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Articles from Mena Report (July 9, 2016)

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"labour work of maintenance and new erection of 11kv ht, lt line & t/c under dhasa s/dn.". 181
(1) renovation to e.I. in irrigation circle office at kothi, vadodara (2) renovation to e.I. in civil court at sankheda, dist. chhotaudepur. 174
(16054) 602 Procurement an integration platform applications. 275
(Analgesics, anesthetics, antibiotics, anesthetic agents, antiviral, immune-boosting, vidharkuyuchi, antitussive, blockers for the treatment of gastrointestinal and other;)) 21.20.11-60.00 Drugs contents of penicillin, streptomycin or derivatives of these. 203
(bumil of) confidence middle school and one other school geupsiksil modernization and other construction machinery. 125
(bumil of) confidence middle school and one other school geupsiksil modernization and other construction. 124
(changjin of seconds, water), three junior schools, such as weekly geupsiksil modernized facilities, and other information telecommunications corporation. 139
(during patrols) and 1 yongjucho school improvement corporation. 121
(I) Misc. Odd Jobs And Upkeeping Of Valve Operation And (Ii) Day To Day Maintenance Of Sanitary System At Purbanchal And Disergarh Colonies (04 Manshifts Minimum Per Day). 128
(including hardware) in social welfare facilities haeyun noyuja new construction. 128
(june 7th), 82 kinds of supplies for test analysis. 110
(urgent) bupyeongcho second semester 2016 academic year on-site experiential learning charter bus services, renting a small number of gyeonjek submit advertisements. 136
- comprehensive maintenance of 20 kva ups. 127
- Lot 1: ,, maintenance services in emergency for excitation systems UNITROL UNITROL P and M block 3 ~~ for Turceni Electrocentrale Branch; - Lot 2: ,, services, tests, system tests for block protection, synchronization equipment, related excitation syste. 530
- providing and fixing of water meter for trial basis for monitoring of water supply as per who guide line. 134
- providing iei, fans, fittings including lan and telephone wiring. 123
- providing inspection vehicle. 125
- providing services of computer operator and office boy for vcsd, cpwd, pune. 133
- renovation of backside toilets at first floor. 120
- repair work in mord office. 115
- repairing of p/sets near o/h tank at sadiq nagar. 122
- replacement / repair of rcc foundation and valves. 116
- replacement of defective or burnt out mccb at various location at wb 3, 5 and 6. 133
-2016-001 mini bus cng. 135
-procurement of archery equipment for archery promotion scheme. 137
: supply of office furniture items. 117
: supplying and replacement of battery/ cells in solar pv power plant. 122
:- operation and routine maintenance of central air conditioning plant. 130
:Maintenance of canal and water management from Ch 10.00 to 26.14 KM including its Distributory & laterals of West Distry under RLIS for the year 2015-16. 109
~~16 war game built private network. 115
~~16 where frequent traffic accidents improvement project. 119
0 shares universities to improve classroom environment corporation (secondary). 119
005363 Corporate Skip Hire Framework. 189
01 Set Consist Of One Dinning Table And Six Nos Cushioned Chairs. Detail Spec. As Below:- I Dinning Table Size:- 5 Length X 2-1/2 Width X 2-1/2 Height Material:- Seesam Wood, Top Of Table Fitted With Good Quality Sunmica Sheet 0.8 Mm Thick. Ii Chairs Comp. 163
03 types of batteries. 124
1 ball type cut out cock non venture to drg.No. rdso drg. no: skdp-2877 alt-5 or latest. as per aq leter dt. 24 27.08.07. 183
1 other facial middle windows repair construction bridge repair construction tender notice. 125
1 Side Wheel Link Rh , Wj-97/M, As Per Jmp Drg. No. Wj-97/M,Alt-2 Mat-Ci ,Specn Is-210/2009, Qty.-187 Nos., 2 Side Wheel Link Lh , Wj-98/M As Per Jmpdrg.No. Wj-98/M,Alt-2 Mat-Ci,Specn Is-210/2009,Qty.-187 Nos. One Set Consisting Of S.No. 1 To 2. 240
1 Trophy Cup Soccer Design for First Big 1 Trophy Cup Soccer Design Medium for Second Place 1 Trophy Cup Soccer Design in Third Place Pequeopara. 104
1 x 160kva dg set, ac units, 2 x 315 kva substation, 2 nos. 13 passenger lifts, fire alarm system and wet riser systems. sw: compresensive maintenance of 2 nos. johnson make lift. 145
1) Railing along both side of low level bridge at Makardhokda Sub Area. 2) Repairing of damaged cycle/Scooter shed in MKD Sub Area Office. 135
1. cartridge no - 88a, hp - make. 2. cartridge no - 64 black and colour, hp - make. 123
1. Railing along both side of low level bridge at Makardhokda Sub Area. 2. Repairing of damaged cycle/Scooter shed in MKD Sub Area Office. 115
1. Repairing Work of NRB Kharagapur Section Under Jatara Sub.Division. 116
1. Supply Of Complete Pole Column Along With Tripping Spring Against Sr. No. 17002660, Material Code- Sprpoleltb145:- 01 No. 2. Close/Trip Electro Magnet With Coil 110 Volt Dc Y1,Y2, Y3 Material Code -1Hsb535272b1 :- 01 No. 3. Spring Charging Motor - M 11. Column 134
1/1, 000 digital map production (paju). 117
1/2 inch drain cock assembly to specn. kpa drg.No. er/kpa/el/ar.3he.1540b.(sheet 1 and 2) or m/s. wsf s pt.No.Ib-70374/1. 215
1/2 inch square drive single/double hex socket. size in mm 16,18,19,21,22, 23,24,26 08 nos. 01 set. make :- torque master, oaykay, ambika. 115
1/2016 tender for the supply of n. 94 200 special food rations combat for italiane. 112
10 amps modular socket with safety shutter for cell phone charging, 10 amps. 240 v ac, 5 pin, similar to model no. 30373 roma of make - anchor. 140
10 dual purpose canines for ccep. 107
10 kinds of livestock purchase bid announcement. 109
100 lph industrial ro with supply and installation including two years serviceamc and one year warranty make uniton or equivalant. 408
100mm focal length imaging lenses-02 nos. 123
11/0.433 Kv, 400 Kva Copper Wound (Level 2) Transformers With External Mccb Without Tap Changer. 148
119 via secure authentication center, reconstruction work (communication). 121
119 via secure authentication center, renovations (electric). 122
119.z kh landshut achdorf - 119.z-1011-01 baumeister including termination.. 140
119.z kh landshut achdorf - 119.z-1061-01 estricharbeiten. 2. 139
12 volt 65 ah battery suitable for maruti sx4 diesel car. mh-01-an 275. make- exide/amaron/standard. 114
122 rescue goods (such as buoyancy adjuster 3 species) purchase. 121
12f sm double sheath armour ofc. 101
132 kw worm planetary gearbox. 111
140mm/8 kg upvc pipe conforming to is-4985:2000 and suitable for the respective working pressures with all fittings and accessories e.G. couplers make:- supreme /finolex or similar. 179
150W Led Highbay Fitting. As Per - Specification : Main Housing Frame And. 150
16/085 - vartry water supply project water treatment plant & reservoir upgrade contract. 198
16/138 - Tuam Regional Water Supply Scheme Extensions Project Phase 1 Works Contract. 251
160MW Tellenes wind farm. 228
17 nos. surgical consumables. 122
1702800105 securing the northern embankment bergheider lake, eastern. part and increasing the folgenutzung. 162
19-replacement of pipe lines-uwss to tirur-package iii- design supply and erection of reputed make best quality electrically. 156
1st charge on lease-hold rights of factory land and building situated at plot. nO. c-12, focal point, jalandhar measuring 2500 sq-yd. 153
2 No. Roads for Dismantling/ Relaying of existing CCB, providing new C.C. Block. 124
2" gi conduit/pipe - 500.000 m. 101
2" rodent proof hdpe conduit - 2000.000 m. 102
2. Bridge and culvert of Orchha section under Niwari Subdivision. 115
2015 forest complex management complex projects bid announcement agencies. 120
2016 1 area (Chang~~an) emergency leak repair work (3rd). 121
2016 around acha road maintenance business. 116
2016 back bay dredging. 114
2016 bonghwa trail maintenance business. 113
2016 business improvement area child protection. 115
2016 business mountains everywhere (flatulence profound wolsan acid 42-1). 123
2016 ceramics production and distribution services. 105
2016 childeonggul removing roadside business (positive progress manure re-bridge). 119
2016 donggyo 3 through sports and facilities development project. 124
2016 eco childeonggul remove business. 116
2016 estimates of the summer holidays catering goods (meat) you can buy a small advertisements. 121
2016 eungbong neighborhood park maintenance maintenance business. 115
2016 forest cheheomjang infant development project. 118
2016 gwanak main trail maintenance construction. 113
2016 information center baths improvement construction electrical engineering. 124
2016 information hapcheon educational support agency gifted education learning experience quote veterinary services electronic filing notice. 131
2016 intelligent transport systems (its) enlarge purchase construction project to install cctv. 119
2016 longhua girls~~ high school small island themed educational travel services tender notice. 120
2016 marine fisheries purified form cages business. 118
2016 maternal and child health business celebrate the birth supplies purchased ((unit price contract). 107
2016 negative group soryuji safety inspection service. 117
2016 plantation mowing business (global illumination lyrics). 116
2016 plantation mowing business (gunnae wall street district). 118
2016 plantation mowing business (uisin of sichuan earth). 122
2016 regional route (yangpyeong) always refurbishment waste treatment services. 118
2016 regional route (yangpyeong) always refurbishment. 117
2016 russo-year journey beginning sixth grade education services. 111
2016 school year, jeonbuk science high school science and technology learning experience abroad step 2 (standard price simultaneous separation) re-tender announcements. 106
2016 school year, the second year field experience learning (school trip) commissioned services Tender notice. 128
2016 school zone facility renovation. 115
2016 sewer dredging work. 116
2016 small capital improvement construction facilities (gyuammyeon in sinseongri) waste treatment services. 120
2016 small stream maintenance management business matters. 120
2016 south jeolla eocho fishery management business seabed topography survey for the installation condition survey and judgment less. 133
2016 south of seoul city hall. takgubu over purchases. 105
2016 suburban mountain trail maintenance project construction. 114
2016 summer vacation feed articles (busikryu) estimates of the number of small advertisements. 109
2016 trail mowing business information veterinary quote announcements. 117
2016 ups battery purchases (including installation). 109
2016 ward mound sewer drainage comprehensive maintenance construction services sewer survey and gis db mount. 125
2016 year bought incheon earth science and art academy and experimental equipment (polarization microscopy, etc.). 122
2016 year of cyber ??security center security management dashboards replacement. 110
2016 year of dual-use thermal insulation pipe fitter purchase price contracts (2 zones). 121
2016 year of dual-use thermal insulation pipe plumber purchase price agreement (zones 1). 125
2016 year of fire education environment improvement project ltd. 118
2016 year science experiment equipment mulrigwa incheon art academy (autonomous research activities for device and sensor outside) buy. 126
2016 year, incheon arts and sciences academy and life science experimental equipment (other ion s5 system) buy. 125
2016 year, incheon earth science and art academy and experimental equipment (reflectors, etc.) to buy. 121
2016 yeosu complex multi-functional anti-songdo landings installation work. 123
2016 yeosu new moon landings multifunctional complex anti-installation. 121
2017 year zhongshan middle school uniforms (copper, havok), two simultaneous purchase bid price standard separation step. 102
2059 C. R. to N.R. Building Providing cleaning services - Mechanized environmental support service (upkeeping) for Swarnim Sankul -1 and 2 , pantry service and maintenance work. 222
208 340 litres. Fuel oil extra light 1 (EL-1) for heating season 2016/2017 for the needs of the Municipality of Radovish, primary schools, secondary school and kindergarten Aco Karamanov in Radovish Municipality. 121
20ft reefer container. 139
22 inch casing installation at ch 805 km. 104
232 rooms Holiday Inn Express Astana in Capital city of Kazakhstan. 160
24 kv cables compact stations up to 630 kva with concrete or steel structure. 253
24 port gigabit managed switch dgs-1210 with 4 sep port along with transeiver module, full duplex for gigabit speed, 56 gbps switching capacity make:- d-link or cisco. 124
24vdc bushless axial fan 120x120 mm - 20.000 no. 103
25 Shirts with 2 3/4 Sleeve Logos Button White, Various Fotocopias 350 Bag Fabric with Blue Logos, 6 Plates with Logos Recognition of Upnfm (Request Designs). 114
26 Tungsten alloy blocks. 147
26-day tank time charter mediterranean sea. 148
2nd call for supply material for construction providing metalling under schemse 3054 tribal d.p.c at gp gorre. 134
2nd call of providing and supplying handicap equiment as per requirment for kankavali nagarpanchayat. 133
2nd call of providing and supplying pesticide per requirement for kankavali nagarpanchayat. 131
2nd call of providing and supplying stationery for kankavali nagarpanchayat. 129
2nd call of repair and maintenances of gardan of kankavali nagarpanchayat. 130
2nd charge over 3033.33 sq.-yards plot no. C-34, focal point, jalandhar and 1st charge. 161
2port(min passive usb extnsn kbd/mouse - 91.000 no. 105
3 Axis CNC Vertical Machine Centre. 101
3 phase 100a autotransformer - 2.000 no. 102
3 zones in 2016 (eight months) emergency leak repair work (3rd). 121
3,600-MW Rogun hydropower plant. 201
3. Bridge and culvert of Prithvipur section under Niwari Subdivision. 118
3/4 inch square drive single/double hex socket. size in mm 20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,41,46,50 14 nos. 01 set. make :- torque master, oaykay, ambika. 121
3/8 cut off cock without vent for triplate panel as per sil drg. pt. no.29190322 or equivalent. 142
3/8 inch square drive single/double hex socket. size in mm 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 ,22 08 nos. 01 set. make :- torque master, oaykay, ambika. 115
300 a ac variable autop transformer - 1.000 no. 104
300 mm diameter of pipe line construction. 116
300 Subway Trains. 109
353 kiiio ba 4b - expansion and structural improvement, building section 4b (especially enlargement surgical area.) - 1090 bodenbelagsarbeiten (bph1). 139
3rd call of providing and supplying fuel wood as per requirement bazarpeth smashanbhumi of kankavali nagarpanchayat. 135
3rd call of providing and supplying tcl powder as per requirement for kankavali nagarpanchayat. 132
4 laning of road by providing cement concrete pavement of ballabgarh chhainsa mohna road km 2.00 to 3.00 (road id : 3313) in faridabad district. 123
4 way input terminal to suit signatron make dc-dc convertor model no.D-500/t-72. 114
4 way output terminal to suit signatron make dc-dc converter model no.D-500/t-72. 114
4 wire dtmf way station equipment as per rdso specn no.Irs-tc-60/2007 or latest without control telephone. (inspection by consignee). 311
4 wire dtmf way station euip. as per rdso specification no. irs tc-60/2007. 108
4. Special Repair Work of Orchha Section Under Niwari Sub.Division. 116
400 amps 4 pole change over switch without enclosure open type 400 amps current capacity suitable for working on 3 phase 415 volt 50 hz ac supply. make:l and t, gem, havells, standard or similar. 127
400 mm lightpipe day lighting system light pipe dia percent u2013 400 mm light pipe length percent u2013 1.2 m diffuser percent u2013 clear bright. 126
415 V/110 V,400 Va Capacity Isolating Transformer In Open Execution Suitable. 156
48-16-5053 planning services for the new b 58n bypass wesel, section southern bypass, from construction km 6 + 200 to km 10 + 034,476 construction incl. planning of engineering structures. reference number: 05_49-8016 / 8007_48-16-5053. 111
48400-dot0000620 - statewide dispatching and scheduling solution. 143
48v/12.5amp smr module for smps based battery charger make. statcon or similar compartible for statcon smps based chargers. (inspection by rdso). 309
4G mobile mast Lindstad, snes Finnskog- foundation for mastering and small cottage. 184
5 hp energy efficient isi marked bee 5 star rated submersiblepump set with motor. full description copy enclosed . 118
5 hp water cooled high speed diesel engine with 3 inch dia suction and 2 1/2 inch dia delivery pump portable type . 132
5. Repairing Work of RB Lidhora Section Under Jatara Sub.Division. 116
5.0 Hp, 1500 Rpm, 3Ph, 415 V Single Phase Horizontal Self Priming Pump Set Size Suction X Delivery 80 X 80 Mm. Suitable Up To 20 Mtrs. Head And Discharge 3.5 Lps With Direct Online Starter Relay Range 6- 10 Amp. In Built Ammeter And Voltmeter Suitable For. 160
50 mm square screen mesh required for bcm and frm machine. make: plasser or equivalent. 159
500 lph (ro plusuv) system with water dispensing atm work. 135
5002 waryongmyeon lee (right office) secheon maintenance construction. 116
530 mm lightpipe day lighting system light pipe dia percent u2013 530 mm light pipe length percent u2013 1.2 m diffuser percent u2013 clear bright. 126
6 items of conveyor spares. 107
6 large national food cluster support center support facilities facility management services. 122
6 motor power brake switch with magmet to rdso specn. no. mp.O.04.00.O8 rev.01 may 2010. 175
6. Repairing Work of NRB Lidhora Section Under Jatara Sub.Division. 119
64 volt dc cranking motor locomotive application to spec no. edps-142 emd pt. no. 10478829 alt., dlw pt. no. 18090011. 209
6t and 12t capacity trucks. 121
7. Repairing Work of RB Kharagapur Section Under Jatara Sub.Division. 116
70 tpd oxygen plant. 142
75mm/8 kg upvc pipe conforming to is-4985:2000 and suitable for the respective working pressures with all fittings and accessories e.G. couplers make:- supreme /finolex or similar. 179
8 its gwangeup materials (switchboard). 105
8 Nos Health Huts Including Internal Water Supply, Sanitary Installations. 119
8.0 MGD Waste Water Pumping Station (WWPS) along with pumping main and other related associated / allied appurtenant. 134
90 degree male elbow flareless tube fitting as per drg.No:sk-0652 alt h and dlw part no:11320655. 138
96mm digital panel volt meter 0.500volts meco make model no. smp- 35-5 or similar. 106
9Kva 750V/415V/ 190V Ac, 3 Phase, Dry Type Distribution Trasformer For Lhb Type Coaches. 274
A fipronil gel 0.03 percent qty. 25 litres b fipronil gel 0.05 percent qty. 25 litres. note:- item a item b alongwith quantity as above i.E. total 50 litres one set. 131
A framework agreement concerning. delivery, installation, commissioning + maintenance of a high-end storage. 107
A mtc of pha in pgims rohtak desilting of 8 inch to 12 inch id sewer line manhole of area of 6 j and 9j campus in pgims rohtak and all other works contingent thereto. 134
A r and m o residential buildings of hbe survey of india dehradun dg 2016-17 sh providing and fixing water storage tank. 121
A r and m o to cpwd office building at sector- 10 a during 2016 2017 sh misc repair and finishing work. 118
A set consisting of 03 items 1 spring reverser lock kepco part no. 100055,. 152
A set of schedules for d clamps for pneumatic air pipe line. drg. no. mtn/tqka-11, item no. 3,4 and 8. (1 set consist of 3 items). mtl and specn as per drg. 128
A.C.Ceiling Fan 1200 mm - 300 nos. 126
A/e designer services. 120
A/E Professional Services for the North Austin Complex. 229
A/R and M/O Resi. Campus at Masjid moth SH:Replacement of wornout and blocked G.I Pipe type II/57 59 61 63 qtr Nurses Hostel and doctor hostel on day to day complaints at AIIMS. 116
A3-digital copier, printer, colour scanner speed 20 cpm/ppm, 1 x 250 sheet bottom tray100 sheet by pass tray, networking features: yes similar to sharp ar6020. specification enclosed. 119
A9/sa9 cam housing bush to c rly drg no ci /en-1484. alt-nil. 376
Abaqus 3d finite element software. 138
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Services. 114
Abrasive rail cutter (rdso approved) specification:tm/sm/1 rev.01 of 2012. 229
Abrasive rail cutter rdso approved fitted with engine gx 200 tqx honda thailand production rdso specification no tm/sm/1 rev 01 of 2012. 122
Ac Damping Panel As Per Clw Sketch No. Clw/Es.Sk-3/R-33 Alt. E The Material. 143
Ac three phase electronic kwh energy meter of rating 10-60a, class 1.0 3x240v 50 hz counter type display with transparent hing type box make hpl, anchor or similar. 127
Ac/dc digital clamp meter dc : 0-2000amp , ac 200-2000 amp, voltage ac 750v,dc: 1000v, size: 250 l x 105 w x49 h mm. make: kyuritsu/meggar/metravi. 125
Ac/dc digital clamp meter model no. : 2003a make : kyontsu or similar. 162
Acc module testing jig consists of following: pwmi module for acu of siemens type no9. pwrd-080-a3.22-0, item no. 101575738. 120
Accident arm band set of 10 bands size 10 x 6 made from orange cotton cloths writes text written accident relief brc. 119
Accommodation Management System (Student, Key-worker and Short stay). 104
Accompanied by a group purchase green electricity and natural gas for residential and professional contracts. 253
Accompanying Mission For The Development Of Local Action Plan For Housing And Accommodation. 153
Accompanying the market implementation of digital transformation program of budgetary and accounting management. 311
According to the Longshan Middle School, and 1 (one trader) geupsiksil modernization and other construction waste punctured services. 132
Account information jungangcho hazardous waste (asbestos) dismantling private contracts quote announcements. 134
Accounting, auditing and fiscal services. 116
Acquisition (vz2065) ucfas antistatic waterproof breathable boot. 172
Acquisition And Maintenance Of A Cloud Management Solution Mails. 187
Acquisition And Maintenance Of A Small Sweeper. 191
Acquisition and maintenance of an it solution for the waste collection centers management parisiennes. 117
acquisition and maintenance of construction vehicles intended to communal services of the city of charleroi. 257
Acquisition and Nitric Oxide. 537
Acquisition of 187,500 rolls of thermal labels zebra for posts and telegraphs state society, s.a. 153
Acquisition of 2,500 bins of various capacities. 148
Acquisition of 9 light goods vehicles with double cabin and capacity of 6 places with different cargo box types and support equipment through leasing system takes 8 veculos. 140
Acquisition of ammunition 40 mm x 53 mm high velocity (hv) explosive dual purpose self destruct (hedp sd) and target practice tracer (tp-t) for gmg weapon system of the firm heckler & koch. 146
Acquisition of an it solution for the management of dialysis part of computerized patient records. 105
Acquisition of articles, garments and apparel raw materials and uniformity pcami. 181
Acquisition Of Clothing And Sporting Goods. 208
Acquisition of eight vehicles suction sweepers medium capacity. 140
Acquisition of environmental scan services. 111
Acquisition of equipment for the alternative weed control for the maintenance of green spaces. 147
Acquisition Of Everyday Maintenance Of Kitchen Equipment. 117
Acquisition Of Everyday Maintenance Of Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment. 117
Acquisition of farm advisory services and / or florestal. 175
Acquisition of geological and geotechnical exploration services and consulting and advisory tcnica. 162
Acquisition of infrastructure and application components of the new health and clinical information system dell~inrca. 252
Acquisition of insurance policies for a period of 36 meses. 172
Acquisition of licenses for ms office, support and services from the manufacturer and renewal of subscription software acquired under the sa, the acquisition of licenses for ms sql server and windows server. 138
Acquisition of materials and mobile services. 124
Acquisition of modernization services of fixed communications systems for the regional health. 126
Acquisition of reagents for microbiologia. 110
Acquisition of timber and timber products from bois. 106
Acquisition of travel services, transport, accommodation and complementares. 104
Acquisition of urban green spaces maintenance services in the city of lagos. 134
Acquisition of various vehicles for the infrastructure department of the city of la louvire. 238
Acquisition of video recording and console games. reference number: h081-16 / dnr 2016-007459. 101
Acquisition of waste pre-collection devices. 108
Acquisition Publishing services for publication of Oslo~s report 1987-2012. 206
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Water Data Processing Software. 166
Acquisition, Installation, Maintenance And Removal Of Interactive Whiteboard Solutions For Primary Schools In The City. 209
Acquisition, storage, deployment, maintenance and additional services from computer gear. 101
Acquisition, transportation and disposal of construction waste (avv 17 01 07) and building materials based on gypsum. 103
Acquisition, transportation and disposal of wood. 103
Activities, events, and no teaching activities by teachers and technicians to the municipal swimming pools of gondomar. 123
Acts telephone ringback system construction business. 114
Acyclovir 400 mg dispersible, secnidazole & rifampicin tap. 166
Ad server and wireless access points. 103
Addition alteration to existing sewage system at ahmedabad cantt. 136
Addition alteration to rabindra bhawan new delhi dg 2016 17 sh construction of panel room. 113
Additions and alterations to admin building at ins adayar chennai. 142
Addl/alteration of omq building and special repair to lightening arrestor at moditibba, bakrota and dainkund at dalhosue under ge af pathankot. 145
Addn altn of officer mess at af station bhisiana. 134
Adhesive sealant parmaloc 50,anabond iii,is:13055 for locking the screw of both the box wagon and coaching respectively. safety items, shelf life 15 months . 180
Adjustable spanner 445 mm length max opening 55 mm, make : taparia and heavy duty pipe wrench length 450 mm, max opening 73 mm, taparia make. 133
Adjustment shim for commutating pole t.M. tao-659, drg. no. 3tms/cnb/drg/2013/24 alt-1 ref-2 hole dia ref. a , is: 2062/2006,e-250- grade-a. 132
Adkomstveg Vanna Valentine. 130
Administrative educational services. 152
Adopter for indicator to cylinder head compression and to dlw part.No.15520365 dlw approved sources only to quote. 137
Adopter to tata hitachi part no: e12624313 or similar for the use of tata hitachi dumper model eh600. 111
Advance gauge for drg. no. sk23al0093 alt-a (pl no. 12661314). 108
Advanced endpoint protection. 177
Advanced metering infrastructure project. 197
Advanced thyroid uptake monitoring system. 164
Advertising and marketing services. 227
Advertising and marketing services. 139
Advertising consultancy services. 139
Advisory and consultative engineering services. 325
Affective school classroom floor veterinary replacement quote. 120
Afghanistan,Australia : Australia extends assistance to Afghanistan. 286
After-sales service and maintenance, diagnosis and repair of motor vehicles (including repair of motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, dump trucks, bodies. 135
Agricultural services. 138
Ai 2016-149 supply of calcium chloride in the municipality of amsterdam. 131
Aids & Adaptions Framework Agreement. 118
Air conditioner, portable. 194
Air conditioning system for cpcl resid upgradtion project. 119
Air filter pt. no. b 00470077005, suitable for elgi make air compressor model no. e11-10. 117
Air flow measuring valve assembly panel mounted to rdso.Drg.No. skdp - 2705 and specification.No.1412/88 rdso approved vendors only to quote. 142
Air gauge asm. emd pt no: 10631881, dlw pt no: 17452508, alt-d1. 146
Air pipe complete to abb pt. no. a-3114 and drg. no. am-400425 r-2 with flat gasket to abb pt. no. a-3113 and drg. no. am-400428-p1 spare for air motor for tap changer type no.32. 346

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