQ, TSP Barracks, ITBP Barracks at PHQ Complex. 149
(1) Maintenance Operation electrical installation and Fans, Street Light/ Security Light at CJ-5 Tihar, New Delhi. 140
(1) Providing and fixing of 2 Nos Aqua. 297
(1)open ended fitting 22z,24mm,30mm,36mm 46mm (2) ring end fitting 22z 24mm,30mm,36mm,46mm. 170
(A) Ioh Maintenance Schedule Of N-32 Type Tap Changer Consisting Of 2 Uncommon Items. 208
0.35 Mm X 780 Mm X Coil Crngo (Varnished) Magentic. 111
02 no class rooms of size 5.0m x 4.5m with w/c and urinal block in school building at village phobrang leh ladakh j and k. 164
03 misc enm works at ukni ocm,wani north area. 151
03 Phase Electrically Driven Horizontal Split Case Centrifugal Pumpset Of 40 Hp. 195
1 c/o t-iii-12 nos, t-ii-32 nos qtr for bsf doiwala dehradun 2 c/o t-iv-6 nos and t-v-2 nos qtr at bsf campus dehradun sh:- supplying and laying service connection cables. 130
1 Diaphragm Coupling Rubber Tds-15. 226
1 Input Shaft As Per Cd/J And T/Llh S Drg. No.- 43/1312 01 No. 219
1 Mini Grinder/ Mini Cutter Gws-600, Singal Phase, Voltage 220-230. 172
1 moei and fans at ins india dalhousie road new delhi 2 moei and fans in e block mod new delhi sh electrical work. 127
1 Operation And Maintenance Of E And M Installations At Nirman Bhavan Koti Hyderabad. 115
1 Right Angle Riveter, Slim Nose Design Fits In Difficult To Reach PlacesQty- 10Pkts. 299
1 single row deep groove ball bearing no.- 6206 18 nos. 2 single row deep groove ball bearing no.- 6408 06 nos. 3 single row deep groove ball bearing no.- 6412 04 nos. make : fag/skf/zkl/arb. 280
1 type of item. 111
1 watt led bulb. detailed description along with the specification elclosed. 160
1 x 24 hose coupling type uic as per clw drg.No: 0/3/65/66 alt.5. 109
1) detector tubes chloro- 0.2 / 0.2 - 3 ppm (1 bag = 10 pcs) 2) detection tubes formaldehyde 2 / and 2-40 ppm (1pkg = 10p) 3) detection tubes, mercury vapors 0.1 / b 0.05 - 2 mg / m3 (1pkg = 10p) 4) detection tubes ozone 0.05 / b 0.05 to 0.7 ppm (1pkg = 1. 433
1)a/c ball brg.#7656a trdudel p3 qty: 1 st 2)a/c ball brg.#7956c trdudel p3 qty: 1 st 8)null qty: null null. 120
1)Al Alloy Channel Gr 63400Wp Qty: 2400 Kg 2)Al Alloy Channel Gr 63400Wp Qty. 148
1)Al Alloy Flat Gr 63401Wp Qty: 2500 Kg 2)Al Alloy Flat Gr 63401Wp Qty: 9000 Kg 3)Al Alloy Flat Gr 63401Wp Qty: 2000 Kg 8)Null Qty: Null Null. 130
1)Asbestos Friction Liner Outer Clutch Discs For Hydraulic Clutch. 142
1)body for jaw qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 108
1)capacitor 0.47 mfd, 400v dc, tolerance 10 percent polyester axial round capacitor, advance component make qty: 250 no. 114
1)chromic acid qty: 300 kg 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)cpr phsphrs brzg aly qty: 75 kg 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)design,engineering,supply and application of thermal insulation of steam turbine as per data sheet no.Tse-z1-20-01 r0 and spec.No.St29004. qty: 3 st. 121
1)Digital Temperature Scanner Meter, 6-Channel Suitable. 187
1)Dot Matrix Printer High Speed 24 Pin Printer, 136 Columns, 440 Cps. 166
1)epx gls flce-sheet qty: 1600 kg 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)excitation transformer 6.6kv/415v(4wire), 5kva, 3ph, 50hz as per annexure qty: 1 no. 114
1)Fibrothal Panel C1 Qty: 1 No 2)Fibrothal Panel B Qty: 1 No. 148
1)forging for ring qty: 6 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)gland bellow of dprv nb25typea qty: 2 no 2)main bellow of dprv nb25 qty: 3 no 8)null qty: null null. 116
1)gls-insul-tube qty: 24 no 8)null qty: null null. 102
1)hss m35 key seating cutter to tool no 1404057 as per attached drawing. qty: 50 no. 113
1)ht rstn rbr & plcl rprn insltd qty: 77 mr 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)Hydraulic Hose Line Qty: 16 No 2)Hydraulic Hose Line Qty: 16 No 3)Hydraulic Hose. 152
1)industrial grade glycerine- glycerine for ultrasonic testing as per specification is:1796. glycerine shall be supplied in 250 kg leak proof plastic container. qty: 1000 kg. 128
1)Insulating Bush 8724.018 Qty: 300 No 2)Rbr-Ht-Rstnt-Rect-Cord Gr Ii. 145
1)o-ring as per drawing 45176600528 item 002 qty: 100 no 2)gasket as per drawing no 45176600529 item002 qty: 100 no. 121
1)Overhauling Kit For Magnet Valve To Nyab Pt No 88806/24. 441
1)poly gls insu-tube qty: 205 mr 8)null qty: null null. 104
1)Printed Circuit Board Adz2 To Nyab Part No 775222. - -2)Printed Circuit Board Fibre. 435
1)sealing ring qty: 60 no 8)null qty: null null. 105
1)semi solid epx phsphr rsn qty: 225 kg 8)null qty: null null. 107
1)soft solder stick grade 60 (tin lead solder sn 60) to spec aa77044, rev.02. qty: 2000 kg. 120
1)stainless steel strips gr:x8crninb 1613, spec. hw10782 rev.02 drg. 8x1. qty: 500 kg. 114
1)Supply, Programming & Commissioning Of Of Plc (Programmable Logi Ontroller). 173
1)support ring(ts) qty: 1 no 2)support ring(es) qty: 1 no 8)null qty: null null. 111
1)thermo-tips qty: 20000 no 2)immersion sampler qty: 2000 no 8)null qty: null null. 110
1)wood-deodar,chir qty: 20000 no 2)wood-deodar,chir qty: 20000 no 3)wood-fur-sleeper-plks qty: 2000 no 4)wood-fur-sleeper-plks qty: 2500 no 8)null qty: null null. 123
1. 4C X 25 Sq.Mm, Multistrand Aluminium, Lt Xlpe Insulated, Armoured Pvc Outer. 282
1. 5 ton disel fork lift as per annexure- i attached 2. 3 ton disel fork lift as per annexure- i attached place of delivery:- so,csu,barc,mumbai-85. 144
1. bolt 1/2-20 hex gm pt no.186339 alt aa p.L. no.19014168 2. bolt 1/2-20 hex drg. no.187201 alt ca p.L. no.19014193. 319
1. Bolt 1/4-28 Dr Hex (R/C S.N.1327) Drg. No.Gm Pt No.8060180 Alt Ca P.L. No.19010140. 2. 327
1. Digital Ultra Sonic Flaw Detector Model Einstein Ii R Make - Modsonic And Equivalent. 228
1. Led Based Marker Light 24 Volt. D.C Supply One Set Consist Of 04 Lamp Assembly. 518
1. Pl 25700042- Limit Switch. 300
1. sodium stannate to specn. is:3026 2. crystal(63-501)for commercial chemical-1 & bonderite. 130
1. stud chart drg. 9574819 drg. no.9574852 alt nil p.L. no.19110108. 2. stud 3/8 chart drg. 40055028 drg. no.8020772 alt e, p.L. no.19110182. 318
1. tyre, tube and flap 900x20 rear heavy duty 16 ply. 2 tyre, tube and flap 900x20 front heavy duty 16 ply. make : ceat or similar details as per annexure a . 130
1.)printed circuit board svj to nyab part no 773504. - -2.)overhauling kit for bcev to nyab pt no 775009 consisting of 45 item. 433
1.)Ring Piston Low Compressore Drg No. Emd Pt No. 8267599. 460
1.1K Or More Cores Of Computing Solution Which Comprises 48 Servers Each With Two 12 Core Processors, 128 Gb Ram And 600 Gb Ssd Or More. 110
1.36 Mile Proposed Frontage Road South of IL 13. 413
1.5 Sq. Mm, 3- Core Pvc Insulated And Fr Pvc Round Sheathed, Unarmoured Copper Cable. 139
1.5sqmm blue colour e-beam cable. 271
1.5sqmm yellow colour e-beam cable. 289
1.Cable Circular Pvc Insulated And Sheathed Armoured Xlpe, 1.1 Kv Grade Single Core. 283
1.Supply Of Lt Power Cable, Xlpe Insulated Heavy Duty With Aluminium Conductor. 296
1.supplying erecting high mast pole at ranjanpada awas tal alibag, raigad1st call. 126
1.Toner for canon lbp-6018-b laser printer or similar reputed brand ( no-925) , 2. hp toner -no-24 a for laser printer model no- 1522 or similar. 137
10 mm led red and yellow with holder in equal quantity resistance 2.2 k/1 watt with cermaic coating. 117
10 sq.Mm. black colour, electron beam cable. 292
100 kva, 3 phase microcontrolled, oil cooled, servo controlled, voltage stabilizer. 118
100141, N04 / 06, 08 - Renewal BSA SH, VTV cameras, video recording systems. 167
110 KV cable fault rectification- Supply & Erection of staright through joint. 124
12 inch x 8 inch computer carbonless 03 ply paper sunshine or similar. as per sample. 114
12 volt,42 ah smf battery with buy back offer and inst. 120
12 window wiper arm and blade assembly, to dlw drg. no. tpl-2473, alt.B dlw part no. 11456530. 122
120006/2016 - knee prostheses acquisition. 508
15 amp. t series micro switch with roller and short lever, essen cat. no. mtcrs-26d or similar for rsi of conventional locos. 111
15 Mm Normal Bore M.S. Heavy Duty Seamless Pipe Conforming To Is : 1239 Part. 186
15 swg super enamelled copper conductor as latest is 13730 specifcation. 102
16 teeth pinion of hitachi tm for wag7 loco skdl-4373 alt.D and conforming to rdso spec. no.Mp-0-2800-09 rev.0-2 of june 2005. 115
16066 Gx0 Kingsville Park Drainage Concrete And Ada Site Improvements. 115
2.constructing rural water supply schemes distribution system ward no 6 sanas to sashte @keshvnagar. 134
200 amps. h.R.C. fuse (blade contact). 132
2012-2013 sanitary sewer main replacement phase 3, project no. uy-13/03-14. 287
2016 annual maintenance of rc works of pipe line leak repair works in gravity line, pumping line distribution system. 156
2016 four pack roof renovations. 141
2016 irrigation and landscape project. 215
2016 on call asset r&r engineering support services project. 117
2017 roads paving. 105
24 inch sweep, frp made impellar for condenser fan motor having 8 nos of frp wing 9 inch each suitable for conventional type rmpu. make required : everest or similar make. 129
24 led indication panel for hhp demu/dpc coaches ,size -425mm.X180mm.X50mm depth suitable for 120v.Dc operation as per bhel drawing,. 136
24 Port Switch. L-2 Equipped With 24 Nos. 10/100 Base T-Ports. 163
25 watt vhf set dtmf mike and power supply unit cum battery charger float and boost make-kenwood ty-7360 or similar. 111
280MW Chemoga Yeda Hydro Power Project. 104
2C X 25 Sq.Mm Multistrand Aluminium Lt Xlpe Insulated. 284
3 by 4 inch ball type cut out cock with vent to clw s drg. no. o/2/65/364, alt.6 for electric locos. 160
3 passenger motor vehicles under operating leasing. 134
3 Way Magnet Valve Complete To M/S Rotex Type Sr-3038 Nw10.Or Its Equivalent. 136
3/4 inch. isolating cock without vent as per clw drg no.0/2/65/364, alt-6 ref-4. 228
3/4 stand drill capson with 1/2 hp motor single phase and accessories. 105
30Nos of work, Providing the frme with covers perforated. 135
33 Kv 3Phase 4Wire Outdoor Oil Cooled Pole Mounted Type Combined Ct-Pt Metering Unites. 141
3D Seismic Data Acqisition. 131
4 1/2 digit hand held digital multimeter - 8.000 no. 105
4 inch control air gauge self illuminated with led ( flush mounted ). rdso drg. no. sk.Dp-3524. alt - 3. 312
4 Inch Single Pressure Gauge Self Illuminated With Led Arrangement Range. 190
4 items of 75 kw motor spares. 107
42 Kv 10 Ka Metal Oxide Gapless Type (Station Class) Lighting. 475
42w led street light fitting supply voltage 90v to 280v ac, power factor and gt 0.95, thd and lt 10 percent , cat.No.- lslite 42. make : asian/axl/hpl/philips/havells/similar. 188
6 mm grsp for 52 kg uic rail to rt - 3703. 136
600 megawatts Gas-fired Power Plant. 262
65/58w electronic ballast. 115
66f07 slope stabilization. 277
69kv duplex control & relay panels. 118
6mm thick grooved rubber sole plates (grsp) for sej drg. no. rdso t- 4159. note:-the material is exclusively reserved for rdso approved firms only. 309
7.5 Kw Slip Ring Induction Motor 415V, 50 Hz, 6 Pole, 1000 Rpm, Frame-1601, Duty-S4. 171
70 sq.Mm. black colour, electron beam cable. 265
8 way capillary with strainer copper material suitable for the use of rmpu ac unit fitted in the railway ac coaches part no.Rcac-139 of sidwal refrigeration catalogue. 119
95 sqmm colour black e-beam cable. 262
A and a to make-up water for central a.C plant at utility block,new sachivalaya gandhinagar. 179
A co primary school for kv bharatpur b co 120 men jawan barrack at bsf campus alipur alwar sh hiring of inspection vehicle for acesd. 129
A contract to the m2 motorway budapest - 2x2 lane section between performing enlargement and related buildings of design and construction tasks - vac (37 + 17 + 150 km no. 535th). 462
A dedicated system for the needs of the quality assurance system in aviation armed forces (case no. 17/4/29/16). 526
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 4 b sub division dg 2016 17 sh repair to flooring at various bungalows under section ii. 128
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 4 b sub division dg 2016 17 sh repair to water supply lines at various bungalows section i. 129
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 4 b sub division dg 2016 17 sh repair to water supply lines at various bungalows section ii. 129
A r and m o to residential quarters of sc 405 at sector iv m b road pushp vihar new delhi during 2016 17 sh supply of materials. 125
A r and m o to residential quarters of sc 406 at sector iv m b road pushp vihar new delhi during 2016 17 sh supply of materials. 125
A r and mo to gpra at hsr layout bangalore during 2015-16. sh: providing security arrangement for main entrance gate and side gates. 121
A range of engineering surveys for objects OA "Ryazan Refinery": 1. Replacement 3851P deaerator DE-1, MP-360A pump. 163
A Set Of Items Required For Emd Loco One Set Consist Of 02 Items. 138
A set of overhauling kit consisting of 4 items as per asian plastic part no. enclosed in the annexure for m/s the asian plastic co. make master controller fitted in alco locomotives. 120
A) 400 Watt Integrated Type Metal Halide High Bay Luminaries. 302
A)Paper Photocopier Size 210 X 297 Mm(A4) B)Paper Photocopier Size 420 X 297 Mm(A3). 127
A- m/o garden area attached to central excise and custom at ashley house, pune. dg. 2016-17.B-m/o garden area attached to imd shimla office, shivajinagar, pune. dg.2016-17. 127
A- m/o garden area attached to g.H. and type-vi bunglows for shimla office pune. dg. 2016-17.B- m/o garden area attached to income tax staff qtrs. at queens garden, pune. dg.2016-17. 132
A-3 xerox paper make:- jk. 153
A-r and m-o cleaning of sewerlines by mechanical means in nwc at air force station, new delhi. 116
A-r and m-o cleaning of sewerlines by mechanical means in owc at air force station, new delhi. 116
A.R and m.O dg sets at iit delhi.. sub head.. s .Fixing of 2 x 1000 amp acb in amf panel at main pump house. 156
A/a to cgo building, west block-5, r.K.Puram, new delhi. dg 2015-16. sh:- upgrdation of staircase. 118
A/R ad M/O C1 and C2 resi. Qtrs(SH:Renovation of Toilets. 108
A/r and m/o buildings in residential area (east campus)during the year 2016-17.Sub-head- distempering, painting and polishing of building in east campus at iit delhi. 151
A/r and m/o to cgh at s.M. plot, phase i, sector vii, antop hill, mumbai 37 during 2016-17. sh: cleaning of terrace orrf, chajja, canopy of gpra and other than gpra bldgs in section c. 134
A/r and m/o to cgh at s.M. plot, phase i, sector vii, antop hill, mumbai 37 during 2016-17. sh: cleaning of terrace orrf, chajja, canopy of gpra and other than gpra bldgs in section. a and b. 136
A/r and m/o to cgh at s.M.Plot, phaseii, sector-vii, antophill, mumbai-37 during 2015-16. sh: day to day maintenance of building no. 1 to 5, 8 to 11, 39 to 41, 45 to 49 and 51. other than gpra. 141
A/r and m/o to cpwd office complex satwari jammu during 2016-17 sh supply of furniture for cpwd guest house. 117
A/r and m/o to gpra for cge at sector-7, chandigarh during 2016-17. sh: cleaning of underground water storage tank. 115
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/d-i of pawd-i dg.16-17 sh: repair of toilet and various repair work in 11 hcm lane and other bungalows. 128
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/d-i of pawd-i dg.16-17 sh: repair work in 12-d, f/shah road and other bungalows. 124
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/d-i of pawd-i dg.16-17 sh: repair work in 14-c, f/shah road and other bungalows. 124
A/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/d-iv of pawd-i dg.16-17 sh: providing of avian species and monkey deterrent for safety of water tank. 127
A/r and m/o to non-residential building for income tax department at hisar during 2016-17. 110
A/r and m/o to non-residential building for income tax department at rohtak during 2016-17. 110
A/r and m/o to residential quarters of goi press, nilokheri during 2016-17. sh:- cleaning of sewerline manhole and overhead tank etc. 123
A/r m/o of mps flats at meena bagh under s/d-iii of pawd-i dg 2016-17 sh: general maintenance and conservancy service. 122
A/r m/o western court hostel under sub division-iii pawd-i dg. 2016-17. sh: general maintenance conservancy service at wch. 119
A/R Of A-Type Single Storey Judicial Houses (H.No. 1-A, 4-A, 5-A, 6-A, 9-A, 10-A, 12-A, 14-A, 15-A). 113
A630 Ring Road Of Bordeaux - Landscaping Rear Panel Of Acoustic Screens In The Commune Of Pessac. 163
A99 motorway ring munich; 8-lane expansion. replacement construction of two bridges bw 25/1 and bw 25 / 2. 490
Abrasive rail cutter rdso spec. no.Tm/sm/1 rev.01 of 2012. 107
Abrasive rail cutting disc wheel size 400x4x22.23mm as per rdso spec no.Tm/sm/02/rev.01 of 2007. 114
Abrasive rail cutting wheel . as per rdso specification no tm/sm/2 rev. 01 of 2007. 116
Abrasive rail cutting wheel disk as per rdso spec.No. tm/sm/02 rev.01 of 2007. 111
Ac Damping Panel Complete With Ptfe Wiring Hardness And Resisters 6 Ohm/500. 157
Access Control System And Video Phones In Schools. 210
Access door for fedders lloyd make of conventional rmpus. 109
Accessible india compaign-conversion of existing toilet at national cpwd academy ghaziabad. 114
Accessing Overseas Employment Opportunities for Moroccan Youth. 231
Accident Diagramming Software - Police Department. 353
Accompaniment mission on a setting of work ght. reference number: uniha - 16 / 01. 515
Accounting and Financial outsourcing for IFA2 Electricity interconnector (NGIHL National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited and RTE Rseau de Transport d~Electricit). 523
Achieving design contract for the site extension klber (combining the two sites). reference number: 2016dts situnic-candidature. 503
Acoustical improvements and allied interiors in g.D. hall, at chembur, mumbai-400074. 149
Acquiring amphitheater to communication building museum Kystens Inheritance. 172
Acquisition of Analyze of walking to stop. 143
Acquisition of bags for blood collection with placement equipamentos. 516
Acquisition of books, cds, dvds, following a des periodicals to the needs of public reading in from gresivaudan network and the two heads of network intercommunales media libraries. 506
Acquisition of computer hardware transmission, various accessories and services related to all of the county council websites 31. 526
Acquisition of dental prostheses for users of the holy house of mercy lisboa. 513
Acquisition of drugs in solid oral formulations for the holy house of mercy lisboa. 508
Acquisition of equipment. reference number: 16ao-g13. 521
Acquisition of fixed sound equipment. 530
Acquisition of furniture for the mediterranean pole of training and young workers~. 554
Acquisition of graffiti removal services and posters, protection of treated surfaces and maintaining them in the city of lisbon. 539
Acquisition Of Office Printers And Computer Supplies. 162
Acquisition of office supplies. 263
Acquisition of strategic consulting for development. 200
Acquisition treatments in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 549
Acquisition, commissioning and maintenance in part various materials for parking sault tower and st. clair. 560
Acquisition, installation, training, and maintenance of a telephony architecture. 524
Acsr panther conductor. 112
Ada outside legal counsel. 120
Adapted transport service for older people with collective public square in the center city day rub. 520
Adapter sleeves and plummer blocks. 111
Addition Alterations to IHM Auditorium including providing roof trusses Rajbagh, Srinagar. 135
Addition and alternation of office of nhp secretatiat at lab block ii nih roorkee sh renovation work. 113
Addn altn of hard standing at site r at af stn thane under ge (af) thane. 135
Addn altn to building of logistic section and fire section. 137
Addn/altn to existing hangar at mcu at af stn palam under ge (af) tughlakabad. 141
Adf-sw condenser water piping replacement. 103
Adhesive tape roll transpore type 5cm into9.1cm isi certified. 354
Adjuster for brake block 22 x 120 x 140. drg. no - item - 1 to icf drawing no: t-3-1-607, alt-p/12 . matl. specification: 2062/2011 grade e 250 quality c. 335
Adjuster lever set for bobrn double link consisting of 10 items item nos 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 to rdso drg no. wd-96038-s-04, alt.7. 130
Adult and other education services. 511
Advance Drilling Of Hole A Roof By Providing With Wet Drilling Arrangement. 171
Advisory services in the use of information technologies in the multimedia spaces. 165
Afforestation programme at jaggayyapet lime stone mines. 135
Agreement on conversion of heating systems to remove the product water at bispebjerg hospital. 471
Ahera Re-Inspections. 110
Air brake cylinder drg no. tpl-0141 sh 1 of 12, alt - k. 262
Air compressor. 528
Air conditioning system for cpcl resid upgradtion project. 127
Air cooled double winding transformer - 2 items. 107
Air Operated Grease Ratio Pumps 50:1 Pump With 30 Kg Inbuilt Bucket. 239
Air Operated Grease Ratio Pumps 50:1. Part No.Gp2/St/501/Bsp Fits 50-60. 224
Air operated pneuphonic horn as per clw drawing no 0/2/65/109 alt.3 and corresponding wsf part no. ic 70010/3 and type b-7-30. 170
Air Plasma Cutting Torch 16 Meter Long Complete L And T Ewac Make Or Esab Make. 185
Air-conditioning of Computers Room and preservation room of ISM Drug Control, Kolkata. 154
Airworthy pressure transducers. 121
Akoladeo c.n.b. no. 1, kinhi c.n.b. no. 2, tembhurni c.n.b. no. 4, 5, delegavhan c.n.b. no. 3, khamkheda c.n.b. no. 1, 2 and dahigavan c.n.b. no. 2 tq jafrabad dist jalna. 179
Alachua county criminal courthouse hvac system repairs and improvements. 131
Alarm system monitoring. 204
Algeria : Algeria's Reggane gas on track for 2017 start-up. 153
Algeria,United States : Algeria's CDER ratifies renewable energy upgrade collaboration deal with American GE. 153
Alignment system 1 inch. 111
All in comprehensive maintenance of campus lights and power supply for new sachivalaya, gandhinagar. 198
All in maintanace contract for various types of air conditioning machine installed at minister bunglow at gandhinagar for one year (2016-17) as per requirement. 179
All in one desktop computer preloaded , make:- del / hp / acer , configuration:- processor i3 , 4th generation, ram 4gb , hard disk 1 tb, monitor:- 18.5 inch, window s preloaded. 161
All in one printer hp 8610 . function: print,copy,scan,fax,colour printer and wifi. 106
All-in maintenance of ahu and fcu at block no. 1 to 7, sardarbhavan, gandhinagar.(for one year 2016-17) (3rd attempt). 207
Allen bolt socket head stiffer unit camshaft dlw part no. 10270061 drg. no. tpe-13-0054 alt- f. 119
Allen key to size 1/2 make : unbrako/ tvs / taparia / only. 104
Allotment of Open space for establishing infrastructures for Mobile Coverage Tower at Hosakote, Depot-39. 115
Allotment of Open space for establishing infrastructures for Mobile Coverage Tower at Kempegowda Bus Stand. 116
Allotment of plots of land at food Processing Park. 128
Alluminium self supporting folding ladder height 8 feet, gauge-12 rubber shoe at the bottom of ladder, make heera modelhp1-154 or similer model of chintan work,delta rail tech. 126
Alluminium tag for identification marking of icf axle box housing to drg.No.Jt/sk-2778. 104
Alteration to existing signaling arrangements in outdoor and Indoor. 110
Aluminium flat. 362
Aluminium sheet 14 swg size 8 -00 x 4 -00. suitable for fitting work . 164
Aluminium sheet coil. 102
Ambala Sadar, Upgradation of Water Supply in Deficient Area of Ambala Sadar including extended limit of M.C. Ambala (Urban W/s). 139
Ambala Sadar, Upgradation of Water Supply in Deficient Area of Ambala Sadar including extended limit of M.C. Ambala. 153
Ambulance Station, Edenderry, Co. Offaly. 527
Ambulatory holter monitoring system consisting of two recorders and one analyser. 111
Amc for air conditioner and cooler(non oandm) at ntpc barh. 116
Amc for honing, polishing and crystallization of italian marble floor and walls of corporate office, new delhi for a period of two years. 127
Amc for repair and service of generator h2 driers. 114
Amc running of mech laundry for washing, ironing, collection and distribution of cloth of gc messes. 131
Ameriabank (ARM: SME FINANCE PROGRAM). 257
Ammeter battery charging dc deflection 75mm-0.75mm. emd pt. no. 8295501, dlw pt. no. 18190042. 127
Ammeter D.C.Panel Mounting Type Round Dial 100 Mm Scale 300-0-300Amps. Confirming To Is: 1248 Or Latest. Bramds: Ae/Pla/Nippon/Indotech Only. 131
Amplifier to sensor oil circuit. as per clw specn. no. clw/es/3/0035 alt. b or latest and abb product no. - 3ehp 585820p0003 or latest. 365
An Integrated Programme to Address Malnutrition in Yemen (2016-18) GB-GOV-1-300031. 147
Analog Outside Micrometer, Range 300-400Mm, Resolution 0.01Mm, Minimum Accuracy 10Um,. 202
Angio needle 018 guage. of all sorts and sizes with accepted make brand: dr.Surgical/merit. note: firm to confirm the model,length,and size of the item from the achd/cvts-jrh.Bct. before the delivery. 158
Angola : SONANGOL restricts to handle and screen oil deals. 197
Animal control services. 111
Annual bid for cisco ethernet equipment. 114
Annual contract for providing Security at Vulnerable points from Sumitra Nagar. 141
Annual contract for providing services of 2 light vehicles daily in 3 shifts. 152
Annual contract for providing staff for 2016-17. 110
Annual contract for two years for labor work of sweeping & cleaning of all roads, office cleaning work, cleaning of rcc swd and road side jungle cutting etc. at apparel park, sez , gidc, ahmedabad. 200
Annual Maintenance and Operation of electrical installation of GSO at plant site, BARC , Tarapur. 128
Annual maintenance and operation of prefabricated sewerage treatment plant at power house, dhyangarh in salal power station. 139
annual maintenance contract for 02 nos fire engine sets. 142
Annual Maintenance contract For 2X250 And 1X750 Kva Dg Set Cummins Make. 141
Annual Maintenance Contract For Computers And Peripherals And Lan System Installed At Chamera Power Station I. 151
Annual Maintenance contract For Cummins Make Dg Sets. 145
Annual maintenance contract for delta - v system 2016-2018. 103
Annual Maintenance Contract For Permanent Filtration Plant, Temporary Filtration Plant, Booster Pump House, Main Header Line And Other Related Works. 151
Annual maintenance contract for scada system. 130
Annual Maintenance Contract for the work of electrical repair and maintenance of residential and non residential buildings. 167
Annual Maintenance Contract For Water Cooler With Ro System Or Aqua Guard Installed At Different Location In Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana Road Delhi. 140
Annual maintenance contract for xerox machines. 122
Annual Maintenance Contract Of 15 Nos. Of Products Pumps. 138
Annual Maintenance contract Of 500 Kva Dg Set. 123
Annual Maintenance Contract of Air-Conditioner at Central Hospital, IB Valley Area. 122
Annual Maintenance Of Air Conditioning Equipments On Annual Maintenance Contract For Three Years Under Cao/C/S/Mhx. 142
Annual maintenance of existing garden in front of administrative block, adjacent to guest house and Power house at DG Plant, Yelahanka, Bangalore. 117
Annual maintenance of guest house-internal and main koti road-khandnala-dam top road at b.Puram. 142
Annual Maintenance Of Landscaping Work Of Various Sites. 121
Annual Maintenance Of Landscaping Work Of Various Sites. 111

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