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Articles from Mena Report (July 13, 2016)

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"Bottom Maintenance Of Mhp & Hhp Locomotives.". 170
(1) pressure sensor oil circuit transformer to drg./specn. no. clw/es/3/ 0035/g. (2) amplifier to sensor oil circuit to drg./specn. no. clw/ es/3/0035/g. 150
(a augmentation of goods shed lighting at daltonganj, dhanbad, koderma, krishnashila, hazaribagh road, patratu & bhurkhunda (b repairing of high mast tower in dhanbad division. 141
(a improvement of charging and precooling facility at dhanbad (b replacement of over aged street light fitting and accessories in dhanbad division. 139
(coim/16/0002) programmable logic controller & servo control set. 203
(de/16/0018) 3-day/2-night study cruise jul 2016. 106
(hms/16/0016) hms year 2 professional image and etiquette workshop. 252
(i) 7.50-16,16 pr nylon tyre,tube and flap front (rip) and (ii) 7.50-16,16 pr nylon tyre,tube and flap rear (lug). 156
(lsct/16/0049) to supply, deliver and install a new inverter chiller for the air-con system of a biosafety level 2 laboratory. 157
(nass pe) invitation to quote to supply sports attire for staff and students of ngee ann secondary school. 268
- cleaning of synthetic hockey turf at ysc. 132
- ei works in d-2 and c-2 and 5 qtr. 118
- intersection with girinmyeon hyeonri hama hyeonri county town planning road construction asbestos waste treatment. 114
- operation of lift. 114
- providing and fixing modular office furniture for dgr and f-gr floor, west block -3 r k puram. 131
- providing and fixing of wall fans. 115
- providing and running inspection vehicle for the office of the executive enqineer. bcd. cpwd. berhampur. 130
- providing laying app. 116
- providing service of temperary modular type air conditioner. 123
- supply and fixing of new tyres. 112
- supplying of desktop computer, printer cum scanner in division office. 124
-pdg public address system. 118
-supply of electrical material. 122
0056 Bienerstrasse 10, housing development, dry construction work. 106
02 types of solenoid valve. 139
03 Hp Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated Centrifugal Mono Block Pump Sets. Size:65X50mm,, Waterman Only. 346
1 1/4 inch ball type cut out cock with vent clw drg no 0/2/65/364 alt-7 ref-9. (item is reserved for clw approved sources only). 162
1 1/4 inch non-return valve type-86r for main compressor, modified to clws drg. no. 0/3/65/363, alt-2. 292
1 east building elevator ropes seosomun shares purchased. 106
1 set of f/mill cutter with insert. 121
1 set of machine tap of m12x1.75 wi. 122
1 Utp Category 5E or 6E. 80 Rj45 Connectors. 40 Extender Rj45. 50X20 6 Strips 2 Cananles. Phone 2239-0202 with Delmi Oseguera. 138
1)replacement of balance damaged portion of false ceiling at community hall of gondegaon township under gsa. 2) repair of sanitary chambers and s.w.pipe line at various places of gondegaon township of gondegaon sub area. 3)repair of flooring / seepage of. 180
1,600 MW thermal power plant in Godda district. 105
1. allotment of contract at barhni station for 05 toilets & 02 bathrooms under pay & use toilet scheme. 120
1. Computer Ink Cartridge T-6641 (Bk) Or Similar, 2. Computer Ink Cartridge T-6642 (C4. Computer Ink Cartridge T-6644 (Y) Or Similar, 5.Computer Ink Cartridge L-295-Fx-3 Or Similar, 6. Computer Ink Cartridge 7741 (Bk) Or Similar. 133
1. hex head bolt m12x110 stainless steel 2. hex head bolt m12x55 stainless steel. 108
1. linking and dismantling of b.G. track... 118
1. pantograph mounting insulator as per drg./specn. no. clw /es/ac/i-1/h, clw/es/sk-4/ac/i-1/h. 2. roof line insulator as per drg./specn. no. clw/es/ac/i-1/h, clw/es/sk-2/ac/i-1/h. 153
1. provision of septic tank for staff quarters at sarona, kumhari & bhilai nagar colony, 2. provision of approach road (north side to dhadhapara goods shed. 134
1. Provision Of Septic Tank For Staff Quarters At Sarona, Kumhari & Bhilai Nagar Colony, 2. Provision Of Approach Road (North Side) To Dhadhapara Goods Shed. 158
1. repairs of corroded pitted steel members of fob at durg under the jurisdiction of aden/i/bhilai. 2. repairs of fencing around gate goomty under the jurisdiction of aden/i/bhilai. 145
1. Repairs Of Corroded Pitted Steel Members Of Fob At Durg Under The Jurisdiction Of Aden/I/Bhilai. 2. Repairs Of Fencing Around Gate Goomty Under The Jurisdiction Of Aden/I/Bhilai. 169
1.160 mm hdpe pipe line 36-6-50 to ep.No. tvt 21 n-1 at amaravathi nagar(2)cc road 35-3-104/2/c to ep.No. gpg 10/5 and 35-3-108/1 to 35-3-109/1 kanakadurga colony. 195
1.4 Kv Generator Rated Out Put 1400Va, Max Out Put 1600Va, Starting Petrol Start And. 177
1.55 Miles, NB & SB Bridge Replacement Including Walls Near the Bridge. 136
1/2 safety valve type e1 set 3.5 kg/cm2 to wsf part no. ib70443/3 or escorts part no. 4a11422a or recon part no.Rec/t4008-a to rec/t 4008-d. 132
10 Hp Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated Centrifugal Mono Block Pump Sets. Size:46 Mtrs.,. 345
10 x 3 jaw independent lathe chuck with face plate and screw. make: finex./delux/kmt. 116
100 va individual static inverter for laptop/mobile charging point in coaches as per rdso spec.No. rdso/pe/spec/tl/0142-2010 rev.0 type b vertical non ac coaches. 149
10000000000000000 weeks she won augmentation, ltd. (insulation bit dry place, windows replaced, ltd.). 128
100w fiber laser 1070nm. 121
10A Contour Gauge For Cbc As Per Rdso Drg No. Wd-84073-S/1 Rc Alt.2, And As Per Figure No.11 Of. 139
11m ku-band full motion antenna system. 118
12 x 4 jaw independent lathe chuck with face plate and screw. make: finex./delux/kmt. 116
129 Housing with Care (Lot 6) and Specialist / Emerging Support Services (Lot 9). 116
12v battery 100ah 15 plate exide or similar. 386
130011350404, compressor holder 130012820114, intermediate piece. 117
132 kv isolater gear box as per specification no eti/psi/122 3/89 and eti/ohe/13 4/84 . 129
138kv electrical substation. 125
14 x 4 jaw independent lathe chuck with face plate and screw. make: finex./delux/kmt. 116
1500 100% chicken burgers on sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise sauce in individual envelopes, individually packaged and wrapped in foil. note: 1,000 of these burgers will be for children / as participating fridays 15 (500) and saturday j. 131
1500 colorful umbrella children / as in assorted colors with logo printed senniaf and a right of children, 150 impressions per right, black and black. note: 1000 umbrella will be distributed to children / as attending the day~~s activity of the child in t. 134
1600 series propeller shaft assly. without companion flange and fasteners but with make up flange style-ii circlip design to drg no. tpl-1040 ( for 11453096 ) alt-y part drg. no. 11422051 alt-z. 144
17. const. percolation tank masalwadi tal baramati(classuptov-a). 138
1glass inomer cement ketac qty: 12 null 8null qty: null null. 106
1gum paint (400ml/pack qty: 24 null 8null qty: null null. 106
1napkin cloth dental qty: 30 null 8null qty: null null. 105
1periodontal ab-plus(terracyc f qty: 16 null 8null qty: null null. 106
1pin spr 4x28-a- iso 8752 qty: 250 no 2pin spr 2x14, iso 8752-a qty: 250 no 3pin spr 6x35 iso 8752-a qty: 300 no 8null qty: null null. 124
1pulperyl dressing 13ml qty: 6 null 8null qty: null null. 105
1rc filling ah-26 qty: 6 null 8null qty: null null. 105
1slip ring,eletca 615c9001 fa qty: 2 no 8null qty: null null. 106
1thermocouple type b l=375 qty: 8 no 8null qty: null null. 107
20 w led lighting with fitting of 4 feet,white indoor decorative aluminium extruded batten t5,type-integrated,volt-230v ac.Make c and s,hpl,bajaj. 147
2016 leasing of parcel van (vp 23 tonne on round trip basis for five years. (05 years n long term lease. 1- train no. 15018/15017 ex gorakhpur to lokmantilak terminal & back. 139
2016 seoul sejong high school sophomore year small batch consignment themed educational travel services tender notice. 126
2016 xi~an exchange hosting programme. 223
2016 year of safety inspection stations jangguryu buy. 111
2016-17 map tillamook county. 120
24 fibre armoured optic fibre cable as per rdso spec no. irs-tc-55-2006 rev.1 with amdt. no. 2. 160
25 kva 25kv/240v auxiliary transformer, as per rdso spec no. eti/psi/15 8/2003 along with all fittings. 165
25-30 borehole depth approximately 250 lm. 157
25kv insulated cadmium copper catnary wire. (19/2.10mm), 65sq.Mm. conforming to rdso spec no: ti/ohe/inscat/0000 with a and c slip no-1. 273
25Kw Brushless Alternator With Rectifier Cum Regulator Along With Belt Tensoining Device For 110V Dc System As Per Rdso Specn,Rdso-Pe-Spec-Ac-0056-2014(Rev-1). Each Set Of Brushless Alternator Consists Of (A) 25Kw Alternator, Complete With Two Alternator. 224
27. constructing a kt weir chas (kadewadi saunde odha) tal ambegaon(classupto-iv-a). 142
28. constructing kt weir jawal rasalwadi (khapar ganga odha) tal mulshi(classupto-iv-a). 142
29 Pleasant St Housing Renovation. 208
29. constructing a kt weir at rajuri (borban patil mala) tal junnar(classupto-iv-a). 143
2nd call supplying and erecting isi mark led solar street lighit at parundi. 126
3 by 4 inch ball type cut out cock with vent to clw s drg. no. o/2/65/364, alt.6 for electric locos. 160
3 phase lt ct operated static meter 100/5 amp & 200/5 amp. of category- a without ct with dlms. 214
3/4 inch pvc flexible pipe as per is 9537 in running length of 50 meters roll. 141
300 amps sc transformer - 1.000 no. 102
3D Surveying Facade And Interior Of The Nursery Grand Girac In Saint-Michel (16). 298
3hp, 3 phase, 415v, portable, self priming,non clog, dewatering submersible pumpset along with suitable dol starter as per detailed specification given in the annexure. 125
4 Inch Single Pressure Gauge Self Illuminated With Led Arrangement Range 0 To 14 Kg To Rdsos Drg. No. Skdp3511 Alt.03 Or Latest And Skdp3518 Alt.2 Or Latest For Wam4 , Wag5, Wag7 Locos And Acceptance As Per Rdsos Inspection Plan No. Mp - Tp - 14 July 2000. 190
4 items of copper tubes of different sizes to clws specn. no. clw/ms/3/030 alt.12. 131
4 pin connector male as per sidwal part no.3020238 or m/s.Allied electronics corporation part no. ms3102r18-10p. 116
4 sq.Mm x 19 core flexible elastomeric cable. 233
45 degrees male elbow assly. 2/8 inch od x 1/4 inch pt. to drg.No.Dlw/sk-0666 alt.E line 1 (pt.No.11320564). 130
4x120 sqmm 1.1 kv grade lt xlpe insulated pvc outer sheathed aluminium conductor armoured cable confirming is: 7098 part-1 1988. isi mark product only accepttable. 390
5 Micron Filter Element, Medium: Compressed Air, Shape: Cylinder, Both Ends Of Cylinder Should Be Open & There Should Be No Collar Or Projections Of Any Kind On Both Edges, Outer Dia. Of Cylinder: 38.1 Mm, Inner Dia. Of Cylinder: 35.26 Mm, Length Of Cylin. 142
5 types of items(cboi). 112
50 mw wind project in Gujarat. 164
5kv insulation tester. 103
6 items of loctite and primar to specn. no. clw/es/3/0650/a. 127
6 motor p.B. switch with magnet value as per r.D.S.O.Mod.Sht.No.Mp.Mod.Ec.04.21.09 . rev 0.00 aug. 09. bhel. drg.No.05781030009 v21 acs-2238/0000. 199
6 x 3 jaw self centering true jaw chuck. 113
640 West Railroad Crossing. 107
7.5Hp Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated Centrifugal Mono Block Pump Sets. Size:65X50mm,Head:36Mtrs, Lps:13.1,Rpm:2880,3 Phi 50 Hz,. 346
70 Watt Open Copper Wound Ballast For Mh Lamp Suitable At 240 Volt,. 189
7115 / 16G Updating, maintenance and expansion of load simulation software HPE Quality Center. 103
74 MW Rutherford Solar Farm. 210
8 key add on module for nec digital phone. 208
9 items of illuminated push button as to specn. no.Clw/es/3/0072/d. 128
9 kva dry type distribution transformer to rdso specification no rdso/pe/spec/tl/0158-2010 rev 0 type 1. drawing mentioned in the above specification shall be read as cc71216 alt d. 177
9-1-1 database information enhancement. 199
99 / zp / 16 proceedings of public procurement conducted in an open tender worth more than eur 10 000 000 for the supply of pharmaceutical products. 139
990 kg of meat frozen. 130
A Aa Pencil Cell Qty. 300 Nos. B Aaa Remote Cell Qty. 200 Nos. C Duracell Medium Alkaline Qty. 50 Nos. D Duracell Pencil Alkaline Qty. 100 Nos. E Medium Pencill Qty. 75 Nos. F Roomfreshner Spray 300 Ml Qty. 24 Nos. G Liquid Mosquito Qty. 35 Nos. 165
A clear wireframe and graphical user interface that considers parents with young children as the target user. 252
A contract for the provision of recruitment support services in the delivery of a recruitment campaign for the national gallery of ireland. 170
A new full-service car rental national probation service needs. 157
A new grit removal system at the wastewater treatment plant. 172
A project management team work facilities - public spaces. 270
A r and m o to hm and dy hm bungalow under 2 b sub division dg 2015 16 sh repair of wooden flooring at various bungalows under section ii 2nd call. 131
A Set Of 1 Plug 5 Pins Of Mamco/Marwaha Codes Mmc-Tpty 3 -P4p. 2 Plug 12 Pins Of Mamco/ Marwaha Codes Mmc-Tpty 4-612 For Mamco Make 25 Tonnes Capacity Synchronized Electrically Operated Whiting Jacks.Make: Mamco Or Marwaha Only. 190
A Set Of 1 Socket 5 Pins Of Mamco Or Marwaha Codes Mmc - Tpty 1 -S4p. 2 Socket 12 Pins Of Mamco Or Marwaha Codes Mmc - Tpty 2 -S12p. For Mamco Make 25 Tonnes Capacity Sychronized Electrically Operated Whiting Jacks. Make: Mamco Or Marwaha Only. 210
A Set Of Cable - Power With Plug/ Socket, Length 15 Mtrs With Mamco/Marwaha Code Mmc-Tpty-8Cc For Mamco Make 25 Tonnes Capacity. 182
A Set Of Cable -Power With Plug/ Socket, Length 15 Mtrs With Mamco/Marwaha Code Mmc-Tpty-7-Cp For Mamco Make 25 Tonnes Capacity Synchronized Electrically Operated Whiting Jacks. Make: Mamco Or Marwaha Only. 182
A set of wire wound variable resistance with fixing clamp and connection terminal hole 6 mm for clr relay in sets as per annexure. 121
A wastewater pumping Sjhaug and rstu. 171
A-tool set 05mm under cut. 112
A/R & M/O Ext. Ser. (SH:- Pdg. Granite tile over Toe wall behind Ped. OPD road and Faculty parking area near gate No. 2 ) at AIIMS. 110
A/R & M/O NDDTC Ghaziabad (SH: Replacement of broken glass and roller blind in OPD & Ward & Replacement of Damaged PVC tank on the roof of ward) at NDDTC Ghaziabad of AIIMS. 115
A/R & M/O various typeqtrs 144 T-l, 164 T-ll, 56 T-IIA, 64 T-IIB and 7 Nos Type IV under SC- 231 at Mall Road. 104
A2018 Transfer 2018-2022. 108
A2A SETTORE IDRICO 2016-2020. 278
Aar approved grease, as per rdso specification no. wd-24-misc-2003 revised-1. 137
Ablesedienstleistungen meter readings. 204
aBoi z ludhiana br mandi gobindgarh ac p r alloys. 116
About messi signpost stendiehitus 2016, exhibition hall, and rental inventory. 121
Abrasive rail cutter. 108
Abrasive rail cutting disc as per rdso specification no. tm/sm/2 rev01 of 2007 , make- andre or similar. 111
Abrasive rail cutting disc. wheel as per rdso specification no. tm/sm/2 (rev. 01 of 2007. 127
Abrasive rail cutting wheel . as per rdso specification no tm/sm/2 rev. 01 of 2007. 150
Accelerometer cables and adaptors. 122
Accessories for cable bolting machine. 143
Accident and damage repairs for scdf vehicles. 174
Accident and work of personnel grandlyon habitat reporting status. 104
Accommodation and exploitation for infrastructure and platforms related to the Clinic Information System (CIS) of the Jura Hospital. 101
Acetic acid purity nitrodiphenylamine. 112
Acetone in 2.5 litre packing. 106
Acetylcystin 600 mg tab. 108
ACI Emergency Temporary Roofing - Hawaiian Islands. 106
Acquires Flow Fuel Cards Taken At The Pump And Ancillary Services. 256
Acquisition and implementation of audio-visual and stage equipment. 102
Acquisition and maintenance of photocopiers and printers with service. 107
Acquisition cards flow fuel taken at the pump and ancillary services. 104
acquisition of 17 bi-fuel CNG motor vehicles. 102
Acquisition Of Charge Cards For The Supply Of Fuel And Related Services. 116
Acquisition of computer workstations, equipment and associated services for municipal services of the city of marseille. 105
Acquisition Of Computer Workstations, Equipment And Associated Services For Municipal Services Of The City Of Marseille. 125
Acquisition of equipment for the renovation and expansion of corporate data management system. 110
Acquisition Of Expensive Drugs For Period From July To Prosinca 2016. 124
Acquisition of folders - folders. 258
Acquisition of food products to restaurants and school structures of the small enfance. 101
Acquisition of group and personal multifunctional devices, printers, scanners, specific purpose output and imaging devices, options, extensions and consumables, related services. 122
Acquisition of new modern folding machine format B1. 162
Acquisition of parallel framework for training consultants and framework for courses. 346
Acquisition of Power Plant. 246
Acquisition Of Right Of Use And Maintenance Service Of A Hlm Property Management Software. 125
Acquisition of road salt. 117
Acquisition of shutdown systems uncooperative vehicles destined for the land customs supervision services in mainland France , Corsica and the French Overseas Departments -COM : Guadeloupe , Martinique, French Guiana , Reunion , Mayotte, French Polynesia. 124
Acquisition of Sorting Machine for metal waste. 149
Acquisition Of Video Equipment. 142
Acquisition, Implementation And Maintenance Of A Software Solution For The Replacement Of Integrated Library Management System For The Media Center Of Poitiers And Documentary Network. 157
Acquisition, Installation, Maintenance And Supplies For A Synthesis Controller Gallium - South Hospital Group. 166
Activating A Fiber Optic Network. 117
Active and passive security services in the offices of the lazio regional council. 371
Ad hoc study visits/seminars for officials/policymakers from trading partner countries to support SPS policy. 127
Adaptable scalable mixed-signal sensor/actuator front-end for micro-c and fpgas. 390
Adapter a105 1/2" nptm x 3/4" bspm 60 - 40.000 no. 109
Adapter a182 f22 1/2" nptm x 3/4" bs - 20.000 no. 109
Adapter nose for 81mm mk-iiabc. 136
Adapter retainer bolt with lock nut for casnub bogie to rdso s sk. - 69594, item no.- 8, alt. no. - 36. 296
Adaptor assembly. 156
Adaptor m10 pt. no. f-0129115. 112
Add backup generator/replace heat pumps. 126
Addition alteration to existing sewage system at ahmedabad cantt. 138
Addition/alteration and rerouting of external services at dihar leh. 139
Additional accommodation. 2 classroom asd unit plus 2 withdrawal rooms, toilet/shower area and multi-sensory room. 110
Additional employee health coverage the county transportation authority buses general council. 112
Additional module for toolcrib management software as per scope pmu tc tms 04. 124
Additional two class room in first floor of kvschool. 122
Addn altn in bldg no t-29 (1 to 5 qtr and t-30 (1 to 5 qtr at u block drc faizabad. 141
Addn altn to offices of dcso and co comn of signal branch of signal branch of hq sc under ge north pune. 143
Aden (line ajmer sub division repair /renovation of drainage system between line no. 1 & 2 and extension of cc apron on line no. 3 & providing drain at ajmer station. 136
Aden-btd sub division: track maintenance activities through outsourcing on sabarmati - botad (mg sections for a period of one year. 127
Adjusting/Regulating Screw With Nut Of Lower Arm Assembly To Sil New. 341
Administrative and financial management of compensation and payment. 110
Administrative system for Oslo Music and Culture. 203
Adopter hsk a63 srkin 12x90. 112
Advanced endpoint protection. 179
Advertisement rights through hoardings / boards / gantries etc. at various location on p.w.d. roads and building premises under the jurisdiction of p.w. circle nashik. 155
Advertisement, painting competition for children items,gift hampers for winners of painting competition items and refreshment for penitents and attendants. 143
Advertising agency for the commercialization of advertising space for publications of the city of rueil-malmaison. 108
Advertising services. 101
Adviser project, eidsvoll municipality. 196
Advisory and consultative engineering services. 119
Aeration Tanks Air Valves Automation In Batteries A, B, C And D, Stickney Water Reclamation Plant, Stickney, Illinois. 507
Afd: Towing Storage Maintenance And Disposal Of Seized And/Or Forfeited Vehicles For The Eastern District Of Texas. 101
Agent services. 101
Agent services. 101
Agent services. 102
Agent services. 103
Agent services. 102
Agent services. 105
Agent services. 103
Agent services. 101
Agra cantt improvement of staff quarters in south colony. 111
Agriculture Sector Development Program. 434
Ahmedabad: renovation of cc aprons with drainages at platform no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and new cc apron with drainages at platform no. 08. 154
Aided design computer services. 140
Aii div : repair & maintenance of 14 nos. ( 06 nos. for aii & 08 nos. for udz battery chargers at coaching depot, ajmer and udaipur city. 130
Aii div- electrical work due to extension of platform shelter of pf no. 1 on madar end (192 mtr. and platform no. 4/5 on doz end (96 mtr. and widening of platform shelter of pf no. 1 on madar end. 147
Aii div- schedule maintenance of cummins diesel engines of power cars of aii-cdg garib rath train(train no. 12983/84 for two years. 129
Aii-div: petty repair and miscellaneous work for gm inspection of marwar-ajmer section. 118
Air brake hose coupling for feed pipe to rdso drg. no. wd-81027-s-01 alt 11. with conforming to rdso specn. no.02-abr-2002. with amnd slip no.3 of april-2010, appendix-f. 126
Air break testing for single car test rig flexible hose pipe with wire braided. 109
Air compressor reciprocating type. 133
Air compressor. 128
Air force-wide integrated library management system. 102
Air freight forwarding of imported consignments on consolidation basis. 125
Air port ring assy xrp mill. 112
Air-conditioning installation work. 106
Airline respirators type al- a,. 109
Airport Pavement Striping Services. 113
Ajmer division carry out residual works left over after opening of madan-pushkar new bg line project. 123
Ajmer divison removal of dfwr (welds of 52kg.-90uts in ladpura-marwar jn. section and ajmer-chittaurgarh-udaipurcity section. 123
Ajmer repairs to roof leakage by app of staff quarters in sse (works north section. 122
Al.Bronze 28mm th. plate is:6912-05. 120
Alameda corridor rapid transit system. 260
Alarm Chain Pull Indication Light Fitting. 229
Alarm pull handle with sring clip as per icf drg.No.Icf/std-3-5-012 alt-b,item no.-1 and 2 and icf drg.No.Icf/std-3-5-010 alt-c/4, item no.2. 140
All that part and parcel of property being factory land and building measuring 1694 sq. Yds comprised in khasra no. 7282. 179
All that part and parcel of property being residential plot no.168, measuring 440 sq. 195
All that piece and parcel of commercial property measuring 1900 sqft ,unit no.d 301,block dc,3rd floor,city center i,plot no. I,sector i,bidhannagar salt lake city,kolkata 700064 indenture i 08509 dated 27092007,entered in book no i,volume no i,pages 1 17. 256
All-In-One Desktop Computer With Preloaded Operating System, Configuration-Intel Pentium With 22 Nm Technology And Haswell Architecture,. 188
Allen key set make: taparia km-9v, everest, eastman. 128
Allied connectors for current base sensor (male and female). 190
Allied items x-ray films and reagent, surgical dressing room items, pathology lab reagents/items, dental items and emergency medicine/items for iit delhi hospital ( see annexure/boq for list of items. 155
Allotment of catering stalls at d, e & f category stations over mughalsarai division for a period of 05 years. 131
Alluminium Bus Bar For Roof Fitting For Wap/1,Wag/5 Locomotive O Type Comperising Of Ref No. A To Drg.No. Clw/Es/Sk-1/C-6 K Of Sheet No.12 And Ref No.D,H,J,K Of Sheet No. 13 Specn No.Clw/Es/C-6 Alt-M And With Mod.H.T. Brass Ferrule And Check Nut As Per Rd. 165
Almirah for hmi system - 2.000 no. 101
Almirah full size 72 inch x 33 inch x 18 inch in four self with locking system in two colour enamel paint gauge 22/24 superior quality. 125
Als items. 133
Aluminim moulding ex eq angle (3.15x25.4x25.4l=1.8m. 112
Aluminium chequered sheet 5x1000x2000mm "rdso spec c-8217 revision 02 ""single bar pattern (ii , as per is:14712-99, fig-1."". 127
Aluminium chequered sheet to size : 3048 x 880 x 2.03 mm thick to rdso specn.No.C- 8217 ( rev.1). 110
Amc for ears. 111
Amc for operation monitoring and pm of compressor plants and accessories of sukhoi engine division. 122
Amc for systems and equipments used at new test house cell no 5 6 7 and 8 of sukhoi engine division. 128
Amc for vxworks 653 license number 678266. 122
Amc of comprehensive maintenance of computers, peripherals and network (hardware and software. 136
Americans With Disabilities Act Self-evaluation & Transition Plan. 265
Ammonia Printing Machine With Atomic Philips Tube 140 Watt Made In German Tube With One Glass Cylinder With Wooden Developing Faction Drive, Ac-Power Supply, Motor A.C Amson Make -Model Three Tube Or Similar. 128
Amonia roll. note- amonia roll is expiry item. hence 20 nos of amonia roll is required from the date of issue of p.O. payment also will be done quarterly after receive of material. 124
AMSME NIC Kenya. 190
Anakaputhur Municipality - Providing Mini Mast Lights on Northern Side of Kalmaduvu park. 121
Anakaputhur Municipality - Providing Mini Mast Lights on southern side of Kalmaduvu park. 121
Anand nagar cycle/ scooter stand, khalilabad- car parking and colonelganj cycle/ scooter stand. 118
Anchor bolts for tg bearing pedestal. 112
Anesthesia equipment for surgery unit. 113
Angola : ANGOLA seeks to generate hydrokinetic energy in upcoming decade. 194
Animations Senior Clubs. 132
Announcement of the 2016 school year estimates incheon bugokcho second semester field trip charter bus transportation services can be small (1-3 grade). 142
Annual airport design and construction management services. 111
Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Blue Star Make Vrf Type Ac System. 120
Annual Contract For Housekeeping Gardening And Security Services At Bp-Vizag Installation, Bp-Vizag Steel Plant And Bp-Vizag Port. 113
Annual contract for maintenance & repair of submersible pumps & motors of different capacities including starter over dhanbad division for three years. 137
Annual contract for misc. plumbing works in areas coming under hr estates section in bpcl-kochi refinery. 111
Annual contract for miscellaneous works for repair and maintenance of power supply distribution system and other petty works over dhanbad division. (for three years. 141
Annual Contract For Operational Assisstance And Bulk Chemical Handling At Stage-I & Stage-Ii Dm Plant, Pt Plant, Cpu And Main Plant Area At Ntpc Sipat. 125
Annual contract for providing contract drivers to operate company vehicles in be-bengaluru complex. 130
Annual contract for providing Security at Vulnerable points in Ash Disposal Line Area up to recycling pump area in CSTPS, Chandrapur. 137
Annual contract for repair of v.S pumps over dhanbad division (for three years. 131
Annual contract of security services at District hospital Vidisha. 117
Annual landscape maintenance services. 150
Annual maintance contract Of Street light Under Gram Panchayat Mithakhari. 127
Annual Maintance Contract of street lighting in 2108 flats at sector 63, chandigarh. 114
Annual Maintenance & Breakdown work at 132 KV S/S Azad Nagar under ETD-I,Kanpur. 133
Annual Maintenance & Breakdown work at 220 KV S/S R.P.H. under , ETD,-I,Kanpur. 135
Annual maintenance & contract for the work Operation and Comprehensive Preventive. 109
Annual maintenance & operation of bio toilets at jodhpur & merta road. 130
Annual maintenance & repair of all Computer and peripheral installed in the office of the Executive Engineer. 113
Annual Maintenance and associated work at 132KV S/S Mauranipur under ETD Jhansi. 128
Annual maintenance contaract for Computer (Complete system). 136
Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc) Of Rdi Kanpur. 131

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