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Articles from Mena Report (July 12, 2016)

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"Hamaroy model- housing 1- Batnfjorsra". 362
"Hamary model- house 2- Torvikbukt". 341
"Implementation of Engineering - design and execution of works relating to the implementation of the National Programme. 120
"Insecticide/Biolarvicide i.e. Cyfluthrin 10% WP, Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis (Bti) (WP), Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis (Bti) (12AS), MALARIAL LARVICIDAL OIL (MLO) and Temephos 50% EC". 202
"nut" for prop.Shaft. 120
"Sanitation coaches and railcars at Wagon Revision Craiova, Targu Jiu Post Revision Coaches, Wagons Revision Piatra Olt and Pitesti Depot" - divided into 2 groups. 545
(1) Boot Polish Brown Paste Containing Each Tin 40 Gms To Is: 1740/1992, With Is Mark And Manufacturing Date (2) Shoe Polish (Paste Black) Containing Each Tin 40 Gms To Is: 1746/1992, With Is Mark Andmanufacturing Date. 299
(1) hose - air inlet. dlw pt no: 17320203 gm part no: 10633188, alt-e. (2) bearing adaptor spacer. dlw pt no: 17021900 drg. no: 40075098, alt-c. 150
(1) Rear Fixed Sash Assy. Dlw Part No: 17049301. Alt-Nil. (2) R.H. Front Fixed Sash Assy. Dlw Part No: 17049313. Alt-Nil. (3) R.H. Front Sliding Sash Assy. Dlw Part No: 17049325. Alt-Nil. (4) Rear Sliding Sash Assy. Dlw Part No: 17049337. Alt-Nil. 147
(1) Toner Cartridge For Printer Model: Hp Colourjet Cp 1215, Make: Hp, (A) Black (Hp 540, Cb540) , (B) Cyan (Hp 541, Cb541) , (C) Yellow (Hp 542, Cb542) , (D) Magenta (Hp 543, Cb543) , (2) Supply Of Toner Cartridge For Hp Deskjet 1510, Cartridge Model: (A. 301
(1)-hp black ink cartridge no.803(fv21a) (printer hp deskjet1112), (2)-hp tri colour ink cartridge no.803(fv20a) (printer hp deskjet1112). 204
(1)Class Iii With Organization Name Issue By India S First Certifying Authority Safescrypt Ca Of Sify Technologies Limited Licensed By Controller Of Certifying Authority In India Encryption For Validity 02 Year Quantity- 01 No. (2) Additional E Token For. 177
(1)gasket manifold cyllinder head dlw part no: 10170479 rdso drg. no: skdp-3891 (2)gasket air elbow to cylinder head, dual-fuel, dlw part no: 10170492 rdso drg. no: skdp-3892. 239
(1)Socks Nylon Terrypile, Confirming To Is - 5084/1990. Colour-Khakhi, Size-Large (As Per Stock Sample).(2)Socks Woolen Khaki Colour, Large Size As Per Stock Sample.(Samples Are Available At Office Of The Chief Security Commissioner, North Block, Ground F. 348
(1)spring aux. fuel pump cross head (outer) dlw pt. no: 10160220, drg. no: 46d76092 alt-d (2)spring aux. fuel pump cross head (inner) dlw pt. no. 10160310 dlw drg. no. 46d76117 alt-f. 229
(A) Improvement To Water Supply At Itwari, Kamptee, Kanhan & Kalumna. (B) Replacement Of Old Existing Water Pipe Line From Pump House Bandarjharia To Over Head Tank Balaghat. 166
(asset chwideukbi) 1 floor refrigerated centrifuge, liquid communication quality one, one grinder, one microplate washer. 115
(bidding agency) purchase of forklifts (farming act of jeju buckwheat) quote guidance of a small number of advertisements. 121
(change announcement) 2016-2 experiment materials purchased (basic mechanics, factory-learning, computational analysis chamber). 117
(change notice 1) 2016-2 experiment materials purchased (cd-based, machine car, safety, new materials). 115
(chwideukbi assets) purchased one other individual cases ventilated cage systems. 119
(imarine lines - khar section - provision of toilet, wash room and draiage faciliies in various tool room, (ii dadar:- providing tool room under sse(p-way dadar (balance quantity. 133
- ensure hwajeong daeyul road paving work carried out between design services. 121
-thermoplastic paint on speed breakers, parking and road edges line in campus at iit delhi. 147
: Maintenance and upgrade licenses for SAP SYBASE IQ and support them to ensure the proper. 111
: Works by replacing the sports flooring in the Municipal Sports Pavilion in San Vicentedel Raspeig Contract. 102
?18198-2016-lc-100 supply of personal protective equipment (gloves). 246
0.5Hp Monoblock Pump Specification : 0.5Hp, 3Phase, 415V Ac, 5 Terminals, Self Priming, Having Over Temperature Protection As Per Rcf Specification No : Edts - 186. Make Required : Kalsi/Cg Or Any Reputed Make. 132
01.paintingsnowcem and distemper of cisf dhansar under at kusunda area and two 2 other civil works. 137
020211 tetanus toxoid purified absorbed rubber capped vial of 5ml 10doses. 121
06 mm od x 3 mm id x 1.5 mm thickness arsenical seamless fully annealed copper pipe to is:2501 material to is:191 grade dpa fully annealed. 120
07 nos of new tyres with tubes for tata mini bus bearing no. or-02ag-5207 of security department/waltair division. 1 02 nos of front tyre tube flap 2 05 nos of rear tyre tube flap make:mrf or similar. 153
1 . class iii digital signature certificate signature encryption - qty - 02 nos. 2 . class iii digital signature certificate signature - qty - 05 nos. 107
1 16 Sqmm Colour Blue Electron Beam Irradiated Cable 1.8/3.0 Kv As Per Rdso Spec No. Elrs/Spec/Eic/0019 Rev. 2 Of Feb. 2011 2 16 Sqmm Colour Chocolate Electron Beam Irradiated Cable 1.8/3.0 Kv As Per Rdso Spec. No Elrs/Spec/Eic/0019 Rev. 2 Of Feb 2011 3 1. 213
1 ac vehicle required for dpmu at dho level. 131
1 Boundarywall, Checkpost, Gate 40.38 lacs 2 Boring, Pipeline Pump House, 4.36. 157
1 in 12 o.R. curved switch 52/60 kg to rdso drg.No.4733 & 4219. 130
1 kva office ups with minimum 30 minutes backup. 204
1 long detachable type angular hinge made by rust free cp,(psote ,ateroa amd ot sjpi d ne suitable for the fitment of power panel s front side door cover. 129
1 no. E & m misc. Job such as, erection / shifting of l.t. Over head line at different locations such as at coal stock ,weigh bridge & excavation work-shop,neeljay ocm ( s) .(2nd call) contact person name shri . s.d. Mishra designation chief manager, e an. 158
1 office cum rest house 19.56 lacs 2 Cement Concreting 25.64 lacs 3 Toilet Block 6.61 lacs. 134
1 set of inserted drill of dia 16mm. 121
1 set of inserted drill of dia29.5m. 121
1 set of rough mill cutter of 20 mm. 122
1) (I) Black And (Ii) Colour Cartridges For Hp Desk Jet Computer Printer Model No: 840 C. Cartridge Model Specification: I) 15 D (C6615da) And (Ii) 17A (C6625a) Rrespectively. 2) Laser Cartridges For Samsung Computer Printer Model: Ml-1666. Cartridge Mode. 177
1) sealing ring ref - 1 drg no-4twd.096.030/1.Alt.2,. 273
1,200 megawatt Raghunathpur thermal power project. 223
1. CTR(P) of 2 Km BG Track i.e from km Up 67.000 to 69.000 laid with 52 kg 90 UTS Rails(LWR) on PSC-5 sleepers. 229
1. dc/dc for converter - 1 in sb - 1 to spec. no. clw/es/3/0054/a. 2. dc/dc for converter - 2 in sb - 2 to spec. no. clw/es/3/0054/a. 147
1. set of bracket complete and other items for lhb power car 2. set of bracket and member complete for lhb power car coach. 118
1.const.of shingave pargaon phc building at village shingave tal ambegaon dist pune(class upto iii). 157
1/2 cut off cock without vent for triplate panel as per sil drg.Pt. no.29190321 or equivalent. 144
1/2 female tee with 1/2 suare head plug. mat and specification is-2062 m.S forged. 116
1/2 inch isolating cock without vent as per clw drg no 0/2/65/364 alt-7 ref-5 (item is reserved for clw approved source only). 150
1/2 pvc nylon braided hose pipe with bursting pressure of 25 kg/cm2. 118
1/4 hose assembly of length 23 with 1/4 male end fitting on one end and 1/4 female end fitting on other end. material specification of hose: sae 100r5r make of hose: soni/power flex/superseal. 138
10 pair pvc cable as per tec spec. no. gr/wir-06/03 of march 2002 or liatest. 279
10/16-17 - execution of the work of re organization urban water supply scheme gangapur city and urban water supply scheme dholpur with 7 years operation and maintenance including 01 year defect liability period. 160
100 mm dia perfactly horizontal bore in dugwell in hard rock including fixing and removal of boring machine (nit 50/16-17 neemuch). 137
10hp 7.5 kw horizontal motor. 117
11 items of 4 gkw single core cable of different sizes to specn. no. clw/es/3/0458/e. 132
11 kv / 110v ac potential transformer, va:50, suitable for areva make 400a hwx vcb, with 3-nos 11kv, 3a h.R.C fuse , 6 -nos fuse holder, 1 -set barriers p.T. 123
11 Kv(E) Voltage Grade, Stranded Compact Circular Aluminum Conductor , Ht Xlpe Cable. Conductor Screened With Extruded Semi Conducting Compound, Xlpe Insulated, Insulation Screened With Extruded Semiconducting Compound To Combination With Copper Tape. Cor. 184
11 other products gmp facilities smoke alarms. 105
110V Ac/Dc Springing Charging Motor Suitable For 25Kv Single Pole Cgl Make Spring -Spring Mechanism .Circuit Breaker .Specification: Full Load Current : 5. 2 Amps Voltage : 110Vac/Dc,Prm: 750 /Min. Make : Rail Wolf Or Similar. 184
11kv. 630a, not less than 21ka, 3-way extensible type ring main unit consisting of 2 load break switches and 1no. circuit breaker with self- powered relay as per the detailed specification enclosed. 132
12.5 hp elec motor. 213
12.50 hp 9.3 kw chemical pump set for pressure filter unit. 122
120 Bed Development For The National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin. 284
125 amp fuse with base holder. 122
155 mm ammunition xi group. 147
15hp / 11 kw horizontal motor for st plant. 122
16 amp. switch and socket complete set piono type, 240 volt-n-ac single phase 3 pin type , make- anchor/havells/ cona/g.M/ or equivalant to these four makes. 138
16/20mva, 33/11kv, onan/onaf power transformer. 132
17.5 degree low angle wedge to house ultrasonic probes 20 mm dia 2.5 mhz make: modsonic/ees. 116
18 Months Oh Kit For Main Compressor Make Elgi Type Trc 1000 Dcm Consisting Of 44 Items As Per Enclosure In Sealed Transparent Polythene Cover. 133
19 mm nylon strap for straping of cylinder liners in card board cartons size 19 mm thickness 0.6 mm. 139
19 replacement of pipesarwss to pothanicadu and pallarimangalam. 135
19 replacement of pipesarwss to pothanicadu and pallarimangalam. 143
19 replacement of pipesarwss to pothanikkad and pallarimangalam. 135
19 replacement of pipesrwss to keerampara. 136
19 vehicle required for 11 months on contract basis. 132
19mm packing clip 35mm long made of mild steel swg thick 28 to 30 suitable. 110
1boring and facing head qty: 1 no 2sleeve qty: 2 no 3mandrel qty: 10 no 8null qty: null null. 116
1forging for conductor qty: 2 no 8null qty: null null. 105
1h quality steel hose h2 cyl qty: 40 no 2steel hose for n2 cylinder qty: 1 no 3steel hose for co2 cylinder qty: 116 no 8null qty: null null. 126
1multiport valve qty: 3 no 2panel mounted rote meter qty: 3 no 3panel mounted rote meter qty: 1 no 4cartridge filter and housing qty: 4 no 5ro membrane qty: 10 no 8null qty: null null. 135
2 biinmyeon seongbuk district rural living environment improvement project. 120
2 bridge hazardous waste treatment services, veterinary guidance quote changyeong outside of notice. 106
2 inch strainer check valve unit to elbe part no.5493/1 or equivalent ( wsf part no.Da 8158/3) for ng locos. 112
2 X 10 Sqmm Xlpe Cable Isi Marked Cross Linked Polyethylene Xlpe Insulated, Pvc Outer Sheathed Armoured With Galvanized Round Steel Wire Or Steel Strip Cable Of Aluminium Conductor Suitable Conforming To Is: 7098 Pt.1 1988 With Amendment No.1 Or Latest. 256
2.5 sqmm x 3 core copper conductor pvc armoured cable rating 1.1 kv,. 262
2000 ltr stainless steel lime mixer for environment protection lab. 119
20142 Transformers for Rarik. 102
2015 nongteuksanmul (mook) preparation and distribution facility enlargement construction (bidding agency). 130
2015 sewer maintenance area flooding prevention critical control project (gapyeong county). 128
2015-16 - thiruvananthapuram district panchayat -tharattayil sc colony drinking water supply scheme at madavoor grama panchayat under kilimanoor block. 137
2015qa01. framework agreement for operational support aircraft air force. 159
2016 - collection of household waste from 2017 to 2018. 335
2016 _ environmental laboratory safety laboratory gas cabinets, gas detectors. 113
2016 1 wabueup zones, including four places water leak emergency restoration construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 138
2016 10 emergency water points and five zones jingeoneup leak repair construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 124
2016 8 zones ohnameup four places, such as emergency water leak repair construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 129
2016 agricultural producer distribution facilities (apc) business support extension work (electric). 119
2016 band management business greenery 2 (or equivalent). 119
2016 best student learning experience abroad commissioned services. 103
2016 bituminous seal coat program. 108
2016 bonghwa perimeter road maintenance business. 116
2016 city park cctv installation work. 113
2016 deokdong forest ecology complementary business. 116
2016 deokjin songseok the reservoir leaks renovation projects. 117
2016 dongoe raised six buildings water corporation (long-term contract prices continued). 117
2016 education university kyung-purchase test lab environment, safety equipment. 110
2016 fall semester seosan yecheon elementary learning materials can be purchased for a nominal quote. 131
2016 floor 2nd one won sofa repair construction (contract price). 120
2016 for pre-entry check, the road pavement construction. 118
2016 forests, ltd. 109
2016 framework agreement drugs. 531
2016 gwangju bongju elementary schoolmates edible milk buying guide private contract notice. Buyers guide 120
2016 gwangseokmyeon old age security, exchange construction. 112
2016 gwangyang greenery maintenance work (secondary). 119
2016 hongseong water leaks local exploration services. 116
2016 hwadoeup four zones including 3 points tap water emergency leak repair construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 139
2016 jigeumdong three zones, including four places water leak emergency restoration construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 139
2016 jinjeopeup seven zones, including four places water leak emergency restoration construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 132
2016 joanmyeon six zones, including 3 points tap water emergency leak repair construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 135
2016 living guide guangzhou east 3-2 textbooks and use guide printing a small number of contractors submit a quote of notice. 128
2016 local officials overseas (philippines, laos) service training quote small number of advertisements. 123
2016 lunar new year paper production and purchasing. 107
2016 main producing areas produce excellent management (gap) project safety analysis services. 125
2016 nine such zones byeolnaemyeon four places water leak emergency restoration construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 125
2016 ohnameup illegal flow of water maintenance advertising services (secondary). 114
2016 pavement marking (unit price contract) maintenance construction (second half). 114
2016 plantation mowing (the first sphere) business (baekjeon seosang district). 117
2016 plantation mowing (the first sphere) business (hyucheon district in the manual byeonggok). 119
2016 plantation mowing (the first sphere) business (seosang western xia district). 116
2016 plantation mowing business (geoncheon, molun district). 115
2016 purchase glassware and reagents. 105
2016 rowon traffic island outside business management 2 (or equivalent). 117
2016 sanitary sewer assessment and cleaning project phase 2. 114
2016 school year dream to decorate the bathroom renovations middle eastern. 124
2016 school year war shinil middle school classroom floor woman replacement. 129
2016 school year, eighth grade math war dunsan traveling vehicle leasing services. 106
2016 school year, elementary school excursion fairytale war rentals service. 137
2016 school year, elementary schoolmates drinking milk kondo private contract purchase advertisements. 124
2016 second half kept children protected area maintenance costs, ltd. (civil). 126
2016 sewer maintenance facility renovations (the second half of the contract price) 3 zones. 111
2016 sudong five zones including 3 points tap water emergency leak repair construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 138
2016 summer vacation bongmyeong high school schoolmates food items (meat) purchased a small number of e-announcement quote. 109
2016 surimdae odor abatement project management. 112
2016 suwon branch heat pipe non-destructive testing services unit price contract. 121
2016 wind-collar construction hall construction waste water treatment services (long-term contract prices continued). 124
2016 yangjeongdong two zones, including four places water leak emergency restoration construction contract cost estimates submitted a small number of instructions. 137
2016 year of employment practice material purchase semi-custom. 115
2016 year of jinhua sodoeup development project (dochangri dandelion rice activated composition (stretching) ltd) (electric). 125
2016 year of local industries to buy customized workforce training equipment business workstation and monitor. 121
2016 year of senior officials of corruption diagnostic survey risk services. 123
2016 year of ulsan city corporation maintained rental apartment renovations (unit price contract) veterinary quote announcements. 124
2016 year the first book purchased a small number of e-announcement quote. 120
2016. 7-8 month vowed high school schoolmates emergency food purchases tender notice corrosion. 116
2016. 7-8 vow month high of meat purchased a small number of quote information for lunch advertisements. 122
2016/200 / oe / east-eu / ba framework agreement office furniture. 116
20162142 parts of different cell material for aircraft c-212 (t.12). 176
2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle. 236
2017 year galsanjung school uniforms (winter clothes, clothing and household havok) selected school hosted buyers. 107
2018 pyeongchang olympic winter games to build water supply system projects (waterworks expansion) fire equipment ltd. 121
2018 pyeongchang winter olympic water supply system construction project (water supply facility expansion) telecommunications corporation. 124
2018-2022 national surveys on drug use and health (nsduh). 126
2021 established the metropolitan area management plan development limited services. 120
20341 Central Monitoring System for fetal monitors. 210
20hp 15 kw pressure filter pump set for pressure filter unit. 120
24 volt, 2 pin brass holder for spotlight in wag7/wag9 locomotives. 137
25 kv single phase oil filled type current transformer out door type ratio: 1500-750/5a. as per rdso specn no eti/psi/90 6/95 with a and c slip no 1 to 8 or latest without terminal connectors. 187
25 kva 25 kv/ 240 volt single phase oil filled auxiliary transformer with complete accessories. as per rdso specn no eti/psi/15 08/2003 or latest. 175
25 lph r.O. with raw water storage tank, sediment catridge filter, activated carbon cart.- 76 high pressure pump, desalination byreverse osmosis. annual maintenance contract for three years. 125
25kv do fuse top portion l part specification no eti/psi/14 1/86 or latest. 113
25Mm Clamp Swivel With Hook Tin Bronze For 25 Kv D.O. Switch. 199
2nd call for supply of printing papers to z p press satara. 130
2nd raising of ash dyke lagoon v-3a at ntpc-vindhyachal. 115
2X2 Individual Full Backrest Deluxe Fixed Passenger Seat Made Of Tubular Ms Pipe 25 Mm Frame,Cushion And Backrest Upholstered By Polyurethan Moulded Foam,Covered By Leather Finish Rexine With Frp Back Cover,Passage Side Single Folding Armrest Fitted And E. 176
3 inch plain elbow end use for crank case exhaust in main hood with stopper plate as per drg: goc/d/sk-3-14972 item 1 and 2 01 set. 157
3 pole power contactor , type ml - 2 ac - 3 rating , 32 amp. coil voltage 220 volt, cat no. s - 90701 ordering suffice 9000, 2 no nc aux. contact. make:- l and t / bch / siemens. 187
3 pole power contactor, 415 v ac. 120
3.5 X 70 Sq Mm Xlpe Cable Isi Marked Cross Linked Polyethylene Xlpe. 258
3/8 bsp / bspt- isolating cut out cock ball type with vent as per recon drg no. rec/1086/d as per wsf part no. ib 70370/2 as per escorts drg no.3kb 1104. 152
30amps roatry switch for cls panel. make:s and s, japs, suntron , matrix electro, surdhi. 221
320 sq yards in s.nO 112 pernamitta village, santhanutala padu sro prakasam dist. 105
36 watt vacuum pressure impregnated copper ballast suitable for 36 watt pl lamp vpit , 230 volt, 50 hz. ac. make- hpl, c.G., bajaj, havells. 231
3hp 2.2 kw leakage water pump set for st plant. 119
4 Core X 16 Sq Mm Isi Marked Lt Ug Xlpe Insulated Pvc Outer Sheathed Armoured. 195
4 Core X 25 Sq Mm Isi Marked Lt Ug Xlpe Insulated Pvc Outer Sheathed Armoured. 195
4 feet 18 w - 20 w led batten with led lamp similar to eon model mirolata led neo batten as per the technical specification enclosed with a guarantee of 6 years or 72 months from the date of supply. 136
4 floor office building environment improvement construction (construction, machinery industry). 123
4 inch duplex air pressure gauge (bp-ar) drg. no. skdp-3907 alt.1. 131
4 majeong lee ditch maintenance construction. 118
4 pole 500v, 200 amps socket with 250 amps switch disconnector without plug unit and mounting frame - 5 items. 119
4 X 120 Sq Mm Xlpe Cable Isi Marked Cross Linked Polyethylene Xlpe Insulated Pvc Outersheathed, Armoured With Galvanized Round Steel Wire Or Steel Strip Cable Of Aluminium Conductor Suitable For Rated Voltage At 1100V Grade And Confirming To Is 7098 Pt.1. 263
4.5-4.7 cum bucket capacity front end wheel loaders. 133
400 amps, hrc fuse link, din type knife edge , size:iec-2 breaking capacity 80 ka. it shall be confirmed to is: 13703/1993 or iec:269-1986. make:c and s, bch, havells. 132
45 degree male elbow body, size: 3/8 od x 1/4 npt as per elbow body pt. no. 11323899 and drg. no. sk-0667. 126
45 Watts LED Recess Mount Light Fixture. 117
48V (2X24 Nos) 400Ah Maintenance Free Vrla Battery As Per Rdso Spec.Irs-S-93-96-A (Amdt-1) Or Latest With Standard Accessories. The Bank Comprising Of 24 Nos Cell Each 2V/400Ah. Material Will Be Supplied In Terms Of Sets Only Instead Of Nos. I.E 1 Set Con. 312
50 w led type street light fitting complete with electronic driver made of aluminium cast alloy with ip-65 protection suitable for 230 v ac supply. make:kapok, leedax, surya, hpl. 141
500 lts stainless steel alum mixer for pressure filter unit. 119
500 Watts Halogen Flood Light Fitting With Double Ended Linear Tungsten Halogen 500 Watts Lamp Suitable For Operation In 230 V, 50 Hz Ac. Single Phase Supply Similar To Crompton Greaves Catalogue No: Th06 (1) Philips, Bajaj, Osram, Wipro. Authorised Deale. 142
6 body mortuary cabinet against buyback of old 4 body mortuary cabinet. 141
6 ep 1931-2ec42 sitop dc upc module 24 v/15 a uniterruptible power supply with usb interface input: 24 v dc /15 a. make- seimens, l and t, bch.Material accepted with oem dealers challan. 126
60 amps rotary switch for cls panel. 221
60 mtrs. aerial hydraulic ladder platform (ahlp) to be mounted on volvo, scania, mercedes or equivalent chassis and fabricatio. 166
63 amps. h.R.C. fuses (blade contact). 132
6ep 19356ule21 dc ups battery module 7ah. make- amron exide,siemens,material will be accepted with oem authorized dealr s challan. 112
6set purchase incubators. 101
7.5 hp 5.5 kw solid handling pump set for st plant. 122
7.5hp 5.5 kw clarifier pump for st plant. 119
70 Sq.Mm (360-0.5 Mm), Single Core, Pvc Insulated, Multi Stranded, Un-Sheathed Copper Cable For Rated Voltage Up To And Including 1100 Volts Conforming To Rdso Specification No. Rdso-Pe-Spec-Tl-0027-Rev-0 With Amendment No 1. The Cable Shall Be Of Black C. 199
800782a provision of sewage treatment plant for map (ph-ii works at hakimpet area, hyderabad. 145
800a fuse drg. no. 8414678 alt ac pl.No. 18310072. 383
9 may 2016 school year and two printing and national union of education assessment omr answer sheet. 125
90 degree bend radius 6.35 mm hand tube bender. 213
92 seconds multipurpose hall construction and other construction supervision services. 121
A mtc of Master Sewerage Scheme in Bahadurgarh. 144
A Set Of Measuring Instruments 1 Digital Vernier Caliper Model 500-196.30 2 Digital Micrometer, Model -293-821. 137
A sounding of small works under way. 163
A) Hrc Fuse Link (Bolted Type) With Dia To Dia 135 Mm Length, Breaking Capacity. 218
A/e land surveyor gills branc. 135
A/e services for 2016 bond program. 153
A/R & M/O of old T.E. building and CSC at MBM T.E. building. 103
A2 d endiography. 128
Ab - check local road paving work weeks or construction waste (recycled concrete) processing services. 122
Ab - check local road paving work weeks or construction waste (waste asphalt) processing services. 120
Aberdare St Kurri Kurri - 063508-16NSW-RTR. 139
About 2016 emergency law (maintenance) cost recovery construction contracts cubic (zones 1). 124
Abrasive cutting equipment petrol driven cutting wheel dia. 350mm wheel cutting depth 125mm and also to cut stainles steel model-ts420, make-stihl or similar. 113
Abrasive rail cutter as per rdso specification no. tm/sm/1 rev.01 of 2012. 438
Abrasive rail cutter as per rdso specification no. tm/sm/1/rev. 01 of 2012 with latest amendment. make laxmi / munsif or similar. 132
Abrasive rail cutting as per rdso specification no.Tm/sm/1, rev.01 of 2012. note:oem warranty for 24/30 months. 122
Abrassive pipe cutting machine - 240v, 50hz, ac single phase (details specification on over leaf). 118
Ac car for gm operation. 112
Ac Damping Panel As Per Clw Sketch N0.Clw /Es.Sk- 3/R-33 Alt.Ethe Material Of Ac Damping Panel Board Should Be Srbgf Grade Ep3 Of Is:10192 Of 1982 And Threaded Steel Fastners Should Be Conforming To Is:1367-1991 Suitable For Upgraded Silicon Rectifier Blo. 183
Ac load with variable power factor (lead and lag. 129
Ac, Three Phase Lt-Ct Operated Trivector Meter Projection Mounted Specification : Ac3 Phase Lt/Ct Multifunction Energymeter Of Accuracy Class 0.5X240v, 50 Hz With Optical And Rs232 Port, Backlight Lcd Display, Measures And Displays Trivector Energy, Load. 168
Ac-dc convertor as per specification. 120
Ac/dc digital clamp meter model no. : 2003a make : kyontsu or similar. 162
Academic science high school curriculum integrated automotive car game experiment material purchase a small number of announcements bid estimates. 127
Accessories for vertical gel electrophoresis. 125
Accounting and payment system. 145
Accounting auditing services. 118
Aceclofen,paracetamol and serratiopeptidase. 101
Acenetix wvs software. 135
Acetal guide ring for bg coaches and conforming to rdso specn.No:c-8215, rev.Ii, amend-1 to rdso drg.No.Rdso/sk-91025, alt.3. 169
Acetylene Rubber Hose Pipe For Welding And Cutting With High Tensile Synthetic Braided Textile Reinforcement. 343
Achieving The Power Of The Fold Propaganda To Election Candidates Legislative Elections Of 11 And 18 June 2017. 149
Acquire premises on lease basis for opening new branches. 134
Acquiring workboat to NCA Shipowners. 185
Acquisition And Implementation Of Audio-Visual And Stage Equipment For The. 118
Acquisition and installation of furniture during 2017. 105
Acquisition and vehicle leasing for the needs of municipaux. 111
Acquisition Micro Desktop Computers And Monitors. 105
Acquisition of a 4x2 truck 19 tons and spreader-gravillonneur. 130
Acquisition of a display wall physico-chemical biology institute (ibpc), paris 5th. 108
Acquisition of a mechanical excavator to the county council of gard. 106
Acquisition Of A Moving Floor Trailer. 141
Acquisition Of A Platform Of Thermal Analyzes Modulated Dsc And Tga. 149
Acquisition Of Administrative Supplies And Paper. 121
Acquisition of anti-virus software. 283
Acquisition of cleaning planning. 212
Acquisition of clothing and work accessories - 3rd procedure. 108
Acquisition of computer hardware and service provision of multimedia equipment. 101
Acquisition of equipment, materials and tools for west coast territory services. 145
Acquisition Of Everyday Maintenance Of Technical Installations And Equipment In Laundries. 121
Acquisition Of Fire Equipment To Meet The Needs FGKU Amur SC EMERCOM Of Russia. 284
Acquisition Of Key Network Equipment. 117
Acquisition of multi function machines with related services. 215
Acquisition of reagents. 106
Acquisition Of Shutdown Systems Uncooperative Vehicles Destined For The Land Customs Supervision Services. 146
Acquisition of six (6) car 3-axis, multi-function for municipal waste. 106
Acquisition of vehicles for the departmental service fire and somme relief. 108
Acquisition of waste collection vehicles voluntary drop point - lots. 105
Acquisition System Unit, UPS, Printers, Mfps. 166
Acquisition, Delivery And Installation Of Office Furniture For All The County Council Services High-Comes. 129
Acquisition, implementation and maintenance of a solution of retractable bollards. reference number: vf8u609. 108
Acquisition-scheduled air transport services. 427
Acss systems for portblair-2 and bhopal-2 stations. 130
Action-Training for managers of production of the Caf du Var. 101
Actuator part no 3875875 for cummins make engine model no vta1710l. 159
Adapter ( narrow jaw ) , class- e, 6 inch x11 inch to rdso drg. no. wd-89067-s-9, alt.-6. matl. and specn. : as per drawing. 174
Adapter a.A.R. standard wide jaw class e to r.D.S.Os sk.-78527, alt. no.-4(four) or latest. 372
Addition and alteration to officers mess at afac coimbatore. 140
Additional alteration to sewage treatment plant at 11 brd af station ojhar. 148
Additional bp cutout cock with vent size 1-1/4 1.25 inch. 129
Addn / altn to bldg no.695, 479, 349 to 364 and other misc work. 143
Addn/ altn and improvement to stairwells of certain in living trainee sailors blocks, nau office in bldg no p-165, part of bldg no p-218 and bldg no p-154 at ins shivaji lonavla. 153
Addn/altn to ground floor of chinar line in block of officers mess (05 rooms) at caw under ge (af) hakimpet( recall). 153
Adhesive tape cloth base size- 5cmx5mtr. 119
Adhesive, Aluminium, Bukhari (field heating device), Cfl 11w , 15w and tube light, Change over switch 63 amp 4 pole,. 200
Adjusting screw for fuel pump cross head lifter. head to drg.No. 32 d 72139. dmw / dlw.Pt.No. 10 21 0726 alt.D. 121
Advanced Life Support Pharmaceuticals and Supplies. 187
Advertising and information screens for voyageur line b metro rennes. 101
Advertising services. 122
Afghanistan,China : NATO to provide funding for local security forces in Afghanistan. 134

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